Kilosmorning all06:20
Squirmmorning Kilos 06:43
Kiloshi Squirm 06:43
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:59
ThatGraemeGuymorning all :)07:26
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:27
Squirmjust found out my Facebook profile has been cloned08:52
Squirmmakes me wonder how they do it08:52
trendernothing digital is secure or sacred08:53
trenderits all just a fat waste of time08:53
Squirmso I had a look at all my privacy settings08:57
SquirmI can't find anything to block the public from viewing my profile08:57
SquirmI always put it down to peoples tendency towards idiocy :P08:57
Squirmbad privacy settings08:57
Squirmaccepting stupid app requests08:57
Squirmbut there is nothing, they just cloned my profile using freely available info08:58
Squirmand there's nothing I can do about it08:58
Squirm(least until a friend with an invite sends me the suckers Facebook link)08:58
trenderfacebook is a waste of time09:10
trenderavoid social media it always ends badly09:12
trenderwe dont pay much for food at all now09:13
trenderoops sorry09:13
trenderwrong window09:13
KilosSquirm, so are there 2 of you there now09:45
Squirmyou all should be scared09:46
Kiloshi magespawn 09:48
magespawnhey Kilos09:49
magespawni think my adsl router is messing around, maybe somthing else though09:50
magespawnthey get old it happens09:52
magespawni see superfly was here last night10:10
Kilosyou werent10:11
magespawndid not say much though10:11
Kilosnope must be busy again10:11
magespawnno i was helping friends out setting up a network share between their windows laptops and mac desktops10:12
confluencySquirm: email Facebook support and report the issue. They should shut down the cloned account. I don't know what the procedure is, but I assume they'll be able to tell that your real account has identical info and is older.10:41
Squirmconfluency: I will10:42
confluencyAlso, there should be an option to make your profile visible only to friends or friends of friends rather than everyone.10:42
SquirmI just want to get the URL of the clone10:42
confluencyAlthough you might want to wait until after the dupe account is deleted.10:43
Squirmsend that along with the message10:43
Squirmbut I'm not worried10:44
Squirmif someone is stupid enough to send me money without confirming it's me10:44
* Squirm shrugs10:44
Squirmbesides, all the people that would send me money, I work with :P10:45
Kiloshi digigram 10:45
digigramhey Oom Kilos10:46
digigramrandom question... Does anyone know of a good and free shell server? (Yeah good and free can go together, we all use Ubuntu)10:47
Kiloshi nlsthzn 11:00
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos :)11:00
nlsthznjust back from yet another mad dash to the big city... visa secured...11:01
Squirmidk if good and free can go together11:01
nlsthznnow it is all systems go :D11:01
SquirmI used to know, but haven't seen any in ages11:02
Kiloscool nlsthzn 11:02
Kilosdigigram, have you googled?11:27
digigramyes Kilos I have, I have also tried all of the spam connected with the shells on those sites11:28
digigramI'm trying fewona, waiting for confirmation11:29
digigrambooya found one11:42
magespawndigigram: what exactly are free shells? free shell servers?11:42
digigram<digigram> random question... Does anyone know of a good and free shell server? (Yeah good and free can go together, we all use Ubuntu) <-- yeah free shell servers11:43
magespawnbut hosted on the net11:43
Kilosthe fewona one digigram ?11:43
digigramyes magespawn a hosted one11:44
digigramKilos shell.cjb.net11:44
digigramI'm using one at alwaysdata.com but I needed a second one to share some load11:44
magespawnwhy not something like EC2?11:47
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
digigramnot familiar with that?11:50
digigramoh amazon11:50
digigramis there a free version?\11:50
digigrammmm, 750 hours per month for a year. Sounds reasonable11:51
magespawnthats what i though12:08
magespawnbbl 12:10
N8WulfDay 6 on Kubuntu.... Mmmmmm Lovin it... 12:18
Kiloshi N8Wulf 12:20
N8WulfHow you Mr?12:20
Kilosgood ty and you12:20
N8Wulfgood ty, tired of sitting at hospital waiting for doctors to start operating on my Mom-in-law12:30
N8Wulfbeen sitting here since 6am, she had to be here at 6h30... still not gone into theater12:30
N8Wulfbut at least I've been able to install and configure my Virtualbox12:30
N8Wulfand Xmind12:30
N8Wulfand install thunderbird12:31
N8Wulfand spent R400 on coffees already at Dulce12:31
N8Wulfand you? what yuou up to?12:31
N8Wulfyour polipo going strong? noticed any difference?12:32
charlgood afternoon12:33
charlhi N8Wulf 12:33
Kiloshi charl 12:33
charlhi Kilos 12:34
Kilosdont browse much so polipo wont have much to do here12:34
charlwow the apache issue tracker has been down now for hours12:35
charlwonder what went wrong12:35
Kiloshi Trixar_za 12:35
Trixar_zaSorry, but a web server's bug tracker is down12:35
Trixar_zaThat's hilarious for some reason12:35
Trixar_zaHey Kilos12:36
charlTrixar_za: apache is not a web server, it's a foundation12:36
charlthey do have a popular webserver, the apache httpd, though12:36
Trixar_zaThey used to only do the httpd until they acquired OpenOffice. To my knowledge anyway :/12:37
charldefinitely not, according to the wikipedia they only acquired openoffice as of june 201112:38
Trixar_zaAlso if I haven't mentioned it yet, I made Windows 3.1x run in DosBox because I found out you could.12:40
Trixar_zaI did discover that there are a bunch of people around that still run Win 3.1x on ancient machines. They even created software like Calmira for it, which is a 16 bit Delphi app that emulates Windows 95's interface12:41
Kilosyou bored Trixar_za ?12:43
N8Wulfsounds like installing ubuntu then loading a Windows 7 theme so it will look the same...12:43
Trixar_zaMakes sense if you consider that you can run it on systems that can only handle a terminal based linux12:43
KilosN8Wulf, Trixar_za uses another os12:43
Kilosslitaz or something12:43
N8Wulfah... so he's like me, here for the Coffee12:44
N8Wulfwell I'm at Dulce in any event...12:44
inetproTrixar_za: The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects, which provide software products for the public good12:44
inetproThe ASF is made up of over 100 top level projects that cover a wide range of technologies.12:44
KilosTrixar_za, wont tinycorelinux work there even12:44
Kilosohi inetpro 12:45
N8Wulfat least they just brought me a Complimentary Cupa Joe12:45
Trixar_zaAnd the Windows install is about 40MB with Video for Windows, Calmira, Sound Blaster Drivers and S3 Video Drivers. I also installed Win32s, WinG and Installed Quicktime.12:45
inetprogood morning Kilos12:45
inetprooh and hi everyone else12:45
Trixar_zaKilos: Probably not. These people still run it on 386 machines12:45
N8WulfHi inetpro12:46
Kiloswow its very basic12:46
Trixar_zaYou do get extreme minimalists like that. They want to see how slim they can run a system for shits and giggles12:46
inetproTrixar_za: An alphabetical list of all ASF projects: http://projects.apache.org/indexes/alpha.html12:46
N8Wulfinetpro: Lol12:48
N8Wulfyou are one serious Down to Business person12:48
Kiloshaha he dont like peeps mocking what he likes12:49
inetproN8Wulf: misinformation just kills me regardless what it is12:51
KilosQA, coffee on12:51
* QA flips the salt-timer12:51
Trixar_zaRight and how many of those don't directly plug into the HTTPd?12:52
Vince-0Anyone done MDM LDAP auth for desktops?12:52
inetproTrixar_za: oh most definitely not12:53
Trixar_zainetpro: I'm just messing with you :P12:54
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!12:55
inetproai! 12:55
KilosQA, ty12:55
QAYou're welcome Kilos12:55
Kilosjy is te stadig man12:55
* inetpro goes back to his rabbit hole12:55
charlwait what is the deal with QA12:55
charlwhere is Maaz12:55
KilosMaaz, is here12:56
MaazKilos: Huh?12:56
Kilosim just revving the pro12:56
charlrevving the pro lol12:56
Kiloshe will bomb me any minute12:56
KilosQA, is a modern ibid12:57
QAKilos: *blink*12:57
inetproQA: die!12:57
QAinetpro: You're not the boss of me12:57
Trixar_zaThat Richard kills me12:57
charlTrixar_za: dosbox is cool, i used it a while back to play this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alley_Cat_%28video_game%2912:58
charlTrixar_za: it was actually the first time i ever played this game on a colour monitor :)12:58
Trixar_zaYeah, I wanted a friend to be able to play 16bit games on their Windows 7 64Bit system. The Win 3.1x in DosBox is a trick you can use to do that.12:59
charlTrixar_za: oh wait, you can run dosbox on windows as well? i only tried it on linux12:59
Trixar_zaLike Sierra's Shivers which I used the new installer (from Sierra's site) to turn my CD into a CD-less version12:59
charlcan't say i know that one13:00
Trixar_zaYeah. And if a dosbox.conf is in the same directory with Linux, it uses that conf instead. With the Windows Version you have to put the DosBox.exe in the same directory with the SDL.dll and SDL_Net.dll files13:00
charlthis was the other one i used to play when i was a kid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorillas_%28video_game%2913:01
Trixar_zaI have a bunch of games you can't play on 64bit Windows or Non-Pro Windows 7 versions13:02
charlthere were more but i can't recall what they were called, played them on an intel 80188 with a monochrome screen13:02
Trixar_zaSierra has a found a way around this by making installers that apply all the patches and makes it dosbox ready13:02
Trixar_zaIt's pretty cool. They have also made ScummVM ready installers too13:03
Trixar_zacharl: You must have had an awesome childhood13:06
charlTrixar_za: how so?13:07
Trixar_zaYou got to play on a Commodore6413:08
charlTrixar_za: not at all, never owned a commodore13:10
charli only ever owned intel-based architecture (including amd)13:11
N8Wulfnostalgic how growing up with a C64 is seen as reason to a awesome childhood... I played Snakes on Dos 6.22 if it counts for anything13:15
Trixar_zaThe QBasic version?13:15
charloh i had a cellphone based on arm once, now that i think of it, so i have to correct myself lol13:17
charlheh i used to program a bit in qbasic in the 90s13:17
charljust as a hobby13:17
charlhated it though13:17
Trixar_zaCheck how small Java SDK was13:18
charlfirst versions of java i used was about 16mb13:20
Squirmlo Trixar_za 13:20
charlhi Squirm 13:20
Trixar_zalo Squirm13:20
Squirmhey ChanServ 13:20
Squirmcharl: 13:20
charlit happens13:21
charli'm off13:26
charlhave a good evening all !13:26
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
magespawnlooks like i missed all the interesting converation13:50
nlsthznso SA is getting ID cards now?14:25
trenderanybody know how to get the blackberry setting to make the internet browser graft ???14:34
* nlsthzn shudders14:39
confluencyWith luck, they'll be less forgeable than ID books.14:42
nlsthznsure... like the ever changing passports :/15:00
magespawnit is not too hard to forge anything when you start with a birth certificate15:24
magespawnlater all15:43
Kilosnight all . sleep tight19:10

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