histob14d3: you can grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:00
histob14d3: also check your lightdm log file00:00
garrettkajmowiczAny suggestions on who I might contact with boot script issues?00:00
b14d3Oh, that's way esaier. Alright it looks like it's failing to load fglrx module. That at least makes sense.00:01
b14d3I'll take a look into that and idle in here for a bit while I do. Thanks for the point in the right direction histo. I'll let you know what I find00:01
histob14d3: you can confirm if you try and startx manually00:01
histob14d3: np00:01
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mediacentauri need some help editing fstab. i can mount a network share by browsing to the network section of the filesystem. i can mount  both NAS drives through nautilus but can only get one to mount through fstab.00:05
histomediacentaur: how are you mounting them via sshfs cifs nfs ???00:08
mediacentaurhisto, trying to mount through cifs.00:08
histomediacentaur: what line are you adding to fstab?00:11
mediacentaurhisto, when i add the line: // /mnt/WDTVLiveHub cifs guest,rw 0 000:12
mediacentaurhisto, and mount -a i get: mount error(13): Permission denied00:12
mediacentaurRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)00:12
bekksmediacentaur: And what the manual mounting command line?00:13
histomediacentaur: try mounting the share via command line mount -t cifs //some/server  /some/location00:13
mediacentaurhisto, and i don't have any issues with the other share on the network.00:13
histomediacentaur: does this one allow guest?00:13
roastedQuestion - I installed the 3.9 kernel because 3.8 is giving me lockup issues. Problem with 3.9 is my Broadcom wifi chip does not work. How can I get it running?00:13
histo!broadcom | roasted00:14
ubotturoasted: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:14
mediacentaurhisto bekks : it asks for a password if i type mount -t cifs // /mnt/WDTVLiveHub00:15
mediacentaurhisto bekks: but there is no password00:15
roastedhisto: that link is of no assistance as I already have broadcom-kernel-source installed.00:15
roasted13.04 isn't even mentioned on that link. :/00:15
b14d3Alright, having another issue. Ubuntu thinks my HD is full. The only thing on this drive is the OS itself, and I don't have very many programs installed. This has happened frequently recently, I run a program called Bleachbit and it resolves itself. But like an idiot I didn't write down what directory it was deleting.00:16
mediacentaurhisto, bekks: i can mount in nautilus without credentials.00:16
histomediacentaur: try mounting from the command line00:16
mediacentaurhisto, it asks for a password. but there is no password...00:16
histob14d3: df -h00:17
histomediacentaur: add the guest option00:17
roastedFATAL: Module wl not found.00:17
histomediacentaur: mount -t cifs -o guest //some/server /some/path00:17
b14d3Hm. It looks like Overflow is mounted to my /tmp dir for some reason00:18
mediacentaurhisto, mount error(13): Permission denied00:18
mediacentaurRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)00:18
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histomediacentaur: so guest access isn't working. Perhaps nautilus is using your username00:19
historoasted: isnt' it bcmwl-kernel-source package?00:20
mediacentaurhisto, this device doesn't have that advanced of credentials.00:20
roastedhisto: that's the driver as far as I know00:20
histomediacentaur: are you sure you have the right ip etc...?  it's obviously not allowing guest00:21
histomediacentaur: try with verbose output mount -t cifs --verbose -o guest //some/server /some/path00:22
mediacentaurhisto, yes. positive. again, i can easily access in nautilus just by clicking network, the share name, and the directory00:22
mediacentaurhisto, i get this: mount.cifs kernel mount options: ip=,unc=\\\WDTVLiveHub,guest,user=,pass=********00:23
mediacentaurmount error(13): Permission denied00:23
mediacentaurRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)00:23
mediacentaurhisto, i wonder why it's specifying a password when there isn't one...00:23
histomediacentaur: is there any sort of log on the box that's sharing?00:25
mediacentaurhisto, the dumb twonky server has one... but that's not what i'm accessing.00:28
mediacentaurhisto, worth noting... i'm on 13.04... this was working earlier this week when i was using linux mint maya. however, when i upgraded to olivia, the installation  went haywire so i decided to switch back to ubuntu. I had used it in the past and have always had a hard time mounting this share compared to the other but never THIS bad...00:33
roastedQuestion - does anybody have any ideas on how to get Broadcom 43228 working with kernel 3.9 on Ubuntu 13.04? I installed kernel 3.9 to test since I'm having random lock-up issues on 3.8, but I have no wireless on 3.9 to make troubleshooting it for days on end tolerable.00:34
delacnice oneliner to rotate a image 360 in steps of 12 with imagemagic (and save each)?00:36
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b14d3Alright, now when my machine boots I get a... vaguely purple (but otherwise blank) screen. Still check xorg log?00:40
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Morph4meroasted you might want to look at this about half way down the page under section 1210/1304  > http://indykish.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/solved-wifi-7-2/00:41
dopiewhat version of java do i download?00:43
Marius80hi :)00:43
Marius80 I am searching for a webbased CRM solution which is not sooo overload as vtiger or sugarcrm are.   I use otrs as a ticket system,  so I need to tickets.  What I need is a system,  to save every contact with a status.   Imagine,  I step into hundrets of shops every day and ask if they need my product.  So I just want to create a small note like "need to call back" or "not interested" or "call tomorrow"  so I will not forget about this00:44
Marius80after the person / company became a customer,  I want to change the status to "customer",  give a customer ID and write some infos about the products bought00:44
Marius80vtiger and sugarcrm were so overload,  I think it's really too much for what I want00:44
b14d3histo, you don't still happen to be around do you?00:47
trismdelac: for I in {1..30}; do convert image_0.png -rotate "$((12*I))" "image_$I.png"; done00:47
jribdelac: were you having the imagemagick issue yesterday?  Did you sort it out?00:48
wilee-nilee! java | dopie00:51
ubottudopie: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:51
net0pssechaving a problem with ma vmware player...00:53
net0psseccant connect with ma host00:53
GreyganDr_willis: Are you around?00:53
mediacentaurhisto, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213909000:54
mediacentaurhisto, that sec=ntlm variable worked.00:55
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bekksnet0pssec: The vmware player is a standalone application, which cant connect to whatsoever.00:57
mediacentaurhisto, thank you for your help, though. have a good day/evening.00:57
net0pssecbekks: really i have solved this b4 just cant remember how00:58
shell`with iptables, im trying to block the entire range from connecting to my machine on port 80.. but on this same range i want to allow to connect to me on port 80.. so i have these 2 lines: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -s -j ACCEPT ; iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -s -j DROP -- but yet still cant connect on port00:58
shell`80.. ?00:58
shell`i have ACCEPT first, then drop after00:58
bekksnet0pssec: Impossible. The vmware player want ever, and isnt, capable of connecting to another host.00:58
net0pssecbekks: okay then00:59
bekksnet0pssec: -want+wasnt00:59
syntroPishell try revering the order of your rules01:00
bekksnet0pssec: You are thinking of the vsphere client - but the linux days for it have passed long ago. Nowadays, there is no linux client for vmware.01:00
shell`the first line is accept, the 2nd is drop.. is that not how its suppose to be ?01:00
b14d3Having an issue where my GUI won't load. Trying to grep the errors from xorg.0.log doesn't give me anything (only error is re: screensaver) useful. Really lost here01:00
roastedQuestion - does anybody have any ideas on how to get Broadcom 43228 working with kernel 3.9 on Ubuntu 13.04? I installed kernel 3.9 to test since I'm having random lock-up issues on 3.8, but I have no wireless on 3.9 to make troubleshooting it for days on end tolerable.01:02
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:04
Bunnynuts_Quick request for help if that is okay01:12
net0pssecswitching to virtualbox...01:15
Bunnynuts_I'm trying to re-activate an old account (bunnynuts) I was fairly active but stopped...attempting to reset my password and my email address isn't recognized anymore. Is there someone I can email for help?01:15
bazhang#freenode Bunnynuts_01:15
shadykhanim using gnome 3.8 and whenever i try changing settings i have to go the system preference menu i cant rightclick on my desktop and change background01:18
mayhewshadykhan: are you sure you're using GNOME 3.8?01:19
syntroPishadykhan, try reading about gnome-tweak-tool01:20
shadykhanmayhew yes01:22
shadykhansyntroPi, i already have it ill look into it some more01:22
syntroPishadykhan, idk but i think its somewhat like "let nautilus draw desktop" or such01:24
servvsI am trying to install a linux distro via unetbootin on a usb drive, it seems to have broken my usb drive though. It won't boot and it no longer shows up in my media01:26
syntroPishadykhan, at least in 3.6 this worked for my gnome-shell01:26
shadykhansyntroPi, well the thing is it worked on a fresh install01:26
shadykhanthe only i installed affecting gnome is the extensions im going to try disabling everything and see how it is01:27
ntuhIs this the right channel to ask for help?01:27
syntroPishadykhan, try login out and relogin from gdm or lightdm after you changed your settings01:28
delactrism: thanks, but I figured it out already :)01:28
wilee-nileeshadykhan, You can reload the gnome de 3 with alt-f1-r01:28
wilee-nileeoops alt-f2-r*01:28
servvsI am trying to install a linux distro via unetbootin on a usb drive, it seems to have broken my usb drive though. It won't boot and it no longer shows up in my media01:29
syntroPiservvs, i always preferred to install it from a running live iso from within a virtualbox with startup media creator. in vbox you can bind a usb device exclusively to the vm01:30
servvsthat seems like a good idea syntroPi thanks for the tip01:31
syntroPiservvs, you can format it with a new fat32 partition in startup media creator or gparted01:31
delacjrib: yes. turns out I had made .baks of some .la files year or two ago, when I tried to compile GNOME from sources (GNOME doesn't like them or something). Back then I couldnt find any adverse effects of doing that. Turns out there is. :) Sorry to bother with that.01:31
servvshow so syntroPi? Just erasing the disk?01:31
syntroPiservvs, you need to plug it in, add it to the usb options of your vm, then plugout, start vm replugin and01:32
ntuhI'm trying to install on an external hard drive, do I need to make  a new partition, if I dont want to lose data on the hard drive etc01:32
syntroPiwell if you want to have a new filesystem on it: yes.   BUT be carefull to choose right drive DONT erase your HDD01:32
syntroPiservvs, ^^01:32
shadykhanAlso i use sublime text 2 and there is a feature where i can multi select using the mousewheel but it doenst work in ubuntu any idea how i can fix01:33
servvshaha, understand, and thanks again syntroPi01:33
syntroPishadykhan, maybe you can try xinput to investigate and correct ?01:36
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wickedis there any way to ban ips from accessing a server from a list like rbl lists?01:42
ntuhI'm trying to install on an external hard drive,01:49
wilee-nileentuh, Ubuntu needs its own partition, on a external it will not be very fast.01:51
achuinardI use unoconv (https://github.com/dagwieers/unoconv) on my Amazon EC2 instance to convert DOCX to PDF.  I cloned this repo locally and it was able to convert a Japanese file fine, but on my EC2 instance I get all question marks back in the PDF - as if the LibreOffice install on my EC2 instance doesn't have international language support?  Or is it possible that's something at the OS level?  I'm unsure how to get this fixed.01:52
achuinardMy EC2 instance is Ubuntu01:52
b14d3Ubuntu is now booting to a plain black screen. No cursor or anything. Any hints on where to go from here?01:54
hedgehog351Hi, I've got some old /home/ folders from previous installs that are encrypted.  I just want to make room on my drive and do not care about recovering them.  If I just rm -rf the folders will it free up the space for me?  Right now the folders only display 2 text files and claim they only take up a few bytes of space which is definately wrong (the home files are encrypted so the true space is not given)01:55
goddardis there a way to figure out why my system shut off?01:57
goddardit just randomly shut off01:57
|R7|If i am going to fresh install ubuntu rather than dual boot which i have now, should i upgrade to 13.04 or stay with 12.04?02:00
Dat|R7|: personsal pref02:01
goddard|R7|: i would install xubuntu 13.04 if i was you02:03
goddard|R7|: but ya if you just want the latest and greatest 13.04 is recommend the LTS is really just for companies02:04
b14d3I can't boot into any kind of a gui. I get a plain black screen with no cursor. I've tried updating grub to have nomodeset, and have tried removing and replacing fglrx. I can get into my machine via terminal, just no gui.02:05
goddardb14d3: how old is your system?02:07
mojtabaHi, I made a twitter account right now and a pop comes out and asked me to give access to ubuntu online to use my account. What is that for?02:07
mojtabashould I give it the access, or it is spying on people?02:07
b14d3About 2.5 years02:07
mojtabaWhat about other accounts? like gmail? because I made a gmail account and this question pops up again.02:08
elisa87any thought on this? valgrind : Depends: libc6-dbg but it is not going to be installed02:08
samgabbaywhen i press play or pause or skip it shows me a big x on my screen02:10
goddardb14d3: i have a few AMD systems and I never ran into any issues of needing to setup some grub changes02:10
samgabbayactually a circle with a bar in the middle02:10
tempestchantHello all, new to this channel02:10
b14d3goddard, it was really a shot in the dark based off of an askubuntu quote.02:11
goddardb14d3: but my systems aren't older than about 1.5 years02:11
goddardb14d3: do you have any video cards laying around?02:11
goddardb14d3: what card do you have now btw?02:11
b14d3It's an AMD but I don't remember details right now. And no I actually don't have any extras laying around. This was literally working earlier today02:11
mojtabaHi, I made a twitter account right now and a pop comes out and asked me to give access to ubuntu online to use my account. What is that for?02:11
mojtabashould I give it the access, or it is spying on people? What about other accounts? like gmail? because I made a gmail account and this question pops up again.02:11
kostkonmojtaba, you are being asked to give permission to ubuntu's online accounts to access your twitter data. it's how twitter works (and many other services)02:12
mojtabakostkon: Is it secure? (I am new to ubuntu and twitter)02:12
goddardb14d3: well try a live distro and see if it runs ok if it does it isn't bad hardware02:12
kostkonmojtaba, probably.02:13
mojtabakostkon: What does it do exactly, if I give permission to this app to have access to my data?02:13
goddardmojtaba: dude google gives access to your data to anyone and sells it haha02:14
kostkonmojtaba, it can then show your twitter feed in gwibber for example or in the dash etc. without asking you again for your credentials. actually ubuntu does not store your twitter credential, it just gets a key that it uses to access your data from twitter02:14
goddardthe ubuntu online accounts are really not needed it is more for mobile devices02:15
mojtabakostkon: Then it is just for showing the result in dash just to me?02:16
goddardyou can use the applications seperately without using that02:16
kostkonmojtaba, or other apps that support the onlines accounts, eg gwibber, i think, and the new app call friends and the dash of course02:16
erpomojtaba: In a nutshell, this gives Ubuntu applications access to your account, so they can do whatever they want with your data. If you trust them, it might be a good idea to authorize them. If you don't trust them, then don't authorize them.02:18
palantirI've googled, but I can't find a definitive answer as to why Ubuntu uses ~/.profile instead of ~/.bash_profile.  It was my understanding these files should be read in order and which ever one is found first is run, but it seems that most Ubuntu howtos say to use ~/.profile, why?02:19
kostkonmojtaba, you can revoke the access at any time by visiting the twitter home page in your browser and clicking on your account settings02:19
goddardmost people let google reach their hand into the data pot for free services and convience so allowing ubuntu to do it would only be fair right :D02:19
erpogoddard: Whether or not people allow a specific entity access to their data depends on how much they trust that entity. For me personally, the first thing I did was uninstall the Amazon lens in Unity, simply for the reason that Canonical should know better than to suck up personal user data by default for no benefit. It's conduct unbecoming a free software developer, and it makes me suspicious.02:22
erpogoddard: That's what's right for me. Other people are going to make different calls depending on how they feel about the entities involved.02:23
goddarderpo: hahah dude canonical is a company and they are trying to make money and so is google i doubt it is trust more ignorance or lack of caring02:23
goddarderpo: so if you give up a little bit of privacy so canonical can make some money it might make the Linux desktop better02:24
goddardjust like if you use google they will read your emails, give it to the government, and market their products to you for using their services.02:25
erpogoddard: I've made my choice. :)02:26
goddarderpo: what makes you think i am trying to change your mind.  if you dont agree with what canonical is doing you should really use a different os entirely02:27
bazhang!ot | goddard erpo02:27
ubottugoddard erpo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:27
resquehow can i get detailed information about the hardware connected to my computer, for example motherboard and its onboard components (for example onboard sound or IO ports)02:30
resqueextra information like chipset would be nice.02:31
bazhangsudo lshw resque02:31
IdleOneyou can also install hardinfo02:31
bazhangdmidecode as well resque02:31
goddarddo we have one of those hardware info scripts like in Arch?02:31
goddardyou know the terminal program02:32
bazhang!info hardinfo02:32
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 240 kB, installed size 486 kB02:32
goddardoh ya here it is http://www.distrogeeks.com/install-archey-in-ubuntu/02:33
goddardits called Archy02:33
johnjohn1011that's it!!02:34
madpropsso, apt-get or aptitude?02:34
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goddardmadprops: get apt-fast02:35
kppais there a to send code over IRC (multi line without your name appearing before each line)?02:36
b14d3Using a pastebin like it recommends in the rules02:36
goddardkppa: my editor does that for me02:36
kppaI mean02:36
kppaif you run your own IRC server02:36
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kppastill cant do it?02:37
resquebazhang: idleone clctothanks a lot for the help guys02:37
goddardkppa: oh no idea02:37
FloodBot1kppa: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
kppaOk. Is there a recommendation for something like a view only vnc, but only for text?02:37
resquebazhang: i think dmide is what i am looking for.02:37
kppaI'm looking for something like collabedit, piratepad, etc -- but without dependency on the internet (just LAN)02:37
kppaand without me having to save every time for other people to see the changes02:38
resquebazhang: are there any other system tables like DMI that low level hardware would rely on for information?02:39
goddardkppa: i think the easiest way over lan is just vnc02:39
kppagoddard: but vnc is too bandwidth heavy for my need02:39
kppae.g. if there are 10, 20 clients02:39
goddardkppa: what are you trying to send?02:39
kppagoddard: live coding lessons02:40
kppafor a group of students02:40
goddardkppa: then use scp02:40
kppascp as in copy the files?02:40
kppabut i want them to see as I'm typing02:40
goddardkppa: then you will need to have a local server02:40
goddardkppa: probably a web server02:40
kppathat's not a problem02:41
kppajust need it to be live02:41
goddardkppa: there is stuff like that available open source and live02:41
goddardi think we used it for ubuntu's UDS02:41
kppado you happen to know any names?02:41
virusuyhi guys02:42
goddardkppa: its not coming to me right now02:43
chaotixRegarding facebook and online accounts, what IS the deal already???   why has not an update fixed this mess?02:43
kppagoddard: k thx I will look around02:43
chaotixnone of the band aids listed on the bug report have worked for me either02:43
elisa87Why am I receiving this?  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/os.py", line 157, in makedirs02:44
chaotixand if i am going to 'buntu it, i want to be in it all the way02:44
tgm4883goddard, kppa etherpad probably02:44
jribelisa87: give full input and full output02:44
goddardchaotix: my honest opinion is because facebook isn't great02:44
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goddardtgm4883: thats the one02:45
chaotixgoddard, i know, i know...  but everyone else has it  :(02:46
chaotixat least it isn't twitter02:46
chaotixi will NEVER use twitter, and that is a promise...  who wants to shout from a rooftop like a madman?  and another thing, who thinks they are so important as to merit "followers"?  as if they think they are Jesus or Muhammad or something02:47
goddardchaotix: you just wanna chat with facebook people?02:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:47
goddardchaotix: you could try bitlebee02:48
elisa87http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753573/ why I have write permission when installing with pip?02:48
goddardits terminal based but use a gauke terminal and your good to go02:48
goddardi prefer terminal programs so much lighter and no fluff02:49
chaotixgoddard, i had not heard of that before...  seems interesting...    (if we are going to continue about this topic it would probably be best to do so next door in #ubuntu-offtopic)02:49
goddardchaotix: nah man this is on topic its support02:50
goddardchaotix: he was talking about your hating twitter thing02:50
IdleOnegoddard: actually, it is all fluff02:50
goddardor she02:50
tgm4883hmm, I appear to have somehow inadvertedly upgraded to saucy on this laptop.....02:50
IdleOnetake the fluff to -offtopic please02:50
goddardIdleOne: haha ya i should just connect myself to the cat5 cable02:50
chaotixmmmm fluff02:50
jribelisa87: what directory did you execute this in? Do you really want to do this as root?  Why don't you install locally for the user?  Or better yet, why not use virtualenv?  Also, paste output of « ls -ld /research/jalal/profiling/build »02:53
elisa87I execute it in /research/jalal jrib02:53
elisa87jrib:  I am installing it in home and I have this error: ls -ld /home/jalal02:55
elisa87drwxr-xr-x 98 jalal pvt-jalal 8192 Jun 10 21:36 /home/jalal02:55
jribelisa87: you're changing what you are doing now?02:56
elisa87jrib: nothing except the directory02:56
elisa87I don't know what I should do02:56
Tkinghello, am using lenovo u410 but i noticed that my battery says i have 1hr to full charge sometimes it up or down. Over 4 hours its not fully charged now i unplug it says 2.17mins remaining for past 40 mins02:56
jribelisa87: ok.  Pastebin full input and full output.02:56
jribelisa87: if you change what you are doing then we need to start over because I don't know what you are doing now02:57
goddardTking: battery management is kind of horrible in Linux02:57
elisa87jrib http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753591/02:57
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Tkinggoddard  i see so no solution right it scares me02:57
sporksis there a gui way to control screen brightness in 12.04?02:58
sereTking: thats not right at all.. i get nothing like that with all my labtops.. are you sure its not software related?02:58
jribelisa87: Do you really want to do this as root?  Why don't you install locally for the user?  Or better yet, why not use virtualenv?  Also, paste output of « ls -ld /home/jalal/build /home/jalal/.pip / /home /home/jalal »02:58
Guest58957Sporks, search for Birghtness02:58
Tkingsere this is a fresh install of ubuntu and its my only OS02:59
elisa87what is virtualenv for pip jrib03:00
jribelisa87: virtualenv lets you create self-contained python environments so you don't pollute your system's python03:00
elisa87jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753597/03:00
elisa87I have never installed packages using pip that's why I am clueless jrib03:01
elisa87jrib: it worked without sudo ...thanks a lot03:01
goddardTking: there is battery top03:02
goddardTking: you can see where all the power is going and possibly stop some of the services or processes you dont need running03:03
goddardTking: ubuntu is kind of good and bad like that where it trys to make sure everything works for the newbie03:03
elisa87jrib:  my bad! it didn't install http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753599/03:03
jribelisa87: what ubuntu version are you using?03:05
elisa87jrib: 12.04 precise LTS03:05
GreyganOK folks, one quick question. I have everything working correctly with the Gnome release of 13.04 but I need to put in a better Nvidia driver. The last two times I tried I hased Gnome out to the point I had to reinstall. Any suggestions on which Driver to use? (Nvidia 7900GTX)03:05
jribelisa87: you can try "pip install --user Glances" It will install to your user's HOME03:06
jribelisa87: or use virtualenv03:06
goddardGreygan: go into ubuntu software sources and install the highest version number listed03:07
goddardGreygan: it is in the additional drivers tab03:07
tgm4883How do you hose gnome by installing a driver?03:08
tgm4883can't you just uninstall the driver and remove xorg.conf?03:08
Greygangoddard: that is what I did last time and could no longer boot into the GUI03:08
elisa87jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753604/03:08
sereGreygan: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current03:08
Greygank thanks guys. cross your fingers... LOL03:09
jribelisa87: that's pretty broken :/  I guess you will have to use sudo then and install it system-wide03:09
elisa87what do you mean to install it system wide? jrib03:09
goddardGreygan: it should work fine03:09
jribelisa87: with sudo, pip will install it system-wide (in /usr/local)03:10
Greygangoddard: maybe it was something else that killed it. I had installed several items along with the new driver... probably just paranoid since I finally have everything else working right.03:11
goddardGreygan: well no worries man i installed so many times when i first started03:11
goddardGreygan: better to get good at it than be afraid of failing03:11
GreyganLOL this is my 8th install03:11
GreyganI have learned alot though03:12
jribelisa87: it could somehow be related to the fact that you have pip in /usr/local/ instead of using the repositories.  Though I'm not sure exactly how.03:13
sereGreygan: how did it go?03:15
Greyganstill installing03:15
sereGreygan: oh ok :x03:15
jj123how can I get the .config file used to build my kernel? (I'm actually looking for the .config for linux-image-powerpc-e500mc)03:18
sporksso brightness can't be adjusted on a usb live cd not installed?03:19
RobertBColtonWhat the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the li03:19
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FloodBot1RobertBColton: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:19
tgm4883!ohmy | RobertBColton03:20
RobertBColtongoddard, What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precisi03:20
RobertBColtonon the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fuckin03:20
FloodBot1RobertBColton: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:20
ubottuRobertBColton: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.03:20
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Greyganok then... LOL03:23
tgm4883meth... not even once03:23
boohI'm on 12.10 and I would like Qt5-SDK for dev... is it possible?03:24
kostkonbooh, yeah http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/#step-get-toolkit03:25
GreyganBRB going to reboot and see what happens.03:26
kostkonbooh, hope you meant the ubuntu touch sdk03:26
nydelquestion (string manipulation from command line): if i'm doing "cat file | grep string" but i want to cut each returned line off after the character "M" ?03:26
nydela line might be "this has the string and a M is here also" but i want it to print "this has the string and a "03:27
boohkostkon, not the touch.... I want to dev desktop Qt app...03:28
elisa87Why am I receiving an error like this? W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ackondro/tibesti/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found03:30
boohfor now apt-get install qt-sdk is downloading/installing.. but I would like Qt5 in package... not to have to install it manually..03:31
boohShould I upgrade to 13.04 ?03:31
kostkonbooh, add just the ppa canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper then03:32
kostkonbooh, but if you also add the other one, the ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa, you will also get the latest qtcreator03:33
GreyganOK... How do I fix it? LOL Instead of the log in screen I get a solid black page with no mouse...03:33
resquewhen i log in to any account the screen goes black like the login worked but then drops me back to the login screen. any idea why?03:34
resquei can log in from one of the tty consoles03:34
GreyganAfter installing the Nvidia driver that is...03:35
Greygansere: any suggestions?03:35
sporksI installed xbacklight but it's not on the gnome desktop panel..how do I find and use it?03:37
boohkostkon, is it modify versions or original from Digia?03:37
sereGreygan: i think thats a resolution issue..03:37
kostkonbooh, i think it's regular qt503:38
Greygansere: how do I get in to change the res?03:38
sereGreygan: one sec im looking something up03:38
boohok I give it a try..03:38
Greyganbtw, this is exactly what happened before. I just didnt bother trying to fix it and just reloaded.03:39
sereGreygan: there is a key combination to change the resolution...i think its shift plus alt plus + at the same time03:42
b14d3I actually am having the same problem as Greygan but with an ATI card03:42
Greygansere:: cool thanks. I will try that and be back shortly (had to boot in to the horrid Windows load)03:43
sereGreygan: ok ill do some more searching03:43
elisa87I am receiving lots of "W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com..."errors when doing sudo apt-get update...any clue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753673/03:46
sporksxbacklight -set 50....doesnt work even though xbacklight is installed03:48
xanguaelisa87: why did you exactly add repositories from dapper (6.06)¿03:53
HeyMan7-CloudAnyone on here know what minecraft is03:55
clctoHeyMan7-Cloud: yes and just ask your question03:56
HeyMan7-CloudI did yesterday no one answered me03:56
Greygansere: no luck. I did manage to log in through TTY1 but when i hit f7 I get a blank screen that is out of res03:56
HeyMan7-CloudDo you know what wom is also?03:57
clctojust ask you whole question on one line03:58
sereGreygan: do you know how to use irssi?03:59
Greygansere: dont even know what it is :(03:59
clctodo you think magic happens and everyone that can help you is always notified when you ask in irc? people are active at different times. and if that doesnt work go to the forums03:59
Matthew_MooreHey Guys, whats the command to launch Guvcveiw?  i am trying to create a Shortcut.03:59
sereGreygan: you can install irssi (console irc client) and switch between terminals like you talked about so you dont have to reboot to windows04:00
Greyganah OK04:01
Greyganapt get irssi ?04:01
HeyMan7-CloudWhen I open the program (wom - minecraft classic client) it works fine until I click and always displays a menu04:01
sereGreygan: by any change did you try CTRL ALT + or - sorry i told you wrong04:01
sereGreygan: sudo apt-get install irssi04:01
HeyMan7-CloudDoesn't make sence if you don't know what wom is04:01
HeyMan7-CloudIts java based04:02
Greygansere: yes I tried ctrl alt +/-04:02
sereGreygan: once installed connect to a server with /server irc.freenode.net and channel with /join #ubuntu04:03
sereGreygan: are you on windows now?04:03
SullaneHey can anyone help me get rid of linux and redownload windows (I04:03
Greygank brb in terminal04:03
Sullane'm trying to dual boot it and windows cd isn't running with linux)04:03
sereGreygan: ok04:04
HeyMan7-CloudDo you have a windows disk04:04
Sullaneit wouldn't boot from the CD though04:04
Sullaneeven if I put it to boot menu and stuff04:04
HeyMan7-CloudWhy is that04:04
Sullaneno clue04:04
SullaneI tried it on my desktop (no linux) and it worked perfectly fine04:04
clctoSullane: error message?04:05
clctoSullane: that is loaded before any linux if you select the disk drive from bios boot options.04:05
clctoSullane: meaning, linux is not the problem04:05
Sullanebut the Ubuntu CD is working perfectly fine04:06
resquewhen i log in through tty i get the error "no home dir", i checked passwd file and there is a dir listed and i checked the permision on the dir and everything is fine. furthermore when i log in through the x window manager i get a login loop where i login and it puts me back to the login screen04:06
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: Have you tried running windows installer (Cd) in Linux?04:06
resquei created a new user using adduser script, the new user fails as well, recently i deleted my home dir and the tmp file. any ideas whats going on?04:07
Sullanewhat do you mean?04:07
greygansere: I am in irssi :)04:08
HeyMan7-CloudWhen you are running Linux, put the Windows cd and try to run the installer04:08
HeyMan7-Cloudput in the windows*04:08
seregreygan: good job :)04:08
SullaneI see a few folders04:08
Sullanean auto run file04:08
SullaneI believe a setup.exe file04:08
HeyMan7-CloudOh, .exe will not run04:09
seregreygan: try this : sudo nvidia-settings --uninstall04:09
seregreygan: then     sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*04:09
greygank sec04:09
m000gleIs there any way to prevent Ubuntu 13.04 from attempting to mount an iPhone?  When I plug mine in to charge, it results in a half dozen pop-ups asking me what to do, whether to launch an application (for photo/audio media) etc.04:10
SullaneI see04:10
ChogyDanhelp, my unity autohide feature is broken.  It won't show with the mouse04:10
resquei think my login issue might have something to do with the /tmp folder i deleted. could some run "ls -ld /tmp" and tell what what permitions it should have04:10
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: What you should have done was installed Windows first, then use wubi to dual boot ubuntu04:11
HeyMan7-CloudThat's what I use04:11
ChogyDanresque: mine is 777, but I think /tmp should be deletable04:11
SullaneYeah I'm trying to put windows back instead of linux04:11
Sullaneand then do that04:11
m000gleChogyDan: Try hitting your super (windows) key, and see if the sidebar and launcher appear.  My Unity has this glitch too, from time to time, but is easily solved by hitting that key.04:11
Sullanenow I'm stuck with Linux which doesn't run unless my power cord is plugged into my laptop04:11
Sullaneprobably due to something about my graphics card04:12
ChogyDanm000gle: yes, hitting the key works, but I want the mouse to work as well04:12
resqueChogyDan: thanks, i have no idea why this is failing then04:12
greygansere: not having any luck with the first command does it need apt-get in front of it?04:12
Sullaneand not able to put windows in04:12
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: Xp?04:12
seregreygan: no you problably dont have nvidia-settings installed04:12
m000gleChogyDan: Not sure, then.  I've just resigned myself to using that work around.  Best of luck!04:12
ChogyDanI try smashing the mouse against the side, and that usually works.  I was trying some other settings, try to get the sensitivity as high as possible, but now it doesn't work at all.  Only the key works04:12
ChogyDanm000gle: thanks  :)04:12
greyganok, on to the purge then04:13
seregreygan: on askubuntu website its sayin if you uninstall everything and basicly start from scratch it should work04:13
SullaneI'm trying to put 7 in. I had 8 previously, but my friend gave me his 7 CD04:13
greygancan you give me the command to purge it again pls? I cant scroll up04:13
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: What brand pc?04:13
tucemiuxhow do we configure video cards nowadays???04:14
lasersresque: What is your "ls -ld /tmp" -- I don't think ChogyDan is correct about deleting /tmp04:14
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:14
seregreygan: sure: sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*04:14
resquelasers: now it is 777 root root04:14
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: When you boot up with the cd, try pressing f2 muntiple times04:14
lasersresque: drwxrwxrwt ? You likely miss t if you mkdir /tmp04:15
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: Sorry, not f2, f1204:15
SullaneI've gotten to the boot menu and forced it to load my DVD drive first and also have sent it to load from DVD drive but it it just goes back into ubuntu04:15
resquelasers: yes that is the same output as me drwxrwxrwt 9 root root04:16
ChogyDanresque: do you have space on your drive?04:16
HeyMan7-CloudSullane: So, it works in your friends machine?04:17
HeyMan7-CloudBooting and all04:17
resquelasers:  i deleted my home dir and tmp dir after i rebooted my computer i can no longer login from the x11 desktop manager. i login and then it just takes me back to the login screen again. i created a new user with adduser script same thing.04:17
TheCrownedFoxIs there a way to tell what wireless driver I'm using?04:17
HeyMan7-CloudI'm sure there is a terminal cmd for it04:17
HeyMan7-CloudLemme look it up for you04:18
=== accc_ is now known as accc
resqueChogyDan: df reports there is use 28%  but i did run sfill right after deleteing temp and home folder04:18
Sullanewell it works on my own computer (home computer never had linux downloaded)04:18
resqueChogyDan: 28% use04:18
=== _BJfreeman is now known as BJfreeman
greygansere: OK I had to modify the command a bit (sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current) but did that. f7 screen is the same should I reboot now or reload it first?04:18
SullaneI think it has to do with GRUB or something (linux newbie I might just be spouting garbage)04:18
seregreygan: no not yet04:18
greygansere: k04:18
ChogyDanresque: ah, I've had issues logging in with a deleted /home.  again, I don't think /tmp is the issue.  According to debian policy, /tmp should be deleted with every reboot, or at least potentially04:18
tucemiuxsere, thanks! that one did it, now how do I download the drivers for nvidia??  the additional drivers icon is no longer there04:18
resqueChogyDan: thanks for the advice, not sure what the issue is then. if i log in via tty i get the error no home dir using /04:19
HeyMan7-CloudTheCrownedFox: Check this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/96333/what-wireless-driver-am-i-using04:19
seregreygan: were you able to run : sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*04:20
seretucemiux: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current04:20
TheCrownedFoxHeyMan7-Cloud, thanks I'll check it out04:20
seregreygan: you still need to remove the nvidia drivers and then reinstall them before rebootr04:21
ChogyDanresque: i think there are certain files in /home that the GUI stuff needs.  I ended up just reinstalling, cause my issue was a little different.  But it was the same issue: no home directory, couldn't login via gui04:21
greygansere: i ran (sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current) should i go back and do it again with the full command?04:21
tucemiuxsere, then reboot and thats it?04:21
resqueChogyDan: wouldnt the files needed by the GUi be created when i create a new user?04:22
seregreygan: nvidia-curent should actauly be ok04:22
ChogyDanresque: are you using a GUI?  if yes, then I would think yes04:22
tucemiuxsere, ok i installed the drivers, im going for a reboot, brb04:23
greyganso just reinstall the drivers via (sudo apt-get nvidia-current) and reboot?04:23
lasersresque: What's the old username? New username?04:23
seregreygan: yup04:23
greyganerr sudo apt get install nvidia-current i mean.. LOL04:23
resquelasers: old username "user" new username "ben", created using adduser script04:24
greygansere: cool will try that and report back. Thanks this irssi helps ALOT04:24
seregreygan: your welcome :)04:24
resqueChogyDan: i am using the TTY console 1, i can see the login screen GUI. but when i login blankscreen then it puts me back to the desktop04:25
greygansere: OK I ran the full purge just for good measure, reinstalled and about to reboot. wish me luck LOL04:27
sereresque: do you get a X11 error04:27
resquesere: where would i see this error?04:27
seregreygan: i have faith in you :)04:27
sereresque: did it kick you out of X or are you just getting a black screen04:28
resquesere: after login i only see a blank screen for a few seconds, then right back to the login screen04:28
lasersresque: Can you stop lightdm service, go to TTY1, and "startx" -- It might spill out useful information (during, or at end of session).04:29
resquelasers: will do04:29
greygansere: same thing :(04:30
seregreygan: black screen?04:31
tucemiuxsere, installing nvidia-current makes my resolution really big and I don't have an option to change the resolution04:31
seregreygan: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:31
tucemiuxgreygan, no, if you have a blackscreen check to see where ubuntu is sending output to, it could be sending output to onboard video rather than another video card04:32
resquelasers: only error i can see is /root/.Xauthority does not exsist, but i think thats cus i ran startx as root04:32
lasersresque: Interesting. Try running that as ben.04:33
seretucemiux: you can change resolutions in the console with ctrl alt + or -..try that first04:33
greyganI have no onboard video but do have 2 monitors connected... hmm04:33
=== shantorn- is now known as shantorn
tucemiuxsere, thats not it, im not talking about the size of the text, the actual resolution, im stuck on 640x800, i think04:34
greyganThats it!!! the display is on my secondary monitor (That I dont use) that used to be mirrored04:34
greyganbrb folks04:35
resquelasers: ah got an error in a GUI box could not update ICEauthority file /,ICEauthority04:35
seregreygan: aewesome :)04:35
tucemiuxgreygan, what type of outputs do you use? HDMI needs to be configured, VGA should work04:35
greyganboth HDMI04:35
lasersresque: Ah, nice! We're getting somewhere. :)04:35
greyganerr DVI04:36
seretucemiux: so you can boot into X its just stuck on 640?04:36
tucemiuxsere, would you happen to know how were supposed to change the resolution nowadays?04:36
tucemiuxsere, yes, im going to fireup a command line but if I log out is because ubuntu crashed and logged me out04:37
resquelasers: also on ttu2 i see timeout in locking authority fie //.Xauthority04:37
seretucemiux: xrandr if you can boot into x04:37
lasersresque: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Troubleshooting#Desktop_Environments04:37
ForSparePartsAnybody know how to get a sliding window open effect for compiz under 13.04?04:37
tucemiuxsere, current 640 x 480, maximum 640 x 48004:37
ForSparePartsApparently the old way to do it was with the "Skewer" effect, but that's gone now.04:37
lasersresque: (Problem: "I get the session lasted less than 10 seconds..."04:37
tucemiuxsere, how can I tell what video drivers im using right now???04:38
seretucemiux: you can addmodes but you should have to04:38
resquelasers: reading now, thanks for taking the time to help04:38
lasersresque: Sure. Let me know if that worked. :)04:39
tucemiuxhow can I install gnome??04:39
seretucemiux: sudo lshw -C display ; dpkg -l grep nvidia04:39
tucemiuxdpkg-query: no packages found matching nvidia04:40
resquelasers: will do, seems as though there is no .ICEAuthority file in my home dir04:41
laserstucemiux: Peeking in /var/log/Xorg.0.log is usually more than enough. Also, for Nvidia/Nouveau... you can try "lsmod | grep ^n"04:41
tucemiuxwhat happened?04:41
greygansere: I got it! thank you guys so much!!! I never even thought about it taking me out of my mirrored config04:42
tucemiuxsere, please repost, i cleared my xchat console by mistake04:42
seregreygan: your welcome .. glad you got it working04:42
tucemiuxgreygan, im doing the same thing right now o.O04:42
greygantucemiux: good luck. Mine seems to be working great again04:43
greyganbrb dropping out of TTY04:43
resquelasers: ok found a new error, i think this is the root cause. When i log in with ben account "No Directory, loggin in with HOME=/"04:43
tucemiuxsere, lets try it again, something is fishy,  im going to purge, reboot, then come back and let me know what command to run to install nvidia04:43
lasersresque: Hmm. No /home/ben?04:44
resquelasers: there is a home dir /home/ben, i do have ownership and read/write permitions and it is listed inside of passwd04:44
seretucemiux: you shouldnt have to do it again04:44
resquelasers: from the passwd file: ben:x:1003:1003:ben,1,,:/home/ben:bin:bash04:45
goddardmy nvidia gpu gets up to like 96 degrees04:45
goddardhow can i set my laptop fan speed to 10004:45
SullaneCan anyone help me install windows onto my machine that only has linux? I boot from the dvd from the boot menu but it just heads into Ubuntu04:45
resquelasers: sorry the last few characters should read ":bin/bash" that wa sa typo04:46
tucemiuxsere, ok nvidia is purged, how do I install the drivers again pls04:46
voidraytucemiux, apt-get install nvidia-current04:46
seretucemiux: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current04:46
tucemiuxvoidray, thanks! nvidia driviers installed, let me reboot and see what happens04:47
ChogyDanSullane: i think you just have to make sure the proper boot device is selected in the bios, then windows needs to take over.04:47
seretucemiux: dpkg -l | grep nvidia : will tell you what driver version04:47
ChogyDanresque: did you have the -m switch in the adduser command, like: sudo useradd username -m -s /bin/bash04:48
resqueChogyDan: yes i did04:48
resqueChogyDan: but i created an account with adduser and useradd both of them cant log in04:48
tucemiuxok i installed the drivers but im still stuck on 64004:48
resqueChogyDan: home dirs where created both times, and i can see them inside of the passwd file as well04:49
lasersresque: ls -ld /home /home/*     -- How is it looking?04:49
seretucemiux: lspci  -mm | grep VGA04:50
lasersresque: Also for your passwd, try "sudo pwck"04:50
resquelasers: /home reads drwx root root04:51
lasers(I think your passwd are probably okay)04:51
tucemiuxVGA compatible controller" "NVIDIA Corporation" "GK106 [GeForce GTX 660]" -ra1 "Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd" "Device 354e"04:51
param_hello Channel ,04:51
resquelasers: all ofther users read drwxr-xr-x04:51
lasersresque: I have drwxr-xr-x for /home04:52
lasers(and all other)04:52
param_I am facing an issue in settings proxy settings on ubuntu terminal because of my password ... i have @ in my password     and command i am using for setting proxy is Acquire::http::proxy "http://proxy_username:pass@123@proxy_ip:port   So there are 2 @ in the command , so its taking 123@proxy_ip04:53
lasersresque: http://sprunge.us/NKZC04:53
seretucemiux: sudo apt-get install hwinfo04:53
param_how i can fix this issue without changing password04:53
seretucemiux: then roxy is Acquire::http::proxy  "http://proxy_username:pass@123@p04:53
ChogyDanresque: sorry mate, I just did a useradd and then a sudo passwd, and it worked for me04:53
voidraytucemiux, try this solution http://askubuntu.com/questions/283789/nvidia-driver-for-geforce-gtx-66004:53
seretucemiux: sudo hwinfo --monitor04:54
param_hey chris, sere , voidray , ekubec , can you please help me in fixing my issue04:54
tucemiuxsere, sorry i installed hwinfo, what next?04:55
seretucemiux: sudo hwinfo --monitor04:55
tucemiuxDriver Info #0:  Max. Resolution: 640x48004:56
seretucemiux: try sudo nvidia-xconfig04:56
Greygan_param: try quoting out the @ that is part of the password04:56
tucemiuxvoidray, i tried that but it's a little more complex than that04:57
param_I am facing an issue in settings proxy settings on ubuntu terminal because of my password ... i have @ in my password     and command i am using for setting proxy is Acquire::http::proxy "http://proxy_username:pass@123@proxy_ip:port   So there are 2 @ in the command , so its taking 123@proxy_ip04:57
tucemiuxsere, nvidia-xconfig, command not found04:57
Greygan_param: like pass"@"12304:57
param_HEY Greygan   can you please tell how to do that04:57
param_ok kool let me give a try04:57
tucemiuxparam_, you might need an escape sequence, dont know if it's possible but I don't think that's an issue with ubuntu per se04:58
resquelasers: ok i changed the file permitions for the home folder and checked the passwd file, they are the same as yours now. i will startx again04:59
dopiehow do i save in the nano editor?04:59
lasersdopie: Ctrl-O, Enter05:00
lasersCtrl-X (exit)05:00
bhaveshMy Ubuntu 13.04 takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to boot, dmesg output : http://pastebin.com/fySn8djK I tried disabling the swap, but then it takes about 2 minutes to boot. Should I also provide dmesg output after disabling swap?05:00
seretucemiux: you can try a different driver from the repo or voidray solution which could work05:01
ekubecneed help accessing a drive with a lvm !05:02
canthelpwhats the name of the installer that runs on install cds05:03
canthelpi have to start it again from a console05:03
canthelpwhats the name neone05:03
tucemiuxsere, voidray do I have to purge the nvidia drivers that I have installed already before I try the link that voidray posted ?05:03
ben_hey, i have an intel centrino 1000 wifi card which works great but whenever i suspend then resume it sees the network but cant connect05:04
resquelasers: nice work mate, one issue solved. after i changed the /home dir permitions the error message "no home dir HOME=/" is not fixed.05:04
seretucemiux: tucemiux yes and add the repo05:04
ben_ive tried all the solutions on the forums but none of them work05:04
resquelasers: rebooting and going to try to log in.05:04
lasersresque: Okay!05:04
resquelasers: i am sure this will get rid of the .xauthority error as well05:04
tucemiuxsere, im not going to try the repo, im going to try the very last solution --->sudo nvidia-xconfig05:05
ekubeccan anyone help recover a lvm with a "UUID not found" error?05:05
tucemiux3.8.0-22-lowlatency #15-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Sat May 18 20:09:46 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:05
resquelasers: boom fixed thanks a lot mate05:05
lasersresque: Woot. You're welcome, mate.05:06
resquelasers: so to recap, error was everytime i loged in GDM would open a blank screen then drop me back to the login window. The fix was my /home dir had incorrect permitions. changed them with chmod to match your /home dir file permitins everything is fixed. Thanks so much for the help guys.05:07
resqueChogyDan: ^^^^05:07
seretucemiux: did you get sudo nvidia-xconfig to run?05:07
lasersresque: Because you rm -rf /home instead of /home/user! :P05:07
ChogyDanresque: cool05:08
resquelasers: ye must have dont, that was dumb :P05:08
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resqueChogyDan: thank for the help as well mate :-D05:08
Demosthenexright, so apple announced their new macbook air today, what are the odds that ubuntu will work on it out of the box with the same workarounds used on the last one?05:08
aeon-ltdDemosthenex: noone will know anything til it's release05:11
param_Hey Greygan ,  it says now connecting to           }123@ipaddress  ........05:12
Demosthenexaeon-ltd: uh, they ship today05:12
Demosthenexmy concern is that new haswell chipset, whether it needs kernel mods05:13
Demosthenexotherwise it sounds the same05:13
param_I am facing an issue in settings proxy settings on ubuntu terminal because of my password ... i have @ in my password     and command i am using for setting proxy is Acquire::http::proxy "http://proxy_username:pass@123@proxy_ip:port   So there are 2 @ in the command , so its taking 123@proxy_ip05:13
aeon-ltdDemosthenex: and we the users are the only way anyone will know anything about it's linux support, until there are enough users of the new mba we won't know anything05:15
Demosthenexaeon-ltd: yeah, i know! i was hoping early adopters would come to irc ;]05:16
Demosthenexthus, i asked05:16
Demosthenexotherwise, it might be me05:16
aeon-ltdDemosthenex: early adopters withing 24hours, only apple fanboys would try to obtain it within a day and they will probably be using osx mainly05:17
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lasersDemosthenex: You will spend $1000 for a 11" screen? :o05:18
linuHi all, i am compiling buildroot toolchain in ubuntu 12,while compiling this toolchain i getting error mentioned in weblink http://pastebin.com/ViyGzhxb05:19
aeon-ltdmac hardware is worth some of the cost, but i wouldn't buy to use linux05:19
Greygan_aeon-ltd: I have to disagree (15yr hardware tech here) I dont think mac hardware is worth ANY of the extra cost... LOL05:20
linuplease any one can help me how to rectify this error..05:20
Demosthenexlasers: i'll spend $2200 on the 13" with maxed specs and a 4 year warranty05:21
Demosthenexfor biz05:21
aeon-ltdGreygan_: not specifically the cpu/gpu ram ssd, but the keyboard+trackpad+battery imo places it above most other brands05:22
param_ I am facing an issue in settings proxy settings on ubuntu terminal because of my password ... i have @ in my password     and command i am using for setting proxy is Acquire::http::proxy "http://proxy_username:pass@123@proxy_ip:port   So there are 2 @ in the command , so its taking 123@proxy_ip05:22
goddardmy gpu gets so hot my system shuts down what can i do?05:22
Demosthenexgoddard: more fans.05:22
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goddardDemosthenex: its a laptop05:22
abinashHey everyone, I am facing a strange problem here.  One of my currently running software is not working, so I am unable to install new ones.05:22
Demosthenexgoddard: ugh.05:23
Demosthenexgoddard: can you disable 3d?05:23
abinashWhen I try to do sudo apt-get install -f05:23
goddardDemosthenex: using xfce but id like to be able to play games05:23
goddardDemosthenex: its a gaming laptop05:23
Demosthenexgoddard: check your vents? try a compressed air cleanout?05:23
param_Greygan, I tried  pass"@"123     {@}   and "pass@123"   none of tricks worked  for me ,05:23
Greygan_aeon-ltd: meh... maybe a little better on that front but not enough to justify their extreme price imho05:23
goddardDemosthenex: that might help but i think its pretty clean05:23
DemosthenexGreygan_: the price justifies the software and support stack, not just the hardware05:24
abinashthe following error I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753844/05:24
Demosthenexgoddard: what chip?05:24
param_is there any other way of updating my ubuntu05:24
Demosthenexparam_: you have to authenticate05:24
goddardDemosthenex: nvidia 460m05:24
Demosthenexparam_: you can always try the init=/bin/sh trick though ;]05:24
Demosthenexgoddard: binary driver or nouveau?05:24
goddardDemosthenex: binary05:24
Demosthenexgoddard: what can you tune in nvidia-settings?05:25
Demosthenexto control the heat05:25
goddardDemosthenex: nothing from what i can see05:25
param_what this init-/bin/sh05:25
param_let me try,05:25
Demosthenexparam_: google it, it's a local hack to use physical access and grub to reset root password.05:25
goddardDemosthenex: nothing cooling related05:25
thomad16would it be crazy complicated to expand my windows partition and re-install ubuntu05:25
Demosthenexgoddard: power usage, clock speed, high performance settings, all have to do with cooling05:26
Demosthenexthomad16: nuke it.05:26
Demosthenexthomad16: but i'm biased.05:26
thomad16I need windows for school05:26
abinashDemosthenex: Hey help me out on this one. One of my software is not working so I tried sudo apt-get install -f, but that also can't repair and I get the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5753844/05:26
Demosthenexthomad16: i need windows for work. i run window sin virtualbox on ubuntu.05:26
param_pass word is for internet only,05:26
param_and i cant change that05:26
Demosthenexparam_: ah..... no idea then05:27
thomad16:P I also like to play games from time to time05:27
param_i have just to bypass @   and allow it to read as normal character05:27
Demosthenexabinash: do you have two updates running at once? are you really runnign with privs? try running it in a text only recovery boot (single user)05:27
Demosthenexabinash: if sound is in use... you may not be able to update, hence the single user mode05:28
Demosthenexabinash: actually, single user's always the cleanest way to boot05:28
thomad16can I set up window to read ext4 filesystems or will I need to re-format to ntfs?05:29
Demosthenexbah, s/boot/upgrade/05:29
Demosthenexthomad16: i share data to a windows VM using samba fileshares05:29
abinashDemosthenex:  no I am not running two updates and running them with privs.05:29
Demosthenexthomad16: that way the windows vm can access my files on linux05:29
Demosthenexabinash: sounds like an app conflict. shutting down apps would help.05:29
WdaeWell that isn't really safe if windows can acces your files :P05:29
abinashDemosthenex: could you explain me how to repair it in single user recovery boot05:30
DemosthenexWdae: excellent observation. so you make a specific directory to share, not share-all05:30
abinashand please help me shutting down the sound app also :)05:30
Demosthenexabinash: it's not recover. just boot into single user mode and retry the update command05:30
Demosthenexabinash: shutting it down, it's likely easier to reboot into single user so it never starts05:30
Demosthenexgah, i came in here to talk about a macbook, and suddenly i took over the channel :P05:31
voidraythomad16, you can install ubuntu along windows 7 with wubi.05:31
voidrayhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer more info05:31
Greygan_param_ got it!   use %40 in place of the @ symbol in your password05:32
Greygan_param_: yes05:33
marko-_-what would be the easiest way to create a bootable windows 7 usb on ubuntu?05:34
param_ok trying05:34
seremarko : i like multisystem05:34
voidrayhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows more info05:34
marko-_-sere, what?05:35
marko-_-voidray, on ubuntu, not on windows05:35
seremarko-_-: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-create-multiboot-liveusb-using.html05:35
voidraymy bad05:35
thomad16Hay I'm getting this error when running cfdisk:    FATAL ERROR: Bad logical partition 6: enlarged logical partitions overlap05:35
marko-_-2010 - you would think ubuntu had an app for it now05:36
marko-_-but yeah, i'll follow the tutorial even though i already did one05:36
marko-_-without success05:36
seremarko-_-: it does http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-create-multiboot-liveusb-using.html05:36
seremarko-_-: you tried it already?05:36
marko-_-sere, not this one, something else with unetbootin05:37
marko-_-i'll give this a triy05:37
wilee-nileemarko-_-, Actually you can mount the ISO and extract it to a usb ntfs formatted with a boot flag.05:37
marko-_-wilee-nilee, i have an USB 3.0 formatted as ntfs through gparted05:37
seremarko-_-: this one is by far the best i found05:37
marko-_-and i wanted to do it with unetbootin and i can't05:37
marko-_-should i just extract the .iso on the usb wilee-nilee ?05:37
param_Thanks Greygan05:38
param_i was stuck on this for last 2 days05:38
param_thanks :D05:38
wilee-nileemarko-_- yes mount it with a right click and archive manager and extract from it.05:38
Greygan_it is the ASCII code for the @ symbol :)05:38
Slash_FuryHey guys, I'm having some trouble trying to install Ubuntu 13.04 to an SSD on my laptop. During the install wizard, when it gets to partitioning, if I hit the "+" option, I get an internal error popup05:38
Greygan_sere: YAY! I actually fixed something... LOL I feel better now :)05:39
wilee-nileemarko-_-, The partition needs a boot flag this can be set with a right click in gparted on the usb05:39
param_You rock buddy :D05:39
param_ok thanks for sharing knowledge05:40
marko-_-wilee-nilee, it has a boot flag05:40
marko-_-will see if it works now05:40
sereGreygan_: WOOHOO! thats what its all about.. helping others and we grow together05:42
Greygan_sere: Well thanks again for the help with the video issue. Think I am gonna call it a night.05:44
sereGreygan_: anytime buddy.. have a good night05:44
Slash_FuryDoes anyone have advice for me? If I run gparted, I can format the SSD to ext4, as well as mount it, but I'm not really sure how I can go ahead and get Ubuntu actually installed to it05:46
abinashNeed help in enabling network in recovery mode05:46
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sereSlash_Fury: you need to mark the ext4 partion as / and then add a swap which should be double the amount of your ram05:48
wilee-nileeswap only needs to be slightly more than ram05:49
serewilee-nilee: from what i read i thought it was double?05:50
clctoyou dont even need swap if you have a decent amount of ram. but if you want to hibernate (suspend to disk) you need at least the amount of ram you have05:50
clctosere: that is out dated05:50
wilee-nileesere, used to, I guess, but not needed.05:50
serewilee-nilee:  oh ok...i am kinda stuck doing things the old way :x05:51
serewilee-nilee: thats 3 gigs i wasted on nothing :x05:52
Wdae@Sere, wait for next release :]05:52
wilee-nileesere, you can delete it and make one the size you want exspand the other partition to it.05:52
Wdaeyes, from a live cd05:52
Slash_Furysere: What do I actually need to copy over to the SSD for Ubuntu? I'm guessing I don't want to just do a cp -r * of my live usb drive :P05:53
clctoSlash_Fury: you have to install it05:53
WdaeYes, just install it normally.05:54
WdaeLike you would with a normal hdd.05:54
serewilee-nilee: i will probably end doing that then.. thanks :)05:55
Slash_FuryThat's the problem. If I try using the standard install wizard, when I get to the "Installation Type" part, I can't continue. If I simply hit "Install now", I get an error saying "No root file system is defined." If I mess around with any of the partitioning options, such as the "+" or "-", it crashes.05:55
WdaeSet "/" on your ext4 partition05:55
Slash_FuryAnd I see nothing listed in that particular window for my SSD.05:55
Slash_FuryWdae: I know this may sound noobish, but how can I go about doing that? :P05:56
tattooedhey everyone05:56
WdaeErr it crashes...05:56
param_E: Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2: No such file or directory )    When I run sudo apt-get update ... I removed this directory earlier, how can i fix this05:56
tattooedhow is everyone05:56
cfhowlettdopie, greetigns05:56
dopieim using this xclip -sel clip < ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub05:57
dopieand getting05:57
samgabbayello people :)05:57
dopieError: Can't open display: (null)05:57
dopiewhat is going on?!05:57
tattooedhow goes it dopie05:57
Slash_FuryWdae: for example, if I click on "+" which would presumably create a new partition, I get a "Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal error." popup.05:57
Slash_FuryThen the installer exits.05:57
dopiehey hey hey :)05:58
sereSlash_Fury: you need to label that prtition as "/"05:58
dopiejust finally setting up ruby on rails with passenger05:58
Slash_Furysere: The partition does have a label of "/"05:58
Slash_FuryWhat would be my next step?05:58
WdaeBoot on the live cd and open gparted.05:59
Slash_FuryWdae: Already there. I have my two partitions on sda, sda1 (ext4, "/") and sda2 (swap).05:59
clctoyou dont need to label it, that isnt the issue. just wipe the whole drive with no partitions on it and then run the installer06:00
clctothe installer will let you partition. idk why that is messed up though06:00
WdaeYou want to install ubuntu on sdaX?06:01
dopiehow do i copy my id_rsa.pub key06:01
dopiewithout using xclip06:01
Slash_Furyclcto: Even if the disk is completely unallocated, I have the same issues as before.06:01
SwedeMikedopie: copy it where?06:01
dopieumm sorry06:01
Slash_FuryWdae: Yes, I'd want it installed on sda1, my ext4 partition I had created.06:01
dopiejust print it on the scren06:01
WdaeYou could wipe the full drive with shred.06:02
clctoSlash_Fury: hmm idk sry06:02
WdaeThen create a new partition table.06:02
SwedeMikedopie: "cat" prints files to screen.06:02
clctocat ~/.ssh/... key06:02
TickleI have a raspberry pi running an Apache server, and I have an Ubuntu machine holding files on the same local network as the raspberry pi. Is it possible to link to files on the Ubuntu machine in html documents held on the Raspberry Pi?06:03
clctoTickle: set up a nfs share06:04
TickleThank you!06:04
Slash_FuryWdae: Theeere we go, that's the missing step. Alright :)06:04
param_E: Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2: No such file or directory )    When I run sudo apt-get update ... I removed this directory earlier, how can i fix this06:05
dopieSwedeMike, thank ye06:05
goddardi think i might convert my laptop to a desktop06:06
goddardor at least a different "case"06:06
goddardis that crazy talk?06:07
Slash_FurySo yeah, it seems my trouble was that I didn't realize I had to create a new partition table, instead of simply deleting the partitions. Thank you very much :)06:07
Slash_FuryStill curious why the installer kept crashing, though06:07
WdaeI fixed something! :D06:08
clctoSlash_Fury: maybe the disk was gpt or mbr and it was expecting the other06:08
WdaeSlash_Fury: Drive size?06:08
Slash_FuryJust a 32GB, but considering I got it for $5, I'm not going to complain :)06:08
Slash_FuryThrew it in my T6106:09
WdaeWell it's mbr... not Gpt06:09
WdaeMaybe your mbr was somehow corrupted...06:09
bulliconI am having  Temporary failure resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'06:12
clctoWdae: how do you know what type of partition table it had?06:14
WdaeWell maybe not... Just a guess...06:15
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somsipbullicon: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/us.archive.ubuntu.com06:29
bulliconsomsip thanks sorted, my vbox was not connecting06:30
bulliconhad to restart it06:30
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leosacpi:unable to dock?06:48
leoshow to resolve it,any one knows/06:48
imanewbiehow can I double click open a program that I made with g++/06:50
CoburnI'm having issues with Xorg on Lubuntu 12.10 on PPC06:52
CoburnThe Mac Mini G4 boots Xorg in 8bit color mode06:52
Coburnthus making things look like crap06:52
Campfireca i get a server log from last ight from you guys06:52
Campfirewhoops keyourd spilt om ah06:53
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pii3Hello guys06:56
pii3i have a resolution problem on xubuntu 12.04, dual monitor and GForce GT 430 with recommended proprietary driver06:57
devslash_has anyone installed ubuntu on a mac  ?07:02
auronandace!mac | devslash_07:02
ubottudevslash_: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages07:02
devslash_i don't need that site07:03
devslash_i just want to know if bootcamp supports creating multiple partitions07:03
Campfirewhat is the copy command for xchat07:03
devslash_IE more than 2 partitions07:03
Campfirei mean key07:03
tripelbi need a livecd.  no internet connection. have virgin install/12.04 -- i imagine there is a direct easy way to creae a diskimage file so I can burn it but i am ignorant. Please help me!!!07:06
cfhowletttripelb, you have the ISO?  startup disk creator in ubuntu will make USB or cD07:07
Jordan_Udevslash_: You should *not* use Apple's bootcamp utilty. It will create an ugly "hybrid MBR" which is only needed for Windows on intel macs.07:07
devslash_then how do i create the partition ?07:07
adi__any way to extract certain file from tar.lzo (knowing its path inside)?07:08
devslash_i thought that normally you create 2 partitions. 1 for mac and 1 for windows. then you boot the ubuntu cd and partition the windows cd as a linux partition07:08
Jordan_Udevslash_: The Ubuntu installer will resize your OSX install and create partitions for Ubuntu automatically (or you can do it manually, but there's not much reason to).07:08
Jordan_Udevslash_: No. I highly recommend against that as it will create a "hybrid MBR" and hybrid MBRs are ugly and cause problems.07:09
tripelbnono cfhowlett i do not. ('loan'ed both of them. gave away the old mac that had the. iso)07:09
cfhowletttripelb, torrent down the iso first.  md5sum check for integrity then make your bootable media.  unetbootin works on windows as well07:10
Jordan_Utripelb: There is no direct easy way, no. What do you need the LiveCD for?07:10
tripelb_ i need to read my nexus 7 but no internet connection here. what do i need to d/l so i can read it?07:12
devslash_Jordan_U: if i decide to upgrade os x later won't that affect ubuntu ?07:12
ZeranoeI'm trying to follow this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=908128 to shrink the size of a VDI. But I'm unable to mount the filesystem /dev/sda1 because it seems to be "busy" or in use. I am booted into the recovery mode07:12
Jordan_Udevslash_: No, it won't.07:12
tripelbthen i will bring it home on a flashsrive07:12
kilonuxhello I-ld need help on wifi on fresh 12.04 install>  ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic //  iwl3945.ko .It works fine live, but when installed wifi-card is not mounted won-t modprobe07:12
cfhowlettkilonux, what chipset wifi?07:14
Campfireok new key bourd i was wondering if i could have the server log of this chat from last night i can,t find mine there was some good stuff you guys helped me out with i can,t find07:15
Campfirei did check my logs07:16
Campfireany founders here by chance07:16
kilonuxcfhowlett:  sorry being late, I on live session and ....  well >  Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)07:17
bray90820Can anyone help me get my get my esata raid controller working07:17
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Jordan_U!logs | Campfire07:18
ubottuCampfire: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.07:18
bray90820it isn't even detected by my system07:19
cfhowlettkilonux, sorry. can't help.  I can do Broadcom wifi, not this though.07:20
kilonuxcfhowlett: thanks anyway..07:21
pii3i have a resolution problem on xubuntu 12.04, dual monitor and GForce GT 430 with recommended proprietary driver http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2153429&p=12686552#post1268655207:21
tripelbthen i will bring it home on a flashsive07:24
yolawhat is the alert command doing in ubuntu 13.04?07:24
tripelb_ i need to read my nexus 7 but no internet connection here. what do i need to d/l (elsewhere) so i can read it?  Then then i will bring it home on a flashdrive07:25
varun_kilonux, see if this thread can help (starts with a different card, but continues with iwl3945 from post #4) : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214399507:27
cfhowletttripelb, nexus 7 should be readable/viewable through thunar or nautilus07:27
yolawhat is the alert command doing in ubuntu 13.04?07:28
tripelbi need a livecd. No internet connection at Home. I do not have the iso file BUT i do. have a virgin install of 12.04   -- i imagine there is a direct easy way to creae a diskimage file so I can burn it but i am ignorant. Please help me!!!07:28
bray90820Can anyone help me get my get my esata raid box working07:30
bray90820it isn't even detected by ubuntu07:30
tripelbcfhowlett: i heard it was not. wotks easily in win7 but I do not have that07:31
tripelbcfhowlett: i heard it was not. wotks easily in win7 but I do not have that. i connected it now.07:31
tripelbnpthing. "should" haha07:32
wilee-nileetripelb, In 12.04 I use this, however airdroid at google play works well.  http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html07:32
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cfhowletttripelb, switch your nexus USB connection settings from media to camera and try again07:33
wloczykijHi everybody!07:33
cfhowletttripelb, +1 for airdroid ... makes it quite easy to transfer files/apk's etc.07:34
cfhowlettwloczykij, greetings07:34
Kartagiscan rsync work both ways?07:38
wloczykijI have one question: I can't find alternate image for basic edition of ubuntu 12.10. I found such image only for lubuntu or for older version of ubuntu. Anybody knows why Canonical removes it from official download sites?07:39
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ubottuwloczykij,: The alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD07:40
clctohttp://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ that was hard google07:41
tripelbcfhowlett: this is a nexus TABLET --7--  not the phone. there os only a front camera and i have nevers seen that Joyce so I think it doesn't exist on the tablet07:41
clctooh, he wants the text install07:41
WiCkEd_Can anyone get my Chromium web browser to stop giving me this stupid prompt07:41
clctoidk can you post the prompt07:42
clctonot on facebook ....07:42
WiCkEd_opens new window roughly every 15 minutes07:42
WiCkEd_even if chromium is not running07:42
wloczykijubottu> thank you for answer. I was looking for it because I would like to install ubuntu on encrypted partition - manuals refers to alternate image07:42
ubottuwloczykij: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:42
wloczykijclcto> there is no alternate images on site you mentioned07:43
wilee-nileewloczykij, A live cd will encrypt or use the mini.07:44
wloczykijwilee-nilee> I see, thank you for hint07:44
clctowloczykij: yes i know as you can see by my next post "oh, he wants the text install"07:45
wloczykijclcto> as wilee-nilee advised I take "normal" image for my task07:46
wloczykijBye! Have you nice day07:47
yolacan any body tell me how can i use ubuntu13.04 notification programmatically?07:48
shadommancerhey all07:49
yolanotification => that little box that comes from the upper right corner07:49
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shadommancerwondering if anyone has ever had the issue of kernel panic, whereby it complains it cannot locate the init file07:49
vamshihi all, when i enter so command terminal is exiting. How to fix this issue?07:49
vamshiwhen i entered sudo command terminal is exiting. How to fix this issue?07:50
tripelbi need a livecd. No internet connection at Home. I do not have the iso file BUT i do. have a virgin install of 12.04   -- i imagine there is a direct easy way to creae a diskimage file so I can burn it but i am ignorant. Please help me!!! -- o read there is something called adb in terminal.. what do i do to get ot? -- and the computer has no wifi.07:51
shadommanceri've tried checking dmesg (though it doesn't have anything in it), fstab shows everything is ok, and I've tried configuring grub, and reinstalled from a fresh live usb (which i did the disk check to confirm it hasn't got any flaws) and I just keep getting this error, I've googled i don't know how many  forums and what not but I cannot figure out what is going on :/07:51
tripelbbeen asking on 4 days out of this last week.07:52
shadommancerwait you say you don't have internet, though what are you on now07:53
shadommancerhow come you can't just download the image while online now tripelb07:53
tripelbvamshi we need to know the entire command you typed. ask tje channel ahain (Not just me!)07:54
tskortetripelb: Just ran a google search, haven't tried it but looks viable. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68887207:54
tripelbask the channel again. ask the whole Channel not just me -- but this time tell the entire sudo command. vamshi07:55
tripelbtskorte since i have to downloas it and ots depende.cies elsewhere - i need to know which files and how to do ot. i really do not know.07:57
shadowmancerI didn't quit07:58
tripelbtskorte THANKS A LOT -- sorry i thot you were answering a different queztion08:00
tripelb Awesone. USA sends love!!08:00
tskortetripelb, No worries homie :)08:01
tripelbtb cheers tk08:01
shadowmancerhmmmm so is there a common reason as such to the kernel panic, unable to locate init, as far as I can tell my image should be fine, my mount point seems sound, it is giving me something about a loop modprobe but i don't think that is directly connected to it08:01
tripelberr tsk08:01
tripelbas I sign off for the night I would like to tell you how confusing And distressing I find unity08:02
kenzo450Dhi, i got a basic question does sudo <command> gives that current user, super user permissions to execute the command and the command is executed from that user itself or the command is executed from root?08:03
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:03
Kartagiscan rsync work both ways?08:04
kenzo450Dok thanks. :)08:04
clctokenzo450D: pretty sure it is executed as root. when i sudo vim i dont get my ~/.vimrc defaults08:05
kenzo450Dclcto: thank you. :) :)08:05
shadowmancerummmm is my question out of the scope of this channel08:07
k1lKartagis: unison is rsync for both ways08:07
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic08:08
vamshitripelb : just opened the terminal. entered sudo su command. It exited the terminal itselft. Please let me know how to fix this issue?08:08
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Jordan_Ushadowmancer: It might help if you explained more what you are doing. I honestly thought I had missed earlier messages when I first saw your question since it wasn't clear on its own.08:09
shadowmancerI have just installed Ubuntu 13.04 from a live USB, did check of live usb which showed as aOK, then after install, ubuntu refuses to load saying that Kernel Panic, and unable to locate the init file, so what I have done is I have checked the fstab via the liveusb of the hdd, which seems to see the hd0 and the mount point, reinstalled 5 times with various configurations, found no matter how many times I try to run ubuntu that dm08:10
shadowmanceranything in /var/log/dmesg08:10
shadowmancerhave googled it for 3 days, and find am using a 32 bit distro08:10
shadowmancerhave attempted to run debug in grub, and played with grub for a bit though not to much avail08:10
Jordan_Ushadowmancer: Your message was cut off at "found no matter how many times I try to run ubuntu that dm".08:11
shadowmancerdmesg doesn't appear to have anything in it08:11
clctoshadowmancer: add an init= parameter to the kernel line in grub, dont know what it should be though08:11
shadowmancerclcto: I've tried messing with it, but doesn't matter what init file I point it to (I assumed it meant the initrd) it seems to not care08:12
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless`
clctoshadowmancer: no08:12
Jordan_Ushadowmancer: It does not mean initrd, it means the init, PID 1, the first process started at boot.08:13
clctoafter the kernel there are a bunch of parameters separated by spaces, add init=<something>08:13
clctoidk what it is supposed to be though. see if you can get into bash so init=/bin/bash08:13
vamshiwhen i entered sudo command terminal is exiting. How to fix this issue?08:14
varunendra_shadowmancer, have you tried advanced boot options on the installation? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions08:14
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shadowmancervarunendra_:  I have tried the advanced boot, though found all it does is give me a choice of the kernel to load, and both run into the same issue08:17
shadowmancerclcto: I'll give the bash thing a go and if it still freezes will have to go from there08:18
shadowmancerclcto: and be back08:19
Kartagisk1l: I don't think unison does what I need to do. I'm more looking for a way to use rsync to retrieve files08:25
dhs227How to disable X-window by default?08:25
auronandace!text | dhs22708:26
ubottudhs227: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:26
dhs227can I force the grub menu for seconds before it pass? I am running ubuntu in vmware box and it does not give me chance to break into it. when booting.08:28
ANub!auronandace, how to know which information is available on a channel against a certain keyword08:28
ubottuANub: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:28
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:29
auronandace!brain | ANub08:32
ubottuANub: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:32
shadowmancerhello can anyone hear me08:33
DJonesshadowmancer: Yes08:33
ActionParsnipshadowmancer: yes08:33
clctodhs227: there should be a timeout option in /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:33
shadowmancerexcellent :D08:33
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clctoshadowmancer: whats the prognosis ?08:34
ActionParsnipclcto: you'd set that in /etc/default/grub08:34
clctomeh, w/e08:35
clctodont use grub here sry08:35
shadowmancer_clcto: just thought i would mention the bash thing kinda blew up08:36
clctoshadowmancer_: ok08:36
shadowmancer_clcto: as well it didn't generate any log :\08:37
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:39
ActionParsnipclcto: its default in ubuntu08:41
clctoActionParsnip: yes i know, that doesnt mean you have to use it08:41
ActionParsnipclcto: true enough08:42
ActionParsnipclcto: are you a lilo kinda guy?08:43
clctosyslinux, but using using arch, not ubuntu anyway08:43
ActionParsnipclcto: ahhh i see08:44
shadowmancer_hrmmmm what is the default value for init= in the grub.cfg script08:47
ActionParsnipshadowmancer_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5754201   is what I get in Precise08:48
Yamakasihi guys. When I do a "domainname" command I get (none) back... my domainname is set in /etc/hosts08:49
binm0dehi everyone08:49
ikoniaYamakasi: that is nis08:49
shadowmancer_ActionParsnip: exact same as me08:50
DJonesshadowmancer_: On 12.04 Server I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/5754210/08:50
ActionParsnipshadowmancer_: in /etc/resolv.conf   do you have: domain NAMEHERE08:51
ActionParsnipshadowmancer_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177953508:51
Yamakasiikonia: ?08:51
ikoniaYamakasi: domainname is for "nis"08:52
Yamakasiikonia: ok08:53
shadowmancer_ActionParsnip: No, its actually showing up as a broken link08:53
shadowmancer_and with my original quesiton I should have clarified, what i meant was that the Kernel Panic error suggests enabling the init= option, though when that option is omitted what result is used08:53
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shadowmancer_hrmmm I am thinking it maybe more with the bootloader then with the actual ubuntu image08:57
in0culais there a simple and concise guide to understand ubuntu internals?08:57
DJonesin0cula: A basic Ubuntu manual?08:57
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:57
in0culaI mean advanced, to understad how ubuntu works08:58
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jattadvanced is the system itself08:58
shadowmancer_in0cula: any examples of advanced, do you mean how the kernel works, how the window manager works, how does unity work .etc08:58
jatthands on work on it08:58
jattthere is also The Official Ubuntu Book it's a little bit advanced08:59
in0culashadowmancer_, yes all this stuff, where for example unity is located and the folders and config files09:00
DJonesin0cula: As jatt said, the best way is just to use it, break it, and then work out how to fix it using the various websites giving advice (askubuntu, ubuntuforums etc)09:00
in0culaDJones, ok that a way09:00
in0culaI hope to find a schema09:01
in0culaa blueprint09:01
shadowmancer_in0cula: if you want to know how every single nut and bolt of ubuntu works, from how it turns 0101 into a flashing light on your screen, a schema as in a pretty picture of the entirety won't exist09:01
shadowmancer_in0cula: or if it did it would be a very very very big picture09:01
xrccan I get someone to help me with installing some packages? I try to do an sudo apt-get install09:02
in0culaok, thanx for your answer09:02
xrcbut it says a package that it depends is not going to be installed09:02
DJonesxrc: You probably need to give more details such as what you're trying to install, what version of Ubuntu and whether its from the official repo's or a ppa09:05
shadowmancer_anyways I'll keep poking if i figure anything out i'll see if i can leave a note somewhere09:06
xrcUbuntu 13.04, I am trying to get the mir server up, installing from its ppa.09:06
xrcDJones, I am stuck on trying to install unity-system-compositor (09:07
DJonesxrc: I've not played with it, with it being from the ppa and being part of the default repo's I think you'll probably get more help if you join #ubuntu-mir which looks to be the support channel for Mir while its in development, its probably a quiet channel so you may need to be patient for a reply though09:08
DJoneswhoops, that should say, not being part of the default repo's09:09
xrcDJones, thank you. I was not getting any replies from them so I decided to ask here. Also the thing that bothers me was that I was able to install it via command-line09:10
xrcDJones, only to find after a sudo apt-get upgrade that it fetched some new versions of the server thus killing the previous upgrade09:11
xrcDJones, for a second I thought it's a more generic question with packaging issues here ^^09:11
xrcDJones, thanks anyway, I'll get it on their channel and wait for replies there09:12
DJonesxrc: I guess it could be a number of things, without knowing anything about it, the Mir channel is probably the safest bet, or if there is a contact email on the ppa, that could be worth a shot09:12
leehambleyI'm pretty sure I know the answer ("you're doing it wrong") but what's the best way to install a package without the init.d/upstart stuff?09:13
leehambleyI'm unpacking it with dpkg, deleting everything that relates to init.d and repackaging (under a new name and vendor release number)09:14
leehambleybut it's a pain09:14
llutzleehambley: why don't you just install it "the right way" and disable autostart then?09:14
leehambleybecause I'm using (forced to use) a toolkit (babushka) which installs them "depdnedency driven", naturally they're started by the scripts on install09:15
leehambleyso I need the "start on installation" not to happen09:15
leehambley… I don't care about na init script, really, but finding a portable way to stop anything that was just installed (But only if it was just installed) is a pain09:15
llutzleehambley: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85681509:16
llutzleehambley: last post ^09:16
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rose7676help !09:17
rose7676Another process esets_gui already runningrose@rose-desktop:/opt/eset/esets/bin$09:17
leehambleyllutz the policy.rc seems like a reasonable solution09:17
leehambleycheers *thumbsup*09:18
llutzleehambley: easier and "cleaner" than repacking deb before installation09:18
leehambleyllutz: definitely, it's a shame that people don't package things as the binaries/configs and the init scripts separately09:18
leehambleybundling everything might have made sense 5 years aog, but now that there's 4/5 competing init.d alternatives, it's just a pain :(09:19
leehambley(we're using daemontools/runit)09:19
BarneySwhen i run a shell script from the same directory by this command sh runfile.sh it runs file09:20
BarneySand when i run it from other directory sh scripts/runfile.sh it doesn't run09:20
BarneyScan anyone help me with that?09:21
llutzBarneyS: runfile.sh expects "file" to be in $PWD?09:21
BarneySso that means i cannot run a file from different directory?09:22
llutzBarneyS: change runfile.sh to use absolute path for "file"09:22
BarneySi mean i cannot run shell script from any other directory!!09:22
ActionParsnipBarneyS: if you use TAB to complete the folder names and file names, does it help?09:22
BarneySnot it doesn't09:23
rose7676nod32 ubuntu 13.04 HELP09:23
ActionParsnipBarneyS: is the file marked as executable? You do know the '.sh' extension isn't needed, this isn't Windows :)09:23
BarneySwell it completes the line, but it doesn't run09:23
ActionParsniprose7676: details please09:23
ActionParsnipBarneyS: is the file marked as executable?09:23
BarneySyes it is09:24
ActionParsnipBarneyS: what is the output of:  file ./scripts/runfile.sh09:24
ActionParsnipBarneyS: ('file' is a command)09:24
BarneySASCII text09:25
BarneySis the output09:25
rose7676ActionParsnipinstall, install ??09:25
ActionParsnipBarneyS: did you put the line:    #!/bin/bash   as the top line in the file?09:25
BarneySshould i??09:25
ActionParsnipBarneyS: I suggest you do. Yes :)09:26
ActionParsniprose7676: can you give full details. I didn't understand your last reply09:26
ActionParsnipBarneyS: you can then run:  chmod +x  ./scripts/runfile.sh;  ./scripts/runfile.sh09:26
BarneySActionParsnip: thanks :-) can you tell me why is it necessary to add #!/bin/bash09:29
varunendra_BarneyS, that tells the command interpreter which shell to execute the script with09:32
ActionParsnipBarneyS: it makes it a script, it tells the interpretter to use bash to read the rest as Bash code rather than ASCII text09:32
Antaris there an iso of ubuntu terminal09:32
BarneySohk got it :-)09:33
mogaj Hi, i installed ubuntu 12.04 on Dell vostro 3500. i am not able to use trackpad right and left clicks ... how can i fix this?09:33
Antarjsut the terminal no Gnome no Kde09:33
oldherlhey, Apple announced mac os 10.9 will be Maverick?!09:33
ActionParsnipBarneyS: you can use any shell you want, you can even use #!/bin/python   or whatever it is and then code in python09:33
oldherlto follow ubuntu 10.10?09:33
DJonesAntar: There is the server iso, or the minimal iso that lets you select what you install by downloading from the internet09:33
rollingaHello there. I'm having some trouble updating from lucid to precise. Exactly this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/94363809:34
DJones!minimal | Antar09:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943638 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "upgrade lucid to precise has missing candidates" [Low,New]09:34
ubottuAntar: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:34
ActionParsnipBarneyS: adding '.sh' does nothing at all, its teh content of the file which is looked at, all you had was a file full of text. If you add the top line then the OS will see a script09:34
AntarGrear thx09:34
DJones!text | Antar Another option is to use the desktop cd, but use this boot parameter to get a text mode,09:34
ubottuAntar Another option is to use the desktop cd, but use this boot parameter to get a text mode,: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode09:34
varunendra_BarneyS, so did you succeed to run the script? You can (actually should) use it as bash <path to script) instead of sh. Also, make sure there are no blank spaces in the path or filename.09:34
Antarhow can i do09:35
BarneySvarunendra_: yes i did. .09:35
Antarah ok09:36
ActionParsnipBarneyS: its dead flexible like that :)09:36
BarneySActionParsnip: :-)09:36
mogaj Hi, i installed ubuntu 12.04 on Dell vostro 3500. i am not able to use trackpad right and left clicks ... how can i fix this?09:37
ActionParsnipBarneyS: you can aso use different interpretters if you want, you can use csh or zsh if you want :)09:37
BarneySActionParsnip: i tried using bash, as sugested by varunendra_ it works. .09:38
ActionParsnipmogaj: tried Fn + F6 ?09:38
histo!synaptics | magentar09:42
ubottumagentar: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad09:42
histo!synaptics | mogaj09:42
ubottumogaj: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad09:42
histomagentar: sorry wrong person09:42
kryptoany one installed ubuntu as para virtual guest on xen?09:48
paddywhere in ubuntu is the data stored regarding package list, etc. please?09:48
jribpaddy: why?09:48
paddyjrib, cause i wanna make a list of some sort09:49
rose7676now  install nod32  no run09:49
jribcan you be more specific?09:49
jribpaddy: can you be more specific about what it is exactly that you want to accomplish?09:50
histopaddy: You can use dpkg  with get-selections option09:50
DJones!cloning | paddy If you just need a list of the packages installed, Ubottu's info should help you extract the information09:50
ubottupaddy If you just need a list of the packages installed, Ubottu's info should help you extract the information: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this09:50
rose7676ActionParsnipinstall,  no run now fix?09:50
datahi, i have a problem with, I think, custom mouse pointers in certain applications09:52
paddyno, no, hold on09:52
datai.e. they do not appear, e.g., in spotify, skype et.09:52
paddyi need to access the core file that contains the description, file size and all that09:52
jribpaddy: you should explain what you actually want to accomplish: /why/ do you need this access09:53
paddywhy would i need to explain that?09:53
jrtappersDoes flash on firefox use screen size to chose how to scale videos? I keep getting letterboxed videos09:53
paddyare you the guard of the information that is provided in that file?09:53
jribpaddy: one, your request is odd.  Two, it's still not clear exactly what you are looking for.09:53
llutz   paddy  /var/lib/dpkg/available09:54
paddydoh, in "/lib" it is hidden, thanks llutz09:54
jrtapperspaddy, There may be better ways to achieve what you want to do, and if we find them everyone benefits09:54
=== jack is now known as Guest11500
jrtappersI think the flash problem is because I have two screens, and it seems to be using my desktop area to work out scaling on one, so it letterboxes09:55
shadowmancerHey all ... I think I might have figured out what was the issue, I realized I was using the wrong build >.< I was using a 32bit build for a 64bit system, meaning the init file in /sbin/ couldn't be run10:01
datahi, i have a problem with, I think, custom mouse pointers in certain applications. i.e. they do not appear, e.g., in spotify, skype, java applications and others. is there a way to disable them? I have changed cursor themes and am at a loss10:03
varunendra_shadowmancer, do you mean your hardware is 64 bit capable and you were trying 32 bit ubuntu?10:03
shadowmancervarunendra_:  didn't think about it until I read another error the log was spitting out and checked into that and was like ... really ... because I realized all the info on my build was for 32 bit10:04
varunendra_shadowmancer, that should never be a problem. It is an issue only when the condition is opposite (i.e. trying to run 64 bit on a 32 bit system)10:05
shadowmancervarunendra_:  :/ hmmm still willing to give it a shot since i'm out of ideas :P I am out of ideas and might as well run a 64bit os on a 64 bit processor10:06
varunendra_shadowmancer, did you try the recovery menu options in the advanced grub menu? Especially - failsafeX (safe graphics mode)10:07
shadowmancervarunendra_:  yep, still gave me the Kernal Panic issue10:07
shadowmancerKernel *10:08
varunendra_shadowmancer, have you run memtest to test your RAM?10:08
shadowmancervarunendra_:  would that effect the locating of the init option, because I am noting that the live usb is running which I would think would mean that the RAM would be fine10:09
varunendra_shadowmancer, not necessarily. A memory leak can cause weird behaviour at different instances of OS loading or its working.10:11
varunendra_shadowmancer, take a look at common kernel boot options : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Common_Kernel_Options You can add them to kernel boot line by pressing "e" at grub menu.10:11
shadowmancervarunendra_:  hmmm thanks for the link, i'll see what I can do and see if it works, still going to wait for the 64bit build though10:13
varunendra_shadowmancer, do you have any thread on ubuntuforums regarding this issue?10:14
shadowmancervarunendra_:  Not really, I found 101 different threads with similar though no specific answers10:14
varunendra_shadowmancer, that's only because there is really no specific reason for the error you are getting. Most often it is a buggy driver - most often the graphics one. But it can be anything from a corrupt image to a misconfigured BIOS or even partitioning.10:16
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marianne_'morning guys. Is it possible for this app to come across the ISP as being a bot?10:34
michael87Anyone need any help activating transparency in ubuntu 13.04. I am loving that i figured this out XD10:34
uovobwhi *. i am googling for an answer but i keep finding input-related answers. which packages do i need to install to get support for chinese/korean/japanese characthers and charsets in a Qt application that runs on an ubuntu 12.04 ? tia for the time10:35
bekksmarianne_: For which app? What do you mean?10:36
bekksmichael87: Its in the settings :)10:37
michael87bekks, erm what settings? I had to use dconf10:37
marianne_bekks: smuxi irc client10:37
bekksmarianne_: And what do you mean by your question?10:38
bekksmichael87: dconf edits settings, too :)10:39
marianne_bekks: I got an email from my ISP saying there is a bot on my system... I ran all the usual checks and came back clean on all platforms (running windows, OSx and ubuntu on my LAN)10:40
michael87omg this is awsome. I was worried ubuntu would shut off transparent windows after ubuntu 12.10. but its back and I am loving it. Life will be awsome without windows XD. 8 is flat and dead to me and I have a gut feeling they are going to fxxk up windows 710:40
marianne_I'm thinking that the 'bot' identified is actually the way this program works and the fact the ISP is just lamesauce10:40
lasersmarianne_: Can't you ask your ISP for more information than a bot?10:40
michael87plus I don't think I can live without hot corners now lmao10:40
marianne_lasers: I'm going to, but just got the email late last night10:41
bekksmarianne_: So "way" an IRC application works isnt identified as being a bot. Its just an IRC application. Did you got further information about that "bot"?10:41
michael87does having transparency on effect battery life in ubuntu?10:42
prooty1hello. i have an application that when run from .config/autostart takes a long time to quit during shutdown.10:42
bekksmichael87: Every eyecandy does.10:42
marianne_bekks: going to talk to the ISP today and see what they are showing from their side. IT could be that this is just a scam to get me to buy into their 'protection package'10:42
JewInSheepsClothWireshark ! anyone know about the wireshark and the snmp-mibs-installer error "E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?"10:42
JewInSheepsClothi ran apt-get for snmp-mibs-installer10:43
JewInSheepsClothand got these two errors10:43
michael87bekks :(. even with tlps? the battery saving program for linux?10:43
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: Thats just an error that somearchives arent available on the repo servers currently. Its not a wireshark issue.10:43
prooty1but when it is run from a terminal it exits quickly. does anyone have an idea what the difference could be?10:44
bekksmichael87: Even with whatever - eyecandy and bling bling affect battery lifetime.10:44
JewInSheepsClothbekks: so do i wait and run the apt-get update later?10:44
JewInSheepsClothbekks: it said something wicked happened10:44
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: Either wait or just use other download servers.10:45
michael87bekks, meh. I'll have to accept that then. and from personal experience unity takes up less on battery then kde. and the new window snap on 13.04 is fantastic XD10:45
JewInSheepsClothwhat is this "Something wicked happened resolving 'th.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-11 - System error)"10:45
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: A DNS problem.10:45
JewInSheepsClothis that my thailand server10:45
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: Most likely it is a problem on your client side, not on the server side.10:46
JewInSheepsClothwhat does client side mean ? i am doing something wrong ?10:46
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: client is "your computer".10:46
JewInSheepsClothoh lord10:46
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: We dont know what you are doing, so we dont know wether you are doing something wrong.10:47
JewInSheepsClothbekks: so how do i run it again or whatever10:47
JewInSheepsClothbekks: just keep trying ?10:47
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: Just check your DNS settings.10:47
JewInSheepsClothbekks: where do i do that ? is it my gufw running ?10:47
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: gufw has nothing to do with your dns settings.10:47
bekks!dns | JewInSheepsCloth10:48
ubottuJewInSheepsCloth: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html10:48
JewInSheepsClothbekks: how do i check my DNS settings10:48
nibblerJewInSheepsCloth: cat /etc/resolv.conf10:48
bekksJewInSheepsCloth: You dont need to setup a dns server, but just check your current settings.10:48
JewInSheepsClothbekks: how to check them /10:48
kit-kathi anybody can you please tell me how to add encoding support? any document or examples ...10:51
JewInSheepsClothok i checked my dns seettings i guess10:52
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/10:52
michael87god ubuntu 13.04 is so feature riched. I am just going to have to dualboot with windows 7 becuase at this point all its good for is games lol. if I had a much sicker graphics card most of my games would probably run fine with wine though. still haven't decided if wine is a good replacement for windows yet. don't think so save ripping dvds with magic dvd decryptor10:52
lasersmichael87: Get PS4 and you're set. No more dual boot. :)10:55
michael87lasers, lol thats one way to do it. but frankly I am not happy with sony making the ps4 not backwards compatible. its the ps2 to ps3 all over again. No If I am to enjoy my older games on a newwer system I am going with pc gaming. I have both 360 and ps3 and love them both. I am very very displeased with the no backwards thing especially since I freaken love skyrim and want to sup up the graphics XD10:59
k-josephhi to everybody, am inquiring to know, i have an hp g7 pc that i am currently duo booting windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but when ever am in ubuntu, my left speaker does not work, what could be the reason, thanks10:59
bekks!ot | michael8710:59
ubottumichael87: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:59
michael87k-joseph, frankly you should try 13.04 its miles ahead of 12.04 despite it not being a long term. freaken rocks11:00
k-josephmicheal87: is'nt there any other solution to that besides changing to 13.04?11:01
lasersmichael87: I disagree. I'm sure he chose LTS for a reason (and upgrading is not always a solution; See XboxOne ; Lulz).11:01
lasersk-joseph: Alsa or Pulse?11:02
k-josephlasers: surely, and am currently running so many things with ubuntu and would not like to inconvenience my self11:03
michael87lasers, very funny you are. and I agree with you on that. But the features and speed of 13.04 has me inthralled and done with 12.04 lol. respect though for stayying with lts. waiting for the next lts myself but I'm going to just jump every 9 months. and if they ever mess up I'll go for lts. it is free after all. Much ubuntu and linux love XD11:03
lasers!alsa | k-joseph11:04
ubottuk-joseph: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:04
lasersk-joseph: Try running "alsamixer" -- You might find something. If not, speakers aren't old or broken, right? :)11:04
bassshello, when i use ssh i keep getting the ^[[A character whenever i press the up arrow. Any idea what is causing this ?11:05
bekksmichael87: Basically, the decision for using LTS or for using the latest version is based on requirements and needs, not on believing the latest version is the "best".11:05
mar77ihello #ubuntu. this has been going on my nerves for years, not sure if you can help me. I have a dualscreen setup with both 60hz11:05
kit-kathi i have list of character encodings, how can i add a new character encoding support,what is that command to add new encoding support11:05
kanupatarHi all,11:05
kanupataris there any part time embedded oppertunities anywhere? My university stopped internal part times inside Uni and I am trying to get some for my fee and book for my research11:05
ubukouhey folks.im having a problem with a sony vaio. the laptop im talking about had windows preinstalled and gave me blue screens all the time. i recovered it using the image sony had installed in it and it did the same. after that i decided to install ubuntu and ubuntu gave me black screens.11:06
mar77iwell, not exactly 60hz, the one on the left is set to 59.9 and every now and then it just drops a frame11:06
jrib!ot | kanupatar11:06
ubottukanupatar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:06
bekks!nomodeset | ubukou11:06
ubottuubukou: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:06
ubukoui contacted sony and sony told me that it void the warranty to install linux11:06
lasersbasss: What terminal and did you modify ~/.bashrc or something like that? (like PS1 for instance)11:06
ubukouany ideas?11:07
ubukouisnt that ILLEGAL!?!11:07
bekksubukou: ubottu just gave you some clues.11:07
michael87bekks, understandable. but again in my personal opinion, speed compatibility and so forth, raring is fantastic. and I recommend it to anybody. but yes I tell anyone not running linux jumping ship about hte 9 months support and lts has longterm till I think 2015.11:07
jribubukou: so install windows again and deal with sony11:07
bekksmichael87: Wrong. 12.04 LTS is supported until 2017.11:07
ubukoujrib, they want me to give 80 euros and buy the recovery disks.11:07
bassslasers: im using the nonrmal shell and i did not modify .bashrc11:07
jribubukou: use the image you used before11:08
ubukoujrib, how does that sound. god i have sony. last time i deal with them. its my gf laptop11:08
ubukoujrib, i installed linux to see what happens. formated the disk :S11:08
michael87bekks, oh. ok fine 2017. anyway I tell them 5 years long term support. but I am not the only one that is enjoyying 13.04 when compared to 12.04 in my town now :)11:08
ubukoujrib, they dont give you disks the have a partition that contains the image11:08
jribubukou: what exactly happens on ubuntu now?11:08
kousthubhey moto...11:09
kousthubsorry guys...11:09
bekksmichael87: Well, that decision isnt based on "oh lord, look at that eyecandy".Personally, I dont even care about transparency, eyecandy, whatsoever - I care about being able to work with my linux boxes.11:09
ubukoujrib, when i tried to apt-get update it gave me a black screen. i dont have the laptop with me now. it was a screen i ve never seen in lunix.11:09
mar77iubukou: you don't want a warranty that tells you what os to use11:09
ubukoujrib, i know its not a lot to go on with11:09
lasersbasss: Your computer's distro and server distro? What are they? Are you using different shell or something like that?11:10
* kousthub slaps deepak around with some plastic rings from Great Pacific Garbage Patch11:10
ubukoumar77i, what do you mean ? is that normal. they force you to use damn windows?11:10
bassslasers: im using osx & the server is ubuntu 12.04 minimal11:10
jribubukou: there's not much we can do if you don't have access to the laptop.  If you want to try to troubleshoot from ubuntu, come back with the laptop.  If you believe it's a hardware issue, deal with sony.  I doubt that installing linux voided your warranty, but I'm sure they won't provide support for it (linux)11:10
DJoneskousthub: Don't do that11:10
bekksubukou: Yes, and thats legal.11:10
kousthubsorry, he's new to irc..ma friend11:11
bekksubukou: And there is nothing you can do about it. Or just ignore the void of warranty and follow the clues ubottu gave you.11:11
michael87bekks, I'm sencing hostility. I just think that eye candy and speed will bring in newwer users easily and accessiblity. I'm all for more open source users over microsoft after choices like windows 8 and xboxone.11:11
ubukoujrib, thats what the bitch on the phone told me .. god i wanted to smack her :P11:11
samehhello plz any one help me i have problem in my lunixmint 1511:12
DJones!mint | sameh11:12
ubottusameh: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:12
ezra-subukou, she's just an employed human who is telling you what she has been told to say11:12
jribubukou: well read your warranty, or ask her to point you to the relevant paragraph in the document.  Good luck11:12
bekksmichael87: There is no hostility at all. But we are getting offtopic :)11:12
ubukouezra-s, i know, i know. but hearing that installing linux voids hardware gurantee really set me off.11:13
samehlunix mint butld in ubunu11:13
ubukouezra-s, You are right11:13
ezra-subukou, I understand the feeling11:13
lasersbasss: Can you paste your server's /etc/passwd?11:13
DJonessameh: It may be, but its not a supported version of Ubuntu11:13
marianne_ubukou: can you connect the laptop to a different monitor and see if the screen comes up? I have installed ubuntu on different sony laptops and it's always the 'additional drivers' that need to be loaded11:13
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|lunch
sameh??? so how can i get help11:14
mar77iubukou: as long as you're good enough to fix your machine anyway. when things break you're at least allowed to use a soldering iron now :)11:14
michael87bekks, indeed. so just curios how do you feel about 13.04? you sticking with lts till next release. I can understand and admire that. I am sort of a linux newb. but I've learned alot. I am fasinated that it can run on so many devices. and heck nasa uses it.11:14
laserssameh: Join #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:14
bekkssameh: "Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org"11:14
DJonessameh: See what Ubottu said, that tells you were to get support for Mint11:14
bekksmichael87: My feelings about ubuntu are offtopic for this supportc channel.11:15
ezra-subukou, next time answer, "oh really? I'll make sure not to buy  Sony ever again", chances are she may write it down and that might reach someone higher...11:15
samehok thx u i will now11:15
michael87bekks, oh. well how do I get to the general ubuntu chat via xchat?11:15
bekks!ot | michael8711:15
ubottumichael87: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:15
jribmichael87: /join #ubuntu-offtopic11:16
michael87thank you :)11:16
bassslasers: just solved it, i created a user using useradd rather than adduser. Thanks anw :)11:17
lasersbasss: No problem.11:17
mar77idoes anyone know how I could set both my monitors to the same frequency?11:19
mar77iI have two monitors, and both are on 60hz, well, not exactly 60hz, the one on the left is set to 59.9 and every now and then it just drops a frame11:19
lasersmar77i: Xorg conf, maybe?11:20
lasers!xorg conf11:20
ubukoumarianne, ezra-s i did say that. she talked to me like i opened tha laptop and banged it with a hammer. all because i formated the hd11:21
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.11:21
=== kousthub is now known as dude007
ubukouezra-s, thing is that they want me to pay 80 euros and buy the recovery disks to take the laptop to its previous state.11:21
ezra-subukou, ignorance reigns helpdesk support11:21
=== jinie_ is now known as jinie
suigenerusall of sudden, I've been getting errors like https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11918318/Foto%2011.06.2013%2014%2012%2013.jpg . any ideas?11:23
=== deepak is now known as me1
ubukouezra-s, hahahahaha. has any one encoutered blue screen during the windows installation? i know its not linux related but the fact that a clean linux install crashed like that is something that i have not seen before and it leads me to think that it is hardware related.11:23
suigenerusI'm on LiveCD now11:23
mar77iis there a way to create a xorg.conf from the current config?11:23
ubukouezra-s, really sad techinical support.11:23
bekksubukou: Then finally: follow the clue ubottu gave you instead continuing rantong on Sony.11:24
laserssuigenerus: This happen every time you reboot or what?11:24
jj123how can I get the .config file used to build my kernel? (I'm actually looking for the .config for linux-image-powerpc-e500mc)11:24
ezra-subukou, maybe hdd is failing or memory fault11:24
ezra-subukou, load a ubuntu/debian live disk, go resecue, do a mem test11:25
suigeneruslasers: everytime for the past 3-4 times11:25
ubukouezra-s, good idea. bekks: i know i sound like an a** but i ve been on the phone for hours :) thanks all for the help...11:25
=== suigenerus is now known as suigeneris
laserssuigeneris: "lspci | grep -i vga"11:26
bekksubukou: Well, then just stop it and continue to get Ubuntu up and running?11:26
suigenerislasers: VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G98 [GeForce 8400] (rev a1)11:26
ubukoubekks, will do as soon as my gf brings me that laptop.11:26
catphishis there an ETA for any official ubuntu mobile releases?11:27
ubottucatphish,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:27
laserssuigeneris: In that case, you might want to install nvidia blob instead of using nouveau (or whatever your display is using).11:27
ubukoubekks, the fact that it had this problem form day one makes me think i ll have to give it to sony for hardware repair and i have to pay 80 for trying to fix it :(11:27
ezra-subukou, probably in the live/rescue disk something may get spit out in dmesg if there is something really wrong in the hardware11:27
catphishacerimmer_: thanks11:27
ezra-subukou, with hdparm you can test the hdd a bit too I believe11:28
bekksubukou: It makes me think you dont want to stop being offtopic in here.11:28
laserssuigeneris: "lsmod | grep ^n"11:28
marianne_ubukou: I stepped away for a minute... what is the make and model of the laptop?11:28
foo357Hello, I ran a package update and something broke with the packages11:29
ubukoumarianne, let me check .11:30
bgardnerfoo357: What message are you getting?11:30
foo357I remember that there's some command to check the status (and also possibly to fix it)11:30
ActionParsnipfoo357: sudo apt-get -f install11:30
suigenerislasers: nls_utf8               12493  1  nouveau               823577  3. it seems I've  been using nouveau. how do I get my OS to use nvidia?11:31
bekks!nvidia | suigeneris11:31
ubottusuigeneris: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:31
bekkssuigeneris: You will have to use a driver version =< 173, since higher versions will not work with your 8400.11:32
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:32
ubukoumarianne, my gf had no idea and the laptop is at home. thanks tho . if there is a place to find those disks for free i would love a link or something. thanks you for a ll the help.i do realize is was a bit off topic, sorry for that bekks , ezra-s thanks for the suggestions, i ll try them11:33
suigenerisbekks: will it be okay if I get nvidia-current?11:34
ActionParsnipbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5754578  :)11:34
ezra-sgood luck11:34
ubukouezra-s, thanks.11:34
suigenerisoh, misread11:34
marianne_the make and model is usually located on the top for the keyboard...and also on a tag on the bottom (but the tag wears out, so the info along the top is better)11:34
bekkssuigeneris: if it is a version =< 173, yes. If it is a higher version, no.11:35
bekksActionParsnip: yay :)11:35
ActionParsnipbekks: works here :)11:36
ubukoumarianne, wish i had the laptop with me.thanks for the info.11:36
bekksActionParsnip: Using a 8400?11:36
marianne_ubukou: I'm usually lurking here... if you want to give it a try jusy PM me11:36
suigenerisbekks: it says Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable11:37
ActionParsnipbekks: 615011:38
ubukoumarianne, great, means a lot to me. i wanted to help my gf and i ended up making it worse.11:38
bekksActionParsnip: Ah ok :)11:39
lasersubukou: You formatted your girlfriend's data?11:40
halidesi'd like to disable my ATI HDMI audio11:40
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot11:40
ubukoulasers, no, nothing like that.11:40
halidesit's using snd_hda_intel as it's driver, which is what the mobo-onboard sound card also uses, so i don't want to blacklist that11:40
halidesany tips?11:41
ActionParsnipubukou: use your backups then, simples11:41
hi_HI ALL11:41
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:42
hi_i new to ubuntu  aand i was wonder why UBUNTU11:42
lasers!ubuntu | hi_11:42
ubottuhi_: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com11:42
lasers(Erm, wrong factoid?)11:42
ranjanHi all, is there anyone who uses MAAS in this channel?11:43
ranjani have some doubt11:43
lasershi_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)11:43
suigenerisit seems I couldn't install nvidia-173 because I was using sudo and not in the chroot11:46
suigenerisargh. Errors were encountered while processing:  nvidia-173 E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:47
suigeneriswhy me, god? why me?11:47
laserssuigeneris: Can't you reboot instead of using LiveCD and fix it from there?11:47
laserssuigeneris: Using nvidia blob for nvidia card is very common. You're just new.11:48
suigenerislasers: I can't get past the screen I showed you11:48
suigenerislasers: should I get nvidia-common?11:48
hi_i watched a up YOU TUBE video with chick red long haired on it and i dont think it helped and it talked aboUT SWIPPNESS somtimes when i try to open up files and pargames up it just to slow CAN SOMONE HELP ME I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY IT TAKR A  F******** HOUR TO OPEN UP THING AT TIME I JUST FEEL LIKE I WANT TO BLOW MY BRAINS OUT OF MY HEAD LOL HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU11:48
bekkshi_: We can read lowercase too.11:49
sameh__????? lunixmint 15 not support ???? i have Problem in the definition VGA in linux VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)11:49
laserssuigeneris: You probably can (but does not know how). Are you familiar with apt-get/aptitude? Installing stuffs via commandline? Fixing stuffs via nano?11:49
bekkshi_: And watch your language please.11:49
DJonessameh__: We still don't support Mint in t5his channel11:49
suigenerislasers: yep11:49
hi_cap were ment for agervation11:49
hi_perpisces only11:49
laserssuigeneris: Okay. Great. What about TTY?11:49
foo357bgardner: this is what apt-get -f install reports pastebin.com/T0Raa7nD11:50
suigenerislasers: I have a xorg.conf.failsafe. do you mean the shell by TTY?11:50
bekkshi_: So whats the actual problem you are facing? I am refusing to read your rant above.11:50
laserssuigeneris: Yes. That TTY.11:50
hi_my orogrames open up slowly11:50
suigenerislasers: yes11:50
hi_and i feel like at time i just want to blow my brains out11:51
foo357bgardner: at a glance it seems as if two packages include a .so file and this causes trouble11:51
Kh4xToRhi_, can you leave the part of "blowing your brains out" out the equation for now please?11:51
laserssuigeneris: Okay. Go there. Read !nvidia. You want to install nvidia, nvidia-settings, nvidia-xconfig. And then do "sudo nvidia-xconfig" -- That should generate a new xorg.conf -- then you reboot.11:51
hi_i was jking11:52
=== mmrazik|lunch is now known as mmrazik
laserssuigeneris: "nvidia" being your chosen nvidia version.11:52
Kh4xToRhi_, are you using ubuntu the OS ?11:52
bgardnerfoo357: I agree, what is that mypackage it references, have you been building packages?11:52
hi_yes it my amin os11:52
hi_not jointed with WINDOWS OS11:52
foo357bgardner: no it's supplied by a commercial company11:52
Kh4xToRhi_, what is your PC/Laptop stats?11:52
hi_dell isperion 940011:53
suigenerislasers: nvidia-xconfig not located11:53
Kh4xToRhi_: specifications of your laptop?11:53
laserssuigeneris: "aptitude search nvidia-x"11:53
hi_oh about that it has init11:54
Kh4xToRhi_ : RAM? ROM? Processor ? etc..11:54
hi_it ten year old or a little older11:54
bgardnerfoo357: So it's not an Ubuntu-supplied package?11:54
foo357bgardner: anyway, it's no problem to remove these "mypackage" packages, but when I try to do so through "apt-get --force-yes remove" something fails.11:54
Anil-Bafilai am unable to control Adobe flash player can anyone tell me how to solve it11:54
bgardnerfoo357: Okay, so us what the error messages are when you do that.11:54
Kh4xToRhi_ : Which Ubuntu are you using? 12.04? 10.04?11:55
bgardnerfoo357: *show11:55
hi_can i im somone all chating confussing me11:55
hi_if you dont mind11:55
nickgermaineIf I build a distro, I was wondering how I would incorporate Synaptic package manager and if I can use ubuntu repositories?11:55
Kh4xToRhi_ : I dnt guarantee a solution but sure go ahead11:56
Kh4xToRAnil-Bafila give me a moment11:56
lasers!remaster | nickgermaine11:56
ubottunickgermaine: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility11:56
foo357bgardner: I get some amounts of output about unmet dependencies, can I force apt-get to ingore this?11:56
nickgermainewell I'm not forking, I'm going from scratch really11:56
hi_gaibe me an hour to fing you name lol11:56
bekksubukou: There is no need to contact me outside this channel, especially not in an unasked query.11:57
bgardnerfoo357: Go ahead and pastebin it up, it's hard to guess at what the root cause is without it.11:57
Kh4xToRhi_ : I will be done with lunch then sounds good11:57
suigenerislasers: still Errors were encountered while processing:  nvidia-173 E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:57
ubukoubekks,  hey there, sorry for being a bit off topic. its just that i ve been using linux for years and i feel really confortable with users of ubuntu to ask some things. just as confortable as i am helping people in here.have a great day.11:58
Anil-Bafilai have searched askubuntu.com i was unable to get my solution11:58
laserssuigeneris: http://askubuntu.com/questions/171205/e-sub-process-usr-bin-dpkg-returned-an-error-code-111:58
madratanyone used zenoss before?11:59
ActionParsnipAnil-Bafila: control in what way?12:00
martin__hi german people here ??12:00
bekks!de | martin__12:01
ubottumartin__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:01
DJonesmartin__: There probably are, if you want German language support, you can use #ubuntu-de12:01
martin__Vielen dank sry bin neu12:01
Anil-Bafilanot able to change the settings of cammera and microphone12:01
ActionParsnipAnil-Bafila: is there not a config app in Dash?12:01
ActionParsnipAnil-Bafila: I assume you installed adobe-flashplugin package from the partner repo12:02
Anil-Bafilai installed it from ubuntu software center12:03
BluesKajHiyas all12:03
suigenerisActionParsnip: do you know how I can get past https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11918318/Foto%2011.06.2013%2014%2012%2013.jpg _12:03
ActionParsnipAnil-Bafila: ok, run:  uname -a  lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'    and use http://pastie.org to create a pastebin. Once you hit paste, copy the new address bar address and paste it here please12:04
laserssuigeneris: Yes. You need to install nvidia blob -- (in which will blacklist nouveau). Also, nvidia-xconfig to generate a new xorg.conf in your /etc/X11 -- then you reboot.12:04
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj12:05
suigenerislasers: there is no nvidia-xconfig12:05
ActionParsnipsuigeneris:  lasers seems to have an idea or two12:05
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip12:05
foo357bgardner: when I try to remove these troublesome packages I get some output about unmet dependencies. pastebin.com/PxTHmjTR12:05
d-eggHi, I cannot use lesskey files.  I always get an error even for empty files, root owned files, standard locations.  Does somebody know that error?  The error is for example:12:06
samgabbayello samgabbayfrom the qateam12:06
d-eggCannot use lesskey file "/etc/sysless"12:06
laserssuigeneris: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/alt-nvidia-96-xconfig.1.html -- What does "aptitude search nvidia" show?12:06
d-eggLESSSECURE is off12:06
laserssuigeneris: (Just saying it exists)12:07
samgabbaySammy herefrom the QATeam to help :P12:07
ActionParsnipd-egg: try adding sudo, maybe its an access issue12:07
d-eggActionParsnip: No, the same error12:08
Anil-BafilaActionParsnip i pasted your command and i got output like this uname: extra operand `lsb_release'12:08
Anil-BafilaTry `uname --help' for more information.12:08
Anil-Bafilaii  flashplugin-installer                                    Adobe Flash Player plugin installer12:08
d-eggalso as root logged in12:08
SteveBellhi all. question about a harddrive. I have an ext2 file format external harddrive. it says there are 63gb free. but 0 bytes available when I run df -h in terminal12:08
ActionParsnipAnil-Bafila: use http://pastie.org    and you can give all the output12:08
SteveBellis this expected? anything I can do about this?12:08
suigenerislasers: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5754669/12:09
Ben64SteveBell: might be reserved space for root12:09
SteveBellit's not the system drive. Ben 64 what would that mean?12:10
bgardnerfoo357: Have you already done 'sudo apt-get remove mypackage:i386' ?12:10
Ben64SteveBell: exactly what it sounds like.... reserved space. for root.12:10
Anil-Bafilai have pasted it12:10
SteveBellso how much space would be reserved for root on ex harddisks? Ben64?12:10
Ben64SteveBell: i think by default its 5%, you can change it though12:11
laserssuigeneris: Try "apt-cache search nvidia-xconfig" too -- It may be packed in different package.12:11
SteveBellany reason I might want to keep that reserved space? I don't think I need it. its a harddrive I use for movies. that's all.12:12
suigenerislasers: nothing12:12
=== foka_ is now known as foka
Ben64SteveBell: the closer you get to filling a partition, the more likely things will become fragmented12:13
laserssuigeneris: What version? (Did you follow the link and get your dpkg error (1) fixed)?12:14
Anil-Bafilacan any one suggest a link to solve flash player controls not working problems i have already gone to askubuntu.com i am using ubuntu 12.0412:14
SteveBellBen64:  so I need that reserved space? hfs doesn't seem to use such reserved space. But I'm not a systems guy so maybe that reserved space is a good thing?12:14
suigenerislasers: 13.04 and dpkg error not fixed even though I followed that link12:15
Ben64SteveBell: no, not needed. just things can get fragmented without it12:15
Ben64suigeneris: what video card do you have12:15
SteveBellBen64:  you are perfectly right about that 5%: http://www.microhowto.info/howto/reduce_the_space_reserved_for_root_on_an_ext2_ext3_or_ext4_filesystem.html12:16
suigenerisBen64: NVIDIA Corporation G98 [GeForce 8400]12:16
Ben64suigeneris: ok good, you should be able to use the newest drivers12:17
laserssuigeneris: Erm. Trying to help you. Odd that there aren't nvidia-xconfig. I'm thinking it might be in nvidia-settings (or you may have to enable few more things in /etc/apt/sources).12:17
suigenerisBen64: but someone (I don't remember who) said I needed to use <=17312:18
Ben64shouldn't need an xorg.conf12:18
Ben64suigeneris: nope, works with the latest12:18
Ben64suigeneris: if you plan on doing any gaming, i'd suggest 310 or up12:19
suigenerislasers: that page you linked suggests nvidia-173 should have it and I've been getting that dpkg error on nvidia-17312:19
suigenerisBen64: god forbid, no12:19
Ben64oh, well i game on here12:20
laserssuigeneris: nvidia-173 where? I gave you a link to fix "error code(1)."12:20
suigenerislasers: I've been getting that dpkg error witg nvidia-17312:21
suigenerislasers: you linked another page as well12:22
laserssuigeneris: I don't see nvidia-173. :) -- Okay, the link I gave you... "sudo dpkg -r nvidia-173 && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" does not work?12:23
SteveBellBen64: thanks for that hint. set to 1% now :)12:23
Ben64SteveBell: np12:24
SiPlusPlease help me, I'm getting black screen when pressing anything in the Live CD menu12:27
SiPlusThere's no F6 menu to enable nomodeset, I'm getting GRUB boot menu instead of the purple centered menu with Ubuntu logo12:28
laserssuigeneris: When we fix that, then we can go ahead and try to install your choice of nvidia version (or nvidia-current).12:28
suigenerislasers: I managed to think and run software-sources and check nvidia propriatery (however that is spelled)12:29
suigenerislasers: the last command you gave me coughed because of a possibly invalid ppa12:30
suigenerisbrb, rebooting12:31
=== q_ is now known as Phryq
meetam on 13.04 gnome. everytime i open the activities overview and try to search for an app, it freezes for a while. When i click on the app, it freezes again. Also, gnome shell keeps on crashing. How do I find the cause?12:39
acerimmer_LoseYourself, we see you12:39
ActionParsnipmeet: is the OS fully updated?12:40
meetActionParsnip: yes12:40
ActionParsnipAnil-Bafila: you need to copy and paste the new URL in the browser12:40
skippi am havingg a similar problem, i have no apps in the activities overview12:40
ActionParsnipmeet: is it the same as a fresh user?12:40
meetActionParsnip: i did not understand.12:41
newspaperhello, i have just installed gnome 3.8.3 on top of ubuntu server. When i open the activities overview, there are no apps. I cannot even search. the only way to open apps is to use Alt+F2. any ideas?12:46
meetActionParsnip: fresh installation?12:47
newspaperhello, i have just installed gnome 3.8.3 on top of ubuntu server. When i open the activities overview, there are no apps. I cannot even search. the only way to open apps is to use Alt+F2. any ideas?12:50
ezra-snewspaper, you are missing packages probably, did you install with "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop"?12:51
newspaperyes i did12:52
newspaperthat was my original thought as well12:52
newspaperi just cannot figure out what package i am missing12:52
newspaperis there a list somewhere of pertinent packages to gnome-menu?12:52
negevhi, this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir4-2 claims external monitors work on a macbook air 4,2, but right underneath it says thunderbolt is not supported on linux. since there is no other port to connect a monitor to, these statements appear to be mutually exclusive.12:54
ezra-snewspaper, ubuntu-gnome-desktop should be enough afaik12:54
newspaperezra-s: hmmm, maybe ill just try to purge and reinstall.12:55
ezra-snewspaper, did you have previous .gnome o .local directories with previous gnome stuff in there?12:55
newspaperezra-s: no, this was the first installation of a DE on top of ubuntu server 13.1012:55
ShapeShifter499I'm just wondering if I hit the up arrow key (or any other key for that matter) during a scp transfer, does that do anything to the file in transit?12:55
ezra-snewspaper, I'd check my home directory, delete previous stuff, restart lightdm and try logging again12:55
ezra-snewspaper, 13.10? wow.. who knows what's the state of that12:56
bgardnerShapeShifter499: No, not unless you break the transfer.12:56
=== Freeaqingme is now known as Guest93113
ShapeShifter499bgardner, oh ok thanks12:57
newspaperezra-s: yeah it was mostly for the updated gnome-shell12:57
newspaperi changed the repos and did an upgrade12:58
newspaperezra-s: aslo, i do not have lightdm installed. only gdm12:58
newspaperezra-s: shit i just realized i did not do a dist-upgrade. could that be a cause?13:00
ezra-snewspaper, probably, try13:00
hi_hi all13:01
=== jack is now known as Guest94981
datahi, i have a problem with, I think, custom mouse pointers in certain applications. i.e. they do not appear, e.g., in spotify, skype, java applications and others. is there a way to disable them? I have changed cursor themes and am at a loss13:02
hi_i thanks that guy if he a repeat defender in this room13:03
joelwallisdoes anyone here uses zsh? what does it have that bash doesn't?13:04
hi_whit the letter  K H   in his name13:04
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
hi_i ned more help should i delet the verison i just donwloaded and redownlode it again it took less then 5 minutes to install13:05
hi_UBUNTU 12.0413:05
hi_how long dose it take to donload unbuntu 13.0413:07
hi_i ment 12.0413:07
hi_longer than 5 minutes13:07
jribhi_: depends on your internet connection13:08
BluesKajhi_, depends on your connection....some are faster than others13:08
acerimmer_hi_, obviously, depends on your internet provider so how would we know?  however, please consider using torrent ... better quality download and eases server load13:08
hi_with windows xp tok 30 minutes13:09
=== tre is now known as newspaper
hi_i thought it was kinda fishes when i had windows xp it did the same thing and the second time it said 30 min13:11
Serpientewhen is the end of life for ubuntu lts 12.04?13:11
Serpienteread that 14 lts will be release by next year?13:11
compdocSerpiente, five years after 04-1213:12
PiciSerpiente: Ubuntu version numbers are the YEAR.MONTH of release.13:12
Serpientegreat thanks.13:12
newspaperhello, i have just installed gnome 3.8 on top of ubuntu server 13.04. When i open the activities overview, there are no apps shown. i cannot search for apps either. the only way to open apps is through the terminal. any ideas why gnome-menus is not populated?13:13
lasersnewspaper: Try using "sudo tasksel" -- Be careful with tab and space. (AND NOT TO PRESS ENTER BY MISTAKE). Maybe it'll pull in more/missing packages.13:15
newspaperlasers: ok ill try that13:16
bgardneranonymous_: Ask your question13:16
newspaperlasers: what exactly am i looking for in this list of packages?13:17
lasersnewspaper: What does it show? (Cause you used server 13.04... It might be different)13:17
starsinmypocketsLooking for a good automated mysql backup solution to manage about a dozen databases on my server... something with incremental backups and notifications would be awesome13:18
starsinmypocketsLooking at this automysqlbackup13:18
bgardneranonymous_: You won't find assistance with that here.13:18
starsinmypocketsAny thoughts?13:18
sanderj_What is the name of ubuntu's X window system?13:18
newspaperlasers: it shows all of the packages it showed during installation at this step. it also shows all of the desktop environments. alot of stuff really, even ubuntu touch13:19
lasersnewspaper: Some of them are checked?13:19
newspaperlasers: yes, the ones i checked during installation: ssh, basic ubuntu server, etc...13:20
bgardnerking_slayer: Welcome, go ahead13:21
lasersnewspaper: Ah okay. Then you probably don't need to do anything. It's worth a try. :)13:21
newspaperlasers: do you know of a place where i can find packages pertinent to the gnome-menu system?13:23
lasersnewspaper: No I do not. You could try and ask for a list of fresh Ubuntu 13.0 installed packages. It could be something small.13:26
bgardnersanderj_: See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System13:27
suigenerislasers: I really thought it was nvidia. so I took out the card and rebooted, and whaddayaknow? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11918318/Foto%2011.06.2013%2016%2017%2056.jpg13:27
laserssuigeneris: Do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?13:28
newspaperlasers: alright ill try that. this is very frusterating because i know its just some missing package but i cant figure out which one. ahhhhhhhhhh13:28
laserssuigeneris: (You could try making a backup (removing it and restart X)).13:28
lasers!clone | newspaper13:29
ubottunewspaper: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate13:29
lasersnewspaper: Ask somebody in this channel -- they can give you a list -- then you compare it with your own.13:29
newspaperlasers: alright ill pull that from this machine and then check it when i go to work today since i have a working installation there13:30
=== Guest93113 is now known as Freeaqingme
laserssuigeneris: (From what I understand, you never installed/configured nvidia in first place. You were almost there).13:31
suigenerislasers: I installed nvidia-304 and that brought nvidia-xconfig. I ran it and that created a xorg.conf. hey, that might be a problem. my xorg.conf has nvidia in it even though I have taken out the card13:32
laserssuigeneris: Ha! Yup. It need to be installed -- then you can run nvidia-xconfig again for new xorg.conf tthis time. :)13:32
suigenerisrm'd it, brb13:33
lasers!nouveau | suigeneris13:33
ubottusuigeneris: nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.13:33
laserssuigeneris: nouveau is [weak] imo.13:33
marianneanyone out there have a card reader that works... are they for the most part PNP?13:41
HaltingStateempathy needs OTR support; this is ridiculous; its been 4 years13:41
gnimshHello. I'm not realy sure how to describe my problem but I'm going to try my best.13:42
gnimshWhen I close a program, let's say firefox for instance, instead of the window disappearing, it's almost like it shows the minimize effect, but then the window overlaps so I get a "window on window" effect.13:43
gnimshThis happens when shutting down the laptop as well.13:43
gnimshI think it may be compiz/gnome related and would like to try to reset these settings to defaults but am not sure how to do that.13:43
bathmananyone here that knows a bit about installing touchscreen in ubuntu?13:44
uovobwbathman: i've done that for work, what do you need to know?13:50
bathmanuovobw : over here we tried 12.04 lubuntu as well as xubuntu, and touchscreen install won't work13:52
bathmanif you have a moment, i can link some output:13:52
uovobwwhat touchscreen? (i used only ubuntu i have to admin)13:52
bathmanyou mean which piece of hardware, or what driver?13:53
uovobwboth :)13:53
sucoplushi all13:53
bathmanuovobw : hardware device should be 3M - in an industrial pc device13:54
sucopluscan someboyd explain me why my ubuntu 12.04 vps has a 2.6.32-16-pve kernel installed?13:54
uovobwsucoplus: prolly running in xen ,it requires a particular kernel13:54
uovobwbathman: i am perplexed, lsusb what is telling about it? is it loading any driver? single touch or multitouch? (protocol A or B, if you happen to know?)13:55
sucoplusuovobw: so if I try to install normal kernel, all will blow?13:55
ActionParsnipsucoplus: its a VPS, so probably will have some weird ass setup13:55
uovobwsucoplus: not sure, wouldn't risk it13:55
ActionParsnipsucoplus: is the kernel doing what you need?13:55
sucoplusuovobw: nope, it's a production machine, better not to try13:55
sucoplusActionParsnip: yeah, but I have some other replicas13:56
ActionParsnipsucoplus: then why do you need the 'normal kernel' if the current kernel is ok?13:56
sucoplusActionParsnip: and would like to have the same setup in all13:56
AtuMHi. A strange issue is upon my server.. with the latest kernel the mouse cursor becomes invisible.. the mouse works just no cursor. I use wdm and fvwm13:56
ActionParsnipsucoplus: as long as it provides what you need, it will be fine :)13:56
bathmanuovobw : it's a com4 serial device: /dev/ttyS413:56
Tkinghttps://www.dropbox.com/s/c1i0tmer27u1j4f/one.png please how do i stop dash from showing the following online search results in "More sugessions"13:57
UbubeginJust intalled ubuntu 12.04.. But cant find synaptic manager in my pc... Only finding ubuntu software centre13:57
sucoplusActionParsnip: of course, I'll let it to be happy, thanks for info13:57
AtuMif I boot 3.5.x kernel, then the cursor is seen just fine.. something must have become corrupt upgrading from 12.1013:57
sucoplusuovobw: thanks also for help ;)13:58
uovobwbathman: hmmm, never used a serial touch device, not even sure there is support for that13:58
uovobwsucoplus: no problem!13:58
Tkingtrying to turn off online search from dash doesnt work - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi5yk6s26qcldad/three.png13:58
UbubeginIs synaptic manager phased out in 12.0413:58
MacroManI can't seem to edit /etc/network/interfaces as it's read only, nor can I change it's permissions, even as root. How can I edit this file?13:59
uovobwbathman: it's not usb, what protocol does it speak?13:59
jribMacroMan: are the only admin of this machine?  What is the output of "lsattr /etc/network/interfaces"?13:59
jribare you*14:00
UbubeginJust intalled ubuntu 12.04.. But cant find synaptic manager in my pc... Only finding ubuntu software centre14:00
ActionParsnip!info synaptic precise14:00
jribUbubegin: it's not installed by default I believe14:00
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.75.9ubuntu1 (precise), package size 2348 kB, installed size 7597 kB14:00
MacroManjrib, Yes, I'm the only admin. lsarrt: command not found14:00
jribMacroMan: you mistyped the command14:00
ActionParsnipUbubegin: its in the universe repo, you can instal it if you want14:00
ActionParsnipUbubegin: why not use software centre?14:00
MacroManjrib, ----i--------e- /etc/network/interfaces14:01
=== jack is now known as Guest48392
jribMacroMan: that file has the "immutable" attribute.  You don't remember doing that/14:01
UbubeginActionParsnip: I am software developer.. Need to install various softwares along the way14:01
MacroManNo, I didn't install the server14:01
MacroManjrib, It's a dedicated server that was installed by the data centre.14:02
jribMacroMan: you should speak with the person who did about why they did that.  But anyway, now you know what you can do14:02
jribMacroMan: (chattr lets you change attributes)14:02
MacroManjrib, Just googled it thanks14:02
bathmanuovobw : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5754946/ <- this is a translated guide from the supplier of the hardware - for linux touch - but support for it seems to have been dropped14:03
Tkingtrying to turn off online search from dash doesnt work - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi5yk6s26qcldad/three.png14:03
uovobwbathman: also it refers to the old XF86, not even xorg...i fear there are no modern drivers for that piece of hardware14:04
bathmanuovobw : would be a bummer :)14:05
uovobwbathman: fear it is :( i only see mentions to the old suse, from 11 years ago... if nobody ported the driver to xorg i fear you are out of luck14:06
bathmank ty uovobw :) for the "update" ;)14:07
uovobwbathman: you're welcome, good luck!14:07
uovobwbye *14:09
Tkingtrying to turn off online search from dash doesnt work - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi5yk6s26qcldad/three.png14:10
Tkingplease can someone help me out here? I turned off online search from privacy to stop More suggestions in options in dask still it doesnt work... any solution please14:13
ActionParsnipTking: do you mean the amazon stuff?14:13
TkingActionParsnip, yes exactly... i have uninstalled amazon though14:14
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ14:14
ActionParsnipTking: that ^ ?14:15
TkingActionParsnip, i have done that14:15
TkingActionParsnip,  -  i did this sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping and https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi5yk6s26qcldad/three.png still shows up14:17
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
TkingActionParsnip, what do u think?14:24
=== vashist is now known as Vashibuntu
geniiThere's lots of other online results besides shopping stuff.14:24
ActionParsnipTking: did you log off and on?14:25
Tkingjust did14:25
Vashibuntuanybody knows how to recover deleted data in ubuntu? i accidentally deleted one of my important directory..:'(14:25
ActionParsnipTking: still around?14:25
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: use your backups14:26
Tkingor is it a host problem14:26
suigenerishi. I'm reinstalling the OS, opted to partition by LVM, it copied files and now it's just giving me the spinning wheel for the past 10 minutes. what should I do?14:26
suigenerisplease help me out14:27
Vashibuntusuigeneris: wait for a while14:27
TkingActionParsnip, because when i do a sudo apt-get install update   -     i get this    -     unable to resolve host To-PC14:27
VashibuntuActionParsnip: where are the saved?14:27
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: you make them yourself, using a removable storage14:27
VashibuntuActionParsnip: i haven't made any14:27
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: you have a backup...right?14:27
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: can't be very important then14:28
VashibuntuActionParsnip: go fry14:28
suigenerisI've been waiting for 10 minutes14:28
VashibuntuActionParsnip: if I am telling you they are important they are.14:28
jrib!undelete | Vashibuntu14:29
ubottuVashibuntu: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel14:29
Vashibuntusuigeneris: reinstall..:-|14:29
jribVashibuntu: but yes, if you don't have backups then it's not important imo14:29
Vashibuntulove you ubottu..:-*14:29
suigenerisI *am* reinstalling14:30
Vashibuntujrib: ACCIDENTAL..14:30
jribVashibuntu: I stand by what I said ;)  Just remember this feeling and make backups in the future14:30
laserssuigeneris: How big is the drive?14:31
hotmedalI tried to install 13.10 alongside my windows 8, with uefi enabled, but now I can't boot from the HDD it says "No operating system fount ctrl+alt+del to restart". How do I fix the BootMGR from just the ubuntu liveUSB?14:31
TkingPlease how do i solve this? I am trying to do sudo gedit /etc/host and its saying this  - (gedit:4966): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of /home/trojan/.config/ibus/bus is not root!14:32
Pici!gksudo | Tking14:32
ubottuTking: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)14:32
laserssuigeneris: If you're using 2TB, it will take day(s) -- so it is handy to have /smaller/ hard drive for OS.14:32
=== jack is now known as Guest90015
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: your drive IDE fails and the drive is not able to spin up...where is your data?14:33
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: no backup = data is disposable14:33
suigenerislasers, 320gb. shouldn't there be an indicator if it's the drive size?14:33
myusuf3so I need to map an internal port to an externall accessable port14:34
myusuf3how do I accomplish ths14:34
hotmedalI tried to install 13.10 alongside my windows 8, with uefi enabled, but now I can't boot from the HDD it says "No operating system fount ctrl+alt+del to restart". How do I fix the BootMGR from just the ubuntu liveUSB?14:34
TkingPici that doesn't return anything gedit pops up but blank14:34
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: you will need another drive of equal size and a live ubuntu CD, you can run foremost but it will spit ever file it finds (deleted or still standing) to the destination drive14:34
laserssuigeneris: 320GB is not bad. 10 minutes is too early to tell. Just wait half hour or so. No pointing in rushing if you have been doing everything properly since the beginning.14:34
PiciTking: perhaps because /etc/host does not exist. do you mean /etc/hosts ?14:35
suigenerissorry I'm slow. I am on a phone14:35
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: if the data area where the files were has been overwritten in the meantime it is GONE14:35
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: once foremost finishes processing the entire drive, you can can then review the found files14:35
suigenerislasers, okay I'll wait14:35
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: you will lose file location and file name but the files may be recovered, some may also be damaged14:35
laserssuigeneris: Is it stuck at 33% or so? Normal. :)14:36
ubuntu11hey any one can help me? i want to listen all tcp/udp on my vps..14:36
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: If you had a backup this would be a lot faster and the data would be garunteed14:36
ubuntu11in other words i want to open all tcp/udp port..please help me..14:36
ActionParsnipVashibuntu: the fact that this "important" data is not backed up is pretty poor on your part, but hey, people love learning the value of backup the hardest way posible14:36
arne__I'm about to recover a 20 year old Amiga HDD soon... good idea to pull a disk image immidiately?14:36
=== sergio is now known as Guest58730
tgm4883ubuntu11, you want what to listen on all ports?14:37
acerimmerarne__, absolutely!  clone it then disconnect it and don't touch!14:37
suigenerislasers, can't tell the percentage. no progress bars14:37
geniiarne__: Yank the drive and use dd or ddrescue to make an image of it to a file in case things go horribly wrong.14:37
ubuntu11<tgm4883> i want to open 1-65535 tcp/udp on my server14:37
ActionParsniparne__: couldn't hurt, arn't they like 700Mb ?14:38
ubuntu11so when i scan my server from remote location port must be open..14:38
laserssuigeneris: Oh. I was thinking about text-based installer, not graphical. Sorry.14:38
tgm4883ubuntu11, so do 'sudo ufw disable'14:38
arne__thanks genii. Does the dis tool in ubuntu do the same thing as the tterminal command when imaging?14:38
ubuntu11<tgm4883> yes i diable firewall..did evrything..but still few tcp ports are open..14:39
geniiarne__: Yes, it doesn't care about what's on the drive, it just makes a bit-for-bit image of the contents14:39
arne__Because I saw I can create a disk image from the GUI disk tool. ddrescue is a bit more advanced since it copies even with drive errors?14:39
tgm4883ubuntu11, yes, because you don't understand how networking works.... you need something to listen on those ports. It would probably just be better if you told us exactly what you are trying to do14:40
suigenerislasers, is there a text-based installer? I didn't know14:40
L30Hello anyone here?14:40
acerimmerL30, yes14:40
arne__ActionParsnip, It's an 60 or 80MB Conner 44pin IDE14:40
ActionParsniparne__: even better :)14:40
geniiarne__: Yes, ddrescue will basically keep on going instead of erroring out when it hits a section with read errors14:40
ubuntu11<tgm4883> i know if a service running then particular port will be open.. now i want to open all ports so if from remote location i send traffic on it ,it should pass14:41
samgabbayGreetings people from the world14:41
laserssuigeneris:  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads14:41
arne__I bought a similar drive on amazon just to test it with my USB adapter. It shows up in linux and the disk tool can create an image of it. Not sure if I should do a ddrescue instead though...14:41
ubuntu11<tgm4883> so for all the port i cant run particular services14:42
shoaibi need a help about installing ubuntu 13.04 in windows xp pro14:42
tgm4883ubuntu11, but what is it going to pass on? There isn't something listening on every port14:42
genii!wubi | shoaib14:42
ubottushoaib: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug14:42
ActionParsnipshoaib: you do realise XP is dead in about 250 days....14:42
ubuntu11<tgm4883> i am doing some testing..something uniq..14:42
tgm4883ubuntu11, doubt it14:42
acerimmershoaib, and wubi should also be considered dead14:43
geniishoaib: The link from the bot also has instructions for later than 12.0414:43
shoaibhow then i can install14:43
ActionParsnipshoaib: if you resize the NTFS in the Ubuntu liveCD, you can install to the freed space. Personally I'd just wipe the whole thing and install Ubuntu as the sole OS14:43
ubuntu11come in seprate chat so i can explain14:43
shoaibi am getting prefix not set14:43
shoaibwhen i reboot14:43
ActionParsnipshoaib: did you run trough the installer?14:43
shoaibi did run the installer14:44
shoaibin xp14:44
ubuntu11<tgm4883> give me ping on seprate chat14:44
ActionParsnipshoaib: is the NTFS healthy? when did you last run a chkdsk?14:44
arne__thanks for the help genii  , ActionParsnip , I guess I'll prepare an approriate terminal command... I think it will show up as dev/sdb on this machine14:44
shoaibwhen i double clicked the ubuntu14:44
ActionParsnipshoaib: why not resize NTFS and do a proper install....14:45
shoaibthen it said demo or installation  the it asked to reboot so i rebooted and then it asked ubuntu or xp so i selected ubuntu then i got (hd,014:45
shoaibprefix not set14:46
ActionParsnipshoaib: XP is dead in 293 days 9 hours and 12 mins :)14:46
shoaibso how can i get help14:46
shoaibplz help i am new to this ubuntu thing i really want it14:47
ActionParsnipshoaib: I would go to add/remove programs and remove the Wubi install then boot to the Ubuntu install CD and resize your NTFS, then install to that space14:47
ubottushoaib,: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:47
shoaibhow can i install completely without partitions14:48
suigenerisit's still waiting14:48
hotmedalI tried to install 13.10 alongside my windows 8, with uefi enabled, but now I can't boot from the HDD it says "No operating system fount ctrl+alt+del to restart". How do I fix the BootMGR from just the ubuntu liveUSB?14:48
BluesKajdid anyone ask shoaib if he wants to keep windows ?14:48
shoaibi dont want windows14:48
shoaibi want one os that is ubuntu14:49
arne__Do you want to keep the windows files though?14:49
acerimmershoaib, well that makes it easy!  boot your ubuntu cdrom/usb, format your hdd and install ubuntu!  Note: on an older machine, you might wish to try xubuntu or lubuntu instead14:49
ActionParsnipshoaib: if you only want Ubuntu then boot to the CD and tell the installer to use all the available space, it will destroy your Windows install (so be sure your backups are good) and then install14:50
shoaibi made a cd for 12.04 lts i then pressed f12 then i selected cd rom then it said boot from cd then after 5 min it went back to xp14:50
arne__When my win XP installation died, I made a unetbootin something live USB stick and booted into Ubuntu, then rescued the windows files from there14:51
ActionParsnipshoaib: did you burn the CD as an image, or did you extract the file and burn those?14:51
shoaibno as a image14:51
shoaibi burned as a image14:52
shoaibwith iso burner14:52
ActionParsnipshoaib: so if you open the CD in Windows you see the Ubuntu file, or do you see just one file??14:52
shoaib1 file14:52
ActionParsnipshoaib: that's why then14:53
shoaibjust iso file14:53
ActionParsnipshoaib: you didn't burn right. I suggest you install imgburn14:53
shoaibi burned it to my cd14:53
ActionParsnipshoaib: then open the ISO with imgburn and it will extract the files and put them on the CD for you14:53
shoaibcani do anything without burning any cd14:54
arne__If you have a spare usb stick you can try unetbootin if all else fails14:54
shoaibwhat is the unetbootin thing i have a spare usb stick14:55
shoaibhow to do14:55
arne__unetbootin is a program which downloads a linux variant of your choice and puts it onto an usb stick which you can boot from14:55
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ActionParsnipshoaib: if your system can boot USB, you can use unetbootin to make a bootable USB stick14:56
arne__basically you run unetbootin, with a 4+gig stick ready, and you get a little windows dialog box where you can select distro whatever in a dropdown list.14:57
shoaibit has some option in my bios liek usb-hdd and many14:57
shoaibi have 2gb can i do it14:57
ActionParsnipshoaib: download the app, plug the USB stick in and point unetbootin to your ISO you downloaded14:57
ActionParsnipshoaib: the ISO is 700Mb, so yes14:57
arne__and if you choose Ubuntu Live 12.10 or so, you can also add some space for persistent storage of files, like 2 gigs14:57
ActionParsnipshoaib: lots and lots of Youtube vids on this you know14:57
BluesKajdoubt a system that's been running XP has USB boot capability14:57
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: depends on BIOS14:58
BluesKajwell , yeah ActionParsnip , but USB boot hasn't been around very long14:58
arne__the messy thing is setting up the usb boot order thing in BIOS, yeah. Could not do it on my old Dell without hardware tampering14:59
shoaibin unetbootin there is a option called hard disk how can i do it with that14:59
arne__But it was easy on my HP laptop, 4 years old14:59
BluesKajor plop15:00
arne__If you already have downloaded an iso, you can make unetbooting use that15:00
ActionParsnipshoaib: go watch some youtube vids, they will guide you well15:01
arne__yeah, it's easier once you see it15:01
shoaibi have downloaded15:01
shoaibthen what15:01
arne__Do you want to keep any files from windows, shoaib?15:02
shoaibno i dont want15:02
ActionParsnipshoaib: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvsDHM68jM815:02
jdolesI think wine needs 32 bits mesa libraries, but... where are they?15:03
ActionParsnipjdoles: if you use apt-get it should manage the multiarch for you15:03
jdolesOr a more broader question: which .so file do I need for wine to work with the radeon driver?15:04
jdoles(I use a Radeon HD5700)15:04
jdoleswine has an environment variable determining where it looks for gl drivers.15:05
ActionParsnipjdoles: wine will work with the opn source driver, do you mean games with 3D accelleration15:05
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest53391
jdolesAll I need to know is the file to use.15:05
shoaibcani use daemon tools to install ubuntu 13.0415:05
jdolesActionParsnip: the open-source 3D driver + wine do work together.15:06
ActionParsnipshoaib: no, you will need a bootable device as windows will not be around. Think about it]15:06
jdolesActionParsnip: I have seen it working and I would like it to work again.15:06
ActionParsnipjdoles: then udev will load the open source driver for you, you don't have to worry about a '.so file'15:06
as2000Anyone using PenPod?15:06
ActionParsnip!anyone | as200015:07
ubottuas2000: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:07
jdolesActionParsnip: details: http://paste.kde.org/770138/15:07
ActionParsnipjdoles: what are you trying to run?15:08
jdolesActionParsnip: a 3D game which you likely don15:08
jdolesActionParsnip: 't run.15:08
ActionParsnipjdoles: maybe but I can search the wine appdb for it, can't I15:09
jdolesActionParsnip: that would be the wrong solution path.15:09
jdolesActionParsnip: considering that it has already worked before.15:09
ActionParsnipjdoles: if the game is known to NOT work, it will moot any efforts15:09
jdolesActionParsnip: with the open-source driver.15:09
adamkjdoles: You need the 32-bit version of the libgl1-mesa-dri package.15:09
jdolesActionParsnip: the game is known to work on this machine, with this hardware and this kernel.15:09
jdolesadamk: yes, I said that already.15:09
adamkjdoles: So install it...15:10
jdolesadamk: the question is where to get those.15:10
ActionParsnipjdoles: could try in #winehq too15:10
ActionParsnip!find libgl1-mesa-dri15:10
suigenerisgorgeous. it is stuc15:10
jdolesActionParsnip: this is a system problem.15:10
ubottuFound: libgl1-mesa-dev, libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg, libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental, libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental-dbg15:10
jdolesadamk: no 32 bits library to be seen there.15:10
suigeneriswhy the heck  isn't there a progress bar so that I can understand if it's stuck or not15:11
suigenerisit won't continue. just the spinning wheel15:11
SonikkuAmericajdoles: No package libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 ?15:11
adamkjdoles: The package certainly exists...  apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i38615:11
p1l0tSo why is it my smbtree works but the network icon in the GUI comes up empty?15:12
jdolesSonikkuAmerica: installed it now.15:12
jdolesp1l0t: GUI tools generally are worse.15:13
jdolesp1l0t: perhaps you need to specify the domain somewhere.15:13
samgabbayHi Guys Samgabbay here from the QATeam To Help :P15:14
ActionParsnipp1l0t: if you press ALT+F2 and type:  \\servername\sharename   do you see the files?15:15
suigenerisI have https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11918318/Video%2011.06.2013%2018%2012%2037.mov for the past 20 minutes\15:16
bkfitzAnyone know how to stop vncserver on 10.1015:16
samgabbaybkfitz: what do you mean you have a ubuntu desktop sharingÉ15:16
bkfitzDidn't even know it was installed and now I'd like to stop it because it looks like Apache is listening on 80 AND 590015:16
bkfitzprevious sysadmin may have installed it15:16
ActionParsnipbkfitz: maverick is not supported here anymore15:16
bkfitz10.10 server hoseted15:16
samgabbaysuigeneris: try redownloadinng the iso15:17
ActionParsnipbkfitz: or anywhere at all15:17
bkfitzsorry 10.0415:17
bkfitznot 10.1015:17
suigenerissamgabbay: could it be a iso fault?15:17
samgabbaysuigeneris: then remake a usb15:17
samgabbaysuigeneris: possible15:17
ActionParsnipbkfitz: what is the output of: uname -a; cat /etc/issue15:18
jsonperlrsyslogd: any reason I would be spiking processors writing heavily to the syslog from mulitple processes?15:18
p1l0tActionParsnip: Yup :)15:18
bkfitz:) it's 10.0415:18
bkfitzLinux rcgeo #1 SMP Tue Jun 21 10:29:24 EDT 2011 i686 GNU/Linux15:18
bkfitzUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS \n \l15:18
ActionParsnipp1l0t: then add it to your bookmanrks for easy access, done :)15:18
laserssuigeneris: Yup. It's frozen. (See lack of blinking cursor). If you have ISO, run md5sum on it.15:19
lasers!hash | suigeneris15:19
p1l0tActionParsnip: Actually now they are there..15:19
lasers!hashes | suigeneris15:19
ubottusuigeneris: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases15:19
samgabbay!penis samgabbay15:19
samgabbayLOL ubottu15:19
samgabbaySorry, I don't know anything about penis samgabbay15:19
jdolesadamk: that works, but now it crawls.15:20
BluesKajodd sense of humour15:20
suigenerislasers: if you mean a blinking cursor next to the location, I have it15:21
p1l0tActionParsnip: Everything works except my ubuntu server says can't retrieve share list or something. Rest of the network is visible though.15:21
samgabbayBluesKaj: heyyy15:21
ActionParsnipp1l0t: will the samba share always be available?15:21
laserssuigeneris: Tab works? Can you move around with tabs?15:21
suigenerislasers: yes15:21
suigenerislasers: I'm on it now15:21
laserssuigeneris: No mouse? You can't press Continue?15:22
samgabbaylasers: he cant it shows it on the video he binded15:22
suigenerislasers: continue is disabled15:22
p1l0tActionParsnip: I can get the share list from smbtree15:22
samgabbaysuigeneris: try clicking another city15:22
samgabbaysuigeneris: like anywere on the map15:22
suigenerissamgabbay: tried that15:22
laserssuigeneris: Try typing something else. Istanbul isn't enough, I think.15:22
samgabbaysuigeneris: did you try rebooting15:23
laserssuigeneris: Type Chica<tab>15:23
suigenerissamgabbay: a few times, yeah15:23
samgabbaysuigeneris: try what laser said and check if it succeds15:23
suigenerisit doesn't :S15:23
laserssuigeneris: You have bad luck today. :|15:24
bkfitzActionParsnip: so any advice?15:24
samgabbaysuigeneris: redownload the iso15:24
samgabbaysuigeneris: and remake a usb15:24
bkfitzDidn't even know it was installed and now I'd like to stop it because it looks like Apache is listening on 80 AND 590015:24
samgabbaysuigeneris: what os do you have currently15:24
suigenerislasers: yeah, first nvidia, now this15:24
suigenerissamgabbay: ubuntu15:24
samgabbaysuigeneris: any other os15:25
suigenerissamgabbay: no15:25
samgabbaysuigeneris: alright so ur saying you dont have any other oses installed and is this an upgrade15:25
samgabbaylasers: il handle this :P15:25
laserssuigeneris: Run md5sum (at least!) See if the numbers match up then your ISO is good.15:26
laserssamgabbay: Oops!15:26
samgabbaylasers: huh????15:26
samgabbaylasers: 0.o15:27
samgabbaysuigeneris: are you trying to upgrade a current ubuntu installation or the harddrive simply does not have an os on it yet15:28
EDocToorUbuntu Servers Boot up question: When the server boots up a page of information flys by and one is a notice that my FQDN isn't set and using ; Is there a way to tell my Ubuntu Server that my FQDN is edoc.icyourrc.com15:28
EDocToorI tried yelling at it... trust me that don't work15:29
=== k1l_ is now known as k1l
SonikkuAmericaEDocToor: Perhaps soft coaxing will. :) Have you asked in #ubuntu-server ?15:32
e_t_EDocToor: You'll need to edit /etc/hosts and set your server's primary IP to the hostname.15:33
EDocToorSonikkuAmerica, YOU ARE SO AWESOME... THANKS15:34
SonikkuAmericaEDocToor: yw :)15:34
* SonikkuAmerica thinks about !u 'ing himself.15:35
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EDocToore_t_, YOUR AWESOME TOO... THANK YOU have a great day everyone and thanks.. I can not tell you how much the FQDN has confused me... it is just one of those things... I guess; did I say thanks... ;-)15:37
arne__Hmm... looks like there are multiple versions of ddrescue15:37
NishokHello everyone, I am having issues starting my MySQL server after I have restarted my VDS, here is a screenshot of the SSH: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1730.png Does anyone have any idea? I am running Ubuntu 12-04.15:37
SiPlusI have a problem15:37
SiPlusI tried to install Ubuntu today15:37
samgabbaywe should have a diffferent channel for ubuntu serve15:37
SiPlusI burned the ISO to a DVD and a USB flash drive15:38
SiPlusBut when I launch the live DVD, I get the GRUB 2 menu15:38
SiPlusWhatever I select in it, I get empty black screen forever15:38
SiPlusI can't try the OS, I can't install it, I can't check the disc15:38
SiPlusIf I switch to BIOS mode, I get simply flashing underscore15:38
arne__And with the USB?15:39
SiPlusI tried to prepend "nomodeset" to "quiet splash"15:39
SiPlusI tried to replace "quiet splash" with it15:39
SiPlusNothing helped15:39
SiPlusAlso there is no F6 menu15:39
SiPlusThere is GRUB 2 menu, not the centered purple menu with Ubuntu logo15:39
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e_t_Nishok: You will want to look at the mysql error log. The Upstart messages in your picture won't tell you anything.15:40
SonikkuAmericaSiPlus: Is there a boot menu in your computer's POST messages or OEM splash?15:40
SiPlusSonikkuAmerica, I tried to enable and disable it15:40
SonikkuAmericasamgabbay: There is - #ubuntu-server15:40
SiPlusI tried both Secure Boot on and off15:40
Nishoke_t_: The /var/log/mysql.err is empty, same with /var/log/mysql.log15:41
SiPlusI can select the boot drive (by pressing F9 during the logo/POST, I have an HP computer), and I can see the GRUB menu15:41
SiPlusBut I can't get past it15:41
tacomasterWith out trying to cause a application war does anyone know a better app for connecting to exchange server than davmail. I have tried the evolution mapi pack and have had nothing but problems with it.15:41
SiPlusI can open a console-like thing with C button15:42
SonikkuAmericaSiPlus: What program did you use to send the ISO to your live media?15:42
SiPlusSonikkuAmerica, for DVD, Windows 8 Explorer, for USB, UNetBootin15:42
e_t_Nishok: What about /var/log/mysql/error.log ?15:42
BluesKajSiPlus, how did you manage to install grub on the dvd ?15:43
SiPlusBluesKaj, I just burned the 13.04 AMD64 ISO15:43
SiPlusSame thing for 12.0415:43
Nishoke_t_: cat: /var/log/mysql/error.log: No such file or directory15:43
arne__I had problems installing 12.04, had to use 12.10 instead, on this HP laptop15:44
samgabbayBluesKaj: hey15:44
BluesKajhi samgabbay15:44
e_t_Nishok: are you root? The directory's not traversable by regular users.15:44
samgabbayBluesKaj: how are ya :P15:44
SiPlusMaybe I'll make a photo of the selector15:44
* SiPlus is switching to AndChat15:44
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Nishoke_t_: I am root, indeed15:44
jdolesSo, nobody an idea why I get extremely slow 3d wine performance? All other 3d is fast.15:44
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
BluesKajsamgabbay, fine thanks15:45
tacomasterjdoles: because its probably using directx15:45
tacomasterjdoles: what card do you have?15:46
SiPlusWait a minute15:47
adamkjdoles: Run the wine app from a terminal, and set the LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose environmental variable.15:47
SiPlusHere's the menu: http://imgur.com/ptqvd2f.jpg15:49
e_t_Nishok: touch /var/log/mysql/error.log, then chmod it 640 and chown it mysql:adm. After the file exists, try to restart mysql again.15:50
SiPlusI press "try", I get black screen15:50
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SiPlusTried to make flash drive the first boot device15:52
SiPlusThe same thing, just with lower screen resolution15:52
SiPlusAlt+F1-Alt+F4 don't work15:52
Nishoke_t_ Still gives "start: Job failed to start" when trying to start the mysql15:53
=== wessly is now known as Guest79841
e_t_Nishok: Of course, but since the mysql error log exists, it should now have something in it.15:53
Nishoke_t_ nope, doesn't look like it: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1754.png15:54
arne__Hmm, I have a 40gig HDD unformatted... I need to create a single tiny affs partition on it... where's this done best?15:59
arne__(amiga fast file system)15:59
ZappierchrisHi, I was here yesterday trying to get help because my desktop PC has both Ubuntu and Windows XP on, but the UBUNTU option isn't working, and I can't change it to windows16:00
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daftykinsZappierchris: what do you mean 'change' it to windows?16:02
Zappierchrisdaftykins: I mean boot into windows, sorry16:02
daftykinsZappierchris: hmm, that could be pretty painful to diagnose. your best bet might be to boot a LiveCD and backup any data you need from both Windows + Ubuntu first - if you have the means to do that? (like a second hard disk / external one)16:03
Zappierchrisdaftykins: I can't select any other boot option though, as the problem here is that the PC doesn't seem to load anything usb16:03
daftykinsZappierchris: CDs aren't an option?16:03
Zappierchrisdaftykins: I have a few blank ones16:04
daftykinsZappierchris: it depends what level of risk you're happy to take then, i'd write a LiveCD and use that to backup all data - if you're not too fussed, you could try: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:04
geniiarne__: Ubuntu doesn't seem to have affs support ( mkfs.affs doesn't exist when searched for on packages.ubuntu.com for instance ). You may need to do it by physically plugging it into the Amiga and formatting it there16:05
* genii jabs at LjL 16:05
Zappierchrisdaftykins: Okay, I've got no important data on it16:05
arne__genii>  really? But the internet said Ubuntu Supported Amiga HardDrives... there are several formats though16:05
Zappierchrisdaftykins: How would I get into boot repair, if I can't control the boot selection, and my Ubuntu isn't working16:06
geniiarne__: I'm trying to get the resident Amiga expert to perhaps assist further (LjL)16:06
arne__genii > e uae can format it though. (Amiga emulator)16:06
daftykinsZappierchris: because you'd also write a CD of that? :)16:06
arne__genii> E UAE can be given physical access to drives, afaik16:07
Zappierchrisdaftykins: Well, just another quick question, Could I boot into windows from Grub16:07
Zappierchrisdaftykins: I think thats whats showing16:07
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thunder1212my mobile broadband doesnt auto connect. am using ubuntu 120416:08
thunder1212what should i do?16:08
daftykinsZappierchris: i'm assuming you've held down left shift on startup to get a boot menu, or maybe you get one already and the cursor keys aren't working to change menu option?16:08
ActionParsnipgenii: http://wiki.netbsd.org/tutorials/how_to_mount_ffs_partition_under_linux/16:08
thunder1212earlieer when i used to use ubuntu and insertd my usb dongle it woul auto connect to internet and i did not have to dial everytime16:09
thunder1212but now this does not happen?16:09
wicopehi. i,m looking: GUI tests (in java fest), unit testing(in java junit), coverage tests for bash(in java emma), unimplemented code(in java mockito) but i need it for bash, any help appreciated, thanks16:09
thunder1212i go to the network manager and in the edit connection settigns i have assigned auto connect but still nothing happes16:09
Zappierchrisdaftykins: As ubuntu is set as the default, the pc boots into it, but I get the GNU grub menu instead of Ubuntu ( but I can type on this unlike the boot selection screen16:10
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:11
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* ActionParsnip rides the wave 16:12
johnjohn1011it's annoying16:12
daftykinsZappierchris: i'm really not sure what you're seeing. holding shift at boot should give a menu you can pick Windows from16:12
SunSparcIs there an AWS/Ubuntu specific IRC channel?16:13
sergey_How are you today?16:13
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Zappierchrisdaftykins: well, I can't, as i'm in some kind of command line thing, at the top of the screen it says "GNU GRUB version 1.99"16:14
thunder1212auto connect mobile broadband16:14
thunder1212anyone has any idea how i can resolve auto connect to my mobile broadband16:15
ActionParsnipthunder1212: add the command to connect it to your startup items16:15
pbaseZappierchris: login to ubuntu a\nd do and update-grub as the root16:15
Fuzzlesif im using a usb use to back up my data safe whats the best format to use keep as fat32?16:15
Zappierchrispbase: Just to clarify, I can't get into ubuntu, its set as the default, but when the pc boots into it, I see the GNU grub screen16:16
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thunder1212ActionParsnip: its not related with startups, when i plugin the usb dongle it shoul auto connect16:16
ActionParsnipthunder1212: ahh, they you will need a udev rulle16:16
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thunder1212ActionParsnip: but earlier it used to connect automatically16:17
ActionParsnipthunder1212: http://supportlife.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/ubuntu-how-to-automatically-launch-scriptssoftware-upon-inserting-usb-devices/    or report a bug16:19
ActionParsnipthunder1212: http://superuser.com/questions/305723/using-udev-rules-to-run-a-script-on-usb-insertion16:19
Zappierchrispbase: Don't worry, I've fixed it and booted into windows sucsessfuly16:19
thunder1212ActionParsnip: thnx!16:19
ActionParsnipthunder1212: http://askubuntu.com/questions/121304/start-script-when-connecting-phone-through-usb16:19
Zappierchrisdaftykins: Don't worry, I've fixed it and booted into windows successfully, sorry for wasting your time16:20
ActionParsnipthunder1212: easy stuff. All I did was search the web16:20
daftykinsZappierchris: what did you do to get that?16:20
ActionParsnipthunder1212: searched for: ubuntu run command on usb insert16:20
Zappierchrisdaftykins: I rebooted so I could get to the OS selection screen, but the problem before was the PC wasn't letting me use a usb or a PS2 keyboard, but it just worked16:20
thunder1212ActionParsnip: ok:)16:21
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Pablo01can u suggest me a cool theme for my ubuntu 13.04 x64 tnx16:31
treetreetr33Ubuntu 13.0416:31
bgardnerNishok: Try this: sudo mysqld --user=mysql --verbose --log-error=/dev/stdout16:32
cyclist_2I found a memory leak via the following processes: gnome-power-manager and polkitd; the former I can kill and restart in the background, but the latter is created by the root user and I prefer not to mess with it [so a restart becomes necessary]; anyone knows some way to fix that?16:34
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FelishiaTypeError: invalid file: <_io.TextIOWrapper name='/media/Kali Live/quimica/nuevo.mml' mode='w' encoding='UTF-816:43
Felishiacommands not working16:43
SiPlusMint gives the same black screen16:45
serequestion: im using 13.04 and rhythmbox 2.98.. trying to get the album to show in the bottom  left pane.. it shows at the top without the slider and is dropping artwork in the cache but not show up at the bottom left.. i would like to do this without any third party plugins.. i thought it worked by default.. most my albums art are in the folder to so it doesnt even need to connect to web if possible16:48
walltenderSome one please help on this, I wasn't able to either sleep/shutdown/restart. http://askubuntu.com/questions/306920/networking-prevents-system-to-shutdown16:50
Cantideoh, you just reminded me of something16:50
Cantidehow do i remove the "Suspend" option from the list?16:50
Cantidesometimes i click on it instead of Shutdown -.-16:51
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Kionhow do I get rid of the Login as guest?16:55
strka stupid application asked me if I wanted to enable "desktop effects" -- I said yes and now I'm stuck with them, how to disable ? I'm using gnome classic but can't find a setting of rhtat16:56
llutzKion: "sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults -l false && sudo restart lightdm "   or set "allow-guest=false "in " /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf"16:57
strkthe effects I'm after are like..showing a magnified icon of an application launcher when I click on that launcher16:57
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strkI uninstalled compiz16:58
Kionllutz: Thanks16:58
gothpawif I am watching a stream in my browser on my TV via HDMI how can I keep the stream "FULL Screen" while I do stuff on the other workspaces? Every time I click on anything on a workspace that is NOT the TV the stream minimizes by itself16:58
garrettkajmowiczGreetings! I updated my server from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS this weekend. Now the default kernel drops me to busybox on boot. Booting an old kernel still works. Root device is a RAID1 md device. From busybox shell it mounts without a problem. Any suggestions?17:03
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skuftyay for getting the run around'17:06
skufty u hate my games Ubuntu17:06
Cantideperhaps it is your games that hate Ubuntu :p17:08
skuftCantide, eh not so much17:10
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daryl_hello :D17:16
daryl_is there anyone here?17:16
MultiplyIs there a way to get a specific users envrionment variables, instead of the current user?17:16
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skuftMultiply, for what17:17
MultiplyIt's kind of a node specific problem, where I spawn a process, with a specific uid, gid, and cwd, it takes the envrionment variables from the parent process, instead of the user, so stuff like $HOME and so on, are bad.17:18
roastedI'm trying to get my touchpad to work without enraging me. I enabled "disable while typing" but it's obvious this feature does absolutely nothing whatsoever. I also enabled it via synclient in the terminal, but it also did nothing. Is there a way with synclient to say the touchpad is disabled for 1 second when keys are struck?17:19
Multiplyskuft, so I thought of loading the variables in the start of the script, and pass them on, later when spawning processes.17:19
skuftMultiply, sounds like a good plan.17:19
MultiplyYet, how do I do it?17:19
tgm4883Multiply, I believe you could just "export HOME=<path here>"17:20
Multiplytgm4883, but I'd like to have _all_ user variables, for the given uid17:21
MultiplyAlso, if root has special variables, the processes will be able to see these.17:21
MultiplyNot that I think it's a great security issue, it's still there.17:21
tgm4883Multiply, I guess I don't understand17:22
tgm4883Multiply, you are running the script as a different user, and the variables such as HOME are wrong?17:22
tgm4883Multiply, why are they wrong?17:22
Multiplytgm4883, process A (run from root) starts process B (run from other user and group), but has the variables of root.17:23
MultiplyIt's a huge problem.17:23
tgm4883Multiply, sounds like process A should switch users before running process B17:23
tgm4883Multiply, but we're talking really generic stuff here17:23
Multiplytgm4883, reason it's run from root, is because it needs to listen on port 80 :P17:24
MultiplyElse I'd just run it as the actual user.17:24
tgm4883Multiply, uh, a user process can listen on port 8017:24
Multiplytgm4883, then I still need to fix the issue for mac users.17:25
MultiplyActually, I might just skip mac support for now anyway.17:25
MultiplyIt's still an issue, if I want different user support tho.17:26
sharadMhey all. anybody here using bigbluebutton on ubuntu?.17:26
MultiplyIf not all projects are run from the same user.17:26
tgm4883Multiply, I'm not 100% sure what you are trying to do, but I'm fairly certain that you are doing it wrong17:26
tgm4883Multiply, so the Process A runs as root, and that spawns off other processes that need to be run as specific users?17:27
Multiplytgm4883, yes.17:27
MultiplyAnd if the other processes executes, say "whoami" it shows the correct user. Yet $HOME is /root17:28
tgm4883Multiply, so why can't process A just start process B as the specific user?17:28
MultiplyI guess it's a node-specific problem, as I mentioned earlier. I was merely looking for a simple fix.17:28
tgm4883how are you spawning process B?17:28
MultiplyUsing node's API for doing such. :P17:29
Multiplybut then it gets to be a node issue.17:29
tgm4883ah, node is a piece of software17:29
tgm4883a terrible name IMO17:29
Multiplytgm4883, so is Apple. :P17:30
tgm4883Multiply, true, but less of a bad name than node17:32
tgm4883Multiply, at least Apple, doesn't mean other things in the computing world17:33
rti^I spent all day yesterday trying to get this puppy installed, and finally got it done this morning. I'm certain I broke 10 other things in the process though.17:33
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Multiplytgm4883, there are plenty bad names, if you want to use computing related as a topic ;) It was merely a bad example.17:33
khyraI have a domain and a VPS running ubuntu. Can I set up an email account of mine on some address like my_name@my_domain.com ?17:33
tgm4883Multiply, I agree with that17:33
utopiah_hi #ubuntu , Id like to start from the command line the keyboard detection wizard I had during the installation process17:34
sharadMhey all. anybody here using bigbluebutton on ubuntu?.17:35
utopiah_else maybe someone can tell me the command name for the keyboard utility in http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Keyboard-Layout-in-Ubuntu17:36
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ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:48
* pablogee xxx17:48
Pablo01Can you suggest me agood theme or futurist theme for my ubuntu ?17:50
jeff_mHello All. Does anyone know of an ubuntu mirror source that keeps EOL releases. Specifically, I'm looking for a mirror that includes 10.10 w/sources17:50
xanguaPablo01: you can find lots of themes in gnome-look.org17:50
xangua!eol | jeff_m did you already read the part about old-releases.ubuntu.com17:52
ubottujeff_m did you already read the part about old-releases.ubuntu.com: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:52
jeff_mno, I didn't know about old-releases17:53
clctoPablo01: just go to gnome-look.org17:53
jeff_mlooks like it has what I need - Thanks17:53
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rti^is windows 8 the reason I can't get Ubuntu to boot by default? I'm trying to research it and this is the answer I'm coming up with the most.17:56
sandeeprto a physical server a 512gb lun is presented. this lun will be used a storage for vm's created via virt-manager.17:56
sandeepri'm having problem in selecting the lun during the vm creation wizard17:57
rti^I'm literally 24 hours into Linux for the first time in my life and you're speaking French. Sorry for my ignorance.. if you're even talking to me lol.17:57
wilee-nilee! uefi | rti^17:59
Antarhi i want to install Xubuntu in a low graphics and just some apps17:59
ubotturti^: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:59
Antarwhat can i do please17:59
Tkingplease does anyone know how i can resize hard drive? i need one more partition to store files i already have gparted but cant see resize17:59
rypervencheTking: What kind of partition is it?17:59
rti^Thank you wilee-nilee still trying to learn what the IRC commands are as well.17:59
wilee-nileeTking, Partition has to be unmounted to resize, a live cd will do it easily.17:59
sandeeprwhen the same lun is selected as the storage for the second vm, it says disk is already in use by another system18:00
rypervencheTking: And are you looking to shrink or expand the partition?18:00
PiciAntar: did you see the messages from ubottu?18:00
Tkingrypervenche, am looking to shrink18:00
Antarwhere ??18:01
dhcii have one of those standard usb card readers (3.5" accessory) but the slot marked micro sd is taking a micro sd card kind of slanted, without good contact.18:01
wilee-nileerti^, The way W8 os set up is a bit different than the past, the ubuntu install is a little different, that link is commonly used. The ubuntu forums though has the best help on dualbooting these.18:01
dhcii thought i might have to insert the card upside down but that isn't helping either18:01
AntarPici where18:02
bgardnerAntar: See: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/18:02
PiciAntar: Here.18:02
clctoTking: certain filesystem types do not allow shrinking, what type of filesystem is it18:02
KaZeRHey there. I'm setting up some preseeds, but the hostname/domain/ip settings are not applied correctly18:02
AntarPici go on18:02
dhciinterestingly the usb pins seems to correspond to micro sd layout making the adapter so prevalent18:03
PiciAntar: Have you tried using the Xubuntu install disc?18:03
dhcii was thinking also the regular sd slot might not work if the micro sd slot is overlapping it, it hought they might appear independently as file systems18:03
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PiciAntar: And?18:04
AntarPici : infact it is simillar to ubuntu18:05
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tinjawI have a package conflict and I am on 12.04 LTS, which I (apparently) wrongly thought would avoid dependency conflicts. But now I have one. I am attempting to install Grizzly/OpenStack and hit a snag. http://pastebin.com/5c8x4ZtW18:08
garrettkajmowiczGreetings! I updated my server from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS this weekend. Now the default kernel drops me to busybox on boot. Booting an old kernel still works. Root device is a RAID1 md device. From busybox shell it mounts without a problem. Any suggestions?18:09
clctocan you not use pastebin.com18:09
Tkinghello guys, i when i reboot, i cant boot to my bootable usb it just boots straight to the ubuntu already installed... i want to use gparted from live usb18:11
wilee-nileeTking, You have the usb first read in the bios?18:12
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Tkingwilee-nilee,  yes, the funny thing is that my bois is messed up it doesn't follow the proper order of thing due to UEFI and settings etc18:13
wilee-nileeTking, There is a per-session boot from menu outside the bios as well. I get to mine with tapping f2 right after powering on, your key prompt may be different.18:13
Tkingwilee-nilee, let me try again18:14
Tkingbrb reboot18:14
wilee-nileeTking, Ah uefi, I'm not up on it, regular msdos mbr I know.18:14
Tkingwilee-nilee, uefi is a big mess to these days18:14
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wilee-nileeTking, seems to be, I have just not gotten a computer with it yet, so I have not messed with it.18:15
bgardnerairjump: Hello18:16
wilee-nileeTking, I'm actually on W8 right now but in standard partitioning, lol.18:16
Mage_DudeI've installed Ubuntu MAAS and have the correct PXE boot almost there. I get error T01 (file not found) which makes sense because there's no tftp server running, but maas-cluster-controller is supposed to handle that isn't it?18:20
ghotiI have a deployment question that I'm sure someone will have a quick answer to.  Not sure where to ask, so pls excuse me if this is slightly off-topic. :)18:21
ghotiI've got about 60MB of assets (JPG, MP3, etc) associated with a software project that gets updated a few times per month.  Because the assets may change with the software, we redeploy versioned assets with each release.18:21
tinjawHow do I determine why apt/aptitude shows different dependencies than http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/net/tgt18:21
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ghotiTo streamline the deploy process, I'm thinking I'd like to do something like (1) copy the old asset directory to a new location (or perhaps duplicate the tree and hardlink the files), then (2) rsync -overtop of any files that have changed, unlinking things that are removed, and unlinking files to upload before copying in the new files.18:21
ghotiIs this a good strategy?  Is there a better one?  Are there tools that help handle this, or is it basically a roll-your-own kind of thing?18:21
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vickshi, can i install windows xp on my ubuntu12 desktop pc18:25
clctovicks: should be able to18:26
tacomastervicks: you can have i think 4 primary partitions on a sata18:26
geniivicks: Just remember later to reinstall grub18:26
Hans11Created a new subdomain but session id allways change when I refresh pag18:26
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:26
clctotacomaster: that doesnt really matter because you can put windows on a logical partition18:27
LergHello all. I have a problem - need to upgrade from maverick, but repos are down for natty. What to do?18:27
clctooh i guess the system partition has to be primary though18:27
serevicks: you wont be able to boot into ubuntu so you will need a cd or usb to boot from and update the grub install18:27
tacomasterclcto:  :D learn something new every day!!! i learn so much from these irc channels.18:27
clctotacomaster: idk exactly how it will work with grub, so maybe that won't matter about the system partition18:28
geniiLerg: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:28
Lerggenii: thanks18:29
geniiLerg: You're welcome18:29
tacomasterclcto: don't know how what will work with grub? you can just chroot in to the sata drive and just grub-update18:29
geniiLerg: They haven't added the latest EOL releases to that page, but the process is the same18:30
chaudharyUbuntu 13.04 is a stable version ?18:30
clctoi mean, apparently the "system reserved" partition needs to be primary, but that may not be true with grub18:31
clctoas grub will be the active partition, but anyway i just usually do /boot / and windows primary, /home and shared on logical partitions18:31
BluesKajcian1500ww, system reserved is probly the windows recovery partition18:31
clctoBluesKaj: no18:32
serei hate the way windows use that system reserved..18:32
clctoit holds the boot code. you dont need it unless you use encryption for your whole drive18:33
geniichaudhary: Yes. But now the support cycle for releases in between the LTS releases is shortened. So 13.04 and 13.10  will only be supported 9 months, then 14.04 will be the next long term support version18:33
tacomasterclcto: yea i do too because if i make them primary i always end up having to do some dumb stuff to get stuff installed like putting it in home dir for the data and just symlink. so much of a hassle, i love using lvm :D18:33
BluesKajclcto, no ?  then what is it ?18:33
tacomasterclcto: i always don't put enough space in one place to too much in another18:33
clctowhat i said right after18:33
cuddylierWhy when I try to resume a screen that is in screen -list it opens a new screen, why?18:33
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sereclcto: i thought windows wouldnt boot without it?.. makes much harder to do a triple boot with it :x18:34
chaudharygenii: how long is the support for 12.10?18:34
cuddylierI'm using screen -R [name] to resume18:34
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geniichaudhary: eg: So you may want instead to stay with 12.10 because it's still 18 months support18:34
wilee-nileegenii, 13.04 has 5 yeras support for the desktop install18:34
clctosere: you cant just get rid of it, but you can install windows to an ntfs partition that is already created, and it wont create one18:34
geniiwilee-nilee: No, it doesn't. 14.04 will18:34
wilee-nileegenii, You are misinformed.18:35
chaudharygenii: I've 12.04 and i'm upgrading to 12.10 right now.18:35
geniiwilee-nilee: Desktop used to be 3, server 5, they unified LTS for 5 all round. But 13.04 is not LTS18:35
wilee-nileegenii, Ah I was thinkng 12.04 my bad, sorry.18:35
sereclcto: good to know ty.. only wish i knew that a long time ago18:35
wilee-nileenot enough caffeine yet.18:36
Lerggenii: hm, I am getting rror while loading shared libraries: libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6.so.4.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory   when running apt18:36
dsathehey quick query18:36
dsathei have a network card working on dhcp18:36
dsathei want to make it static18:36
clctosere: but if you use windows bitlocker encryption, it needs the system reserved to unencrypt the windows partition18:36
dsathethe at requires me to get the network and gateway address18:37
dsathewhere can i find that18:37
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:37
deke111anyone know how much longer 12.04 will be supported for?18:37
geniiLerg: No idea on that one, sorry18:37
ThothCastelI just installed ubuntu server and want to create a domain so that I can join multiple ubuntu desktops o tit18:37
ThothCastelto it18:37
zetherooI was just mucking around on my machine with some basic linux commands and something occurred which I thought a bit odd - I logged into the terminal as root and created a directory in my users directory called 'testing', then I exited root and was back to my user account. I performed an 'rmdir' command on the directory user root had created and it was deleted. How is this possible when that directory was owned by user+group root and on18:37
ThothCastelhow can I go about to get that installed?18:37
BluesKajenvrypting a HDD  is mostly a pita ...it's better to encrypt files ..gives alot mote flexibility18:38
* genii slides wilee-nilee a coffee and then goes to do some work18:38
clctoThothCastel: like LDAP?18:38
Daemoenhey guys18:38
Daemoen( and gals )18:38
Daemoenso looking for a *trustworthy* ubuntu ppa that provides collectd 5.318:38
DaemoenI have found a bunch of different ppas, but was hoping that at least one of them would be by a "trusted" packager so to speak18:39
ThothCastelclcto: I think so...  like in windows it would be an active directory to manage users and groupds ....etc18:39
kostkondeke111, april 201718:40
clctoThothCastel: ive never set one up, but there should be some LDAP info on the ubuntu wiki or something.18:40
wilee-nileeDaemoen, PPA's are classified as extra and not stable, however I have never had problems, one has to be aware of what they are attached to in apps and releases.18:40
ThothCastelthanks but is LDAP really what I am searching for?18:41
Daemoenwilee-nilee: * nods *  Its like the extra repos we have for CentOS, but sometimes those of us that contribute to the extras are also main channel packagers, so we have a bit more experience with the distro.  was kinda hoping for a similar case :)18:41
cuddylierWhy when I try to resume a screen that is in screen -list via screen -R [name] it opens a new screen instead...18:42
clctoThothCastel: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenLDAP this might help. some of the information is archlinux specific some isnt. and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_Directory_Access_Protocol18:42
deke111thanks kostkon18:42
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geniiDaemoen: Just check out the maintainer's memberships to see if they belong to some official groups working on same/similar stuff as whats in their PPA18:42
ThothCastelclcto: many tahnks18:42
bgardnerzetheroo: Doubtful that this went down exactly as described - repeat the experiment and grab screenshots for paste.ubuntu.com as you go and we'll help you.18:42
zetheroobgardner: will do18:43
mfaroukgmy ubuntu 13.04 not updating the software , what can I do?18:43
cuddylierWhy when I try to resume a screen that is in screen -list via screen -R [name] it opens a new screen? I've tried using the process ID as the name, no luck.18:43
clctoThothCastel: idk exactly what you are looking for, dont really know much about sharing users/groups across multiple devices, but it probably will entail LDAP to mount the home directories18:43
wilee-nileemfaroukg, Can you run sudo apt-get update and pastebin all the text made.18:44
zetheroobgardner: I am being told the following "the user owned the directory that testing was in, so the user has permission to delete anything from the dir he owns. even if the thing isn't owned by him"18:44
bgardnerzetheroo: Understood, sounds like you have your answer (which I won't argue with).18:45
mfaroukgwilee-nilee, http://pastebin.com/p3gQvdV518:45
zetheroobgardner: ok18:47
kedidieHi I was wondering if you could install a virtual machine onto ubuntu server (no gui) and still watch the gui of your vm (google didn't help me) and if so could you point me to a tut or what I should ask google?18:49
bgardnerkedidie: Depends on your virtualization solution, but yes, you can do that.  Look for "headless VM".18:50
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wilee-nileemfaroukg, You have a mess there for sure, you have good hits and errors, and gpg key problems, one of which references lucid.18:51
kedidie@bgardner: I'm not looking for remote, I want to use the hosts video card vga, any suggestions18:52
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mfaroukgwilee-nilee, I want to keep updated, i tried to reset all to default but still seems like doing the same thing every time18:53
bgardnerkedidie: I'd say you can't do that, no.  You need a GUI on the host to supply a drawing context for the VM.18:54
kedidieok thanks I was afraid of that18:54
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ThothCastelhow can I scroll up on ubuntu server command line?18:55
ThothCastelI dont have a gui installed18:55
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geniiThothCastel: shift-pageup18:56
goaw_can anybody help me with figuring out why my apache2 server isn't running my php scripts correctly?18:56
ThothCastelgenii: thanks18:56
goaw_I have my apache error.log18:56
geniiThothCastel: You're welcome18:57
wilee-nileemfaroukg, You have a  some ppa's you can't just reset that, you have to make sure the address to it is correct in the sources.list or sources.list.d, same with the regular repo address, here is a list generator to fix some, be careful.  http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/   What you have to do is look at the errors in that update and the sources lista nd confirm addresses gpag keys if needed and if the pp18:57
wilee-nileea's have a release for the installed OS.18:57
wilee-nilee*gpg keys18:58
chasWhen doing an install the process always pauses for 5-8 mins following "Good signature from Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key". Can anyone tell me why and how to stop/shorten it?18:59
chasIt's a 12.04 install18:59
wilee-nileechas, From the software center?19:00
chaswe have an image on disk, on USB key and a net install19:00
chasall seem to behave the same - and I guess it's downloading from software center - I'm newbish on this19:00
SnypeMyrtti, lets get smoking!19:03
=== wowserdom is now known as CrazyEddy
SnypeMyrtti, what are you smoking?19:04
ZoomiI have ubuntu server 12.04 LTS. When I download from it (http <-> apache2) it caps all downloads to 1MB/s. I can start same file multiple times, all 1MB/s.. With download manager I max out my connection speed (12MB/s).. I didn't set any speed limitations on server, and I cannot find how to release this restriction. SOmeone knows how?19:04
roastedanybody know how to decrease the unity bar icon size to lesser than 32px?19:08
blebI installed vim and now vi envokes vim. How can I get vi to envoke vi again?19:09
soy_el_pulpohi, in ubuntu 12.04.2, I do "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" and I get an error, not found. I checked and it is installed... any ideas? thanks19:10
ThothCasteli deleted a user in command line ubuntu server19:11
ThothCasteland I still see his home folder19:11
pixolinHello. I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 on a Netbook and for some reason the taskbar at the bottom doesn't show running applications. Someone with an idea how to get that back working, please?19:11
ThothCastelis there a way to delete user and home folder at once?19:12
bgardnerThothCastel: You want the -r option19:12
cuddylierWhy when I try to resume a screen that is in screen -list via screen -R [name] it opens a new screen? I've tried using the process ID as the name, no luck.19:12
ThothCastelbgardner: thanks. And how about the user that I already deleted but home directory still exists?19:13
Picibleb: you can use update-alternatives to change the 'association', sudo update-alternatives --config vi   -- but it was probably vim.tiny that you were using, not vi19:13
ThothCastelif I delete the directory will it cause me any problem?19:13
chris|ThothCastel, deluser --delete-all-files19:13
bgardnerThothCastel: No, no problems19:13
ThothCastelbgardner: ok, many thanks19:14
blebPici: any idea if there is a package for regular vi?19:14
ThothCastelChris: thanks19:14
trismroasted: in dconf-editor, org/compiz/profiles/plugins/unityshell then you can change the value of icon-size lower than 3219:16
deferHas anyone got mtp working with android 4 phones?19:16
kostas_hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help out with this: trying to install ubuntu 12.4 on a machine running 8.10. I created a usb start disk and then set the bios to boot from the usb. Didn't work, it still boots to 8.10. Any ideas?19:16
trismroasted: seems you can go as low as 8 before it ignores you19:16
Picibleb: I'm not aware of a separate package, but there are some arguments to vim that might make it act more like vi.19:17
wilee-nileekostas_, IF the usb is loaded correctly and the iso was good, you can use the per-seesion boot menu with a key prompts at powering on, like you would to reach the  bios. My key is f2 yours may be different.19:18
blebPici: ok thanks19:20
kostas_wilee-nilee: thanks, I tried with two different usb sticks, but both used the same iso. I might try redownloading the iso and try again. About the per-session boot menu, do you mean going back to the bios setting with F2 (that's what gets me to bios) and booting it from there?19:23
arne__if I run ddrescue with dev/sdb imagefile logfile as args, where does the imagefile end up? root of something?19:24
devslashif ibe got 8gb ram is 2gb swap a good amount ?19:24
wilee-nileekostas_, Sorry I meant f12, there is a a boot menu outside th bios as well this is what I mean.19:24
kostas_wilee-nilee: ah thanks, I'll try that then!19:25
wilee-nileekostas_, Personally I always just use it and not change the bios.19:25
=== Dan_ is now known as Guest69827
vitharne__: i think you mean /dev/sdb not dev/sdb, but anyway imagefile would be a file in the current directory19:26
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
=== tyler is now known as Guest32584
arne__vith> Current directory? So... my home or something?19:30
arooni-mobiletrying to get pomodoroapp running on ubuntu; but its crashing out with this error: "Couldn't load file:/home/david/downloads/PomodoroApp/runtime/1.3.1-beta/libtide.so, error: libenchant.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64"19:31
Guest72281arooni-mobile: Running 64-bit on a 32-bit box?19:31
arooni-mobileGuest72281, 64bit19:31
adamkarooni-mobile: Is the executable 32-bit or 64-bit?19:33
arooni-mobileadamk, not sure how can i check19:33
geniiadamk: That error indicates the binary is 64bit19:33
geniiarooni-mobile: file filename19:33
arooni-mobileok it says its 64bit herE: http://www.pomodoroapp.com/downloads/19:33
geniiarooni-mobile: What says also result of: uname -m19:34
adamkgenii: No, it indicates the binary is trying to load a 64-bit library...  And failing.19:34
urmomUBUNTU IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!19:34
adamkarooni-mobile: Run file on the binary...19:34
urmomill run the file in the unary19:35
arooni-mobileah ok19:35
arooni-mobileyou mean like this: "LilArooni ~/downloads/PomodoroApp: uname -m PomodoroApp "19:35
vitharne__: the 'pwd' command will tell you what your current directory is; this is changed by using the 'cd' command to change directories19:35
bepofi have a question...19:36
=== Guest72281 is now known as jpds
arooni-mobileadamk, ?19:36
arne__Thanks! Says it's /home/Arne so I'm good19:36
marianneQuestion - playback back of Blu-Rays on VLC...it works but it's kind of choppy... do I need more RAM? only have 1 gb19:36
arne__Time to plug in that amiga drive19:36
geniiMeh, work19:36
bgardnerbepof: Go ahead with your question.19:37
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
adamkarooni-mobile: Run 'file ~/downloads/PomodoroApp'19:37
adamkarooni-mobile: Assuming, of course, that's where the binary is located.19:37
arooni-mobilea ha!19:37
arooni-mobilePomodoroApp: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=0xfabc0ee7bc3cb64ce86b150dbf9108dbd4f7d4da, not stripped19:37
arooni-mobileit says its a 64 bit executable on the website19:37
adamkRight, so you are running a 32-bit binary on a 64-bit system, and the libraries it needs on your system are 64-bit.19:38
adamkarooni-mobile: Not lies, you downloaded the wrong one.19:38
FishsceneGreetings. I have a USB video-encoder device that shows up on Ubuntu under /dev/video[0,1]. When I want to tap into it, I need to use Sudo priviledges. Is there a way to NOT require elevated priviledges to access this device? I've tried CHMOD 777, but as soon as the server boots, or the video encoder is re-plugged in, the permissions reset.19:38
adamkarooni-mobile: I just downloaded the 64-bit version, and have a 64-bit binary.  You did something wrong.19:38
pythonirc1011I'm getting bad file descriptor errors on my machine. How can I check my disk?19:38
adamkFishscene: Add yourself to the video group.19:38
Fishsceneadamk: Holy cow that sounds easy. I'll look into that!19:39
arooni-mobileadamk, thanks19:39
arooni-mobilewhats the best way of blocking time wasting sites during work hours on ubuntu 13.04?19:40
bekksarooni-mobile: Pulling the cable? Setting up a proxy server?19:40
overdubarooni-mobile, don't go to them?19:40
arooni-mobilehaha i want something that redirects those sites to
Fishscenearooni-mobile: If it's for multiple users, I recommend using a webfilter.19:40
arooni-mobileuntil im better at self discipline19:40
bekksarooni-mobile: A proxy server.19:40
arooni-mobileits just for me19:40
arooni-mobileim the only user of my computer19:40
adamkSelf discipline...19:41
adamkIf you can block them, you can unblock them...  So what's the point?19:41
dolamhello, the left of my touch pad is not working anymore; it's clicking at random times when i don't touch it, or sometimes stop clicking at all; i suspect this is a software issue; does someone know what can i do to fix it? i have tried sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprove psmouse but it didn't solve anything19:41
dolamthe left click*19:41
arooni-mobileadamk, i guess the point is if i have them off by default and it takes work to turn them back on19:42
arooni-mobileit will serve as a bit of a chck and balance19:42
genii!info dansguardian19:42
ubottudansguardian (source: dansguardian): Web content filtering. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 462 kB, installed size 1724 kB19:42
adamkMaybe I'm just in a lousy mood, but that's one of the stupidest things I've heard of.19:43
=== quem_ is now known as quem
arne__Dangit, the drive doesn't show up,19:47
tacomasteri know this is not supported for ubuntu but where can i ask a question about the cinnamon screensaver?19:48
fendurmy console (i.e. when pressing ctrl+alt+f1-f6) is not readable. the screen is mostly white and some partial black characters that can't be read where'd you'd expect to see characters (i.e. login:, the bash prompt, file names after an "ls"). I can login, but only because I know what _should_ be on the screen at the time. Any ideas?19:48
arne__the drive just spins, then goes brtbrtbrtbrtbrtbrt and spins and then repeats19:49
kostkontacomaster, mint forums and/or irc channel?19:49
devslashi just installed ubuntu 13.04 and i cant get it to connect to any wireless network.19:52
devslashhow do i verify that ubuntu detects my wireless card ?19:52
Fyodorovnadevslash, run lspci in the terminal and look for the wireless info and post it.19:53
devslashyea its showing it19:53
bekksdevslash: lspci -k19:53
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wlee-nilee
bekksdevslash: If it shows a module loaded, then it is working, basically.19:54
=== wlee-nilee is now known as wilee-nilee
devslashlspci shows it19:54
adamkdevslash: Bring up a terminal and run 'iwconfig'.  See if any of your networking devices support wireless extensions.19:54
devslashits showing eth0 no wireless extensions19:54
adamkPastebin the output of 'lspci' and 'dmesg'.19:55
devslashi cant19:55
devslashno internet connection19:55
devslashbut i can tell you what it says19:55
wilee-nileeplease do19:56
=== logcloud is now known as LoganCloud
=== LoganCloud is now known as log
dolamhello, the left of my touch pad is not working anymore; it's clicking at random times when i don't touch it, or sometimes stop clicking at all; i suspect this is a software issue; does someone know what can i do to fix it? i have tried sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprove psmouse but it didn't solve anything19:57
devslashb43-phy0: Broadcom 4332 WLAN found (core revision 16)19:57
devslashthen Broadcom driver loaded19:57
wilee-nilee! broadcom | devslash19:57
ubottudevslash: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:58
TheSovcan someone help me, i have syslog, logging to /home/syslog/syslog, i have logrotated set to rotate the log for 9 days, however the logrotate only works once and syslog stops working20:00
bekksTheSov: Why dont you leave the logs in /var/log/ ?20:00
TheSovI'm not the one who set it up20:01
TheSovthe person who set it up just had it produce a gigantic syslog file which was later backed up20:01
TheSovI added the logrotate20:01
EmiF-How to open .DAT files?20:03
bekksEmiF-: Depends on the data inside. File extensions are meaningless.20:03
EmiF-I have submitted an application and had the option to download it, but its saving as DAT files. And the site says its a pdf file.20:03
devslashubottu is there a way to download a package to my computer20:03
ubottudevslash: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:03
devslashwilee-nilee that was for you20:04
EmiF-bekks: its an application from US immigration website.20:04
bekksEmiF-: Then run "file filename.dat" and tell us whats the output.20:04
devslashis there a way to download a package to my computer so i can copy it to ubuntu via usb ? networking doesnt work20:05
EmiF-bekks: /home/emi/Downloads/CEACAA003B40X0.dat: ASCII text, with very long lines, with no line terminators20:06
bekksEmiF-: Thats not pdf content.20:06
EmiF-the site gave me an option to 'download application as file'20:06
EmiF-i clicked on it, and it appeared that its .dat20:07
bekksEmiF-: Well, its not a pdf content.20:07
EmiF-what is it then?20:07
EmiF-bekks: what is it then20:08
Fenbwhat is the diffrences between cli and gui?20:11
bekksEmiF-: ASCII text, with very long lines, just as "file" told you.20:11
wilee-nileeFenb, " cli and gui" command or graphic20:12
nzbA few questions about unbuntu been using windows for a long while and I am finally going to give it a try for a week. How is efficient is it while multitasking compared to windows? How well to virtual machines run ? Which virtual machine software is the most optimised ? Do I need to remove my SLI BRIDGE when installing ? Does ubuntu support UEFI booting? Whats the best way to partition my ssd drive and does trim20:13
nzbwork oob or do I need to set it up?20:13
wilee-nileeuser interfaces Fenb20:13
wilee-nileenzb, One week will hardly educate you in linux.20:14
EmiF-ok thanks bekks20:14
nzbYes but if I enjoy it, it will be longer than a week20:15
bgardnernzb: TRIM works oob.  VMs run excellently.  Multitasking is better than Windows.  But bottom line, wilee-nilee is totally right, a week is far too short for a serious review.20:16
daftykinsnzb: yeah it's something you have to stick at20:16
wilee-nileenzb, Dualboot it and try t out, your questions are not really fully answerable. Primarily I think many keep windows for the games that wont run in linux, most other apps in windows or apple have a comparable app in linux usually a few.20:17
Fenbwilee-nilee: both20:19
nzbAs I said earlier I will give it more time than a week if I enjoy it! So on to my questions ? Do I need to remove the sli bridge before installing ? And UEFI booting is it supported if yes how?20:22
=== wilk is now known as buY
vlad_starkovQuestion: I got a problem after apt-get upgrade on Ubuntu 12.04 with raid1+encryption+lvm. After reboot the passphrase is always wrong! Anyone know this issue?20:23
Enichwhich password ?20:24
vlad_starkovEnich: LVM passphrase20:24
mfaroukgI have problem with the ubuntu 13.04 update software20:25
luke_evening all20:25
Tkinghi guys can someone please help me here? I want to remove Youtube stuff installed during a visit to youtube. It appears in my dash20:26
crankharderwhat are the odds that a Mac OSX remote works (controls sys volume, play/pause some media player) out of the box if I put ubuntu 12.04 on a mac mini?20:26
luke_can you give us some more info, whats installed its self?20:27
jribTking: probably unity-webapps-youtube20:27
mfaroukgwhat is the latest kernel after after 3.8.0-19-generic?20:27
ThothCastelto install a domain controllerin ubuntu server, should I install the slapd and ldap-utils packages and assign the hostname as in example.com20:28
ThothCastel127.0.0.1 example.com20:28
Tkingjrib sudo apt-get remove unity-webapps-youtube - says its not installed20:28
ThothCastelwhen editing my hosts file, why is it not taking effect?20:28
=== binm0de is now known as bin3ngine
ThothCastelI am trying to add as     server.procopio.local      server20:29
ThothCastelwhen I type hostname -f        I still keep on getting the old name it was before   'UbuntuVM'20:30
ThothCastelwhy is that?20:30
bgardnernzb: For UEFI, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:31
Mage_DudeAnyone know why the PXE loader for the MAAS-cluster-controller has the correct path to the pxelinux.0 file, but the PXE client says 'File not found'? Anyone know how to fake a PXE request to see what path the server is trying to load the bot loader from?20:31
Mage_DudeThothCastel: Maybe restart networking/system?20:31
ThothCastelI rebooted the system and still the same20:32
boohOn my box, I have an Ethernet and a wifi.  I'm connected to internet with wifi.  I was sharing my connection to connect via ethernet my second box... I upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 and lost this sharing... But I don't remember how I had activated it... ??20:32
bathroomAlright...A Hot Carl is done in 1 of 3 ways.20:32
bathroom1st: You shit on your partners face.20:32
bathroom2nd: You shit on your partners face who is sporting a piece of saran wrap over it.20:32
FloodBot1bathroom: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:32
bathroom3rd: You shit on to a glass table while your partner lays down underneath it.20:32
derpsup fools?20:35
ThothCastelhelp pls20:38
ThothCastelsudo nano /etc/hosts20:38
ThothCastel127.0.0.1      server.procopio.local        server20:39
ThothCastel127.0.1.1      server.procopio.local        server20:39
ThothCastelI restarted networking services but still keeps on showing old hostname 'UbuntuVM'20:39
ThothCastelam I doing something wrong?20:40
MonkeyDust!paste | ThothCastel20:40
ubottuThothCastel: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:40
kostas_wilee-nilee: I just tried with a newly downloaded iso. No luck in getting 12.04 to boot from a usb stick20:41
wilee-nileekostas_, Have you found that other boot from menu and does it show a usb?20:41
wilee-nileekostas_, How are you loading the usb, and no luck s to vague, are you getting anything with booting the usb?20:43
bgardnerThothCastel: What does hostname -A get you?20:43
ThothCastelbgardner: it doesn't give me anything20:45
ThothCastelhostname -f     gives me the old name 'UbuntuVM'20:45
vlad_starkovEmergency question: I got a problem after apt-get upgrade on Ubuntu 12.04 with raid1+encryption+lvm. After reboot the LVM-passphrase is always wrong. After few tries it comes to initramfs# shell. Is it possible to check the passphrase right from initramfs shell?20:46
vlad_starkovAny help appreciates!20:46
wilee-nileekostas_, There are new pae kernels that wont run on older hardware, could this be an issue?20:46
bgardnerThothCastel: And what's in /etc/hostname?20:47
UltimaKRHi everyone...I was wondering if there was anyone who could help me with partitioning my lubuntu hard drive and putting windows on it...the only guides I see online are how to put lubuntu on a windows drive.20:47
daylytanyone remember how to get oidentd working with ipv6?20:48
wilee-nileeUltimaKR, Generally for easy windows repair and maintain access you want it in the first partition on the HD.20:48
kostas_nilee-wilee: it does not boot from usb (or the cd for that matter), it just boots 8.10 (the currently installed os). It could be an old hardware issue, the machine is a Sony Vaio vgn-nr31z/s (approx. 5 years old)20:48
SonikkuAmericaUltimaKR: Mainly because you normally need to install it first, as well.20:48
citricanyone here have problems with Steam locking up your system?20:48
UltimaKRwilee-nilee: So how would I change what I have here? And why does Windows need to be on the first partition?20:49
citricno matter what it locks my system up and forced t hard reboot20:49
SonikkuAmerica!steam | citric20:49
ubottucitric: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.20:49
wilee-nileekostas_, Have you found that other boot from menu?20:49
ewiUltimaKR: reinstalling GRUB after the windows install adds some difficulty20:49
citricHow can I change GH20:49
kostas_wilee-nilee: negative. I tried F12 and other function keys, could not boot it using either of these, just boots the installed os20:49
citricoops 1 sec20:49
wilee-nileeUltimaKR, If not first the windows install disc or repair will not work easily basically.20:49
ewikostas_: does your BIOS support booting from USB?20:50
citricHow can I change GRUBS resolution? it looks nice on my laptop but on my desktop its HUGE20:50
UltimaKRwilee-nilee: So do I need to wipe this hard drive and start all over but with Windows first?20:50
ewinot necessarily UltimaKR, but it's easier to explain that way20:51
kostas_ewi: it does, this is how I installed 8.10 some years ago, and I checked the bios settings to make sure usb boot is enabled20:51
ewiwhat kind of computer kostas_?20:51
UltimaKRewi: What other way could I do it?20:51
Junos4Lifecan anyone tell me how to change dns servers from cli in ubuntu?20:51
SonikkuAmericaUltimaKR: You can install Windows, then either (a) run Boot Repair from your Live image or (b) install EasyBCD in Windows.20:52
kostas_ewi: a Sony Vaio vgn-nr31z/s (approx. 5 years old)20:52
Junos4Lifetried a bunch of diff ways but nothing works20:52
UltimaKRSonikkuAmerica: What would that do as far as my lubuntu is concerned? Sorry I am not very good at this stuff yet, more of a hardware guy.20:52
wilee-nileekostas_, You will have to get to that menu I think, the bios settings do not always work. You can find on the web info on that computer to use that menu, here is one link. http://superuser.com/questions/258739/sony-vgn-nr260e-external-device-boot20:52
ewiyou can reinstall GRUB via live cd UltimaKR20:53
ThothCastelwhy do we have hosts and hostname files and not just one of them?20:53
=== Guga_ is now known as TA
Junos4Lifeanyone know the cli command for changing dns servers?20:53
=== TA is now known as Guga_
bgardnerThothCastel: I don't know the historical answer for that one.20:53
ewikostas_: i believe f2 is the BIOS settings and then change your boot device order to USB first20:54
=== Shehrazad is now known as ElixirVitae
kostas_ewi: I did change the settings in bios, USB is first but still does not boot20:54
SonikkuAmericaUltimaKR: Using option (a) would force GRUB to recognize the Windows partition and set itself as the bootloader. Option (b) would put the Windows bootloader in charge, but it would detect an Ubuntu installation and generate a boot script.20:54
SonikkuAmericaUltimaKR: I'd help you more but I have to go eat dinner. See ya in a bit!20:55
wilee-nileeUltimaKR, I would not wipe the lubuntu, but clone it with clonezilla, then install windows and reload the lubuntu. Clonezilla will clone and reinstall to a equal or bigger partition, so you need to resize it first. You will have to change the partiion numbers in the save to the one you are re-installing to is all.20:55
ewiJunos4Life: it's in your /etc/resolv.conf20:55
kostas_wilee-nilee: the question in the link presents exactly the problem I have: F12 does not work, and changing the settings in bios via F2 (as the link suggests) still does not boot from USB20:55
UltimaKROk thanks guys I wil think about which route I want to take.20:55
bgardnerJunos4Life: Or, depending on your setup, the resolvconf app.20:55
citricshould /boot/grub/menu.lst be empty??20:56
Junos4Lifedoin it all from cli20:56
wilee-nileekostas_, Sure f12 is not for every computer, so you have to confirm yours will boot a usb, then find the correct key prompts, I think you are okay as far as the kernels.20:56
ewihave your powered off fully kostas_? sometimes usb needs kicked in the ass20:56
bgardnerJunos4Life: As ewi says, start by checking /etc/resolv.conf20:56
kostas_wilee-nilee: I tried different function keys apart from F12, none of them worked (the person posting the question in the link has the same problem)20:57
ewikostas_: try a livecd?20:57
wilee-nileekostas_, What I noticed in the link was instructions for the bios to confirm a external b oot.20:57
ewikostas_: have you tried a different USB stick?20:58
wilee-nileekostas_, Sure, but did you try any you found on the web that supposedly work, some computers need multiple keys to get there.20:58
Saikidoes 13.04 support x86 elf/apps?20:58
kostas_ewi: I tried that too (cd made through an iso) but did not boot. Incidentally my girlfriend had the same problem (not boot from usb) and used a cd. It worked on her laptop, but the same cd does not work in mine20:59
MonkeyDustSaiki  guess you need ia-libs20:59
Inv1s1bleWhat's the right way to create symlinks for your service within a DEBIAN/postinst ?20:59
wilee-nileekostas_, We are assunming here as well that the usb has been loaded correctly, I asked you with what and no answer. I don't believe you have md5summed the download as well, there are a few varibles that may be the problem.20:59
kostas_ewi: positive, I tried two different usb sticks, none of them worked (although one of them worked when I installed 8.10 a few years ago on the same machine)21:00
MonkeyDust!info | ia32-libs-multiarch21:00
ubottu'ia32-libs-multiarch' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, unstable21:00
MonkeyDustSaiki  ^^^^21:00
SaikiMonkeyDust: apt-get install ia-libs21:00
SaikiMonkeyDust: apt-get install ia32-libs ?21:01
kostas_wilee-nilee: what do you mean by loaded? Creating the usb startup disk using the iso file?21:01
SaikiMonkeyDust: I'm using server 13.0421:02
=== jinie is now known as jinie_
MonkeyDustSaiki  it's ia32-libs-multiarch21:02
MonkeyDustand there's also #ubuntu-server21:03
SaikiMonkeyDust: First I've heard of that channel21:04
MonkeyDustSaiki  it may be more convenient for you21:05
Inv1s1bleWhat's the right way to create symlinks for your service within a DEBIAN/postinst when building packages?21:05
shodan45is there a way in the aptitude "TUI" to install w/o recommends?21:05
SaikiMonkeyDust: It's just the first time I've worked with  a 64bit server vm21:06
=== giovanni is now known as Guest64952
SaikiI tend to work with x86 mostly21:06
dopiehey guys21:06
dopieI get this error while trying to install rmagick21:06
ThothCastelwhy can I ping a local domain with ip address but not with domain name?21:06
trismInv1s1ble: might want to ask in #ubuntu-packaging but it is also described in Managing the links at http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-opersys.html21:06
MonkeyDustInv1s1ble  and there's also the channel #ubuntu-app-devel21:07
wilee-nileekostas_, Yeah how did you put the ISO on the usb. Basically we have to knock out variables at times.  Honestly I think it is just a matter of getting to that boot menu.21:08
maelstormok found this via website looking to fix a problem i can not find anywhere on the forums.  and it's a really freaky problem.  12.04 (just downloaded and installed)21:09
kostas_wilee-nilee: I used the "create usb startup disk" function on ubuntu 8.10 using a 12.04 iso file21:09
Mage_DudeAnyone using MAAS at all? Or familiar with how the tftp is setup for that package?21:09
wilee-nileekostas_, Cool, thanks it should be loadng fine.21:10
mfaroukgcan any one share with me /etc/apt/source.list in ubuntu 13.04 64bit21:10
binkiii am just about to install ubuntu 12.04 on my hp 6930p. has anyone managed to resolve the fingerprint scanner bugs before I do>?21:10
maelstormfor some reason if i open an application ANY i can't click on anything in it.  Example: open firefox.  i can click X - and []  but not any link in it. i can't type in the url or open fields unless i alt tab to it.   IF i do that. everything in firefox works i can't click on antyhing not in firefox (not even file edit view)21:11
HappyMan_why does networkmanager take a long time to start up?21:11
kostas_wilee-nilee: I think I did all the steps I've done before in getting it to boot with no luck. It just keeps booting to the already installed os21:11
wilee-nileemfaroukg, http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/21:12
zehexxcan we scan virus using ubuntu for .exe file in disk?21:13
zehexxi have problem21:13
kostkon!clamav | zehexx21:13
wilee-nileekostas_, Seems that way, I just use this other boot menu always, it is a direct boot, if there are problems there then you can deal with them.21:13
=== enzotib_ is now known as Guest86627
wilee-nilee! Virus21:13
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:13
wilee-nilee zehexx There are a nuber of scanners that can be installed check the bots link.21:14
maelstormanyone have any idea about the problem i posted?21:14
zehexxwilee-nilee , thx, i use dual boot21:15
kostas_wilee-nilee: I just cannot see how I can access this other (direct) boot menu. I tried all sorts of keys and combinations. And from the question in the link, it seems that others have problems accessing it21:15
SaikiMonkeyDust: Thank you, works perfectly now :)21:15
zehexxone of my disk infect by ramnit.e? can we scan manual?21:15
zehexxmanual from ubuntu21:16
MonkeyDustSaiki  great! :)21:16
compdocmaelstorm, have you installed or updated the video card driver recently?21:16
wilee-nileekostas_, Your cause and affect are weak, you are assuming. This menu is available on every computer, short of this particular model having problems you need to find the correct instructions.  There are other ways to install, however more compklex then finding this menu.21:16
maelstormi installed the recommended nvidia driver21:17
maelstormit's a fresh install21:17
zehexxhow to find ramnit.e + his friend using ubuntu manually?21:17
maelstormafter that it asked to install video driver and i chose the recommended one21:17
maelstormit's not just firefox doing it. any app i open i can't click inside of it. i can tab through options but i can't click into it .. i end up trying alot of other things then i can click on things but anything outside of that window i can't click on any more. even if i alt-f4 the application21:18
ewimaelstorm: restricted/proprietary drivers are often buggy, even if it's the "recommended" version21:19
maelstormit must be something recent. : / i din't download the driver i used what the fresh install asked to use .. maybe if i download latest one from nvidia ?21:19
ewiuninstall the nvidia driver and see if the problem persists.  If it goes away, you can't use that driver.  Maybe try one of the non-reccomended ones but they are unlikly to work better.21:20
maelstormallright. i'll try that21:20
kostas_wilee-nilee: any ideas where I can find this? http://supportforsony.iyogi.com/vaio-boot-menu.html doesn't seem to mention anything for direct boot option. I looked and all I found is about getting access to the BIOS settings21:20
maelstormlol i've been bashing my head against the wall all morning trying to get it working .. here we go again21:20
ewisometimes the nv drivers give proper support maelstorm, you just have to find what works best with your particular hardware.  maybe use lspci and google to search your specific video card21:21
zehexxi think i must find it own,,thx21:22
zykotick9ewi: nv is "more or less" superseeded by nouveau at this point.  nv is no longer actively maintained, i believe.21:23
wilee-nileekostas_, Web of trust the firefox addon blocks that site. I'm not sure there is more I can explain here.21:23
ewinoted zykotick921:23
=== david is now known as Guest58719
Daemoenhey guys, what package provides add-apt-repository ?21:23
ewikostas_: remove the hard drive21:23
Daemoennvm, found it21:24
kostas_ewi: that could possibly work with the booting but where I am supposed to install the os then?21:24
ewiget the ubs working first, then worry about that part21:25
kostas_ewi: I think I will pass, I removed the hard drive in the Vaio some years ago, and took me like 1 hour to get the 12s of screws on and off.21:26
kostas_wilee-nilee: I am not sure I got this21:26
david__Hello there21:27
tijeanI love cookies21:28
david__me too21:28
wilee-nilee! cookie | tijean david__21:28
ubottutijean david__: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:28
tijeanI'm blue.21:29
num7Hi, does someone know how to enable the vi mode on MonoDevelop
=== JesseC is now known as Guest72121
antonio-69buona sera21:33
bazhang_!it | antonio-6921:33
ubottuantonio-69: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:33
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
zehexxcan we make own antivirus?21:40
bazhangzehexx, try in ##programming21:40
zehexxbazhang thx..21:41
charnelHi I am trying to make the postgresql work on a EC2 Ubuntu server but when I psql I am getting cannot connect psql: could not connect to server: Connection refused21:44
charnelIs the server running on host "localhost" ( and accepting21:44
charnelTCP/IP connections on port 5432?21:44
charnelAnd when I start my postgresql server I get nothing even in postgresql status I get nothing. Dealing this for a really long time and got no solution.21:44
mifadiri get 1135712 IVs and i can't get the password using aircrack that's freak any suggestion?21:58
bekksmifadir: Your neighbours network?21:59
mifadirjust my router21:59
mifadirtrying to test that21:59
k1lmifadir: aircrack is not supported in here, see the aircrack supportchannel22:00
mifadirnothing is supported,22:00
mifadirit's just throlling22:00
mifadirwho #define what's supported and what's not?22:01
k1l!aircrack | mifadir22:01
schultzaon 13.04 how do i get folder/files viewer to display compact view, list without all the additional columns of properties like size, type, modified.. but without the big icons22:01
=== Islamazoon is now known as Thrasque
schultzaand the individual window menu22:01
mifadirbetter for me to logout from here22:01
trismschultza: compact view was removed22:03
=== Computron is now known as Guest7118
schultzanevermind, installing nautilus-fork "nemo"22:04
xanguai see in the dropdown menu 'visible columns' schultza22:04
diverdudeIf i have added a line to /etc/security/limits.conf when will it take effect?22:04
xanguain the drop menu where you select view mode22:05
xanguadrop down*22:05
schultzanah, thats ok.. im liking the cinnamon nautilus-fork already22:08
Maple__hey, does anyone here know how to directly update from 12.04 to 13.04 via update manager?22:15
bazhangyou cannot Maple__22:15
bekksMaple__: There is no way to do so.22:15
zykotick9Maple__: you can't skip releases (quasi-exception is LTS->LTS)22:16
Serpientedo I have to use dpkg-reconfigure tzdata to configure the timezone or can I just echo my preferred one to /etc/timezone?22:19
MonkeyDustMaple__  it would be 12.04 --> 12.10 --> 13.04     or backup and fresh install22:21
BaKKaRi need a help pls22:22
BaKKaRbasically there is a broken pack that has been downloaded but does not want to install. I have tried (clean, install -f) everything i can think of cant still get it off the system nor install it. It is a broken pack22:22
MonkeyDustBaKKaR  try dpkg -a --configure22:23
BaKKaRi have tried even dpkg -i22:23
bazhangBaKKaR, which release of debian22:23
Ads20000_sudo purge <packagename> ?22:23
BaKKaRbazhang: I am running mint :-/22:23
Ads20000_or is it sudo apt-get <packagename> -purge?22:24
bazhangBaKKaR, mints not supported here22:24
Ads20000_wrong IRC then :P22:24
Ads20000_go get Ubuntu and install Cinnamon, same thing :P22:24
BaKKaRthank you bazhang i thought to get to the mother-ship hence my droid is not working so for sure i would go to debian even before ubuntu22:25
GSilvaGood evening everyone22:25
GSilvaCan I ask something about freenode?22:25
bazhangGSilva, #freenode22:25
GSilvathanks bazhang22:25
BaKKaRbut Ubuntu kinda more close to me22:26
bazhang!mintsupport | BaKKaR22:26
ubottuBaKKaR: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:26
FishsceneI need access to the directory /dev/video0 without sudo priviledge escalation. I'm already a member of the "video" group. Where do I go from here?22:26
TheLordOfTimewhere can i change the interface name for a networking interface, like eth2 so i can rename it to wlan0 or whatever22:29
TheLordOfTimeand not the automated assignment, just the name on the one interface.22:29
Ads20000_WITHOUT sudo privaledge escalation Fishscene? No idea22:30
PinguWhats up guys22:31
FishsceneYea. When I want to watch video from that directory, I need to use Sudo or I don't have permission. The group "video" is allowed to access the directory, and I'm a member of that group, so I'm wondering why I don't have access. :S22:32
gordonjcpFishscene: narrow it down22:33
gordonjcpFishscene: can you even stat a file from that directory?22:33
gordonjcpFishscene: also, fine if group video can access the *directory* but what about the files within it?22:34
Fishscenegordonjcp: Well, here's the full story. I have a hardware video encorder that dumps the encoded video over USB to linux. It shows up on Linux under /dev/video0. I can use "sudo multicat "to read the directory and stream it to my network. Everything works just fine. I'd like to run this setup without requiring sudo priviledges to read the "directory". So there aren't any "files" per-say that I'm aware of in the "directory"22:36
FishsceneCome to think of it. I'm using Ubuntu server, but I'm not seeing anything strictly "ubuntu" with my problem. I should ask in #linux22:37
droogieI have installed ubuntu 13.04 on my macbook air, everything is working good - atleast most of the things. One thing does not work that well and that is the touchpad, its to sensitive. When I use the keyboard the mouse suddenly jumps around because of a small touch at the touchpad, is this possible to fix?22:38
gordonjcpFishscene: aha, maybe you need to look into udev permissions22:38
FishsceneI'll look into udev. Thanks for the pointer!22:38
david_what is the major difference btween ubuntu and mint22:39
aeon-ltddavid_: the UI, packages, support, development choices22:42
aeon-ltddroogie: there should be options to change that (sensitivity and acceleration) some where, i'm sorry but i'm using ubuntu so i can't guide you. If it's a synaptics trackpad you can pass options through termminal using synclient (synclient -l to list the current config)22:44
aeon-ltd*i'm not using ubuntu22:44
drkphoenixHow can i get ubuntu 13.04 to recognize my internet connection22:45
aeon-ltddrkphoenix: what is it?22:45
Chechwhat happen to pirate bay22:45
bazhang!ot | Chech22:46
ubottuChech: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:46
aeon-ltdChech: nothing, and that's not relevant to uubuntu support22:46
=== AlmostLive is now known as JKL1234-
Chechgot u22:46
drkphoenixit says no network devices avalible22:46
drkphoenixI have searched the internet and all kinds of things but i have no figured out how to activate my wireless22:47
aeon-ltddrkphoenix: install drivers?22:48
drkphoenixyeah they are all instsalled22:48
david_what kind of chipset do you have22:49
Guest86508What file/folder are the commands that you type in the terminal located22:49
aeon-ltdGuest86508: Explain more22:51
aeon-ltdGuest86508: /usr/bin?22:52
Guest86508for example you type "python" or "cd" or whatever22:52
OerHeksi guess Guest86508 wants ~/.bash_history22:52
Guest86508is their a file which has all of these in it22:52
guest-ZKhO0oAfter updating to 13.04, I can not login to my computer.  Have to use guest account.  What is going on?22:53
jribGuest86508: you want the history of what you typed in the past?22:53
sereGuest86508: do you want available commands?22:54
Guest86508for example, when I type "python" in the terminal, what file does it access to execute that22:54
jribGuest86508: why?  What do you want to accomplish?22:54
aeon-ltdGuest86508: look in /usr/bin or /bin or any other bin22:54
trismGuest86508: which python;22:55
sereGuest86508: /usr/bin.. you can use dpkg to find what programs are installed and where22:55
GSilvacan someone tell me where can I find Passwords and Encryption Keys on Ubuntu 13.04?22:55
EnichGSilva,    What passwords are you talking about ?22:56
GSilvaEnich, I need it to register some fingertips on Launchpad22:56
=== guest-ZKhO0o is now known as brokenubuntu
Guest86508one more question, I just installed openssh server and I cant log in with the right password from a local network pc22:57
brokenubuntuhow can i login after updating to 13.04?22:57
jribGuest86508: does « ssh localhost » work on the server?22:57
jribbrokenubuntu: login the same you always logged in22:57
brokenubuntujrib:  it just keeps kicking me to the login screen22:58
jribbrokenubuntu: create a fresh new user and see if it still happens22:58
Guest86508(yes, that works22:58
brokenubuntujrib: dont think guest can do that22:58
jribGuest86508: what's the output of « sudo iptables -L »?22:58
jribbrokenubuntu: login at tty1 (ctrl-alt-f1).  You can get back to X by pressing ctrl-alt-f722:58
Guest86508Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)22:59
Guest86508target     prot opt source               destination22:59
Guest86508Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)22:59
Guest86508target     prot opt source               destination22:59
Guest86508Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)22:59
FloodBot1Guest86508: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:59
drkphoenixMy network is enabled but it does not seem to recognize it as enabled i have tried lspcii22:59
jribGuest86508: what happens when you try to log in from another computer on your network exactly?22:59
brokenubuntujrib:  ok, lets me login with my account at ttl.  So, how do I fix X?22:59
Guest86508it says, "permission denied, please try again"23:00
ShaneOhello does anyone know if LIDS is available for libux kernel 3.8.0-2323:01
ShariffHi there23:05
brokenubuntuhow do you fix X login after upgrading to 13.04?23:05
wilee-nileebrokenubuntu, Do you have a graphic card that needs drivers?23:05
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
ShariffI have installed dnsmasq using apt-get and have added enable-tftp and tftp-root=/bla to the conf file.. Unfortunately those 2 lines cause an error: "enable-tftp: not found" and the same for the tftp-root... Why does dnsmasq tell me it isn't found, while I thought, based on reading in the conf file that tftp should be a feature of the daemon?23:06
brokenubuntuwilee-nilee: no23:06
brokenubuntuwilee-nilee:  just can not log in with X.  ttl works23:07
wilee-nileebrokenubuntu, Not really an area I can help I never upgrade the OS, so have not really ran into the problems that can happen there.23:07
brokenubuntuwilee-nilee:  ubuntu kept begging me to upgrade23:08
Shariff /j #dnsmasq23:09
wilee-nileebrokenubuntu, If it were me I would try a nomodeset boot and see if you get in.23:09
wilee-nilee! nomodeset23:09
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:09
jribGuest86508: are you logging in as the right user?23:13
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NanashiOkay, I made a bunch of logical partitions and rebooted back into Windows just fine.23:15
NanashiCan I go ahead and install some distros without killing my Windows boot?23:15
=== RichardStallman is now known as ZachNood
ZachNoodIs ubuntu spyware23:18
aeon-ltdZachNood: there's been no evidence that it is so far23:19
aeon-ltdZachNood: if it is there's a lot of people to be screwed23:19
wilee-nileeNanashi, without more detailed descriptions we can't really help.23:20
=== Cyberspa1eloa is now known as Cyberspaceloa
datahi, i have a problem with, I think, custom mouse pointers in certain applications. i.e. they do not appear, e.g., in spotify, skype, java applications and others. is there a way to disable them? I have changed cursor themes and am at a loss23:21
Adam____Greetings all, I installed ubuntu side by side with windows xp ...while xp works fine..when I boot in ubuntu, the monitor is out of sync.  My screen is blank and it just flashes the out of synch message.  Any suggestions?23:22
ZigndGoogle Drive client for Linux is just a click of distance. I've saw on OMGUbuntu! this petition for creating a native Linux Google Drive application. So you guys want it, just sign on this page (no registration is required) http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/google-create-a-native-linux-google-drive-application23:22
Adam____Any one know how to fix the monitor out of sync issue?23:24
lvlingliAdam____: I have the same question when I use the old ubuntu releases23:24
Adam____Thanks lvlingli...but this is the latest release.23:25
SiecjeI like the snap to the right, left or top but how can I snap a window to the four corners top right bottom right etc23:26
=== felipe__ is now known as Guest686
wilee-nileeAdam____, try a nomodeset boot to see if you get the gui.23:27
wilee-nilee! nomodeset > Adam____23:27
ubottuAdam____, please see my private message23:27
Tex_NickAdam____:  I probably can't help with that, but you really need to provide more info for the channel gurus ... graphics hardware & drivers etc23:28
Adam____Thanks..gotcha....I dont' know what nomodeset is..let me google it.23:28
wilee-nileeAdam____, Check the private message from the bot for a link.23:30
=== Guest686 is now known as felipe99
Adam____Thank you everyone23:31
Lovelynerd14I am new here23:31
=== Multiply is now known as multiply
Tex_NickLovelynerd14:  stay a while and you'll get old fast ... if you have an ubuntu specific question please ask ... providing as much detail as posible23:33
olskolirccould someone tell me what's the difference between ip address *.*.*.*/24 and *.*.*.*/16 please?23:34
olskolircthe 24 and the 1623:34
jribolskolirc: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classless_Inter-Domain_Routing23:34
daftykinsolskolirc: one has a subnet mask of and the other
daftykinsmust sleep nn!23:35
olskolircohhh ok daftykins you saved me two days worth of reading thanks23:35
olskolircso /24 belongs to .0 and /16 belongs to 0.0? or vice versa23:36
olskolircn/m I remember now23:37
elisa87this klee software requires me to tell where my llvm path is ! How can I know it? ./configure --with-llvm=path/to/llvm 23:37
Siecjeis there a hotkey to snap to the left or right side?23:39
olskolircdaftykins, is there a such thing as a /8 and a /4?23:43
olskolircrather what do we have to work with /24 /16 are there more /?23:43
ShariffHow do I check if dnsmasq has added a tftp-server to the dhcp lease?23:44
SerpienteI am havin a problem connecting to ubuntu servers using apt through squid3 setup is a standard squid3 installation (apt-get install squid) and exporting http_proxy variable on the client machine. requesting pages through wget works for my pages and others, google.com and google.de are not working, any ideas on what I missed? those pages hang at Proxy request sent, awaiting response... and apt-get update is hanging at apt-get update waiting for headers23:46
Ponch0hey buntu, it seems i get this error, - GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed - how do I change the page size cuz that error annoys me.23:49
danitohello, what is the best partition format I can use for a raid 1 array in a server? I plan to access files on the network with samba in other nix distros and windows23:49
danitohello, what is the best partition format I can use for a raid 1 array in a ubuntu server? I plan to access files on the network with samba in other nix distros and windows23:51
Tex_Nick!patience | danito23:51
ubottudanito: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/23:51
Tex_Nick!best |danito23:52
ubottudanito: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.23:52
raven_how to split network traffic: upstream to mobile, downstream from cable?23:54
muellisoftraven_: not easy. definitely not for beginners. Try to search for "bonding" your interfaces.23:56
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
Tex_Nickraven_:  you'll probably need a managed router for that purpose23:56
Muelliplus: many ISPs do not allow that.23:56
Tex_NickMuelli: good point23:57
raven_is there really no way to do anything with iptables?23:58
pragmaticenigmaraven_: IPtables is meant for routing traffic between networks, but it's not really intended for the purposes you speak of.  Normal network usage is device sends out a packet and expects a response on the same interface23:59

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