Noskcajwhat link do you guys want at the bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam ? the current one is broken07:28
zequence-sNoskcaj, Hi. I changed it before07:30
zequence-sThe name of the team has changed07:31
Noskcajthe link when you click on "Ubutnu Studio QA" is still broken07:31
zequence-sAh, I'll fix that07:32
Noskcajok, ty07:32
cubAre there any statistics on how many downloads there have been for the different releases?11:05
nickgermaineI was working yesterday, but did an install of wordpress with the US theme.  I, so far, have changed the main font to the official ubuntu font, going to work on the colors today, and the search box on the right, going to spruce that up a bit make it look new and modern12:05
cubIs the font connected to google fonts or what will it show for visitors that don't have the ubuntu font?12:19
zequence-snickgermaine, Nice work. I'd love it if you could change the font sizes as well12:26
zequence-snickgermaine, Specifically make the default text font a bit larter12:26
zequence-snickgermaine, As for coloring, please keep in mind that we are working on a unified theming experience, which madeinkobaia is at the lead, of which colors is a major part of12:28
zequence-sthis means that we will be using a very specific set of colors for all of our artwork12:28
nickgermaineRight on, do we have the hex color codes for those?12:29
nickgermaineI was just going to make the content font a bit darker as per your previous suggestion12:29
zequence-sWe don't have a set of colors for that yet, since the work is just beginning really12:29
zequence-snickgermaine, That would be great12:29
nickgermainegood stuff12:29
zequence-sI think for now, if you do any changes of an artistic kind, don't go too far away from where we are now12:29
zequence-ssince, as said, we need to establish a goal for that first12:31
zequence-sOf course, any ideas are always welcome, just that one should not expect for them to be realized12:32
cubin the art branch there are hex for olders versions though12:33
zequence-sI think probably everyone would agree that the format for the website is ok, so we should just build off from that12:33
zequence-smadeinkobaia, when doing his artwork so far, has been following the already established colors, but the classical set of colors should only to be regarded as inspriration at this point12:34
zequence-sOvenWerk1, I just double checked qjackctl behaviour on saucy, and don't understand why you would get a different result13:14
zequence-sno matter how qjackctl is configured, if jackd is running when starting qjackctl, qjackctl will already be activated13:15
OvenWerk1zequence-s: saucy seems to be fine.13:15
zequence-sand, when clicking stop, it appears as if it was stopping jackd, but it isn't13:15
zequence-sso, why are you thinking this is fine?13:16
OvenWerk1Not the not showing stopped but the showing running when started.13:16
zequence-sThat much was clear all along13:16
zequence-sAnd it has been that way for ages13:17
zequence-sperhaps from the start13:17
zequence-sthe problem is that it appears to be stopping jack, when it isn't13:17
OvenWerk1on an older version if started in dbus mode it didn't show a running jackd13:17
zequence-show old?13:18
zequence-sI've never seen that myself, namely13:18
zequence-sanyway, the situation I described earlier is what is13:19
OvenWerk1I would have to do more checking.13:19
OvenWerk1Do we still have a problem with qjackctl trying to start dbus when a jack is running?13:20
zequence-sIt start jackdbus, yes13:20
zequence-sbut it doesn't start a new instance of a "jackd", just starts the jackdbus process13:21
OvenWerk1maybe that is the problem.13:21
OvenWerk1when about to call dbus, qjackctl should check to see if jackd is alreay there13:21
zequence-sanyway, I already explained the problem quite clearly I think13:22
cubzequence, what do you do outside of US? I gathered you live in gothenburg?14:04

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