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tuvwxwhere can i read/learn about how to use bzr with multiple, possibly divergent remote branches? what are my options? (no local changes)15:05
tuvwxi have a local branch from one remote branch. now i want changes from another remote branch. 'bzr missing <new-remote-branch' says: You have 3 extra revisions, and You are missing 65 revisions15:07
tuvwxhow do i keep my 3 extra revisions and get the missing 65 revisions?15:08
tuvwxdo i just 'merge <new-remote>', or is there a safer way?15:09
jelmertuvwx: yeah, just 'bzr merge <new-remote>' should work15:12
tuvwxjelmer: and how do i recover if the merge goes bad? (go back to pre-merge state)15:12
jelmertuvwx: 'bzr revert' will revert any pending changes in the working tree15:13
tuvwxthe problem is: after the merge i will diverge from all remote branches. if i want to, how do i go back to being identical to one of them?15:13
jelmertuvwx: you can 'bzr pull --overwrite <remote-branch>' to make your changes the same as the remote branch15:14
tuvwxjelmer: great! many thanks!15:14
tuvwxjelmer: btw, what is a good, compact source for such information? searching rarely lands me on breaf, to-the-point references15:15
jelmertuvwx: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.5/en/tutorials/index.html might help15:16
tuvwxjelmer: see, i can't find --overwrite in there15:17
jelmertuvwx: I don't think that's a very common thing; the docs on "bzr pull" will have some notes on overwrite I think15:17
mgzjelmer: (unrelated to anything) `bzr pull -d co:trunk` does surprising things15:19
mgzit's not at all like `bzr pull -d ../trunk` which is the anathingy I was expecting15:19
tuvwxi did the merge, and got no conflicts. how can i confirm that the working directory has code from the two source branches? version-info shows info for the original branch only15:21
tuvwx'status' shows modified files (not committed yet)15:21
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tuvwxi can't find any reference to the new branch after the merge16:07
__marcohello, how can I see if a pull will create collisions?17:00
__marcoI have a big change that I decided to break in smaller pieces. I created a clone of my repo, made and committed some changes and now I would like to pull to my changes back17:05
mgz__marco: merge --preview17:05
mgzspecifically, assuming branches original and new, `cd original; bzr merge --preview ../new`17:07
__marcomgz: now I now because it was not mentioned in the doc, no such option. my bazaar version is to old I think17:07
mgzjust merge then diff then, but I suspect you just tyoped, preview has been in for ever17:08
__marcoI am sorry, I read missing instead of merge17:08
mgzthe relevent thing is what you are doing is a merge, not a pull.17:09
__marcomgz: a merge that is a pull because I made no changes in the original branch. So i looked only to the missing and pull documentation17:11
__marcoand missed that17:11
jelmermgz: doesn't it just pull the changes from the trunk colocated branch into the current branch?17:24
mgzjelmer: does something odd like switches the working tree... leaves the branch pointer alone, which is very confusing17:26
xnoxis there a command line way to lookup sha1 of a given revno?17:31
jelmerxnox: I think "bzr revision-info" might show it17:32
jelmerxnox: otherwise there is "bzr cat-revision"17:32
jelmerxnox: but the output of that is format-specific, so it's not necessarily a good idea to use17:33
xnoxjelmer: i'm after something like: get_testament_sha1(self, repo, revid):17:35
jelmerxnox: IIRC there was "bzr testament" as well17:36
xnoxjelmer: now..... i just want testament locally to be the same as produced by udd =))))17:38
* xnox is getting different sha values locally......17:38
xnoxsmells fishy17:38
xnoxthansk a lot.17:39
pindongahi... does anyone know of an easy way to get the timestamp for a given commit (by revno)19:42
pindongausing bzrlib19:42
jelmerpindonga: b = Branch.open(PATH); b.repository.get_revision(b.revision_id_to_revno(REVNO)).timestamp19:45
pindongajelmer, if I do this: br.repository.get_revision(br.revision_id_to_revno(br.revno()))19:47
pindongaI get a NoSuchRevision error19:47
pindongalooks like it's not expecting a revno after all?19:48
pindongaI could use br.last_revision() instead19:48
pindongabut I'd like to use br.revno() as it's easier to read for humans (when I present the info)19:48
jelmerpindonga: sorry, br.get_rev_id() rather than br.revision_id_to_revno()19:49
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pindongajelmer, worked like a charm, thx!21:39
jelmerquicksilver: hi, did you hear back much in reply to your lazyweb post about activity trackers?21:55
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