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ScottKRiddell: For kde-dev-utils, debian/copyright is the full kdesdk one and should be redone for just what it covers now.  No messages.sh either.  Debian/changelog needs fixing.    The rest seems good.  Accepting.00:52
ScottKRiddell: For kde-dev-scripts, debian/changelog needs fixing, no messages.sh, and the source/lintian-override doesn't apply since there's no -dbg package.  Other than that, good.01:36
ScottKOnly ten more ...01:39
manchickenHowdy all.04:16
ScottKHeya, it's a manchicken.04:18
manchickenQuick! Get it! Get it!04:18
ScottKmanchicken: It's safe to stick around.  Adept's been removed from the archive.04:21
manchickenI actually had a very long stint of Mac, I'm recently returning.04:21
ScottKWelcome back.04:21
manchickenIt's been a while.04:23
manchickenI'm thinking I'm annoyed that cunit is so very out of date.04:23
manchickenlibmanchicken uses CUnit
manchickenWe have 1.0.1 in the repos.04:24
manchickenI never did learn how to package.04:24
manchickenNor do I really want to... :(04:24
ScottKNo, we have 2.004:26
manchickenWhich package?04:26
ScottKerr 2.1.004:26
manchickenI see only libcunit104:27
ScottKThat's the soname, not the version number04:27
manchickenYeah, it's library version 1.0.104:27
ScottKGotta run.04:27
manchickenThe binaries it creates won't build...04:28
manchickenErr, run.04:28
manchickenThey produce no output.04:28
ScottKNo idea, never used it.05:13
ScottKYou might write the Debian maintainer.05:13
manchickenYeah, I used it on my Mac... maybe my mac was the out of date one... dunno. You'd think I'd get some kind of error, not just an exit with no crash and no ouput.05:13
manchickenOkay, switching to Kubuntu.05:14
ScottKRiddell: For kcron, changelog needs fixed, it's got the issue with debhelper/compat version, it also has the -dbg depends issue, the first line of debian/copyright needs checking. Accepted.05:15
ScottKRiddell: kcachegrind  is a reject because the license of converters/pprof2calltree (BSD) is missing from debian/copyright.  Debian/changelog needs fixed.  It does seem like the -dbg should depend on kcachegrind.05:22
manchickenThis is annoying...05:30
manchickenThe touchscreen in GNU/Linux only ever selects things when things are selectable, doesn't scroll.05:30
manchickenUnless you tap the scrollbar05:31
soeegood morning06:30
ScottKRiddell: kapptemplate needs debian/changelog fixed, it has the -dbg depends issue, but other than that, seems fine.07:05
ScottKRiddell: dolphin-plugins has no messages.sh, debian/changelog needs fixing, and that's it.07:16
ScottKRiddell: For cervisia, debian/changelog needs fixed, otherwise, seems fine.07:24
ScottKNow I must sleep.07:24
apacheloggeryofel: yay09:22
apacheloggeryofel: but how?09:23
apacheloggerScottK: did the armhf issue get resolved? right now it is building anyway so I don't see anything useful :/09:24
yofelhm, I fixed one thing in rules, but otherwise I guess they fixed it?09:24
apacheloggerno, it should have been something in the rules09:25
apacheloggeri.e. syncqt was not found but it was there, god knows why :S09:25
apacheloggeryofel: it appears you did not push your fix :P09:26
yofelthey renamed that to syncqt.pl09:26
yofelhuh? I thought I did...09:26
yofelI did09:27
apacheloggerbzr is weird09:27
apacheloggerah right, up vs. pull...09:27
apachelogger>>> bzr pull09:27
apacheloggerbzr: ERROR: No pull location known or specified.09:27
apachelogger^ also funny that it knows where to push stuff but not where to pull from...09:27
apacheloggeryofel: thanks for the fix09:28
yofelbzr pull :parent maybe?09:28
apacheloggeryofel: well, that branch I have is parent :P09:28
* yofel uses checkouts usually partly because 'branch' is annoying -.-09:28
apacheloggerparent of the lunchpad thign09:28
* apachelogger tries phonon before continuing with the other qt thingums09:30
apacheloggeryofel: how would you do signing ... a) copy/mount key into chroot and sign as part of the build job b) debsign build/* from outside the chroot09:34
apacheloggerb seems architecturally shittier but way less opportunity to fail I think09:35
apacheloggeroh and09:36
apacheloggeryofel, Quintasan, shadeslayer:                                  Depends: libasound2-dev but it is not going to be installed.                   I am reasonable certain phonon does not depend on asound09:36
yofelI don't think we ever cleaned up old deps09:37
apacheloggerI think that hasn't been right for 3 years or so09:39
yofelas for b, wouldn't that need the key in the user keyring? (though one would make a new user for this anyway)09:39
yofelthen go that way IMO. I'm not sure what the advantage of copying the key into the chroot would be09:41
agateauhey, out of curiosity, are you folks setting up your own build machine?09:43
yofelwe'll probably end up with one that builds the sources, package builds will be done by launchpad09:43
apachelogger<- wanted to rewrite OBS but got shut down :(09:44
yofeluhm... enjoy finding a server for that...09:45
apacheloggeryofel: it's just nicer because if you sign inside the chroot the entire build is contained within it (i.e. you can also upload); if you do it outside the chroot you need to regex all *changes files, debsign them and dput them which strictly speaking is breaking capsulation as now the builder is actually aware of at least one output file generated by the Jobs09:46
yofelah hm09:46
apacheloggerpbuilder dep resolution is weird09:46
apacheloggerit's aborting again09:46
yofelwell, as long as both ways are possible (so I can upload myself if I want), I don't mind09:47
apacheloggerand I have no idea why09:47
apacheloggeroh and I need to introduce a shell harness09:48
apacheloggerpbuilder runscript does weird shit WRT library loading such that calling /usr/bin/ruby via runscript will try to load libruby1.8 even though the chroot ruby is libruby1.909:48
apacheloggerphonon builds (except for broken install)10:25
ScottKapachelogger: No, that's just me vainly retrying in the hopes it will work.10:47
ScottKapachelogger: It's failed again now.10:47
ScottKRiddell: If kde4libs on armhf doesn't get solved pretty quickly, we may have to force the whole stack into the release pocket or Alpha 1 won't be very exciting.10:50
apachelogger../../khtml/svg/SVGStyledLocatableElement.h:45:27: internal compiler error: in extract_insn, at recog.c:215410:51
apacheloggergcc bug it seems? :P10:51
apacheloggerScottK: gcc thing... neither that file nor the FloatRect have changed in years10:59
apacheloggeryofel: same thingy can also build qt5.git11:07
apacheloggerI'll give that a shot11:07
BluesKajHey all11:11
apacheloggerjussi: btw I am still in the !ops of #kubuntu ^^11:22
Tm_Tapachelogger: isn't that good?11:22
apacheloggernot if a notification pops up that tells me how god hates fags while I am watching prn....11:23
Tm_Tapachelogger: just remember I love you nonetheless11:23
apacheloggeryofel: uploading a project-neon5-qt5 test now11:24
apacheloggerhello Riddell11:27
yofelapachelogger: oh, you figured out how to clone the correct set of submodules?11:29
apacheloggerjust get them all :P11:29
yofelwith the correct branches? ^^11:29
Riddelldrat, head not in a good way today, let's see how many packages I can fix11:30
apacheloggeryofel: I should hope so? :P11:30
apacheloggerinit-repository ought to follow the branch of qt5 itself11:30
apacheloggeralso it should handle updates11:30
apacheloggeralso I am reasonable certain it will fail at some point :P11:30
yofelRiddell: a few have fixes pending from me, please esp. look at cervisia if that's the way to go or if you want the cvsservice package back11:30
ScottKRiddell and apachelogger: COuld you figure out with doko about the gcc thing.  I'll be offline for the next 10 hours or so.11:30
apacheloggerbut this way it's closer to upstream's tar etc.11:31
apacheloggeryofel: if things go horribly wrong with qt5 we can always go the route of separate packages11:31
yofelapachelogger: considering the stories I heard about building qt5 so far that should fail pretty reliably I think11:31
apacheloggerhence why I started with qtbase11:31
apacheloggeryofel: we'll see11:31
* apachelogger hands Riddell a cookie and ask him to talk to doko :P11:32
apacheloggerwhere's my shadeslayer :(11:32
apacheloggeryofel: you don't have an attica nightly yet?11:33
apacheloggerwonder if it is necessary11:33
apacheloggerprobably not11:33
apacheloggerextra-cmake-modules attica libstreams libstreamanalyzer11:33
yofelwell, there is project-neon-attica11:33
apacheloggerformer we will need11:33
yofelso that can be ported trivially11:33
apacheloggeryofel: don't find the source import though11:33
yofelwhich reminds me11:34
apacheloggeryou're lazy11:34
yofelcan we call the packaging branches <module>-packaging or so?11:34
yofelfor ^ reasons11:34
apacheloggerwhy not ~neon/attica/master? :P11:34
yofelbecause we're lazy :D11:34
yofelI don't create projects on launchpad that I don't care about11:35
apacheloggeryofel: just create projects11:35
apacheloggerand you can call the packaging branches whatever you want them to be called11:35
apacheloggerthe thing is ... if you don't create projects one has two places to look for code imports11:36
yofelwell, currently they're called <pkg>-ubuntu, which is utterly wrong11:36
apacheloggeror rather, one that will fail because there is no project ^^11:36
yofellaunchpad will tell you once you try to make another import :P11:36
apacheloggerreal nice...11:36
smartboyhwHello guys:)11:36
yofelalso, it's 3 locations actually (or a bazillion), like lp:~neon/kdeadmin/kcron11:36
apacheloggerif you want to go the no-project route I propose the following transition for the near future11:37
yofelI mean, I'm fine with creating projects. Need to check if I can make them from launchpadlib though11:38
apacheloggerthat does not solve the i-cannot-find-source problem but it prevents name clashes and better represents their organizational units11:38
apacheloggeryofel: well, you only need two projects ^^11:38
apacheloggerno api need there ;)11:38
apacheloggeroh noes11:39
apacheloggerI forgot to drop syncqt with qt511:39
apacheloggerwas making the change in my test chroot and forgo to carry over to source -.-11:39
smartboyhwHA HA HA11:40
* yofel wonders if you can move branches between projects11:41
apacheloggermove = push + delete11:41
apacheloggerI don't think there is a move instruction as such11:41
yofelthat doesn't update the recipe :S11:41
apacheloggerautomatic updates11:41
apacheloggerwe are talking about lunchpad right?11:42
apacheloggeryofel: you are funny :P11:42
yofelif you rename a branch it auto-updates :P11:42
apacheloggernow if only there was a move instruction11:42
yofelthough I can edit the recipe text from launchpadlib so it would be push + edit + delete11:43
yofeler, that won't work for imports -.-11:43
apacheloggerimports aren't relocatable anyway11:43
apacheloggerseee, we should have used an OBS repalcement :P11:43
yofelgo ahead and write one then, maybe ximion can re-use it :P11:44
* yofel looks at lplib docs11:45
Riddellyofel: cervisia change looks good, I'll upload11:45
ximionapachelogger: yes, please do that! should only take a week or so.... ;-)11:46
yofelhm... projects.new_project()11:48
yofelI guess that's the way to go then11:48
yofeloh, I need to port the packaging template to neon511:50
yofel(the one that isn't called template...)11:50
smartboyhwRiddell, ping ping.11:50
smartboyhwHmm, rekonq's stuck in -proposed when it perfectly builds.11:51
yofelprobably depends on something that's stuck in proposed.11:51
* yofel forgot where the reason table was11:51
smartboyhwyofel, that's a meh...:(11:52
Riddellhi smartboyhw 11:52
yofelwell, if gcc isn't fixed soon we'll have to do a mass-override to release anyway11:52
Riddellsmartboyhw: cos of qtwebkit I guess11:52
Riddellwhich is also broken with arm gcc bug11:53
smartboyhwRiddell, yofel I mean it builds in archive..11:53
smartboyhwAll armhf and powerpc and such11:53
yofelsmartboyhw: britney does a *installability* test too11:53
yofelthe britney output is public somewhere, but I don't have the url at hand11:53
yofelnvm, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/11:54
smartboyhwautopkgtest for pango1.0 1.32.5-5ubuntu1: RUNNING  O.o11:56
smartboyhwWhat the hell is that?11:56
Tm_Tpango and bongo drums?11:57
smartboyhwIt actually came from the rekonq report.11:57
RiddellScottK: dolphin-plugins has Messages.sh in subdirectories so that's fine12:07
apacheloggeryofel: ohttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/143277150/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.project-neon5-qt5_0.0%2Bgit20130624~df0a7fd-13~saucy2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:31
apacheloggerit makes no sense...12:31
yofellemme get that source...12:32
apacheloggerif [ -e "$relpath/.git" ]; then12:33
apacheloggermadness, oh madness12:34
apacheloggeryofel: should be solved now12:36
apacheloggeronly clearing the .git dirs, not actually dropping that should make syncqt run automagically12:36
apacheloggerreally shitty if though12:36
apacheloggershould be more like if .git || flippingincludedirsisnotpresent12:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?62995-Wrong-time-zone-on-your-clock-Help-Kubuntu-devs-create-a-fix&p=330298&viewfull=1#post33029812:43
apacheloggeralso related http://lists.debian.org/debian-glibc/1999/04/msg00096.html12:46
smartboyhwyofel, it turns out the autopkgtest thing is a error from release team:P12:53
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Riddell06:15 < ScottK> Riddell: For kcron, changelog needs fixed, it's got the issue with debhelper/compat version,13:03
RiddellScottK: what's the issue with compat?13:03
Riddellthey're both set to 713:03
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> Guys, our QA Classroom sessions starts 1 hour later. Make sure you join us through #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat!13:04
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy13:04
smartboyhwA bit of promotion:P13:04
Riddellsmartboyhw: do poke any new people back into here :)13:05
smartboyhwRiddell, uh alright.13:06
smartboyhwI'm not the coordinator of the whole thing. I do have a 120-minute to myself next Monday.13:06
smartboyhwDo join guys:)13:06
smartboyhwI got it wrong guys, it's 1 hour later NOW.13:30
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RiddellScottK: should be all your review comments fixed, mostly in bzr rather than upload, thanks for reviewing.  I still don't get what the debhelper/compat issue is you keep saying14:43
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RiddellScottK: you have block kde4libs/4:4.10.80-0ubuntu1 in hints-ubuntu?16:57
* Riddell turns it into a force16:59
QuintasanRiddell, ScottK: Any objections for upgrading wacomtablet to 2.0.0 in saucy?17:04
ScottKconsidering we won't get armhf fixed,  force makes sense. 17:04
RiddellQuintasan: why might we object?17:05
Riddellis there a downside?17:05
QuintasanSave for me not being able to test it - none17:05
Riddellyeah,none of us can :(17:06
ScottKRiddell: Since you claim to support standards version 3.9.4, you need at least compat 8 and build-dep on at least debhelper >= 8.1. The ones I commented on are still 7.17:07
RiddellScottK: mm you sure? nothing about that in http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2012/09/msg00006.html17:10
Riddellhttp://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dreq.en.html  says you need to have debhelper 9 if using dh which probably invalidates a lot of our packages, but not these ones17:14
ScottKIt's because build-arch/build-indep became mandatory.  For dh short form debian/rules that's the first debhelper version that's supported. 17:14
ScottKok. then maybe I'm wrong and it's 9.17:16
ScottKCertainly not 7 though. 17:16
ScottKgotta run17:19
AshishLi am new to kubuntu and want to build kde from SC . how to do that ?17:46
RiddellAshishL: from SC?17:48
AshishLRiddell : source code ?17:49
AshishLRiddell : i couldnt connect to the internet in ubuntu .. will that happen in Kubuntu too ??17:50
RiddellAshishL: um, that seems more important that compiling17:50
RiddellI don't know if it will happen, depends on what the problem is17:51
AshishLRiddell: the internet didnt work in openSUSE , ubuntu too but works fint in win 717:51
RiddellAshishL: then you should fix that first17:55
AshishLRiddell:how ? any ideas suggestions ?17:55
RiddellAshishL: no I've no idea what's wrong with it, see kubuntu.org/support for support methods17:55
AshishLRiddell: how did you connect to internet in Kubuntu ???17:56
Riddellusing network management plasmoid17:56
AshishLRiddell : is the procedure different from the windows procedure ( i use a broadband - dial up connection)17:57
RiddellAshishL: yes, the whole OS is different18:01
RiddellAshishL: please ask in #kubuntu for support18:02
AshishLRiddell: is the terminal Konsole ?18:07
RiddellAshishL: yes18:07
AshishLRiddell: in kubuntu are all the kde libs installed like kdepim etc ?18:08
AshishLRiddell:whats the advantage of kubuntu ? is kde pre-built ?? or do  we have to use kdesrc-build ??18:11
RiddellAshishL: yes kde libraries are installed, yes kde is pre-built, please ask in #kubuntu for support18:13
AshishLRiddell: in kubuntu is the KPPP method still there ?18:14
AshishLRiddell : if i am bug-triaging and need some help , will you help me ?18:15
AshishLRiddell: i am quite new..18:15
RiddellAshishL: yeah if it's contributions18:19
AshishLRiddell : what does building a single application mean ??18:36
Riddellum, compiling one application?18:37
AshishLRIddell : how to use qt to edit source code ?18:40
RiddellAshishL: that question doesn't make sense, I think you need to learn the basics of using linux before trying to do debugging and compiling18:42
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AshishLRiddell: how can i do that ??19:34
RiddellScottK: pykde seems a bit broken19:55
RiddellRuntimeError: the sip module implements API v10.0 but the PyKDE4.kdecore module requires API v9.219:55
Riddellxnox: anything to do with you? ^^19:55
yofelRiddell: you want sip, pyqt and pykde from -proposed19:59
Riddellhmm, which is stuck on kde4libs20:01
yofeleither pull all of kde from -proposed, or use pykde from ninjas, that works too20:03
Riddellmm or work out how to get kde4libs into -release20:04
Riddellit all start tumbling in20:32
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soeehmm this wednesday kde 4.11 beta2 is going to be released ?21:10
yofelfrom kde yeah, we'll have it for the weekend I hope21:12
soeeMamarok, the amarok in beta backports working now wit kde 4.11 b1 ?21:19
soeeok anyway upgrading my desktop to beta21:20
Riddellhi ahoneybun 21:31
ahoneybunRiddell: hello!21:31
ahoneybunI did not think anyone would notice me come in lol21:31
Riddellahoneybun: look here http://docs.kubuntu.co.uk/21:31
ahoneybunRiddell: I'm thinking about this just now but like darkwing said with HTML we can translate the pages with little work21:33
Mamaroksoee: there is an Amarok in the beta backports? If yes, it is pretty muhc outdated I would say, we haven't released the beta of 2.8 yet21:35
Riddellahoneybun: how?21:35
soeeMamarok, 2:2.7.1-0ubuntu0.1~ubuntu13.04+KDE4.11~ppa121:35
ahoneybunRiddell: I believe there is a Google translate code we could put in21:35
soeeuploaded 6 hours ago21:35
yofelsoee, Mamarok: I cherry picked the crash fix so it's usable until we have 2.821:36
Riddellhmm, for some definition of "translate" :)21:36
soeeah yofel great, thank you21:36
Mamarokyofel: oh, cool :)21:36
ahoneybunRiddell: https://translate.google.com/manager/website/suggestions?site=a043555eeb72090021:37
Mamarokwe are preparing a beta for 2.8, as soon as strohel answers my mails21:37
ahoneybun: https://translate.google.com21:37
ahoneybunRiddell: could I test on that test page that is on the server at this moment?21:38
ahoneybuntry out that translate functions21:40
ScottKRidell: pykde4 in proposed fixes that21:43
RiddellScottK: yeah, which makes me wonder if we need to force 100 packages for this alpha21:56
ahoneybunRiddell: can I give you the code to add to the page for translate support?21:57
Riddellahoneybun: hang on we don't even have the page in english yet21:57
ahoneybunRiddell: I want to just see if it will work on that dummy page21:57
ScottKI don't see much point in an alpha was 4.10.21:58
Riddellahoneybun: well I can just give you access to the server to do that if you wish21:59
RiddellScottK: so force 100 packages it is21:59
ahoneybunRiddell: yes that will work I want to know if it will work first21:59
RiddellScottK: or 630 colin said22:00
yofelplease make sure amarok ubuntu3 gets into the alpha too so it doesn't just crash22:00
Riddellyofel: that seems to be compiling ok on arm22:00
yofelnow that's something at least...22:01
Riddelldebfx: your kubuntu-buildstatus stuff needs postges set up?22:02
* Riddell announces http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/22:03
ScottKskip the alpha or force them - not sure which is best. 22:05
ScottKI'm okay either way. 22:05
ahoneybunRiddell: is that the server that was donated to us?22:20
Riddellahoneybun: yep22:22
Riddellanyone got a Technicolor modem and able to tell me why port forwarding doesn't work for me?22:30
ahoneybunRiddell: http://ahoneybun.tumblr.com/22:40
Riddellcor a blog :)22:45
Riddellahoneybun: become a kubuntu member and you can get that on planet ubuntu22:45
ahoneybunI know, I'm working towards that :)22:46
ahoneybunRiddell: I'm confused in this whole X, Mir, and Wayland thing22:54
yofeleveryone is...22:55
ScottKIt's either nothing to worry about or we're doomed and it'll be at least two or three years before we know for sure which it is.22:58
ScottKJontheEchidna: Does the phased update change that's being done in update-manager affect us?23:04
ahoneybunScottK: yofel no I don't know where they tie in23:04
ahoneybunLike I know X is a display server and so is Mir23:04
yofelMir and Wayland are both replacements for X, or a part of it at least23:04
yofelX is an OS in itself (most of it unused these days)23:04
yofelahoneybun: I'm too tried to really explain what X is and so on, but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayland_%28display_server_protocol%29 is a good starting point with links for further information23:07
ahoneybunyofel: that's ok :)23:07
ahoneybuncan any one confirm that if you have a OS installed and run a LiveDVD that the installer will give a option to split the hdd for both OS's?23:09
yofelright, dual boot is the default behaviour in that case23:09
ahoneybunok cool23:12
ahoneybunRiddell: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuDocs/Installing23:19
JontheEchidnaScottK: nope23:31
ScottKJontheEchidna: Thanks.23:32
JontheEchidnaPhase information is currently ignored and updates are offered as they become available23:33
valorieahoneybun: I think we should get some slides showing what various installation choices look like, and at least tell what the results of that might mean23:34
valoriewe probably can't get into all the nitty-gritty, but the more information we give people, the more confident they will be to install Kubuntu.23:35
ScottKJontheEchidna: That's great because I was seriously wondering how to avoid offering someone half a KDE point release.23:37
ScottKNot kidding.23:37
ScottKI'm not sure they thought this thing all the way through.23:38
ahoneybunoh hello valorie!23:40
valoriehi ahoneybun23:45
ahoneybunwhats up/23:45
valorieI was just working on the install pages a bit23:45
valoriebut it's almost time for dinner, and tonight's my night with my dad23:46
ahoneybunvalorie: I was working on them as well a bit23:49
valorieok, I'll stay out of your way for awhile23:50
ahoneybunvalorie: no no I'm done for the moment, we have a server!23:50
valorieI'll be back around 4 hours from now23:50
valorieI saw that23:50
valoriepretty exciting!23:50
ahoneybunand I will be asleep for work at 823:51
valorieso when Saucy is ready to go, we'll have the docs there23:51
valorieready and waiting23:51
valoriemaybe earlier if we can swing it23:51
ahoneybunvalorie: I want to try to put google translate on the server pages23:52
valorieit's not the best solution IMO, but certainly better than nothing23:52
ahoneybunvalorie: the best would be?23:52
valorieactual translations23:52
ahoneybunhow would that work on a website?23:53
valoriedepends on how you set it up23:53
valoriethere are CMS solutions which have a built-in way to get translations done23:53
valoriethe Amarok pages, for instance23:54
valorieotoh, the Amarok solution is a pile of poo23:54
valoriebut there is probably better stuff out there23:54
valorieof course, there is also mediawiki with the Translate plugin, which is what KDE uses23:56
valorieso it might be a good time to have that conversation on the -devel list now that we have a server set up23:57
Quintasanahoneybun: May I suggest something?23:59

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