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dholbachgood morning07:12
nerochiarozsombi: Kaleo: timp: did anyone have time to look into the ubuntu-ui-extras branch ? I did not receive any reply to my email or anything09:00
zsombinerochiaro: I was away, but we discussed the structure on IRC last time you were here09:17
nerochiarozsombi: so is there anything that i should change ?09:30
zsombinerochiaro: as we discussed, it depends how strict compliant the plugin needs to be with the ones from SDK09:31
zsombinerochiaro: check the layouts branch lp:~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/layouts09:32
zsombinerochiaro: we have separate plugin for it09:33
zsombinerochiaro: so if you want to use that structure, you can take it as example09:33
nerochiarozsombi: ok, got it. I will try to copy that structure09:38
AskUbuntuDevelopment tool and language used for ubuntu mobile app | http://askubuntu.com/q/31206410:28
om26erhow to clear the phone-app call/sms history ?11:27
om26erI want to clean that each time during my test run11:28
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dholbachdpm, mhall119: have we specified the best-practices regarding "hacking on an app and testing it on a device" somewhere? would those be suitable for the "system apps" too?11:59
dpmdholbach, I think the same guidelines would apply to all types of apps. We don't have any best practices documented now, but we have the development guide for core apps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide12:01
dholbachoh nice - that looks well-written12:01
dholbachdpm, as part of an initiative to get more people working on the "system apps" (is that what we call them? I always forget), I'd ask on the -phone mailing list to see if there's any other docs or other tips if that's all right12:02
dpmdholbach, sure12:03
dholbachdpm, and they're called "system apps"? :)12:03
dpmdholbach, if you're referring to camera, web browser, notes, etc, yes, that's what we've been calling them, but simply to differentiate them from the rest of the core apps12:04
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om26erboiko, Hi!12:53
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nerochiarozsombi: do you know how I (or someone else) can create the lp:ubuntu-ui-extras trunk repository ?13:01
nerochiarozsombi: i'm trying just pushing to it but it won't allow me to create it that way13:01
zsombi nerochiaro: nope... :(13:01
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nerochiaroKaleo: do you have any idea on how to create a trunk branch for lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit13:02
Kaleonerochiaro: just go to lp and point to a branch13:15
Kaleonerochiaro: did you upload  a branch?13:15
nerochiaroKaleo: i did, but i want to upload an empty one first so that i can have an MR of the actual code into it (for jenkins)13:15
boikoom26er: hi!13:16
om26erboiko, is there a way to clear calls/sms logs? I want to start clean each time phone-app starts in my tests.13:16
Kaleonerochiaro: ok, create an empty branch and push it13:16
Kaleonerochiaro: and I'll make it be lp:ubuntu-ui-extras13:16
nerochiaroKaleo: ok, hold on a sec13:17
boikoom26er: not from the app itself, but you can rm -rf ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs/ofono_ofono_account0/13:17
om26erboiko, yeah, that's what I wanted13:17
nerochiaroKaleo: lp:~amanzi-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk13:20
Kaleonerochiaro: you pushed it under the wrong project13:24
Kaleonerochiaro: and the wrong team13:24
Kaleonerochiaro: lp:~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-extras/trunk13:24
nerochiaroKaleo: i thought the trunk would eventually go to lp:ubuntu-ui-extras13:31
Kaleonerochiaro: it is13:33
Kaleonerochiaro: you don't get it13:33
Kaleonerochiaro: lp:ubuntu-ui-extras is not a location13:34
Kaleonerochiaro: it's just a shortcut13:34
Kaleonerochiaro: lp:~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-extras/trunk is the location13:34
Kaleonerochiaro: and it defines the team that can write13:34
Kaleonerochiaro: and the project it's filed under13:34
nerochiaroKaleo: ah, i see. the empty branch is now pushed there13:35
Kaleonerochiaro: lp:ubuntu-ui-extras is set13:39
nerochiaroKaleo: thank you13:39
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nerochiaroKaleo: is jenkins autobuild enabled on the ubuntu-ui-extras MRs ?14:08
Kaleonerochiaro: no14:11
nerochiaroKaleo: who can enable it ?14:11
Kaleonerochiaro: not sure14:14
Kaleonerochiaro: ask QA peeps14:14
nerochiaroom26er: mzanetti: any of you guys can please enable jenkins autobuild on lp:ubuntu-ui-extras or tell me who can do that ? thanks14:19
mzanettinerochiaro: whats autobuild?14:19
nerochiaromzanetti: jenkins tries to build the package when you do a merge request and post the results in the merge request14:20
om26ermzanetti, I can work on adding a CI job, if you want14:21
mzanettiom26er: ack14:22
nerochiaroom26er: yes please14:24
guschboiko nerochiaro renato_ reviews? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/qtubuntu-camera/qtcamera-no-thumbnails/+merge/171024 https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-cmd-pick-mode/+merge/17106014:42
nerochiarogusch: i'm having a look at camera14:42
guschnerochiaro: thx - it's an easy one (removing dead code)14:43
nerochiarogusch: yeah, simple enough, approved14:44
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boiko_gusch: if not yet taken, I'll take the other review17:28
guschboiko_: great thanks17:29
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boikogusch: so the photo picker will actually launch a full session of the gallery app but in a different mode? is that it?17:32
guschboiko: that's the current plan17:33
guschboiko: but there exists no design yet ...17:33
boikogusch: I was thinking it would be something simpler (like a QML plugin or something like that)17:33
guschboiko: it has to it's own app, so the data isolation can be fulfilled17:34
boikogusch: yeah, I was just thinking that there would be a generic content picking framework allowing for other apps to plug content in there17:35
boikogusch: but if that's the desired arch, your MR is correct, so, is this pick mode implemented in a separate MR or is it something that still needs to be implemented?17:36
guschboiko: no - there will just be an API to call(start) other apps, and ask them for some content17:36
boikogusch: ah ok17:36
guschboiko: the whole UI of the mode is missing ;)17:36
boikogusch: ok, so I'll approve your MR17:37
guschboiko: but at the moment I have troubles to prepare the datastructure for it (show only photos, when the user wants to pick a photo)17:37
guschboiko: thx17:37
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seb128is there a way to have wrapped text in a ListItem.Standard?20:39
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fully_humanHello. I'm doing pygtk (python 3 and Gtk + 3.0) development. For some reason whenever I load one window I get the following error: "Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_icon_set_render_icon_pixbuf: assertion `icon_set != NULL' failed" It's pointing to a line that doesn't exist in the program (so I'm assuming it's the compiled code). Any ideas? Thanks.21:47
fully_humanThe error occurrs over and over and it makes it really difficult to debug the program. :-(21:47
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