dholbachgood morning07:12
nigelbMorning dholbach, had a good weekend?07:21
dholbachhey nigelb07:22
dholbachyeah, I did :)07:22
dholbachfĂȘte de la musique on friday, bought a bicycle and had a bbq with friends on saturday and took the bike for a ride outside Berlin to a lake to visit some friends yesterday - vegan pizza to finish off the day :)07:23
dholbachso I can't complain :)07:23
dholbachhow about yourself?07:23
nigelbHeh, I went bowling, playing air hockey, and shooting zoombies with a friend.07:24
nigelbOh, and vietnamese dinner.07:24
dholbachmmmmmhhhh! :)07:24
nigelbMy arm still hurts from the bowling, and I'm craving the coconut sorbet I had. Otherwise, I can't complain too :)07:24
* dholbach relocates09:34
smartboyhwGuys, our QA Classroom sessions starts 1 hour later. Make sure you join us through #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat!13:00
Pici1 hour later than what?13:02
smartboyhwPici, now:P13:03
smartboyhwOr actually, 57 minutes.13:04
smartboyhwI got it wrong guys, it's 60 minutes from now:)13:30
balloonssmartboyhw, your not the only one to mess up the time :-)13:36
smartboyhwballoons, you too I know. Cheers:)13:36
balloonsit's always fun during daylight savings time13:36
smartboyhwballoons, yeah!13:38
jaredThat's why I always use UTC for everything.13:40
smartboyhwjared, me too.13:40
smartboyhwHKT = UTC+813:41
jcastroelfy: did IS get to those tickets?13:53
jcastroiirc there were 2 of them13:53
elfyno idea jcastro - not been really about much to check - just got in from work13:54
jcastroI'll ask him when he's in13:55
jcastro~1 hour from now13:55
elfytbh - we've got so many of them I've lost track of which I was looking at :)13:55
elfyI think s.fox was doing these 213:55
jcastroI also don't remember the numbers, all I know is that there were 213:55
elfyaah staging and thread prefixes perhaps were the ones13:56
elfybah - nope13:56
elfyvbulletin account13:56
elfyjcastro: nothing done on that one https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=2228013:57
elfyand the staging down one https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=2216513:57
elfyjcastro: as far as discourse and issues - codinghorror is aware we are sorting one out to post there13:58
jonodpm, will be there in a min15:00
jonodpm, there now15:01
dpmjono, ok, wrapping up a call, coming15:01
jonodpm, np15:01
jonodholbach, dpm, balloons planning call now16:01
dholbachjono, waiting for you guys already :)16:01
* balloons notes hippies are in!16:01
jonodholbach, we are already there16:01
dholbachjono, was it the call from the calendar?16:01
jonodholbach, balloons, spm https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/1e03548ffb3848c6a90a8d854db320473581585816:02
jonodpm ^16:02
dpmjono, coming16:02
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cjohnstonjono: scroll just below the list of people and their work items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/canonical-community.html16:40
dholbachhave a great rest of your day - see youuuuuuuuuuu!16:40
jonocjohnston, yeah?16:40
jonocjohnston, why?16:41
jononight dh16:41
cjohnstonLinks to your milestones16:41
balloonscjohnston, I saw that this morning :-)16:41
cjohnstonThe first one looks like icecream.. I'll settle for that16:41
balloonsmm ice cream.. my wife is making some homemade ice cream :-)16:43
cjohnstonmhall119 invites me over every time I drive past him. you didn't invite me over16:43
balloonsthe ice cream is literally churning now16:49
balloonsit'll be ready tomorrow.. if your here, you can have some :-)16:50
mhall119tomorrow?  that's a slow icecream machine16:50
balloonsmhall119, lol.. handchurned all the way16:52
mhall119tomorrow? that's a lot of churning16:54
balloonsstart to finish it's a multiday thing if you want to allow time for deepfreezing between steps -- including the last step before you eat it :-)16:55
balloonsno shortcuts here, only the best for cjohnston16:56
cjohnstonballoons: I'll be too busy up here with guns and stuff to drive down for ice cream :-)16:58
balloonscjohnston, you can swing by on the way back. Meet my in-laws, it'll already be a full house :-)16:58
cjohnstonProbably a little too far from 9516:59
* balloons notes this is why cjohnston doesn't get invited16:59
balloonsok enough teasing.. hope your enjoy yourself.17:00
balloons*hope you are enjoying yourself17:00
cjohnstonI can't help the fact that I could throw a rock from the highway and hit mhall119's house17:00
* balloons won't ask if cjohnston has done so17:00
mhall119so that's who it was17:08
IdleOnejono or anybodywho can answer: Does Ubuntu/Canonical have a EUFI genius who would be willing to give a -classroom class, with some video perhaps and screenshots. We are seeing a lot of broken install in #ubuntu because of this ?17:18
jonoIdleOne, EUFI?17:19
IdleOneEUFI/EFI that new buios thingy17:19
IdleOnesorry UEFI17:20
IdleOnethis garbage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface17:21
IdleOneWe do have https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI but still there seems to be a lot of confusion and failed installs, we are seeing a lot of people saying that they are unable to boot to windows after trying to and failing ubuntu installs17:24
Tm_TI had one indian guy asking help via video call the other day with that17:30
balloonsIdleOne, hmm, the best person to have cover that is probably cjwatson and/or slangasek.. the core foundations guys18:21
IdleOneballoons: thank you.18:22
balloonsthat said I'm not sure it would help necessarily.. uefi and locked bootloaders in general increased the requirements on an enduser to be able to install there own os18:22
balloonswhich is sad, but ;-(18:22
IdleOneI don't have any setups with uefi, but from what I can tell it is a pain.18:23
jonojcastro, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNe45s7Xr2E19:11
jonojcastro, that first song is *awesome*19:11
jcastroI'm on noaudio mode right now19:27
jcastroI'll check it later, doing a screencast19:28
jcastrojono: heya this screencast is being annoying today, if we can go early today so I can concentrate on it post-call that would be <319:37
jonojcastro, need to wrap a blog post and then I can go early19:38
jcastrono worries19:39
jonoUbuntu Weekly Update Videocast, Mir Interview, and More Interviews - http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/06/24/ubuntu-weekly-update-videocast-mir-interview-and-more-interviews/ - keeping the information flowin'!19:51
jcastrojono: you're two paragraphs over!19:52
jonojcastro, lol19:53
jonojcastro, ok, reboot and then I will be there19:53
mhall119jcastro: hey man, you should show off juju for this: http://www.xda-developers.com/android/intro-guide-to-android-client-server-communication/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+xda-developers%2FShsH+%28xda-developers%29&utm_content=FaceBook20:31
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bkerensaChromium in Ubuntu needs some security love21:12
dakerbkerensa: what what ?21:15
bkerensadaker: Ubuntu is shipping Chromium 25. Upstream is at 28 and the amount of CVE's between 25 and 27 alone is pretty high while there are even more between 27 and 2821:16
dakerbkerensa: yes i use the ppa i am running "27.0.1453.6 Ubuntu 12.10 (191032)"21:17
bkerensayeah even there is a small gap with some CVE's21:17
bkerensabut the normal package in Ubuntu is a big block of swiss cheese21:17
bkerensadaker: in 28 a security bug was fixed that allows flash apps to to take control of your camera and mike21:19
bkerensadaker: you been dancing in front of your mic while playing flash games on russian sites lately? :)21:20
dakerbkerensa: my mic is always muted, my cam is hidden with a small sticker21:21
dakerbkerensa: i don't want to use the ppa anymore, we need to update the package21:22
bkerensadaker: the PPA is actually better than what is shipping without it :) but its still got a lot of security gaps21:23
jcastroqengho is working on updating the packaging21:23
ajmitchyes, I see he's got a daily build PPA21:24
* popey notes chromium is in universe21:26
dakerpopey: ya but which version ?21:31
jcastroit's inprogress to be updated in distro21:31
jcastrothere was some issue with arm builders or something21:31
daker25 is __very__old, we are in Rapid Release Development cycle :(21:55
bkerensadaker: do work :P you are a chromium user :)22:11
dakerbkerensa: i was a firefox user since 2007, but with time FF start eating a lot of mem with its UI change back in 200922:12
dakeri lost bockmarks more than once22:13
bkerensadaker: do you enable telemetry and FHR? Also the nightly builds are insanely fast :)22:13
bkerensatelemetry and FHR helps Mozilla make performance improvements across all the things22:13
dakeri lost bookmarks more than once22:14
dakerand i am still waiting for per tab process for years now :(22:14
bkerensadaker: some awesome stuff is in the nightly and some amazing new features are coming :)22:15
bkerensanew sync is a example of one of the awesome things coming :)22:15
dakerbkerensa: see http://i.imgur.com/anGzogN.png22:16
dakeri am a webdeveloper so i need both of them22:17
bkerensadaker: I just use browser shots for cross-platform testing22:18
bkerensabut yeah22:19
dakerbkerensa: other thing about FF, why do we need all menus :D ?22:46
bkerensadaker: have you tried the Australis? There are major UI changes coming22:47
dakeri saw the mockups22:49
bkerensadaker: I encourage you to use the feedback feature to submit feedback... Its actually listened and also enable FHR and Telemetry22:49
dakerbkerensa: and how to enable that ?22:50
bkerensadaker: about:telemetry22:50
bkerensathen click enable22:50
bkerensaand I'm not sure if FHR is in the stable repo22:50
bkerensabut you can add the nightly ppa and run that22:50
bkerensaits just as stable and has all the recent improvements to firefox22:50
dakerdo you have a link22:51
bkerensaI would say 99% of Firefox Linux users do not have Telemetry enabled22:52
bkerensawithout it enabled FF Team has no way of knowing of FF performs on Linux since no measurement occurs22:53
dakerbkerensa: also the implementation of componement in GTK is ALWAYS bad http://i.imgur.com/Imqq8bF.png22:54
dakerso i would say the wrench menu will look very bad :)22:54
dakercompared to mac os & windows22:55
bkerensadaker: submit that feedback22:55
dakeri don't know if a GTK limitation or ...22:55
bkerensadaker: Help -> Submit Feedback22:56
bkerensatell them the UI could be improved and share the screenshot ;)22:56
dakerah got it22:56
bkerensadaker: one thing to note is that Ubuntu doesn't use the same libraries that Mozilla ships in its Linux builds22:59
bkerensawhich is why some performance issues are hard to tack down22:59
dakerbkerensa: can you try this link https://triggerrally.com/23:08
bkerensadaker: works for me23:09
dakerFF 21 crashes :(23:09
daker20 & 2123:10
dakerbkerensa: i just see the same UI :(23:27

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