mptckpringle, re. bug 1174265, the browser will need some kind of control for the HTML element <select multiple>.09:36
ubot5bug 1174265 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "ValueSelector: support for selecting multiple values" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117426509:36
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ckpringlehey mpt13:01
ckpringleis there a case in system settings where you've used a page stack but it *could* be replaced with an option selector? Want to test the extreme case of a really long list of mutually exclusive options… ringtone?13:01
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mptckpringle, ringtone isn't a really long list. Time zone might be a better example. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate#Phone13:04
ckpringlempt: awesome thanks!13:04
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ckpringlempt: does time zone have search inside?14:21
mptckpringle, yes14:21
mptYou want one that doesn't have search?14:22
mptA long list, I mean14:23
ckpringleLanguage and Text would be a good one I think?14:24
mptDisplay language, yes14:25
ckpringlempt https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LanguageAndText#phone14:25
ckpringlempt: yeah so the link I sent, with an option selector expanding into the list in your link14:26
ckpringlempt: cool14:26
mptI see14:26
mptIt's kind of an awkward example because of the Cancel/Confirm buttons14:27
ckpringlempt: yeah so I assume in this case it wouldn't have the cancel / confirm14:27
ckpringlempt: so the list will expand in view, you select one and it collapses14:27
ckpringlempt: seeing if it works or if we should say to use the page stack instead when it's a really long list14:28
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xnoxckpringle: as long as the options are flickable, while the title of what one is selecting & current selection are visible. At the moment "value selector" widget doesn't support that.14:40
xnoxckpringle: I posted a code sample to ubuntu-phone mailing list about that recently.14:40
ckpringlexnox: hey so we are working on this just now : http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/option-selector14:41
ckpringlexnox: would replace the value selector (well, rename it to option selector in a list view)14:42
xnoxckpringle: looks very nice! and seems like it will work, e.g. there can be literary hundreds of wifi networks visible.14:42
ckpringlexnox: so yeah our thinking is that it'll have a maximum height then scroll, still to test though14:43
ckpringlexnox: so mph and I are looking at that example in system settings as a test14:43
xnoxckpringle: lp:~xnox/+junk/oobe has a first page in qml done, with a ValueSelector listing statically all languages supported by installer.14:43
xnoxwhich is for out-of-the-box experience.... but I guess I can throw together a qml mockup for settings/display-language as well.14:44
xnoxwhich is a long list of languages.... =)14:44
xnoxckpringle: mpt: it's hard to show "flicking" but here are screenshots of various states of the ValueSelector: https://plus.google.com/photos/105922848292507689403/albums/589306796806626201715:16
mptthanks xnox15:17
mptckpringle, I was actually going to suggest the reverse -- that the setup step use an expanded-by-default list like System Settings does15:18
mptbecause there's nothing else on that screen15:18
* xnox has expanded by default, but i uploaded screenshots in a logical order.....15:20
xnoxfor the OOBE, the expanded list of values should ideally stop short of the screen bottom, to include the "next" button, but I haven't managed to do it properly with flickable and valueselector.15:22
xnoxmpt: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Z30ZQsBezVI/UchkX0WZs9I/AAAAAAAABBI/7DXz_YDhPXw/w402-h629-no/8-current.png15:23
xnoxwhich is well =/15:23
mptI wasn't expecting that. :-)15:24
* mpt wonders what the title of the time & date menu on phone should be15:36
mpt(a) the current time (repeating what's immediately above), (b) the current date (repeating what's immediately below), (c) "Clock" (duh), (d) "Time & Date" (duh)15:36
mptooh, (e) weekday15:40
xnoxmpt: Surely it should be personal & dynamic "Good morning" "Good Afternoon" "Good Evening" "Good Night" "5 minutes to New Year!" "Happy Halloween!", etc.15:51
mptxnox, hmm, that reminds me of the program menu in DOS PCs in the 1980s15:52
mpt"Good morning please enter your selection"15:52
xnoxmpt: i clearly remember there was something more recent & far more creepy.15:53
mpt"F1 Menu Maintenance                  F10 Exit to DOS"15:54
xnoxe.g. google now uses a local sky-line picture with weather & time of day applied (e.g. cloudy london in blue hues at night for example) but it was something to do with time of day.15:54
ckpringlexnox: that's interesting, will look good with the new option selector...16:35
xnoxYeah! =)16:36
mptJust completed: Draft design for clock indicator and menu on the phone. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate#Indicator16:51
xnoxmpt: and if there is no wake-up alarm set? "No alarm set" and one can tap it to launch new alarm?16:55
xnoxthis is my #1 pet peeve on android16:56
mptYou can set alarms in the clock app16:56
mptso, a couple more taps...17:00
mptAdding an extra item for that would take space otherwise taken by an already-set alarm/event17:00
mptSo, it's a tradeoff17:00
xnoxmpt: but that's the point if you ever change/adjust alarm you always do it via indicator, after this one time on saturday you go and turn them all off to sleep in on sunday. And then on sunday, you open indicator without having a clue as to "where did the alarm go?" and feeling very disorientated as to how to "change the alarm back to 8am"17:03
xnoxfor monday morning.17:03
xnoxmpt: will the "clock" item take me to clock.app?17:04

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