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pittiGood morning04:58
didrocksbonjour mlankhorst, ça va?06:19
didrocksoh, why?06:19
mlankhorstI did my amount of french for the week06:20
didrocksroh, you can't never do enough french in a week :)06:21
mlankhorst-> can ever06:21
didrocksyeah, I need to do more english I guess :)06:21
bratscheI should try to learn French again.06:23
bratscheI bought a viola bow by a maker in Paris, and when I was first contacting him to try to buy a bow I learned enough French to write to him.  It must have been terrible though, because he responded in English. :)06:23
didrocksahah :)06:24
didrocksand then, you responded again in French because his English was terrible too… :)06:24
bratscheMy friend Jenny moved to Austria and then to Germany, and when she was trying to learn German nobody would talk to her in German.  She would speak German, everyone would respond in English.  She would respond then in German, they in English.. back and forth.  Finally they would give up and speak to her in German.06:25
bratscheBut she said it was very difficult because basically every conversation with every person went this way, and it made it hard to learn German.06:26
didrockswell, at least, you have more luck in France, German people are too good speaking English, so they can answer in that language :) In France, fewer people speak English, so they will let you try to speak French at least and answer into that language because… hell… you are in France, you have to speak French :p06:27
bratscheI would like to go visit Paris sometime and visit my bow maker.06:28
bratscheAnd there is a famous instrument maker whose shop is on the same street.06:28
didrocksheh :) (well, I have another view of Paris having lived there, but I think it's a great city for visiting)06:29
bratscheÉtienne Vatelot is the instrument maker I'd like to visit.  He's a very famous modern maker.06:29
didrocksoh, it rings me a bell, he's building violin IIRC…06:30
bratscheYes, and viola.06:31
didrocksit can be a fun visit :)06:31
bratscheStéphane Thomachot is the bow maker.  He's very famous as a modern bow maker.06:31
didrocksmy bow reference is limited to Doctor Who TBH :)06:33
tvossdidrocks, ping06:34
didrockshey tvoss06:34
bratscheOkay, I'm off to bed.  Have a good night!06:35
didrocksbratsche: have a good night! ttyl :)06:35
tvossdidrocks, good morning and happy new week :) is sil2100 taking care of google-mock in the archive?06:35
didrockstvoss: well, nobody is taking care of it, there is no maintainership attribution, remember? :)06:36
didrockstvoss: need to have anything sponsored?06:36
tvossdidrocks, yup, https://code.google.com/p/googlemock/issues/detail?id=7906:37
tvossdidrocks, or better: the patch for it :)06:37
didrockshttps://codereview.appspot.com/5267041/ it seems06:38
didrockstvoss: however, google mock FTBFS06:38
didrockstvoss: in saucy right now06:38
tvossdidrocks, oh06:39
didrocksclassic new gcc I guess (pthread issue)06:39
didrockstvoss: I'll fix both in a few06:39
tvossdidrocks, ack, and thx06:39
didrocksyw :)06:39
tvossdidrocks, once that is in I can remove mir's local gmock version06:40
didrockstvoss: ah great! :)06:40
jibelgood morning07:10
didrockssalut jibel, ça va?07:16
jibeldidrocks, salut! Coincé tout le w.e. avec un enfant atteint de varicelle mais à part ça, ça va pas trop mal et toi?07:17
didrocksjibel: ça va plutôt bien. Par contre, bataille avec pthread depuis ce matin…07:18
didrocksjibel: you didn't answer on the topic for perf testing, was it on purpose?07:24
didrocks(as I asked you some inputs there)07:24
jibeldidrocks, not yet, will do this morning07:25
didrockshey czajkowski, back in Europe? :)07:25
czajkowskiyup and still awake at this hour ;)07:27
czajkowskiback to the land of propper tea!07:28
seb128good morning desktopers07:45
sil2100seb128: morning!07:46
seb128sil2100, hey, happy monday!07:46
sil2100seb128: do you remember the libdbusmenu armhf failure on Friday we had? Do you know if Ted was able to figure out what was going on?07:46
seb128sil2100, I don't know...07:48
seb128sil2100, is it still failing the exact same test?07:48
robrudidrocks, ping (and good morning)07:52
didrockshey robru! good morning :)07:54
didrockssalut seb128, sil2100!07:54
seb128lut didrocks ;-)07:54
robrudidrocks, need to ask you about SRUs if you get a sec07:54
sil2100didrocks: morning!07:54
sil2100seb128: yes...07:54
robrudidrocks, so remember all that bootstrapping trouble we had with unity-webapps-dev? well webapps team asked me to SRU a handful of webapps. So... how do I go about bootstrapping these SRUs? How do I SRU a brand new package into raring?07:56
didrocksrobru: we don't SRU new packages07:57
didrocksrobru: as we don't do packaging changes in SRU for infrastucture07:57
didrocks(only if the packaging change fix a bug)07:57
didrocksrobru: so I'm afraid that you will have to push manually the SRU, as we can't use your awesome work there :)07:57
robrudidrocks, so then I guess I have to hand pick patches for backporting? There's no way to just dump the saucy webapps stack into raring, is there?07:57
didrocks(see why I was pushing last cycle to get that under dailies? we would have use that already ;))07:57
didrocksrobru: yeah, unfortunately, no way for that…07:58
robrubah. it's all so clear to me now...07:58
didrocksrobru: is it fixing important bugs?07:59
robrudidrocks, yes, there are at least 5 or 6 webapps that are actually outright broken (because the sites in question changed and the userscript is no longer compatible). so it's very important to get those fixes out. in fact I'm very behind on this and ashamed at how badly I've let this slip)08:00
robrudidrocks, but I was hoping I could just basically upload the whole saucy stack as-is into raring and not have to fuss too much about it.08:00
didrocksrobru: ok, makes sense to fix those 5/6.08:00
didrocksrobru: yeah, that's what we are doing for unity (there are maintaince branch, but it's building daily, automatically, and so on…)08:00
robrudidrocks, ok, thanks. I'm going to sleep now, and when I wake up I will spend all day picking patches by hand. bah.08:01
robrudidrocks, g'night08:01
didrocksrobru: good luck! and good night :)08:02
didrockssil2100: there was an issue on the armhf builders tonight, I relaunched the settings stack and now publish it, you can deal with the rest? :)08:08
sil2100didrocks: could you approve? ;) https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/libsignon-glib/fix_linking_again/+merge/17102708:08
sil2100didrocks: aye aye!08:08
czajkowskiIf I buy a brand newlaptop to wipe and install Ubuntu on it, will I run into any issues with secure boot?08:09
didrockssil2100: interesting, -lpthread? isn't -pthread with our linker?08:09
sil2100didrocks: it did not work ;) He didn't recognize that!08:09
didrockssil2100: as long as our builders seems to be happy, I'm fine anyway :)08:09
didrockssil2100: ok, this is all mystery and shadows :p08:09
seb128czajkowski, better ask #ubuntu-devel about secure boot, but 12.04.2 and > 13.04 should just work with it08:09
seb128Laney, good morning08:09
didrockshey Laney!08:10
Laneynew gnome-session broke my xmonad session!08:10
Laneybecause of: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69166308:10
ubot2Gnome bug 691663 in gnome-session "session: Remove RequiredProviders support" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:10
Laneygood weekends?08:10
seb128yes, the weather is a bit colder that you would like for a start of summer but we didn't get too much rain at least08:11
czajkowskiseb128: thanks08:11
czajkowskiseb128: want to get a X1 Carbon and just wipe it so just checking before it's bought08:11
seb128the music festivals they do for the start of the summer got lucky, they could play and there was quite some people who came08:11
seb128so that was nice ;-)08:11
Laneysounds cool08:12
Laneywtf, there's an ice cream van going around08:12
seb128and you? good w.e?08:12
Laneyat 09:12?!?!?!08:12
Laneywas nice, went to visit the parents and got well fed :-)08:13
* pitti waves to seb128, didrocks, Laney, and czajkowski -- good morning!08:14
didrocksbonjour pitti, tu as passé un bon week-end? :)08:14
seb128pitti, salut, ça va bien ?08:15
pittididrocks: oui, c'était calme08:15
pittiwe had a really nice BBQ with 9 people on Saturday, it was quite sunny then08:15
pittiFTR, French people invent French words for just about everything else, why not "fin de semaine"? :-)08:16
pittior is "week-end" slang for younger people?08:16
didrockspitti: no, it's widespread for years08:17
czajkowskipitti: ello :)08:17
didrockspitti: "fin de semaine" would be more associated to Thursday/Friday I guess :)08:17
pittididrocks: btw, I'm adding test cases to autopilot-gtk; I currently call them through dbus-launch/xvfb-run in debian/rules, is that the right way to do that?08:18
pittididrocks: or do the autolanding tests already run in an X session?08:18
Laneyjbicha: So, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794843/ seems to fix it for xmonad. Is that the right thing to do? (or anyone else)08:18
pitti(I need dbus-luanch/xvfb so that it builds in sbuild)08:18
didrockspitti: well, depends if you want to run them at build time or when you want to run them during integration tests08:19
didrockspitti: you can even do both, one with this mock/subsession, one for integration tests :)08:19
Laneyjbicha: (probably ought to check nothing else is using that feature)08:19
pittididrocks: so autolanding tests just call something like "autopilot discover"?08:19
didrockspitti: well, that doesn't exist AFAIK, so we list the packages to install (the -autopilot packages) and then, list the autopilot test suites we want to run in a configuration file08:20
didrocksfor each stack08:20
didrocksif you add them, please ping us and we'll add it08:20
pittiah, I see08:21
pittiI didrocks I added cmake integration, i. e. "make test" or "ctest" just works (it calls GTK_PATH=lib python -m testtools.run discover ...)08:21
didrockspitti: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cupstream2distro-maintainers/cupstream2distro-config/trunk/view/head:/stacks/head/qa.cfg#L808:21
didrocksfor instance08:21
didrockspitti: we only support autopilot for integration tests (running in a real installation) for now as PS wanted to standardize around that08:22
pittithey don't work very well in xvfb, so maybe I revert that again and instead ask you to add them to above config08:24
didrockspitti: that's fine, just 2 lines to add :)08:25
pittinot that I'd be able to decipher how that runs the tests08:25
didrockspitti: in a nutshell, they need to be shipped in a separate binary package from the same source and can be run by autopilot for now08:25
didrockssil2100: libsignon merged!08:26
pittididrocks: oh, that needs to be done for each and every package?08:26
pittilike, every indicator, autopilot-gtk-tests, and so on?08:26
didrockspitti: every one shipping some integration tests, right08:26
didrockspitti: not that for all the unity stack, all integration tests are shipped by only the unity source package08:27
didrockseven if it exercises scopes, libunity…08:27
didrocks(this is how upstream wanted to ship them)08:27
pittididrocks: so would you recommend that I create an entirely new autopilot-gtk-tests binary package just to ship the three test files, or continue to go with just "make test"?08:28
didrockspitti: the new binary package is cheap, the more complicated part would be I guess to turn them into autopilot tests08:28
pittididrocks: they are autopilot tests, I just don't use the autopilot discovery but the unittest discovery as the former is a bit broken08:29
didrockspitti: ah, so it's easy, just ship those autopilot files like for http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/all/unity-autopilot/filelist, and I'll add them to the daily release configuration08:30
didrocksno need for wrapper or whatever, I'll add the name of the top test to run08:31
pittididrocks: ah, I can just put the files into the "autopilot-gtk" package?08:31
pittididrocks: and with above configuration, the tests will run in merge proposals?08:32
didrockspitti: no, the upstream merger AFAIK doesn't run them by default, but it's a question for mmrazik I guess08:32
didrockspitti: I'm only handling the "land to distro" part (from trunk)08:32
LaneySweetshark: Hey, are you aware that autopkgtests started being considered for proposed->release migration? Seems libreoffice's hasn't been succeeding (due to lack of space on the test machines?) - anything that can be fixed?08:32
pittididrocks: ah, thanks; I'm currently more interested in the upstream test side08:33
didrockspitti: you can ship them to autopilot-gtk if you want, as end user of it won't really care to have those extra files I guess :)08:33
Laneyhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html shows (modulo the bug that it shows up as 'RUNNING' when it's not) that it impacts quite a lot of important packages08:33
Laneys/important/low level/?08:34
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seb128Laney, is that what blocked gcc-4.8 in proposed?08:42
LaneyWell, the RUNNING bug does that anyway08:43
Laneybut if that weren't there it would be blocked by LO's testsuite failing, AFAIK08:43
Laneyglib too08:43
seb128that sucks08:43
seb128autopkgtest for pango1.0 1.32.5-5ubuntu1: RUNNING08:43
seb128autopkgtest for ubiquity 2.15.7: RUNNING08:43
Laneythose ones pass08:43
seb128it means anything failing test can block the world?08:43
Laneythat's the intention08:44
seb128where do you see that they pass?08:44
Laneythere wasn't really an incentive to have your autopkgtests passing up until now08:44
Laneybut they'll have to be fixed08:44
seb128it's putting the insensitive on the wrong person :p08:44
Laneyhow's that?08:44
seb128ubiquity having buggy test might block glib08:45
* xnox thought whenever britney asks for results it's set to "running" even if it is about to run.08:45
seb128it puts the insensitive on the glib maintainers to fix ubiquity08:45
seb128where it should be the ubiquity guys that should fix it :p08:45
xnoxseb128: and not having a working installer will screw everyone ;-)08:45
LaneyI suppose you look at the test and see if it was your upload that broke it or not08:45
Laneythen come to an accommodation with whoever08:45
seb128xnox, well, broken test != broken program08:45
Laneyxnox: it's been RUNNING all weekend; see #-release chatter saturday morning08:46
Laneyit's a bug08:46
xnoxLaney: since we are triggering tests of rdeps, how do you know if 2.15.7 passed initially, or the repeated rdep triggered run passed?08:46
xnoxLaney: ah, i see.08:46
LaneyThe bootstrapping problem is that so many tests just sit there failing currently which is what's happening with libreoffice08:55
Laneyso we need initial effort to fix them to make the system work08:55
seb128Laney, does it mean we will have saucy mostly stalling until we fix those?08:57
Laneywe can force stuff meanwhile08:58
seb128that would be good08:58
seb128why do I keep getting prompted about calendar auth dialogs08:58
SweetsharkLaney: LibreOffice autopkgtests cant run because the images of are too small. It needs a 12GB image IIRC. Up until now, they were not critical as we where running them during the build, but we disabled them there (again for discspace *sigh*), we should have the autopkgtest resized indeed.09:30
LaneyMaybe make them succeed as a kind of no-op in that situation?09:30
seb128pitti, hey, it seems that you synced the new gucharmap ... it's depwaiting on unicode-data which is in universe, do you plan to file a MIR for that?09:43
pittiseb128: oh thanks, I didn't notice; it's not even on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt09:47
pittiseb128: yes, I'll file a MIR09:47
seb128pitti, danke09:48
seb128pitti, it's on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html ... well the package is listed outdated there09:48
seb128which lead me to check why09:48
seb128weird that it's not on component-mismatches though09:48
Laneyit is on V09:49
Laneyerr, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.txt09:49
seb128too many pages09:49
seb128we need a whiteboard :/09:49
LaneyDon't think that one emails though, for some reason09:50
czajkowskiseb128: whiteboards are amazing!09:50
czajkowskiseb128: just ordered two of them! was tempted to buy whiteboard paint  :)09:50
seb128czajkowski, haha09:52
pittiseb128: bug 119407009:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 1194070 in unicode-data (Ubuntu) "[MIR] unicode-data" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119407009:53
seb128pitti, danke!09:53
czajkowskiseb128: all I dis last week was lock myself into rooms and write on walls. very handy09:53
sil2100seb128: do you know who would be the best person to poke about a failing armhf unit test for gnome-control-center-signon ?10:00
seb128sil2100, kenvandine10:00
sil2100Ah, so only him! Too bad ;)10:02
sil2100seb128: thanks10:02
seb128sil2100, do you have a link to the error?10:02
seb128sil2100, you can try pinging mardy as well10:03
sil2100seb128: yes, but it doesn't say much because of "See ./test-suite.log"10:03
seb128sil2100, let me have a try on a porter box10:04
sil2100seb128: thanks!10:04
mlankhorstseb128: afaict x1.14 is ready at this point for the transition, even fglrx works now (for as much as fglrx ever could be considered working)10:23
seb128mlankhorst, do you have the patched unity in the same ppa?10:23
mlankhorstyeah, still needs to build for amd6410:24
seb128mlankhorst, can you make a call for testing on ubuntu-devel@ with instructions to enable the ppa etc, once everything is built?10:24
mlankhorstalready working on it10:24
seb128mlankhorst, great, thanks10:25
seb128sil2100, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5795142/10:52
seb128sil2100, that's what the tests hit on the builder10:52
seb128seems to be a armhf being slow/timeout10:52
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sil2100seb128: thanks! I'll try unblocking that by increasing the timeout value and ask ken to fix it once he's up10:55
sil2100seb128: what about "Error sending message: Operation not permitted" ? Doesn't look as a timeout issue10:58
seb128sil2100, I think it's a side effect of the previous timeout, yes11:05
seb128sil2100, try with an increased timeout11:05
tseliotdidrocks: hi, can you review and approve my fglrx-pxpress package in saucy (in NEW) please?11:12
tseliotit's very small and simple11:13
didrockstseliot: not right now, can be delayed for some time :)11:13
didrockstseliot: hem, last time you told that, there were a bunch of fixes :p11:13
tseliotdidrocks: well, the package is based on the one you approved, so it shouldn't really be a big deal11:13
didrockstseliot: I'll review it in a couple of hours, want to finish a complex packaging review first11:14
tseliotdidrocks: sure, thanks11:14
didrocksyw :)11:14
jbichadobey: you maintain USC these days right? could you look at bug 1163886? esp. comment 2912:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 1163886 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with signal 5 with the GNOME3 PPA on 13.04" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116388612:42
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jbichaLaney: yes that looks fine for xmonad13:08
seb128jbicha, hey, do you have a vcs for the webkit work? I think we could push to the desktop team ppa and I can upload to a ppa with arm support13:08
jbichaI ran an apt-file search; Cinnamon is not affected, cairo-dock was already fixed, which only leaves xmonad13:08
jbichaseb128: can I re-use https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/webkit/ubuntu ?13:10
seb128jbicha, sure13:10
seb128jbicha, btw were you going to look at the accountsservice update (I was going to have a look)13:11
jbichaseb128: no, I think accountsservice is over my head13:16
seb128ok, I'm going to do that one then13:16
jbichabuilding webkit took a ridiculous number of retries on amd64 this last time (maybe 20!)13:18
jbichaI see that there's ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH_BITS),32) LDFLAGS += -Wl,--no-keep-memory13:18
seb128what error did you hit?13:18
jbichawhich we had modified to ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH_BITS),32) LDFLAGS += -Wl,--no-keep-memory -Wl,--reduce-memory-overheads13:19
seb128that's from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit/1.7.90-0ubuntu113:19
jbichaI didn't have a problem really with i386 so maybe we should use --no-keep-memory for all arches?13:19
seb128I think the option makes the build slower13:19
seb128we had to add it because we were hitting the 32bit address space limit13:20
seb128there is no reason to slow down the build on amd64 afaik13:20
seb12864bit don't hit that limitation13:20
jbichauh I don't think I kept a build log, but it looked like it kept timing out13:21
seb128ok, let's see what it makes in the desktop team ppa13:22
seb128I guess we don't need a source build there13:22
seb128can you just ppa copy the binaries if they are ready for there?13:22
seb128I will do a source upload to another ppa which includes armhf to test that arch13:23
jbichayes, I can do that now13:23
desrthey seb13:24
desrtoh wait.  if forgot how this irc stuff works13:25
desrtseb128: hey!13:25
jbichaI pushed my webkit packaging to that branch, I dropped the Disable jit on armhf too since I wasn't sure whether we still needed that13:25
seb128desrt, hey13:25
seb128desrt, how are you?13:25
seb128jbicha, ok, thanks13:26
desrtseb128: good :)13:26
desrtseb128: i did a new round of the extensions patch for accountsservice after failing to notice that stef reviewed it ages ago13:26
desrtafter being poked by pete, who needs it ASAP13:26
seb128desrt, ok13:26
desrtit depends on a somewhat large patchset in glib that also landed over the weekend13:27
desrtso i'm wondering if we can somehow get the new glib packaged, plus a vendor-patched accountsservice for now, pending further reviews13:27
desrt(the last set of reviews were all clean-up type stuff... no proposed functionality changes...)13:27
seb128desrt, newer that 2.37.2 ?13:27
desrtseb128: it landed over the weekend...13:27
seb128Laney, ^ can you backport those glib commit for desrt?13:28
desrti could probably do a release if it would help13:28
desrtit's monday, after all :p13:28
seb128desrt, I can do the accountsservice side (I was going to update to the current version today)13:28
didrocksdesrt: but but, friday releases are the best! :)13:28
attentedpm, hey13:32
attenteis there a way we can let people know that the new keyboard indicator is available for testing in a ppa?13:32
desrtseb128: i'm going to hold off on the glib release today13:33
seb128desrt, ok13:33
desrtseb128: ebassi just landed the private-registration-API rework that he was doing (facilitated by the recent changes to how private works internally)13:33
seb128desrt, seems safer to backport your change then (if they are not mixed with other things)13:34
dpmattente, there are different ways, depending on what you want to achieve: an announcement on the ubuntu-devel mailing list, on the Fridge, on social media? What are you after? Do you want folks to test it for different keyboard layouts? Desktop of phone?13:34
desrtactually, hold on13:34
desrtseb128: i think it's probably safe since it's mostly just API additions, in fact13:35
desrtseb128: i'm going to do some local testing13:35
desrtthe only thing that concerns me is that some classes in GIO are already using this new API13:36
desrtbut i honestly think i'm just being paranoid13:36
seb128desrt, ok13:36
desrt(due to all of the crashes that happened last time we had private-related changes)13:36
seb128desrt, btw just as fyi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/119412313:36
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1194123 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "[gcc-linaro wrong-code regression] gcc 4.8.1-2ubuntu1 to 4.8.1-3ubuntu1 breaks gtk on armhf" [High,New]13:36
jbichaattente: have you tested whether ibus works with indicator-keyboard? I couldn't figure out how to get it to work with ibus-pinyin13:37
desrtso suspected compiler bug, or confirmed compiler bug?13:37
desrtor 'gcc changed the rules for atomics again, and now we fall on the wrong side of the line' bug?13:37
seb128desrt, suspected, could be gtk doing something stupid that was working by luck before13:37
attentejbicha, ibus should work with ibus-pinyin, but that reminds me that i should upload other engines to the ppa as well13:37
seb128desrt, I just know that this upgrade breaks it and that -O0 workaround it13:37
attentedpm, this is just for the desktop13:37
desrtseb128: most curious!13:38
seb128desrt, I'm trying more builds are the porter box to find what option in -O1 breaks it13:38
seb128desrt, the css used is a gresources, but extracting it with the command line gives a non corrupted resources13:38
attentedpm, probably something on the devel mailing list would be appropriate13:38
jbichaattente: uh could you give me instructions? I added Chinese in text entry settings but nothing happens when I switch to Chinese13:38
seb128desrt, my first guess was that something broke the resources stuff13:38
desrti doubt that resources would have any problems13:38
desrti have more suspicions about atomics or something along those lines13:39
seb128could be...13:39
* desrt kicks off some jhbuildage for testing purposes13:39
attentejbicha, what version of ibus-pinyin do you have?13:39
dpmattente, if you send something to ubuntu-devel, make sure to copy ubuntu-translators, as there are lots of folks there that use the indicator and can probably help with the testing13:39
jbichaattente: 1.4.0-2ubuntu1ppa1 from your ppa and ibus-pinyin-db-android too13:40
seb128desrt, I tried to reduce the amonth of rebuild needed, but I can only test with a "make clean; make" in gtk/ atm, touching some random .c is not enough ... not sure how to find what object is problematic13:40
attentejbicha, is ibus-daemon running?13:40
jbichaattente: no, how should I start it?13:41
attentejbicha, the issue might've been that if ibus 1.5 was running with the older ibus-pinyin engine, that would cause a crash with ibus13:41
attentei think you just need to restart the session13:41
attente(or yes, start ibus-daemon again)13:42
jbichawell I've logged out several times since then...13:42
attentehrm. do you have other ibus engines enabled?13:42
didrockstseliot:                 mv $xorg_conf $xorg_conf.$now13:43
didrockstseliot: now=$(date +"%m%d%Y")13:43
jbichaok, starting ibus-daemon manually worked and now I get Chinese (Pinyin) and Chinese (Bopomofo) where before I only had Chinese13:43
tseliotdidrocks: yes?13:44
didrockstseliot: if I reinstall the package the same day (or reconfigure it), I'll get into trouble with the mv failing, isn't it?13:44
didrockssame in postrm13:45
didrocksmv $xorg_conf $xorg_conf.$now13:45
didrocksif I remove it the same day, things will go badly :)13:45
didrocks(I would just rm the config in that case btw)13:45
tseliotdidrocks: in the postrm?13:45
didrockspostinst as well, if you configure twice the package the same day, you will have the script failing13:46
tseliotdidrocks: and I can use "mv -f"13:46
didrockstseliot: yeah, that would work as well13:46
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
attentejbicha, just speculating, but maybe the bopomofo engine is causing it to crash since it was built against ibus 1.413:46
tseliotdidrocks: ok, please reject it and let me reupload13:47
didrockstseliot: empty debian/docs btw :)13:47
didrockstseliot: otherwise, everything looks good :)13:47
didrockstseliot: rejected13:47
jbichaattente: the cool part is that after logging out and logging back, indicator-keyboard won't start (I guess because ibus-daemon isn't running and it's needed)13:49
attentejbicha, :(13:50
attentejbicha, can you run /usr/lib/indicator-keyboard/indicator-keyboard-service --force manually?13:51
tseliotdidrocks: ok, reuploaded and here's the diff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5795532/13:51
didrockstseliot: good for me, thanks! universe or main?13:52
tseliotdidrocks: universe should be fine for now, thanks13:52
jbicha(indicator-keyboard-service:11152): IBUS-CRITICAL **: ibus_bus_call_sync: assertion 'ibus_bus_is_connected (bus)' failed Segmentation fault (core dumped)13:53
jbicha(if ibus-daemon isn't running)13:53
didrockstseliot: NEWed then :)13:53
tseliotdidrocks: thanks a lot!13:53
Laneydesrt: so, doing a release?14:04
desrtalready seeing troubles14:04
desrtthe private changes add emission of a new your_widget_name_get_private() function as part of G_DEFINE_TYPE14:04
desrtwhich is handy14:04
desrtproblem is, a lot of people already wrote their own _get_private() functions14:04
desrtso now you get the same function twice and the build breaks14:05
Laneyhar de har14:10
jbichaattente: I reported bug 119413814:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1194138 in Indicator keyboard "ibus-daemon doesn't autostart" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119413814:11
Laneyjbicha: xmonad> ok, I'll fix that - can you check for other instances?14:11
Laneyalso, would that work for < 3.8 or do I need to add a versioned dependency?14:13
jbichaLaney: yes I ran apt-file search, Cinnamon was fine and cairo-dock was already fixed14:13
jbichayou shouldn't need that since RequiredComponents has been around for a while14:15
attentejbicha, thanks14:16
desrtLaney: it's clear that i'm not doing a release with the private changes in it14:17
desrttrying not to figure out how to work around that14:17
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jbichaseb128: we need to ask for more disk space in the desktop ppa; webkit is huge14:30
seb128because of the -dbg?14:30
jbichaI wonder what's wrong here?14:32
jbichalibwebkit2gtk-3.0-25-dbg_2.0.3-1ubuntu1~build1_amd64.deb (1.2 GiB)14:32
jbichalibwebkit2gtk-3.0-25-dbg_2.0.3-1ubuntu1~build1_i386.deb (2.0 MiB)14:32
dobeyjbicha: looking at the code, the claims that commenting out that one line fixes it make no sense to me.14:45
sil2100jibel: hi!14:48
sil2100jibel: related to my merge request - I checked the usermod call, and if the user is a member of the group already, usermod does not fail but just succeeds with 014:49
sil2100jibel: should I still do that check for membership?14:49
desrtLaney: how much later are you around? :)14:49
Laneydesrt: maybe 2 hours14:50
Laneywell, 2:1014:50
desrti might have a tarball by then14:50
Laneypackaging a glib release takes a while though ...14:50
desrtbut otherwise we can just do this tomorrow14:50
desrtseb128: are you okay holding off on the accountsservice upload?14:51
seb128desrt, I was going to update to the current upstream version, we can add the patches later in the week14:51
desrtsorry for the noise :/.14:51
seb128no worry14:52
Laneybtw, what creates the XDG runtime dir? logind?14:54
sil2100kenvandine, seb128: eh, sadly bumping the timeout did not help14:54
seb128Laney, libpam-systemd I think14:55
kenvandinesil2100, seb128 is trying again14:55
sil2100I guess something bigger is wrong, since 2x the timeout value is daaamn14:55
Laneyseb128: ah yeah, I guess that14:55
Laneyhow does the env var get set? I was seeing it set in schroot but the directory wasn't created14:55
jibelsil2100, you should at least verify that group autopilot and user ubuntu exist IMO14:56
Laneycontext is running the glib installed tests14:56
seb128Laney, I though it was through pam as well, but I guess pam is not used in that shcroot context14:57
seb128Laney, or does it get the env from your user?14:57
Laneyit could be passed through14:57
Laneyno, seems not14:58
seb128Laney, http://codesearch.debian.net/search?prev=&q=XDG_RUNTIME_DIR&skip=0 suggests that logind shoul create the dir14:58
seb128Laney, is logind running in that context?14:58
seb128        log_debug("New user %s logged in.", u->name);14:59
seb128        /* Make XDG_RUNTIME_DIR */14:59
seb128        r = user_mkdir_runtime_path(u);14:59
seb128Laney, the glib tests do14:59
seb128 * Copyright (C) 2010 Red Hat, Inc.14:59
seb128 *14:59
seb128 * This work is provided "as is"; redistribution and modification14:59
seb128 * in whole or in part, in any medium, physical or electronic is14:59
seb128 * permitted without restriction.15:00
seb128 *15:00
seb128 * This work is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,15:00
seb128 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of15:00
seb128 *15:00
Laneyuh oh15:00
seb128 * In no event shall the authors or contributors be liable for any15:00
seb128 * direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential15:00
seb128 * damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute15:00
seb128 * goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business15:00
seb128 * interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether15:00
seb128 * in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or15:00
seb128 * otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this software, even15:00
seb128 * if advised of the possibility of such damage.15:00
sil2100Oh no, license spam!15:00
seb128 *15:00
seb128 * Author: Matthias Clasen15:00
seb128 */15:00
seb128#include "glib.h"15:00
seb128did the spamming stop?15:02
seb128(sorry about that, firefox decided to copy the file rather than the line I wanted)15:03
seb128Laney, I wanted to say15:03
seb128glib's test seem to do15:03
seb128  xdg = g_strdup (g_getenv ("XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"));15:03
seb128  if (!xdg)15:03
seb128    xdg = g_strdup (g_get_user_cache_dir ());15:03
Laneyso it should check if the directory exists maybe15:03
seb128Laney, is the env variable actually set for you?15:03
Laneyit is, that's the problem15:03
seb128I wonder what sets it15:03
seb128sil2100, didrocks: seems like ubuntu-geoip is not on the autolanding list, do you know why?15:08
didrocksseb128: IIRC cyphermox told at the time it wasn't ready yet15:09
seb128ok, I will check with him tomorrow (I guess he's off today since that's an holiday in Quebec)15:09
seb128didrocks, thanks15:09
seb128kenvandine, sil2100: g-c-c-signon built fine on the porter box with the increased timeout...15:13
=== Aww is now known as EvilAww
attentesil2100, are you able to run unity-gtk-module tests?15:36
sil2100seb128: hm, let me re-run that15:37
sil2100attente: let me check - you mean on jenkins?15:37
attentesil2100, even just locally15:37
attentei'm running into issues, not really related to autopilot, but related to at-spi15:38
attente"WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus..."15:38
sil2100attente: let me check, one moment15:38
sil2100jibel: I just found a moment to input those fixes - what do you think now?15:46
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
desrtLaney: glib seems fine now, so i did a release16:12
Laneydesrt: great, will look at it tomorrow morning then16:13
sil2100attente: which tests are failing for you?16:13
sil2100And what package versions are you using?16:13
attentesil2100, they all fail since they can't connect to the accessibility bus for some reason16:18
attentesil2100, seems to be completely unrelated to autopilot, but not sure why it's happening16:18
sil2100attente: since here they're running fine16:19
sil2100attente: although I'm not using daily-build PPA, just the latest saucy bits16:19
attentesil2100, i had tried it without any ppas installed, but same problem unfortunately :(16:19
sil2100attente: could you paste me the whole error message here?16:20
attentesil2100, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5795926/16:22
attentesil2100, don't worry about it too much, i'16:22
attentei'll try to figure out what's going on on my end16:22
sil2100hm, looks like something new, didn't see that before16:22
attentesil2100, no worries, i was just wondering if it was working for you :)16:23
sil2100Laney: ping!16:29
sil2100Laney: hello! I need some upstart advice16:30
sil2100Laney: I need an upstart job to start 'after' another job - should I use start on stopped blabla ?16:31
Laneywhat do you mean by after?16:31
sil2100I want to make sure that the other job is finished before I run my job16:32
Laneyfinished means?16:32
sil2100Because it's a setup job that sets up and exits16:32
Laneysil2100: is it an upstart 'task'?16:34
sil2100Laney: I'm not really into upstart vocabulary, but it's a something that's just being ran and not running in the background16:35
sil2100I think stopped is the right thing, jibel nodded to that ;)16:36
LaneyLook at the two queue-worker examples there16:37
LaneyThe second one might achieve what you want?16:37
=== olli__ is now known as olli
olliseb128, I am upgrading X, jfyi16:45
* didrocks waves good evening17:07
seb128olli, ok, let us know how it goes ;-)17:26
kenvandineseb128, i wonder if those failures on armhf is really because it's building on qemu instead of real hardware17:51
kenvandinewe've had that happen before, maybe the stderr being sent to that logfile is keeping us from seeing the real crash17:52
kenvandinesignond seems to trigger those sorts of problems sometimes17:52
kenvandineseb128, do you know if the armhf builders on the daily-build PPA are virtual or panda?17:53
seb128kenvandine, I don't know...18:20
kenvandineseb128, it's driving me insane!18:22
kenvandinei'll try building in pbuilder for armhf18:22
seb128kenvandine, can't you just dh_override_auto_test:18:33
seb128    dh_auto_test18:34
seb128    cat *.log18:34
kenvandinei didn't even think of that :)18:34
kenvandinei've been cursing automake for an hour :)18:34
kenvandineapparently setting VERBOSE makes it send it to stdout after the build18:34
kenvandinebut i am not seeing that locally18:34
kenvandinelet me see if i can reproduce this failure in pbuilder18:35
kenvandinei can't reproduce it on real hardware18:35
seb128yeah, the only issue I got on porter-armhf.canonical.com is the timeout one18:37
Laneykenvandine: seb128: daily-build is non-virtual19:04
LaneyIt's the one that gets copied into distro isn't it?19:04
LaneyAnyway, if it has ppc it's non-virt19:04
seb128Laney, right; well is there any virtual armhf?19:04
seb128Laney, kenvandine mentioned qemu builders19:04
seb128but non-virt don't have armhf at all19:05
seb128so I was unsure what builders use qemu :p19:05
LaneyThere is virtualised qemu armhf as a separate category19:05
seb128where are those available/used?19:05
LaneyYou can ask for it to be enabled for your PPAs19:06
seb128oh ok19:06
Laneybut yeah, it's quite flaky19:06
seb128ok, so yeah, daily-build is real panda19:06
seb128Laney, thanks19:06
Laneyyou can see that if you look at the build page19:06
kenvandinei can't reproduce this on my own hardware :/19:07
seb128kenvandine, neither could I on the datacenter porter box19:07
kenvandineand it builds for seb128 on the porter box19:07
kenvandineso wtf!19:07
Laneyi'll try it on mr. panda here19:11
seb128Laney, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143264352/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.gnome-control-center-signon_0.1.7~daily13.06.24-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz19:11
seb128that's the build log on the ppa for daily builds19:12
Laneyyes, that's not an entirely useful output19:12
Laneywhat's the test runner?19:12
seb128kenvandine, will you do the override to display the log file?19:12
Laneywe should be doing builds in verbose mode or whatever ...19:12
Laneyit also does a quiet build19:13
seb128Laney, kenvandine, others: btw, new webkitgtk in the desktop team ppa, please install and complain it if it breaks anything, if nobody complains it will go to saucy ;-)19:14
Laneyoh cool, will do tomorrow19:15
Laneydid you try it on armhf? https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=webkitgtk&suite=experimental19:15
kenvandineLaney, i am trying to disable quiet, didn't seem to work in my local build19:15
kenvandineLaney, do you have ideas how to do that?19:16
seb128Laney, yes, I did a ppa copy to a Canonical ppa which has arm builders19:16
seb128let's see tomorrow19:16
kenvandinebesides adding a cat *.log in debian/rules?19:16
seb128kenvandine, you are reluctant to try my hack I see :p19:17
kenvandineyes :)19:17
kenvandinewell mostly tired of the latency of testing hacks19:17
kenvandinepropose merge, get review, wait for merger try cu2d build19:17
kenvandineover and over again :/19:17
kenvandineoh... my build failed in pbuilder for armhf!19:18
kenvandinei reproduced it!19:18
seb128kenvandine, "congrats"? ;-)19:18
seb128kenvandine, what's the error?19:18
kenvandine** (/tmp/buildd/gnome-control-center-signon-0.1.7~daily13.06.18/tests/.libs/lt-test-accounts-page:16981): WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.19:19
kenvandineqemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped19:19
seb128k, so a sigtrap somewhere19:20
seb128but qemu involved there...19:20
seb128tedg, stop using xvfb on porter :p19:21
kenvandineoh interesting19:21
kenvandinethe specific test that crashes has no tests19:21
Laney"If the variable ‘VERBOSE’ is set, this file is output after the summary."19:22
seb128tedg, ok, -n <...> let me use it, you can keep abusing the default port there ;-)19:22
kenvandineLaney, i tried that... it didn't work :/19:26
kenvandineit is a timeout!19:27
tedgseb128, heh19:28
kenvandineok, not a timeout.. but seb128 did missing a place where we are running dbus-test-runner19:36
kenvandinei found the test that is failing on qemu19:36
kenvandinebut not on real hardware...19:36
Laneyso yeah I reproduced it19:39
Laney(/build/gnome-control-center-signon-C7q3H3/gnome-control-center-signon-0.1.7~daily13.06.24.1/tests/.libs/lt-test-providers-page:30487): Gtk-W19:39
LaneyARNING **: Theme parsing error: Raleigh.css:394:140: Cannot animate property 'background-image'19:39
Laneytask-0: /credentials/providerspage/create:19:39
Laneytask-0: Shutting down19:39
Laneywe ought never to have disabled the gtk tests on armhf...19:40
Laneykenvandine: ^19:40
kenvandineLaney, exactly19:45
kenvandineLaney, how did you reproduce it?19:45
Laneyjust built on the panda19:45
Laneyin sbuild19:45
kenvandinepassed for me!19:45
kenvandinenot with sbuild19:45
kenvandinebzr builddeb19:46
Laneydunno then, should have been broken for you with current gtk19:46
kenvandinepassed for seb128 on the porter box19:46
Laneywell you saw it19:49
Laneygot to go eat19:49
kenvandineLaney, thx19:52
ChrisKingHey all, I'm new contributor here (as of yesterday!) - am having some problems building packages (using jhbuild), wondered if someone here might not mind giving me some pointers?20:21
=== ajmitch_ is now known as ajmitch
dobeyChrisKing: what do you mean "building packages (using jhbuild)" ?21:08
ChrisKingdobey: I was trying to use jhbuild to easily checkout and build a package from source :)22:12
Laneykenvandine: I just checked on shedir (porter-armhf) and gtk wasn't fully up-to-date22:28
Laneyafter upgrading that the test fails22:28
LaneyThe files are there in my home directory if you fancy a peek22:29

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