psusiis there a way to get polkit to retain the user home dir?02:39
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pittiGood morning04:57
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dholbachgood morning07:12
didrocksdoko__: hey, seb128 and I looked at google-mock for respecitively 30 min and 1h without finding out how to fix the google-mock FTBFS (pthread failures). Tried to add various -pthread (already included) before/after the linkage, tried to look if upstream has anything as well, tried to compare with debian, but the FTBFS is there as well, various google search… do you think you can give us an hand?07:56
didrockstvoss: FYI ^07:59
tvossdidrocks, thanks08:00
czajkowskiIf I buy a brand newlaptop to wipe and install Ubuntu on it, will I run into any issues with secure boot?08:11
czajkowskilooking at buying a X1 Carbon and just want to check to see if there is anything I should avoid08:12
hyperairugh x1 carbon08:12
hyperairno ethernet.08:12
czajkowskioh now never even thought about that or need for one08:17
czajkowskialtough it can be nice to have as a back up08:17
hyperairyeah you'll have to go out and get a USB-3 dock, or ethernet dongle08:19
czajkowskiaye you can get one via  a USB adaptor08:19
hyperairit's still going to be capped at 100BaseT though08:19
hyperairUSB-3 ethernet dongles are incredibly hard to find08:20
hyperair(at least here in singapore)08:20
czajkowskinods gotcha08:21
czajkowskiam more concerned over the secure boot issues I may run into08:21
sorenIf ethernet is an emergency backup (ie wifi is the normal connection type), being capped at 100 Mbps doesn't sound like a big issue.08:21
czajkowskisoren: more of a plan B back up08:24
xnoxczajkowski: if you use iso or dd the iso onto usb stick, it should all just work. You must be able to disable secure boot using bios/firmware screens.08:35
greybackczajkowski: quoting the wiki page, SecureBoot might probably work. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#SecureBoot08:43
greybackczajkowski: and this person looks to have had success: https://x1carbon.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/install-linux-on-lenovo-x1-carbon/ - tho it may have been an earlier model08:43
greybackhttp://vasilezaremba.com/installing-ubuntu-12-10-on-lenevo-x1-carbon/ too08:45
czajkowskixnox: greyback cheers08:50
greybackhappy buying!08:50
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infinityczajkowski: Several of us have Carbons, and they seem to work just fine.09:00
infinityczajkowski: (Not I, but many others)09:00
seb128zul, infinity, mdeslaur: hey, does one of you plan to merge apache2 on Debian? there is a bunch of packages in the archive depwaiting on dh-apache2 which is a new helper shipped in the current Debian version09:40
cjwatsonIf you do, then be aware that the Apache 2.4 transition is a large and complex one09:45
cjwatsonI think we probably ought to take it, but somebody needs to actually manage that transition09:45
cjwatsoncf. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=66195809:46
ubottuDebian bug 661958 in release.debian.org "transition: apache2 2.4" [Normal,Open]09:46
seb128cjwatson, thanks, I was not planning to ... which is why I pinged the people who touched apache2 last ;-)09:47
seb128but good to be aware that it needs planning09:47
cjwatsonSure, which is why I didn't specifically address my comment to you :-)09:47
seb128jamespage, doko, whoever looks after java: jarjar in saucy depwait on libasm4-java which is in universe, want to file a MIR for this one? ;-)09:52
pitti@pilot in09:54
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infinityseb128: I was thinking of merging and starting the transition after Alpha1, but it depends on how far Debian's gotten (or how many patches there are in the BTS), since I don't particularly want to do the whole thing myself.09:54
seb128infinity, ok, no hurry, as said I just noticed that a few packages are depwaiting on it in saucy ... but we can as well wait for Debian to do a bit more of the heavy lifting ;-)09:56
infinityseb128: *nod*... We should definitely do it this cycle, I'll keep an eye on it and start it when it seems sane.09:57
pitticjwatson: oh, you are handling the casper sponsoring? I was just about to do it, but saw your approval10:06
pitticjwatson: ah no, that was -cdimage, not the casper branch, nevermind10:07
pittimvo: hey Michael, how are you?10:46
pittimvo: there's a bunch of updates in lp:software-properties, is that good for uploading, or do you know of blockers?10:47
pittimvo: it works fine here after some basic testing, at least10:50
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mvopitti: I think its fine, go ahead and upload (I can do that too later if you want)11:04
tvoss_pitti, ping11:37
pittimvo: done11:50
pittitvoss_: hey11:50
tvoss_pitti, hey there :) I'm looking into a VT_SETMODE ioctl resulting in an Input/Output error11:51
tvoss_pitti, the behavior people are describing hints towards a race, but I'm not a 100% convinced11:52
tvoss_is there any way to get a little more information about the cause of the error11:53
cjwatsonThe notes in the comments at the top of /lib/udev/console-setup-tty may be helpful11:53
cjwatson(or may not)11:53
pittitvoss_: first time I hear about VT_SETMODE, I'm afraid; what's the context there?11:54
tvoss_pitti, Mir has to adjust the vt mode to process-controlled (as opposed to kernel controlled), and specify some callbacks to manage its state on vt switches11:56
cjwatsonI wonder if you're accidentally trying to perform that ioctl on a hung-up tty12:02
cjwatsonTBH for undocumented console ioctl failures you generally have to either attempt to divine the problem from kernel source or else rebuild the kernel with extra printk debugging12:05
apwcjwatson, it is possible i have another report of linux-image-generic not being installed after install, do you know of any cases of this still occuring, and if it is would that likely be ubiquity ?12:16
cjwatsonapw: I don't know of one, but I'm not sure I would :)12:17
cjwatsonapw: Find out first whether it was a serverish or a desktopish install12:17
apwcjwatson, they are saying "live USB key" and it is a laptop they are installing, so i belive it is a desktop job12:18
apwbug #117285212:18
ubottubug 1172852 in linux (Ubuntu) "USB keyboard and mouse don't work" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117285212:18
* apw tries to raise the reporter on irc as well12:18
smbSince it says life usb key. I would assume not-server12:20
cjwatsonI'd suggest getting /var/log/installer/syslog and perhaps also /var/lib/dpkg/status then12:21
dokodidrocks, Daviey, Laney: did one of you ping me about the ipxe ftbfs? looks like an issue in ipxe, so the proposed fix seems to be ok12:21
LaneyI don't have any memory of that12:21
Laneydoesn't mean that I didn't ...12:21
didrocksdoko: neither did I, I pinged you about google-mock vs pthread12:22
dokodidrocks, can't remember that one either ;)12:22
didrocksdoko: here it is: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/06/24/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t07:56 :)12:23
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Laneybtw, I'm trying gtk3 with 4.7 to see if that really is it12:23
dokodidrocks, you need to build libgtest with -pthread, not just the executables for the unittests12:26
seb128Laney, ?12:26
seb128Laney, gtk3 works fine with gcc 4.8 before those linaro changes got merged in12:26
Laneyyou narrowed it down more?12:26
seb128well, to one revision12:26
seb128not sure how gcc 4.7 is going to be useful12:27
dokowell, to one gcc upload12:27
Laneyit's useful because you can upload using that on armhf in the interim12:27
seb128right, sorry "revision" -> "upload"12:27
seb128Laney, -O0 workaround it12:27
seb128so we can use that was well12:27
dokodid you narrow it down even more?12:27
seb128doko, ^ just that -O0 works12:27
seb128-O1 or -O2 breaks12:27
seb128not sure how to narrow it further down12:27
dokois there a single test case which you can run?12:28
dokowell, it's the game about combining O0 and O2 object files until you find the offending one12:28
seb128not really, it's basically "build libgtk.so, run one of the tests, it fails with new gcc"12:28
seb128I don't know how to do that12:28
seb128and libgtk has a full stack of object files12:29
seb128I tried to "touch .c" on random sources12:29
seb128but that feels like random poking going nowhere12:29
dokoI know, it's a time consuming task ...12:29
dokodid you open an issue for that?12:30
seb128no, I will do it in a bit, I was waiting to get a bit more details12:30
seb128e.g trying to optimization12:30
seb128I poked enough around to open a bug with some content at this point12:30
cjwatsonBisecting -f options can help too, although it's not always the case that you get a clean bisection there12:31
seb128I'm not sure I will be able to spend more time on that anyway, I almost spend a day on it already12:31
seb128cjwatson, you mean?12:31
cjwatsonI mean that much of the difference between -O0 and -O1 can be controlled in more fine-grained ways using a variety of -ffoo options12:32
seb128is the list of options described somewhere?12:32
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mlankhorstbrrr, rebuilding mesa 4 times again locally because the sru was preempted by a security update :/12:33
cjwatsonLike I say, it isn't always perfect - I don't think everything's independently controllable, and some of the optimisation options interact12:33
cjwatsonBut it can sometimes help12:33
apwcjwatson, confirmed it is a live cd install on a normal system, i've asked them to attach the said files12:33
pittididrocks: hm, the bunch of unity-ish uploads in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+queue?queue_state=1 look like an error in the autolanding? or was that actually supposed to be a massive SRU?12:34
dokoright, bisecting options options helps too, but it won't help much finding the location12:34
seb128cjwatson, doko, Laney: I will try to poke around a bit more, but that seems like a time sink work and I've already spend more time on than that I should (or rather delayed touch work that I should be doing) ... I might just end up filing the bug and build gtk with -O0 on armhf as a workaround12:35
seb128pitti, that stack seems about right12:36
seb128pitti, they are all components from a stable series with SRU bugs manually pushed (I think sil2100 worked on that landing)12:37
dokopitti, infinity: I was wondering if we can build locales again from the eglibc sources, or what would be needed for that12:37
pittiseb128: ok, thanks for confirming (just saying, the SRU team won't be happy about that)12:37
seb128pitti, why wouldn't them?12:37
pittidoko: I think we can actually; this was originally split back in the ancient days for adding locale editing support to LP, but this won't happen, and it's not very important12:38
pittidoko: we have a couple of patches to locales which would need to go to eglibc then, plus our modificaitons to locale-gen, but not much else really12:38
seb128pitti, it's only 10 sources, we do land more than that manually when we do e.g a GNOME minor releases round or when KDE does a point release update12:38
pittiseb128: there's no debdiff nor changelog in the queue, so a bit hard to review12:38
pittianyway, it just caught my eye during my sponsoring shift12:39
seb128pitti, yeah, that's a known issue, but the staging ppa which is used for copy should have the diff12:39
dokopitti, cool, can you coordinate with infinity so that he may get these included upstream in 2.18 maybe?12:39
pittidoko: ah, maybe the eglibc maintainers are more open to that; I sent all our locale changes to glibc, and some were even accepted, but you know Ulrich.. :)12:40
pittidoko: does eglibc have a separate bug tracker? I can re-send them there12:40
dokopitti, no, but carlos o donell is now doing glibc release management12:41
pittimost of our patches are just taken from Debian's eglibc package, but we have some 5 extra12:41
apwcjwatson, i assume if we see the below, this is not good:12:41
apwJun  7 12:16:27 ubuntu ubiquity: Removing linux-generic ...12:41
apwJun  7 12:16:27 ubuntu ubiquity: Removing linux-headers-generic ...12:41
cjwatsonapw: Probably not but I have a policy of not looking at partial log fragments :-)12:42
apwcjwatson, it is attached in full to the bug12:43
cjwatsonapw: Ah, that's bug 1070427 then12:44
ubottubug 1070427 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Ubiquity removes kernel headers, fails to build nonfree drivers" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107042712:44
cjwatsonNot fixable without a 12.10 point release ...12:44
apwcjwatson, ahh ok, nasty12:44
dokodidrocks, are you looking at google-mock?12:45
pitti@pilot out12:47
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* dholbach hugs pitti12:51
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* pitti hugs dholback13:05
didrocksdholbach: I tried to build libgtest (the one embeeded) with -pthread without any luck, if you can give a look, that would be nice :)13:23
didrockspitti: no, it's a SRU that has been reuploaded 3 times because the package went invalid after a while (the syncs)13:23
didrockspitti: it's indicators + unity srus13:23
dholbachdidrocks, are you sure you wanted to ping me about it? :)13:24
didrocksdholbach: no, too many "d" on this channel!13:24
didrocks"oh wait" :)13:24
didrocksdoko: I tried to build libgtest (the one embeeded) with -pthread without any luck, if you can give a look, that would be nice :)13:24
dholbachyeah, thought so - the other German whose nick starts with a'd' :)13:25
dholbachor "the other guy in Berlin..." :)13:25
didrocksdholbach: I was close you will notice!" :)13:25
dholbachdidrocks, if it's early enough, I'll meet doko on Friday - I can let him know there ;-)13:25
didrocksdholbach: ahah, let's plan on that then! :)13:26
* didrocks hugs dholbach13:26
* dholbach hugs didrocks back13:26
seb128doko, Laney: ok, I opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.8/+bug/119412313:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194123 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "gcc 4.8.1-2ubuntu1 to 4.8.1-3ubuntu1 breaks gtk on armhf" [Undecided,New]13:33
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mlankhorstcan some core dev sponsor xxv-intel-lts-raring and mesa-lts-raring from http://people.canonical.com/~mlankhorst/lts-raring.tar ? Keep in mind that you need to use dpkg-buildpackage with -v to get all the changes from the previous lts-raring entry, else the sru will get rejected again :/13:44
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tseliotmlankhorst: if you build the sources with "-v" for me, I'll gladly get your sources, sign them and upload for you14:04
mlankhorsttseliot: the .changes in there should be correct14:06
tseliotmlankhorst: ok, let me have a look14:07
pittifginther: so I was mostly wondering whether the ap-gtk tests should run at package build time or not14:10
pittifginther: doing so requires xvfb; it currently works, but it's rather slow and requires disabling one check14:11
fgintherpitti, I wouldn't go done that path of running xvfb during package build...14:11
pittifginther: if not, I'd like them to run at least for merge proposals (CI); but I don't know how to integrate them there14:11
pittifginther: but do you agree to the part of integrating it into "make test"/"ctest"? that makes local development a whole lot simpler14:12
fgintherpitti, for lp:autopilot, the tests were split into 'unit' and 'functional' tests. The unit tests run during package build and don't require any X interfaces.14:12
pittifginther: ok, I don't have that for ap-gtk, as by its nature all tests are integration tests14:12
fgintherpitti, I do agree an making it easier for devs to run.14:13
pittifginther: or rather, as long as we can do blackbox testing through the AP interface, I'm not that keen on encoding particular implementation details in unit tests14:13
pittifginther: I can just change the dh_auto_test rule to not run the tests, so we can keep ctest without having to run it during package build14:14
dokodidrocks, could you point me to your fix attempt?14:14
pittifginther: so if we don't run them during package build, how can I ensure that they run for MPs?14:14
fgintherpitti, we should be able to add them to the daily-release integration testing14:15
didrocksdoko: I have a source in /tmp/, want me to upload it? I tried several autoreconf and modification of Makefile.am, but not sure that will give you anything14:15
didrocksdoko: basically, adding -pthread at multiple place and trying to executed the failing g++ line manually, switching the args14:15
fgintherpitti, we also have ways to run them during MP, but it's a bit clunky right now, so we only do it for a handful of packages14:15
pittifginther: hm, isn't that the main point of doing CI?14:16
pittifginther: in this case, perhaps we should keep the tests during package build for the time being? that'll run them in MPs too (I got a reject the first time, then added the missing build deps, and it succeeds now)14:16
fgintherpitti, the ci infrastructure is geared toward unit tests. running UI tests requires a lot of infrastucutre14:16
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pittifginther: ah, I thought we'd use the same infrastructure for upstream CI as for the distro autolanding14:17
pitti(as they are essentially the same test suites)14:17
fgintherpitti, we're not there yet :-)14:17
pittifginther: understood :) (sorry, I'm still not quite familiar with all the details behind that)14:17
fgintherpitti, I'll take a look at the MP and do some testing through jenkins. If there are no issues, there is no reason not to run the tests during package building14:18
pittifginther: so it sounds like we should keep the "xvfb-run ctest during package build" for now? It succeeds for the full test suite (https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/autopilot-gtk/add-tests/+merge/171036)14:18
fgintherpitti, yes. I'll make sure it runs, then comment in the MP14:18
pittifginther: thanks (both MPs have links to jenkins build, FTR)14:19
pittifginther: locally I test in sbuild, that should be reasonably similar14:19
fgintherpitti, thanks. I'll get back to you14:20
pittifginther: ack, thanks to you14:20
tseliotmlankhorst: uploaded14:20
seb128Laney, sorry, not sure how much that spammed15:01
seb128stupid website/firefox15:01
Laneya lot15:01
seb128I selected one line to copy but it seemed to have taken the whole file15:01
seb128and IRC isn't clever enough to limit the paste15:02
cjwatsonIt didn't spam everyone; I only saw you quitting15:02
seb128cjwatson, it was on #ubuntu-desktop15:02
cjwatsonYour IRC client might not be clever enough.  irssi is :-)15:02
seb128I'm writting here because I'm not sure if spamming is still ongoing :p15:02
smoserhow often does the auto sync occur ?15:26
mlankhorstbdmurray: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/1100586 .. irony15:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1100586 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu Quantal) "unable to use Apple Wireless Trackpad" [High,Fix committed]15:29
cjwatsonsmoser: Every six hours; currently disabled, see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2013-June/002422.html15:29
xnoxsmoser: if it's already available at pad.lv/d/package, and is needed, then you can use syncpackage command ;-)15:29
smoserxnox, yeah, i was aware i could do it. just didn't know why it didn't just happen.15:32
smoseri think i'm ook waiting until tuesday morning.15:32
smoserthanks cjwatson xnox15:33
bdmurraymlankhorst: it'd be ironic if I were running Quantal, but the description says I was using 13.04.15:35
mlankhorstah :p15:36
mlankhorstjust accept I guess15:36
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didrockscjwatson: hey, small and probably a dummy question. There are tracers tools (they are libs) using lttng to bind mirserver/mirclient to some kernel tracing calls. I put them in a mir-test-tools16:06
didrockscjwatson: I, of course, then get those lintian warnings: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5795887/16:07
didrocksthe 3 first are "wanted" (they are not real consumer libs anyway), but the last one shows that dh_makeshlibs is ignoring this package it seems16:07
didrockseven forcing the call with -pmir-test-tools shows that it doesn't produce the postinst, postrm16:07
didrocksso apart from making the ldconfig call manually in postinst, postrm, I'm out of ideas, would you know more?16:08
didrocks(does dh_makeshlibs filters on package name, I tried looking if there was some algorightm like starting with "lib", but didn't get any luck?)16:08
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cjwatsondidrocks: Can't you put them in a private directory instead, if they're not meant to be on the system runtime linker path?16:13
didrockscjwatson: I think lttng needs them to be on a system runtime path16:14
cjwatsondidrocks: e.g. /usr/lib/man-db/libman.so doesn't cause a problem16:14
didrockstvoss: would know more ^16:14
hyperairScottK: regarding bug #1193667, would it be too invasive if i could the BPM detection module in an SRU here?16:50
ubottubug 1193667 in banshee (Ubuntu) "banshee crashes while detecting BPM" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119366716:50
jdstrandjjohansen: hey, did you figure out a way to install a kernel on the touch image without regenerating it? if so, I can help you test aa3 kernels on mako and grouper17:01
jjohansenjdstrand: heh I haven't gotten that far yet17:02
jdstrandjjohansen: if that would be helpful that is.17:02
jdstrandjjohansen: ack, let me know if I can be of assistance17:02
jjohansenjdstrand: so no I haven't yes that would be helpful17:02
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MDesignerhey guys, who can I contact w/ regards to all things Ubuntu audio? (sound effects, etc)18:28
seb128MDesigner, hi, try TheMuso or diwic18:37
diwicMDesigner, hi18:38
fhfhello all I have a problem with packaging: I need to copy icon to particular dir and I add "cp" to "rules" file http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796280/ but it gives me error "no such file or dir" and it cannot copy icon http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796283/ any1 can help?18:38
tvossScottK, ping18:44
fhfhm any genius at packing can help?19:00
MDesignerargh. was in a conversation w/ diwic but he split before I got off the phone. he said I should talk to the design team. so… now who do I contact? :)19:30
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hallynpitti: hey, do you remember the udev bug which caused debootstrap to leave a udevd running from the install?20:09
cjwatsonBug 118254020:10
ubottubug 1182540 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Daemon-suppression code in installer breaks new invoke-rc.d logic" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118254020:10
cjwatsonIt wasn't a udev bug in the end20:11
hallynoh right.  thanks!20:11
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stgrabercjwatson: meetings minutes are in the moderation queue21:22
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