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airurandohi czajkowski09:22
czajkowskihows things09:22
czajkowskiback in the land of the right timezone09:22
airurandohave you settled into your new role?09:22
czajkowskiwell last week was learning and planning09:22
czajkowskiplus events09:23
airurandoexciting week for you last week09:23
czajkowskithis week is now putting things in place09:23
czajkowskiyeah it was amazing but tiring but good at the same time09:23
airurandobusy busy09:23
czajkowskiwhich is good09:23
czajkowskibut when you're trying to learn it all09:23
czajkowskiyou kinda need some down time to take it all in09:24
czajkowskiadd in timezones and when you come back you're +5 hrs ahead of your boss or anyone on your team who you can ask stuff makes it a bit trickier09:24
airurandonever experienced that09:24
airurandoczajkowski: do you know anything about why ebel wasn't contacted about reapproval?09:25
airurandoI know there are discussions ongoing about approval09:25
ebeloh sorry09:26
ebelI got the email there09:26
czajkowskiI didnt get to read back09:26
czajkowskibut I do need to poke folks in the council09:26
ebel2 sec09:26
czajkowskias the reapprival is goig to be a lot more informal09:26
czajkowskiand we want folks to remain active09:27
czajkowskiI've a blog post to come out this week09:27
czajkowskiwill go poke folks09:27
airurandothanks czajkowski and ebel09:27
ebelack new machine, need to re-set-up thunderbird09:27
airurandohe he09:28
czajkowskiI've never had to use gmail for mail before, but does anyone happen to know if I create filters locally on my machine using a desktop client and then click archive on the webmail the mail isn't deleted but still there ?09:28
airurandoebel: I'd appreciate it if you send me on the details when you sort it out.09:36
airurandophew... June LoCo council meeting was cancelled09:36
airurandonext meeting is Tuesday 16 Jul 12.09:36
airurandoI'll try to work on an honest reapproval application over the weekend.09:38
airurandomust call a spade a spade.09:38
ebelThe email was basically an automatically generated "you're a member of launchpad group ubuntu-ie which is a member of approved-teams and that membership will expire in 7 days" or something09:46
ebelgah, why can't I remember my email settings...09:46
zmoylanall archive does as i understand it is remove it from the inbox.  if it is in a filter on the web part of gmail it will still be in there.  other wise you have to select all mail to see it.09:46
czajkowskizmoylan: just worried if I click archive it then does the same locally09:49
czajkowskiwhen I've put all the mail into nice pretty folders09:50
zmoylanbut then i use pop as i can't stand imap09:50
zmoylanmuck up imap and you muck up your local store09:50
* ebel shall have to check that email when he gets home09:53
airurandothanks ebel10:04
airurandocan anyone get the current number subscribed to the mailing list?12:38
tdr112airurando: I think as mail list admins we can log into mail man and find out12:47
airurandotdr112 I am not a mail list admin but I see you are.  Could you get the number for me?12:50
tdr112i have to find how to reset my password and just going for lunch will do it when i am back12:57
airurandoebel, slashbel will you make it to http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ie/2450-summer-ubuntu-hour-dublin/13:00
slashbelairurando: we are out the country then, sorry13:00
airurandono prob, pity though :-(13:01
zmoylanif i don't have an rpg game on that weekend i should, i'll try and vote for a day other than that saturday for the rpg game but i may be outvoted.13:01
airurandocheers zmoylan13:01
tdr112ebel: I cant remeber my password on that and only another admin can reset it13:13
czajkowskiif neither one of ye can remember it, mailing rt@ubuntu.com will reset it also13:18
ebelI don't think I can remember my password either, last time I checked13:35
airurandohmmm it appears theirishpenguin and meanmachine have let their ubuntu memberships lapse.13:38
airurandoI'll remove them from the 2013 application13:38
airurandoas shanefagan hasn't been involved over the last two years also I'll e-mail him to see is he wants to be included in the short list of Ubuntu members who are active in the Irish LoCo Team13:39
tdr112czajkowski: is rt@ a person ?14:02
czajkowskitdr112: it's a ticket tracker and goes to the admins14:18
tdr112thanks czajkowski I have emailed them14:40
airurandoshanefagan still wants to be listed as an Ubuntu Member who is active in our LoCo Team.14:53
airurandoThat means we are only down 1 since last approval.14:53
airurandomeanmachine and theirishpenguin are gone but I am added14:53
czajkowskiairurando: you gonna apply for your certifiate14:54
* czajkowski really needs to sleep14:54
airurandoyes indeed czajkowski14:55
airurandoapplication already submitted14:55
tdr112airurando: 14915:15
tdr112i got the password15:15
airurandothanks tdr11215:56
airurandotwo fewer than last time15:57
airurandonow exactly the same number on the mailing list and in the launchpad team15:57

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