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* ppisati enjoyes the morning breeze...08:34
apwppisati, forget to get dressed this morning ?08:40
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nikolarkHi, I'm looking to specify the right package for bug #1172852 . USB keyboard and mouse does'nt work on clean 13.04 usb-install. Got it working by chrooting in after and installing linux-image-extra. But this package is intentionally left out by the ubuntu-installer said a friendly guy in #ubuntu-bugs.11:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172852 in linux (Ubuntu) "USB keyboard and mouse don't work" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117285211:00
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nikolarkshould the needed drivers be in the main package instead of linux-image-extra? 11:01
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apwnikolark, installing onto a real system?12:10
apwnikolark, installing onto a real computer i would expect linux-image-extra to get installed, as i would expect linux-image-generic to be installed which pulls it in12:11
* henrix -> lunch12:19
apwnikolark, so this was on a desktop install.  could you check on that system whether you have linux-image-generic installed please: run 'dpkg -l | grep linux-image'12:20
nikolarkapw: desktop install on a real system12:29
nikolarklinux-image-generic is installed12:30
apwnikolark, so it is odd that -extra would be missing then as that is dependant on it12:30
apwnikolark, could you get me 'apt-cache show linux-image-generic  | grep Depends:'12:31
nikolarki might have installed it after..12:31
apwnikolark, ok could you attach /var/log/installer/syslog and /var/lib/dpkg/status to the bug please12:33
nikolarkyup, apt-cache reports linux-image-generic depends on linux-image-extra (and firmware)12:33
nikolarksure apw :-)12:35
nikolarkapw: attached.12:44
apwnikolark, ok thanks, seems this is ubiquity issue, and maybe known, will update the bug12:45
nikolarkthanks :-)12:45
nikolarkapw: could you see anything in the installer-syslog?12:46
apwthe installer guys think this is an instance of bug 107042712:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1070427 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Ubiquity removes kernel headers, fails to build nonfree drivers" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107042712:46
xnoxnikolark: the installer log points that Quantal image was used, yet at the top of the bug report it says "13.04".12:49
apwyeah that is rather inconsistant...12:56
rtg_apw, I wonder what kind of reception 'UBUNTU: SAUCE:' patches will receive upstream ?12:58
apwrtg_, indeed, i replied to it with the title update ... stupid error12:59
rtg_ah, hadn't seen the reply12:59
apwbut yeah, /me == dork13:00
rtg_I chuckled and prepared to watch some fireworks13:01
apwi'll send up another couple today, and try to not re-dork myself13:01
apwrtg_, i pushed up a fix or two for overlayfs to our unstable tree13:01
apwrtg_, and in the process of closing it for upload to the PPA13:01
rtg_apw, saw that. now we have a packaging error that I need to go figure out (as soon as I'm done cruising LKML)13:02
apwrtg_, packaging issue?  i'll leave closing it be then and let you do that13:02
rtg_apw, have you done a full build yet ?13:02
apwrtg_, i've only done binary-generic's for testing13:03
rtg_something goes awry when packaging headers. can't e too complicated.13:03
apwhmm i think i've made headers though13:04
apwrtg_, oh but they appear to be empty headers :)  have fun13:05
rtg_uh huh. thanks :)13:05
nikolarkapw: xnox: I just realized the logs are from when I reinstall with 12.10, after 13.04 did'nt work out of the box13:14
nikolarksorry about that13:14
rtg_apw, I think the saucy unstable packaging failure is because of the aufs update. missing ubuntu/include/linux/Kbuild and ubuntu/include/uapi/linux/Kbuild. test building now.14:11
apwrtg_, doh, check those in as an UBUNTU: ubuntu: AUFS3 -- fix' and we can merge them down later14:12
rtg_apw, I think I'll just fold it into the aufs update so that there is no bisect build error. seem reasonable ?14:13
apwrtg_, no cause they are framework not the update14:13
apwrtg_, oh actually it just depends what is in them14:14
apwif they are actually full of stuff then yes, they need to go in the update14:14
apwbah, i need to revisit the updater once you are done there14:14
rtg_apw, The Kbuild files have a single line that mentions aufs-type.h14:14
apwprobabally the update then, and i'll take a todo to check into that at next update14:15
rtg_apw, I put some whammy on saucy master-next. shall we take it for a spin for the day before uploading ?14:50
bjfrtg_, let me know when you have some debs to test15:00
rtg_bjf, ack15:02
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apwrtg_, sounds good15:13
rtg_bjf, apw: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/3.10.0-0.6/15:18
rtg_bjf, also, I pushed a patch to kteam-tools to update the development kernel version from 3.9 to 3.1015:25
bjfrtg_, ack15:26
bjfrtg, so far your kernel is running fine. heat looks normal15:59
rtg_hmm, [   12.911676] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000007016:11
rtg_[   12.911691] IP: [<ffffffff8156e572>] od_set_powersave_bias+0x92/0xc016:11
* rtg_ -> lunch17:30
apwrtg_, wifi per18:00
apwrtg_, wifi perhaps ?18:00
rtg_apw, huh ?18:01
apwid_set_power_bias sounded wifi'y to me18:02
apwoh no cpufreq ... ooops18:02
rtg_cpu govenor18:02
rtg_apw, I sent a debug patch upstream showing what was NULL18:03
rtg_apw, look for 'od_set_powersave_bias: NULL pointer dereference' in LKML18:04
rtg_apw, 3.10.0-0.6 uploaded. I'm outta here a few minutes early for an appt.19:37
* rtg_ ->EOD19:37
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