CrazyLemonhey guys. where could i get Ubuntu Manual logo in preferably .svg format? :)18:27
CarstenGHi CrazyLemon18:35
CrazyLemonhey CarstenG18:36
CarstenGDid you had a look to the repository?18:37
CarstenGI guess there is one?18:37
CrazyLemonCarstenG you mean on launchpad?18:38
CarstenGHave a look to the »lulu-en_US.svg« in the directory »titlepage« of the saucy branch.18:40
CrazyLemonyea..thats the front page.. i'm looking for the logo http://ubuntu-manual.org/images/header.png18:41
CrazyLemonoh wait..its there but its tiny..  it will do18:42
CrazyLemontnx CrazyLemon18:42
CarstenGYes, and in this file the logo is included.18:42
CrazyLemonCarstenG *18:42
CrazyLemonyea.. i didnt see it the first time :)18:42
CarstenGWhat do you want to do with it?18:43
CrazyLemonCarstenG i wanna include ubuntu manual in a custom localized ubuntu18:44
CarstenGYou are doing a own distro?18:44
CrazyLemonCarstenG naah.. ubuntu but localized and with some localized stuff in it18:45
CarstenGah, ok18:46
CrazyLemontnx guys and take care19:09

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