excalibrfairuz: ko guna gnome-terminal kan?03:42
fairuzexcalibr: aah03:59
excalibrfairuz: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/1gy7wu/does_anyone_know_why_gnometerminal_prints_weird/04:42
excalibr/poke hyperair 04:43
* hyperair pokes back05:53
hyperairit's probably some ncurses thing?05:54
hyperairsame thing happens when your emacs gets killed05:54
angchmust be zsh05:55
angchnot resetting the term05:55
angchjust do a "reset" on the term05:55
angchfwiw, never happened to me over the years. bash. ubuntu.05:56
fairuzsame here, never happens to me 05:58
excalibrangch: i can't replicate the prob on xterm terminal though..so i dont think it's shell related06:01
angchexcalibr, what shell are you on?06:02
excalibrnow im on zsh but same thing happened when i used bash06:06
angchFun. Google for "zsh strange characters"06:08
* angch putting money on zsh somehow incompat with gnome-term. terminfo or something06:09
angchdunno. 50-50.06:09
angchweird since i don't think that many zsh users, yet many weird stuff happens to zsh users.06:10
angchdid you customize your zsh prompt to use colors, and other formatting stuff?06:10
hyperairangch: oh it's perfectly possible to do the same in bash. just cat an ELF binary06:15
hyperairokay, surprisingly, catting gnome-terminal didn't bork my terminal06:16
angch? not after killing ssh.06:16
angchhyperair, just need a reset.06:16
hyperairif you had an emacs session or screen session running in ssh, you might.06:16
hyperairyes, i'm aware of reset.06:16
hyperairbut this is a common $TERM protocol issue and not so much a $SHELL issue.06:17
angchhyperair, dunno might have encountered before, but ^Lreset is hardwired to my reflexes....06:17
* hyperair doesn't need to reset often.06:17
hyperaironly when emacs screws up06:18
hyperairwhich is really not often.06:18
angchhappens when i cat foo * accidentally.06:19
hyperairsurprisingly, i don't find myself in that situation all too often lately.06:20
hyperairi wonder why..06:20
hyperairmaybe i use less instead.06:20
hyperairor '<'06:20
excalibr*gasp* could those weird charc be mouse input?06:41
angchyes? mouse input *may* generate term characters (?whatever you call it)06:45
angchbeen too long. forgot.06:46

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