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HawkeHii all. im really really new to linux, im trying to get mythbuntu up and running. i have it all installed, when i log on it launches to setup, i select my language then it goes to database config and whatever i do it cant connect to the database. i have made sure my username is in mythtv group, and i have checked the password is correct but im so new i dont really know what else to try. any help for me to try would be great. than08:08
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Hawke84hi im having real problems installing mythbuntu, i cant get past the configure database, it wont connect to the mysql. im really new to linux. any suggestions?18:12
qwebirc68730 hey is anyone there?19:39
superm1qwebirc68730: yeah19:53
superm1what's up?19:54
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sabhainIs it better to upgrade a backend server, or do a complete re-install?  Currently on 10-10 or 10-04.20:57
sabhainSome version of LTS I think20:57
sabhainGenerally things are stable, but I'm getting longer and longer freezes at the top and bottom of the hour20:58
sabhainAlso, I need to add a slave backend to the system, and that's a new system20:58
superm1sabhain: if it's LTS it's 10.04 probably then21:01
superm1depends on how your data is organized for which i would say is better21:02
superm1if you are putting recordings on a separate partition/drive, it's probably easier to just backup your mythconverg database, reinstall, reload database21:02
superm1if recordings are on same drive, you just need to be careful that they don't get lost in the reinstall21:03
sabhainsuperm1: they're on separate drives, but within the same system.21:03
superm1ok.  the other question is what other stuff have you done different than the standard install?21:03
superm1if you installed a lot of apps or configured a lot of services specially, that's just extra work to redo later so an upgrade might be more convenient21:04
sabhainI think it's pretty vanilla, really, outside of customizing LIRC settings.  The big thing I'm going to lose in the upgrade will be diskless21:04
sabhainI've been running diskless on 3 front-ends .. and it's been pretty awesome.  But with the cost of a small SSD what it is, I'm prepared to just do separate installs again.21:04
superm1yeah it's too bad we don't have a good way to do diskless anymore21:05
superm1i wish it would be revived21:05
sabhainIt's really been the most stable server I've ever had.21:05
superm1if you're getting freezes, i'd be wary to think it's actually the software though21:05
superm1like the HW is frozen?21:06
sabhainI'd love to jump in and figure it out .. but just too much happening.  I understand from another user (wyhzzrd??) that it works, it's just the ltsp arguments that need to be tweaked21:06
superm1or like a long mysql query is pegging the system?21:06
sabhainwhenever you're watching anything (live, recorded, or video) .. and the system is recording and switches programs (at the top or bottom of the hour generally), I get a 5-10 second *hesitation* .. and then playback resumes as if norma.21:07
sabhainhardly ever get any real hangs or freezes that require a restart21:07
sabhainmaybe 3-4 times a year?21:08
superm1yeah that's mysql queries21:11
superm1i've read posts on mailing list about people with major problems on that21:11
sabhainI was wondering if there was some sort of log that I should clear out21:11
superm1it's lessened with newer versions of mythtv, but some other stuff you can do:21:11
superm11) optimize the mysql database21:11
superm12) move mysql to a different drive21:12
superm1check and see which mysql optimizations you have enabled21:13
superm1there's more on there21:13
superm1http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/2335 also fixes a problem like that, but it's from versions that came out before ubuntu 10.0421:17
sabhainsuperm1: how do you do (2)?  You relocate the database from / ?21:21
Jay2k1stop mysql, move the directory somewhere else, then symlink the directory back21:22
sabhainand would there be a performance improvement if the recordings themselves were on a different system than the backend processes?  Say a JBOD on the LAN?21:23
sabhainor a streamlined NFS server?21:23
superm1sabhain: well the key is database on a separate drive from recordings21:29
superm1not sure your mounting structure though, are they on the same drive?21:29
superm1i don't think putting recordings on a JBOD on a LAN would help, you'll just saturate your LAN link and make your frontend performance dip21:30
sabhainsuperm1: what's the default location of mysql?21:39
superm1sabhain:  /var/lib/mysql i thinks21:40
sabhainthey're on different physical drives.  the mythconverg is on the / drive with the system files, but all recordings are on different drives21:41
superm1yeah then that shouldn't change things for you21:58
superm1try those mysql database optimizations21:59
possum007What does "Error opening jump program file" mean?23:52

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