pittiGood morning04:58
svwilliamsthanks thomi, I've added a test for quit and I'll find them and ask05:03
jibelgood morning07:10
DanChapmanGood Morning :-)08:14
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smartboyhwHey guys, don't forget it's classroom today!11:36
DanChapmanHey smartboyhw11:37
smartboyhwDanChapman, don't forget the classroom sessions today:)11:37
DanChapmanwhat time? :)11:37
smartboyhwDanChapman, starting at 14:00 UTC.11:38
DanChapmancool I should have my ubiquity test done by then so will try be there on time ;)11:38
smartboyhwDanChapman, great:)11:39
smartboyhwballoons, ping me when you wake up.11:51
smartboyhwHmm, I am supposed to post a new interview today. Surprises everyone:P12:01
* smartboyhw will do it later:)12:01
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smartboyhwGuys, our QA Classroom sessions starts 1 hour later. Make sure you join us through #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat!13:00
smartboyhwballoons, you awoke? (I saw you joining classroom channels)13:16
balloonssmartboyhw, ;-p13:17
smartboyhwballoons, yeah! :)13:17
DanChapmanMorning balloons13:17
smartboyhwballoons, heck, the promotion got out a bit late:(13:17
smartboyhwBut anyways, there will be spectators.13:17
balloonsit just snuck up on us eh?13:17
smartboyhwballoons, it did:)13:18
smartboyhwHey phillw !13:19
smartboyhwWe are expecting you:P13:19
smartboyhwSo guys, we have 5 sessions today:13:20
smartboyhw1. (Sort of) an intro session by balloons to teach you about basic tools.13:20
phillwyup, and I'm doing 2 of them :)13:20
smartboyhw2. phillw on zsync and md5sum13:20
smartboyhw3. phillw on bug reporting13:20
smartboyhw4. bug master bdmurray on following up and reporting good bug reports13:21
DanChapmanballoons, ubiquity getting there now. Test runs all the way through now just some niggles to sort out. Might be giving you a shout later with a couple ;-P13:21
smartboyhw5. chilicuil on SRU testing13:21
balloonsDanChapman, ohh nice13:22
smartboyhwballoons, did you get the time wrong?13:24
balloonswhat do you mean?13:25
smartboyhwballoons, 14:30 UTC.13:25
smartboyhwWasn't it one hour later?13:25
balloonsbah one more hour13:26
smartboyhwballoons, since you have free time: Teach me autopilot stuff.13:26
smartboyhwballoons, we are about to start Alpha 1 testing!13:38
smartboyhwballoons, heck, can't you teach me autopilot!?13:39
smartboyhwnow I mean...13:39
balloonssmartboyhw, didn't we schedule something for tomorrow?13:40
smartboyhwballoons, yeah we did, but I want to learn something first today:P13:40
knomesmartboyhw, stop jumping on the walls and calm down13:41
smartboyhwknome, alright:P13:41
balloonssmartboyhw, sure thing..13:41
balloonshave you read the tutorial for it or looked at the docs?13:41
smartboyhwballoons, some of them.13:41
balloonsand you want to try qml or gtk?13:42
smartboyhwballoons, that's a good question. Which is the easiest?13:42
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balloonsqml is easier imho13:44
balloonsgtk isn't as straightforward13:44
smartboyhwballoons, qml then.13:45
balloonssmartboyhw, ok so do have a look through this to get the basic setup stuff13:48
smartboyhwballoons, I set it up already.13:49
smartboyhwbranched rssreader.13:49
balloonsok great :-)13:49
balloonsand do you have a look through here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/quality/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/13:49
balloonsand have you looked at some of the other autopilot qml tests?13:49
smartboyhwballoons, the tutorial yes but other tests: not yet.13:50
balloonsok, so any questions from the tutorial? have you tried putting together a basic test for rss-reader yet?13:50
smartboyhwballoons, trying but not sure.13:51
balloonssmartboyhw, alright. Let me see if the branch has the layout in it or not13:51
smartboyhwballoons, there is.13:51
balloonssmartboyhw, ok great. So you probably just need to add the sdk emulator and have at it13:52
balloonshave you looked the the bugs for needed tests?13:52
smartboyhwballoons, added, but "have at it"?13:52
balloonswe can dive in on one13:52
smartboyhwballoons, I assigned 2 to myself.13:52
smartboyhwediting and removing feeds.13:52
balloonsok perfect. So do you know how that works.. first step is to write it out in english just like a manual testcase13:53
balloonsthen we'll automate it.. when you write it out, make sure you not the expected results and we'll add those as asserts13:53
* smartboyhw tries to write it out.13:54
smartboyhwballoons, can you actually get someone to do a automated testing writing classroom session?13:55
smartboyhwIt's empty there in our wiki.13:55
balloonssmartboyhw, sure13:55
balloonssmartboyhw, ok keep at it, I'll be back in a few. ping with questions you run into :-)13:56
smartboyhwballoons, :)13:56
elfyafternoon all13:59
smartboyhwHello elfy, the classroom sessions are starting after 30 minutes.13:59
elfyI know14:00
elfythe only one I might be about for is anything manual testcase orientated14:01
smartboyhwelfy, sure:)14:03
elfyone I can see14:05
smartboyhwballoons, I do have a problem: I can't seem to be even able to use the app on desktop (I can't even work out how to add a feed myself)14:05
smartboyhw17 minutes till the first classroom session begins!14:13
elfyI bet you're great at Xmas ... :p14:16
smartboyhwelfy, no actually...14:17
balloonssmartboyhw, does the app not work at all?14:28
smartboyhwballoons, I don't know how to use it (at all).14:28
balloonsthey are all still in development, so it's possible14:28
smartboyhwballoons, but they did add the functionalities already.14:29
smartboyhw(According to their blueprint)14:29
balloonsright.. let me try running14:29
smartboyhwballoons, focus on your classroom session first please.:P14:29
balloonssmartboyhw, works for me14:31
balloonshit back after launching then use the toolba14:31
smartboyhwballoons, back ah....14:31
smartboyhwballoons, wait, what's the "back" key in keyboard?14:32
balloonsback via toolbar14:33
balloonsit's weird14:33
smartboyhwballoons, what toolbar?!14:34
smartboyhwHey chilicuil! Anxious of your session?14:47
chilicuilhey smartboyhw, good morning, yep, just waiting for the testing classroom =)14:47
smartboyhwchilicuil, balloons is doing the first one now:)14:48
chilicuilsmartboyhw: cool, I'm looking forward to see our boss in action14:49
smartboyhwchilicuil, pop in to #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat:)14:49
smartboyhwphillw, let me suggest something: Next time use sha256sum or sha1sum, md5sum isn't the best way to check.15:06
smartboyhwIt can corrupt even when the md5's correct.15:06
elfybut who uses them smartboyhw ?15:12
smartboyhwelfy, me?15:12
patdk-wk_sha512sum is faster on newer cpu's15:14
smartboyhwpatdk-wk_, Ubuntu hasn't even provided checksum numbers for sha512 yet.15:15
patdk-wk_was seriously suprised, it was >2x, where on very old p4 systems, sha256 was 2x as fast15:15
patdk-wk_I was using openssl15:15
patdk-wk_didn't bother to see if sha512sum existed :(15:15
elfyalso - more or less all the ubuntu stuff points at using md5sum15:15
patdk-wk_anything I care about, I'll use two different hashs, it would be extreemly hard to fool both of them15:16
phillwsmartboyhw: zsync uses md5sum automatically, whilst in theory it can miss a corruption, in all the years I've been testing it never has :)15:17
smartboyhwphillw, :)15:17
phillw1 down, 1 to go :)15:36
DanChapmanxnox, ping15:38
xnoxDanChapman: heya15:38
smartboyhw0 down, 1 to go next week.15:39
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DanChapmanxnox hey, just a quick question. Does the ubiquity slideshow run on a timer? like whats the time span between each slide changing?15:41
xnoxDanChapman: well the slideshow is not part of ubiquity, it's just an html page that is displayed.15:45
DanChapmanxnox ahh!! thats why I couldn't get the page_title :-D15:46
xnoxDanChapman: looking at lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu it's a jquery javascript that does the "transitions" set to timeout at 50s and transition in a space of 0.6s.15:46
DanChapmanat the moment i just have autopilot looping on the fraction prop of the progress bar. But it feels like the tests gone dead while waiting, was trying to see if I could check the slides as they come through.15:47
xnoxDanChapman: You should be able to check that webkit webview is visible for example, but I wouldn't bother "testing" the slideshow itself. as that's external.15:47
DanChapmanxnox ok great, thanks for that :-)15:47
xnoxDanChapman: at that point, you would need to instruct autopilot that there will be a long delay before "reboot dialog" appears.15:48
DanChapmanxnox, yeah I was having trouble with the reboot dialog, I can get all the properties of the dialog but when I navigate to the COntinue testing button the mouse goes to the top left of the screen and clicks. No where near the actual dialog.15:50
xnoxDanChapman: hmmm.... interesting. It can be preseeded to auto-reboot and not show that dialog at all. Thus your test is "complete" once the slideshow stage is reached. As we will be detecting / verifying that installation was successful via external means.15:52
DanChapmanxnox well as it stands it asserts that the finish_dialog appears and title contains Installation complete. Shall I just leave it at that point then?15:55
xnoxDanChapman: that's perfect and more than enough.15:55
xnoxDanChapman: have you pushed a bzr branch with that somewhere?15:56
DanChapmanxnox yep 2 secs15:56
DanChapmanxnox, https://code.launchpad.net/~dpniel/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/ubiquity15:57
DanChapmanI've still some bits to do like gracefully handling autopilot not getting matching passwords but the test in that branch passes at current15:58
balloonsDanChapman, ohh excellent. I'll try and have a look at it later16:04
balloonsmeeting now, playing with your code after :-)16:05
DanChapmanballoons sounds good :-)16:06
xnoxDanChapman: it's awesome, and tests quite a bit of pages, well done. I'll look into integrating this into lp:ubiquity.16:09
balloonsa +1 from xnox.. wow DanChapman, that's an accomplishment ;-) So I'm guessing adding the other testcases shouldn't be too difficult now that you've done the first.16:10
DanChapmanxnox, thanks :-) I was also going to get it to pop up the keyboard detect dialog just to check it worked.. But cool glad you like it :-)16:16
xnoxDanChapman: still a few things to do on ubiquity side to enable this by default.16:16
xnoxas in, automating executing autopilot tests.16:17
DanChapmanxnox, cool be great to see it in lp:ubiquity and it enabled by default :-)16:20
elfyxnox: do you know what's going on with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/119352616:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1193526 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Clicking "Install Xubuntu 13.10" in live session doesn't work." [Undecided,Confirmed]16:53
xnoxelfy: haven't tested yet, but ubiquity was switched from using "gksudo" to "pkexec" in the last upload, which can be relevant.16:54
elfyk - xubuntu still not working from the desktop launcher16:54
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DanChapmanballoons, is there anymore hackfests planned for anytime soon?17:30
balloonsDanChapman, we went through the first 3 in quick succession. The remaining hackfest for the cycle is for testdrive.. still needs planned17:30
balloonsnothing else is planned, but I've thought about doing another one. not sure when justyet17:31
balloonsprobably in the middle of the 3 week break we get in the cadence17:31
DanChapmanballoons, cool sounds good :-)17:31
balloonshave you looked at the core apps stuff? It's the big focus outside of ubiquity at the moment17:32
balloonsand in other good news pitti has a merge for autopilot to fix some autopilot-gtk bugs and get a nice little testsuite added to test the internals :-)17:32
DanChapmanYeah i'm gonna head over to all that once i've wrapped ubiquity up.17:33
DanChapmanoooo that would be good.17:33
DanChapmanballoons, wow that is some list of needed tests for core apps.17:49
balloonsDanChapman, indeed it's a big list :-) However each test is broken out into a bug to make it easier for multiple folks to tackle, so it's not AS bad as it seems17:50
DanChapmancool thats a good idea.17:51
balloonsanyways, qml is a bit easier in many ways because you have access to the UI layout, so it's easier to know what you need to grab17:52
DanChapmanthat definately would make things a bit easier.17:54
balloonsdefinitely ;-)17:54
balloonsphillw, ping19:13
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phillwballoons: pong19:58
balloonsI need to chat about alpha 119:59
balloonsgive me moment phillw19:59
phillwokies :)19:59
balloonsphillw, ok so Lance was wondering about alpha 120:01
phillwwhat about it?20:02
balloonsdo you understand how the opt-in process works? I was chatting with the release folks about it and wanted to pass along the info20:02
balloonshe was looking for the alpha 1 images, which don't exist yet. In the past he was correct in that the builds were turned on at a specific date and the milestone appeared20:03
phillwI replied to the email asking which teams are partaking saying that we are.20:03
balloonsnow that ubuntu isn't participating you as flavors own the process much more :-)20:03
phillwthe API system is not yet stable and I don't want to go breaking stuff!20:04
balloonsbasically you need to inform the release folks your ready and a milestone and build wil be created20:04
phillwthat was sent from kate via the ubuntu-release mailing list20:05
balloonsI understand Stephane has done some work so you can even trigger rebuilds :-)20:05
balloonsat any rate, I just thought it would be useful info to pass along to the team20:05
phillwyes, we can. but nothing about making the initial freeze20:05
balloonsyes initial freeze and final build was still be specifically requested20:06
stgraberit's an alpha, there's no archive wide freeze for these20:06
balloonsyes bad term.. :-) initial build not freeze ;-)20:06
balloonsit's late afternoon on a monday, heh20:07
knomeelfy said there was some desktop launcher bug in xubuntu currently, do any of you know about that?20:07
balloonsknome, yes20:07
stgraberflavours may ask for specific source packages to be prevented to migrate from the proposed pocket to the release pocket, some flavours have commit access to that and can do it themselves, the others need to come up with a list of sources they want frozen and get someone in #ubuntu-release to commit those20:07
* skaet nods20:07
knomewhat's it about?20:07
balloonsit's a bug :-)20:07
* balloons ducks20:08
phillwstgraber: you state to say when to turn off the cron for lubuntu. This can be done now. pending the bug being fixed20:08
balloonsnot sure, but it *might* be because of a change to pexec from gksudo20:08
stgraberphillw: ok, I'll turn cron off for your products20:08
balloonshello Noskcaj :-)20:08
Noskcajmorning balloons20:08
phillwstgraber: if they get the bug fixed, I'll request a respin on the page.20:09
stgraberphillw: ok, per my e-mail, please ping me after your request the respin on the website as those aren't fully automated yet20:09
phillwindeed, it's not a show-stopper bug at A1, but does need resolving :)20:10
Noskcajwhy is natty desktop still marked as "testing"?20:15
balloonsNoskcaj, on desktop.qa.ubuntu.com? we could probably just retire the domain. stgraber should have the full list. there might even be a few more I don't know about :-)20:18
balloonsthere's at least one more for x testing or graphics of some sort I remember20:18
stgraberballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796568/20:19
balloonsindeed.. more even I didn't even know about.. I think the pairwise one I've never seen for instance20:19
balloonsafternoon sethj20:20
sethjHello balloons20:20
balloonsat some point we could decide on what to shutter from there stgraber.. as a community team we're only using 3 of them, but . . .20:21
stgraberyeah, I have a feeling most of those are unused and could be moved to packages.qa.ubuntu.com if they ever were to be used again20:22
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phillwballoons: I feel an edit on our #Bugs wiki page is due after Brian's classroom session :)22:29
balloonsphillw, :-)23:02
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