iBelieveI've been running some of the core touch apps on an Ubuntu PC, for example the weather app. I just came across a picture of the weather app on android central (running on a tablet) that has the new design and graphics, but the PPA version doesn't. I tried running it directly from the launchpad branch, but same there. Where can I get the latest version?00:06
amedianare there anyone to help me ubuntu touch install on htc desire z00:28
amedianare there any one allive00:30
mhall119iBelieve: do you have a link to that picture?00:34
mhall119amedian: most folks arne't active on IRC on the weekend, especially Sunday evenings00:34
amedianthank you to inform me00:35
amedianhave a good evenings bye00:36
iBelievemhall119, here it is: http://cdn.androidcentral.com/sites/androidcentral.com/files/imagecache/w680h550/postimages/9274/ubuntu_touch-3.jpg01:19
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mhall119iBelieve: ah, that was just an image used as a placeholder until the actual weather app was developed01:45
mhall119but we should be getting the new "Suru" visual designs for the weather app, which is likely to make it look more like that mockup01:45
iBelievemhall119, Oh, I see, it looked somewhat like the new designs so I assumed that is what they were. Now I'm realizing that the dates in the article and in the weather app are way before blog posts about the new designs. Sorry for the mistake.01:47
iBelieveWay looking forward to seeing the new designs! Great work on Ubuntu touch!01:47
mhall119thanks, I'm looking forward to them too01:50
wilee-nileeHows the touch on the saucy img, I have a nexus 7 it has been a bit problematic in the past?01:51
mhall119wilee-nilee: mostly the same as raring01:53
wilee-nileemhall119, Cool thanks.01:55
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McKinnon3048I'm having serious trouble with my ubuntu touch instalation, is this a good place to ask for help05:45
McKinnon3048is there anybody awake on here?05:48
McKinnon3048well, I'll ask anyway, and see what happens05:48
RAOFThere'll be people awake here. I believe this would be a good place to ask.05:49
McKinnon3048I used the terminal instalation for the Ubuntu touch preview, first boot after instalation it takes me to the ubuntu logo'd background recovery screen, but error says the file autoboot isn't found (or something allong that)05:50
McKinnon3048i tried pushing to SD and sideloading as per the manual instructions, but neither of those work05:50
McKinnon3048rebooting the tablet takes me to the google unlocked Black screen of death, or to the battery charging screen, the only way back is via power/volume down for recovery, which then boots to that ubuntu background05:51
McKinnon3048right now i'm bricked and would apriciate ANY help05:51
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KriShANsiNoh boy06:52
KriShANsiNthe nexus 4 is nice. LG phone with saucy?06:53
KriShANsiNanyone got a nex4 with saucy on it yet?06:53
KriShANsiNanyone running "mako" ?06:54
didrocksKriShANsiN: hey, and it's running fine. See as well https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices06:54
KriShANsiNdidrocks: i am going crazy. i cant believe it. we get to flash google foogle firware and run Linux on these LG bad boys? wow! i cant wait to get this.!06:56
KriShANsiNhow are the devs making money? why is all this happening?06:58
KriShANsiNwhy is google Andy Rubin so creepy?06:58
KriShANsiNthe Nexus 4 is soooo beautiful but, it creeps me out to hold it because it has google firmware on it.06:58
KriShANsiNi need to get quantal on this bad korean phone06:59
KriShANsiNso i guess i just need to pay pal some bucks to the ubuntu touch dev team once i get this up and running07:02
KriShANsiNso the next question is , when will this be available for iPhones?07:04
KriShANsiNis that even legal?07:04
Namidairowhen apple unlock the bootloader, someone develops a kernel for it, and ports to cm-10.107:05
Namidairoie. never.07:05
KriShANsiNso the nexus 4 with mako is the way to go then yeah ?07:05
KriShANsiNso i flash Jelly Bean and replace it with mako.07:10
KriShANsiNhell yeah07:10
KriShANsiNoh man oyu guys are crazy as hell, taking a brand new hard to get Nexus 4 special white edition , running a perfetly fine google firmware that was worked hard on, and replacing it with "mako"? wow!! that is soooo crazy . i have to go lay down for a minute to comprehend what you guys are doing.07:14
dholbachgood morning07:19
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Saviqogra_, ping09:54
ogra_Saviq, hey10:14
Saviqogra_, hey, is the full adb suite supposed to be supported in the flipped images?10:14
ogra_no, not evrything10:14
ogra_the shell always runs as root, to get logcat you need to do adb shell /system/bin/logcat ... etc10:15
Saviqogra_, ok, any plans to support `adb tcpip`?10:15
ogra_the rebot commands are patched in though10:15
ogra_effectively we would indeed like to have the full featureset, cant promise it though, this stuff didnt even had a security review yet10:16
Saviqogra_, yup, got it, thanks, will deal with USB only for now ;)10:17
ogra_rsalveti even talks sbout forking adb into "udb" so we can extend it in all directions10:17
ogra_cant you use ssh ?10:17
Saviqogra_, yeah, that's fine, we're going ssh as soon as it's there on the device10:18
Saviqogra_, so it's fine, I just used tcpip before, because that made sure the devices don't conflict (with forwards, for example)10:18
ogra_yeah, understood, open a wishlist bug against android-tools10:19
Saviqogra_, but yeah, once the images are flipped by default, we'll be able to simplify our run_on_device script a lot10:19
Saviqogra_, thanks10:19
ogra_well, that should happen today .... just waiting for feedback for the last device10:20
Saviqogra_, nice10:20
ogra_(manta should work too now, but i dont have one so relying on others to test)10:20
AskUbuntuDevelopment tool and language used for ubuntu mobile app | http://askubuntu.com/q/31206410:28
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Saviqogra_, what replaced "restart ubuntu-session"?10:44
ogra_ubuntu-touch-session replaced ubuntu-session10:45
Saviqogra_, thanks10:47
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nik90mehow: just sent you and lina an email with questions on the visual designs.11:14
nik90loicm: ping11:23
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om26erIs there a way to get back to normal images after flashing with --flipped ?(from phablet-flash I mean)12:04
ogra_om26er, definitely buy using the manual method for flashing, i'm not sure but i would also expect pahblet-flash -b to DTRT12:08
ogra_(unflipped will vanish this week anyway though)12:08
om26erogra_, the problem with manual flash is that the phone is in the lab. :/12:09
ogra_well, try -b then ... if it is re-boorstrapped from the ground up that should work12:09
* om26er tries12:11
ogra_Saviq, i was wondering if we could have unity integrated with an  upstart-desktopfile-bridge ...  so that the .desktop files could have hardware related criteria to be shown ...  (i.e. only show the phone app if there is a system ofonod running "show on started ofono" etc etc )12:12
Saviqogra_, yeah, that's more of a application-scope integration, but we could think of something12:13
Saviqogra_, but then people might get confused why their app doesn't show up12:13
ogra_well, i wouldnt want to see the phone app on i.e. a tablet without 3g12:14
ogra_i'm not sure if the HW differences are big enough among devices to justify such a thing at all, its just an idea that struck me :)12:14
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ogra_mdeslaur, jdstrand ... is there antthing we could do to make apparmor not max out the CPU on boot http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/bootchart-maguro.png ?12:34
mdeslaurogra_: is that first boot only, or subsequent boots also?12:34
mdeslaurogra_: on first boot, it needs to compile policies12:35
ogra_thats just a notmal boot12:35
ogra_*normal even12:35
jdstrandso, to be clear-- 2nd boot does that too?12:35
jdstrandif so, then it sounds like there is a problem with the cache not being generated correctly12:35
jdstrand(or not used, etc)12:35
ogra_its the 50th boot or so since the image was installed .... its a bit tricky to get bootchart going on first boot :)12:35
jdstrandogra_: do we have boot charts for mako?12:37
jdstrand(or grouper)12:37
ogra_note that this is maguro ... (OMAP4) which is not gifted with a big L2 cache ... and only two cores12:37
ogra_i can make one for grouper later today ... dont have a mako for ubuntu stuff12:37
jdstrandthat should only affect the 1st boot. after that, it should be using the binary cache12:37
ogra_where does that live on disk ?12:37
ogra_moght be a filesystem issue12:38
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls -l /etc/apparmor.d/cache/12:38
ogra_total 012:38
jdstrandogra_: is the filesystem readonly?12:39
ogra_but its a loop of mounts12:39
ogra_the rootfs lives in a subdir of the partition ...12:39
morphisrsalveti: ping12:39
ogra_so we mount the partition, do a bind mount to /root of the subdir, then pivot that to / *and* mount the partition again under /data12:40
ogra_(very messy and just an interim)12:40
ogra_the partition is always RW from the bindmount that happens inside the initrd thoguh12:40
jdstrandogra_: fyi, here is how it all works: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/upstart-devel/2011-December/001771.html12:41
popeyogra_: is there a way to trigger the creation of the bootchart png? my mako only has a tgz in /var/log/bootchart12:41
ogra_popey, i adb pull it and then run: pybootchartgui --crop-after=unity8 bootchart.tgz on my PC12:42
jdstrandogra_: you don't have to read the whole email. Just read to '== Considerations ==' and you should have enough infor to know the various things that happens with apparmor in early boot12:42
popeyok, ta12:42
jdstrand(though you certainly could read the whole email)12:44
popeyjdstrand: http://popey.com/~alan/ubuntu-phablet-saucy-20130624-1.png a mako bootchart12:44
jdstrandyeah, that is what it should look like12:45
jdstrandthe cache is clearly being used there (teeny sliver for apparmor_parser)12:45
jdstrandpopey: is that for a flipped image?12:45
popeyyes jdstrand, flashed today from yesterdays image12:46
popeyand added some packages, but not much, just not a vanilla flashed device12:46
ogra_yeah, if you see lxc at the top it is flipped :)12:46
popeyjust flashing grouper now, will bootchart that too12:46
* jdstrand flashes his mako and makes sure everything is running correctly there12:47
ogra_well, seems mako is fine then12:47
ogra_i wonder if maguro misses a kernel option or so12:47
ogra_given that all our touch devices have different kernel versions12:48
popeyhmm, still having to run adb root under sudo for my grouper12:48
popeynot a massive issue12:48
ogra_on the PC you men12:48
ogra_*mean ?12:49
jdstrandargh,my mako is 'dead'12:49
ogra_discharged ...12:49
jdstrandis there still the issue with it running out of power?12:49
jdstrandI plug it in and the led is flashing orange12:49
ogra_put it on the wallplug for 20min or so12:49
jdstrandok, cool. I thought I read something about disconnecting the battery12:50
ogra_android has a function for preventing a boot in the initrd if you are on the charger ... we dont have that yet since we have to wat to actually tell the user we are charging and not moving  on with the boot12:50
ogra_(no framebuffer access in initrd)12:50
popeyogra_: yes, on my pc12:51
ogra_ah, good ... phew :)12:52
ogra_oh, that reminds me ...12:54
* ogra_ adds a respawn to the adbd upstart job 12:54
ogra_meant to do that last week already ... kind of forgot about it12:54
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ogra_tedg, .see http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/bootchart-maguro.png and http://popey.com/~alan/ubuntu-phablet-saucy-20130624-1.png ... is there anything we could do to not have the hud-service stall the boot for 10sec ?13:10
ogra_(i assume everything changes once we run Mir and lightdm but that heavy delay looks still odd)13:11
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tedgogra_, Migrate to upstart user session for one :-)13:11
ogra_after the Mir/lightdm switch13:12
tedgogra_, But probably we need to get unity8 to not start it right away, and only on use.  It shutsdown when not in use.13:12
tedgogra_, That's been on tsdgeos' todo list for a bit, but never gotten out of the "someday" list.13:12
seb128well, we have an issue if hud uses more cpu than the rest of our desktop combined13:13
ogra_well, if it takes 10sec to come up on demand too, that wont make it widely used i guess :)13:13
seb128which seems to be the case13:13
tedgseb128, It's a Texas sized process ;-)13:13
tedgseb128, It's initing the voice recognition engine.13:13
seb128it's likely the pocketsphinx stuff13:13
tedgWe can make that lazier.  Right now it just waits 1 second after the first query is created.13:14
tedgBut, really, the best fix is to switch to upstart and don't create the query on init.13:14
* ogra_ would like to see us getting down to a 20sec boot on maguro and 15 on mako in the end 13:14
ogra_yeah, i guess we can do that when redesigning the user session13:15
ogra_but that kind of requires lightdm etc13:15
seb128tedg, well, upstart will not fix the fact it takes 10 seconds to start13:15
tedgYup, I think we have too many transitions planned at this point to do that kind of optimization today.13:15
tedgseb128, Sure, but it'll make it so that it doesn't block the startup13:15
seb128it will just take 10s to show on first use13:16
seb128which is an issue as well...13:16
tedgYeah, which is what we're playing with here.13:16
tedgWe might need to (not today) try to init that in a thread or something so we remain responsive.13:17
ogra_cant we decouple the voice engin a bit ?13:17
ogra_right ...13:17
tedgogra_, When we have upstart user session enabled can we use ureadahead for both the system and user session?13:20
tedgLooks like we're not really nailing the disk the way I'd expect.13:20
tedgOr I guess that might be the HUD just blocking everything.13:20
popeyogra_: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/bootcharts/grouper/ubuntu-phablet-saucy-20130624-1.png  a grouper one fwiw13:20
ogra_not sure ureadahead works so great on MMC13:21
ogra_popey, wow, 10sec in initrd ... thats a lot13:21
tedgogra_, Oh, why?  What's the different about MMC?13:22
ogra_jdstrand, so seeing that only maguro exposes the weird apparmor behavior i'll do a fresh install ... if it still exposes that behavior i'll blame the kernel13:23
ogra_tedg, its an SD card ... not an SSD :)13:23
tedgogra_, Heh, sure.  It's like drinking an ocean with a straw.  But that's where I thought it'd be more similar to an HDD.13:24
ogra_tedg, and we will switch to loop mounted images from this13:25
ogra_not sure that will work either13:25
ogra_i currently see ureadahead die on all my boots ... which i blame the bind mounted / for (we dont have a real device here)13:26
tedgHmm, interesting.  We should perhaps harass the foundations guys about that.  But, when there's a more stable foundation.  Need to get through all these transitions.13:27
ogra_yeah, well, we will always support loop mounted images ... thats kind of essential for devices we cant re-partition (90% out there i'd say)13:28
ogra_not sure ureadahead can handle that at all13:28
ogra_oha !13:31
ogra_rtg_, root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/fs/do_sys_open13:31
ogra_ls: cannot access /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/fs/do_sys_open: No such file or directory13:31
ogra_rtg_, can we have the needed options in maguro to make ureadahead work ?13:31
rtg_ogra_, do you have debugfs mounted ?13:31
ogra_yes, the container is sopposed to do that13:32
rtg_this is mount ? 'none on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)'13:32
rtg_this is*in* mount ?13:32
ogra_and i see content13:33
rtg_ogra_, ok, start a bug and assign me to it. I've got some other stuff to deal with this morning13:33
ogra_seems just the fs subdir is missing in tracing/events/13:34
davmor2yay who ever added all apps to the apps lens I love you :)13:36
rtg_ogra_, yes, I'm sure its something simple, though I seem to remember a patch for correct functioning of ureadahead.13:36
ogra_rtg_, bug 119412713:38
ubot5bug 1194127 in linux-maguro (Ubuntu) "ureadahead does not work in current linux-maguro" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119412713:38
rtg_ogra_, k, I'll get to it this afternoon.13:39
rtg_ogdo you think other Nexus platforms are affected ?13:39
ogra_no hurry ... nobody noticed it until now ... wont hurt if it takes longer :)13:39
rtg_ogra_, ^13:39
ogra_not sure13:39
ogra_i only have grouper here13:39
ogra_i can check that too though13:39
ogra_one sec13:39
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/fs/do_sys_open13:40
ogra_enable  filter  format  id13:40
ogra_rtg_, grouper seems fine13:40
ogra_others have to check on mako and manta13:40
rtg_I have those13:40
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mhall119rsalveti: do those latest audio HAL patches get sound working on grouper?13:46
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troeteis there a way to disable the pin of the sim from ubuntu touch, without reinstalling android?13:50
ogra_nope, there is no code to handle the PIN at all yet13:51
troetethnx :)13:52
diwicmhall119, no13:56
diwicmhall119, they are for me to have something to work with13:56
ogra_diwic, btw, i diverted the ucm profiles from the lxc-android-config package now, if you need them back feel free to remove that13:58
ogra_it seems to help on maguro ... not on grouper though13:59
diwicogra_, actually it lights another problem - what happens if two machines with the same SoC has different audio configurations14:00
diwicogra_, how can we ship that on the same image14:00
diwicogra_, in this case panda and galaxy nexus14:01
diwicogra_, could just as well have been two mobile phones14:01
ogra_have an alsa-android-ucm package that conflicts/breaks an alsa-ucm package ?14:01
diwicogra_, sure, for *this* case. But what if there are two mobile phones both running Ubuntu Touch, but one of them has a more powerful speaker (e g) and therefore the UCM configs need to be different?14:02
ogra_then we need a specific udev rule to cover that i would say14:03
diwicogra_, I wonder if we can steer UCM config file in udev rules...not sure about that14:04
ogra_i guess we can find a way :)14:04
diwicI guess so14:05
ogra_on the touzch images with android container we actually know exactly which device we are on14:05
diwicmaybe the kernels are different anyway so14:06
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ogra_diwic, grep ^ro.product.device= /system/build.prop |sed -e 's/.*=//'14:09
ogra_diwic, we should have the ability to couple an udev rule to that14:09
diwicogra_, sure14:09
diwicogra_, just a matter of patching UCM to take the udev rule into account14:10
ogra_that file is guaranteed to be available and have the android build name (unique device name)14:10
ogra_well we could just have ucm subdirs per android name14:10
ogra_that way we shouldnt need specific rules, just make ucm match the name14:11
rsalvetimorphis: pong14:15
rsalvetimhall119: not yet, that's more to help our future development14:17
ogra_rsalveti, did you get a chance to test manta yet ?14:20
sergiusensogra_: what do you need tested?14:20
ogra_flipped should boot to the UI (hopefully)14:21
rsalvetihm, 20130624 about to be published14:21
rsalvetiogra_: trying to flash, but phablet-tools is trying to get 2013062414:21
rsalvetiguess I need to wait for a few minutes still14:21
* smartboyhw starts writing a new app.14:21
ogra_well, i see it14:21
pmcgowanwhy do I see 0623?14:23
pmcgowanare you guys getting from the vpn?14:23
ogra_no, from cdimage directly14:24
ogra_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/ has 23 and 24 for me14:24
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, downloading14:24
ogra_awe, so with my latest changes to lxc-android-config and your ofono retry logic i dont see any races anymore on maguro :)14:26
ChickenCutlassogra_, nice!14:27
rsalvetidiwic: so we already need to do something smarter in udev and such to retrieve the android device name, once that's in place, we could indeed load the android name specific ucm rules14:28
aweogra_, hmmm...  I didn't land any retry logic for the socket code14:28
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rsalvetias soc and proc/cpuinfo is not safe in our case14:28
aweI actually was working on this Fri afternoon and trying to get upstart to handle it...14:28
ogra_awe, hmm, whats that last changelog entry in ofono then ?14:28
awechanges to the SIM_STATUS code14:28
rsalvetiogra_: that's for a sim card race14:28
ogra_funny, since it seems to fix the race too14:28
ogra_i see it reconnecting14:29
aweogra_, as of Fri, it was still broken....and I was attempting to fix it by exiting when a socket failure occurred14:29
rsalvetidiwic: let me know if you have any issue when using the audio hal, you might need to temporarily disable audioflinger as well14:29
aweand thus letting upstart handle it14:29
ogra_oh, ok14:29
awebut that only seemed to work twice...14:29
rsalvetithat can be done by changing the android init.rc code that lxc loads14:29
aweso I was actually working on verifying whether or not upstart respawn was working correctly14:29
ogra_we cant really let upstart respawn the job ... since we want it to exit on devices that have no rild14:29
diwicrsalveti, right, I've been busy with HWE tasks today for the most part. I'm sure I'll need to disable audioflinger at some point, so how do I do that?14:30
aweogra_, on devices with no RILD, the plugin shouldn't power on the modem14:30
ogra_awe, but ofonod would endlessly respawn and there is no need to have it running at all14:30
aweogra_, we shouldn't be using the RILD socket for device configuration14:31
awethat's brain dead14:31
ogra_how else would you do it ?14:31
sergiusenswith the properties?14:32
ogra_unless someone writes an upstart-container-bridge we will never know if rild is done starting14:32
rsalvetidiwic: check /var/lib/lxc/android, you could change pre-start.sh or just replace the init.rc via the overrides folder14:32
ogra_properties only tell you it is started14:32
ogra_i can have the same with a pgrep14:32
awetwo separate problems14:32
rsalveticopy the original one and remove the media server related line14:33
sergiusensif it doesn't have one, we could add it14:33
awetheoretically, we should be able to use an upstart respawn limit14:33
rsalvetiactually, let me see how that is started14:33
rsalvetiyeah, part of the mediaserver14:33
ogra_sergiusens, the point is that we need to know the app is done starting ... we cant easily do that in the container14:33
aweso the ofono RILD code exits on any kind of socket error14:33
aweand if it happens too many times in a short time period, upstart marks the job as failed...and game over14:34
awehowever I couldn't get this to work14:34
ogra_sergiusens, what i think we should have is the ablve mentioned upstart bridge14:34
aweupstart seemed to give up after two tries14:34
ogra_so you can do: start on started container-app APP=rild14:34
diwicrsalveti, if mediaserver depends on audioflinger, is that a problem we need to solve, or can we just remove mediaserver too once PulseAudio is handling audio?14:35
ogra_which then only fires ofono if rild is really done with its init14:35
aweogra_, did you change the condition that starts ofono?14:35
aweor is it still started on 'dbus' started?14:35
ogra_sweonly in the very latest upload about 1h ago, not in the archive yet14:35
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rsalvetidiwic: that might indeed need more work to just remove the audioflinger part, need to investigate that more14:36
ogra_what you have there is still "on dbus started" ... the new one also uses the file bridge to check for /dev/socket existing14:36
rsalvetibut for now you can just disable mediaserver to have full control of the hardware14:36
diwicrsalveti, okay14:36
ogra_(in fact the creation of /dev/socket will now trigger ofonod)14:36
aweogra_, is there an event fired when the lxc container is started?14:36
ogra_yes, the "android" event is emitted right after the linkage14:37
ogra_udev fires based on it14:37
rsalvetifile bridge might work better14:37
rsalvetiwould be nice to give that a try14:37
ogra_rsalveti, thats what ofono now uses14:37
aweyea rsalveti, quit confusing us!  ;)-14:38
ogra_for udev it doesnt make sense14:38
ogra_(there doesnt need to be a /dev/socket to start udev, ofono needs it though, so i made the job fire on /dev/socket creation)14:38
rsalvetiogra_: oh, right, you already changed that :-)14:38
aweogra_, we still need to figure out 3g data on mako14:38
ogra_rsalveti, in case we decide to go slangasek's route with ueventd to touch a file once it is done we can isneed make udev conditional for this14:39
rsalvetiogra_: right14:39
ogra_awe, please try the latest lxc-android-config package for this, the former versions didnt really take subdirs in /dev/socket into account14:40
aweogra_, that seems overly complicated to me14:40
aweogra_, can I just test today's image, or is it missing pieces?14:40
ogra_awe, either an upstart bridge into the container or more easily have a stamp file to act on ...14:40
mfischogra_: ping14:41
ogra_awe, the latest lxc-android/changes didnt make it in the image (4h turnaround time, i didnt want to wait) ... just apt-get install it14:41
ogra_awe, i thought your "overly complicated" was for the ueventd comment above14:41
ogra_mfisch, i'm here :)14:41
ogra_awe, udev cant start if ueventd isnt 100% done ... we need a way to know about this14:42
aweogra_, I'll try and re-test data before the stand-up...  if it still fails, we'll need some help from cyphermox14:42
mfischhey ogra_ have you run valgrind on arm before? wondering if there's something problematic about arm's ability to rebuild a backtrace14:42
ogra_awe, well, if it did work with the same NM on unflipped i still would rather blame us/me than NM :)14:42
aweogra_, you mean if ueventd is finished processing all the devices... AFAIK, we're not killing ueventd, right?14:42
ogra_mfisch, not a big valgrind user here, but i know seb128 used it on arm a lot14:43
mfischogra_: okay, I'll ask him14:43
aweogra_, yes I still blame the flip, but after my latest analysis, I'm not sure why it's broken... that's why we need cyphermox's help14:43
ogra_right, well, i think we still might be missing bits and pieces ... the /dev/socket/ subdirs are definitely a bad oversight14:44
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ogra_and while we now have proper per device udev rules i'm not sure all users and groups they would like to use are in the system14:45
mfischseb128: you still around?14:46
seb128mfisch, yes14:46
mfischseb128: my stack traces on the phone in valgrind seem to stop really short14:46
mfischseb128: short of my code, which would be useful anyway14:46
mfischseb128: sforshee said that ARM may not have enough info to recreate a full backtrace by default?14:47
ogra_we might be missing kernel options ... note that we mostly use the android defconfig with only a few small changes14:47
mfischmost of my stacks were like 2 lines14:48
mfischg_something and then g_malloc above g_somethning should have been my code14:48
seb128mfisch, valgrind should (mostly) work fine on arm ... do you have debug symbols for your binaries? (like unstripped binaries or -dbg installed)?14:48
sforsheethis is because EABI doesn't include frame pointers14:48
mfischI did install unstripped bianries14:48
sforsheeso you have to have unwind tables to produce stack traces14:48
mfischusually valgrind will at least just say ???? foo.o14:48
sforsheewhich means you need the dwarf data, i.e. debug builds14:48
mfischit didnt even give me that14:48
sforsheethere is some gcc option to make it include frame pointers, but all libraries would have to be rebuilt to use this option14:49
mfischsforshee: maybe just having it in powerd will be enough14:51
sforsheemfisch: it won't, because most of the allocations are actually occurring in glib14:52
mfischsforshee: but the glib stack portion looked good, or are you saying that's where we lost the frame pointer14:52
sforsheemfisch: without unwind tables it can generate exactly two frames of a backtrace: the current function and the caller14:54
sforsheebeyond that you need unwind tables14:54
mfischsforshee: that explains why I had 2 calls then14:55
sforsheemfisch: the current function knows how to unwind it's own stack and get back to the caller, otherwise it couldn't return14:55
mfischokay so I was at the very top of the stack and stuck there, makes sense14:55
didrockssergiusens: hey, I'm probably doing it wrong, but phablet-flash --flipped -d mako doesn't restart my device for flashing with latest14:57
didrocksRestarting device... wait14:57
didrocksNot enough space in /data, found 1.1G, rebooting14:57
didrocks(/data actually has only 1.1G used, not free)14:58
didrocks/dev/mmcblk0p23   13G  1.1G   12G   9% /data14:58
troeteis there a way to run new applications on the device with one click in qt creator?15:00
pmcgowandidrocks, sergiusens I am seeing something similar15:03
pmcgowansergiusens, ogra_ how do I check the version of the installed flip image?15:04
didrockspmcgowan: did you install the first version by hand or with phablet-tools?15:04
pmcgowandidrocks, with tool15:04
sergiusenspmcgowan: no versioning yet15:04
didrocksok, I did it by hand, so not that :)15:04
sergiusensI'm just used the tools today to flash15:04
pmcgowansergiusens, how can I tell if it actually flash even thought flash said not enough space?15:05
ogra_pmcgowan, i'll dump something in that uses the general ubuntu way15:05
didrockspmcgowan: it didn't here, failed after 20s, and didn't reboot the device15:05
sergiusenspmcgowan: by looking at /cache/recovery/last_log15:05
pmcgowansergiusens, where is that file?15:07
didrockssame, I don't have any /cache, nor /data/cache15:07
didrocks(and no /var/cache/recovery)15:07
sergiusenspmcgowan: didrocks oh, yeah, flipped... you nned to go back to recovery15:08
pmcgowansergiusens, if I get that message does it mean it did not flash?15:09
sergiusenspmcgowan: let me double check, but yes, it's most likely not flashed15:09
pmcgowansergiusens, and cannot see /sdcard now, is that part of the changes?15:10
popeypmcgowan: i have no /sdcard on a working flipped phone15:10
sergiusenspmcgowan: nothing you use to see on android is there15:11
sergiusenspmcgowan: it's more of an ubuntu like hierierarchy15:11
pmcgowansergiusens, where are the tgz files now?15:12
didrockssergiusens: works way better in recovery mode, thanks! :)15:12
pmcgowandidrocks, what does?15:12
sergiusenspmcgowan: which ones exactly?15:12
pmcgowansergiusens, I used to delete them to clear space15:12
pmcgowanthe images15:13
didrockspmcgowan: flashing, the OS is rebooting from recovery to recovery, and then, it starts pushing the images15:13
didrocks(and no more this "1GB: not enough space" which is a side-effect I guess)15:13
sergiusenspmcgowan: oh, in what used to be /sdcard ?15:13
sergiusensdidrocks: yeah, just to support the same model for flipped and unflipped15:14
didrocksright :)15:14
popeysergiusens: the zip file used to be left lying around frequently, so you couldn't flash phone till they're deleted15:14
pmcgowansergiusens, yes, to put it another way, what should I do to get the latest installed now?15:14
sergiusensdidrocks: there is no adb push/pull or /sdcard in flipped images15:14
popeypmcgowan: I use this command to find out what's eating space on the phone so i can delete stuff to make space... du -xB M --max-depth=2 / | sort -rn | head -n 1515:14
sergiusenspmcgowan: are you moving from flipped to flipped, right?15:15
didrockssergiusens: we still push the .zip in /sdcard, right?15:15
pmcgowansergiusens, no, I have flipped installed and trying to get an updated version15:15
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sergiusensdidrocks: yes we do15:15
didrockssergiusens: not sure what the diff with this and adb push/pull then TBH :)15:15
sergiusenspmcgowan: I'm curious into why you always need to delete stuff, I never fall into that problem15:16
ogra_adb push/pull works exactly the same on flipped/unflipped15:16
pmcgowansergiusens, I have the 8GB model?15:16
pmcgowannexus 415:16
popeysergiusens: i have it often enough to script removing the zip files before/after flashing (8GB Nexus 4 too)15:16
ogra_(there are other adb bits that dont, but that one definitely does)15:16
didrocksogra_: ah, so I'm not that lost ;)15:17
sergiusenspmcgowan: oh, ack... I don't have that device, then again my /data is only 2.2G used up15:17
popey/dev/mmcblk0p23  5.7G  2.2G  3.6G  38% /15:17
ogra_adb logcat is different in flipped and some other builtin things too ....15:17
pmcgowanpopey, so where are those now?15:18
popeypmcgowan: i haven't updated it for flipped image yet15:19
popeyat the moment I manually do the rm15:19
popeypmcgowan: /data/media is where you'll find them15:19
popeyroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# du -hs /data/media15:19
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti what about rotation not working? is that a flipped issue?15:24
ogra_i think thats a unity8 issue15:24
ogra_i heard about it before from people that didnt use flipped15:25
pmcgowanrotation not working in apps was the issue last week15:25
sergiusensogra_: yeah, it worked with the image I took with me while on holidays15:25
pmcgowannot a unity thing15:25
sergiusensbut today's is broken15:25
pmcgowanprobably platform-api15:25
ogra_pmcgowan, but was broken unflipped, right ?15:25
ogra_good :)15:25
ogra_well ...15:25
pmcgowanpopey, thanks updated my clean script15:26
ogra_good for me :P15:26
pmcgowanits all about ogra_15:26
pmcgowanpopey, with the rename I had double copies as well15:26
FunkyPenguinis http://paste.opensuse.org/72500799 an expected issue with the latest daily image?15:28
FunkyPenguinis there a way to resolve the missing icons?15:28
ogra_it is known at least15:28
popeyyeah, i have it too15:28
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
ogra_(by the right people even, so just wait for an update that brings in the fix)15:29
FunkyPenguinok, at least i know it isnt down to my incompetence (this time) thanks15:29
popeythanks to that image I have only just noticed the road names on that map icon15:29
FunkyPenguinlulz, i never noticed that - nice touch15:30
FunkyPenguinbadoom tish!15:30
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|afk
rsalvetiFunkyPenguin: missing icons should be fixed later today15:43
FunkyPenguinrsalveti: muchas grassy arse15:44
jasonhuieHi guys, I just tried installing Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 7 and I'm having some problems with booting.  Is anyone available to help?15:45
aweogra_, was your ofono .override part of the ofono package?  If so, then it wasn't in place during my testing as I was always installing a newer version of ofono15:47
ogra_awe, lxc-android-config contains all container related hacks15:47
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morphisrsalveti: I saw there are a lot of additional changes to the libhybris branch for ubuntu16:04
morphisis that intended?16:04
rsalvetimorphis: yup, most to unblock some of the work we're doing, but should all be sent upstream later this week16:05
morphisrsalveti: ok16:06
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deus_is it possible to install native ubuntu 13.10 on a chinese tablet (copy of GoClever 103A)?16:12
mfischcking since you and sforshee are here16:12
mfischcking: any ideas on the exit events?16:12
ckingcking, what do you mean? I need some context to that question16:13
ckingmfisch, ^16:13
mfischcking: ah, my email from Friday about the netlink stuff16:13
ckingmfisch, ah, didn't see that one. let me think a sec, which device are you running it on?16:15
mfischcking: nexus416:15
mfischcking: I was getting exec and fork events16:15
mfischbut as sforshee pointed out, I should try my simpler whodied.c code on the phone too16:16
ogra_deus_, see the porting guide from the channel topic16:16
ogra_you would have to port it16:16
ckingmfisch, let me try it on the Nexus 4..16:17
ckingmfisch, powerstat works with for/exec/exits on my N416:18
mfischcking: okay, let me try my simplified version16:18
ckingbut I'm not using filtering16:18
=== Aww is now known as [plus]Aww
sforsheeroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# ./whodied16:20
sforsheeSocket failed: Protocol not supported16:20
sforsheemfisch, cking: ^16:20
sforsheerunning on my n416:20
mfischsforshee: it worked for me, I even have exit events16:20
ckingrun with sudo?16:20
sforsheemfisch: oh wait, I was running it on the galaxy nexus16:21
sforsheecking: I was root, that should be good enough, no?16:21
ckingsforshee, should be16:21
mfischsforshee: it did work on n416:21
mfischbut if it doesn't on other devices thats an issue16:21
sforsheewell it could be differing kernel configurations I suppose16:22
mfischfor sure16:22
mfischcking: okay, so whodied works, but the powerd integrated version does not16:22
mfischah crap16:22
mfischcking: NEVERMIND16:23
mfischcking: silly mistake here16:23
ckingmfisch, no probs, glad we could factor it out so quickly16:24
mfischcking: g_debug vs printf was my issue16:24
mfischsforshee: I guess on those devices that don't support it, we'll just live without it?16:24
morphisawe: ping16:25
sforsheemfisch: we'll just need to figure out why it isn't working and fix it16:25
mfischsforshee: can I send you the kernel config for this device?16:25
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mfischsfeole: CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK=y and friends need to be on16:25
sforsheemfisch: assuming you haven't built your own kernel I can easily get the config myself16:26
mfischsforshee: no its stock16:26
sforsheemfisch: my n4 is dead so after it's charged a bit I'll compare my results there16:26
mfischsforshee: I'll pick this up again wednesday probably when we have our code freeze16:26
awemorphis, pong16:26
morphisawe: I have something you might be helpful with16:27
morphisawe: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~morphis/phablet-extras/ofono-lp1089431/revision/42 and look at line 29516:27
morphisyou saw something like this before?16:28
morphisafaik parcel_init is reseting the parcel so it's data is set to NULL16:29
morphisso it should be safe to be reused16:29
awemorphis, just to be clear... you added the "FIXME" comment, and you're asking whether I've seen a similar double-free corruption?16:32
awemorphis, I haven't seen this before...16:33
awethat said, one thing you missed is that removing "request" from that function breaks the tracing16:35
aweline 293 still uses request, but you removed it's declaration, and replaced it with a constant in the g_ril_send16:36
morphisah yes16:37
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mhall119is saucy-23 using a flipped container?16:46
mhall119for grouper16:46
mhall119it says it's pushing the second .zip, but I'm at the ubuntu logo'd recovery console, which usually doesn't happen16:46
popeymhall119: I use "phablet-flash -d grouper --flipped"16:47
popeywhich gives me flipped one16:47
mhall119I wasn't specifically trying to get the flipped image16:47
mhall119just wondering why I was dropped into the recovery screen16:47
mhall119well, it rebooted, here we go16:49
popeyi get that with phablet-flash now, but I only specify flipped16:49
jdstrandogra_: fyi, I have files in /etc/apparmor.d/cache on mako (JENKINS_BUILD=saucy-23)16:52
morphisawe: hm, ok found a workaround16:53
morphisawe: somehow it can be faulty to reuse the parcel after you already initialized it16:54
morphisif I use a different parcecl struct it works fine16:54
awehmmm, I'm pretty sure we do this in other places...16:54
morphisawe: it was done this way before I touch the code too16:55
morphisbut I just added another event registration at gril which is calling the same callback method and then it occured16:55
awedoes your branch have the workaround yet?   If not, let me grab your branch and take a look16:56
awewas working on another bug...16:56
morphisawe: I will push it in some minutes16:57
awethe workaround?16:57
awehold off... I'd like to see if I can figure out what's causing the problem with your original change16:58
aweI'd like to avoid a workaround until we understand the failure16:58
awecyphermox, can you please check out https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1193161?17:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1193161 in touch-preview-images "[mako/flipped] 3g Data Connections Fail" [Critical,Confirmed]17:00
morphisawe: it's simple to reconstruct17:00
morphisawe: sadly I pushed already17:00
morphisbut I can give you the diff to revert17:00
morphisI suspect it's something within gril/17:00
awemorphis, that's easy enough for me to do locally17:00
morphisawe: but not if I rewrote the branch history :)17:01
awedid you?17:01
awecyphermox, the above bug is one of our last blockers to moving to flipped images.17:01
morphisawe: yes17:02
cyphermoxawe: technically I'm off today, it's a national holiday17:02
cyphermoxawe: it indeed looks to me like something funky in udev17:02
awecyphermox, OK... it's kinda working now, so if you could look at this first thing tomorrow, be much appreciated17:03
cyphermoxwithout these devices showing up, NM won't be able to apply the IP config to the device ofono tells it to17:03
cyphermoxdo the devices appear in ifconfig?17:03
awecyphermox, only rmnet_usb017:04
awecyphermox, this all worked in the standard images, and NM ignored the devices until the 3g connection was activated17:05
cyphermoxso somehow it's not liking rmnet_usb017:05
awebut now it's trying to configure them ahead of time17:05
awebecause it thinks they're ethernet devices17:05
cyphermoxit would have to be missing some kind of info, that would be in the debug logs17:05
cyphermoxawe: I see17:06
morphisawe: https://code.launchpad.net/~morphis/junk/ofono-sms-fixes-broken17:06
awemorphis, OK thanks!17:07
awemorphis, by the way, did you ever manage to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/phone-app/+bug/1089431?17:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1089431 in phone-app "[telephony] SMS send error checking non existent" [High,In progress]17:08
morphisawe: my "workaround" is more or less moving the code into a new method called ril_ack_delivery17:08
morphisawe: not really, yet17:08
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
awemorphis, I'll look at your original code first...17:08
morphisawe: but the problem seems to be related to the UI and not to ofono itself17:18
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
morphisI manually set the error code to RIL_E_GENEIRC_FAILURE and ofono tries to  resend the message a number of times before it fails: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796085/17:20
aweright... so it'd be good then to refute https://bugs.launchpad.net/phone-app/+bug/1089431/comments/317:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1089431 in phone-app "[telephony] SMS send error checking non existent" [High,In progress]17:21
awethe original theory was that if a failure occurred in the send to RIL, that an error could be passed back to the UI17:22
aweit seems like that was an incorrect assumption17:22
morphisawe: and ofono is sending the correct signals: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796090/17:22
morphisso the UI already has everything it needs17:22
aweah, OK17:23
awewell then could you please add your analysis to the bug, and we can then re-assign to the phone-app guys>17:23
morphiswill do :)17:23
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
morphisawe: who is the responsible for the phone-app?17:26
aweit seems like they also will have some future work to do in order to process delivery reports ( via a history plugin ).17:26
morphisawe: I will propose https://code.launchpad.net/~morphis/phablet-extras/ofono-lp1089431 for merging17:27
awemorphis, boiko_ and tiagosh17:28
awe( phone app )17:28
awemorphis, so it seems an app can't just register to receive sms reports, correct?17:29
aweit can only be done via a plugin which implements the history_driver?17:29
morphisI never really looked how the integration of the messagings works within the phon eapp17:29
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
morphisawe: but yes17:29
morphisstatus reports are only handled through the history plugin17:29
awemorphis, OK, seems like an odd design17:30
aweseems like we'd want to be able send a DBus signal for SMS reports too17:30
aweperhaps this is something we should discuss with upstream17:30
aweA history plugin still doesn't allow for us to communicate the report to the app..17:31
awewithout inventing a new DBus interface/signal17:31
morphisawe: can ask at upstream about this17:36
morphisawe: https://gitorious.org/meego-cellular/smshistory17:41
awemorphis, seems like an awful lot of code for something ofono should already be handling17:43
awemorphis, not sure that's anything we'd want to integrate17:43
awebut interesting from a historical perspective17:43
morphisawe: http://wiki.meego.com/Commhistory17:44
awesergiusens, ping17:57
iBelieveI'd like to get involved with developing the core applications, perhaps the File manager or Email program. Are either of these at a good point in terms of design to start contributing?17:59
iBelieveI'm mostly interested in implementing the UI, not the internal workings of the apps.18:00
sergiusensawe: pong18:04
diwicrsalveti, hmm, I'm testing your test_audio program, and it fails with segmentation fault in audio_hw_device_open on nexus 418:04
rsalvetidiwic: hm, as a user or as root?18:05
diwicrsalveti, as a user, let me test root too18:05
rsalvetiwonder if it's conflicting with audioflinger18:05
diwicrsalveti, fails as root too18:05
rsalvetilet me give it a try with nexus 418:05
rsalvetidiwic: have the logs?18:05
diwicrsalveti, where did you try it?18:05
rsalvetidiwic: maguro18:06
rsalvetigalaxy nexus18:06
diwicrsalveti, paste.canonical.com/9330318:06
awesergiusens, having trouble with phablet-flash --flipped reporting not enough space in /data18:06
awesergiusens, this is maguro, and it's already running flipped18:07
awewas trying to flash today's image18:07
diwicrsalveti, I added the "1" printf between get_hw_module and audio_hw_device_open18:07
rsalvetidiwic: hm, will give it a try, might be missing the config files, as it might be trying to load them from /etc18:07
rsalvetimind running with strace to see which file it's trying to load?18:07
diwicrsalveti, ok, will do18:08
rsalvetimeanwhile I'll flash my nexus 418:08
sergiusensawe: what's the package version? I just flashed today's with no issue; what is the amount of free space you have?18:09
pmcgowanawe, I delete the zips from /data/media18:10
bjarok so I flashed my galaxy nexus with ubuntu touch and I can't connect to the gsm net (swedish carrier)18:10
dencho-nubhey everyone!18:10
bjaram I screwed are there some kind of hack I can do?18:10
diwicrsalveti, heh, the last file it manages to open is /system/etc/snd_soc_msm/snd_soc_msm_2x_Fusion3, which is in UCM format18:10
awesergiusens, 0.14daily13.06.15-0ubuntu118:10
awepmcgowan, ;)-18:10
rsalvetidiwic: hm, interesting18:10
aweno zips to delete18:10
dencho-nubhey everyone!?18:11
sergiusensawe: how aboyt syslog?18:11
awesergiusens, good point...18:11
aweNot enough space in /data, found 1.1G, rebooting18:11
sergiusensawe: that version seems old.... I'm on 0.14daily13.06.22-0ubuntu118:12
sergiusenslet me check the tools ppa18:12
diwicrsalveti, it tries to write some errors into /dev/alog/main, is that a file you know how to decipher?18:13
rsalvetidiwic: yes, just run /system/bin/logcat18:14
rsalvetithat should show you the android log messages18:14
diwicrsalveti, paste.canonical.com/9330518:15
rsalvetidiwic: yeah, issue with the config file then, not sure why though18:16
diwicrsalveti, I guess I should try to figure it out18:16
awesergiusens, looks like rsalveti uploaded new versions, however it's not built for raring yet...18:20
rsalvetiawe: the new version has a different fix, not related with yours18:21
rsalvetibut still, you need to clean up your /data18:21
diwicrsalveti, paste.canonical.com/93307 <- except for some libraries in the beginning, these are the files it fails to open. Worth doing something about?18:21
rsalvetiawe: check your /data/media18:21
rsalvetihm, permission denied18:22
awersalveti, I did...and nothing obvious to delete18:22
rsalvetidiwic: let me fix the permission errors in our build, can you check if it still fails after manually changing the permission?18:23
diwicrsalveti, hmm. Running as root and those EACCESS errors go away, but it still segfaults.18:23
sergiusensawe: is this mako?18:24
rsalvetilet me give it a try, rebooting mine18:24
awesergiusens, maguro18:24
diwicrsalveti, also, I'm not sure how much time we should spend on this audio HAL anyway - it would be cool if it worked but there might be easier ways forward perhaps18:25
awewhat about swap?  it's huge18:25
diwicrsalveti, I mean, if we're going to run PulseAudio for the mixer and PCM streaming finally anyway18:25
awesergiusens, I blew away all log files...and no diff18:25
rsalvetidiwic: right, indeed18:26
rsalvetihaving support via hal might still be useful later, I can take a look at these hal related issues, while you check the work do be done in pulse itself (to control mixer and pcm)18:27
sergiusensawe: how about something like: find . -size +10M18:27
diwicrsalveti, I just need to figure out what mixer settings are needed in what scenarios, but maybe it's easier (at least at this point) to try to read that manually out of the UCM files or something18:28
rsalvetiyeah, probably18:28
sergiusensawe: so I'm guessing you installed plenty of things post flash, right?18:28
aweno... not plenty18:28
awesergiusens, is our swap file a fixed size, or can it grow?18:29
aweeverything else >10M is std stuff in our image18:29
awe( .mp4s, .so, ... )18:29
aweI maybe installed two or three other packages18:29
awethe only other tmp files that are kinda big are the pulse shm files18:30
sergiusensawe: what's you free and total space? (I'm just asking to figure out why I never stumble upon this issue)18:30
awesergiusens, /dev/mmcblk0p12   14G  1.1G   13G   8% /data18:33
sergiusensawe: pmcgowan I know what your problem is18:34
pmcgowanthats quite a statement18:34
sergiusensawe: pmcgowan if you flashed before rsalveti fixed adb to reboot and where on a flipped image, it wouldn't reboot at all18:34
awesergiusens, is it in the free_data[-1:]?18:34
sergiusensawe: the dh layout when in recovery is different18:35
pmcgowansergiusens, I just deleted my zip files and I am fine18:35
sergiusensawe: df*18:35
awepmcgowan, I have *no* zips18:35
sergiusenspmcgowan: oh, then I don't know yours, sorry18:35
pmcgowanbut I have like 5.8GB total available18:35
aweI have 13G18:35
sergiusensawe: do this, go into recovery manually and just run phablet-flash --flipped -d maguro whilst in recovery18:36
rsalvetisergiusens: maybe a custom recovery?18:36
rsalvetiI know you changed the logic to probe the df output18:36
rsalvetias we're now doing all the logic from the recovery18:36
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah, I had flipped from last wednesday and ran into the problem of adb reboot doing nothing... with updated flips, it's all ok as adb is fine18:37
rsalvetisergiusens: right18:37
sergiusensanother option is to apt-get update the ubuntu install and get the new adb18:37
awesergiusens, looks like the validate_device is using the wrong column for free_data18:41
aweit thinks free_data is 1.1GB, which is actually "UseD"18:41
awesergiusens, changing the line that calculates the free_data to use [0] [3] instead of [0] [2] solves the space issue, but now it fails trying to push to /sdcard/18:51
sergiusensawe: yeah, don't change that :-)18:53
sergiusensawe: df -h whilst in recovery lays out the columns differently18:53
sergiusensawe: does adb reboot recovery work for you?18:54
aweso do I need to be in recovery now to flash?18:54
sergiusensawe: or update adb inside ubuntu (the device, not your workstation)18:54
sergiusensawe: one time thing, adb (or udb) was broken last week18:54
awesure, but I'm pretty sure I was running Friday's image... when did it get fixed?18:55
aweand no, adb reboot recovery didn't work.  Manually booting into recovery now18:56
sergiusensawe: rsalveti would know better but that explains your issues18:56
rsalvetiguess it was fixed around friday18:57
rsalvetiso yeah, issue then is that the reboot recovery failed for you18:58
iBelieveI'd like to get involved with developing the core applications, perhaps the File manager or Email program. Are either of these at a good point in terms of design to start contributing? I'm mostly interested in implementing the UI, not the backends of the apps.19:00
popeyhi iBelieve19:00
popeyiBelieve: the file manager app is mostly done, we haven't done a lot of work on the email client. where do your skills lie?19:00
awersalveti, sergiusens, OK... finally making some progress.  I have to head out an run an error, so bbl ( ~1hr )19:01
iBelievepopey, I've done some QML work before, having written a weather app with a UI in QML & KDE. I'd prefer to work on coding UIs, since I haven't done much backend-type work in QML, since I've used C++ for my internal backends.19:04
popeyok, great, just what we need ☻19:04
popeycan you drop a mail to popey@ubuntu.com and mhall119@ubuntu.com and we can discuss further? (I'm just making my dinner ☻  )19:05
iBelievepopey, Sure, will do.19:05
mhall119hey iBelieve19:07
* mhall119 reads the backlog19:08
iBelieveHi mhall11919:09
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sergiusenscdesai: hey, all your patches are in20:04
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mariannehi has anyone had any luck installing ubuntu on a samsung Galazy tab 2 (7.0)?20:57
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sidneiwhat is the gesture to pull up system settings? i did it accidentally twice, still trying to figure out how :)20:59
tedgmhr3, Hey, if you're around could you look at this?  https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/upstart-app-launch/zg-reporting/+merge/17117321:19
sergiusensrsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phone-app/rebuild/+merge/17117421:27
rsalvetisergiusens: right, the issue with this package is related with changelog version bump21:27
rsalvetithe usual one we had in the past21:28
rsalvetiI wonder why this is not yet part of CI21:28
rsalvetiboiko: kenvandine: any idea?21:28
boikorsalveti: you mean the daily release?21:28
sergiusensrsalveti: it's because inidicator-messages21:29
boikorsalveti: it was in the past, but then it was building against the wrong indicator-messages21:29
rsalvetiright, wonder when that will be solved21:29
rsalvetisergiusens: why not temporarily making this a native package then?21:30
sergiusensrsalveti: not sure... ChickenCutlass who did you get to work on getting indicator-messages issue solved?21:30
sergiusensrsalveti: native or non -0ubuntu1 ?21:30
sergiusensrsalveti: I'll remove the -0ubuntuX for now21:31
rsalvetisergiusens: well, removing 0ubuntuX is making it native :-)21:31
sergiusensrsalveti: well, debian is weird in that sense to me... the format is 1.0 and not 3.0 (native)21:31
sergiusensrsalveti: it's being pushed21:32
rsalvetisergiusens: right, I agree, just that without any -something it usually means native21:33
ChickenCutlasssergiusens, no one21:37
ChickenCutlasssergiusens, not sure who that is21:37
Orangerballoons: Hey ! :) Just want to ask you, is it normal that I the autopilot/ppa just give the 1.2 branch and not the 1.3 ?21:44
Orangerballoons: Or maybe it's just me who are doing something wrong21:44
balloonsOranger, no it should give 1.3, what version of ubuntu are you on>21:44
Orangerballoons: 13.0421:45
balloonsautopilot --version21:46
balloonsAutopilot Source Version: 1.3.1 Autopilot Package Version:21:46
rsalvetisergiusens: I believe bfiller was taking care of that, iirc21:47
Orangerautopilot --version21:47
Orangerusage: autopilot [-h] {run,list,vis,launch} ...21:47
Orangerautopilot: error: too few arguments21:47
bfillerrsalveti: taking care of what?21:48
rsalvetibfiller: the issue regarding the phablet specific indicator-messages21:49
rsalvetiwhich is blocking the phone-app to be part of the ci that makes it land in the archive21:49
rsalvetiI remember that someone was working on fixing that (lars?), but not sure how far we are from having a working upstream version that is compatible with both touch and desktop21:49
bfillerrsalveti: it's larsu and the indicator team21:49
bfillerrsalveti: don't have an update, don't think they are close to having a working upstream version from last update21:50
rsalvetiright =\21:50
bfillerI'll inquire tomorrow about it more21:51
rsalvetigreat, thanks21:51
rsalvetisergiusens: happroved21:51
Orangerballoons: Sorry, I fixed it, always do an apt-get update after added a repo... always ^^'21:52
sergiusensbfiller: thanks21:52
balloonsOranger, :-)21:53
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ajalkane /quit22:24
saghiya.. trying to hack ubuntu touch together on my Asus Transformer Prime TF201.. I've gotten it to boot but it just drops me to an shell -- I don't have an keyboard with the tablet.. so I was wondering if anyone had an sneaky idea to get the UI up/22:46
mhall119sag: you can try running "unity8" on the shell and see what it spits out22:56
* mhall119 assumes this is an Ubuntu shell, not an Android shell22:56
sagmhall119: yes it's Ubuntu shell :P thank you! just what I was looking for22:56
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