GeochrHi all, is there a webpage with language stats for 13.10 like in 12.04 or 12.10 ?11:06
dpmhi Geochr, the language stats are not ready for 13.10 yet, but you can do 13.10 translations in Launchpad11:23
Geochrdpm, i know that11:23
Geochrdo yoy know if will be aavalable language stats in neare future ?11:24
Geochryou* near*11:24
Geochravailable* (sorry i have a problem with my keyboard)11:25
dpmyes, they will be available as soon as I've got some time to set them up11:29
Geochrdpm, Perfect...! We are waiting for your work!  Where will you post the announcement that the stats' page is ready ?11:34
dpmGeochr, on the translators mailing list11:38
GeochrDo you mean on ubuntu-translators@lists.ubuntu.com ?11:39
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