jrwren_smartest thing I did this year was hire out lawn mowing :)01:59
snap-lHad a weird little kernel panic this morning after rebooting from an accidental suspend12:03
snap-lwish there were a way to turn suspend off12:04
snap-lApparently there's a way to turn off the menu items.12:08
snap-lIf that's the case, then I think I've got a new default. :)12:09
snap-lWhy oh why did I feel the need to pick up some Skullcandy headphones.13:42
snap-lSeriously, I think it's either Koss, Grados, or Shure from here on out.13:42
rick_hdo it once and never again13:42
snap-lI think they'll make good backpack headphones, but that's about it13:43
snap-lMy Sportapros sound leagues better13:43
snap-lEven on clearance at Staples with 15% off, I feel like they're not worth it. :)13:43
snap-lpackaging is nice. :)13:43
Blazeixi have a coworker who swears by http://www.klipsch.com/13:48
snap-lI can abide that13:49
jrwren_snap-l: Sennheiser13:58
snap-ljrwren_: Yes yes, Sennheiser as well13:59
snap-lBasically, I'm done with <$50 headphones at Staples13:59
jrwren_klipsch for speakers yes(especially big horns), but I know nothing about their headphones. I've never heard them.13:59
snap-land Monster / Dr. Dre can eat dirt as well13:59
jrwren_you can get skullcandy for <$50?13:59
snap-ljrwren_: On clearance, and in-ear headphones14:00
jrwren_i'm happy enough with my CX300 in ear which were well under $50 on newegg14:00
snap-lYeah, they're $40 on Amazon14:02
jrwren_i must have found a good sale, I think they were closer to $30.14:03
jrwren_on an #ubuntu note: I got my beagleboneblack in the mail and didn't realize its a micro hdmi connector, so I didn't get to use it yet14:04
jrwren_i'm super excited about the bbb as my new computer.14:04
rick_hI've got these I've been pretty happy with http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007TCXI06/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=114:04
rick_hsound pretty good, block out enough sound I can use while mowing14:04
rick_hand the mic isn't as nice as my home setup, but decent enough no on gripes when I use it from the coffee shop14:04
snap-lrick_h: Ye gods14:04
snap-lIt's like a sexual device for your earholes.14:05
jrwren_lol @ 149 in ears.14:05
snap-lI'd bring the Grados in to work, but I think everyone would be able to hear what I'm hearing. :)14:06
brouschI nearly crapped myself paying $20 for headphones14:07
snap-lbrousch: That's a west-side of the state thing. :)14:07
snap-lIt's perfectly normal14:07
snap-lI think they have cheap headphones at the Goodwill14:08
brouschI splurged and bought Sony for $2014:10
snap-lSony headphones are hit-and-miss14:12
snap-lmostly miss unless you spend $$14:12
brouschI did spend $$14:13
brouschOK there, Rockefeller14:21
snap-lNo wonder you like duckgrind. It's probably the only thing that sounds good in those headphones. ;)14:22
brouschThat is a distinct possibility14:22
jrwren_everyone has different ears.14:25
jrwren_I know the ability of my ears to hear, and I feel like I buy appropriate headphones.14:25
jrwren_brousch is blessed with ears which cannot hear, so he gets by with poor headphones.14:26
jrwren_rick_h has ears which can hear like most humans cannot, and possibly like some bunnies cannot. He needs the really good headphones.14:26
snap-lI love it when I buy a "remastered" version of an album I already heave, and on first listen, I can hear everything (ants farting int he studio)14:31
snap-land then I listen to the old version and realize the ant fart was already there, I just wasn't paying attention14:31
snap-lAnd then I get upset because the remaster wasn't the "blown away" that I was hoping it would be.14:31
rick_hjrwren_: so it's not always the sound. I bought my current home headphones for the pure reason of comfort14:40
rick_hjrwren_: and these earbuds I bought because of confort (really important for in-ear) and the mic on it14:41
rick_hbasically I bought them specifcally so I could do hangouts for work from coffee shops14:41
greg-gso, how 'bout that snowden thing, eh?16:45
snap-lld: library not found for -lboost_system16:48
rick_hgreg-g: heh, /me wants to watch 'catch me if you can' again now16:49
greg-grick_h: I never did, and now I totally want to!16:50
jrwren_i was LIVID16:52
greg-git's like "guys. Guys! you *actually* thought he was going to be on that plane to Cuba, the one he was ticketed on that everyone else bought tickets on last minute, including journalists AND god knows what secret service people from god knows which countries?"16:52
jrwren_i just hope he continues to stay 1 step ahead.16:53
jrwren_i don't know if I can handle another hero going down to the government.16:53
greg-gjrwren_: ditto16:53
greg-ghard to tell what's going on from what we know, of course16:53
jrwren_vim people: https://github.com/dbsr/vimfox16:54
ColonelPanic001nice, thanks17:43
jrwren_what is the debian/ubuntu difference between /usr/lib and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ?18:47
snap-land lib32 for that matter18:48
jrwren_lib32 i understand.18:49
snap-lSomething tells me it's a transitional directory18:49
jrwren_on a 64bit system with 32bit x86 compat, the 32bit libs go to /usr/lib3218:49
jrwren_(like wow64 on windows)18:49
jrwren_which still leave the question when to package target /usr/lib v. /usr/lib/<arch>18:58
snap-lAre you arch specific?19:00
jrwren_its a .so19:05
jrwren_i guess my real question is why is anything in /usr/lib then?19:05
jrwren_now I notice that not much really is.19:06
jrwren_i noticed that very few libs are actually in my /usr/lib19:26
jrwren_thanks snap-l19:26
jrwren_pretty great review: andrewbrookins.com/tech/one-year-later-an-epic-review-of-pycharm-2-7-from-a-vim-users-perspective/19:49
snap-ljrwren_: np20:02
jrwren_omg look at these numbers! http://jakevdp.github.io/blog/2013/06/15/numba-vs-cython-take-2/  numba is looking SWEET20:04
greg-ghilarious: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/972/22:41

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