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Unit193(Weird part about how I have irssi setup, that doesn't highlight. :P )03:06
skellatpaultag: I think you'd find it amusing that with the multiple failures to complete a clean install to upgrade the version of Ubuntu on the BeagleBoard-xM it now has Testing running on it successfully with an LXDE environment.03:55
thafreakAnyone run their own mail server here?15:32
thafreakI'm thinking of starting a network of people who run their own mail servers15:32
thafreakso we can exchange mail routing information15:33
thafreakin case some one's domain get's seized or something ,we can still mail each other15:33
* dzho raises a hand15:39
* skellat wonders if thafreak is thinking about UUCP or something17:35
jrgiffordthafreak: i've thought about it.23:59

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