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theblazehenHi all04:36
Kilosmorning all06:00
theblazehenHi kilos06:01
Kiloshows theblazehen today06:01
Kilosim frozen already06:01
theblazehenI'm good and you06:02
Kilosgoo ty06:02
Kilosgood as well06:02
Squirmhello Kilos 06:03
Kiloshi Squirm 06:03
KilosMaaz, tell HecticZA on freenode sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-addons06:07
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell HecticZA on freenode06:07
* Kilos has to clean pc sometime today. cpu heatsinc fins covered with dust06:10
theblazehenKilos you should see my old one 06:11
Kilosamazing how they collect dust06:11
theblazehen14 years without  a clean... 06:11
Kiloshere it has to be done monthly. lotsa dust out in the open06:12
Kilosyou can use you old one as a server06:13
theblazehenI do06:13
Kilosthe fly uses an old P2 for his server06:14
theblazehenNeed more ethernet06:14
theblazehenOk,  600mhz celeron here06:14
Kilosp2 slower than that06:14
theblazehenHi jotrago06:19
magespawngood morning06:42
Kiloshi magespawn 06:43
KilostonberryE352, 06:43
magespawnhappy birthday Kilos 06:44
Kilosty magespawn 06:44
* magespawn is playing hunt the driver for a zte mf190 modem on vista today06:46
theblazehenHunt the driver? 06:47
Kilosit should install when plugged in06:47
magespawnit should, but does not06:48
Kilosits most likely locked to some other isp06:48
Kilosplug it into a ubuntu machine and use modem-manager-gui to see06:49
magespawnseems to work fine there and on my win7 machine06:50
Kilosoh my06:50
Kilostry differnt usb sockets06:50
Vince-0haai owens06:51
magespawnthe funny thing is the connection manager on the modem installs fine, and you explore the modem but it does not install drivers06:52
Kiloshi Vince-0 06:52
magespawnhey Vince-006:52
Kilosmaybe some other one is already installed06:52
Kiloscheck whats installed already and remove it06:53
magespawngood idea06:54
superflyguten morgen06:54
Kilosmorning superfly ty for wishes06:55
magespawngood morning superfly 06:58
superflyhello magespawn06:58
magespawndid you get the mail i sent you?06:58
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 06:59
Kilosi go do sheep06:59
magespawno/ HawkiesZA06:59
HawkiesZA\o magespawn 07:00
HawkiesZAMeeting tonight, right?07:02
superflymagespawn: I did, thanks. Haven't had a chance to do anything with it though07:05
magespawnno worries, was just an idea07:06
charlgood morning08:12
charlMaaz: coffee on08:12
* Maaz washes some mugs08:12
Kiloshi charl 08:12
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!08:16
charlMaaz: thanks08:38
Maazcharl: Okay :-)08:38
Kiloshiya maiatoday 08:39
charlhi Kilos 08:41
charlhow's it going08:41
Kiloscold but good ty and you08:42
charlhot :) had a heat wave last week08:42
charl30+ degrees08:42
charleven in the early morning hours did not drop below 2008:42
charlnot so sure, i don't really like the heat08:43
charland it's humid08:43
* Squirm looks around08:48
charlhi Squirm 08:48
Kiloshi Squirm 08:49
charlhow's it going08:49
Squirmyeah it's going08:49
Kiloshi Xethron 09:30
Vince-0Kilos, I am going to be on my mobile for tonight's meet09:32
Kilosthats fine Vince-0 if it cant do everything im sure monkey or nuvo will help09:33
Vince-0ya my mobile client is pretty decent, will see how it goes09:43
Kilossigh i forgot how i got the tweet place working09:50
Kilosinetpro, ping09:51
Kilosah birdie methinks09:53
Kilosaw only does one account at a time09:55
magespawnthat was it Kilos10:06
Kilosthe ubuntuza site need meeting news10:07
magespawnchanged from pidgin because of Twitter stopping the version 1 api10:07
Kilosbirdie is the only thing i got working apart from actually going online to twitter10:08
Kilosbut i put my info in it not the ubuntuza one10:08
Kilosonly client that still works to twitter is birdie i think10:09
Kilosstupid twits10:09
Kiloswhy block clients getting in10:10
Kilosthier loss i spose10:15
Kilossuperfly, quinces pawpaws kumquats and guavas10:22
magespawnlots of work maintaining different versions of the api, not all the versions compatible10:24
magespawnKilos I found the solution to the modem here http://is.gd/Mkd1kw10:25
superflyKilos: good job10:30
Kilosso easy hey magespawn 10:34
magespawnbut a very strange solution10:34
Kilossucks does funny things10:36
magespawnsuperfly i cannot see where to edit the ubuntu-za page so that the meetings time is correct10:41
magespawnany help?10:41
superflymagespawn: down the side?10:44
magespawnyup that is the one10:45
superflymagespawn: that's in Google Calendar somewhere11:46
magespawnahh okay will see if i can find something ty superfly12:06
superflymagespawn: let me see12:07
superflywhat time is the meeting tonight?12:07
superflymeh. I don't have write access.12:09
Kiloswbb pc cleaning time12:12
Kiloshold thumbs12:12
magespawnsuperfly maybe inetpro?12:14
magespawni was not aware that joomla and wordpress are programming languages ? http://itjobs.mybroadband.co.za/jobs/webmultimedia-designer-2/12:33
Kilosoh well lets see what stops working12:39
magespawnwb Kilos12:40
Kilosty magespawn 12:45
magespawnwhat have you changed?12:45
Kilosjust blew it clean and added the outside cover with fan on12:46
Kilosbut this is the dicey power socket that used to switch off on its own member12:46
magespawnah right, looking good so far then12:49
Kiloshi N8Wulf 12:51
N8WulfMr Kilos!!! How you my man?12:52
Kilosgood ty and you?12:52
N8Wulfvery well thanx... busy sorting HDDs... wanna build a Media server this week if all goes well12:56
theblazehenN8Wulf: What are you goint to run on? MiniDLNA?12:57
N8Wulfow eish... Ubuntu and some server addOn I discovered a while back, cant remember the name right now. Webadmin like, but includes P&P support for HDDs as well as merging the HDDs into a single volume13:00
N8Wulfwill look up MiniDLNA13:00
charlmagespawn: that's really dumb, they scare off potential employees just by that nonsense13:25
charltalking about mybb, i saw something else equally dumb13:26
charlthe title sounds positive, until you read further down:13:27
charl"“At 2.1 Mbps, including a quarterly decline of less than 1%, South Africa continued to have the lowest average connection speed among the surveyed EMEA countries,” the report stated."13:27
magespawncharl: sometimes i think the recruitment agency/department could do with a little help in the wording of the adverts13:29
magespawni have just seen another where i think superman would not be able to get the job13:30
magespawnat least according to the discription13:30
charlyeah i know those13:31
charli once got an advertisement from a cape-town based agency looking for a person that can write "bug free code"13:31
magespawnso the perfect programmer then13:31
charlif even google, microsoft and the likes can't find people who can write bug-free code, i wonder how these people think they can get them13:31
charlhow's that for demonstrating unrealistic expectations ?13:32
magespawnjust a bit 13:32
magespawna bit like this one http://www.pnet.co.za/index.php?s=advert_view&g=4930&x=1900692&i=733&pop=113:32
charlnow you know if you take a job like that, doesn't matter how good you are, they will always be dissatisfied with your labour13:32
magespawnyup at least that above link they are prepared to pay, some do not even want to do that13:33
charlhold on, they want a network administrator who is going to do development?13:34
charlwho are they kidding13:34
charlyou can't possibly specialise on all that13:35
magespawni am sort of heading in that direction, but not there yet13:35
charlthat sounds too rough though, too many different technologies13:36
charlsounds like a minimum of two separate jobs13:36
magespawni can do most of the networking they want, but i am only just learning to program13:36
charlbut hold on, it gets worse13:36
charlmost of the skills listed at the top have nothing to do with networking13:36
charlthey are server/application administration13:37
charlbasically they are looking for an it-all-rounder, not a network administrator13:37
magespawnyup so then server admin plus networking with development13:38
charlyeah, i don't know what the going rates are in .za but 25-30K sound a bit low for that13:38
magespawnmaybe you would have to clean the toilets, make the coffee and drive the ceo around too13:38
charllet me put it this way, even if you have all the necessary credentials, you would fast be burned out or over-stressed13:39
Kiloshmm china wins the supercomputer war13:39
Kilos50+ petaflops13:40
charlwith most of their people still living in poverty yes13:40
charlsounds a bit like the new russia - first man in space while people are dying of hunger on the ground13:41
Kiloshi psychicist 13:44
Kilospcs taking over everything13:44
psychicisthi Kilos 13:45
charlhi psychicist 13:46
KilosMaaz, announce Meeting here tonight at 19.30 guys and gals13:46
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Meeting here tonight at 19.30 guys and gals13:46
psychicisthi charl 13:46
psychicistright here?13:46
charlKilos: how's it the meeting?13:47
psychicistI will be present for once!13:47
charlaccording to the topic the meeting is already past13:47
charllast week13:47
Kilosmonthly meeting here13:47
charlNext Meeting: Mon, 17 Jun 19:3013:47
magespawnwe had to psotpone that one till this week charl13:47
Kiloslast week we had probs so postponed13:47
psychicistlast week I was very busy with my mom coming over13:47
charltoday it's tjhe 24th13:47
psychicisthello magespawn 13:47
charloh i see, topic has not been updated13:48
Kiloswe couldnt get the pro to change dayes13:48
magespawnhey psychicist13:49
magespawnwe are not sure who has the write access for the google calender either, so the website is also wrong at the moment13:50
magespawni am off, see you at the meeting tonight13:53
charlciao magespawn 13:54
charli will be there too13:55
KilosJoTraGo, meeting here tonight at 19.30 hey14:13
nuvolario/ aloha14:15
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 14:15
nuvolarihet oom lekker verjaar?14:15
Kiloshi nuvolari 14:16
Kilosja dankie seun still en rustig14:16
nuvolaridis goed oom!14:16
nuvolariis die stoel heel vir vanaand?14:17
Kiloshoop so Vince-0 sal op sy foon wees14:17
Kilosmaar jy en/apie is standby14:17
Vince-0eks hier 15:11
Vince-0but not all there15:11
Vince-0we talk about software freedom day on the dbnlug list today15:12
Vince-0its in September15:12
Kilosoh my remote got him15:16
Vince-0Seeing how this data connection holds out on IRC when I drive (afk)16:10
Kilosyou hoping in and out16:11
Kiloshopping as well16:11
Kilosstand still when meeting starts16:12
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Kilosohi SmilyBorg 16:24
SmilyBorgHey there16:25
superflyjammer oom Kilos, I'm not sure I can make it tonight. will see if I can pop in16:35
Kilosok superfly ty for letting us know16:35
kbmonkeyhello all16:35
Kiloshi kbmonkey 16:35
kbmonkeywe on at 19h30 hey?16:36
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Vince-0Whoot only one disconnect16:37
georgelappieshi Kilos16:37
Kilosyo georgelappies  you in time to hang for the meeting16:37
Vince-0Hi peeps16:38
georgelappiescool :)16:38
Kilosno man Vince-0 16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 (~AndChat40@196-215-43-146.dynamic.isadsl.co.za) has joined #ubuntu-za16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 has quit (Client Quit)16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 (~AndChat40@196-215-43-146.dynamic.isadsl.co.za) has joined #ubuntu-za16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 (~Vince-0@196-215-43-146.dynamic.isadsl.co.za) has joined #ubuntu-za16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 has quit (Client Quit)16:38
Kilos* Vince-0 (~Vince-0@ has joined #ubuntu-za16:38
Kilosand one more16:38
Kilossorry for the spam peeps16:39
kbmonkeyspam spam spam spam. monty python anyone?16:40
* Kilos hides16:40
kbmonkeyhi Vince-0 georgelappies Kilos and superfly en kie16:40
georgelappieshi kbmonkey16:40
Vince-03G vodacom for the lose16:40
Kilosvoda gives lotsa stress16:41
Kilosservice seems to have dropped16:41
Kilosor deteriorated16:41
Vince-0Only 4km drive16:42
inetproKilos: sorry I won't make it tonight 16:42
Kilosaw inetpro where are you16:42
Kilosall ok??16:42
Kilosi spose ill have to watch the youngsters then16:43
kbmonkeywho are you calling youngster? throws bananas16:43
Kilosyoungsters includes everyone under 4016:44
kbmonkeydo multiple personalities add up their ages?16:44
Kiloseek now peer got him16:55
Vince-0_(Sitting still and still disconnects)16:56
Kilosoh my16:56
Kilosfone them and moan16:57
Kilossay you got serious meeting coming up16:57
nuvolarilol kbmonkey 16:57
Kilos111 is the number methinks16:57
Kilosnuvolari, jy spandeer te min tyd hier16:58
Kilossupper time 16:59
nuvolarimaaaaar ek kan nie help nie oom Kilos 17:03
nuvolarias ek moet besig wees dan is dit so :-/17:03
Kilosin die aande ook?17:04
nuvolarimy ouers was weer hier, en nou moet ek begin swot, en my suster-hulle kom die naweek vir 2 weke17:04
nuvolariek skryf examen 5 aug17:04
Kilosok as jy studeer is dit goed seun17:05
Vince-0_Wat skryf Jay?17:05
Kilosskuus man17:05
nuvolariVince-0_: Oracle OCA :P17:06
Vince-0_I mean nov*, need tab key on mobile17:06
Kilosask magespawn he worked it out on his goodie17:06
nuvolariI was a bit upset with the quality of the 'fificial' oracle guide17:07
nuvolariit is full of errors17:07
Vince-0_Age nee17:07
nuvolariluckily found a book for the same exam from Packt17:08
nuvolariso far it is stacks better17:08
kbmonkeytoday I did a Java update at work, it read "brought to you by Oracle" and I thought, yeah standing on the shoulders of giants, aren't we?17:09
Kilosalles van die beste met die examen nuvolari 17:10
kbmonkeyja good luck met die exams nuvo17:11
Kilosis examen the right word17:12
kbmonkeyhe he17:13
kbmonkeyKilos, what do you call a fly that lost it's wings?17:13
Kilosim getting bad with spelling17:13
nuvolarithanks oom Kilos, kbmonkey17:14
nuvolarikbmonkey: did you read about the timed expirations on java installs?17:15
nuvolariit's messed up17:15
kbmonkeyreally? no I did not read about that yet.17:15
kbmonkeycan 'o worms inc17:16
Kiloshiya maiatoday you here?17:16
kbmonkeynuvolari, I started on some processing (.org), it uses Java :D17:16
kbmonkeyyou can switch the build target over to Android too. 17:17
nuvolariooh, that looks interesting17:18
Kilosis android a complete OS17:18
Kilosjust for fones or installable on pc as well17:19
nuvolariKilos: well, it's built on the linux kernel17:19
nuvolarithere is an x86 project where it can be installed on 'normal' computers too17:19
Kilosisnt that where the future lies17:19
Kiloshave pc and fone the same17:20
nuvolariwell, we have tablets17:20
Kiloshi there nlsthzn 17:22
Kilosyou just in time17:23
nlsthznas always :D17:23
nuvolarialoha! :D17:23
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:23
theblazehenhi Kilos17:23
Kilosyo HawkiesZA 17:24
HawkiesZAHow're things oom Kilos?17:24
Kilosgood ty17:24
Kilosand you?17:24
HawkiesZAPretty good, thanks17:25
KilosVince-0_, make sure so long you got bot control17:26
Vince-0_Ag nee this connekie will not do17:29
Kilosyour choice do you wanna delegate the chair17:30
Kilosit time17:30
Vince-0_I think so, I will be door bouncer17:31
Kiloskbmonkey, ping17:31
Kilosbetween you and nuvolari for chair17:31
Kilostimes moving17:31
kbmonkeyam I hosting or vince?17:31
Kilosno multitasking17:31
Kilosvince got probs with konnecting17:32
Kilosso you it17:32
* nuvolari :O the agenda is empty17:32
Kiloskbmonkey, go go go17:32
kbmonkeylet me find that agenda page...17:33
Kilossetup the bot first man17:33
nuvolari http://bit.ly/18snzox17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, start meeting about Monthly IRC meet June 201317:34
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:34
nlsthznMaaz, my name is Neil Oosthuizen17:34
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe\17:34
MaazKilos: Okay17:34
Maaznlsthzn: I already know stuff about my name17:34
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:34
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty17:34
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:34
Maaznlsthzn: Alrighty17:34
Kilosapologies from inetpro and superfly 17:34
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:35
Maazkbmonkey: Alrighty17:35
theblazehenMaaz, I am Jeandre Henderson17:35
Maaztheblazehen: Righto17:35
Vince-0Maaz, I am Vincent Swart17:35
MaazVince-0: Righto17:35
HawkiesZAMaaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen17:35
MaazHawkiesZA: Righto17:35
SmilyBorgMaaz: I am Una Karlsen17:35
MaazSmilyBorg: Done17:35
KilosMaaz, welcome17:36
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:36
nuvolariwe're doing something wrong17:36
nuvolariwhy aren't the events showing up on ubuntu.com?17:36
kbmonkeythe fact that we don't have an agenda nuvolari ?17:36
nuvolarioh, past meetings17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Welcome17:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcome17:36
nuvolarihttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/meetings/history/ <- looks better :P17:36
kbmonkeyWelcome every one, ladies and gents17:37
nlsthznalo all17:37
Kilosty mr chair17:37
kbmonkeyI will add the agenda items as we go, the loco pages are a bit slow so bear with us :)17:37
nuvolarioh hi nlsthzn 17:37
nuvolarihmm, not just the loco pages17:37
nuvolarithe interwebs in general is slow tonight17:38
* nuvolari blames 8ta17:38
kbmonkeythe agenda url lives at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/602/detail/17:38
kbmonkeyso while I distract everyone with these bananas, I will add the next item...17:38
nlsthznom nom nom17:39
kbmonkeyexactly that :)17:39
nuvolarikbmonkey: I'm updating the meeting details17:39
HawkiesZAAn alien's favourite fruit17:39
nuvolariwonder if that will mess things up17:39
kbmonkeyit's a race condition :D17:40
Kilosya he has a pottasium shortage so lives off nanas17:40
nuvolarikbmonkey: what's your loco name?17:40
nuvolarilogin name17:40
kbmonkeyit is wesley-werner nuvolari 17:41
kbmonkeyso the public holiday threw us off, shall we refer to the meeting before for the minutes?17:41
nlsthznnever shall it be mentioned again...17:42
nuvolari:-/ wesley-werner isn't in the list17:42
kbmonkeyI can't seem to find a link to the previous minutes, only the chat log17:43
nuvolarifound it17:43
nuvolariwill get it now kbmonkey 17:44
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Announcements and Admin17:44
MaazCurrent Topic: Announcements and Admin17:44
kbmonkeyokay, so to announce, we are ahving an impromptu agenda today17:44
nuvolarikbmonkey: ^^17:44
kbmonkeydoes anyone have a topic they like to discuss after the usual topics?17:44
nuvolarikbmonkey: SmilyBorg mentioned SFD on the list17:45
kbmonkeythanks nuvolari! I was looking there, that log link points to the chat log, and not one of the meeting either :p lol17:45
nuvolarior was id dlug o.O17:45
nuvolarican't remember17:45
kbmonkeyoh dear, I have not read any email to see that. I am a terrible geek.17:46
charlsorry, a bit late17:46
SmilyBorgI mentioned SFD on the on the dbn-lug list17:46
nuvolarikbmonkey: yeah, dlug17:46
Kiloshi charl Cantide 17:46
charlMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk17:46
Maazcharl: Done17:46
SmilyBorgthough it makes sense for others to know and get involved17:46
charlhi Kilos :)17:46
Cantideoh hi Kilos charl17:46
charlhi Cantide 17:47
CantideMaaz: I am Karl Wortmann17:47
MaazCantide: Alrighty17:47
Cantidesorry, forgot about the meeting :o17:47
Cantidejust luck that i got here now :)17:47
nuvolariwelcome Cantide 17:47
Cantidehey nuvolari17:47
kbmonkeyah found them. okay previous minutes for May 20th live at http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-05-20-17-38-47.txt17:47
Kiloskinda chaotic tonight17:47
nuvolarikbmonkey: link to the dbn-lug topic re. SFD: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/dbnlug/txR4bWPn5wo/discussion17:48
kbmonkeyokay let's get this on17:48
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Review previous minutes17:48
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:48
kbmonkeySo I was tasked to update the team reports17:48
kbmonkeythat did not happen, I am sad to say. I was not too sure on content to include.17:49
kbmonkeyI need to help source some events or happenings to write about17:49
nuvolari*cough* nlsthzn halp? ^^17:49
Kiloswhen i doubt ask!17:50
Vince-0Dnblug hangout this Thursday at 8pm17:50
nlsthznlike I asked last time.. we need some central place to record the stuff, like a google doc17:50
nlsthznthen it is easy for who ever to update17:50
kbmonkeyfine. Thanks Vince-0, noted in events!17:50
nlsthznI had the same issue finding what who did and where they recorded it17:51
nuvolarior did not record it17:51
Vince-0Don't have link right now, notes are under construction17:51
nlsthznnuvolari, yup, what I did once was to blog it myself and link an ubuntu hour for record keeping17:52
kbmonkeynlsthzn, you dealt with this before. you know the problem is not collating the data, but getting it in the first place. 17:52
nlsthznkbmonkey, exactly17:52
nuvolarisolution: we should just google+-event it :P17:53
nlsthznmight work but not all use google products17:53
nuvolariwith a hangout17:53
nuvolarithen have digital references to go back to in the form of a video :P17:53
kbmonkeyI vote for that, there is bound to be one person with G+ access17:54
kbmonkeyany way we can link it to the ubuntu-za group / page / tag to find it later?17:54
nuvolariI'm shocked that there are people out there that 'don't want to' use google products17:54
Vince-0Google is now a necessary evil17:55
nlsthznNSA approives17:55
kbmonkeythere is a ubuntu-za google group. who admins that?17:55
nuvolariok, it might be something nice for once in a while to have a hangout for Ubuntu-ZA17:55
Kilosinetpro, methinks kbmonkey 17:55
nuvolaribut IRC still reigns king17:56
magespawn howdy all17:56
Cantidehi magespawn17:56
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 17:56
magespawn Maaz I am Greg Eames17:56
Maazmagespawn: Yessir17:56
magespawnsorry for being late17:56
kbmonkeyhi magespawn 17:56
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic17:56
Maazkbmonkey: Sorry...17:56
Kiloshi magespawn 17:57
nuvolarikbmonkey: current topic17:57
nuvolariMaaz: current topic17:57
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?17:57
nuvolarioh :-/17:57
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed track events on G+  via the Ubuntu-ZA community at https://plus.google.com/communities/11732224777991027599217:57
MaazAgreed: track events on G+  via the Ubuntu-ZA community at https://plus.google.com/communities/11732224777991027599217:57
kbmonkeylets see how it goes using that...17:58
kbmonkeywe are on Admin right now, move to Events?17:58
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Events17:59
MaazCurrent Topic: Events17:59
nuvolariI'm not aware of any events, but then again I'm quite disconnected :P17:59
kbmonkeyokay, Dnblug hangout this Thursday at 8pm. Vince will post the details on this to the lists for us18:00
kbmonkeyour meet up with the fly was pretty nice, there was no geekery with hardware though18:01
Cantidekbmonkey, i missed that :'(18:01
magespawnlike ways up here when he did his handbrake turn in hluhluwe18:02
kbmonkeynow that is news worthy :)18:02
nuvolarithe most action hluhluwe seen in a year18:03
kbmonkeyokay so it seems pretty quiet then18:03
magespawnin the geek/ubuntu-za/linux area for sure18:03
kbmonkeydang nabbit18:04
kbmonkeynot much of a gamer, but anyone keen for a meetup to play a supertuxkart tourney?18:05
Vince-0Yar! Maybe an fps18:05
Cantidei bought the humble indie bundle 8 a few weeks ago :) some nice games there - and on Linux, too :)18:06
kbmonkeysure if it runs on my lappie18:06
nlsthznkbmonkey, bring it on my tux kart rocks18:06
nuvolariack, would you guys and ladies excuse me early please?18:06
Kilosyip nuvolari ty for coming in18:07
nuvolarisorry for being inconvenient :-/18:07
kbmonkeyokay then we have a task: discuss some possible game tourneys. I feel too serious and don't play enough. I bet many others feel the same ;)18:07
Kiloslife happens18:07
kbmonkeysure nuvolari, thanks for joining18:07
kbmonkeyin fact, this is our last topic, there are no more after this18:07
nuvolaricheers everyone, have a nice evening, thanks for the meeting so far :)18:07
Kiloscheers nuvolari 18:07
Kilosstudy hard18:08
kbmonkeyVince-0, I was thinking STK as you can play on the same machine with usb gamepads. so it can happen at a coffee shoppe or the like. 18:08
kbmonkeyI realize getting a venue is sometimes troublesome18:09
Vince-0Can use my office, nice broadband18:09
kbmonkeystudy hard meneer18:09
kbmonkeythat would rock 'n roll Vince-0 :)18:10
Cantidewhere is this? haha18:10
kbmonkeysomething to think about indeed18:11
kbmonkeyokay for the rest do you have event related info to add?18:11
* Cantide recommends humble indie bundles18:11
kbmonkeythose are great Cantide18:12
Cantideyes, yes they are18:12
kbmonkeyokay before we get off topic, can I close off this one?18:13
Cantideyes from me, not sure about others18:13
SquirmMaaz: I am Sinjin Swanepoel18:13
MaazSquirm: Yessir18:13
magespawni am good18:13
kbmonkeyA reminder that the mailing list is still primary means of discussing events.18:13
Kiloshehe wb Squirm 18:13
kbmonkeyfor those of us who even read our emails... *looks guilty*18:14
Kilosand here man18:14
Squirmyeah :/18:14
nlsthzngoogle spam detector munches 90% of mails from the list18:14
Cantideoh, i still seem to get a lot of them18:14
magespawnadd the list email18:14
kbmonkeyadd the mailing list address to your contacts18:14
kbmonkeyanyway, I want to thank everyone here for joining. It was interesting.18:15
Cantideyes, that's probably what i did and i have forgotten18:15
Cantideoh, i have something to add18:15
Cantideto the meeting18:15
kbmonkeygo ahead Cantide :)18:15
Cantidejust a thought18:16
Cantideand this hasn't been thought through very well, i might add, so it may be a bit silly18:16
Cantidebut as a loco18:16
Cantideis it possible to do something for charity + ubuntu..18:16
Cantidelike for example, donate some ubuntu disks somewhere18:16
Cantide2 problems - finding the right place to donate them, and ensuring that it's not a waste of time18:17
magespawnfor us to donate?18:17
Cantidewould be a nice way to spread Ubuntu18:18
kbmonkeyGood idea Cantide, but to whom would we donate?18:18
Cantidethat's the problem :p18:18
Kilosstart with schools18:19
kbmonkeyeducationals already have contracts for OS's (mostly anyway)18:19
Cantideyeah, that is one possibility18:19
kbmonkeyif we can find one that doesn't it is a plan18:19
Cantidebut we'd not be able to donate hardware - too costly18:19
Cantideso just disks... but then setting it up etc. etc. etc.18:20
magespawnno they don't, at least not ms, they stopped the schools program18:20
Cantideso yeah, it's a nice idea, but it has some serious complications to work through first18:20
Kilossupply stckers on the dvds on where to get help18:20
Cantideeh, us offering support would be tricky :p although we could grow our channel that way18:21
magespawnwell i am sure we can come up with some ideas18:21
kbmonkeydo pre-schools have a need for pc's?18:21
Cantideannnnnnnnyway, just a thought18:21
kbmonkeysomething to think on, thanks Cantide :)18:21
Cantideit would be cool to do something like that, if we could get over the initial hurdles18:22
CantideAfrica is a good place for that imho18:22
Cantidemaybe someone on the mailing list would know of a place to donate18:22
Cantidefor example18:22
Cantidethen we each chip in a hundred or so, and someone volunteers to burn the disks, someone else in the region collects them and distributes them18:23
kbmonkeyput some feelers out18:23
Squirmmagespawn: we have the schools license18:23
Cantidehardware is probably much easier to donate than software, too -.-v18:24
kbmonkeywhat license is that Squirm ?18:24
magespawnnot free anymore though Squirm 18:24
SquirmI think the biggest issue with distributing disks, is the actual setup and time taken to teach18:24
Squirmkbmonkey: for MS?18:25
Squirmor was this for ubuntu18:25
kbmonkeyah. for ubuntu18:25
CantideSquirm, yes, but perhaps we could get around that by finding a place that is willing to do that themselves, and join here for help, as an example18:25
Cantideif it's too difficult to do, then scrap it :p18:26
Cantidejust thought it was a nice idea18:26
Cantidei will have some free time in a month18:26
kbmonkeysome nice thoughts there18:26
SquirmI still want to set up a toaster :/18:27
kbmonkeyAlright folks, just before we hit the hour mark we say goodbye. 18:27
Kilosnext meet 15th?18:27
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic next meeting18:27
MaazCurrent Topic: next meeting18:27
kbmonkeythe 15th is the 3rd Monday in July18:28
kbmonkeySounds good, the 15th it will be. I'll grab the chair.18:29
Kiloscheers nlsthzn sleep tight18:29
Kilosty for being here18:29
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Wesley to chair next meeting on 15 July18:29
MaazAgreed: Wesley to chair next meeting on 15 July18:29
* nlsthzn not sleeping now... just saying koobai before the hour as asked18:29
kbmonkeyif anyone wants to chair send us an email on the list18:29
Kilosty for chairing at such short notice kbmonkey 18:30
kbmonkeyimmediate notice ;)18:30
KilosVince-0, get 8ta18:30
Kiloshehe ya18:30
kbmonkeyThanks all! meeting over and out.18:30
kbmonkeyMaaz, end meeting18:30
MaazMeeting Ended18:30
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-06-24-17-34-16.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-06-24-17-34-16.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-06-24-17-34-16.html18:30
Cantidethanks kbmonkey :)18:30
Kilos8ta might be a bit slow but seems more stable anyway18:31
kbmonkeyOkay now I will make the event for next time with the links ;)18:31
Cantidecool :)18:31
Kilosi go crash now guys18:31
Cantideand link us to it here18:31
Kilossleep tight18:31
Cantidenight Kilos18:31
HawkiesZAnight Kilos18:31
kbmonkeyNight Kilos 18:31
Kilosty all18:31
kbmonkeyoh dear, do not click the submit agenda item button twice. oops.18:34
* magespawn goes to check other social media18:41
kbmonkeyokay the agenda lives at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/615/detail/18:42
kbmonkeyAfter that experience I don't want to load any more pages XD18:43
kbmonkeyRight. I'd love to play a bit but I have lectures to watch18:44
Cantidegood luck18:44
kbmonkeyI am a week behind from internet suckage last week. eina18:44
* Cantide builds kbmonkey a time machine18:45
CantideI am four weeks behind because the police lost my documents18:45
Cantidewelcome to Africa -.-18:45
kbmonkeyThanks! warps back to the future18:45
kbmonkeyopen a theft case against them. he he18:46
kbmonkeythat truly sucks Cantide :(18:46
Cantideyeah, it does18:46
Cantideespecially because the company in Korea asked me a day later how my documents were coming along -.-18:47
Cantideanyway, go watch your lectures!18:47
magespawnthis is cool http://arstechnica.com/science/2013/06/cassini-captures-gigantic-hurricane-on-saturn-in-exquisite-detail/19:03
Cantideyes, thanks :)19:10
magespawngood night all19:10
CantideI also like looking out for pictures of mars these days19:10
Cantidenight night '<19:10
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