gavin__daftykins: I just installed it, what do I do next?00:00
daftykinsgavin__: run it from applications -> system tools00:00
b3rz3rk3rhey guys, my swap won't mount on boot. I can mount it fine manually and the UUID is correct, it just won't do it automatically. Any ideas?00:00
AllanLinuxu need edit /etc/fstab00:01
b3rz3rk3rAllanLinux, I have00:03
gavin__daftykins: currently installing but it is taking a while00:03
b3rz3rk3rAllanLinux, http://i.imgur.com/eeVhn8S.jpg this is it00:03
madelI'm a not-so-skilled command line user. Maybe somebody can point out my error to me:00:03
madelfind -iname "*.jpg" -execdir jpegtran -optimize -progressive -perfect -copy none -verbose '{}' > 1/{} \;00:03
madelwrites output to a file named "{}". Maybe it's obvious that this isn't according to my intention... :-/00:03
dr_willispastebin for text  files  is easier gor us.00:03
gavin__daftykins: if installation fails then i will giveup and use lan instead00:03
daftykinsbit late00:03
daftykinsgavin__: you've got LAN connected right now... yes?00:04
Ben64madel: maybe try #bash00:04
gavin__daftykins: yes00:04
madelBen64: true, thanks. :-)00:04
AllanLinuxYour swap is another hd or file created on another partition?00:04
dr_willisb3rz3rk3r:  encrypted swap?00:05
gavin__daftykins: are you able to remote control to another user?00:05
b3rz3rk3rdr_willis, no I think I chose encrypted /home during install but it doesn't seem to work :/00:05
daftykinsgavin__: probably not tonight, i think i'm falling asleep. is that installer doing anything? has it opened a terminal window with things happening?00:06
b3rz3rk3rdr_willis, I've commented that out and can still log in fine00:06
gavin__daftykin: its asking me to restart00:06
gavin__I'll be back in few minutes tops00:06
dr_willisb3rz3rk3r:  your fstab is useng encrypted stuff00:06
daftykinsgavin__: ok00:07
dr_willistrun off swap. alter fstab. see if   sudo mount -a     works00:08
b3rz3rk3rdr_willis, http://i.imgur.com/l2rpJqv.jpg I've commented that out00:08
dr_willisdude  learn to use a text pastebin.. not image  pastes00:09
griwesxb3rz3rk3r: are drobo any good? i heard they were slow00:09
gavin__hi daftykins: im back again, erm.. it didn't work00:09
daftykinsgavin__: do you get anything in a terminal when you type "lsmod | grep ath9k" ?00:10
b3rz3rk3rgriwesx, slow and don't play well at all with linux. at least old gen don't. I've had to d/c mine and put it on another machine00:10
griwesxb3rz3rk3r: ironic, since they run linux themselves00:11
gavin__daftykins: this is what i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794064/00:12
dr_willisb3rz3rk3r: so now you have no swap definitions in fstab00:12
daftykinsb3rz3rk3r: the only two swap devices in your config are commented out ;x00:12
delacdoes anyone know how to use ~/.gvfs/ location with gnome-search-tool?00:12
daftykinsgavin__: can you unplug and replug the adapter?00:13
gavin__daftykins: that is what i just did00:13
daftykinsgavin__: also how are you checking if it's working or not? just clicking on the network icon and seeing if a wireless network is listed?00:13
deezedhey guys! hows going? I have a problem here with my Ubuntu 12.04 (kde4) that I cant connect to my university wireless. The point is the wireless is encrypted with WPA2 enterprise, and when I try to connect it actually seems to work, it says its connected, but I cant access the web. When I try to open some page with chromium it says my DNS isnt properly configured. Does anyone know what can I do?00:13
b3rz3rk3rdaftykins, yeah I was testing to see if it made a difference to mounting command. I'm getting errors about bad lines when I try mount -a00:13
gavin__daftykins: my wifi adapter normally lights up so I will know if it is actually working but unfortunately, my adapter doesn't light up at all00:14
procrastubatorHow do I change what version of gem the `gem` command launches?00:14
procrastubatorThere are: Command 'gem' from package 'ruby1.9.1' (main)  Command 'gem' from package 'rubygems' (main)00:14
daftykinsgavin__: can you pastebin 'ifconfig -a' and 'iwconfig' ?00:14
procrastubator And the default is linked to ruby1.800:14
procrastubator I am trying to get gems on my ruby1.9 version00:14
ubottuTo change the default applications system-wide, use 'sudo update-alternatives --all' in a terminal.00:15
gavin__daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794069/00:15
dr_willismay be a gem ruby alternatives entry00:16
daftykinsgavin__: ok - if you right click the network icon is there an 'enable wireless' option that you can tick?00:16
dr_willis!info glaternatives00:16
ubottuPackage glaternatives does not exist in raring00:16
* bsk is listening to Avenged Sevenfold - Blinded in Chains [6:34]00:16
gavin__daftykins: enable wireless has already been ticked00:17
daftykinsdr_willis: i think i got gavin__ sorted with a driver and the interface has come up for his wireless adapter, do you know if something might be needed doing beyond enabling wifi on the network icon as i suggested above to get network manager to wake up and manage that interface?00:17
somsipbsk: please turn the music announcer off00:17
daftykinsgavin__: hmm, couldn't hurt to turn it off and then on again - it looks like the interface is up fine00:17
gavin__thats what i also did00:17
daftykinsah :(00:18
orangerobothello, i've just upgraded to 12.10 (from 12.04) and my network driver has stopped functioning. i was using driver (brcmsmac) for broadcom cards. could anybody point me as to how I could regain access to the internet?00:18
bsksomsip: just testing /ame, sorry :)00:18
gavin__daftykins: but still the adapter doesn't light up :(00:18
daftykinsgavin__: lights tend to be a little further on in the process, in Linux they tend to only indicate activity rather than power sometimes00:19
Ben64orangerobot: why would you upgrade from 12.04? its supported till 2017. now you'll need to upgrade to 13.10 by January00:19
daftykinsgavin__: can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces finally? think i'm going to have to give up after one last idea00:19
wilee-nileeorangerobot, Updates require reloads of the driver often00:19
gavin__daftykin: what command do I type in for /etc/network/interfaces00:20
wilee-nileeer upgrades*00:20
orangerobotBen64: yes, i did it because i wanted a game to work and I was under the impression that newer graphics cards only worked with newer ubuntu versions.00:20
daftykinsgavin__: well you could do "cat /etc/network/interfaces | pastebinit" perhaps, or just open it with gedit and paste the content into a pastebin00:20
orangerobotwilee-nilee: what do you mean by reload?00:20
procrastubatordr_willis: It says "There is only one alternative in link group gem: /usr/bin/gem1.9.1", however when I run the command which gem to tell me what gem is using, it uses /usr/bin/gem which links to 1.800:20
wilee-nileeorangerobot, reinstall00:20
procrastubatorThis is weird00:20
anomHas anyone succesfully installed php5.5 on ubuntu yet?00:21
orangerobotwilee-nilee: hmm.. do you mean just modprobe <nameofdriver> ?00:21
james-ubcis there any way to have the speakers not turn off when headphones are plugged in?00:22
gavin__daftykins: unfortunately I can't seem to install pastebinit00:22
daftykinsgavin__: just open the file with gedit then00:23
wilee-nileeorangerobot, NO idea I have not needed to load any extra drivers in a long time. It is that a upgrade of the OS at times needs to have drivers reinstalled grapahic (nvidia) usually. Just a possibility is all, not a definitive.00:23
daftykinsgavin__: or in a terminal "nano /etc/network/interfaces" and copy and paste00:23
Liverpudlian_HacAnyones proficient in ruby programming language?00:23
dr_willisjames-ubc:  most of the time people have it work that way and ask how to disable it. :-P00:23
orangerobotok thank you wilee-nilee00:24
fungus494hey whats up guys00:24
gavin__daftykins: I might be misunderstand you but what am I pasting?00:24
daftykinsgavin__: the content of the configuration file /etc/network/interfaces00:24
somsipanom: you can only get it via PPA. See !PPA00:25
tannjiI just built my AMD driver and it popped up a Catalyst window offering to Install driver, or Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package..  I assume this is normal when installing manually?  Also, Catalyst window is labeled Driver 13.101 Setup, and I am trying to install 13.6 beta...00:26
somsipLiverpudlian_Hac: probably the #ruby channel would be better for you (if it exists, if not try !alis)00:26
fungus494anyone familiar with graphics?00:26
gavin__daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794081/00:26
gavin__is that it? or something different00:26
daftykinsgavin__: you'd need to type 'cat' before it so it'll show the contents00:26
tannjifungus494:  graphic programs, or graphic driver setup?00:27
Liverpudlian_Hacsomsip: thanks, I'l give it a go00:27
michael_pthanks for you help what ever you helped with00:27
gavin__daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794086/00:28
fungus494im running lubuntu 13.04 on an old toshiba sattelite s155 1 gig ram 40 gig hdd intell 855gm graphics card...00:28
Thetelol, "don't run nightly, it's buggy as F, etc"00:28
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daftykinsgavin__: ok i'm out of ideas :( at this point i'd really expect left clicking/right clicking the network icon to show any available wireless networks if there are any to be found00:28
fungus494upon boot the lubuntu boot screen looks great... but than it seems to reset resolution and the gradiances look blocky00:29
dr_willisdmesg may show some info or ertors also gavin__00:29
james-ubcdr_willis, yeah except this time I need to both hear what's going on and forrward it to another device :/00:29
fungus494the wallpaper gradiances look like a rainbow (not colors just ribboned)00:29
james-ubctried looking for how they disabled it and doing the oppositbe but I dont see anthhing yet00:30
tannjifungus494,  have you played with settings-Displays to check resolution, color depth, etc...?00:30
Ubuntero735Im having an issue with my new 13.04 installation but cant find anything on the web to fix it00:32
somsip!details | Ubuntero73500:32
ubottuUbuntero735: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:32
fungus494hmmm i played with settings but didnt see color depth let me look at what i can toy around with... i did save some settings so that the desktop actually reaches the end of the screen00:32
fungus494let me look00:32
Ubuntero735ok. I installed a new hard drive and used it just for Ubuntu 13.04 but after the installation it stays on a black screen with a white blinking underscore. The installation gave no errors and right now im on the Live USB session. I have an HP Pavilion dm4 core i300:34
fungus494hmm in all honesty i dont see a means to change color depth... my resolution settings r as follows00:34
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:35
fungus494vga monitor 1024x768 refresh 85 dvi 1024x768 refresh 6000:35
fungus494if i take it a notch higher on the vga the screen shakes alot...00:36
fungus494i got my flash player issue kinda worked out...(was half screened purple and green) im now using chrome00:37
tannjifungus494,  how old is the laptop?  wouldnt expect it to have that high of a refresh rate00:37
hadifarnoudI can't resolve any site. wget: unable to resolve host address `github.com'00:38
fungus494i understand that this integrated intel 855gm chipset has problems with linux just wanna check to see if i can run more optimally or if this is as good as it gets00:38
hadifarnoudI didn't change resolve file00:38
fungus494uh i think shes 10 years old00:38
dr_willis10 yr old with dvi?00:39
Thetefungus494, Is it haswell?00:39
fungus494is that surprising?00:39
dr_willisthe only real issue is the bootsplash fungus494 ?00:39
fungus494toshiba sattelite s15500:40
tannjihave you enabled additional drivers, or music and video playback yet?00:40
hadifarnoudmy resolve.conf https://gist.github.com/anonymous/eedc2d3b54f3d59392c600:40
fungus494bootsplash looks great!00:40
fungus494after spash looks like shit00:40
dr_willisthe desktop you mean?00:40
fungus494so im sure i can do better if during boot it looks great00:40
dr_willisusing dual monitors00:41
fungus494after boot it like... downgrades00:41
fungus494yeah i heard theres a minor bug with dual00:41
fungus494the original screen is cracked bad00:41
hadifarnoudmy server is under DDoS attack by a few ip addresses. if I block them via iptable command, do they get unblocked after reboot?00:42
dr_willisit is booted when you see that splash.. you can tweak monitors with the xrandr tools00:42
tannjifungus494,  so are you using dual screens, or do you have the original one turned off in bios?00:42
fungus494im using dual00:42
fungus494i tried turning the first off under display settings and raising resolution on vga... no dice anything higher than 1024x768 she shakes00:43
tannjifungus494,  have you gone to displays and detected and calivrated?  or like Dr Willis said, use xrandr tools00:43
fungus494i tried rand r before and possibly i didnt understand how to use it correctly00:44
tannjifungus494,  is the second display LCD or CRT?00:44
fungus494no i have not detected and aclibrated... how do i do so?00:44
tannjifungus494,  you can calibrate under System Settings/color...  but I havent had great success there either00:45
fungus494i have arandr ready to download in the center shall i do so and well go from there?00:46
fungus494i dont see system settings...00:46
dr_willis!info xrandr00:47
ubottuPackage xrandr does not exist in raring00:47
tannjifungus494,  try it...  but I would be open to the possibility that your particular chipset/igp might not play well with that monitor, or with linux00:47
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1200:47
tannjidr_willis,  what do you think about just having him disable native monitor in Bios, rather than Xrandr?00:48
dr_willismay as well do that if it supports it00:49
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fungus494how would i do that? i recall having the native monito off when i was using xp made no sence to have it on when 80 persent of screen is black00:50
tannjifungus494,  some machines have an open in bios to disable native monitor, some machines only option is in windows, which obviously wont work here00:51
dr_willisthe monitors/displays  tools can turn one off. i belive00:51
fungus494orie@linux:~$ xrandr Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 32767 x 32767 LVDS1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm    1024x768       60.0*+    800x600        60.3     56.2      640x480        59.9   VGA1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 312mm x 234mm    1024x768       85.0*+   75.1      1600x1200      65.0      1280x1024      75.0      00:52
tannji i think you are correct00:52
Gamorehi when I try and update I get this... E: /var/cache/apt/archives/sysvutils_2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu45.1_i386.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/mesg.1.gz', which is also in package sysvinit-utils 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu11.100:52
tannjifungus....  what is the resolution you are trying for on external monitor?00:53
fungus494not sure what any of that means00:53
fungus494well in all honesty this resolution seems fine... but the colors are well blotchy00:53
fungus494is this a resolution issue?00:54
fungus494or something else entirely00:54
Gamorehi when I try and update I get this... E: /var/cache/apt/archives/sysvutils_2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu45.1_i386.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/mesg.1.gz', which is also in package sysvinit-utils 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu11.100:54
fungus494videos look... cartoony00:54
tannjifungus494,  it shouldnt be, but I am leaning towards you should have it at 75htz for 1024X76800:55
GamoreI am running Ubuntu 12.04 and trying to update with Synaptic00:55
fungus494alright.... i just thought higher was better so i put 80htz00:56
fungus494hmmm at 75 i have black outline around desktop00:56
tannjifungus494,  higher is desirable...  but on older monitors they usually had a table of suggested frequencies for available resolutions00:56
tannjifungus494,  you are running Lbuntu, not Ubuntu, correct?00:57
fungus494lubuntu is soooo much lighter00:58
fungus494and as this is a ten year old machine...00:58
tannjiwell, one other thing I would check is if there are additional drivers you could optionally use...   under System Settings/Software and Updates00:59
tannjifungus494,  ya, hear ya...  but I would check drivers...  keeping in mind that with that IGP this may be as good as it gets00:59
fungus494yeah im happy with the resolution (sizing) there is just a prob with gradiance on desktop and movies... splash screen wallpaper looks great so im fairly confidant that the com is capable of more01:00
fedesilvaHi, I have a problem with the nvidia driver when using steam, I got the followin error when launching:01:00
fedesilvaOpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems01:00
naturalwill anyone here help me out installing ubuntu server 12.04.2-server-amd64  i'm at the network autoconfigureation failed page, it says my network is probably not using the DHCP protocol, any help?01:01
tannjifungus494,  I dont think that splash screen is rendered the same way the desktop is under Xserver.  may be wrong, but in older windows they were different01:01
fedesilvaI've tried all suggested solutions but I cannot make it work01:01
rafael_Guys, Ctrl + A on the terminal puts the cursor to the beginning of the line, right? You know what the say command places the cursor to the end of a line, considering anything written?01:01
fungus494during boot i literally watch it go from beautiful than resize to black border around desktop and ribbons where color blends01:02
tannjifungus494,  right.  Xserver may have already started, but lightdm and unity may complicate it.  I really dont know01:02
selimcan someone help me to find out how I can redo a failed update01:03
fungus494yeah im aware that im essentially screwed with this intel 855gm... its disapointing to see a beautifull spash and than go to shit01:03
tannjiwait... your using lbuntu, so no unity?01:03
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fungus494no unity01:03
selimthe aptitude log shows me that the update has been tried but they all failed due to not enough space on /tmp01:03
selimso the packages couldn't be extracted and installed01:03
fungus494tried all versions and lubuntu seems right01:03
IdleOnefungus494: Please mind your language01:03
selimso my target would be to reinstall all those package01:04
xanguaselim: have you uninstalled old kernels¿01:04
selimis that possible somehow01:04
selimxangua: no01:04
tannjitechnical terms get no contextual respect  = )01:04
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aguiteli installed 13.04 desktop ,anyway to login in classic mode ?01:05
tannjifungus494,  last ditch, check video drivers as I said earlier....  and cross your fingers01:05
fungus494when u mentioned going into bios and disabling native monitor... does that mean hitting the f2 or f8 key when booting?01:05
tannjifungus494,  right... depending on how your particular bios has it set up01:06
UnderSampledthe wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables says to use ~/.pam_environment and ~/.profile, but I not see that file here only ~/.profile. Do I need to add ~/.pam_environment, or should I just use ~/.profile ?01:06
fungus494i did that for weeks... when my flash plugin was bad01:06
fungus494aparently what ubuntu gave me is it01:06
UnderSampledAnd what is the difference?01:06
selimxangua: why?01:06
wilee-nileeaguitel, Have you installed the fallback?01:06
aguitelwilee-nilee, what is this?01:06
tannjifungus494,  well...  times are tight but you could buy a much newer laptop for probably less than $10001:07
fungus494i guess theres a means to get the correct intel drivers but not on raring from my understanding01:07
wilee-nileeaguitel, That is the classic DE, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-classic-gnome-desktop-in-ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail.html01:07
aguitelwilee-nilee, thanks01:07
fungus494404 ppa doesnt exhist or something01:07
tannjifungus494,  ya...  most intel drivers are great, but that long ago it gets a little dicier01:07
wilee-nileeaguitel, No problem, helps to actually see the process sometimes.01:08
fungus494in the ppa theres intel drivers for quantal and precise01:08
tannjifung, well, downgrading to quantal is an option01:08
wilee-nileeaguitel, It's not gnome 2 but an replica.01:09
fungus494so i tried 12.10 but after i hit install black screen... nothing else. read up on it and after 11.04 (or something) serious problems with intel 855gm01:09
fungus494or mebe 10. something01:09
aguitelwilee-nilee, i used mate01:09
Gamorehi when I try and update I get this... E: /var/cache/apt/archives/sysvutils_2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu45.1_i386.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/mesg.1.gz', which is also in package sysvinit-utils 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu11.101:10
fungus494would prefer to keep my version of ubuntu recent...01:10
fungus494isnt july gonna be a big month for raring01:10
tannjifungus494,  I might try one of the older open SUSE distros.   pretty user-friendly and lighter weight?01:10
naturaldoes ubuntu server 12.04.2 64 bit lts need DHCP to run right?01:10
wilee-nileeGamore, run in the terminal sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade and pastebin all the text01:10
hadifarnoudhow can I block all incoming connections for a short period of time? like a few hours01:11
wilee-nilee!pastebn > Gamore01:11
wilee-nilee!pastebin > Gamore01:11
ubottuGamore, please see my private message01:11
fungus494yeah... kinda hooked on lubuntu 13.04 right now. might just have to accept what i got01:12
fungus494with any luck whan july brings updates i might get lucky01:12
tannjihope so  = )01:13
fungus494im gonna try disabling native monitor in bios for now... thanks for all the help01:13
aguitelwilee-nilee, anyway to add icons in desktop in fallback mode?01:13
tannjigood luck Fungus01:14
kevlar555Estoy instalando 13.04 de forma automatica y se paró instalando los plugins de adobe... hace 6 horas que esta ahi... que hago?01:14
kevlar555Here, Im upgrading to 13.04, and its stop at adobe plugins download like since 6 hs ago... what to do?01:15
hadifarnoudhow can I block all incoming connections for a short period of time? like a few hours01:15
tannjiI just built my AMD driver and it popped up a Catalyst window offering to Install driver, or Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package..  I assume this is normal when installing manually?  Also, Catalyst window is labeled Driver 13.101 Setup, and I am trying to install 13.6 beta...01:16
wilee-nileeaguitel, Says 11.10 but works in all ubuntu's for desktop launchers http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-create-desktop-launchers-in-ubuntu-11-10oneiric.html01:17
wilee-nileeaguitel, You can set your own icon to by clicking on the add gu and choosing the one you want.01:17
wilee-nileegui* stupid i key01:18
GamoreI'm very sorry but I am new to all this and I was wondering if someone can take a look at this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794174/01:19
marco__anyone here have audacity?01:19
wilee-nilee!ask | marco__01:20
ubottumarco__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:20
Mobranchanyone heard of kali linux?01:22
wilee-nilee!ot | Mobranch01:22
ubottuMobranch: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:22
SagitariusHi guys01:23
CaTeGoReis kali no longer based on ubuntu?01:23
histoCaTeGoRe: correct01:24
Sagitariusi have a big trouble :(01:24
histoMobranch: /j #kali-linux01:24
histo!ask | Sagitarius01:24
ubottuSagitarius: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:24
kevlar555Here, Im upgrading to 13.04, and its stop at adobe plugins download like since 6 hs ago... what to do?01:26
kevlar555Im wondering to shut down my laptop...01:26
wilee-nileekevlar555, If you are downloading you can stop it if upgrading a stop will be problematic.01:27
Sagitariusi change my version of ubuntu to 13.04 (from 12.10) sry about my english is not my native leanguaje01:27
Sagitariusand when i restart i read it01:27
wilee-nileeyou may have to stop though, not sure why it would be upgrading adobe01:27
Sagitarius"the system is running in low-graphics mode your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly, you will need configure these yourself"01:28
Sagitariusand i dont know what happen...  my version 12.10 work so good.. and 13.04 jsut crash01:29
wilee-nileeSagitarius, Upgrade or fresh install?01:29
kevlar555yes, its the automatic upgrade, im like nervous...01:29
wilee-nileeSagitarius, You have a nvidia card?01:30
SagitariusAti card01:30
wilee-nileeSagitarius, Have you run a update and upgrade and checked additional drivers?01:30
GamoreI am going to get something to eat if someone can answer this will you do it in a PM http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794174/01:32
Sagitariusafter to upgrade i work with the driver from ATI site01:32
Sagitariusi download the driver from the ATI web01:32
wilee-nileeSagitarius, Using the drivers from the site is not advised.01:32
Sagitariusand work good in 12-1001:32
=== kcristiano_ is now known as kcrist
wilee-nileeSagitarius, This driver is what is caising problems, you were good before loading it?01:33
Sagitariusyep be good for 12.10 and 12.04 :/01:34
Sagitariusi use the same driver01:34
wilee-nileeSagitarius, I mean before you loaded that driver how did 13.04 look?01:34
wilee-nileeSagitarius, A description of just crash could mean anything, can you be detailed on this?01:35
sunlnxIs this room for reporting ubuntu bug01:36
wilee-nileesunlnx, YOu want launchpad01:37
Sagitariusyep the driver work good01:37
Sagitariusand when i upgrade01:37
Sagitariusjust crash01:37
wilee-nileeSagitarius, WE are not communicating what is your natve language?01:37
SagitariusSpanish -.-01:37
wilee-nilee!es | Sagitarius01:38
ubottuSagitarius: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:38
sunlnxok, i do not know whayt you mean saying "lunachpad", Sagitarius01:38
wilee-nileeSagitarius, Try there for better help probably.01:38
SagitariusGreat! thx u wilee-nilee01:38
Sagitariusits my first time here01:38
Sagitariusand thx again01:38
FloodBot1Sagitarius: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:39
wilee-nileeSagitarius, No problem, we want to see you get help. ;)01:39
sunlnxubottu, are you  working for ubuntu?01:40
ubottusunlnx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:40
Gamoreok I can see I am not going to get help today so I will be back later01:41
orangeroboti've just upgrade to 12.10 from 12.04 and i've ticed that, although all my previous kernel versions had "pae" after their names, the new one doesn't. i'm having some problems with network and graphics cards. could this be why????01:43
holsteinorangerobot: try a pae kernel and see.. but i dont think so01:44
holsteinorangerobot: i would just fresh install 13.04, or try it live01:44
y0gritim trying to echo in text to a .list file with sudo but i still have permission denied01:45
somsipy0grit: when you redirect, you lose the sudo rights. Look into using tee01:45
orangerobotholstein: i have right now nointernet cnnection on the computer i want to do this on. how would i proceed on doing this fres install of 13.04 on top of it?01:46
holsteinorangerobot: i would download an iso from whatever machine you are connecting to the IRC with01:47
orangerobotholstein: and then boot from a cd or usb? would that work like an upgrade (i.e. keeping my files intact), install a newubuntu instance alongside the old one or overwrite my old ubuntuinstall?01:48
holsteinorangerobot: i usually take the opportunity, before upgrading, or reinstalling, to backup my data, since *all* hard drives fail01:49
holsteinorangerobot: after that is done, then i can decide to just wipe out an install, if that is the easiest, and put my data back01:49
orangerobotso, upon instaling ubuntu from an 13.04 iso, i'll be asked whether i want to overwrite the old install or not?01:51
Dr_willisorangerobot,  i belive so01:52
Dr_willisor you can just delete the install beforhand01:52
holsteinorangerobot: it'll look very similar to like it did when you installed ubuntu before, or any OS.. a few options, one of which will be "delete everything and fresh install"01:52
orangerobotok. thank you for helping me guys, holstein  and Dr_willis01:53
orangerobotjust one last question. booting from usb is just as good as from a cd, right?01:54
Dr_willisi basically never use optical media these days01:54
asharasHi all! What's the best way to share a directory in my /home with another user on my system?01:54
Dr_willisasharas,  you can set the permissions on it. where they can just cd/access it01:55
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:55
asharasyeah Dr_willis but I don't want it on 777 :-/01:55
Dr_willisI never said make it 77701:56
Dr_willistheres OTHER #'s out there...01:56
Dr_willisdepending on exactly what you want them to do.01:56
asharasjust read it, but only one user, not "others" and I don't wan't to add this user to my group01:56
asharasI made a symlink but the target's permission don't allow the user to read it01:58
y0gritsomsip: i had to do sudo tee01:58
y0gritand that worked01:58
somsipy0grit: like echo 'text' | sudo tee file.list01:59
histoasharas: create a group for you and the user and add that group to the shared dir01:59
asharashisto: does a dir can have multiple groups? or only one?02:00
Dr_willisusers can be in several groups.02:00
asharasyeah, secondary groups02:00
asharasok, thanks guys02:00
asharasI think I'll do like this02:01
asharasdidn't know if there was kind of a suid for a directory02:01
crankharderfailed logs from 'sudo apt-get -f upgrade' : https://gist.github.com/crankharder/f9a15c2b4ce1f226fdc602:03
crankharderthoughts on fixing that?02:03
benediktboth fglrx and fglrx make everything with my ATI HD5750 card sluggish. Radeon is fine. Is it just much better or did i miss something?02:03
MyLordJesusChris!ops | god hates fags02:03
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MyLordJesusChris!ops  god will drop kick your rebellious ass to hell02:04
ubottuMyLordJesusChris: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:04
MyLordJesusChris!ops  god will drop kick your rebellious ass to hell02:04
FloodBot1MyLordJesusChris: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
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ccclipssswilee-nilee did you get my message earlier02:04
wilee-nileeccclipsss, I was out getting lunch I missed it.02:05
=== enchilado is now known as kychilado
wilee-nileeI remember the no read of a dvd/usb is that right ccclipsss02:06
wilee-nileewhat's up02:06
ccclipsssyou can go ahead and call me a noob if you would like02:06
wilee-nileeccclipsss, Lol, I would never do that.02:06
ccclipsssall i had to do was enable legacy boot and then the USB and DVD boot showed up in the boot menu.02:06
fungus836hey whats up its me again02:07
wilee-nileeccclipsss, Cool, the uefi thing is a bit of hit and miss, you are not alone.02:07
fungus836no dice disabling lvd...02:07
ccclipsssi appreciate the help though. had you not pointed me in the direction of that uefi help site i wouldn't have figured it out.02:07
fungus836i went as far as opening up lappy and unplugging screen02:07
wilee-nileeno problem02:08
=== kychilado is now known as enchilado
y0gritsomsip: sudo echo "<text>" | sudo tee --a <file>02:08
fungus836however in display settings lvd still shows02:08
y0gritthat worked02:08
Dzoniswindows 8 sucks rats furry ass...02:08
ccclipssswindows 8 is garbage02:08
ccclipssswinows hasn't been good since XP imho02:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:09
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pong__what about 7?02:09
=== Guest12502 is now known as MrSalt
xeeshahzadguys i have a problem02:09
xeeshahzadcan any body help me?02:09
pong__is vista with sp2 the same thing as 7?02:09
Dzoniswin7 is defo better than 802:09
holstein!ask | pong__02:09
ubottupong__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:09
fungus836nother question... lubuntu is ubuntu (for the most part from my understanding) whats the diffence between lubuntu software center and ubuntu software center?02:09
Dzonisxp is best02:10
Dzonisstill sucks compared to linux02:10
IdleOneDzonis: What does any of that have to do with Ubuntu support?02:10
wilee-nileefungus836, same repos probaly little02:10
holsteinfungus836: both are package managers. you can use either in place of the other.. but you wouldnt02:10
IdleOnePlease keep the off topic commentary out of this channel02:10
Dzonissorry everyone!02:10
Dzonisjust having a meltdown...02:11
fungus836so lubuntu software center is just lighter?02:11
holsteinfungus836: lubuntu is made to be lighter..02:11
fungus836im not missing out on any extras in the center02:11
fungus836what i mean to say all the packages r the same02:11
holsteinfungus836: feel free and install the other center, if you feel you are missing something.. but, the sources are the same02:11
fungus836alright... no im happy with my light version02:12
=== FiremanEd^ is now known as FiremanEd
fungus836just making sure02:12
pong__sudo apt-install gnome doesn't install gnome for me02:12
wilee-nileepong__, What are you trying to install?02:12
fungus836try gnome-desktop02:12
fungus836or gnome-core02:13
pong__gnome-desktop doesnt work either02:13
wilee-nileeno no no02:13
pong__gnome on xubuntu02:13
zykotick9pong__: also, it's "sudo apt-get install foo"...02:13
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.02:13
wilee-nileepong__, You want unity or the shell or the fallback?02:13
pong__I put the get in02:13
fungus836lol yeah that would help02:13
pong__the fallback02:13
pong__2.3 or 302:13
holsteinnm that.. ubuntu-desktop wont get you gnome...02:13
fungus836sudp apt-get install gnome-desktop02:13
holsteinpong__: i would just open a package manager and search "gnome" and see what it is you want02:14
pong__can you install gnome on a live cd02:14
holsteinpong__: at some point, you might run out of space.. but you can try02:15
wilee-nileepong__, sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback02:15
holsteinpong__: it will be a lot like this.. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/gnome-3-8-ppa-for-ubuntu-gnome though, you shouldnt need the PPA02:15
wilee-nileepong__, This will install gnome 3 if not there02:15
crankharderhow do I properly free up space in /boot?02:15
crankharderbunch of intrd.img's there02:15
crankhardercan't build a new one02:15
wilee-nileecrankharder, This a boot partition?02:15
wilee-nileecrankharder, remove the extra kernels02:16
crankharderno cmd to clean up the ones not in use?02:16
wilee-nileecrankharder,  just use ubuntu-tweak, but you can list all there and remove them.02:16
wilee-nileeI *02:17
crankharderthis is ubuntu server02:17
crankharderhow can i tell which version is currently booted before I go rm -rfing things02:17
jrib!version | crankharder02:18
ubottucrankharder: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »02:18
OerHeks" sudo apt-get autoremove  " will remove unused kernels02:18
holsteincrankharder: i would ust a package manger to remove older kernels, as wilee-nilee suggests02:18
jribcrankharder: uname -a for kernel...02:18
wilee-nileeI like ubuntu-tweak it will remove the cache and all02:19
wilee-nileeer config's02:19
Dr_willisi recall askubuntu.com having some scripts for removeing all  kernels that were not in use.02:19
OerHeksI just removed 3.8.0-23 + 25 + 27  incl dependencies in virtualbox02:20
Tapperhey guys, anyone know of a decent app that will take mp4 and avi and create a video cd or super video cd?02:20
Dr_willisTapper,  try devede02:21
Dr_willishandbreak goes the other way i thought. ;)02:21
CoreyDr_willis: It can do both.02:21
Dr_willisi seemto recall k3b having  videocd/supeervide cd support..  but areent those rather outdated formats02:21
Dr_willisCorey,  i definatly dont see where in handbrake it can , converting some viudeos with it now.02:22
TapperDr_willis, thank you very much02:22
Dr_willisstill trying to figure out how to tell handbrak to just 'add all to queue'  using the same settings as the first item..02:23
fungus525btw whe i ran kubuntu my desktop wallpaper was beautifull why not on lubuntu?02:24
Dr_willisfungus525,  wallpapers are just images.. use the same wallpaper..02:25
holsteinfungus525: you can use the same images02:25
wilee-nileefungus525, different developers, you can have what you want.02:25
fungus525no i mean in lubuntu their blotchy02:26
holsteinfungus525: take a screenshot.. see the original image.. check how you are using it.. strech mode, or whatever02:27
fungus525kubuntu plasma desktop looked remarkable02:27
holsteinfungus525: the "l" in lubuntu is from LXDE.. L = light ..that is not the goal of KDE.. there could be some "magic" that makes sure the wallpapers are implemented correctly.. something that is not considered worth the overhead in LXDE02:28
holsteinfungus525: you should use LXDE because its light.. if you are worried about looks, you might prefer something like XFCE that might be more in the middle02:29
Dr_willisif the images are the same.. and the bitdepth of the desktop is the same.. the  wallpapers should be identical02:29
holsteinfungus525: although, i have never had any issues getting wallpaper to work02:29
fungus525xfce did the same blotchy wallpaper02:29
Dr_willischeck your display settings02:30
Dr_willisthey are always identical here for me02:30
holsteinfungus525: take that screenshot too02:30
fungus525how do i take a screenshot02:30
fungus525and link it here02:31
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.02:31
Dr_willisor just use a solid color background :P02:31
holsteinor KDE, if you prefer it02:31
fungus525i didnt like kde...02:31
fungus525very starnge02:31
Dr_willisif you are a wallpaper addict --> http://www.webupd8.org/2013/06/variety-wallpaper-changer-0415-released.html02:33
Dr_willisVariety is a wallpaper changer that automatically downloads wallpapers from sources such as Wallbase, Flickr, Wallpapers.net, Desktoppr, NASA Astronomy Picture of the Da02:33
Dr_williskde is very flexiable.. their defaults are a little odd i found.02:34
holsteinfungus525: and, that is the "blotchy" one?02:36
fungus525so what do u all make of that02:36
fungus525uh huh02:36
OerHeksnot bad02:36
Dr_willisand what does xrandr say about your monitor display02:36
asharashisto: it worked perfect with your idea, exept I had to o+x my home directory02:36
asharasthx again02:36
fungus525Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 32767 x 32767 LVDS1 connected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)    1024x768       60.0 +    800x600        60.3     56.2      640x480        59.9   VGA1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 312mm x 234mm    1024x768       85.0*+   75.1      1600x1200      65.0      1280x1024      75.0      800x600        85.1     75.0      640x480   02:36
holsteinfungus525: im going to agree with where i think Dr_willis is going..02:37
fungus525u mean as good as it gets...02:37
Dr_williscant even recall where to determind color depth.. havent had to mess withit in like years.02:37
Dr_willisfungus525,  post a kde screenshot i guess...02:37
Dr_willissince i dont have that original image to compare to02:38
holsteinfungus525: i mean, i agree that the color depth might be set differenently02:38
Dr_willisin fact.. why not POST the original wallpaper image also..02:38
holsteinfungus525: you could just put the original image in imagebin02:38
fungus525i dont have kde anymore... strictly lubuntu02:38
Dr_willisits also possible that image had some transparency features that was used by KDE. and not LXDE02:39
=== Chex is now known as Guest66611
Dr_willisPictures and graphics can have 32-bit colors, in which case the last 8 bits are used for Alpha channel (transparency). As long as out displays can't become transparent they have no need for those last 8 bits.02:40
TovnebSo ubuntu on most tablets still doesn't quite work?02:40
Dr_willisTovneb,  'most' ? its only really being developed for the Nexus 7 and 10 and 4 i think.. unless they have expanded their official target02:41
fungus525hmm not sure how to put the original in image burn but... that desktop lootks great during boot02:41
holsteinfungus525: just put the original up02:41
fungus525where is the original saved02:41
holsteinfungus525: same as you did the screenshot02:41
=== Guest66611 is now known as HotCanuk
=== HotCanuk is now known as HotYank
TovnebDr_willis, I guess all but one falls uinder most assuming at least 3 yes.02:42
holsteinfungus525: you can search for it by name02:42
=== HotYank is now known as Chex
fungus525that is a screenshot of my desktop... when i go to display settings to pick the image i cant save the image02:42
shawn_hi guys I have a USB DVD Rom drive plugged into my Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit installation and I am unable to locate it even though its present in Unity. I just want to know the path to my dvd. Is there any way to obtain this information?02:43
Dr_willisshawn_,  try mounting it by hand,  normally it would be /media/username/somnthing when auto-mounted02:43
Dr_willisshawn_,  mount command should also show the location02:44
hadifarnoudI have modsecurity Version: 2.5.11-1ubuntu0.1 what OWASP version should I use02:44
holsteinfungus525: put the original image up02:44
Dr_williswallpapers are in /usr/share/wallpapers i thought..02:44
shawn_hi Dr_willis, when I type "mount" in terminal I am presented with only my hard drives /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdb1 I do not see my cd rom drive anywhere02:44
Dr_willisor was it wallpaper02:44
Dr_willisshawn_,  then its not mounted yet. so its nowhere.02:44
shawn_then how is ubuntu detecting a cd when inserted?02:45
Dr_willisshawn_,  put a disk in, and  it auto-mounts it on insertation02:45
OerHeksshawn_, put in a disc, i think it will appear02:45
ccoloradoHello, I am having problems installing python-setuptools, apt get 404 on the packages, tried apt-get update, and i get some sources updated and some 404's. Currently running 11.0402:45
Dr_willisshawn_,  you dont access it with no disk in the drive. ;)02:45
fungus525hmmm i cant find02:45
shawn_okay so I have inserted a "Blank DVD+R DL Disc" as stated in CD/DVD Creator02:45
Dr_willisand you dont mount music cds02:45
holsteinfungus525: you can search by name02:45
bazhang!eolupgrades | ccolorado02:45
ubottuccolorado: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:45
Dr_willisa blank disk is also no filesystem = so its not mounted..02:46
holsteinfungus525: you can search all the images as well02:46
shawn_so how would I specify in growisofs the /dev/ location?02:46
Dr_willisshawn_,  the DEV location is very differnt then the mountpoint02:46
OerHekseject && eject -t02:46
ccoloradobazhang: thanks02:46
Dr_willisshawn_,  /dev/cdrom or /dev/dvd  are normally links to the actual /dev/XxX device02:46
shawn_I understand now! Thank you! Dr_willis how would I go about obtaining the /dev/ location?02:46
shawn_Dr_willis I do not see anything of the sort in /dev/.. no /dev/cdrom0, /dev/dvdrom0, /dev/sr002:47
shawn_is there a way to just see the path that Unity is using? Like in windows?02:47
Dr_willisshawn_,  unplug. plug it back in,  then try the 'dmesg' command in  the terminal a few moments later.. it should detect and show info about the device02:47
Dr_willisif its detected02:47
Dr_willisUnity would not be using the /dev/XXX path  - IT would use the MOUNTPOINT path.. to access files on a disk.02:48
shawn_Dr_willis, I have tried restarting my computer to no avail I am trying your instructions now02:48
Dr_willisdisk burner tools would use the /dev/XXx name to access the actual device02:48
shawn_i see.. well I wish Ubuntu would provide me with that information02:48
fungus525hmm its in the file system but i cant do anything to it02:48
shawn_Dr_willis I am presented with a screen that is stating "Unable to mount Blank DVD+R DL Disc"02:48
shawn_Dr_willis it states "Location is already mounted"02:49
Dr_willisshawn_,  the burner tools normally auto detect and thesystem routes /dev/dvd to the actual device as standard practice02:49
Dr_willisyou DONT mount a blank dvd. theres no filesystem for it to mount.02:49
Dr_willisso its saying basically 'i cant mount this'02:49
Dr_williswhat are you wanting to do with the disk?02:49
shawn_Dr_willis I just put in a blank DVD, ubuntu is the one attempting to mount it.02:49
holsteinfungus525: open imagebin and navigate to it02:49
shawn_Dr_willis I just want to burn a dvd02:49
shawn_using growisofs02:49
fungus525its a default wallpaper... looks smooth and high def during boot but than changes to that with black boarder around desktop before login02:49
Dr_willisand its saying it cant.. so  do what you want.. fire up your dvd burner app.. and see if it burns02:50
shawn_Dr_willis I only need the /dev/xxx you mentioned earlier02:50
holsteinfungus525: link the wallpaper in imagebin so we can compare02:50
fungus525cant link it02:50
ntzrmtthihu777can anyone direct me to a good linux networking guide? the manual way, you know ifup, ifdown etc.02:50
fungus525cant find it02:50
Dr_willisshawn_,  should be /dev/dvd or dvdrw or /dev/sr0 or sdXX02:50
hadifarnoudI have modsecurity Version: 2.5.11-1ubuntu0.1 what OWASP version should I use?02:50
fungus525its in my default wallpapers02:50
shawn_Dr_willis I am unable to burn a dvd without specifying the path to the device and there is no device specified as /dev/dvd* or /dev/cdrom* or /dev/sr*02:50
holsteinfungus525: you can search by name02:51
Dr_willisif its an external it may be sdX not srX02:51
nevynntzrmtthihu777: ifup and ifdown are debian/ubuntu specific.02:51
holsteinfungus525: whats the issue?02:51
shawn_is there a way to just see where it is attempting to burn in CD/DVD Creator? Why is Ubuntu so complicated?02:51
Dr_willisdmesg output should mention the device when you plug in the drive. or put in a data disk and see what 'sudo blkid' says02:51
nevynntzrmtthihu777: there's the networking howto which and the ip tools.02:51
servvshow can I install ubuntu to a flash drive (not live disk mode). I actually need to be able to install programs and keep my files on it02:51
holsteinshawn_: you should see me on a windows box.. its just different.. try and be patient02:51
shawn_ok I think I found it! sr102:52
Dr_willisservvs,  you can install to a usb hd/flash same as you would an internal drive.02:52
Dr_willisServerSage,  just be sure it puts grub on the usb.02:52
ntzrmtthihu777nevyn: not a problem, I doubt I'll stray from debian spins02:52
holsteinfungus525: so, navigate to that from imagebin02:52
Dr_willisservvs, ,  just be sure it puts grub on the usb.02:52
fungus525search it in file manager and doesnt pop up02:52
shawn_dmesg reports it as "Attached scsi CD-ROM sr1"02:52
servvsdo I need to install from a disk then?02:52
ccoloradobazhang: seems like 11.04 is not covered by that piece of documentation.02:52
ntzrmtthihu777servvs: easy. boot live cd, install to the usb as if it were a hdd. I do it all the time :P02:52
Dr_willisshawn_,  sounds liek it should be /dev/sr1 then02:53
wilee-nileeservvs, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot02:53
fungus525sorry if im not following u but im lost02:53
shawn_Dr_willis you are correct..02:53
shawn_Dr_willis thank you02:53
holsteinfungus525: /usr/share/lubuntu/wallpapers/1304-default-normal.png02:53
nevynntzrmtthihu777: so there's a whole bunch of automation behind ifup/ifdown02:54
Dr_willisshows the default wallpaper you are looking for. ;)02:54
holsteinfungus525: i think its a graphics driver, or desktop issue02:55
holsteinfungus525: i think you had an older version of kubuntu, and it supported your graphics card better/easier02:55
neopsycheHi all02:55
neopsycheIm trying to install ubuntu over windows 7 from external drive but it keeps installing (13/04) to the external, even when selecting replace windows 702:56
holsteinfungus525: its your desktop02:56
fungus525what does that mean02:56
holsteinfungus525: what would i do? not worry about it.. it looks great.. choose another wallpaper, and dont worry about it02:56
neopsycheanyone help?02:56
fungus525figuerd as much...02:57
wilee-nileeneopsyche, Use the something else option, and make sure you know what the internal HD sdX is02:57
fungus525its probably my only complaint...02:57
Distraughtcan someone help me with an issue i have with apache and all these configurations?02:57
fungus525thought there would be a way to remedy it02:57
holsteinfungus525: i mean, im pretty sure if i were at the machine, i could sort it out.. but, you'd have to be willing to try different graphics settings, and its just not worth breaking your system over.. is it?02:57
DistraughtI have changed the nameservers point to the ip02:58
wilee-nileeneopsyche, Boot a usb sometimes reverses the HD and the usb.02:58
Distraughtdone alla the configs on virtual hosts and enabled sites and i think it is not working02:58
holsteinfungus525: there *is* a way.. but, its going to be challenging..02:58
neopsychewilee-nilee: i know the sdx02:58
neopsychewilee-nilee: i dont know how to partition it;02:58
wilee-nileeneopsyche, By memeory or checking?02:58
fungus525im listening...02:58
neopsychewilee-nilee: dont know where to start02:58
Distraughtfor now it is visible for my country but i think that is not working02:58
Distraughtas i see it from a proxy web app02:59
neopsychewilee-nilee: i have free space02:59
neopsychewilee-nilee: need to add swap etc.02:59
fungus525this is my 11th reinstalation... im not worried about breaking02:59
neopsychewilee-nilee: its a 128GB ssd02:59
holsteinfungus525: i would download another complicated wallpaper from the internet and try it.. manually.. then report back02:59
fungus525my minimal cd is in the tray right now and one boot away02:59
fungus525just download anything03:01
wilee-nileeneopsyche, go to the dash and open gparted and take a screenshot and imagebin it03:02
neopsychewilee-nilee: im on another pc at the moment..03:02
billlpdubuntu is slow,laptop is hot03:03
neopsychewilee-nilee: I have dev/sda, with 'free space'03:03
ntzrmtthihu777nevyn: yeah, I see that. tbh i never used ifup/down, but I just meant as an example :P03:03
neopsychewilee-nilee: i deleted all the windows crap03:03
neopsychewilee-nilee: windows recover etc etc03:03
nevynntzrmtthihu777: ifupdown do all their work using ip03:03
wilee-nileeneopsyche, The problem we are having here is communicating, this is basic stuff, however there are varibles, I have mentioned some and my questions have not been answered, we are going in circles.03:04
neopsychewilee-nilee: its a fresh install with no partitions i need to know which partitions to make03:04
holsteinfungus525: get this, and try it http://www.marketwallpapers.com/wallpapers/28/wallpaper-152031.jpg03:04
wilee-nileeneopsyche, an ext4 and a swap, 2 ext4 if you want a seperate home.03:05
holsteinbilllpd: if you have old or unsupported hardware, you might experience that from whatever OS you try that is unsupported03:05
fungus525http://imagebin.org/262329 heres a pic of my movie player03:05
holsteinbilllpd: i have a via chip that i "tolerate".. what is the issue?03:05
neopsychewilee-nilee: ok, what are teh settings for those?03:05
fungus525from http://www.justin.tv/highspothorror471#/w/5952552368/14503:05
neopsychewilee-nilee: primary ? Logical?03:05
neopsychewilee-nilee: etc03:05
holsteinfungus525: that supports the "its your desktop" theory.. so, you can look at the driver, as i suggested, or the dekstop geometry, as Dr_willis suggested03:06
Dr_willisfungus525,  looks like your monitor or card cant handle all the color depth its needing.03:06
Dr_willisor your settings03:06
wilee-nileeneopsyche, I think others will be better help here, those with more patience, you will get good help here, I just can't walk you through this. ;)03:06
neopsychewilee-nilee: ok03:06
neopsychewilee-nilee: thx03:06
holsteini think kubuntu was an older version.. or it prompted for a graphics driver that lubuntu didnt03:06
holsteinfungus525: ^^03:06
Dr_willisLubuntu and kubuntu should be using the same drivers.. if any extras are there - they should be listed in the 'addational-drivers' tool   fungus52503:07
billlpdhow many people are here03:07
Dr_willisfungus525,  you do realize you can have both KDE and Lubuntu installed at the same time and seelct what desktop to use at the login screen?03:07
holsteinunless, it was kubuntu 12.04, and lubuntu 13.04.. which is what both sites would kick out as default03:07
fungus525none in additional03:07
holsteinfungus525: did you install any drivers into kubuntu? was it kubuntu 12.04?03:08
Dr_willisfungus525,  and your video card is what?03:08
redpillSeem that more and more each day I think ubuntu was assembled by glue huffers.03:08
Dr_willisredpill,  take your huffing elsewhere please.03:08
wilee-nileeredpill, I suggest you cut the prozacs in half.03:09
fungus525nope just right off rip03:09
billlpddo you work with linux03:09
ntzrmtthihu777neopsyche: I highly recommend a separate /home partition.03:09
fungus525looked 10 times better03:09
redpilli was thinking i need to dlb up03:09
holstein!ot > billlpd03:09
ubottubilllpd, please see my private message03:09
Dr_willisfungus525,  and this was on a 10 yr old laptop? or was that someone else?03:09
holsteinfungus525: "better" is a matter of opinion.. is this the *exact* same hardware?03:10
fungus525http://imagebin.org/262332 the desktop u recomended03:10
holsteinfungus525: i didnt recommend a "desktop".. is that the wallpaper image i asked that you try?03:10
billlpdi use ubuntu7.1003:10
Dr_willislooks like  you are not using 24bit color depth to me fungus525.03:11
holsteinfungus525: what hardware are you using? what graphics card?03:11
wilee-nilee!eol > billlpd03:11
ubottubilllpd, please see my private message03:11
fungus525yeah toshiba sattelite s155 1 gig ram 40 gig hdd intel 855gm03:11
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fungus525thats the wallpaper u recomended03:12
fungus525u can still see where the blending should occur...03:12
holsteinfungus525: the hardware i had like that (satelite 2435) i dont use anymore.. the ati graphics were always unsupported03:12
fungus525it doesnt03:12
billlpdi used ubuntu7.10 in 200703:13
holsteinfungus525: the settings are preventing the "blending" you want.. what graphics device are you using?03:13
wilee-nileebilllpd, This is support chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic03:13
fungus525uh i have intel 855gm03:13
holsteinfungus525: uh?03:13
ntzrmtthihu777holy moly, 7.10?!03:14
holsteinfungus525: what do you mean by "uh"?03:14
fungus525thats my graphics device right?03:14
holsteinfungus525: are you referring to me not noticing in the scroll back that you had posted it?03:14
fungus525my graphics card?03:14
holstein!volunteers | fungus52503:14
ubottufungus525: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:14
holsteinfungus525: i say, be happy that hardware is still working... if some KDE magic is making blending happen, i would use it.. you can also install kubuntu, and add LXDE or XFCE to it03:15
redpillone day it will catch up to windows 3.2 i hope03:15
redpillone day it will catch up to windows 3.1 i hope03:15
billlpdgnome3 is so slow,and i think it is used for mobile03:15
fungus525sorry not trying to be an a-hole just didnt understand graphics device...03:15
holsteinfungus525: i think the desktop geometry is set low, and i think something in KDE is allowing that blending to happen.. something that is considered to "heavy" for lubuntu or lxde03:16
fungus525makes since03:16
fungus525kinda... lol03:16
holsteinfungus525: the bit depth.. as Dr_willis suggests03:16
fungus525how do i adjust bit depth03:16
holsteinfungus525: i would get ubuntu 12.0403:16
fungus52512.04 wont load03:17
holsteinfungus525: you can do that in the graphics settings.. but you will likely need a custom xorg.conf03:17
fungus525i read about that03:17
holsteintypically, on older hardware like that, i'll use a knoppix live CD, and grab the xorg.conf from there03:17
fungus525ah... im using a minimal cd03:18
billlpdit is better use pc nor laptop when you purcase03:18
holsteinfungus525: use what you like.. its all ubuntu...03:18
fungus525as i dont have a dvd burner or flash drive big enough03:18
holsteinbilllpd: try a hardware channel.. this is the support channel for ubuntu03:18
manchickenI just got a VivoBook from ASUS and it works amazing.03:18
manchickenGuys, even the freaking touch screen works.03:18
manchickenThat's without any screwing with the drivers or anything.03:18
manchickenThe LiveCD even worked out of the box.03:19
fungus525yeah thats my next option just use a live cd03:19
holsteinfungus525: the live CD should be the same03:19
holsteinfungus525: i would try and download an actual lubuntu disk.. if you have always built this using the minimal, maybe you are missing something03:20
fungus525hmmm... not a bad idae03:20
keith_having problems removing mysql - anyone run into this yet?03:21
fungus525how do i go about cusomizing xorg.conf03:21
holsteinfungus525: as i said, i usually get a live CD and grab it from there.. a knoppix live CD.. otherwise, you can search around03:22
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf03:22
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.03:22
fungus525command not found... how do i type it in? do i use the !03:24
holsteinfungus525: what are you typing what into ?03:24
fungus525is it sudo !xorgconf03:24
kirankumarmy system is fully updated then after some time it's process are hang what reson  behind this?03:24
holsteinfungus525: those are resources to read.. not commands03:24
hadifarnoudhow can I monitor mod_security bans? I want to check if it works. my server is under DDoS attack for a day now03:25
holsteinfungus525: creating a custom xorg.conf is not trivial.. thats why i use a live CD03:25
fungus525well i guess ill cut to the chase... anyone willing to walk me thru it03:25
fungus525ive read all those pages and didnt make sense for me03:26
histofungus525: What is you need to do with xorg?03:26
fungus525ive been playing with it for about 2 weeks03:26
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: what type of attack?03:26
holsteinfungus525: that was me talking you through it.. i would go to the knoppix site and download a live CD.. its a handy tool.. and grab the xorg.conf from it, and try it it ubuntu03:26
histofungus525: What is the problem with X that you feel you need a xorg.conf?03:27
hadifarnouddwxreaper: DDoS simple http attack03:27
kirankumarwhy system is hang?03:27
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: the http requests are what?  are they causing high load, like a page doing a lot of sql?03:27
holsteinhisto: fungus525 seems to have low bit depth on an older intel graphics card in LXDE under 13.04.. and XFCE..though, he says, not KDE03:27
histoholstein: well kde isn't doing anything special so that's odd03:28
fungus525and to adjust said depth i have to edit xorg?03:28
hadifarnouddwxreaper: yes. high cpu and ram usage. too many http requests for a few websites I host03:28
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kirankumarmy system response is vary slow in ubuntustudio what reason? some time it's hang03:28
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: GET / ?03:28
hadifarnoudyes dwxreaper03:28
holsteinhisto: i know, right? im susupicious of that statement in general.. anyways.. here are some screens http://imagebin.org/26232903:28
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: are they spoofed IPs?03:28
hadifarnouddwxreaper: I have no idea. I think so, they change all the time03:29
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: find out if they are spoofed or not03:29
KriShANsiNIf I installed 12.04 Lts Desktop, and then I did from terminal apt-get install lubuntu-desktop, can i purge lubuntu without any problems, will it remove all of it or do i need to manually remove something else? can it be done? should it be done if i dont want lubuntu anymore?03:29
kirankumarplease reasponse03:29
hadifarnoudhow dwxreaper03:29
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: nm, they are not spoofed, if like you say they are GET / requests03:29
hadifarnoudI installed mod_security and mod_evasive. not sure if they're working03:29
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: block them in your firewalls03:29
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: if you can get a list of them, with something like netstat or your weblogs03:30
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: you can add them to your firewall to block them, like CSF03:30
holsteinhisto: default lubuntu wallpaper http://imagebin.org/262326 looks like a bit depth issue, you think?03:30
neopsychentzrmtthihu777: it keeps saying no root file system defined03:30
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: you will also want to have one of those modules block to many GET requests in an amount of time03:31
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: I believe CSF can be tied with software that blocks brute force attacks like that03:31
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: i'm not sure if mod_security will do something for GET /, but if those are the requests, you may want to do what I said and find out03:31
hadifarnoudok. thanks dwxreaper03:31
dtreacyQuestion: i'm on a mac and ssh into a ubuntu server, but I want to use the cmd key as the super key. Can't find how to do this.03:31
fungus525i didnt even know what to call it... depth issue... thats fixed in xorgconf?03:32
holsteinfungus525: the issue can be addressed by implementing a custom xorg.conf.. i would suggest using what works though.. if KDE is working, use it03:32
fungus525all i know the issue isnt there during boot but whan i hit login the screen blacks out and resets to that03:33
fungus525ugh... kde is sooo strange03:33
KriShANsiNholstein: so you are a fan of lubuntu? if i have it installed and it works i should leave it?03:33
neopsychentzrmtthihu777: says cdrom could not be unmounted but Im not using cdrom03:33
fungus525i love lubuntu runs so smoothly03:34
fungus525fast fast fast03:34
fungus525revived my ten year old toshiba... im just having some minor graphics issues03:34
holsteinKriShANsiN: ? are you talking about my suggestion to fungus525 ? check the scrollback to see the issue he is having that he says he is not having in KDE, but in lxde and xfce03:34
neopsycheim not using cdrom but ubuntu wont install because it cant unmount cdrom03:34
KriShANsiNfungus525: i have 12.04 lts main, and i installed lubuntu from terminal. but i dont use it, i normally use the 12.04 unity. in your opinoin should i use lubuntu more? and no i am not talking abot your earlier post.03:35
holsteinKriShANsiN: fungus525 says 12.04 fails to load03:35
ntzrmtthihu777neopsyche: sometimes it acts like that. it annoys me too, lol. like I said, just boot from sommat and install to the usb you want to use03:36
holsteinKriShANsiN: you should use what fist your needs.. LXDE is nice and light... and works great for many03:36
manchickenAnybody know if it's possible to tweak the settings of the touchscreen?03:36
neopsychentzrmtthihu777: im trying to install to ssd on notebook from external 1TB drive?03:36
cbryantLXDE is great imo03:36
manchickenI'd specifically like to disable cursor selection via touchscreen so that I can scroll in a browser window with the touchscreen.03:36
fungus525aparently a common problem03:36
KriShANsiNholstein: yes, mine does not so i was asking if i should [robly keep it and use it more if i choose to? is there a way to install lubuntu only and not the main OS? or do we have to install a main distro and then lubuntu over it ? please clarify this for me as the ubuntu site confuses me on this point.03:36
fungus525with intel 855 gm03:36
holsteinKriShANsiN: i would just install LXDE, and not lubuntu-desktop.. sometimes that can be an odd experience installing other *-desktop metapackages03:38
fungus525i had trouble just installing lxde... couldnt do anything03:38
KriShANsiNholstein: what is the difference between LXDE and lubuntu? and what distro is LXDE? is that the shell ? like Unity/Gnome etc...?03:38
fungus525just a wallpaper with depth issues03:38
hadifarnouddwxreaper: I don't think IPs are spoofed. but they seem to have a large number of zombie nodes. blocking manually doesn't help. atm mod_evasive help a bit but still load is high on my server. only if there was a way to check if actually mod_security and mod_evasive work.03:39
ntzrmtthihu777neopsyche: geeze, overkill. just need a 1gb+ usb stick03:39
holsteinlubuntu uses LXDE.. lubuntu is ubuntu with LXDE. others can use LXDE as well03:39
holsteinfungus525: your entire desktop has that issue.. its got nothing to do with the wallpaper03:39
KriShANsiNholstein: how to purge lubuntu from my os if im running 12.04 lts with no probs? should i ?03:40
ntzrmtthihu777KriShANsiN: psychocats has a guide to purge lubuntu-desktop03:40
holsteinKriShANsiN: if you are having no problems, i wouldnt create any03:40
holsteini would just install only lxde03:40
holsteinsudo apt-get install lxde.. and choose it from the login screen03:41
KriShANsiNholstein: oh really?03:41
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: check out cloudflare03:41
Dr_willisor 'lubuntu-desktop' package03:41
hadifarnouddwxreaper: yeah, seems like only way03:41
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: as see if you can block x requests per time03:42
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: I think csf with b_something does that03:42
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_willis: lubunt-desktop is just a metapackage, and removing that won't get rid of all of the other stuff that came with it XD03:42
hadifarnouddwxreaper: that affect real users though.03:42
Dr_willisthought he was installng it. ;)03:43
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: you would not see get / 1000 times in a minute from a real user03:43
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_willis: nah, the other route :P03:43
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: so you either get more servers and reverse proxy them or something, block those requests per time, or use something like cloudflare03:43
twenty-threehi, i am trying to run a program that runs from a terminal, i got an error when trying to use it and i have determined it is because i need a license key which I have now obtained. Apparently, i ought to set it in a "__init__.py" file. I am not sure how to go about this, i found the following lines in that file and i think these are relevant http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794394/03:43
hadifarnoudI give cloudflare a try dwxreaper03:44
dwxreaperhadifarnoud: gl03:44
neopsychentzrmtthihu777: ARGH03:44
neopsychewhy is cdrom lockd?03:44
neopsycheI dont even have a cdrom03:44
CIDRI tried to install nvidia-current and now after a reboot ubuntu just sits at a pink/purple screen and does nothing.  I can ssh to the box, but X isn't working.  ideas?03:45
asharasHelp :'( I was modifying my iptables, then I did sudo iptables -F and after reboot my main user is no more sudoer03:45
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_willis: I actually got rid of some xubuntu stuffs and cleaned it up a bit :P I always thought it was stupid as heck to have xubuntu session and xfce session when they were the same XD03:45
Dr_willisasharas,  iptables has nothing to do with sudo rights.03:45
asharasand I'm using a server :-/ what happened?03:45
asharasbut what happenned Dr_willis ? I can't do anything now...03:46
Dr_willisasharas,  whatever happened  - i imagine it had nothing to do with iptables rules.. unless someone instantly hacked you as soon as you removed them. (doubtfull)03:46
gh0s7hi can someone instruct me on properly bridging wlan0 with eth0?03:46
Dr_willis!ics | gh0s703:47
ubottugh0s7: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing03:47
asharasI swear I followed a tutorial, nothing to do with sudoers file03:47
sgo11hi, with ubuntu 12.04 and dovecot I created UTF-8 (non-english chars) name directory but it doesn't work. I can not subscribe those folders. how to fix this issue? thanks.03:47
asharasI don't know what happened and I'd like to understand >_<03:47
Dr_willisgh0s7,  i belive webupd8 blog site had an artical on  doing hotspot type things with android/iphones also. ;)03:47
Dr_willisgh0s7,  which is what people seem to want to do these days03:48
gh0s7Dr_willis I am just trying to hook up my xbox to my laptop03:48
gh0s7Dr_willis I am just trying to avoid buying a wireless adapter.. this was easy on windows... I guess ill see about ubuntu03:48
neopsycheDr_willis: please help install .. if you will. from external hd to samsung s5 ultrabook.. I cant get it to.03:48
asharasDr_willis: what can I do?03:48
neopsycheDr_willis: it is wierd.  it is confused..03:49
neopsycheDr_willis: it installs to external drive no matter what03:49
Dr_willisasharas,  i dont know what you did.. but there are guides out on resetting your sudo rights fromn a live cd, or the recovery console03:49
asharascan't do it remotely? by starting a ssh server?03:49
Dr_willisneopsyche,  could be its not detecting the hd in the ultrabook03:49
holsteinneopsyche: it installs to the location you specifiy.. be certain you are choosing the drive you want to use03:49
neopsycheDr_willis: I do see the hard drive in the manual something else03:50
Dr_willisasharas,  you want to recover root rights, without root rights.. that seems a little.. weird.03:50
asharasDr_willis: I meant, by booting on a liveCD with ssh activated?03:50
Dr_willisasharas,  i know of no live-cds that have ssh enabled by default03:50
twenty-threehi, i am trying to run a program that runs from a terminal, i got an error when trying to use it and i have determined it is because i need a license key which I have now obtained. Apparently, i ought to set it in a "__init__.py" file. I am not sure how to go about this, i found the following lines in that file and i think these are relevant http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794394/03:51
Dr_willisat least no ubuntu ones that ive noticed.03:51
Dr_willisguess you could make some live-usb install to do it. but recovery mode would be easier to use if you are going to the server anyway03:51
holsteintwenty-three: if you obtained a license, you really should get support from where ever you got that license..03:52
Dr_willistwenty-three,  a license for what exactly?03:52
neopsycheholstein: i am sure.. but it says .. installer needs to commit changes to partition tables but cannot because partitions on mount points could not be unmounted /cdrom03:52
Dr_willisneopsyche,   you could partion the disk as you want by hand befor you even start the installer03:53
holsteinneopsyche: you should troubleshoot what ever you need to to install where you want. do not choose another location03:53
KriShANsiNneopsyche: maybe it cant  be unmounted because you are running your os from that live cd current session?03:53
holsteinneopsyche: i would custom partition as Dr_willis  suggests03:54
Dr_willisthat does seem a weird error message however  neopsyche03:54
twenty-threeDr_willis: for modeller, the program i am trying to use03:54
Dr_willistwenty-three,  so to use the license.. you have to edit the modler source code?03:55
Dr_willisthat seems.. weird.03:55
neopsycheDr_willis: I have done so03:55
twenty-threewell, it is a .py file in a folder after it's been installed03:56
holsteintwenty-three: http://salilab.org/modeller/ ?03:56
neopsycheDr_willis: heres the endless loop.. (at least i think it is) unetbootin runs a virtual cd from external drive on usb to enable 'live cd' emulation, this is seen as part of 'sda' which cannot unmount 'itself'03:56
twenty-threeholstein: yes, that one03:56
holsteintwenty-three: this is where i would ask http://salilab.org/modeller/contact.html ..otherwise, you'll need to share the readme files on what you were instructed to do, that you are having issues with.. but, this is not a modeller support channel03:57
Dr_willisneopsyche,  cant say ive used unetbootin in ages. I tend to set up grub2 to boot iso files03:57
twenty-threeholstein: noted, i'll try them first, thanks holstein03:58
Dr_willisneopsyche,  wonder if that 'toram' option still exists to copy the whole cd to ram  and run from there.03:58
neopsycheDr_willis: im a noober sort of .. Ive got a verbatim 1tb hooked up to samsung s5 ultrabook with borked win7 installation.. it says my primary drive partition (windows) is a CDROM which cant unmount. No idea why03:58
KriShANsiNneopsyche: i used unetbootin alot recently but i never had any probs, always used a usb stick. but its funny how certain files can not be deleted from that usb using ubuntu after that.03:58
neopsycheKriShANsiN: im not trying to install to usb.. im trying to install to SSD from USB on S503:59
holsteinneopsyche: do you have a USB stick?03:59
KriShANsiNneopsyche: i have a samsung net book03:59
Dr_willisneopsyche,  could be theres some odd partion on the hard disk that it set to look like a cdrom for recovery/boot purposes03:59
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holsteinneopsyche: why is the 1 tb drive connected?04:00
Dr_willisneopsyche,  you are wanting to keep that windows hd intact? or delete it all?04:00
neopsycheDr_willis: yes but dr willis . it cant be the PRIMARY DRIVE ? because all the recovery partitions delete just fine.. but not the main win7 drive 90gigabytes04:00
KriShANsiNholstein: the 1tb drive is where he is trying to install from?04:00
holsteinwhy? do you have a usb stick neopsyche ?04:01
Dr_willisneopsyche,   you can image a ISO/dvd file to a HD and really confuse things. :) some of those U3 flash drives had a similer thing ages ago also.04:01
pong__I just installed sudo apt-get install grub2, but how do I start it?04:01
neopsycheKriShANsiN: yes from the 1`tb04:01
Dr_willispong__,  grub2 is installed by default normally. what are you trying to acomplish?04:01
neopsycheDr_willis: its a verbatim 1tb04:01
KriShANsiNDr_willis: i was thinking the same thing, you shouldnt try to install a OS from a real ex hdd. use a cheap usb stick always!04:02
pong__Dr_Willis want to use it to run iso linux distros04:02
neopsycheKriShANsiN: amazing. endless bs.04:02
dayaHello Everybody, Any one have upgraded 10.04 to 12.4 server, uinsg alternate CD04:02
Dr_willispong__,  theres guides out on setting up grub2 to boot ISO files, seen several at the pendrivelinux site.04:02
Dr_willispong__,  making a USB flash drive to boot iso files? theres tools for that there.04:03
KriShANsiNneopsyche: sorry, i think your prob is that you are installing from a hdd not a live usb or cd rom as the image is .iso . that is your issue i believe.04:03
holsteinneopsyche: if that hard drive is damaged, linux wont fix it.. i would get a USB stick, as suggested, and test04:03
pong__just thought grub would show up on the applications menu04:03
neopsycheDr_willis: i need a guide. to install? I dont understand why why why we still cant capture the noober market. But then perhaps it would not be linux any more.04:03
Dr_willisneopsyche,  whatever.. you are doing a VERY advanced thing.. and you expect 2 clicks and its done?04:03
holsteinneopsyche: you cant install *any* OS the way you are trying to04:03
KriShANsiNneopsyche: a guide and a USB stick lol04:03
neopsycheKriShANsiN: ok thanks guys/gals04:04
Dr_willisoh wait i was talking to pong__  :)04:04
neopsycheok thanks04:04
neopsychesleepy time now.04:04
neopsycheI give up lol04:04
neopsycheI gave some chick my usb stick.. and have regretted it.04:04
holsteinget a stick, and unplug that 1tb drive...04:04
Dr_willispong__,  grub does not have a GUI/tool. its a very lowlevel bootloader tool.04:04
holsteinneopsyche: they are cheap now..04:04
neopsychei even formatted 10 years of videos04:04
Dr_willispong__,  grub2 has so many features its pratically its own os in ways. ;)04:05
neopsychecheerz peeps04:05
holsteinneopsyche: good luck! :)04:05
warpath_2khey family04:05
pong__maybe I'll look at some youtube grub videos04:05
Dr_willispong__,  better off reading the guides at askubuntu.com and pendrivelinux04:05
Dr_williswatching a video on 'grub' is like trying to learn  how to make crepes  via sms  ;P04:06
* Dr_willis is hungry04:06
psusihehe.. yes...grub2 is quite powerful04:06
Dr_willisi have  had my normal ubuntu install setup where i boot ISO files from my /boot/ partion as a rescue feature, or to test iso files04:07
KriShANsiNDr_willis: that sounds cool .04:08
pong__Redobackup is a really good gui drive imager btw04:08
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_willis: yeah, nifty trick that is. I'm gonna hafta install xubuntu like that due to lack of usb stick and the iso is just a bit too large for a cd04:08
KriShANsiNntzrmtthihu777: you guys are funny, i have like 4 differnt Live USB already created and stored away with 4 different distros ready to install.04:09
ntzrmtthihu777KriShANsiN: easy enough when you got cash, but I work very low income for a homeless shelter XD04:09
pong__what program did you use to load those usbs?04:09
KriShANsiNntzrmtthihu777: sorry. didnt mean it that way04:10
KriShANsiNpong__: unetbootin04:10
pong__and they all work?04:10
KriShANsiNhavent tried them all but the 13.04 and 12.04 lts do04:10
pong__unetbootin is 50 50 it seems04:10
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KriShANsiNi never had aprob with unetbootin , the problem was when i tried to create a live usb from the "Startup Disk Creator" app in Ubuntu. that sucked04:12
KriShANsiN100% fail rate with "startup disk creator"04:13
pong__same here04:13
Dr_willisi tend to use just 'dd' or the tools from the pendrivelinux site04:13
wilee-nileethe multisystem usb loader will load ISO till it's full04:13
KriShANsiNDr_willis: because you are lightyears ahead my friend .04:13
ntzrmtthihu777KriShANsiN: heh, its alright04:14
pong__multisystem is more reliable than unetbootin it seems04:14
wilee-nileeI have  32 GIG usb with about 20 ISO's on it04:14
ntzrmtthihu777I only used unetbootin to make the windows => linux transistion. now I use usb-creator-gtk when I can, or brasero04:14
macwolf74if it's ubuntu based I use the startup disk creator04:14
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pong__wilee-nilee, why so many?04:15
wilee-nileepong__, I have 4 OS, and av and tools in general and my W8 iso on there.04:16
KriShANsiNwilee-nilee: i want 20 usb's with 20 differnt distros lol04:16
wilee-nileeKriShANsiN, Not all are OS.04:17
KriShANsiNwilee-nilee: im being way too silly for support channel rite now gonna chill out and puff smoe medicine :)04:17
KriShANsiNwilee-nilee: hey was that you that said that you covered your front camera with a piece of tape ?04:19
KriShANsiNon Unity desktop is there a tweak to disable the fron t camera universally or is it a pc by pc basis?04:19
Dr_willispc by pc? or you mean user by user?04:24
KriShANsiNi mean make kodel specific04:24
Dr_willisremove the modules for the webcams i guess. ;)04:24
Dr_willisor alter some udev rules to never load them.04:25
KriShANsiNDr_willis: that is what i was looking for you genius04:25
KriShANsiNDr_willis: ok i just googled the how to on disabling webcam modules and it is not going to be easy for someone with no exp in that. but obviously it can be done and that is one way.04:27
ntzrmtthihu777KriShANsiN: Dr_willis is pretty good :P04:27
ntzrmtthihu777KriShANsiN: put the modules in the blacklist.conf :P04:28
KriShANsiNetc / udev rules.d 83-webcam.rules ?04:29
ntzrmtthihu777its in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf04:29
KriShANsiNntzrmtthihu777: we are going in different directions lol04:29
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KriShANsiNntzrmtthihu777: i just dont have enough know how to do it yet. but i will store the info and use it later when my skill set permits thanks04:30
CIDRI have a Nvidia GT 610 and a receiver that supports DTS-HD and True HD.  I'm trying to passthrough DTS-HD but the receiver just flashes DTS-HD on and off and the playback is SUPER slow.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong.  This is in 12.2 on ubuntu 13.04.  Any ideas would be appreciated.04:31
Dr_willisKriShANsiN,  i dont even see why you need to do this.04:33
KriShANsiNDr_willis: piece of mind, hackers cant open my front camera and watch me in my room lol. maybe this cant be done but i want to 100% sure ya know.04:34
Dr_williserr,, if someone hacks your linux box.. i imagine they are going to be after stuff other then your webcam04:34
Dr_willisand its a big IF that they could even do that.04:34
Dr_willisof course all the webcams i got on my laptops. have a bright blue led that comes on when  they are powered up04:35
Dr_willisand  i do recall a bios setting to disable them  on 2 of my laptops04:35
KriShANsiNDr_willis: right. but the best guys could disable the led light prior to activating the camera right?04:36
Dr_willisKriShANsiN,  i doubt it.04:36
KriShANsiNDr_willis: what is a bios setting to diable them? i dont have that i dont think :(04:36
Dr_willisunless they sneak into your room and use wirecutters04:36
pong__those would be some serious hackers04:37
Dr_willisive seen bios settings to disable various laptop hardware addons. last leptop i had - the cam was flakey.. so i had to disable it.04:37
KriShANsiNwell if they suck in your romm they wouldnt be CYBER ninja they would be "in your bedroom" ninja.04:37
Dr_willisso this whole 'hackors getting to my webcam' is a bit on the tinfoil hat paranoid area04:37
Dr_willisThe cashieere at McDonolds is more likely to steal your Credit card # i imagine. ;)04:38
KriShANsiNDr_willis: its tinfoil but the motivation to learn these thing is the key for me. if i am motivated to learn it doesnt matter. and either way i will expand my skill set if i can learn to do these things.04:38
KriShANsiNthat is really my end goal04:38
pong__what other skills are you learning?04:40
KriShANsiNpong__: what i mean is, 10 years form now we are having coffee, and I say, "the first time i ever learned to edit udev rules was out of tinfoil paranoia, but it motivated me to learn and I did".04:41
braiamKriShANsiN, use the power only for "good" actions...04:41
KriShANsiNbraiam: i am benevelont my friend04:41
Dr_willislearn to edit udev rules.. and they will remove udev and replace it with somthing else.. ;P04:42
ubottuhal is in the process of being deprecated.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer for more info.04:42
loganleehow to remove ubuntu?04:44
KriShANsiNloganlee: apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop :))))04:45
pong__gparted, delete the partition04:45
loganleeKriShANsiN: thank you04:45
Dr_willisclairfy what you mean to do loganlee04:46
loganleeDr_willis: apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop04:46
KriShANsiNDr_willis: i thought it was joking sorry04:46
Dr_willisloganlee,  that will remove the meta-package... and not much else.04:47
Dr_willisso... what are you trying to do exactly?04:47
Dr_williswhats the end goal./04:47
Dr_willis'remove ubuntu' could be interperted differnt ways04:47
KriShANsiNYeah "A LOT" of ways04:47
loganleeif i install ubuntu on microsoft surface pro and then try to return to windows 804:49
Dr_willisInstalling ubuntu on one of those MS tablets may be impossible to do.04:49
Dr_willisassuming the hardware even has a  smidge of support in linux04:50
KriShANsiNyep, thats like trying to install the android os on an iPhone04:51
shodan45I have a 12.04.2 server install. apt-get upgrade wants to install linux-generic-lts-quantal, but also has linux-image-generic-lts-quantal "kept back". Can someone clear up what's going on?04:51
KriShANsiNor apple ios on an android really , ipsw wont install04:51
Dr_willisshodan45,  try an 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'04:52
Dr_willisit should pull in the kernel updates04:52
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KriShANsiNi wonder if the microsoft surfae pro has a .exe program that can emulate Ubuntu?04:53
CIDRThe surface pro a i5.04:54
CIDRIt runs a full version of windows 8, so you could easily run vmware, etc...04:54
KriShANsiNi wonder if the microsoft surfae pro has a .exe program that can emulate Ubuntu?but you cant run linux or mac os apps on windows 7 can you ?04:54
KriShANsiNCIDR: so vmware can emulate Ubuntu ?04:55
CIDRVmware can run ubuntu in a virtual machine04:55
tannjiDr_willis, you around?04:55
DoverMoi am a virtual machine04:55
Fyodorovnaloganlee, The surface is arm it will not dualboot ubuntu04:56
CIDRsurface pro is an i504:56
KriShANsiNCIDR: on the microsoft surface pro ? so you will be virtual machine ubuntu?04:56
DoverMoFyodorovna, anything that's arm can still run linux04:56
ubottuDzonis: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».04:56
Fyodorovnaheh I guess so, here's a link loganlee http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/05/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-surface-pro04:57
KriShANsiNfor example on iPhones you can run Super Nintendo emulators. so in essence you could build your own windows emulator for a jailbroken i5 iphone 4s and run it ?04:58
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benyaminHello, i need somebody help for my ubuntu LTS, i just installed lubuntu-desktop and the notif area seems broken, i need help04:58
tannjiIs there a mod present, or one of the knowledgeable regulars who is here a lot?04:59
KriShANsiNtannji: Dr willis just stepped out not sure but just wait.04:59
histotannji: What is your question?04:59
tannjiwilee-nilee,  you're here a lot right?04:59
DoverMobenyamin, I don't know anything about that, but do you have notify-osd installed?04:59
msdaisytannji: just ask your question05:00
wilee-nileetannji, To mujch, however the channel works with you stating the problem to the channel.05:00
benyamintrying find :)05:00
histotannji: also why are you installing the catalyst driver manually instead of using the one in the repos?05:00
tannjiI finally got AMD 6750HD running in 13.04, found a new guide that is better, with tips I havent seen before, wanted to share the link with someone who can do something with it05:00
wilee-nileemsdaisy, Hey.05:00
benyamini don;t know05:00
msdaisywilee-nilee: hiya ;)05:01
histotannji: tell ubottu about it05:01
tannjithe one in the repos is mostly broken for a very large number of people in 13.0405:01
tannjihisto,  thanks... how do I do that?05:02
histo!help | tannji05:02
ubottutannji: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:02
tannjiI havent used IRC for a lot of years, lol05:02
histotannji: hold on let me get the right trigger05:02
CIDRI have a Nvidia GT 610 and a receiver that supports DTS-HD and True HD.  I'm trying to passthrough DTS-HD but the receiver just flashes DTS-HD on and off and the playback is SUPER slow.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong.  This is in 12.2 on ubuntu 13.04.  Any ideas would be appreciated.05:02
histo!usage | tannji05:03
ubottutannji: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots05:03
histotannji: basically /msg ubottu !factoid is blah blah...05:04
tannjihisto,   thanks, can probably accomplish that  = )05:04
KriShANsiNoh man, looks like my iPhone days are over. Android is merging their support with liux kernel to support ubuntu or a version of chroot. time to go shopping for new A droid05:05
DoverMobenyamin, look in synaptics05:05
pong__KriShANsiN, ubuntu phone you mean?05:07
KriShANsiNwhat is the best laptop to run Ubuntu on in the 1k range? are lenovo's good?05:07
KriShANsiNpong__: Ubuntu phone? what ? dont make me go crazy.. is it real?05:07
histoKriShANsiN: system76 laptops come running ubuntu05:07
Dr_willisthese days a $1000 laptop is a rather high end laptop05:07
histo!phone | KriShANsiN05:07
ubottuKriShANsiN: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:07
Dr_willisIts a little hard to justify a $1000 laptop from what ive seen.05:08
DoverMoDr_willis, if it has a gaming gpu D:05:08
KriShANsiNDr_willis: im in thailand so i will have to look around. best to build my own tower machine and have these Ubuntu phone for my mobile life05:08
Dr_willisDoverMo,  thats even hard to justify really.05:09
KriShANsiNDr_willis: laptop days are over.05:09
DoverMoDr_willis, not if you like gaming05:09
pong__laptops are doing fine05:09
rypervencheI refuse to use a tablet. I'm laptop all the way.05:09
Dr_willisthe whole 'high end gaming' market seems to be in a bit of a lull.05:09
DoverMoDr_willis, like, ofc, 400$ can get you a plently powerful gaming pc, but it's not portable05:09
KriShANsiNDr_willis: i will asseble my own high powered tower here. and have the ubuntu phone for going mobile i guess, and a android and my 5 iPhones i already have.05:10
CIDRI love my 17" mbp  I want a laptop with a high res screen, screen real estate and a decent keyboard05:10
KriShANsiNDr_willis: these young kids in thailand build these towers for gaming that look cool with high powered fans in them and like 16 RAM or whatever.05:10
DoverMoDr_willis, geforce titan, 1000$, 4.5Teraflops. buy one D:05:11
pong__there are laptop deals for around 300 that would be fine for ubuntu05:11
Dr_willisI had a laptop with a huge screen a year+ ago.. sold it to my brother.. hes still using it as his main gaming machine.05:11
Dr_willisDoverMo,   i dont even know of any games that would need that much stuff honestly.05:11
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Dr_willisbut i havent bought any 'high dollar' games in some months.05:11
DoverMoDr_willis, xD. am joking05:12
reisioKriShANsiN: pics05:12
KriShANsiNDr_willis: if i want to have one of these gaming shops here in Thailand build me a high powered tower comp, will i have any problems installing Ubuntu on them ? I mean is there any type of manufacturer of drive or motherboard that i have to avoid or is it cool?05:13
Dr_willismy current gameing rig is almost 2 years old. off the shelf when i got it.   does Skyrim and the other 'high end' games i have fine. true not at the Max settings.. but  playable.05:13
reisioKriShANsiN: rare types05:13
Dr_willisKriShANsiN,  its all about the chipsets. stick to the main brands.05:13
Dr_willisbiggest issues are normally the video and wifi cards.05:14
KriShANsiNDr_willis: so the only thing i have to be concerned about is what chip set(graphics chip) that i am getting?05:14
Dr_willisboth of which are rather trivial to change out.05:14
DoverMoDr_willis, cool o3o05:14
KriShANsiNDr_willis: ok05:14
KriShANsiNDr_willis: so wi fi card and chip set05:14
Dr_williscutting edge 'just released last month' hardware will tend to be more problematic then hardware that has been out for 6+ mo.05:14
Dr_willisyou can get wifi  cards that work out of the box. - i have several usb dongles that are just plug and go.05:15
KriShANsiNso i want tested and stable chip sets and wi fi cards05:15
DoverMoDr_willis, yeah. and Nvidia has been really bad about supporting the new 3.9/3.10 kernels05:15
KriShANsiNDoverMo: so avoid nVidia?05:15
Dr_willisNvidia and ATI/AMD both have been bad...05:15
KriShANsiNwhat chip sets do i want the05:15
reisio'really bad' is probably not the best way to put it05:15
Dr_willisKriShANsiN,  if you want the top gpu powar.. its going to be hard to avoide Nvidia or Ati.05:15
tannji!AMD 13.605:16
DoverMoDr_willis, though ati has had some more improvements, versus nvidia D:05:16
DoverMowait is this relevent?05:16
Dr_willisboth companies have  bad histories.. and  known to make promises in the past they then forget a week later.05:16
DoverMothis seems like offtopic convo05:16
Dr_willisI ten to stick to Nvidia. but i get  the 'value' cards.. not cutting edge05:17
KriShANsiNDoverMo: well i am asking about installing Ubuntu on a new computer and what hardware i should be looking for or avoiding.05:17
pong__some intel cpu is more compatible than amd, but I haven't seen that05:18
tannjiKepler chips from nVidia have pretty bad video tearing atm with no acknowledgement or fix from nVidia...  been going on for at leat a year now05:18
pong__some say05:18
Dr_willisyou need to decide on your end goal for the pc and your budget05:18
KriShANsiNDr_willis: what i will do is, explore my local market, get some options and then return to ask channel again.05:19
tannjiIf you dont mind pre GTX 600 video, go nVidia. if you dont mind fighting AMD drivers tooth and nail for 4 months go AMD.05:19
DoverMoKriShANsiN, yeah, ATI would be a better choice for linux gpu, as long as you dont have to use catalyst. Ati drivers are working properly for 3.9 and 3.1005:20
Dr_willisroot canal vs  toenail removal. ;)05:20
tannjiKriShANsiN,  are you going to do any AAA gaming on this machine?05:20
KriShANsiNtannji: not sure. just want a lot of RAm cuz i never have had that and it feels sexy. but i just want something i can learn on and can keep up with a heavy load if i get going.05:21
Dr_willis16gb is not really a 'lot of ram' these days. :)05:21
KriShANsiNDr_willis: really?05:21
tannjiwell...  you can do all that without putting a beastly vid card in.  if you are going to play popular mainstream games, it gets complicated05:22
Dr_willismy 2 yr old pc has 8gb.. and could go up to 16gb if i wanted to spend another like $70 i think05:22
DoverMoyou should get a 3tb external harddrive and use it as swap (joking)05:22
Dr_willisSwap on a NFS share is better DoverMo  ;P05:22
tannjilol, some gaming vid cards have 4gigs ram these days05:22
Dr_willisBEST thing for a speed boost these days is using a SSD  for your system hd.05:22
KriShANsiNtannji: so to answer that then no. i dont want beastly vid card. no serious gaming. Eve online or whatever. no.05:22
pong__those are power hungry cards05:23
wilee-nilee+1 on the ssd that s for sure05:23
DoverMo+1 ssd05:23
Dr_willisthen its whatever your budget can allow. ssd's are not overly pricey any more either05:23
tannjiKriShANsiN,  Great!   lol, then get a motherboard with latest Intel IGP, leaving available PCIe slot for later upgrade, and life will be grand05:23
Dr_willisand linux is light on the HD sizes needed compared to other os's05:23
Dr_willisbe sure to get a goodly sized power supply. splurge on that if you are planning on upgrading the box.05:24
KriShANsiNtannji: with how much ram? 24?05:24
Dr_willisextra $30 there will save big hassles 2 years from now05:24
tannjiLOL....  once you go SSD on linux, you start looking for hobbies that require large hard drives05:24
Dr_willisexternal 4TB usb hds :P05:24
KriShANsiNtannji:  i do want to do video editing and i wnt to do website managment05:24
tannjieven 16 gb ram is overkill unless you can tell me a specific app you use now that needs that much05:25
KriShANsiNtannji:  i will be editing video and upoadning to squarespace website alot05:25
Dr_willisvideo editing is a broad topic. :)05:25
aeon-ltd200 tabs of youtube05:25
Dr_willisi 'video edit' - i convert the wifes VCR tapes to video files using a $12 capture card.05:25
tannjiI am running 8 gb atm, and that will run multiple instances of Chrome with many tabs each pretty well05:26
Dr_willis8gb seems plenty here also.05:26
aeon-ltdit's not about specfic apps, it's about how much you need to be running concurrently05:26
Dr_willisbut16gb sould only be a bit more i imagine05:26
KriShANsiNso its not necessarily the RAm that i need but a SSD hard drive and the mother board Intel IGP ?05:26
tannjiI had 16 gb, but loaned 8 to a buddy in great need... honestly havent noticed a difference... but havent tasked the machine much either05:26
aeon-ltd4 slots, go for 2x4gb the first time round 1333mhz then buy the next 8 if you saturate the first 805:27
wheatthinis this #ubuntu or #ubuntu-offtopic?05:27
poeewhy does ubuntu use an old version of gnome05:27
aeon-ltdpoee: which version of ubuntu are you on?05:28
tannjinewegg has 8gb sticks on sale right now, as well as Amazon....  get a board with 4 slots and throw your 16 in....  get 2 SSD drives and a TB+ hard disk05:28
KriShANsiNjust you guys know i AM taking screenshots so that when i do build this comp your advice will not go unheeded05:28
wheatthintannji, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic05:28
poeeaeon-ltd, 13.0405:28
tannjiwheatt....  these are hardware specs to properly run Ubuntu!   = )05:28
wheatthinnot really.05:28
aeon-ltdpoee: you should have unity no?05:29
aeon-ltdnot gnome desktop05:29
pong__an irc client will log the chat05:29
poeeI do have unity, but I want to install gnome shell extensions.05:29
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:30
aeon-ltdif the official repos have a old version of gnome then you may need a ppa or  have to compile to get the latest05:30
wilee-nileepoee, The extensions are for the shell only05:30
Dr_willisthere are gnome ppa's for the latest gnome for 13.04 i belive.05:30
Dr_willisearlier ubuntus may not  be as easy to upgrade to the latest gnome05:31
poeeok great. I ll look up the ppa's05:31
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:31
Dr_willislatest gnome-shell has its own official gnome-2 look05:32
wheatthincalled gnome classic05:32
Dr_willisso those fallback modes may be a thing of the past soon.05:32
poeeyes gnome classic is good05:33
Dr_willisnever really used it.. never really wanted it. ;)05:33
histoDr_willis: it's still using compositing though isn't it?05:33
poeehow does KDE compare to gnome?05:33
histo!best | poee05:33
ubottupoee: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:33
Dr_willispoee,  radically differnt design goals.05:34
Dr_willislike comparing a Jeep to a Convertable ;P05:34
poeehaha right05:34
poeeI ll probably look up kde05:34
Dr_willisyou can get sunburnt in both....05:34
Dr_willisits trivial to install both and try them out. the joy of linux05:34
Dr_willisdefault kde setup is a bit confuseing at the start.. but i havent really used kde in ages.05:35
poee<3 linux05:35
Dr_willisi tend to start turning off everthing on the default kde desktop05:35
poeeso I install the package kubuntu-desktop right?05:35
wilee-nileenever like kde05:35
Dr_willispoee,  yep.05:36
pong__Dr_Willis, what desktop manager do you use?05:36
Dr_willispong__,  i tend to just use Unity05:36
Dr_williswith very little customization at all.05:36
Dr_willisa few extra indicator applets is about all.05:37
Dr_willisor lubuntu/lxde on my low end machines05:37
Giwrgarasit says that i am not the owner on my own pc and i can not change the file05:37
Giwrgarashow do i change that05:37
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  give us details as to what you are changeing..05:37
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:38
Giwrgarastrying to put something in my python folder05:38
Dr_willisthats not very detailed.. WHICH folder exactly?05:38
poeeGiwrgaras, try sudo nautilus?05:38
Giwrgarasin a folder in usr / lib / python05:38
Giwrgaraswhat is that05:38
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  you need root/sudo Rights to alter SYSTEM directories and files05:38
poeerun nautilus as root05:38
histoGiwrgaras: /usr/lib/python  ?05:39
histoGiwrgaras: gksu nautilus    "be carefull"05:39
Dr_willis!sudo | Giwrgaras05:39
ubottuGiwrgaras: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:39
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  what are you putting in there?05:39
Giwrgarassome modules of mine05:39
histoGiwrgaras: or you could sudo cp somefile /usr/lib/python05:39
pong__I like gnome because it's familiar, but may give unity another try05:40
Dr_willispong__,  windows 95 was familer also. ;)05:40
Giwrgarasso what is quicker, nautilus or sudo copy this to that05:40
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  most of us could have done the sudo command in the time it took you to ask...05:41
Dr_willisit pays to learn shell basics.05:41
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:41
Giwrgarascan you type how to copy with sudo a file from one place \user\downloads to \usr\lib\python3205:48
wheatthinGiwrgaras, you mean copy?05:50
wheatthinusing 'sudo cp <filename> <destination>' without quotes05:51
Dr_willisbash basics  - use a full path when in doubt.05:51
Dr_willissudo cp /from/here/file  /to/there/file05:51
Dr_willisand  i think you are using the wrong /  ;)05:51
wheatthinwell yeah.. I figured it was a given05:51
Giwrgarassudo cp /from/here 'space' /to/there ?05:52
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  think about it.. if you DONT use a space.. how is it going to know  'from' to 'where' ?05:52
Dr_williscp --help     and man cp , will also give details of the copy command.05:53
FlannelGiwrgaras: Also, tab complete is your friend.  and \ isn't a path separator, it's an escape character.05:53
swornstarHello, I am trying to play a video file over LAN from a NAS 320Gm Hard drive and the video will not play05:53
Dr_willisit MAY be very worth while to spend 20 min reading some bash starter guides befor you make a typo and trash stuff.05:53
Dr_willisswornstar,  more details, as to how its shares/over the lan.. and what kind of file, and player... and whats it is not doing exactly..05:54
Giwrgarasi can make it i used cmd in windows also but the thing is, i have it in my other hd and its a long path05:54
Giwrgarasand also in windows there is the full path in the window above05:54
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  cd to where the file is at...05:54
Giwrgarasi cannot see the full path anywhere there05:55
Giwrgarasyeah ok dir cd pwd ive seen that05:55
Questmy skype is running fine but I cant acces some websites (but can access some others). the browser says  cannot reach the website. This is typically caused by network issues, but can also be the result of a misconfigured firewall or proxy server..    how to know which dns is skype using so I can set the same dns to surf?05:55
Dr_willisthen you just use the file name. ;) saves half the typeing05:55
Giwrgarasjust the filename?05:55
=== u is now known as Guest9497
swornstarAnytype of video file and I'm trying to open it in VLC05:55
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  seriously, its worth the 20 min reading a bash tutorial or 205:55
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro05:56
Dr_williscp filename /path/to/go/to/newname05:56
Giwrgarasat first05:56
Dr_willisswornstar,  and  if you copy the file to your local system/home first does it work?05:56
Dr_willisGiwrgaras,  again.. IF you are altering system directories.. you MUST use sudo as needed05:57
Dr_willisthat rule still applies. ;)05:57
Dr_willisor gain root rights in some other way05:57
Giwrgarasok sudo is the root and i am not the root user05:57
Giwrgarasor something like that i read before05:57
swornstarwell it worked when i plugged the hard drive into the computer05:57
Giwrgarasif i am in a folder, is there any way to see the path of the folder?05:58
Giwrgarasi dont see anything in properties05:58
Giwrgarasoh location05:58
cbryantGiwrgaras: the tab key is powerful is linux.... my favorite key.....05:58
Giwrgaras2nd day ill get used to it05:58
fasdfdoes the disk utilities mark bad sectors  /05:59
cbryantGiwrgaras: Like everyone said search google linux basics, bash basics.... find a good tutorial, reserve more technical questions for irc05:59
Dr_willisfile manager has ctrl-l to show the path to the directory06:00
Dr_willisor drag/drop a folder into a terminal window ;)06:00
Dr_willisswornstar,  try copying the file from the NAS to the local hd and see if it plays.06:00
Dr_willisswornstar,  also running  vlc from a terminal will let you see any errors it may be spitting out about the file.06:01
fasdfdoes the smart test mark bad sector ? what is conveyance ?06:01
swornstari tried with other video players but neither of them work06:01
Dr_willisswornstar,  and how is the NAS shareing the directory/files? tried what exactly? playing them locally? or over the nas?06:03
Giwrgarasindeed the tab is great06:04
Giwrgarasdouble tab and it shows the whole directory06:04
swornstarI have a external hard driver plugged imto my modem which is then connected to my computer via LAN06:04
fasdfi tought it was a easy question06:04
swornstarthe hard drive is mounted06:04
Dr_willisswornstar,  and how it is being shared? Samba? NFS? SSHFS?06:05
cbryantGiwrgaras: :)06:05
Dr_willisswornstar,  i play videos over samba shares all the time with very few issues..06:05
dank101i have 2 questions06:06
swornstarI don't know, I just plugged it in and clicked a button in the settings in the modem, how do i find that out?06:06
Dr_willisswornstar,  if the same video file plays from the local drive, but not from the nas 'share' then that points to some samba, or nas quirk.06:06
dank101is there a spotify plugin for rythmbox with detailed installation instructions06:06
Dr_willishow are you even accessing the nas swornstar ?06:06
Dr_willisdosent look good from that info dank10106:07
dank101theres a new one06:08
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
swornstarI went to "Network" in the file manager and then went into it there06:08
dank101sorry for huge link lol06:08
dank101erm nvm06:09
dank101this link06:09
Dr_willisdank101,  and when was it last updated?06:09
dank1018 months ago06:09
Dr_willisthats not a great sign either.06:10
Dr_willisat least it wasent 2+ yrs ago  like another i saw06:10
dank101yeah :/06:10
dank101yeah i like rythmbox for all my musical needs06:10
HeyM-CldHey, what cmd opens things in terminal?06:11
dank101or app name06:11
Dr_willisdepends on what you mean by 'open' also06:11
HeyM-CldA program06:12
Dr_willis current directory ./thethingsname06:12
Dr_willisin the path. just type its name06:12
HeyM-CldBecause its not in the little Start thing06:12
Dr_willisNot everything has or needs a icon in the launcher. ;)06:12
dank101what is the program06:12
Dr_willisirssi is a CLI  irc client.06:13
Dr_willishow did you install irssi?06:13
dank101type irssi in terminal06:13
Dr_willisthen its in the default paths...06:13
Dr_willisjust type irssi. and be sure to read its docs at its homepage.06:13
dank101step one: type irssi in terminal06:14
Dr_willisI tend to use weechat over irssi for the most part these days06:14
dank101step two: ???06:14
dank101step three: PROFIT!06:14
Dr_willisstep 2 - read the irssi docs when you realize you have no idea how to use irssi   ;P06:14
HeyM-CldHow do you set the network?06:14
Dr_willisstep 3 - go back to xchat06:14
pong__  why weechat over xchat?06:14
Dr_willishe skipped step 2...06:14
Dr_willisweechat has a nicer feature set. and is cli only.06:15
Dr_willisand is more scriptable in many ways06:15
Dr_willisweechat even has its own 'script package manager' system.06:15
Dr_willisand smart filters for parts/joins/quits and other  channel filling cruft06:16
chunkyheadhey guys! how do i record everything which comes on the terminal? like i can easily do "> filename" on the terminal but then i can't input anything, how to make it record the input as well?06:16
Dr_willischunkyhead,  check out 'typescript'  i belive06:16
chunkyheadthat's a package? Dr_willis06:17
Dr_willis!find typescript06:17
ubottuFile typescript found in context-modules, libqt4-private-dev, owncloud, python-webassets, qtquick1-5-dev06:17
Dr_willisor was it just 'script' its an OLD OLD command been in use for decades06:17
Dr_willisrecordes everything in the shell session06:17
chunkyhead!find script06:17
ubottuFound: devscripts, evince, ghostscript, ghostscript-cups, ghostscript-dbg, ghostscript-doc, ghostscript-x, gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-1.0, gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-3.0, initscripts (and 157 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=script&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all06:17
Dr_willisoh its just 'script' ;)06:18
Dr_willis!find script06:18
chunkyheadi just did that lol06:18
chunkyheadlet me see06:18
chunkyheadthanks :) Dr_willis06:18
hdonhi all :) on unity, how do i change the "tap ALT" shortcut? it's really bothering me, it keeps appearing when i don't mean for it to.06:19
=== richard is now known as Guest78555
hdonactually.. what does this even do? it says enter command, but it also seems to highlight the icon of my currently active application. didn't notice the icon before now, so i assumed it was to run a command from the shell.06:20
hdon"gksu echo" did nothing so i assume it is not a shell command06:21
=== euan is now known as Guest16342
Senordoes top command list all of the running process ?06:30
Kartagisyes Senor06:31
Kartagiswhat is the path to the smb shares connected via nautilus?06:31
=== multiply is now known as Multiply
xcaliber178Hi. So I have old computer with a 200GB HDD and I want to dual-boot Mint and Ubuntu 12.04. Do-able? Easy? Any pointers?06:32
hdonKartagis, smb:/// ?06:33
cristian_cI've installed qt4-qtconfig06:33
SenorKartagis: Does ps -ef do the same thing?06:34
cristian_cIf I open the tool and I edit the font settings, clicking on File->Save, this string appears in the statusbar: 'Saved changes.'06:34
cristian_cbut if I close and reopen the tool, there are not the new settings anymore06:34
cristian_cHow can I solve it?06:34
Kartagishdon: filesystem path I mean?06:34
cristian_cAny ideas?06:34
hdonKartagis, oh, i don't know that. back when i was really familiar with samba was before fuse became popular :P06:34
KartagisSenor: yea, but top or htop gives you realtime data06:35
hdonKartagis, i didn't even know it was mounted on the filesystem06:35
maxvihi everyone! how can I change keyyboard backlight from terminal?06:35
Kartagishdon: on 12.04, it was .gvfs but that doesn't exist on 13.0406:36
maxvimy fn keys work in unity but they don't work in i3 manager (06:36
hdonKartagis, i'm on 12.04, and you're correct :) i didn't know about this!06:36
hdonKartagis, i hope you find the answer to your problem Kartagis, maybe google for "gvfs gone" ubuntu06:36
xcaliber178Hi. So I have old computer with a 200GB HDD and I want to dual-boot Mint and Ubuntu 12.04. Do-able? Easy? Any pointers?06:38
chunkyheadwhen i type sudo shutdown now it gives me some dbus errors and is stuck there, until i press ctrl+alt+delete after which it restarts. will my computer ever shutdown? HELP!06:38
deanrock0xcaliber178: install Mint, and after that Ubuntu ... or the other way around - dual boot should automatically work06:40
xcaliber178alright cool. should I just do standard partitioning for each os?06:41
xcaliber178nothing fancy?06:41
macwolf74I'd make the partitions first and install the OS'es on them06:41
macwolf74but nothing fancy06:41
=== manofsteel is now known as Guest22201
xcaliber178alright. seems simple06:42
xcaliber178should i just split the drive? 100GB for each os?06:43
macwolf74if you like06:43
xcaliber178i meant to ask, does one os (mint or ubuntu 12.04) need more space than the other?06:44
macwolf74I believe mint needs like a GB or two more06:45
macwolf74than ubuntu06:45
macwolf74but over 8GB is plenty of space06:45
xcaliber178alright, that wont be an issue then06:45
aeon-ltdxcaliber178 that will only vary by a few hundred MBs at the most. full DE linux distros tend to be roughly the same size. it may be more for mint because of pre added plugins etc as opposed to ubuntu's pure open source06:46
xcaliber178alright guys, thanks for the help. im off to bed06:48
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=== francois is now known as Guest42857
Niggar_Babaris ubuntu some kindof condom?07:15
coderhuthi, i am new to linux commands. I am getting this error while accessing cronjobs trough putty http://pastie.org/807410007:15
wilee-nilee!ops | Niggar_Babar07:15
ubottuNiggar_Babar: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!07:15
Niggar_Babari have 2 dicks can ubuntu fit with it ?07:15
Niggar_Babarwhy the mother fuck did you kick me fucker?07:16
Niggar_Babari want help here07:16
AliveHello people. So I finally decided to give upgrading my oneirc to whatever it upgrades to. In my experience upgrades are never without glitches. But I thought lets give it the benefit of the doubt.07:21
cbryantAlive: Glad to know you got everything working07:22
=== tim__ is now known as Meeuwke
AliveNow after the opgrade from oneiric ( to whatever ) my mouse is not working. I cant even use my hotkeys. I can barely do anyting the screen resolution seems wrong07:22
Alivewhat now ?07:22
ikoniaAlive: is the upgrade progressing ?07:23
Aliveikonia the upgrade is complete.07:24
AliveNow everything is a mess.07:24
AliveEven my keyboard seems to work wrong.07:24
ikoniaplease do better than "work  wrong"07:24
ikoniaexplain your issues and address them one by one07:25
AliveI managed to open  term but cant even get the focus on the terms.07:25
Alivewhat is the term command to configure the window system for gnome ?07:25
ikoniathere isn't one07:25
ikoniawhy don't you explain each problem and try to address them07:26
cbryantAlive: in reference to your resolution issue, have you attempting to change manually or upgrade graphic driver manually?07:26
AliveI allowed a complete web upgrade from oneiric to whatever it upgrades to07:27
Aliveit completed.07:27
ikoniathis is bad - you don't even known what releases it's upgraded to07:27
A1ReconHowdo I disable guest login??07:28
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
cbryantA1Recon: are you using default LightDM07:29
A1Reconcbryant: LightDM??07:30
cbryantA1Recon: if so edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf07:30
A1ReconI dont think I am using LightDM07:30
cbryantare you using Gdm07:31
A1ReconUbuntu 13.04 Unity07:32
A1ReconRaring Ringtail07:32
mob001HI, my ubuntu 12.04 Laptop is slow, when at booting time, shutdown time, how to improve the fastness, pls hlep me on this.07:32
A1Reconcbryant: Yup its LightDM. Thanks!!07:32
cbryantA1Recon: np07:33
Helloshared folders07:45
cbryantHello: Whats your questions07:46
ikoniaHello: helps if you aske a question rather than just saying random words07:46
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Castlingvideo q:  i noticed immediately that video quality in vlc and even youtube is far superior to the same video running in the same player in Win7.  Why is this?08:00
steinchengot a q about libpuzzle - isit possible to define the threshold in php? like in shell with '-E'08:01
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=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
Hello_Anybody know virtualbox ?.08:03
GrygrFlzrI just livebooted ubuntu on a laptop and the screen is a bunch of colors, moving the mouse affects what colors are on the screen...08:04
ikoniaHello_: what is your question08:04
Hello_<iknoia>hw to share folder on ubuntu host on windows-xp guest  ?08:06
Hello_<iknoia>hw to share folder in ubuntu host on windows-xp guest  ?08:06
ikoniaHello_: same way as if they are not on virtual box - just a network file share such as samba08:06
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=== stefano is now known as Guest45170
Hello_ikonia::do i need to provide any ipadress for SAMBA?08:08
ikoniaHello_: yes, or a resolvable hostname08:08
Hello_do u have a link or document regarding this .. plz provide08:09
ikonia!samba | Hello_08:09
ubottuHello_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:09
steinchenHello_,  this may help https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=1586808:09
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:11
Hello_steinche_ my Guest is Windows............ I think that doc is for Linux guests...............08:13
steinchengoogle isnt too hard to use08:15
Hello_steinche_ You seems right..08:16
steinchenanyone familar with libpuzzle? pls read above q08:16
Beholdersanhello people! Can anyone help me with proper setting of vlans in NM?08:17
Beholdersanor at least point me in the direction of proper docs08:17
Beholdersangoogle said to me that it is not implemented or that is is implemented but somehow in a strange way08:18
Hello_ikonia_ What doc you refereing me ?08:18
Hello_I am not on two machines ...08:19
Hello_ <ikonia>... Am talking about virtualisation..08:19
ActionParsnipBeholdersan: maybe in ##networking08:22
cowboybebopNeed some help. Brother booted a live cd linux on his uefi laptop. Now, when we start the computer it says "no bootabe devices found". Do I have to repair the mbr?08:22
cowboybebopHe used win 32 disk imager to put the iso onto the usb08:23
cowboybebop(original boot is windows 7)08:23
GrygrFlzrI just live booted ubuntu and the screen renders colors that change when I move the mouse. The booting screen (purple with guy and keyboard) renders fine. ISO is definitely not corrupt. Any boot options that might fix it? Graphics is purely integrated08:24
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Hello_steinchen_     VBoxManage sharedfolder add "VM name" --name "sharename" --hostpath "C:\test"08:28
Hello_IS sharefolder a keyword ?08:29
Hello_steinchen_ Anyhw tnx..08:30
muscaHello_:  "C:\test" looks like a widowspath, but your host is ubuntu, i guess?08:32
Hello_musca_ Yes Host::UBUNTU Guest :: WindowsXP08:32
ichatcan anyone help me  what is going on with ubuntu gnome...    in short   i configered some gnome extentions,  than i  purged firefox    and install google chrome,  than i wanted to ad one more extention and nothing08:33
ichatreinstalled firefox (that worked before) also nothing08:33
ikoniaichat: you've not asked a question08:33
ikoniawhat do you mean "nothing"08:33
BeholdersanActionParsnip, thank you I'll go and ask there08:33
ichatikonia,  - the site doesnt ask permission to allow calling for the intergration plugin and  tricking the on of buttons dont work anymore08:34
meoet700kB hd transfer rate is slow ?08:34
ikoniaichat: these sounds like plugin issues08:35
meoetwhat's your hd transfer rate ?08:35
ikoniaichat: or browser issues, so not sure why you are asking about gnome08:35
muscaHello_:  --hostpath would be something like  /path/on/host/to/sharedfolder08:35
ichatikonia,  - because it it sthe  extentions.gnome.org website08:35
ichati can just no longer enable or disbale new extentions via it08:36
steinchenok got it08:36
ikoniaichat: isn't that gor gnome shell ?08:36
ichatikonia,  yes08:36
ikoniaichat: ubuntu doesn't use gnome-shell08:36
meoethow long does gparted takes to scan all drives ? why mine still scanning after 10 mins08:38
kostkonmeoet, secs08:39
meoetso what's the problem ? what causing it scan and scan ?08:40
jsueekaguys if i install the windows installer (wubi), will it allow me to dual boot?08:40
ikoniajsueeka: it will08:40
jsueekaand that's the default option? there's no risk of me losing my windows setup?08:41
Ben64wubi is not like a "real" installation, its in a file in windows08:42
Ben64not recommended for long term usa08:42
jsueekaare the speed differences dramatic? and do i have the option of dual booting for better performance?08:42
Hello_<steinchen, musca>    VBoxManage sharedfolder add "VM name" --name "sharename" --hostpath "C:\test".....................................What is this VM name represents ???08:43
Ben64it is slower, for a true dual boot you would need to install from the cd/dvd/usb08:43
jsueekaright thanks08:43
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chunkyheadwhat is my username can someone just prompt?08:45
chunkyheadthanks! :D08:45
DJoneschunkyhead: Your nick is chunkyhead08:45
ichatright :P08:46
meoetso what's the problem ? what causing gparted to scan endlessly08:46
pyasihi guys i have a problem with my live cd plz help08:47
DJones!details | pyasi08:47
ubottupyasi: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:47
steinchenHello_, the name of your VM you want to modify08:47
steinchenHello_, thus you might want to use menu instead of shell commands08:48
muscaHello_: vboxmanage list vms08:49
Hello_MENU.. Dialogue Box ? I mean what would be  the extention .. (.vdi or .vbox)08:49
Hello_musca ....ok08:50
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muscaHello_: why do you want command line interface (cli)? you can try gui with: virtualbox08:54
Hello_musca, It did not work.. I mean, i did not  see the HOST shared folder in my Guest windows....08:55
prahladhow trivial it is to install gnome3-shell on my ubuntu 13.04 (amd64 version)?08:56
prahladis it just "apt-get install" or are there anything else to take care of ?08:56
auronandaceprahlad: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell08:56
dalinouhello, i'm trying to add an application to my samsung player one through an USB cable, but i don't know how to do that; could someone help me please?08:57
prahladI have lots of stuff like python, java, virtualbox, etc. gnome3 will be stable with that ?08:57
auronandaceprahlad: of course it will08:58
muscaHello_:  net use x: \\vboxsrv\sharename08:58
toneswhat is the difference between gnome shell and gnome desktop?08:58
ichatprahlad>  if you want gnome 3 + stable than  pick debian  rather than buntu08:58
Hello_musca, Error 53 occured08:58
muscaHello_: why do you want command line interface (cli)? you can try gui with: virtualbox08:58
prahladichat: you mean use the debian repository? or install debian from scratch ?08:58
Hello_musca, It did not work.. I mean, i did not  see the HOST shared folder in my Guest windows....08:59
ichatprahlad,  from scratch08:59
muscaHello_: why do you want command line interface (cli)? you can try gui with: virtualbox08:59
auronandacetones: gnome 3 itself is the foundation, gnome-shell is the interface (unity is another interface on top of gnome 3)08:59
ichatParufito,  i tried ubuntugnome  new official version,  but i enountered tons of issues ...08:59
Hello_musca, well.. where the shared folder mounts in VB..08:59
tonesso which interface installs with sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop?09:02
auronandacetones: unity09:03
tonesso that's why, thanks09:03
muscaHello_:  in the guest:  start \\vboxsrv09:03
muscaHello_: Do you you see it?09:05
zoke_webdoes new macbook air work with ubuntu? especially the wlan (bcm4360)?09:05
auronandace!mac | zoke_web09:06
ubottuzoke_web: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:06
Hello_musca,  no..09:06
auronandace!b43 | zoke_web09:06
ubottuzoke_web: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:06
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muscaHello_: use "virtualbox" to fix your VMs networksettings.09:07
Hello_Which option i should go for ?............ not connected, NAT, Bridged, Internal,Host-Only....09:08
Hello_musca, Which option i should go for ?............ not connected, NAT, Bridged, Internal,Host-Only....09:08
muscawell, just guess. your chance is 4:1 that it works.09:10
auronandaceHello_: your network settings have nothing to do with mounting a shared folder on your guest (unless your mount is from another network)09:10
Hello_I worked with NOT CONNECTED and HOST-ONLY.. No use09:11
muscaHello_:  please run: explorer.exe /e,\\Vboxsvr09:13
hamidrrhi folks i have ubuntu and facebook is filtered how can i go to facebook its realy hard for me pleaaaaaase help09:14
cbryanthamidrr: why is facebook filtered "blocked/censored"?09:15
hamidrrcensored i dont  know for sure the government is dump cbryant09:15
dalinoui keep failing to connect to /dev/ttyACM0 with Gammu (for samsung player one), with no specific error, just failure of connection; can someone help please?09:16
cbryanthamidrr: research proxy servers : google09:16
Hello_musca, you mean it to enter \\Vboxsvr in windows EXPLORER09:17
hamidrri tried ssl proxy servers09:17
hamidrri tried ssl proxy servers cbryant09:17
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cbryanthamidrr: and your issue?09:17
ikoniahamidrr: we are not going to help you circumvent your providers policies09:18
muscai meant it literal to get a result09:19
hamidrrit says cookie required and brings nothing cbryant09:19
stevecccapologies for this question - I know its off topic - using skype on ubuntu and I wondered if anyone from the uk here uses a subscription - I wanted to know what is classed as a landline number - is it just the standard area codes and not 0845 numbers etc?09:19
sammowhy ubuntu installer create primary partition for /home ?09:20
ikoniasteveccc: if you know it's offtopic, please don't ask09:20
cbryanthamidrr: all I can advise you is to research google, thats not a discussion for this chat.09:20
sammothat's crazy09:20
ikoniasteveccc: try #ubuntu-uk for UK users09:20
ikoniasammo: nothing crazy about it09:20
sammoikonia , why does /home have to be primary partition?09:21
ikoniasammo: it doesn't have to be09:21
stevecccikonia: apologies - i just think as we are all techies and that there isnt an exact room on here that people wouldnt mind09:21
hamidrrok i think im alone after all thanks cbryant  bye09:21
ikoniasteveccc: ubuntu-uk would be a good place09:21
sammobut why the default is primary and it doesn't have any option for user to change it09:22
ikoniasammo: there are options if you chose custom layout09:22
ikoniasammo: why is it a problem that it's a primary partition ?09:22
sammoikonia , only 4 primary partion is allowed in any system09:23
ikoniasammo: so ?09:23
Castlingq: ubuntus video quality seems drastically better than that of win 7 using the same hardware and videos, in both vlc and youtube, is there an explanation for such a gulf in quality? Is ubuntu just more efficient?09:23
sammoand ubuntu installer has used them all09:23
ikoniaCastling: different codec09:23
ikoniasammo: again, so ?09:23
sammoeach partition ubuntu created is in primary partiton09:24
Castlingin vlc even the opengl codec in windows doesnt match the quality i'm seeing. I'm stunned, bu09:25
Castlingbut happy09:25
andrex!ru > Castling09:26
ubottuCastling, please see my private message09:26
pyasiguys, internet doesn't work in live session booted from the usb though the network is connected and there is ping in the router , but not in other sites, sorry for my bad english , please help me09:26
andrexoops sorry09:26
cbryantsammo: What is the problem? Why would you want to change?09:26
ikoniasammo: what is the actual problem ?09:26
Castlingits in russian09:27
ikoniasammo: a.) accept ubuntu's suggested layout b.) chose manual and pick your own layout09:27
sammoall partition creatd by ubuntu are in primary and now i want to install other os09:27
ikoniasammo: ok - so select manual partition and lay it out how you want to09:27
sammoselect manual partion from whrere?09:28
pyasiguys, internet doesn't work in live session booted from the usb though the network is connected and there is ping in the router , but not in other sites, sorry for my bad english , please help me09:28
Hello_musca, WINDOWS cannot find \\vboxsvr09:29
muscayes, i understand.09:29
muscaHello_:  you usewd CLI to set the share. Did you check in GUI if it is configured?09:30
cbryantsammo: during installation you have option to create a custom partition table09:31
Hello_usewd CLI::::::::::::Is this a type of command, if so where should i issue?09:31
quackgyverHi. I need to run Ubuntu as a virtualized guest system on my OSX computer for one single app, so I'm wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to run it as sort of a Kiosk, with minimal boot time?09:31
quackgyverIs there already such a distro? Or do I simply have to make it boot into CMD and subsequently into a lightweight WM?09:31
muscaHello_: why do you want command line interface (cli)? you can try gui with: virtualbox09:32
cbryantsammo: The normal gui button during install is clicking Something else when you get to Allocate drive space09:32
loganleedoes ubuntu have ms-dos?09:32
pyasiguys, internet doesn't work in live session booted from the usb though the network is connected and there is ping in the router , but not in other sites, sorry for my bad english , please help me09:32
pyasiguys, internet doesn't work in live session booted from the usb though the network is connected and there is ping in the router , but not in other sites, sorry for my bad english , please help me09:32
pZombiei had to delete and move my swap file on ubuntu, now i am gettng virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory. How do i tell ubuntu to use my new swapfile that is on /dev/sda2 ?09:33
chunkyheadhey guys, is there a way to direct my internet speed at just once process09:33
ikoniapyasi: ping does not mean the internet is not working09:33
Hello_musca, what is this usewd ?09:33
ikoniapyasi: please stop asking the same question every 10 seconds.09:33
sammocbryant, i have intalled ubuntu and now i'm using gparted to do partiton and realised all patition created by ubuntu is primary ! that's crazy09:33
ikoniasammo: it is NOT crazy09:33
sammohow can it be the default option is primary partition !09:34
ikoniasammo: you can select your partition layout at install time by selecting custom layout09:34
ikoniasammo: what do you mean "how can it be" - it's not a problem09:34
Hello_musca, what is this usewd ? where to see its configuration ?09:35
cbryantsammo: I recommend reinstalling ubuntu and creathing a custom partition layout including your ntfs patition for windows09:35
sammocbryant , i have been using ubuntu for months now .....09:36
sammocan't reinstall09:36
ikoniasammo: then you'll need to maually migrate / change the partition layout09:36
ikoniasammo: it will require you to be careful and take some backups09:36
ActionParsnipshould have backups anyway09:37
sammoit's mind blowing that all partitions crated are in primary ! my god ! windows will never do that09:38
cbryantsammo: you can use gparted to resize your partition but backing up essential data and reinstalling is prefered method.09:38
Ben64sammo: uh, yes windows will do that09:38
ikoniasammo: it's not mind blowing, please stop making these silly comments as it won't help09:38
ikoniasammo: and windows does create primary partitions by defualt - so stop making things up and focus on resolving your issue09:38
ActionParsnipsammo: actually, Windows DOES do that09:38
letoHi, how to make an install of ubuntu raring 13.04 with an encrypted LVM (luks) and a separate home? It seems the desktop installer doesn't separate it.09:38
lesslessis it possible to make an each monitor in separate workspace?09:38
ActionParsnipleto: you could use gparted in the live desktop to setup the disks, then run the installer09:39
muscaHello_: in virtualbox GUI press CTRL-S to see specs of your vm09:39
muscathen it's in the left column at the bottom09:40
letoActionParsnip: I know how to create primary and logical partition with gparted, but not LVM partitions, nor how to use them in LUKS when I run the installer09:41
ikonialeto: lvm doesn't have partition types09:41
Hello_LEFT-SIDE-  under shared folders - i have confgiured HOST folder to be configured..09:42
ActionParsnipleto: never used LVM tbh, is there a how to guide09:42
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto09:42
ActionParsnip^ may help09:42
Hello_musca_LEFT-SIDE-  under shared folders - i have confgiured HOST folder to be configured..09:42
letoikonia: so how should I do? I believe it needs a lvm flag at least09:43
Hello_musca_LEFT-SIDE-  under shared folders - i have confgiured HOST folder that to be hared ..09:43
ikonialeto: no - that's for pv's not lv's09:43
praveen___hello all. how do i install balsaming (a wire-framing tool) on ubuntu 12.04?09:43
praveen___hello all. how do i install balsamig (a wire-framing tool) on ubuntu 12.04?09:44
muscaHello_: good. Did you try a reboot of the guest after configuring the share?09:44
ikoniapraveen___: repeating a question in under 15 seconds is not a good start09:44
ikonia!repeat | praveen___09:44
ubottupraveen___: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:44
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ActionParsnippraveen___: do you mean balsamiq?09:44
praveen___actually there was a spelling mistake.09:44
praveen___thats why i had to repeat.09:45
ActionParsnippraveen___: seems to be an Adobe Air product....is that right>09:45
sammoi believe i used the custom installation and i dont remember there's option for making /home a logical partition09:45
praveen___yes it is.09:45
ActionParsnippraveen___: i found this http://superuser.com/questions/511328/how-to-install-balsamiq-on-ubuntu-12-1009:46
ActionParsnippraveen___: however http://www.zdnet.com/adobe-drops-air-for-linux-due-to-lack-of-interest-4010022732/09:46
ActionParsnippraveen___: adobe dropped Air support in Linux AGES ago09:46
ActionParsnippraveen___: SO dont expect a smooth ride09:47
letoikonia: thanks, so what should I do to create this lvm partition and install ubuntu in luks?09:47
ActionParsnippraveen___: I suggest you seek an alternative09:47
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ikoniasammtsammo then either a.) you idn't pay attention b.) you didn't ust cusotm installation options - either way it won't fix your current problem09:47
ikonialeto: you need to create the pv and the lv from within the OS09:47
praveen___ActionParsnip: whats that?09:47
ActionParsnippraveen___: what's what?09:47
praveen___ActionParsnip: the alternatve?09:48
Hello_musca,  no use..09:48
ActionParsnippraveen___: no idea, seek and ye shall find09:48
praveen___ActionParsnip: any idea about pidoco?09:49
letoikonia: ok I'm curently from the live installer, I assume I run gparted, then?09:49
ActionParsnippraveen___: none at all09:49
muscaHello_: which version of windows is it?09:49
ActionParsnippraveen___: never even heard of it09:49
ikonialeto: no, you need to do a pvcreate on a partition to bring it under lvm control09:49
ikonialeto: it maybe worth having a small read on using lvm before going any futher09:49
praveen___ActionParsnip: ok thank you. let me see the links you gave.09:50
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praveen___ActionParsnip:  it is also a wire framing tool. i guess. i am looking for it too.09:50
Hello_musca_   WINDOWS-XP Professional servicePack2 on AMD Semptron 2.8Ghz, 145Semptron09:51
selimI did an upgrade a few hours ago but the upgrade failed due to missing space on the harddrive09:51
selimis there some way to repeat the upgrade process?09:51
selimaptitude upgrade shows 0 upgrades to do, someone any ideas?09:51
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ActionParsnippraveen___: blender, maybe?09:52
Guest14392I-m using sparky linux09:52
muscaHello_: my XP machine just does the trick. i use NAT.09:52
ActionParsnipselim: i suggest you use apt-get, aptitude has poor suport for multiarch09:52
ActionParsnipselim: I suggest you uninstall old unused kernels09:53
muscaHello_: i'm running out of ideas.09:53
Guest14392I want to definitely left windows for linux09:53
Guest14392but I need a very easy linux distro09:53
DJonesGuest14392: Ubuntu is fairly easy to get the hang of09:54
Ben64Guest14392: you are in #ubuntu we may be biased here09:54
Guest14392please, can you help me in order to choose a very easy linux distro09:54
Hello_musca_ well, no probs.. thanks for the support.. Anyhow I will try on another XP version Service Pack3..09:54
DJonesGuest14392: You also have the option of Lubuntu or Xubuntu if you have older or lower specifcation hardware09:54
muscaGuest14392:  yes, and ubuntu has Nixie Pixel09:54
Hello_musca_ I thought I may handling it wrongly..09:55
sample001hello there how can i modify the result for iwlist command in ubuntu ?09:55
Guest14392I have a Pentium III-S 1,4 ghz  with  1,5 gb SDRAM PC13309:55
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selimActionParsnip: hmm if I uninstall old unused kernels I'm not sure if I can restart the sytem afterwards09:56
selimI would prefer to upgrade first an uninstall later09:56
Guest14392I need a very easy linux distro for my Pentium III-S 1,4 ghz with 1,5 gb SDRAM PC13309:57
selimActionParsnip: is that possible someohow09:57
sample001 hello there how can i modify the result for iwlist command in ubuntu ? for example i only want to show the signal level. But not using grep command ?09:58
letoikonia: I've actually read some doc about lvm, especially https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm, but 1/it doesn't explain how to create the lvm partition ("You can create one with gparted or fdisk", that's all) 2/that's where I've read the need of an lvm flag ("In gparted, you need to check the lvm flag when creating the partition"), and you said it was wrong, if I've well understood09:59
Guest14392for my Pentium III-S 1,4 ghz with 1,5 gb of RAM which linux distrubution I have to choose?09:59
pZombiei would try xubuntu with those specs10:00
DJones!lubuntu | Guest1439210:00
ubottuGuest14392: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.10:00
DJones!xubuntu | Guest1439210:00
ubottuGuest14392: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels10:00
pZombiexubuntu is very easy to use and quite lightweight10:01
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DJonesGuest14392: I'd look at Lubuntu and Xubuntu, probably download the Live CD/USB and test them to see which worked best10:01
Asad2005Is there away to add a unity panle? If i have many apps open the bottom of the panel becomes clautter in is not nice10:02
Guest14392xubuntu or lubuntu? My PC has an ATI Radeon 9250 AGP 8x with 256 mb of RAM10:02
kalakjhello everyone10:03
Hello_Is there any support in UBUNTU 13.04 for ANDROID JellyBean  OS fo mobiles10:03
kalakjhow to make fingerprint sensor make work in ubuntu10:03
sample001 hello there how can i modify the result for iwlist command in ubuntu ? for example i only want to show the signal level. But not using grep command ?10:03
kalakji am using UBuntu 10.04.210:04
ctcbHi all, I'm wondering how I could contact Canoical about adding certain packages to Ubuntu 11.10 (Pre-Installed)?10:04
DJonesGuest14392: Its better if you test both of them, its difficult to say which is best, its better if you test them yourself to see which suits you mose10:04
kalakjoh sorry, 12.04 LTS10:04
cbryant_afkGuest14392: Try Both, noone can give you a positive answer regarding which distro will run best on your system.10:04
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Ben64!eol | ctcb10:05
ubottuctcb: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:05
DJonesctcb: 11.10 Desktop went end of life in May 2013, so its no longer supported, there I doubt there would be any chance at all of getting packages added10:05
kalakjhi, everyone, i have fingerprint sensor of authentic truesuite, itś working in Windows and how to make it work on UBUNTU 12.04 LTS10:05
ActionParsnipctcb: yuocan upgrade to Precise in one jump as it is the next release, this will give you LTS support til April 201710:05
sample001hello there how can i modify the result for iwlist command in ubuntu ? for example i only want to show the signal level. But not using grep command ?10:05
ctcbOh, Oops. I meant 13.10, which is coming out later this year.10:06
Guest14392So, I surely cannot use UBUNTU or KUBUNTU on my Pentium III-S 1,4 ghz, 1,5 gb RAM, Ati Radeon 9250 AGP 8x 256 mb VRAM?10:06
kalakjItś integrated in LAPTOP10:06
ActionParsnipsample001: why not grep?10:06
ctcbThere's some packages that I think should be included with it, out of the box.10:06
Hello_Is there any support in UBUNTU 13.04 for ANDROID JellyBean  OS for mobiles10:06
ActionParsnipctcb: what in Oneiric?10:06
ActionParsnipHello_: no as its not Ubuntu10:06
auronandace!13.10 | ctcb10:06
ubottuctcb: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:06
ActionParsnipctcb: Saucy isn't supported here til release day10:07
DJonesHello_: Do you mean connecting an Android phone/device to Ubuntu to copy files to etc?10:07
ctcbActionParsnip, I'm not asking for "Support"!10:08
ctcbI'm trying to get certain packages in it.10:08
sample001ActionParsnip: What i want is to update the iwlist source code because I want to make the result more faster.10:08
Guest14392and what about XUBUNTU or LUBUNTU derivates distributions?10:09
Ben64ctcb: 13.10 is still offtopic here, and its probably too late to get something in 13.1010:09
kalakjubottu: What about finger print sensor recognisation in ubuntu, how to make it work10:09
ubottukalakj: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:09
mementomoriis there a way to set a keyboard shortcut to "Tools > External > Qt Quick >  Preview (qmlscene)" in creator?10:09
Hello_ActionParsnip_  which Linux(FEDORA, OPENSUSE..) is supporting ANDROID-JB10:09
DJonesctcb: You're best chance might be to file it as a bug/wishlist request10:10
kalakjActionParsnip: What about finger print sensor recognisation in ubuntu, how to make it work10:10
sammocan i run this chkdsk /f in ubuntu to fix windows partition ?10:10
kalakjwhy do people use linux when they are not able to use full hardware they have10:11
mementomorisorry wrong chan ;)10:11
gordonjcpkalakj: because it might do stuff they can't get with other OSes, and they might not care much about the hardware that isn't supported10:11
loganleekalakj: curiosity maybe10:11
gordonjcpkalakj: that's more of a question for #ubuntu-offtopic though10:11
pyasiguys , internet doesn't work when i boot a live cd , there is network connection with my router, but no internet10:12
pyasii had a disconnection , so asked you guys again10:12
sammocan i run this chkdsk /f in ubuntu to fix windows partition ?10:13
ikoniasammo: I'd advise not to10:13
kalakjgordonjcp: what kind of special stuff, most of open source applications are also available on Windows platform also, like mozilla, gimp, games etc10:13
sebastianI've got a really weird problem... I've done sudo usermod -a -G libvirtd <myusername>, but after opening a new shell, id doesn't show membership in libvirtd. What happened? How can I even diagnose it? Why was there no error?10:13
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sammoikonia , i used gparted to resize ntfs partition and now i can't boot up windows10:14
gordonjcpkalakj: this is more a discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic10:14
ikoniasammo: why do you think chkdsk will fix it10:14
kalakjgordonjcp: professional application like, apache, mysql , etc , there exists windows installer for them10:14
gordonjcpkalakj: this is more a discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic10:14
sammoon ubuntu it say i muts use the chkdsk/f to fix it10:14
ikoniasammo: so boot from your windows install CD to chkdisk it10:14
kalakjgordonjcp: how could it be offtopic10:14
Ben64sammo: yeah, in windows10:14
sample001ActionParsnip: What i want is to update the iwlist source code because I want to make the result more faster.10:15
kalakjgordonjcp: what is the topic here10:15
ikoniasammo: although I don't know why ubuntu is telling you why your windows machine can't boot10:15
gordonjcpkalakj: is it a direct support question?10:15
gordonjcpkalakj: no - therefore, #ubuntu-offtopic10:15
sammoikonoa , gparted say so10:15
ikoniasammo: gparted doesn't know about your windows boot problems10:15
ikoniasammo: however I'd suggest booting from your windows install media and running your chkdsk command10:15
kalakjgordonjcp: yes, my finger print authentication is not working10:15
Ben64it just says to use chkdsk because windows is best at fixing ntfs10:16
sammoitresize it and show the erro mesg10:16
ikoniasammo: resize is not boot10:16
ikoniasammo: you said it won't boot - resize is a different function10:16
devoidis anyone having problems with update-alternatives? for the last few days both my quantal and raring machines revert to the default x-terminal-emulator (konsole) every day. no problems before that.10:16
Hello_Can anyone give an idea about which linux distro has ANDRIOD-JellyBean support ?10:16
ikoniasammo: however same thing applies, run it from your windows install media10:16
gordonjcpkalakj: okay, that's *on-topic*, but discussing why people choose to use Linux isn't ;-)10:16
ikoniaHello_: nothing to do with this channel - we only support ubuntu here10:16
gordonjcpkalakj: fwiw I don't use Windows because I don't know how it works or how to use it10:16
ActionParsnipHello_: what do you want to achieve?10:17
letoikonia: which doc do you advice me to do this install?10:17
ikonialeto: just a genric lvm overview/10:17
ikonialeto: just to get a basic understanding of how it works10:17
pyasii had a disconnection , so asked you guys again10:17
pyasiguys , internet doesn't work when i boot a live cd , there is network connection with my router, but no internet10:17
kalakjjust roll your finger few times to save finger print data,  next time, use it to authenticate instead of supplying passwords10:18
Ben64pyasi: maybe try ##networking ?10:18
ikoniapyasi: check your dns settings and your default gateway10:18
pyasithey all work while booting from windows10:18
ikoniapyasi: that's not what I said10:19
ikoniapyasi: your windows install has no relevence10:19
pyasiyes, internet works in other devices10:19
ikoniaagain - I didn't say that10:19
Hello_Can I install Android-JellyBean Through VB on Ubuntu10:19
ikoniaI asked you to check your dns settings and default route10:19
ActionParsnipHello_: in heory yes10:20
ActionParsnippyasi: can you ping
ikoniaping is not a valid test10:20
ikoniaicmp != internet10:20
Hello_what do you mean theory ??10:20
ActionParsnipikonia: shows routing is good10:20
ikoniaActionParsnip: no - it doesn't10:20
ActionParsnipHello_: it has USB access so your device will be seen10:20
pyasithey are all fine10:21
sample001Does anybody here know how and where to modify the iwlist scan result ?10:21
ActionParsnipikonia: the data has to flow through the router to hit the target and get sent back, so it shows traffic can flow in and out of the LAN as well as the system itself10:21
ikoniaActionParsnip: no it doesn't - as it is icmp10:21
ikoniait does not prove everything as not all providers will forward icmp10:21
ActionParsnippyasi: does ping ok?10:21
ActionParsnipikonia: well, lets try. It is free10:22
Ben64i've never seen a place that blocks outgoing pings10:22
ActionParsnipBen64: in my workplace we block icmp in some areas10:22
DJonesHello_: I tried it and got it installed, but it didn't really work that well, most of the apps didn't work because running in a vm doesn't have the hardware needed (gps/acceleromiter/gprs etc) It was ok to do to see whether it would work, but not to actually use10:22
gordonjcpActionParsnip: out of curiosity, why do you block ICMP?10:23
gordonjcpdoesn't that make a bunch of stuff not work properly?10:23
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: no idea, was like that when I started10:23
sample001Does anyone here know how and where to modify the iwlist scan result ?10:24
ikoniagordonjcp: icmp can expose some network security holes10:24
ActionParsnipsample001: use grep10:24
ikoniasample001: it will only display what it can see10:24
ikoniasample001: so you can't modify what it can see/scan10:24
Hello_Has anybody installed Android-JellyBean on ubuntu thru10:24
Hello_Has anybody installed Android-JellyBean on ubuntu thru VB10:25
ikoniaHello_: stop asking10:25
DJonesHello_: You'll probably get more experienced replies if you ask in #vbox on Freenode, they might have some pointers10:25
ikoniaHello_: DJones has just given you some feedback10:25
DJonesHello_: Please read the replies you're being given, there's no point asking the question over and over if you don't read the responses10:25
=== olivi489 is now known as olvr
sample001ikonia: what i want is to see only the signal level . But i dont want to use grep . because my main purpose is to make the scan result very fast and almost realtime. Do you have any idea how to do it ?10:25
ActionParsnipsample001: why do you not want to use grep?10:26
ikoniasample001: use a tool that does that10:26
ikoniasample001: and grep will not slow it down10:26
ikoniagrep just filters the results, it doesn't change them, so there will be no change in performance10:26
ActionParsnipsample001: grep is super fast10:26
ActionParsnipsample001: what do you think grep does that takes so long10:26
sample001thanks all10:27
devoidis anyone having problems with update-alternatives? for the last few days both my quantal and raring machines revert to the default x-terminal-emulator (konsole) every day. no problems before that.10:27
Hello_DJones_ Thanks.. I just wish a redirection..10:27
ActionParsnipsample001: what do you think grep does that takes so long exctly?10:27
=== olivi794 is now known as olvr
ActionParsnipgrep adds 0.007 seconds, wooooo10:34
simion314hi, i have an AMD 6670 card ,  sometimes when starting/rebooting the image on the screen seems like it using 16 or 256 colors , i am using the catalyst driver in 12.04 and also tried the experimental driver  and I has same issues10:38
simion314not sure if is a driver or hardware issue, restarting a few times will solve this10:39
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ActionParsnipsimion314: once you get logged in, try running:  killall -u $USER    then login again10:45
simion314ActionParsnip: hi, thx , can you tell me more? what do you think it could be? an app?10:46
ikonia!de | MUSTAFA10:46
ubottuMUSTAFA: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:46
ActionParsnipsimion314: may just be loading the drive slowly, does it help10:47
simion314ActionParsnip: now is working fine, i will have to reboot 20 times maybe to get the error10:48
simion314now I am working, can't afford to debug this10:48
elita15can someone please tell how to install vim and git10:48
Znooseyelita15: apt-get install vim git10:49
MUSTAFAhi community how can i install asterisk on ubuntu 12.04desktop? can someone help me?10:49
ActionParsnipMUSTAFA: http://blogs.digium.com/2012/11/14/how-to-install-asterisk-11-on-ubuntu-12-4-lts/10:50
elita15znoosey, thanks..10:50
Znooseyelita15, no problem10:50
selimActionParsnip: how would uninstalling old kernels help to fix the problem?10:51
ActionParsnipselim: frees up space10:51
elita15how do we install python interpreter?10:51
ActionParsnipelita15: use software centre10:51
selimActionParsnip: the space is not the problem anymore10:51
selimthere was some bad mounting of /tmp10:51
MUSTAFAtahnks actionparsnip love u  :D10:51
selimI fixed that, but now I need to retry the upgrade process10:51
selimwhich is not possible it shows 0 upgrades10:51
Znooseyelita15, python should already be installed with ubuntu10:52
ActionParsnipMUSTAFA: i just websearched, have you tried that?10:52
Znooseyelita15, so unless you need some specific python version there is no need for it10:52
ActionParsnipselim: what messages do you see>10:52
elita15its not actually. mine is ubuntu v 12.0410:52
elita15most of the softwares in software center cannot be installed. why is it so?10:53
Znooseyelita15: and whereis python , doesn't return anything?10:53
berryciderspiderdoes anyone know how to take a regexp for '/image_name.(png/jpg/gif)' out of a url?10:54
elita15znoosey, sorry i dint get you. can you please explain10:55
Znooseyelita15, in a command prompt write: whereis python10:55
Znooseyif it just says: python:10:55
Znooseyit is not installed10:55
jribberryciderspider: uh, what do you want to accomplish exactly?10:55
berryciderspiderjrib: i want to extract the image name (image.jpg, image.gif etc) from a url10:56
MUSTAFAhi action parsnip.. this is the firs time i use linux ..sorry for the questions.. but the asterisk downloAD link is dossent work10:56
elita15yes it just says python:10:56
Znooseyelita if you don't have it installed do: apt-cache search libpython310:56
Znooseyand then apt-get install <thepythonversionyouwanthere>10:57
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Znooseyelita15, you can search for libpython2 too... and install that10:57
jribberryciderspider: so what do you have so far for your regexp?10:58
Znooseyelita15, some programs like in software center needs python 2.7, which might be why they are not working10:58
elita15okay thanks, i'll try that. am currently on windows o/s so cannot do the installation  just now.10:59
elita15znoosey, so do i have install python 2.7 first?11:00
Znooseyelita15, i don't think it matters11:00
berryciderspiderjrib: i think i should read about them first, then if i have questions ill ask11:00
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|lunch
ActionParsnipMUSTAFA: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AsteriskOnUbuntu11:01
jribberryciderspider: ok11:01
jribelita15: if you don't have python, then something is probably really wrong with your installation11:02
ActionParsnipelita15: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:02
elita15actionparsnip, i am on windows o/s currently so cannot try it out11:03
elita15what is the command for?11:04
[nas]peterit shows the version of Ubuntu11:04
elita15znoosey, thanks. i'll try what you said11:04
inashdeenhi there all. Well this is just my opinion though. Not sure anybody would even bother bout it. I am trying to promote Ubuntu, but to my dismay there is no recent available ads for ubuntu. The only one I can found for ubuntu 12.04 is not even close to an ad,I should say it. Urm... this is bad :( *dismay*11:06
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ehhhhey guys i've got some varying questions. . first a quick one is ubuntu for phone only designed for android phones like the nexus or could i be able to install it to my dying samsung wave (runs bada os)11:07
k1l_!phone | ehhh11:08
ubottuehhh: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:08
berryciderspiderjrib: how do i match more than one value? for example p =  re.compile('[a-z]') -> p.match('some text') only returns 's'. How can i get it to iterate over the whole string?11:08
jribberryciderspider: put * after your [a-z] character class11:08
jribberryciderspider: * means 0 or more matches of what just came before11:09
k1l_berryciderspider: there is also #bash for scripting questions :)11:09
berryciderspiderjrib: oh yeah, cheers11:10
BluesKajHey all11:11
ActionParsnipelita15: if you can give us the output it will be useful to us11:12
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=== cheese is now known as Guest48379
berryciderspiderjrib: ok i've got this: re.compile('\/.*.jpg') but how so i use an 'OR' expression?11:17
elita15ActionParsnip, i'll try it out soon and tell you.11:17
jribberryciderspider: (foo|bar)11:20
selimActionParsnip: no messages, I do apt-get upgrade and I get this: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:22
ehhhcool, I'll give it a read soon. . next thing is I've got an old HP laptop, I tried to install ubuntu on it recently but booting from cd barely works, usb works but real slow, and after the hours of wait to get to the install screen i end up with a error something about hotswap failed or something (right after install starts, I'm assuming it fails to format to ext), can't remember specifically but I can get the whole message but it woul11:23
ehhhwhile to get there). . I can install windows 7 on it fine but it crashes all the time (overloading+overheating, turns off after a certain while so i never get to install the drivers, ubuntu doesn't seem to crash from it though)11:23
ehhhis there hope for this old thing11:24
ehhhwant to use it for htpc purposes, music and video streaming exclusively11:25
ikoniaehhh: sounds like a no hoper11:25
ikoniaehhh: if you can't even install the OS as it's too heavy, I doubt you'll be able to use it as a media server11:26
ActionParsnipselim: sounds fine then, your SO is up to date11:27
ActionParsnipehhh: have you tested RAM using Memtest86+ /11:28
CruX|hello how can i change python interpreter from version 2.6 to 2.7 ?11:28
selimActionParsnip: that's the problem it's not up to date, the upgrade failed and it can't be up to date11:28
selimstill apt-get won't trigger another run11:29
ActionParsnip!aptfix | selim11:29
ubottuselim: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »11:29
=== daniel is now known as Guest37210
ehhhno i haven't tried anything beyond installing the os, I had ubuntu studio installed on it but when the bootloader ran it just froze on the black _ screen and started beeping furiously. it's been dusting since i installed ubuntu studio and back then it ran fine but I didn't really use it that much11:30
selimActionParsnip: no change11:30
selimthe database doesn't seem to be locked11:30
ActionParsnipselim: wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage11:31
ActionParsnipselim: will force it to redownload the new packages etc11:31
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LaykeHow do I mv the contents of a folder up one directory, (where there will be clashes of names, and overwrite everything)11:34
jribLayke: just move them up?  If you get prompts, answer affirmatively?11:35
ActionParsnipLayke: do you want the files to overwrite?11:35
LaykeActionParsnip, Yeah. I'm trying from command line11:36
Laykemv: cannot move `drupal-7.22/includes' to `./includes': Directory not empt11:36
LaykeI tried doing this...11:36
Laykemv -f drupal-7.22/* .11:36
LaykeI did read the man pages, and it says that -f is to do not prompt for overwriting. So not really sure what's the problem.11:37
ehhhbut does anyone have any experience with htpc, I'm thinking to control the media players with dedicated apps from an android device, so i can persay,browse through my music library on for example amarok, use xbmc exclusively for video etc etc. . does anyone have an opinion whether i should use ubuntu or windows for this, I've got an even older stationary computer that has survived all the angry kicks and it's still kicking back :P but 11:38
ehhhout so i might need a hdmi card or something. . this is only a possibility as I'm not decided on using it as a htpc or a studio pc yet. .11:38
=== ircd is now known as Guest7200
ActionParsnipLayke: mv -a   to move a folder11:38
Laykemv: invalid option -- a11:39
ActionParsnipehhh: xbmc runs on both11:39
ActionParsnipLayke: -r then11:39
ActionParsnipehhh: xbmc will add itself as a session in lightdm, handy11:39
LaykeSame ActionParsnip11:39
ActionParsnipLayke: man mv11:39
LaykeI have11:40
LaykeI've read it all11:40
ehhhyeah that's why I'm still considering using windows for htpc purposes, I love foobar, winamp and xmbc i haven't really started using yet. . what's lightdm?11:40
auronandaceehhh: lightdm is the login manager11:40
ActionParsnipehhh: I use vlc for its web ui11:40
ActionParsnipehhh: lots of apps can control it using that interface11:41
ActionParsnipLayke: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:41
LaykeActionParsnip, I've just used cp -rf instead.11:42
LaykeWhich I think worked..11:42
selimActionParsnip: I still get 0 upgraded11:42
ehhhi'm still a bit undecided since i don't have an android yet so i can experiment with it, i know the apps for windows software LOOKS better but i don't know what will perform best. . i use vlc standard but want to set up a library of sorts and think xbmc should do the job nicely for that purpose (browse movies, series, etc)11:42
ActionParsnipselim: then all I can say is that the OS is up to date11:42
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AlternateAnyone knows an app that I can use that check all my hardware?11:43
ActionParsnipehhh: the vlc remote can have its home set in the app, so you see the library folders and files on the device rather than the screen. Depends what you like11:43
ActionParsnipehhh: xbmc has a remote app too, it moves the screen on the system like a dvd menu11:43
ActionParsnipAlternate: check in what way?11:44
AlternateTo see if everything is still working fine, like ram test etc11:44
selimActionParsnip: for some reason the system thinks it did install all those packages11:44
selimbut it does not11:44
ActionParsnipAlternate: there is memtest86+ in Grub11:44
selimat least thats what the log says11:44
ActionParsnipselim: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:44
ehhhI keep everything sorted out real nicely so basicly a file browser would work for the movies and series, so vlc I can basically have a file browser styled stuff going on and xmbc would look the part. . i've been using vlc as standard for years but not beyond just launching the files and occasionally setting up playlists. . i can try this stuff on this computer right`? (windows)11:45
ActionParsnipselim: its a quick command.....11:45
ActionParsnipehhh: if you want, its your system....11:46
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jonascjHi. I've ran "sudo update-rc.d redis-server remove" and "sudo rm /etc/init.d/redis-server" after following a guide blindly. How do I undo this so redis starts up at boot time?11:47
selimActionParsnip: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l11:47
ehhhfreedom is great, i want to run ubuntu on this computer too but i'm limited as the music production softwares on windows are far superior for me over ubuntu studio. . if i set up vlc to my videos folder what's the app like (is the app like a file browser? i'll check right now on google play and see what i can find)11:50
ehhhdoes it basically work like, i browse the video library on the phone, launch it from there and it boots up`?11:51
ehhhfor vlc11:52
ActionParsnipehhh: yes, the vlc remote only controls.11:52
ActionParsnipehhh: another way is to use x forwarding and launch the app11:52
ActionParsnipehhh: the sound will come out of the server but the GUI will show on the client11:52
sperrhakenjonascj: "apt-get --reinstall install redis-server" might recreate the init-script and the appropiate default start-up links.11:54
ehhhnice, it's good to know i atleast won't be limited in options . . guess it all comes down to decisions and a bit of experimentation when i get an android device :P didn't take the time to explore the possibilities of vlc alone . .11:56
ehhhi'm thinking if i use a stationary computer over a laptop i would drop the nas and just use hard drives in it. . does seem a lot more efficient than streaming over network and shit11:57
ikoniaehhh: tone down the language, there is no need for it please.11:58
ehhhonly reason i'm considering nas is if i drop computers completely and go for something like sonos for music etc11:58
Castlingsuggestions for an irc client for use with ubuntu? I've used mirc for many years, something similar would be great.11:58
ehhhlol sorry :P11:58
ikoniaCastling: there are many available, search the package manager, try some, see what you like11:58
Guest8812Trying to download all .pdf files from the web-dirctory ibiblio.org/pub/, so I supplied this following command:11:58
Guest8812 wget -r -l 0 -A pdf ibiblio.org/pub/11:58
Guest8812 here's the part output11:58
Guest8812It looks like other unnecessary files that are not required are being downloaded too and then it's checking that there only Accept option for pdf extension and then it removes the non required file. The problem is, I am having expensive internet, so I don't want to download unnecessary files. Any idea?11:58
FloodBot1Guest8812: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:58
ulkeshCastling: xchat is nice (GUI), irssi is also (TextUI)11:59
k1l_Castling: xhcat (the one without -gnome)11:59
Guest8812oops, I didn't flooded11:59
Castlingyeah I'm very partial to nice gui11:59
Guest8812did anybody saw my question?11:59
ikoniaGuest8812: everyone saw it11:59
Zagomahhi to all11:59
Guest8812ok, I thought FloodBot1 didn't allowed me to post12:00
ActionParsnipCastling: irssi, xchat, pidgin :)12:00
ehhhbut i don't really see that many reasons for not using a computer to put it that way . . the computer might make more noise than a little plastic thingy for it but with the right cooling and good silent hdds. . well i'm confusing myself here :P12:01
ActionParsnipCastling: mirc gui isnt particulary pretty12:01
selimActionParsnip: the LTS Version doesn't say anything, does it?12:01
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=== ARG is now known as calabero111
ActionParsnipselim: how do you mean?12:02
ZenoArrowHi. Having a network configuration issue. I'm using a static IP with wlan0 (configured through the networking GUI). This works fine, until I want to alter the DNS servers (I need the result in /etc/resolv.conf to be different). Help!12:02
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: you can add it in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head at the bottom of the file, it will apply each time12:03
ehhhdoes anyone have an opinion on computers vs designed streamers? i think streamers would be rather limiting but with a nice gui designed for the purpose, though with a computer i would be able to do anything from browse the web etc though music is my #1 priority12:04
Castlingive used a wdtv live forever, but i just play video. its basic, but works flawlessly.12:05
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Thank you. I would do that, but the file /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head has a comment saying "# Do not edit this file by hand -- your changes will be overwritten"12:05
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: This would imply I should use resolvconf to alter the head file. Is it okay to edit it manually?12:06
ehhhyeah the problem if i go with streamers is i would probably end up with two, one for music (sonos/bluesound), and one for video (i.e. wdtv, dune, boxee whatever (i haven't been reading up too much on the videos stuff)12:06
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: thats because it is used to generate /etc/resolv.conf12:07
ZenoArrowehhh: Have you looked at subsonic?12:07
ehhhi would need a designated one for music like bluesound as it supports 24bit audio (though at this time i'm not loaded up on the wavs, mostly 16bit)12:07
ehhhZenoarrow: no, do you have a  link i could check it out?12:07
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: it is the top of the file, so if you put DNS servers in that file, it will be added regardless of any DHCP address :)12:07
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Okay. So to confirm the steps I should follow, I edit the head file with... nameserver at the top, save it, then???12:08
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: echo "nameserver" | sudo tee -a /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head > /dev/null12:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest62390
Guest62390how was the german ubuntu chat?12:08
ZenoArrowehhh: http://www.subsonic.org/pages/index.jsp12:08
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: then when you reboot etc, the file will get the usual text, plus the nameservers12:09
ActionParsnip!de | Guest6239012:09
ubottuGuest62390: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:09
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Thank you, I'll try that now.12:09
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: its a hack, but it works12:09
ehhhZeroArrow: this looks real interesting, is it like an alternative to spotify? been wondering a bit how i would get internet streaming going on ubuntu without spotify. . though i'll say i keep most of my music stored locally and am content with that though the option to go listen to something you can't find elsewhere is always a plus12:11
selimActionParsnip: How do I now if the upgrade did really work, since the log only tells me what was intended to do and not if it really finished successfully12:11
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Just to check, if I wanted to add two nameservers with your hack, would I change it to...12:11
ZenoArrowecho "nameserver" | sudo tee -a /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head > /dev/null12:12
selimActionParsnip: but since it does not show new upgrade (there have been 86 before) something must be wrong12:12
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Or do I need to separate with a comma?12:12
ZenoArrowehhh: You can think of Subsonic as an alternative to Spotify, yes. There are numerous benefits, including....12:13
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: one nameserver per line12:14
ZenoArrowAudio transcoding, video transcoding, phone apps, desktop apps, no ads, etc...12:14
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Understood, thanks.12:14
ehhhI see on the frontpage it streams movies as well :P this is def something i'll check out and try12:15
keepguessingI keep getting this proxy issues while using ubuntu 12.04 I end up configuring each application separately to use the proxy in my office. I toggle from office to work. But when I am at home I do not have any proxy server I spend a lot of time unconfiguring the proxy for my server :-(12:15
keepguessings/for my server/for my laptop/12:16
EaxHey there - Just installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop - Can someone explain how I can disable the Searching in Nautilus when I write single letters? So that it just jumps to the first file with that letter instead of opening a search view? Thanks!12:16
ehhhalso i see it's made by a norwegian, blasphemy ! no one in my country can do this :P12:16
keepguessingIs there any cleaner way that you use?12:16
=== mmrazik|lunch is now known as mmrazik
bhavyakumarsinghhello installed libreoffice bit can not open files with .odt or .doc extension12:28
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: I've made the recommended changes, and can see the contents in the altered file. Issue is, the program I use utilises /etc/resolv.conf, and I need to remove the nameserver from this file before the new nameservers will be used. Can I just manually delete this line?12:28
auronandacebhavyakumarsingh: how did you install it?12:28
ehhhZenoArrow: trying out subsonic now, so it's like you set up the media folders from your computer, and it works like a cloud server that you can access from anywhere?12:29
bhavyakumarsinghauronandance : using "sudo apt-get install libreoffice12:30
morpheus_ 12:30
ZenoArrowehhh: Yes, pretty much.12:30
auronandacebhavyakumarsingh: works fine for me12:30
ehhhZenoArrow: looks pretty cool, i'll definitively check this out some more and try it out see how it works, what's the best configuration for this?12:31
bhavyakumarsinghauronandace :it is installed but when  try to open it it gives option filter selection12:31
MonkeyDustbhavyakumarsingh  maybe a language pack that's not installed?12:31
bhavyakumarsinghmonkey dust: how can i install it12:32
ZenoArrowehhh: You will probably need to setup dynamicdns if you want to access your collection from outside your network.12:32
auronandacebhavyakumarsingh: are you sure the file you are trying to open is in fact a .odt or .doc12:32
auronandacebhavyakumarsingh: you haven't just renamed the file to have that extension have you?12:32
ZenoArrowehhh: Is video streaming a requirement for you?12:32
bhavyakumarsinghyes bcoz i can open them on other system installed with Ubuntu and even windows but not onmy PC12:32
MonkeyDustbhavyakumarsingh  renaming a file does not convert it12:33
bhavyakumarsinghi know bro i have saved them in .doc and .odt formats12:33
ehhhZenoArrow: music is #1, i can say video streaming is around 10-15% really . . but that might change a bit once i get everything up and running but i still think music will be #1. . i might prefer to watch movies stored locally just for stability but i'm not completely sure what i'll do in the end12:34
nabnhi. i need to reinstall the linux kernel ( i guess ). Is there a easy (.deb, or apt-get way) to do that?12:34
bhavyakumarsinghMonkeyDust, any other option12:35
reisionabn: you guess?12:35
ZenoArrowehhh: What machine would you like to use as your server?12:35
nabnreisio, i am not really sure12:36
nabnreisio, i am kind of desparate12:36
ehhhZenoArrow: well since my old laptop is out of the question it seems that i'll either use my old stationary, or a new one, or the last option which would be a NAS12:36
reisionabn: over what/12:36
ZenoArrowehhh: Why is your old laptop out of the question? How old is old?12:37
ZenoArrowehhh: I only ask as I've got Subsonic setup on a Raspberry Pi, which is pretty much perfect as a Subsonic audio server, but not quite powerful enough to do video transcoding.12:38
tesqieis this a help chat?12:39
jribtesqie: yes12:39
nabnreisio, my graphics drivers are not apparantly working. i should be using the default driver module that comes with the kernel. when i upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04, the graphics was not right and also, i couldn't change my brightness levels12:39
ehhhZenoArrow: I can't get ubuntu installed, I get a hotswap fail at the beginning of the install. . it runs with ubuntu off usb / live cd fine but i can't get it installed properly / hard drives won't format ( i think ). it runs windows 7 but after about 20 minutes it shuts off (i believe) because of overheating12:39
ehhhZenoArrow: if I could get ubuntu properly on it it's my first choice even though it gets hot as . . i won't be physically using it anyway is my though. .12:40
tesqieive been working for 3 days trying to isntall ubuntu 13.04 along side windows 8. first of all it wasnt loading so i had to use nomodeset wich didnt work then later used radeon.modeset=0 wich works. Althought this generates a problem later on. ofcourse after ubuntu was installed my computer would boot straight onto windows. to fix this i used boot-repair disk. and had to use radeon.modeset=0 but using this commain it gives me gtk cann12:41
ZenoArrowehhh: Oh okay, probably best to avoid using it if it overheats. In that case you're looking at your standalone machine. What hardware has it got? Would you happy leaving it on all the time, or would you be keen to get something lower power?12:41
Alternatewhy would someone get a home server? what is the benefit?12:43
tesqiedoes anyone have a clue, cuz im really lost12:43
ZenoArrowAlternate: There are tons of benefits, just depends on what you use computers for.12:43
=== lfitt is now known as pppZero
tesqieive been working for 3 days trying to isntall ubuntu 13.04 along side windows 8. first of all it wasnt loading so i had to use nomodeset wich didnt work then later used radeon.modeset=0 wich works. Althought this generates a problem later on. ofcourse after ubuntu was installed my computer would boot straight onto windows. to fix this i used boot-repair disk. and had to use radeon.modeset=0 but using this commain it gives me gtk cann12:45
ehhhZenoArrow: it's an old packard bell, I can't completely remember the specs but i tihnk it's somewhere around . . 2.5 ghz, 2-4gb ram, a few hdds and stuff . . i'm in between whether i should use it for htpc purposes or as a music production studio computer (though I'll probably end up getting a new custom built for that, i don't want to lose my stuff) so it looks like it's a viable option for htpc use if i put in a hdmi card. .12:45
ehhhZenoArrow: and yes it should be fine running all the time, though I might standby at night for safety12:46
ZenoArrowtesqie: Take a look at this... http://askubuntu.com/questions/279275/dual-boot-problem-windows-8-ubuntu-12-0412:46
tesqiezeno arrow i tried that12:47
selimAnyone some other idea how I can retrigger my upgrade?12:48
ZenoArrowtesqie: Which method did you try? There are two listed.12:48
tesqiethe first one12:48
tesqiedoes the second one work with uefi?12:48
MonkeyDustselim  "other" as opposed to what?12:48
ZenoArrowtesqie: Worth a go.12:48
tesqieso i slap it on a usb and boot with it?12:49
selimMonkeyDust: to this one, which did not help: ActionParsnip[#ubuntu] selim: wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage12:49
ZenoArrowtesqie: Here's the link to the documentation... http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/secureboot.html12:50
tesqiethank you going to try it now12:50
MonkeyDustselim  if upgrading fails, try backup and fresh install12:50
ZenoArrowehhh: As long as you're happy leaving your PC on during the day, no problem. Worth looking into whether your PC supports Wake on LAN as well. The installation guide is on the Subsonic website.12:51
selimMonkeyDust: before I do this, I would manually reinstall all packages listed in the apt-get log12:51
selimwhich would work as well, but I search for some more simpler way12:51
Alternatehow does wake on lan work?12:52
MonkeyDustselim  fresh install is the most simple, fast and clean way12:52
ehhhZenoArrow: wake-on-lan would be cool, basically i could boot it up from a phone/remote? i know i can get it out of standby with the space button on the keyboard (but that's probably not the same thing)12:54
ZenoArrowAlternate: Wake on LAN works by keeping the network adapter active whilst the rest of the machine is not, then when you receive a certain packet it switches the machine on. The motherboard needs to support it for it to work. Some motherboards also support Wake On Wlan.12:55
ZenoArrowehhh: Pretty much, yes. It's different from getting it out of standby from just pressing space, as the computer is in a much lower power state when not in use with Wake on Lan.12:57
selimMonkeyDust: in this case it's not12:57
Alternatedo you need a special router for that?12:57
selimMonkeyDust: it's a server an a reinstall would be to much stuff to care for afterwards12:58
ehhhZenoArrow: I'll look into if it works once i get it up from the closet and running :) though i'll say that computer I don't think I've used it that much online (it doesn't have wifi, but i don't dread cables)12:58
ZenoArrowAlternate: No, you don't need a special router, your computer motherboard needs to support it, it's a BIOS setting.12:58
Alternateis there a channel where people talk about routers, acces points?12:59
ZenoArrowAlternate: What would you like to know?12:59
anomHow can I remove empathy from 13.04?12:59
Alternate<ZenoArrow>: Can i send you  a pm?13:00
ZenoArrowAlternate: You could, but I'd prefer if you could just send me the message here.13:00
auronandaceanom: why do you want to remove it?13:01
anomI never use it.13:01
anomI use skype.13:01
auronandaceanom: no need to remove it13:01
auronandaceanom: not like it takes up much space13:02
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_neural_whats the command to start the upgrade manager and switch to the new release?13:02
Biomechdhey guys, i'm trying to update warzone 2100 to 3.1.0, but the instructions i was following don't work because apparently everything it needs "doesn't have an installation candidate"13:02
jrib!upgrade | _neural_13:02
ubottu_neural_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:02
uhelpGreetings:  I have Ubuntu 1204.2.  How do you take a screenshot?  I have a "special" button on the keyboard and expect "PrtSc" button to take a screenshot but .... it doesn't.13:03
marcelluxI use Ksnapshot13:04
Biomechduhelp: it should be screenshotting everything. mine does. of course, i'm a version ahead of you.13:04
Biomechdi just use the default screenshot program that came with it13:04
uhelpBiomechd: then I should file a bug in launchpad?13:04
marcelluxis it a laptop or a pc?13:04
Biomechdmine's a laptop13:04
uhelpmarcellux: it is a laptop13:04
marcelluxtry to check the keyboard layout13:05
uhelpmarcellux: how do I check it?13:05
Biomechdthe install directions here don't work. how can i fix it? https://uniluug.org/wiki/Warzone_210013:05
marcelluxam using kubuntu, but I guess u can check that under settings13:05
marcelluxor better yet, under keyboard shortcuts13:06
tesqiei tried it and it works when i boot but now my display doesnt work, how do i incorprate modeset=0?13:06
adamk_uhelp: Are you sure it didn't copy the screenshot to your clipboard?13:06
uhelpmarcellux: I see "Keyboard Input Methods" ... but that doesn't sound like what you want.  Still looking ...13:07
adamk_tesqie: Setting modeset=0 is generally not a good idea unless you are trying to use proprietary drivers.  Can you log in at the console and pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.13:07
tesqieidk how13:08
tesqiebut without modeset=0 i cannot install ubuntu or use it13:08
uhelpadamk_: If it did should I be able to paste it with ctrl-v in writer?13:08
tesqiecuz my radeon graphics card13:08
tesqieim trying to boot into ubuntu after installing it13:08
uhelpadamk_: (because CTRL-V in writer doesn't paste a screenshot)13:09
hadifarnoudmy server is under DDoS attacks. I enabled fail2ban with default config. I just enabled all jails. is the default conf good enough? now I can't even resolve a host. https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/3d2aecbe064f3034fccb13:10
uhelpmarcellux: I think I found where you wanted me to go.  You type gnome-control-center then you scroll down to "keyboard" then select the "Shortcuts" tab13:10
adamk_uhelp: OK, well I'd be disinclined to think that this is a bug, and more likely something not configured properly on your end.13:11
marcelluxtry there to see if u can set your own shortcut to take snapshots13:11
uhelpadamk_: if something isn't configured correctly then it would seem to be a bug since I just installed 12.04.2 a few days ago13:11
marcelluxif it's still not working, then you have a bug to report13:12
adamk_uhelp: I'd be more inclined to think it's something *you* did :-)13:12
hadifarnoudwhy is it all
everestt"Drawing/Dingbat" fonts aren't working on my 13.04... the .ttf file is copied in my ~/.fonts folder... the file opens fine with the font viewer... but whenever I try to use the font from Libreoffice or any other application, it just shows english alphabets instead of the drawings! What's happening?13:13
uhelpadamk_: I changed the shortcut to Super L and it still doesn't work.13:13
hadifarnoudmy server is under DDoS attacks. I enabled fail2ban with default config. I just enabled all jails. is the default conf good enough? now I can't even resolve a host. https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/3d2aecbe064f3034fccb perhaps I shouldn't use it for DNS?13:14
everesttbtw, the default webdings font is working fine! Any other dingbat fonts I install aren't working.13:14
uhelpadamk_: I installed 12.04.2 then I installed gnome, mplayer, and a few others.  I really don't understand how this could mean I am at fault but it is very hard to rule out I didn't make a mistake without knowing it (if I knew it I wouldn't be here).13:14
tesqiehow do i install ubuntu i keep getting a purple screen, im downloading it along side windows 8 uefi, been trying for days13:15
ehhhdoes anyone know how well windows communicates with ubuntu? say i run windows on my laptop (main comp) and ubuntu on my htpc and i want to ftp new files from the laptop to the htpc, would that be  a problem with a proper ftp client? (assuming ftp is the best sollution)13:15
uhelpadamk_: none of the others should have anything to do with taking a screen capture13:15
adamk_uhelp: Ubuntu 12.04 ships with gnome by default...  So what did you do to "install" it?13:16
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uhelpadamk_: history | grep install shows ssh google-chrome-stable rep fastjar g++ mplayer ghc curl dpkg-dev lua5.2 libcurl-openssl-dev iotop iftop gnome mplayer13:17
uhelpadamk_: I type sudo apt-get install gnome13:17
uhelpadamk_: maybe this is a non-operation13:17
tesqieim trying to install ubuntu 13.0413:17
uhelpadamk_: also installed vmware --- but it isn't running now13:17
uhelpadamk_: (vmware player)13:18
=== Multiply is now known as multiply
uhelpadamk_: at the login I switched to gnome without effects.  I don't claim this has anything to do with my issue ... just tell so that everything is known.13:19
Biomechdi'm trying to run an install.sh file from the terminal after cd-ing to its directory, but ./install-sh just returns "no input file specified". what do i need to do to fix this?13:19
hadifarnoudmy server is under DDoS attacks. I enabled fail2ban with default config. I just enabled all jails. is the default conf good enough? now I can't even resolve a host. https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/3d2aecbe064f3034fccb perhaps I shouldn't use it for DNS?13:20
=== jeanaustinr is now known as jeanaustinr|x
adamk_uhelp: Did you check your keyboard layout?  Does the shortcut to a single simplekey, such as 'p'13:21
uhelpadamk_: BUG! I tried to switch back to using "PrtSc" button and it says "The shortcut "Print" is already used for "Take a screenshot"         If you reassign the shortcut to "Take a screenshot", the "Take a screenshot" shortcut will be disabled.13:22
ehhhif i want a external hard drive to be compatible with both windows and ubuntu, what should i use? (fat32, ext2/3 or ntfs?)13:22
uhelpadamk_: it was "Print" and I changed it (as you suggest) to "Super L" (*still didn't work) so I tried to change it back to "Print" which is when I get this error message13:23
ThePendulumehhh: I'd recommend NTFS, although that won't give you high performance on Ubuntu13:24
adamk_uhelp: Honestly, this is the first time I'm hearing about this "bug"...  Did you install from a live CD?  Does it work from a live CD?13:24
ThePendulumehhh: FAT32 has a filesize limit of 4GB13:24
ThePendulumAnd ext# isn't very compatible with Windows13:25
uhelpadamk_: i installed from the install DVD which I wasn't aware was different then the live DVD .... are they different?13:25
ehhhThePendulum: it would probably be used for moving files across from this computer to the ubuntu computer. . unless ftp is a better option13:25
uhelpadamk_: I can boot into the DVD I installed from and try ... it may take me some minutes to do this but I will13:25
k1l_ehhh: go with ntfs13:26
zephyr28Has anyone been able to get ZoneMinder setup and working in 13.04?  I can't seem to find ANY instructions on setting it up that aren't a couple years old.13:26
k1l_ehhh: its compatible with most OS and the speed is not that bad as usb-speed is anyway13:26
uhelpadamk_: also I took a photo of the error with my phone.  I don't see how it could be other than a bug when it shows the shortcut is Super L but when I change it to Print it says Print is already assigned to Take a screenshot.13:26
ThePendulumMy laptop has a fingerprint reader and it previously worked in Ubuntu13:27
ThePendulumNow I reinstalled Ubuntu, and I can't get the reader to work13:27
uhelpadamk_: How could it not be a bug?  Shouldn't a non-buggy Ubuntu claim Super L is not assigned to Take a screenshot OR claim Print is assigned but not both at once on the same screen?13:27
ehhhk1l_: yes i've been using ntfs as standard for years since fat32 won't support bigger files, say if the sole purpose was to move smaller files though (like music (say 50-100 mb per song), would NTFS still be the best option?13:28
adamk_uhelp: Unless you somehow did something to assign printscreen somewhere else. I'm not saying this isn't necessarily a bug, I'm just trying to figure out what you did to trigger it :-)13:29
ehhhi have several ext hdds :P13:29
ehhhexternal *13:29
ActionParsnipehhh: ntfs is good if you need to have the data accessibe in Windows13:29
=== jeanaustinr|x is now known as jeanaustinr
ehhhcool, cross platform is always a plus :)13:30
ActionParsnipehhh: well, windows can only access few file systems, so you need to accommodate13:31
ActionParsnipehhh: alternatively, use ext4 and setup an sftp server and access the storage securely over WAN13:31
mic1980good day to all13:32
uhelpadamk_: I don13:32
uhelpadamk_: I don't want to file some false bugs but I don't see how this could be anything else.  Please look at this image http://imgur.com/Z9xFt7H,W4J1Rdl and explain to me the way it isn't a bug.13:33
mic1980is anyone interested in helping me in detail walk me through a dual boot configuration to my specific needs13:33
ehhhActionParsnip: yes i'd rather run linux on all my computers but at this time i need something to produce music on and linux doesn't do it for me, i most want a mac :P would you recommend ftp over an external?13:33
mydog2409anyone know how to install the backports ?13:33
ActionParsnipehhh: its my preference, i have my fileserver on 24/7 so it is accessible13:34
uhelpadamk_: Notice there are TWO shortcuts to take a screenshot  .... how is it possible?  I never created the second.  I only assigned from Print to Super L not make a duplicate.13:34
ehhhActionParsnip: your fileserver, is it a hdd/nas connected to your router or?13:35
ntzrmtthihu777question: with the 1.7 version of oracle java its actually openjdk compliant now, right? I recall someone saying that on some channel13:35
mustafarm -rf /usr/lib/asterisk/modules  is thatright to delet the modules  form old versıon of asterisk?13:35
uhelpadamk_: Why didn't it give me some error when I assigned Super L if duplicates are a problem instead of creating one?  I wish you to tell me you also feel it is a bug if you do but if you do not I will wait to listen to rule out any flaw I may have created.13:36
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: they are different products13:36
ActionParsnipehhh: its a low end PC with storage running openssh-server13:36
ehhhActionParsnip: cool, afaik NAS drives are low end computers i think? they atleast state the ghz they're running on and stuff (mount drives)13:38
mustafa<mustafa> rm -rf /usr/lib/asterisk/modules  is thatright to delet the modules  form old versıon of asterisk?13:38
mic1980ive tried multiple methods of installing 12.04 on 1 of 2 separate physical hard drives with no success to reach the goal i wish for13:38
mic1980the installation is successful but not to the end goal im aiming for13:40
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: what is your end goal?13:41
=== lance is now known as Guest18321
mic1980my end goal is using drive 1 for xp and drive 2 for ubuntu with dual boot in place but ive run into problems getting to the dual boot part13:42
ActionParsnipehhh: if the data is available, who cares :)13:42
ActionParsnipmic1980: i'd use 1 drive for both OSes then use the 2nd drive as pure user data13:42
ActionParsnipmic1980: makes backup easier too :)13:42
mic1980makes sense, but can drive 2 be used for data for both xp and ubuntu shared13:43
=== fwilsleep is now known as fwilson
ehhhActionParsnip: agree on that, using what's available is the simplest way to get it going :P13:45
MonkeyDustmic1980  sure, make it a fat drive, so both windows and linux can read it13:45
mic1980also makes sense, but fat is not very reliable would you not agree13:46
mic1980also fat has limitations for file size limits13:47
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: how good is your pc? I personally keep a winxp vm for testing builds of my current project on windows, and a 16gb vdi and 1gb ram allocated to it is more than enough13:47
ntzrmtthihu777not to mention you don't have to reboot to access said os.13:47
mic1980well its pretty good, 3 ghz processor, 2 gb ram and for playing with linux and xp 2 80 gb satas13:48
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: why don't you just give a virtualbox vm of winxp a shot? it does the trick for me :P13:49
=== philinux is now known as eyegore
mic1980well to be honest, im trying to learn the very basics as you may recall from previous conversations or not, and want to gradually become more aquainted with linux. and i could use the machine for strictly linux but dont want to waste the key code for xp so hence dual boot. the other reason is trying to work with the normal defaults set in the ubuntu setup disk and understand both options and limitations for setup13:52
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: this is my pc, and it the arrangement I described works pretty well: CPU~Dual core AMD Athlon II X2 240e (-MCP-) clocked at 800.000 Mhz Kernel~3.2.0-48-generic x86_64 Up~8:09 Mem~1059.0/2943.5MB HDD~500.1GB(30.8% used) Procs~166 Client~Irssi 0.8.15 inxi~1.8.413:52
adamk_uhelp: OK, if it's showing two entries for printscreen by default, that really does sound like a bug.13:54
mic1980at some point id like to get to the learning stage of vm with ubuntu, but not sure my tiny brain can handle that right now lol13:54
thebrushhellopat, is there someone that use winexe? I couldn't find server part (only the client that I already installed in my Pangolin.13:55
mic1980tell did i hear correctly that linux uses something called x-fat and is it not suppose to be more reliable13:55
GrygrFlzrdon't you mean exFAT?13:56
mic1980see the novice is showing in me. lol13:56
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: its actually not so hard, lol. its just like installing xp on a normal machine, in truth. format the partitions right, install, validate, done.13:57
mic1980only heard it verbally from a friend who recommend that i play around with linux and recommend ubuntu13:57
GrygrFlzrand that is actually a microsoft filesystem afaik13:57
mic1980your talking vm right13:57
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: I believe you mean the ext4 filesystem13:57
GrygrFlzrvm is even easier13:58
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: yeah, super easy.13:58
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berryciderspiderguys is there any way to access the page info -> media using python?13:59
ActionParsnipberryciderspider: I'd ask in #python too :)13:59
mic1980well action had suggested, and a very good suggestion to setup both xp and linux dual boot on drive 1 and make drive 2 fat, so i was thinking of doing this. but wanted to maybe ask if i would be better using ex-fat to format drive 2 than typical fat32 from windows13:59
=== jinie is now known as jinie_
th0rmic1980, I wouldn't suggest exfat, but ntfs would be a good choice14:00
bashturdarticle I read over the weekend discussing exFat http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/06/review-is-microsofts-new-data-sharing-system-a-cross-platform-savior/14:01
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: just know one thing, vanilla windows cannot read ext filesystems (read: linux partitions). there are things you can install in it to make able to14:01
mic1980so linux recognizes ntfs then, good14:01
ActionParsnipmic1980: both OSes can read and write NTFS, I'd use that14:01
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: linux recognizes everything, I believe. linux to windows is easy, but the other way around, not so much :p14:01
th0rmic1980, I have installed exfat support on my xp vm, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. But since it is a last minute 'add-on' to xp, I don't trust it14:02
mic1980ya i read that in setting up partitions etc14:02
ActionParsnipmic1980: keep your actual home folder in ext4 as this is required, but your casual user data can sit on NTFS. Only down side is that sharing NTFS using Samba isnt easy14:02
deanrock0NTFS support on Linux is a lot better than ext support on windows14:02
=== fernando is now known as Guest92141
ntzrmtthihu777^ this14:02
mic1980well for right now, since i dont know enough about linux yet, its just to learn and play with for a few weeks to get aquainted and experiment with.14:03
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: heh, its a quick learn, assuming you are not afraid of the terminal prompt (think cmd.exe)14:03
=== multiply is now known as Multiply
mic1980not afraid of term but from what i can see, learning the terminology is substantial14:04
deanrock0(it resembles cmd.exe, but it's nothing like it)14:04
CalimeroTeknikhow can I not install firefox-locale-fr when installing language-pack-fr on a server?14:04
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: yeah, I just wanted to give him something he may recognise as a reference :P14:05
mic1980basically an old dos man from years back so not much different that way, but terminology is by far different14:05
deanrock0cmd is something that forced me off the Windows :)14:06
mic1980so my next question14:06
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, lol. I find when I'm using cmd.exe in my winxp vm I have a tendency to try to use bash commands XD14:06
GrygrFlzrntzrmtthihu777, likewise from winxp to ubuntu/debian.14:06
* GrygrFlzr has yet to experience ubuntu fully because it derps in one way or another14:07
deanrock0powershell is a bit better - it supports basic linux commands14:08
mic1980drive 2 is bare bones now. nothing on it, not even formatted. just zero'ed out. do you recommend that i just go ahead and format drive 2 ntfs via xp or leave it and wait til after dual boot installed and use linux to format14:08
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: heh, I just ended up installing cygwin XD14:09
deanrock0i wonder why you need linux commands on windows vm14:10
colbabombhello, i would like to delete windows vista and have ubuntu take my whole drive without uninstalling, how would i do that14:10
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: because this is the environment i'm confortable with, lol14:10
deanrock0mic1980: do you already have windows installed?14:10
ntzrmtthihu777colbabomb: gparted on a live cd is your friend ;)14:10
mic1980ya on dirve 1 nothing else. clean install14:10
GrygrFlzrcolbabomb, what do you mean 'without uninstalling'?14:11
deanrock0mic1980: you want to install ubuntu on 1 or 2 drive?14:11
GrygrFlzrsimply reformat if you want linux to take the whole drive14:11
ntzrmtthihu777GrygrFlzr: I believe he means reinstalling ubuntu14:11
colbabombi already have windows and ubuntu on dual boot, i dont want to format but to extend partition that ubuntu is on, how can i do this safely14:11
pyasiguys internet doesn't work in my laptop while booting from a live cd14:12
ActionParsnippyasi: how do you connect to the web?14:12
deanrock0colbabomb: GParted Live CD/USB, delete windows partition with it and extend linux partition14:12
mic1980well originally was going to try to setup linux on drive 2 but my attempts to get dual boot to work did not work, so wiped drive start again. action had suggested just going typical dual boot from drive 1 then formatting drive 2 to ntfs use as data drive for both14:12
mic1980i like that idea14:12
pyasifrom Windows which is pre-installed14:12
kari-xhey all14:12
deanrock0colbabomb: be aware that such operation is not guaranteed to be save; it probably wont fail, but you still want to have a backup14:13
ActionParsnipmic1980: makes sense, also put swap and windows pagefile and temp in the other drive, extra speed14:13
pyasiin the live cd i can open the router's homepage but can't run a site14:13
colbabombdeanrock0: ill do that when saucy salamander comes or next LTS, thanks14:13
FourFireHello, what is the "best" open source sound player, with noise filtering features ?14:13
deanrock0mic1980; if you have two partitions on 1 drive, just install linux on second partition, and reformat second drive after installation14:14
ActionParsnipFourFire: there is no single best14:14
ntzrmtthihu777!best | FourFire14:14
ubottuFourFire: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:14
FourFireThen what is the best filter one (preferably with a GUI) ?14:14
ntzrmtthihu777!best | FourFire14:14
ActionParsnippyasi: echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf > /dev/null14:14
deanrock0pyasi: wlan or lan?14:14
ActionParsnippyasi: you now have web access14:14
colbabombalso how do i remove the windows part in the GRUB boot loader14:14
pyasideanrock0: wlan14:15
mic1980i take it that it matters not if i use xp or linux to format drive 2 to ntfs same file system regardless right14:15
FourFireOk thanks14:15
ActionParsnippyasi: if you can access the IP of the router you have web access, you will probably be just failing DNS14:15
pyasiActionParsnip: should i have to run that in a terminal??14:15
ntzrmtthihu777colbabomb: sudo update-grub after its gone and it should go away ;)14:15
deanrock0colbabomb: sudo update-grub14:15
deanrock0mic1980: you are right, it doesnt matter14:15
=== jinie_ is now known as jinie
colbabombalright thanks14:16
pyasiActionParsnip: but the internet works in the windows, i am using adsl from the telephone line14:16
ntzrmtthihu777pyasi: yeah, thats a terminal command14:16
FourFirewell audacity it is then14:16
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
deanrock0btw is there a music player with equalizer?14:17
mic1980last question for now ....lol. incidentally you folks have been a great help, thanks. so last question. for my basic purposes since im going to use drive  1 as dual o/s do you think for the moment 40 gig shared space each would be enough to play around with14:17
ActionParsnippyasi: yes run it in a terminal. Seems the dns is a bit funny in Ubuntu, that command will set a DNS server for you14:17
ntzrmtthihu777mic1980: plenty, lol14:17
mic1980great folks thanks for all your help for now. im sure ill be back soon.14:17
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: yeah, I set the google public dns servers as my router's default, which made a hell of a lot of difference14:18
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: sweet, if you use namebench you can see what is closer and more responsive for you and you can set that, lots of fun14:18
pyasiActionParsnip: ok man i will try14:18
fasdi use gparted to resize ntfs and now the ntfs is not bootable no more and the gparted tool say that i need to run chkdsk/f twice under windows14:19
ActionParsnippyasi: its only in the livecd too, so changes will be lost on reboot :)14:19
fasdbut i can't boot to winodow how to solve it14:19
ActionParsnipfasd: use a windows CD14:19
GrygrFlzrfasd: run the windows recovery tool from the cd ^14:19
fasdi dont have one14:19
fasdlaptop doesn't come with one14:20
GrygrFlzralso, it's usually not a good idea to use gparted to resize ntfs, you should let windows do that14:20
fasdgparted doesnt say anyting abut ntfs14:20
deanrock0use linux live cd, install ntfs-tools and try ntfsfix14:20
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: yeah, but my router is crap, lol. have a google at the nvg510 and let the horror begin14:20
pyasiActionParsnip: ok man , i am rebooting ok14:20
fasdit should warn user14:20
deanrock0fasd: ntfsfix might fix a problem14:21
deanrock0fasd: gparted works in most cases, but sometimes it fails14:21
fasdntfsfix is ubuntu app or windows14:21
ActionParsnippyasi: why reboot?14:22
ntzrmtthihu777anyone know how to fix a broken usb stick? a botched dd command stuck it as a read-only filesystem, and I can't even format it with gparted now *rage*14:22
=== mote is now known as Guest88713
deanrock0ntzrmtthihu777: create mbr partiton table with gparted14:22
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: use dban on it14:22
jeff__I got a strange ssh issue. When I attempt to connect to my ubuntu server i.e. ssh SERVERNAME, it actually connects to localhost!  I looked in /etc/hosts and .ssh/conf there is nothign for that sever. Any idea what could be causing it to connect to localhost over the actual host?14:22
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: dban?14:23
deanrock0jeff__: ping SERVERNAME?14:23
ActionParsnipjeff__: is it the same name?14:23
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: yes dban14:23
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: gparted cant do anything to it, as far as I can figure XD14:23
deanrock0ntzrmtthihu777: even creating new partition table? that sucks14:23
KriSHanSinI ran the indicator session show real name on panel line but it doesnt show up. i have ubuntu tweak installed though, could that be blocking it from showing?14:24
smoke_im having some problems with ac3 in dvdstyler, and on an ubuntu forum it says to get the newesdt version of ffmpeg to fix it, what ppa should i use? the jons one?14:24
ntzrmtthihu777I've tried every trick I know, but no dice :/14:24
smoke_im running 13.0414:24
c2tarunI just posted a tutorial, which can be useful to some Iphone owners: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2157148&p=12704475#post12704475   just wanted to share.14:24
deanrock0ntzrmtthihu777: although i don't know it, just try dban14:24
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: if all else fails, shove it next to a arge magnet and kill all data14:24
Semen_Dickmanis ubuntu some kind of code for gay ?14:25
Semen_Dickmangay sex?>14:25
FloodBot1Semen_Dickman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:25
ntzrmtthihu777man we get all types of trolls :/14:25
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: sup. what can we help you with?14:26
jeff__when I connect    The authenticity of host 'HOSTNAME (::1)' can't be established.14:26
deanrock0jeff__: looks like HOSTNAME is somehow linked to localhost14:26
g0thI have a mounted cifs share and inside that share I accidently copied some stuff to a folder backup/backup instead of to backup/ directly14:26
ActionParsnipjeff__: what if you nslookup the name?14:26
g0thso now I have stuff in backup and in backup/backup14:26
ActionParsnipg0th: cd /path/to/first/backup; cp ./backup/* .14:27
g0thhow can I move/copy the stuff in backup/backup/ to backup/?14:27
jeff__nslookup does show localhost... that's dns?  because ping works find14:27
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: so what should I have done in gparted?14:27
g0ththere are already 2TB of data in backup/14:27
g0thand another ~1TB of data in backup/backup/14:27
ActionParsnipjeff__: if you add the resolution in /etc/hosts is it ok?14:27
g0thso I just want to move/copy the difference14:27
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: cd backup; mv backup/* .14:27
KriSHanSinshow user name on panel for 12.04 lts not working. any one have this issue?14:27
=== Aww is now known as EvilAww
g0thntzrmtthihu777: how is that supposed to work? the folders aleady exist14:28
g0thI tried to use rsync14:28
g0thbut it somehow doesn't work with cifs14:28
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: it will move the contents of backup.... oh wait, you mean backup and backup/backup have the same folders?14:28
MonkeyDustg0th  rsync -a copies only what's changed, it's called 'incremental'14:29
ntzrmtthihu777oh wow, I think the usb stick somehow fixed itself 0_014:29
ntzrmtthihu777What filesystem is a liveusb supposed to be?14:30
auronandacentzrmtthihu777: usually fat3214:31
CalimeroTeknikyou'll find UDF, ext2, vfat…14:31
g0thMonkeyDust, ntzrmtthihu777: when I use rsync my system frooze I wasn't even able to kill the rsync process14:31
auronandacentzrmtthihu777: oops, sorry, i thought you meant a normal usb stick (not a live system)14:31
KriSHanSinntzrmtthihu777: w95 FAT 32 bootable14:31
g0thI did a reboot (which also failed) so I just pressed the power button14:31
g0ththen it finally booted14:31
g0thand now it's fine again I hope14:32
deanrock0ntzrmtthihu777: ubuntu has some kind of usb installer that should also work with other iso files14:32
g0thby "frooze" I mean nothing related to the cifs share worked anymore14:32
deanrock0ntzrmtthihu777: or you can just dd in most cases14:32
CalimeroTeknikis there a command to import the repos' keys or something? I just ran debootstrap to get a minimal ubuntu 12.04 install, but I get "WARNING: packages cannot be authenticated!" when I chroot and want to install something14:32
g0this there a similar command like rsync for "moving" files?14:33
g0thso I don't have to copy 1TB?14:33
MonkeyDustg0th  rsync is the fastest, easiest and most versatile way14:33
cloneGhi there14:34
CalimeroTeknikrsync is what you want; if it isn't, there is no answer14:34
g0thMonkeyDust: but it _copies_ the data14:34
g0thok so I guess I can just copy them14:34
cloneGI would like to add some more date time locations to my indicator applet14:34
g0thnot move them14:34
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: yeah, I use it all the time, but this is after finally getting this damn usb stick working again :P14:34
g0thif I want to move them I'd have to do it manually14:35
g0thmaybe by writing some script14:35
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: would not be too hard of a bash script, you know :P14:35
cloneGmy indicator applet is not as complete as the one in this post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/155151/how-to-set-multiple-timezones-in-gnome-classic14:35
ikoniag0th: there is a "delete source" option for rsync14:35
cloneGusing ubuntu 12.04 gnome session fallback macosx lion them14:35
ikoniag0th: so as it copies them it removes the source14:36
g0thwhich doesn't help ^14:36
g0ththe point was to save time by just moving files14:36
ikoniacloneG: suggest you disable the theme and go back to stanrd theme and test it14:36
MonkeyDustg0th  try rsync -a --delete [from] [to]14:36
ikoniag0th: copy+remove source = move14:36
g0thah :)14:36
g0thso it does move them14:36
cloneGdone not working14:36
g0ththat's very nice to know14:36
CalimeroTeknikwill it really just mv the files?14:37
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: no14:37
cloneGit seems I have not the same applet installed14:37
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: it will copy them and remove the source14:37
cloneGhow do I install clock applet?14:37
g0thmv bigfile bigfile2 => instant, cp bigfile bigfile2 => very slow14:37
ikoniag0th: no it doesn't14:37
ikoniag0th: it's because it's doing a checksum14:37
jlebrechwhat's the command to mount an external hdd with write permissions?14:37
ikoniag0th: that is the real delay, which with 1TB of data you want to do14:37
g0thikonia: I put --size-only14:37
ikoniag0th: ok - then just "mv direcotory new_place"14:38
CalimeroTeknikjlebrech, you're willing to mount an NTFS filesystem.14:38
CalimeroTeknikinstall ntfs-3g.14:38
g0thikonia: but the new place contains the same directories14:38
ikoniag0th: rm old directories14:38
g0ththey are already filled up to 2TB14:38
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: I believe g0th has a matching dir tree in backup and backup/backup, would this not be a problem?14:38
CalimeroTeknikthis is specific to NTFS, jlebrech, there is no driver that supports writing, so you have to use ntfs-3g14:39
g0thI just wanted to know how to "rsync move" files14:39
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: not with flags such as "-f"14:39
ikoniag0th: yes, and I've just told you how to do it, but you are complaining it's too slow14:39
g0thikonia: ok I will copy them14:39
CalimeroTeknikikonia, you didn't, your command copies then deletes14:39
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: you could use fdupes to delete all the exact duplicate files first and try it then :)14:39
CalimeroTeknikit doesn't move14:39
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: that is the move14:39
CalimeroTeknikyes, but imagine the space for the file isn't even available on the disk14:40
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: -n will stop existing files being overwritten with a mv14:40
usuarioaiara fernanda kotula maizuk14:40
CalimeroTeknikthen your command will fail out of disk space, and mv will work14:40
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: it doesn't use the space, as it deletes as ti copies14:40
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: hell fdupes is an awesome tool anyways, lol.14:40
g0thbut it doesn't solve the issue14:40
KriSHanSinhow do i get ubuntu one back if i purged it ?14:40
g0thtwo issues: first of copy might require too much space (solved by deleting source), 2nd issue: when I rsync dir2 to dir1 the time is linear in the amount of data to copy14:41
CalimeroTeknikwhat? does it gradually resize the file, ikonia ? afaik it's deleted in the end.14:41
g0thif I would move the files it is essentially instant14:41
ntzrmtthihu777it would probly take a while due to the size of the drive, but it would delete all exact duplicate files, freeing up some (and maybe alot of) space, making the cp/del command work right14:41
ikoniag0th: but then it wouldn't do any of the things you want such as comparing against what's there or not deleting the original14:41
KriSHanSinoh wait i got it14:41
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: here, lemme ssh in and I'll fix it for you ;) XD14:41
ikoniag0th: just do a mv -n if you don't want to overwrite14:41
ikoniag0th: you have to accept that "mv" is different than what you want so stop comparing it14:42
g0thhmm can "mv" move a folder "on top" of a folder which has the same layout?14:42
ikoniag0th: not withtout overwriting it14:42
CalimeroTeknikonly cp -r can do that14:42
g0thoverwriting is ok14:42
ikoniag0th: then yes14:42
ikoniag0th: man mv14:42
ikoniamv -f14:42
g0thjust not deleting stuff14:42
ntzrmtthihu777g0th: nah, if they have the same name it should place the moved folder into the other one14:43
g0th"only delete by overwriting"14:43
ikoniag0th: what ?14:43
g0thdir1/a, dir1/b,  dir2/a, dir2/b   how can I "move" dir1 to dir2?14:43
ikoniag0th: mv -f dir1 dir214:44
g0thand what will that do?14:44
overdubg0th, maybe you want to use rsync instead, then delete the originals?14:44
g0thdoing it right now14:44
g0theta is a week14:44
CalimeroTeknikit does indeed work if you use mv -f, g0th14:44
ikoniag0th: no it' snot14:44
ThePendulumThe fingerprint reader no longer works in Ubuntu, it isn't detected by Fingerprint-gui. Any ideas?14:44
ikoniag0th: man mv14:44
g0thCalimeroTeknik: thanks!14:44
CalimeroTeknikwait, mv -f isn't recursive14:45
CalimeroTeknikit will just error14:45
g0thso what I will do is:  "mv -f backup/backup/ backup/" and then I "rsync -avP --size-only  original_source/ backup/" ?14:45
CalimeroTeknikit won't hurt, but it just won't work14:45
g0thtaht's what I though14:45
g0ththat is an interesting problem14:46
ikoniait's not a problem14:46
g0this there no "rsync with move capabilities"?14:46
ntzrmtthihu777how does one use dd to make a live usb of an ubuntu iso?14:46
ikoniag0th: rsync = syncronize not move14:46
g0thso there is not?14:46
ikoniag0th: you've been given 3 - 4 options to resolve your problem, and you find off problems with them14:46
CalimeroTeknikwell, I understand g0th's issue ikonia, it's performance, not result14:46
g0thikonia: yeah nothing of the 3-4 options solves the issue14:47
ikoniag0th: they do14:47
CalimeroTeknikwell actually the result can also be unidentiical if a file is bigger than the remaining disk space14:47
CalimeroTeknik^ ikonia14:47
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: you're too arrogant. what part of not working to how g0th needs it don't you get? they are the one sitting at the pc viewing the issue, and are in best position to say what does or does not work in said situation.14:48
CalimeroTeknikcopying a file needs two times the disk space for it.14:48
g0thI mean my problem is a valid one, and I guess there is simply no available solution, so I just stick to the slower solution which works but just takes more time14:48
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: then explain to me how it's not workoing14:48
g0thI was just curious if it was possible which is imo a valid question14:48
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: if you understand why none of the solutions are not working for him are not working, please enlighten me14:48
CalimeroTeknikikonia, I tested it → using rsync with -delete option needs to have as much free FS space as the file is big.14:49
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: I don;t need to, g0th did. and I can't, as I'm not sitting at said pc.14:49
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: yes, and the reasons he's given for not working don't make sense - hence why I'm questioning them14:49
Walex2g0th: was loking at your previous messages briefly...14:49
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: hence why I'm saying "stop comparing your problem to "mv"" as it's not the same situation14:49
CalimeroTeknikikonia, you ignoring me?14:49
g0thikonia: all solutions involved copying a file or some usage of "mv" that does not work recusively14:49
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: no14:49
Walex2g0th: your main problem is that "eta is a week14:49
ikoniag0th: mv will work recurisvly if you copy the top folder, it takes all the children with it14:49
Walex2g0th: can you restate briefly your issue for me, giving the number of entities involved and the storage system profile?14:50
g0thikonia: I have essentially two almost identical directory hierarchies, how can I "move one into the other"? it doesn't seem to work with "mv -f"14:50
CalimeroTeknikikonia, if the subfolders already exist it won't merge the contents14:50
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: mv is not a "merge" tool, hence why I keep saying "stop comparing it to mv"14:51
Walex2g0th: you want to *merge* the two tree, directory-by-directory?14:51
leehambleyI'm looking for a way to image a system that is already installed (to save time) and prepare that image as a re-installable image, is that possible?14:51
CalimeroTeknikyep. so we have no solution to the problem.14:51
ikoniag0th: that's merging - that's not moving, that's why I keep saying "stop comparing to mv"14:51
g0thWalex2: yes essentially14:51
Walex2g0th: how many files and directories are you trying to merge?14:51
g0thWalex2: well in essence I want the same result as rsync but without copying instead with moving14:51
g0thWalex2: roughly 2 TB14:52
Walex2g0th: BTW the *obvious* solution is 'cp -al' or 'cp -alf'.14:52
CalimeroTeknikcp -a is enough14:52
g0thbut that will take a looong time14:52
CalimeroTeknikhowever it needs the disk space and time14:52
ikoniaWalex2: copy is unacceptble - has to be move.......for him14:52
Walex2CalimeroTeknik: 'cp -a' not move, it copies.14:52
g0thand it will require twice the amount of disc space14:52
Walex2ikonia: 'man cp'14:52
g0thand how does it merge?14:52
ikoniaWalex2: I know how to use cp14:52
CalimeroTeknikI just said so, Walex214:52
g0thwell it's fine I will just wait a little longer14:53
Walex2g0th: what you do is merge-by-linking, and then you remove te original.14:53
g0thnow I'm just curious if it is possible14:53
g0tham I not allowed to be curious?14:53
Walex2g0th: but the issue is not how to do it, it is the speed.14:53
g0ththe move command is fast14:53
g0ththe copy command is slow14:53
CalimeroTeknikyou're going to have to use find -exec mv14:53
Walex2g0th: please read 'man cp'.14:54
=== jinie is now known as jinie_
Walex2CalimeroTeknik: please read 'man cp' as 'find -exec mv' does something quite different14:54
CalimeroTeknikWalex2, man cp is of no use for this case14:54
ikoniaCalimeroTeknik: it is, if you read what's being suggested14:55
ikoniabut as the focus just keeps being told "no I want to move", it's pointless to discuss it14:55
Walex2CalimeroTeknik: please read 'man pc', option '-l, --link'14:55
CalimeroTeknikoh, yeah14:55
CalimeroTeknikthat is one neat idea14:55
Walex2ahhhh :-)14:55
chamunkshow do i add openvpn to this list http://imgur.com/zW6MAPK14:55
g0thhmm it is on a cifs share14:56
g0thI don't think hard links work?14:56
CalimeroTeknikha ha. use a real FS14:56
g0thits on a NAS14:56
Walex2g0th: are souce and destination in the same filesystem?14:56
CalimeroTeknikssh the NAS14:56
Walex2g0th: then hadlinking works...14:56
CalimeroTeknikeven over cifs ?14:56
=== TheSov is now known as thesov
g0thhmm, ok I can try14:56
CalimeroTeknikI thought you tried and it didn't work14:57
utusanhow can move be faster than copy? when move is 'copy then delete'?14:57
g0thbut still, does recursive cp work?14:57
g0thI would need to use rsync with hardlink?14:57
CalimeroTeknikutusan, move just creates a reference to an inode14:57
g0thI am still very suspicious if recursive copy work as intended14:57
Walex2utusan: 'move' means 'link'+'unlink'14:57
ntzrmtthihu777beware botched find commands, lol. I deleted the entire contents of a usb with it, fortunately I was able to recover the contents14:57
CalimeroTeknikwith copy, a new inode is created and the contents of the file are duplicated, utusan14:57
Walex2utusan: 'cp -al' means 'recursive link', then one can do 'recursive unlink'14:57
g0the.g. dir1/a/file1, dir1/a/file2 dir2/a/file1 dir2/a/file3, if I "cp -rl dir2 dir1" what will I get?14:58
ikoniag0th: just do a while loop and use "mv"14:59
Walex2g0th: you will get 'file1', 'file2', 'file3' in 'dir2/a/',14:59
ikoniait's getting tedious now14:59
CalimeroTeknikhow do I solve "WARNING: the following packages cannot be authenticated!" ?14:59
Walex2g0th: note that files with the same name in the same directory will cause ambifuity.14:59
g0thikonia: that's finally something that probably works, but the specifics of the while loop are missing14:59
CalimeroTeknikit's a fresh chroot made with debootstrap14:59
g0thWalex2: I guess with -n then not14:59
utusanCalimeroTeknik: makes sense :)15:00
CalimeroTeknikI reckon it doesn't have signature keys15:00
g0thWhy doesn't the same work with mv?15:00
=== ms_ is now known as mamtina
Walex2g0th: your options are '-f', '-n' or '-b'15:00
g0thwhy do I need to cpy with hard link instead of issuing the same command with mv?15:00
CalimeroTeknikg0th, same result anyway.15:00
CalimeroTeknikreferences have almost no cost15:01
Walex2g0th: your options are '-f', '-n', -i' or '-b'15:01
qkitguys how can i install a pacakge by turning on some feature? rather then install from source?15:01
g0thI don't get -b if I have -n?15:01
Walex2qkit: use the package manager of your choice.15:01
g0thalso I don't get -i with -n15:01
g0thand why do I need -f?15:01
g0thI don't want to remove anything15:01
Walex2g0th: well, they are *alternatives* with different effects.15:01
qkiti use apt-get does it come with option where by i can turn on some feature when it install the package?15:01
g0th-n then15:01
g0thmv -ran dir2 dir1?15:02
Walex2qkit: what kind of features do you mean?15:02
CalimeroTeknikrecompile, qkit. run debcheckout packagename15:02
geniiqkit: Usually you configure whatever apps get installed by their configuration file in the /etc directory15:02
g0thmv -an dir2 dir115:02
Walex2g0th: 'mv' does not have an '-r' option15:02
CalimeroTeknikbut  then it's a living hell, debian's packaging is extremely difficult qkit.15:02
qkiti try to --enable-storeio=coss in my squid3 , but i found the default installation in squid3 doesnt come with --enable-storeio=coss15:02
=== rahul is now known as Guest50666
g0thso that's why I can't use mv15:03
g0thso I do cp -ranl dir2 dir1; rm -r dir2?15:03
Walex2g0th: you have to use 'cp -r -l ....' and them 'rm -r ...'15:03
Walex2g0th: yes, but if you do that you lose the files in 'dir1' that have the same path in 'dir2'.15:03
g0thand hope that it works with cifs15:03
utusanqkit: try re-building pkg yourself15:04
g0thWalex2: why? I use -n?15:04
CalimeroTeknikqkit, you can look for the target "override_dh_auto_configure:" in debian/rules (create it if it doesn't exist) and change thee options then run dpkg-buildpackage -b15:04
qkitutusan: err...any good links for that15:04
CalimeroTeknik*hope* it will work. speaking from two weeks of experience of debian packaging15:04
qkiterrr..where can i find this target "override_dh_auto_configure:" ? was it the config in the source package?15:05
Walex2g0th: if you use '-n' then any files in 'dir1' that have the same name do not get linked over, and when you remove 'dir1' they get deleted too, because they are not linked in 'dir2'15:05
utusanqkit search re-building deb package15:05
qkitthanks utusan15:05
g0thWalex2: I remove dir215:05
Walex2g0th: BTW, is this CIFS from a Samba server or a MS-Windows server15:05
CalimeroTeknikqkit, I told you, it's in debian/rules15:05
g0thsamba server15:05
CalimeroTeknikqkit, I said run debchechout package15:05
Walex2g0th: sorry, I had not noticed you want to merger 'dir2' into 'dir1' instead of viceversa.15:05
CalimeroTeknikqkit, if you read what I told you, you can succeed. if you don't, you probably won't.15:06
qkitok thanks...downloading the require tools :P15:06
g0thso cp -ranl dir2 dir1; rm -r dir2; should work?15:06
CalimeroTeknikhow do I solve "WARNING: the following packages cannot be authenticated!" in a fresh debootstrap'ed chroot?15:06
columbHey, can I use 1gb flash stick for ubuntu installation? .iso file is only 785MB but ubuntu.com says that I need at least 2GB.15:06
Walex2g0th: so if you do 'cp -ranl dir2 dir1; rm -r dir2' any files that have the same name, the file in 'dir2' disappears15:06
g0ththat's essentially the same as rsync with "move instead of copy"15:06
utusanqkit: there are dpkg-buils tools15:06
CalimeroTeknikalready gave him the instructions and commands to run, utusan ;)15:07
Walex2g0th: but notice that if you want to do over CIFS from Samba it will work, if the mount uses POSIX extensions (which are the default).15:07
g0thWalex2: yes, so if there is a file in dirr1 which was not copied perfectly but the one in dir2 was then I lose that information15:07
g0thbut at the end I can run rsync again to check if anything is missing15:07
g0th(with --size-only to save time)15:07
Walex2g0th: but doing it over CIFS will be enormously slower than doing it on the server.15:07
g0thWalex2: yes :(15:08
g0thbut I don't want to mess with the server15:08
qkityup, downloading all the necessary tools now15:08
Walex2g0th: doing it over CIFS or the server is the same as to risks.15:08
CalimeroTeknikso does anybody know how to import the keys or something when getting "WARNING: the following packages cannot be authenticated!" in a fresh debootstrap'ed chroot?15:08
g0th it on the server I would first need to upload a custom firmware/etc15:08
g0thto get direct access15:09
Walex2CalimeroTeknik: you can copy into the 'chroot' the GPG archive of the containing system15:09
g0thwhich voids my warranty15:09
Walex2g0th: is this a kind of NAS appliance?15:09
g0thwhat do you mean?15:09
g0thanyway, I have a solution now I think :)15:09
CalimeroTeknikWalex2, except the containing system is arch linux, I guess that won't do.15:09
Walex2g0th:  a little self-contained box with disks in it that you can only ccess over net, like QNAP or others make15:09
CalimeroTeknikI expected debootstrap to install these15:10
elisa87do you know why I can't do the sudo apt-get upgrade? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5795741/ Errors were encountered while processing:  /var/cache/apt/archives/cups-browsed_1.0.34-0ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb15:10
g0thwow cp -arnl dir2 dir1 was instant15:10
ntzrmtthihu777qkit: here: http://is.gd/D3tehj15:10
g0thif that really worked that would be amazing15:10
qkitoh thanks15:10
Walex2CalimeroTeknik: then you need to network the VM15:10
qkitwow..thanks alot guys15:10
ntzrmtthihu777CalimeroTeknik: what kinda vm? I may have what you need :P15:10
CalimeroTeknikwell, you mean the chroot15:10
Walex2g0th: you can discover which files were not linked over.15:11
Walex2g0th: find dir1 -type f -links -215:11
g0thI just try to run rsync now, which should do almost nothing15:11
CalimeroTeknikI just ran debootstrap --variant=minbase --arch=amd64 precise chroot/15:11
=== nyx_ is now known as llNyx
CalimeroTeknikand then mount dev proc sys… apt-get install nano and it complains about not validating, I guess it's missing keys15:12
CalimeroTeknikit's just a guess, the error message isn't explicit15:12
g0thWalex2: it gives me a huge list, hmm15:12
g0thbut rsync isn't doing anything atm which is (hopefully) a good sign15:13
g0thI wonder how rsync deals with hardlinks from dir2 to dir115:13
AlternateLooking for good burning software, need to make 50 copys of 1 dvd, what would be the best way to do this15:13
g0thfor a completely legal purpose of course *g*15:14
AlternateYeah pictures from my sons birthday for the family15:14
g0thsure :)15:14
AlternateCould anyone help me out15:15
g0thI guess you first create the image you want to burn and then just keep burning it15:15
ntzrmtthihu777Alternate: brasero does good, assuming its an iso. if you have a physical dcd to copy use dd to copy it to iso :P15:15
ActionParsnipAlternate: ask and see15:15
andygraybealAlternate,  yea what g0th said15:15
=== Aww is now known as EvilAww
andygraybealworking with a cd image is easiest i would assume too15:16
Walex2g0th: find dir2 -type f -links -215:16
Walex2g0th: I keep forgetting that 'dir2' is the source, not the destination...15:16
AlternateThe dvd contains video files that can be played on a dvd player15:16
Alternateso making an iso would be good?15:16
Alternateand then keep burning that iso15:16
andygraybealthat's probably what i'd do15:17
Walex2Alternate: making an *image* would be good. Must video players can play random movie files on an ISO image, but video DVDs are supposed to be in UDF format.15:17
ntzrmtthihu777Alternate: yep, would be best. anywho, later all :P15:17
Walex2Alternate: several tools allow you to create an image that is both in ISO and UDF format.15:17
g0thWalex2: it also gives me a huge list15:18
g0thWalex2: I guess that means a lot of files were present in both15:18
=== MJCD is now known as MJCD_
g0thWalex2: (in which case -n would prevent the creation of the hard link)15:18
g0thso I could try the same with -f instead of -n but that's a bit more risky ^^15:19
d4rkn30is there a way to create a laucher to open the terminal with sudo -i ?15:19
icerootd4rkn30: gnome-terminal -e "sudo -i"  but that in your launcher15:21
d4rkn30iceroot, Thanks m815:21
d4rkn30iceroot, coundnt remember the terminal's main name15:21
SKYLAKE-10nm!seen wave15:22
ubottuI have no seen command15:22
steve_fiI have a problem with my NFS client that I'm wondering if somebody could help me with, I can mount it using "sudo mount -t nfs -o proto=tcp,port=2049 server:/ /media/disk2" but I can't get it to mount in /etc/fstab with the following line "server:/  /media/disk2 nfs auto 0 0", I get the error when mounting, "mount:  only root can mount"15:23
CalimeroTekniksteve_fi, add user to the options15:24
steve_fiCalimeroTeknik, you mean user in the line in /etc/fstab?15:25
CalimeroTeknikif that's what you want to do, that is.15:26
CalimeroTeknikbut it seemed so to me15:26
steve_fiwell, I've set it up without authentication, and I've never needed to have a user there before15:26
CalimeroTeknikmaybe you have to be part of some group, but that's essentially it, see man mount15:26
d4rkn30iceroot, now is there a way to insert the pwd without having to type it out15:27
CalimeroTeknik"mount:  only root can mount" → add user to the mount options in the fstab line15:27
CalimeroTeknikthat's all there is to it.15:27
CalimeroTeknikor use sudo.15:28
steve_fipardon my stupidity or perhaps my ignorance to this, but I thought that NFS didn't need to do that since it's a kernel level driver?15:29
steve_fiand I thought that fstab always automatically mounted "disks" regardless of the user?15:30
neopsychegrub loader not showing kernel!?15:30
=== steveccc_ is now known as steveccc
CalimeroTekniksteve_fi, yes it will be mounted at boot, but if it isn't, and you want to mount it manually, either you get root or add user15:31
icerootd4rkn30: dont do that15:31
icerootd4rkn30: its unsecure to disable the password for using sudo so please dont do it15:32
steve_figuess it's time to try a reboot then!15:32
d4rkn30iceroot, i dont mean disabling it completely i just mean in the launcher is there a way to add the password so i dont have to type it out all the time, Something like the root-terminal in Debian15:33
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
icerootd4rkn30: no you cant add the password15:33
icerootd4rkn30: and if you could add the password, it would be there in plaintext readable for everyone15:34
icerootd4rkn30: something like sudo -i < passowrd (not workin) but i hope you get what i mean15:34
holsteind4rkn30: you can add a launcher to run sudo -i in a terminal, and type the password once15:34
jribd4rkn30: why do you want this?  You really shouldn't need to be doing things with sudo so often that it becomes a burden15:34
d4rkn30iceroot, alright thanks, and im the only one that has access to this computer, but i do know what you mean,15:35
holsteind4rkn30: you want to have that level of protection.. you dont want to have anyone or anything be able to sneak around the password for sudo and get admin..15:35
icerootd4rkn30: just type in your password if you need to use sudo15:35
holsteind4rkn30: you are not the only one with access to that computer, if you are online15:35
MonkeyDustd4rkn30  you rarely need/use sudo, there's really no need to mess with it15:35
d4rkn30jrib, i work alot with Kali and encrypted documents , and it becomes a pain in the butt, yes i do know about MC and all that fun stuff,15:36
jribd4rkn30: I don't know what Kali is but can't you encrypt your documents as your user without sudo?15:37
holsteind4rkn30: Kali is not supported here, and is not something that is (afaik) expected to be used as a desktop15:37
d4rkn30jrib, yes but it wont let me view or move them without being root15:37
jribd4rkn30: what is "it"?15:38
holsteind4rkn30: sudo -i, and leave that open.. and you only have to put the password in once... you can run it in screen15:38
d4rkn30jrib, Kali is a pentest distrub, the succesor to backtrack15:38
dreaser /msg NickServ identify 10ayn315:38
icerootd4rkn30: we only support ubuntu here15:38
d4rkn30holstein, Omg! i never thought about that,15:38
jribd4rkn30: if you encrypt them as root, then it makes sense you would need to be root to read them.  So don't encrypt them as root.  But it seems like you are not using ubuntu?15:38
auronandacedreaser: do that outside a channel (also change your password)15:38
OghamHow do I configure nautilus to mount a ufs2 filesystem upon clicking the device? It is missing the required parameters (I currently use sudo mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sdb1 /target) ?15:38
holsteind4rkn30: ouch.. check with #freenode about changing that password ASAP ..and identify in the server window in the future15:39
holsteindreaser: ^^15:39
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|afk
d4rkn30iceroot, jrib i do use Ubuntu on my Desktop that was the whole problem, Lappy = Kali Desktop = Xubuntu15:40
Dr_willisOgham,  make a script to automate it.. or check into changeing udev rules for that device perhaps to use the right options, or make a fstab entry perhaps.15:40
jribd4rkn30: ok so the only reason you need to use sudo a lot is to encrypt documents?  Encrypt documents as your user, then you can access the files as your user too and don't need sudo15:40
OghamDr_willis: ah, cheers - I'll check udev first, sounds promising :)15:41
holsteindont encrypt as root d4rkn30 ...you might be assuming that makes it "safer", but its just adding the hassle that you are uncomfortable with15:41
d4rkn30holstein, i was just thinking about that, ill need to create a sux user in kali with this username,15:42
d4rkn30Thanks Yall for the support yall are a great comunity15:42
pyasiActionParsnip: man, i had a power-cut, so can't note the code, please can u say it again, if u remember me15:45
Dr_willisEvery so often i 'have' to work on someones windows machine.. and im reminded of how much better linux is... ;P15:46
d4rkn30Dr_willis, im trying to move all my friends to linux but theyre stubborn15:46
Dr_willis'installing update 2 of 17.......' been like that for almost 30 min now....15:46
Dr_willisGrandson is going to use this one for his Home-schooling - so he 'has' to have windows on it.  I finally got them trained to use FF instead of IE at least.15:47
d4rkn30IE was the worst invention ever15:48
wheatthinis this related to ubuntu support?15:49
d4rkn30wheatthin, it started off as linux :P15:49
=== My_Name_Is_John is now known as autuman
wheatthinyeah that would be better discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic15:49
Dr_willisperspective... i see people ranting in here about Ubuntu.. and then I wonder how much they have ever had to actually 'fight' with windows. ;P15:50
d4rkn30wheatthin, sorry had to add my two cents xD15:50
=== Alternate is now known as quidsup
geniiDr_willis: ( this is not including the CHKDSK time either)15:50
Dr_willis'better to be informed  by your system' then be in the total dark and call it 'user friendly'15:50
wheatthinDr_willis, take it to ubuntu-offtopic.. inform there15:51
=== autuman is now known as My_Name_Is_John
Dr_willisJust seems Linux is trying  to hard to go that route at times also.15:52
Dr_willisback to work ;P15:52
thiebaudequidsup, you the same one on youtube?15:52
quidsuphe thiebaude15:54
ehhhwhat's the best way of installing ubuntu with usb or cd? I could only fit 12.04 on cd and can problaby get latest onto a pendrive, but if cd i guess updating isn't the hardest thing yet15:55
Dr_willisehhh,  usb is normally faster i find. and 12.10+ required a DVD or usb15:56
holsteinehhh: "best" is a matter of opinion and depends on the situtaion15:56
Dr_willisehhh,  use of optical disks - is getting rarer these days15:56
holsteinyeah.. i can only think of maybe older usb 1.1 where i would prefer CD rom, that that doesnt happen often15:57
Dr_willisplus a live-peristant usb flash drive is a very handy tool.15:57
Dr_willisany pc with usb 1.1  may be so old that  it wouldent have the PAE enabled cpu - and be stuck with 12.04 anyway ;P15:57
ehhhso i can get it done a bit faster with usb if i've got 2.0 (are the slots colour coded like usb 3 is blue?)15:58
dreaserholstein, thanks, I'm new to IRC15:58
holsteindreaser: no worries.. must make sure you change that password15:58
FiremanEd /away away15:59
dreaserholstein, yes it's done15:59
holsteinehhh: you might get it done faster from CD, if you are more comfortable using CD's and you can figure out how to boot CD's15:59
ehhhyes i like cd's, burn and use, hassle free :P not too much hassle to get the usb booting though, install and use :P16:00
Dr_willisive seen major hassles gettings cd burnt and used in here.16:00
ForSparePartsHas anyone here run ubuntu as a VM under an OSX host? I'm trying to figure out how to forward my mouse's thumb buttons.16:00
Dr_willispeople seem to have the idea that you can 'drag/drop' the .iso file onto a CD/DVD and it should be bootable. ;)16:01
ehhhyeah for some reason my drive on this laptop won't properly burn dvd's (they burn the data which is visible on the disc, but it won't boot anything and the image won't work properly) so i ran out of dvds and had to use a cd-rom instead with the extended support version of ubuntu16:01
feisarhi, just installed 13.04 on a netbook for a friend but it's pretty much unusable due to the graphics, is there anyway to fix that or is Ubuntu no use for netbooks anymore?16:02
dreaserdo you know where I can find the drivers for an Intel graphics HD 4000 for Ubuntu 12.04?16:02
Dr_willisi belive there may be more then 1 laser in some of those drives.16:02
=== Sietsem is now known as Sietse
Dr_willisdreaser,  shoule be built in, there is also the xswat ppa that has updated drivers.. and I belive INTEL has a site/script for updateing their drivers16:02
holsteindreaser: intel drivers that can be included are typically included by default16:02
ehhhdr_willis: lol, well it's almost that easy, drag/drop it to imgburn/whatever and burn :P16:02
utusanwhy not use usb-creator?16:03
=== Sietse is now known as Sietsem
Dr_willisehhh,  ive seen people have such weird issues in windows trying to burn ISO files..  had a guy yelling at us mad in here once because ubuntu was Demanding $$ to  make the ISO file to disk.. turned out winrar was opening his ISO file..16:03
Dr_willisehhh,  took us forver to figure out what he was saying/doing16:03
ehhhutusan: that was my original question :P i've failed at installing it to my laptop and just dragged out my stationary computer for a resfreshment16:04
Dr_willisehhh,  if you are making a bootable USb - try the tools fromt he pendrivelinux web site16:04
dreaserDr_willis, holstein, yes sorry I mean the proprietary one, because when I boot, I have an error that say "you are in low graphic mode"16:04
Dr_willisive definatly seen lots of issues with Unetbootin and the usb-creator.16:04
ehhhDr_willis: i've got something called "Universal-USB-Installer-"16:05
adamk_dreaser: There are no proprietary drivers for intel GPUs.16:05
kukoI'm trying to run some app in port 90, is there a problem with permissions in ubuntu? will I have any security hole if I do that? which are the recommended ports?16:05
Dr_willishttps://01.org/linuxgraphics/   Intel(R) Linux* Graphics Installer version 1.0.1 - but you really shouldent need this..16:06
Dr_williskuko,  totally depends on the app.16:06
dreaseradamk_, ouch, so how can I resolve this problem of "low graphic mode"?16:06
MrChipmy huawei modem is not working16:07
kukoDr_willis: it's a local app so I guess it's ok, but I don't know it's a low port and they generally recommend to leave this alone16:07
MrChipcan anybody help?16:07
adamk_dreaser: Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.16:07
Dr_willisdreaser,  id make sure the system is updated and upgraded. and check askubuntu.com and the forums to see if others have seen a similer issue. it may not be a driver issue. but a configuration issue16:07
Dr_williskuko,  no real need for it to be using a low port.16:07
ehhhbut before i install to that computer i just want to double check that there's nothing important on the c:\ drive, can you browse it with live usb/cd ? i forget16:07
adamk_dreaser: It is possible your GPU is too new to be supported by the intel driver in 12.04.16:07
kukoDr_willis: which are the "safe" ports recommended for use?16:08
Dr_williskuko,  any is as safe as any else.. no port is 'safer' then others...16:08
=== gnu is now known as Guest94609
Guest94609Hi to everybody16:08
Dr_williskuko,  USERS are allowed to access the higher ports.. standard services use the lower ports16:08
ehhhthe os on it now has expired so i can't get into it without activating i'd rather just get linux running on it16:08
kukoDr_willis: could you please tell me which are the higher ports?16:08
Dr_williskuko,  1024+ i think.. I rarely have to worry about iot16:09
Guest94609I need help to use akregator, the feed reader. How I can to save and read news by this program?16:09
SuperLagfeisar: I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 on a notebook. And to say that it might not be usable for any notebooks any more... that's pretty extreme. :)16:09
kukoDr_willis: thanks16:10
forgotmynickDoes 13.04 have integration with Google services for email, calendar etc like OS X does?16:10
Dr_willisforgotmynick,  not that ive noticed16:11
Dr_willistheres 3rd party tools of course16:11
feisarSuperLag: it is extreme but 12.04 was usable and 13.04 is not at all, it's an Eee PC Seashell, I assume it doesn't have enough graphical power for Unity16:11
MrChiphow to change the usb modem from "storage" mode to "modem" mode??16:11
Dr_willisHmm.. Ive had unity work fine on my netbooks16:11
feisarSuperLag: 15 seconds to bring up the dash16:12
feisar(clean install)16:12
feisarand then 5 seconds to close it16:12
dreaseradamk_, Dr_willis, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5795901/ here is my /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:14
adamk_dreaser: Just wow...  You're all over the place.16:14
adamk_dreaser: Your computer has both an AMD and Intel GPU...  yet you installed the nvidia proprietary driver.16:15
SuperBawlzHELP! My Ethernet adapter has disappeared!16:15
SuperBawlzNot sure where to start16:15
Dr_willistell us the kind of adaptor..16:15
adamk_dreaser: Uninstall the proprietary nvidia driver, reboot, and try again.16:15
SuperBawlzNot sure. Onboard Intel I believe.16:16
dreaseradamk_, realy? okay, I try that, thanks !16:16
Dr_willisSuperBawlz,  you really need to determine the exact chipset. You are refering to a WIRED or wireless  nic?16:16
SuperBawlzSorry. I am typing this on my cell phone.16:17
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
SuperLagfeisar: I avoid Unity, personally.16:18
ActionParsnipSuperBawlz: if you run:  sudo lshw -C network   do you see it ?16:18
SuperLagfeisar: and on something that low on resources, I would be looking for something lighter to use, anyways. I'd go with the Xubuntu variety.16:18
ActionParsnipSuperBawlz: DEs are a waste imho :)16:19
SuperLagActionParsnip: compared to what? You live in CLI 100% of the time? :)16:19
ehhhWOW this pc is noisy16:19
ActionParsnipSuperLag: openbox :) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/24thJune2013.png16:19
surjeethi 2 all16:20
asharasDr_willis: Hi! I found what happened yesterday ;) I screwed up with a usermod16:20
surjeetany girl want 2 chat wid me16:20
SuperLagActionParsnip: I ran OB back in the day. It's nice and light.16:20
SuperLaghaha... surjeet: go troll somewhere elsse16:21
DJonessurjeet: This channel is for Ubuntu support16:21
Dr_willissurjeet,  no girl will want to chat with you , if you try to hit on them on irc...16:21
Dr_willisnone EVER..16:21
asharasGuys, I'm configuring a little dns cache server, but which dns should I configure on it's interface?16:21
SuperLagbesides... the ones that do, they're probably not girls anyways :D16:21
PiciCan we please get back to support?16:22
SuperBawlzYes. It's a Realtek. RTL8111/816816:23
feisarasharas: you want a guide on setting up Bind on Ubuntu?16:23
SuperBawlzIt says disabled16:23
ActionParsnipcan somebody please tell me the default orange icon theme name in Ubuntu16:23
asharasfeisar: it's already done, the bind9 dns works16:23
asharasfeisar: but on the server eth0, which dns should I configure? localhost?16:23
feisarasharas: I miss-understood your question then16:23
dreaseradamk_, Yeah, it works !!!16:23
ActionParsnipis it 'humanity'?16:24
dreaseradamk_, Thanks !16:24
asharasfeisar: in /etc/network/interfaces --> eth0 --> which dns for this one? I tryed but it seems to make a big loop (I'm dumping packets to see what's going on)16:25
mic1980hey folks im back, need a little more help if possible.16:26
feisarasharas: that's correct I think, you should set the DNS server to itself on a DNS server16:26
ActionParsnipi got it16:26
jbkc85hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot LDAP over SSL with PHP and Ubuntu 12.04.02LTS16:26
SuperBawlzAnyone have a thought on my disabled Ethernet adapter?16:26
jbkc85it was working on the previous version 11.04 for ubuntu, but nothing now…keeps rejecting the 'client' certificate16:27
ActionParsnipSuperBawlz: if you run:  sudo lshw -C network   do you see it ?16:27
compdocSuperBawlz, have you checked /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:27
asharasfeisar: is it normal that my lo interface gets many more packets than eth0? I mean, my server is speaking to itself a lot16:28
asharasworried about it's mental health :)16:28
Tapperhey guys! I was having an issue with Psensor if anyone could give me some tips16:28
ActionParsnipoops sorry for caps16:28
mic1980k ive setup dual boot on drive 1 successfully and drive 2 is bare bones and not yet been formatted. if i wish to format drive 2 with ntfs using linux (ubuntu) do i need to do it via terminal or can i do it from the desktop16:29
SuperBawlzYes. It's a realtek RTL8111/8168 and its marked as disabled.16:29
ActionParsnipmic1980: NTFS is proprietary to Microsoft so I'd use Windows to format it16:29
ActionParsnipSuperBawlz: do you dual boot?16:29
SuperBawlzNo. Why?16:30
asharasActionParsnip: thanks Capslock Holmes, but I don't have a proxy, only home dns server16:30
mic1980then afterwards once linux recognizes it, can i set swap file from desktop or must i use terminal16:30
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ActionParsnipmic1980: you can add it in /etc/fstab to mount to a folder in $HOME and you will have easy access16:31
SuperBawlzNet rules appear to be ok.16:31
ehhhthe picture on the tv screen is completely out of place on that computer (VGA), might that be only on the live cd or can i change it later after install (screen placement)16:34
SuperBawlzCan someone answer how to change the adapter from disabled to enabled?16:37
zero2XIIIehhh: what graphics chipset are you using?16:37
Dr_willisehhh,  nvidia and ati both have config tools to tweak that.16:38
ehhhthe one that was supplied with it, a nvidia16:38
quidsupI guess he wants to know how to install those tweak apps16:39
Dr_willisinstall the nvidia drivers, and use the nvidia-control center app16:39
A1ReconHow to em hyphenate in blogger/blogspot? (Using Ubuntu and Chrome)16:40
blebCan someone explain why I can't run od or hd on a directory? Is there a better place to ask this?16:40
ehhhare they easy to find on the software center or will i have to apt-get? i'm currently booting into the cd since the 13.04 usb drive didn't work (got an error about how it couldn't find a configuration file)16:40
quidsupAlot of you still use sata's to run the os from?16:41
ehhhi'll have to install 12.04 it seems and then update afterwards16:41
ehhhlol 6 partitions on the main drive16:44
ehhhhope i don't lose anything super i've been doing16:44
=== olli__ is now known as olli
mujahadeanwhat the best course for getting certified in linux?16:47
ehhhis wine easy to set up? want to give a game i found on here a go after i've configured everything16:47
quidsupyeah ehhh it's easy, just some basic steps16:48
auronandace!appdb | ehhh16:48
ubottuehhh: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help16:48
kingbeastquidsup, how else would you do it besides pci-e?16:48
marzI just installed eclipse from Ubuntu Software Center, but it crashes when I try to open it16:49
marzError Message: An error has occurred. See the log file /home/marz/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.7.0_155965261/configuration/1372092560105.log.16:49
=== mujahadean is now known as deanclkclk
marzCan someone  help me out with this16:49
ZigSphereLook at the log16:50
ehhhafaik you set up basically a virtual station and then you're good to go right? will look closer on appdb there's probably instructions16:50
ehhhoh wait you have to pick your stuff from the appdb database?16:52
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quidsupkingbeast, what were you saying, was recording16:52
marzZigSphere: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796015/16:52
ehhhi found an urban game on that that probably isn't on there16:53
marzZigSphere: that is what is inside the log file, can you help me out with it16:53
ehhhguess what i'm asking is does it have to be supported by appdb or can i use any windows .exe16:53
ehhhinside wine16:53
ZigSphereI will take a look16:53
kingbeastyou asked if people still used SATA's to boot from, the only other way I know of is PCI-E quidsup16:54
quidsupI meant ssd, sata, etc16:54
ZigSphereMARZ: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10165693/eclipse-cannot-load-swt-libraries16:55
kingbeastquidsup, you mean ssd or mechanical?16:56
bergelmiranyone can give me a hint how i can capture my joystick actions in a script?16:57
blogswhere's the best place to get help with grub2 and lvm /boot ?16:57
ZigSphereGoogle it16:57
marzZigSphere: Awesome, Thanks a lot!16:57
ZigSphereNo problem!16:58
Walex2blogs: there are many HOWTOs in the usual HOWTO collections, and for in the wikis of each major distro16:58
ehhhshould i update my 12.04 right after it's done installing or should i start configuring first16:58
Walex2ehhh: update immediately.16:58
marzZigSphere: I really didn't understand what I did, I just copied and pasted the code provided. I've been using Ubuntu for a month now but I don't' seem to be getting the hang of it. Does this mean that this OS is not for me and I should stick with Windows?16:58
ehhhok, i'll do that16:58
tesqiestill cant get ubuntu to load here is what i got from boot-repair paste.ubuntu.com/5796034/16:59
edialhello, am having trouble booting into ubuntu installed on my laptop, it boots into windows without giving me options to choose16:59
ZigSphereLinux takes a while to learn.  I would definitely stick with it as long as you can16:59
blogsWalex2, I've been reading howtos for a full day :( I'm getting the grub rescue mode prompt, with a "invalid partition" :(16:59
Walex2ehhh: updates often include updated configuration files... Also you want security updates to apply as soon as possible16:59
Walex2blogs: it is not easy :-)16:59
edialanybody, am using hp probook 4440s17:00
Walex2blogs: best way to sort that out is with a live CD distro with sysadm tools, something like GRML or Kali.17:00
blogsIt looks easy in the howtos :p17:00
marzZigSphere: The learning curve is too steep, but I will stick with it. I'm just Glad  that people who'd gladly help noobs like me are there. THanks again!17:00
ehhhWalex2: yeah that's what i was wondering what the update basically contains17:00
blogsyeah, I'm booting off a usb key, chrooting, re-configuring and re-installing grub, but always the same17:00
tesqieanyon knows?17:00
ZigSphereNo problem Marz17:01
blogsblogs, in fact, I did a full re-install of ubuntu with default settings, and still get the grub rescue mode :(17:01
edialblogs was that directed to me17:01
Walex2blogs: then there is something probably wrong with the storage setup or some BIOS settings, or you are trying to boot something that GRUB2 cannot boot from, like a multi-layer LVM setup.17:01
blogsWalex2, how do I choose between grub-pc and grub-efi ?17:02
tesqiestill cant get ubuntu to load here is what i got from boot-repair paste.ubuntu.com/5796034/17:02
Walex2blogs: GRUB2 is a mini-operating system, so it needs to have drivers for all the layers of the system up to the kernel.17:02
kingbeastmarz, it took me more than a year to feel comfortable enough to switch completely over to Ubuntu17:03
ehhhtrivial question. . has anyone tried pcsx2 (ps2 emulator) on ubuntu whether it runs smoothly enough if the hardware is strong enough? (i doubt mine is anyway)17:03
Walex2blogs: up to loading the kernel *and* the initrd.17:03
Walex2blogs: choose at what point?17:03
blogsWalex2, when running from the live usb key17:03
A1ReconHow to em hyphenate in blogger/blogspot? (Using Ubuntu and Chrome) Alt + code does not work.....17:04
marzkingbest: Can you share to me what practices you did on the process?17:04
blogsWalex2, in a chroot. The default that was installed was grub-efi, but as far as I can tell my laptop has bios,17:04
blogsWalex2, and I read that, if you have a bios screen you can enter at startup, that doesn't mention efi anywhere, you don't have efi, so I'm guessing grub-pc is the one for me ...17:04
blogsWalex2, but I don't really know :y17:05
coder2Hello. Please help me with setting up an access point using hostapd. I've configured dhcp and hostapd, both started w/o error messages, but i cannot see a network with my SSID17:05
edialShujench, hello can you help me out with a boot problem17:06
kingbeastmarz, I basically used Ubuntu as much as possible, only used Windows for what I could not do in Ubuntu. I had to force myself to use it more and more though. Don't get frustrated and switch to windows just because of that, work through the problem and eventually you will get used to it.17:07
blogsedial, what's your problem ? maybe I can help, seeing as I've been having boot problems all day17:07
marzkingbeast: I'm also planning to enroll myself to somekind of training or a Linux class, hehehe17:08
ediali installed ubuntu 12 on a separate partition on my hard drive but it cant be recognised during boot time17:08
edialto give me options to choose from, it boots into windows automatically17:08
edialhp probook 4440s17:08
ZigSphereneed to install grub17:09
moyam01edial: have you tried reinstalling grub?17:09
ikoniaedial: either a.) grub is not installed on the boot disk b.) you need to hold down shift to get the grub menu up17:09
ikoniaedial: I suspect the former17:09
tesqiewhat does this mean? Please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sda2/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi file!17:09
ThePendulumMy laptop has a fingerprint reader and Fingerprint-GUI more or less recognizes it, but it doesn't detect my finger swipes. It did earlier.17:09
kingbeastmarz, the best training you can get is going hands on and experimenting with it. After a while you will figure out what to do and what not to do. Just be patient, it's a progression.17:09
ehhhjust finished install, i'm not 100% sure but i think i'm stuck on the black screen that shuts down stuff, can i safely reboot? it says "asking all remaining processes to terminate. . ."17:09
ehhhthat's the bottom line17:09
ikoniatesqie: it's telling you what to make your bios boot17:09
edialthanks, how do i install..17:10
tesqieikonia how do i do that?17:10
ikoniatesqie: read your bios documentation17:10
edialsorry if its a noob question17:10
blogsedial, I would guess maybe grub wasn't installed on the root drive block ?17:10
tesqiemy bios already boots from hardrive?17:10
blogsedial, can you boot from the live CD ?17:10
ikoniatesqie: it's telling you it needs to boot a file to boot17:10
edialblogs, yeah17:10
ZigSpherebios doesnt boot from a hard drive17:10
tesqiei have to make my bios boot a file? how is that possible how do i do that17:10
ikoniatesqie: it's efi - it boots from boot files17:11
tesqieso how do i make it boot from that file17:11
ikoniatesqie: read your hardware documentation17:11
tesqieis it online17:11
edialblogs: am able to boot from live CD17:11
tesqieor comes with my laptop17:11
ikoniatesqie: so read it online17:11
blogsedial, I would boot from the live CD, chroot into your install, and run17:12
blogsedial, grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:12
moyam01look under reinstalling section17:12
blogsedial, grub-install /dev/sda17:12
tesqiethank you17:12
blogsedial, (or whatever your main boot disk is)17:12
ehhhis it supposed to take this long to reboot the computer after install?17:12
ehhhi can't remember it happening before17:13
edialok thanks man17:13
ediallet me try that later blogs thanks17:13
evilytwistedHi could one of you tell me if theres any surveilance camera software for ubuntu where the program whole functionality is Monitoring only doesnt record anything?17:14
marzkingbeast: I'll be sure to remember that. :D17:14
ikoniaevilytwisted: most will want to use a file to "stream" which while not direct recording is still using/writing disk17:15
ehhhi won't break anything if i just restart with the power button right now will i ? the cd has already been ejected and removed17:15
evilytwistedikonia:  im using a pent 4 processor with like 300g of hd.. i cant  handle the overall data saves17:16
blogsehhh, probably not, I do it all the time, sometimes you do, usually it's resilient enough17:16
evilytwistedehhh you should always reset using the reset never power button17:16
evilytwistedyou can screw your pc doing that17:16
evilytwistedreset power button on your pc *17:17
tesqiei did this Please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sda2/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi file!17:17
tesqienow when loading ubuntu i get a black screen with a dash17:17
ikoniatesqie: did you tell your bios to boot that file ?17:17
ikoniatesqie: how ?17:17
tesqieusing refind17:17
ehhhthe only power related buttons on there are the on/off and the power switch on the back :P17:18
ikoniatesqie: that's a boot manager it'self17:18
ehhhon/off being 1 button that i think has some varying effects depending on how you push it lol17:18
ikoniatesqie: is this a mac ?17:18
tesqiewindows 8 uefi17:18
ikoniatesqie: then why are you using refind17:18
ikoniajust set your bios to boot the efi grub loader17:19
tesqiei cant figure that out17:19
ehhhrofl then i hit enter and im good to go17:19
ikoniatesqie: you've addea another pointless layer of complex now17:19
tesqieno i dont have to use it17:19
tesqiei can just use the ubuntu grub17:20
tesqieits an option in the ubuntu menu17:20
ehhhi love this waiting for nothing then turns out hyou have to hit next17:20
ikoniatesqie: you can't, that's not how efi works17:20
tesqiewhen my computer starts the grub comes up17:20
tesqiethen i have an option to go into ubuntu windows 8 or refind17:20
tesqiethen refind is the same17:20
ikoniatesqie: when what's the problem ???17:20
ikoniatesqie: it's already doing what it's meant to and booting the grub efi17:20
tesqiewhen i load ubuntu17:20
tesqiei get a black screen with a dash17:21
ikoniawhy are you trying to change it if it's working17:21
meomichi, anyone has an idea what can i do to make compiz give back focus to previously active window when i close some app? i mean i launch text editor (it has focus) now via shortcut i launch terminal i close terminal and focus is not going back to text app (it was not minimized)  -- its making me crazy17:21
tesqieit asks for login then 2 seconds later switches to black screen with a dash17:21
tesqiecant seem to get it to take me into ubuntu17:22
shankstaBytesis there a graphical way to setup an FTP and account creds ?17:22
shankstaBytesftp server17:22
jyri_how i gan update xubuntu?17:22
ZigSphereTesqui, can you type commands?  Is there a "#"17:22
ehhhlookin smooth17:22
ikoniashankstaBytes: mosst ftp accounts are just standard system accounts17:22
tesqieif i press shut down it says terminating and shuts down17:23
tesqiethe power button i mean17:23
tesqiemy only option17:23
ZigSphereDefinitely sounds like there is an issue17:23
tesqielol yeah17:23
tesqieuefi and windows 8 is pull of problems17:24
shankstaBytesikonia: is there a way to setup a user account for on folder?17:24
tesqiefirst it was my grapics card17:24
shankstaBytesikonia: im trying to give my friend access to an ftp17:24
ikoniashankstaBytes: accounts don't like to folders17:24
ZigSphereI have both Windows 8 and Mint17:24
ZigSpherenot Ubuntu though17:24
tesqieworks fine?17:24
ikoniashankstaBytes: just sort the permissions his account can only access that directory17:24
tesqieubuntu seems to be full of problems with me17:24
ZigSphereBut Ive been doing that for years17:24
tesqieespecially for laptop17:24
tesqiewhat do you think my next step is?17:25
ZigSphereDefinitely not going to promote Mint in a Ubuntu room haha17:25
tesqiei can go to a terminal via recovery17:25
ehhh271 updates, great17:25
usercheck_are programs(such as ls,grep,,etc,) =bytecode?17:25
ZigSpheretry recovery17:25
tesqieanything i can do at terminal17:25
tesqieim their17:25
ZigSpherecan you type commands?17:26
ZigSpheredf -h17:26
usercheck_are programs(such as ls,grep,,etc,) = bytecode  ?17:26
ZigSpherelook at the /boot17:26
ZigSphereis it full?17:26
ZigSpherewhat is the percentage17:26
ZigSphereoh ok17:27
ZigSphereso you are good there17:27
John_JohnIs this a channel where you can ask newbish questions regarding Ubuntu and Linux or is it for experienced users only?17:27
ZigSphereNoobs are welcome17:27
ikoniaJohn_John: any sort of ubuntu help is offered, all levels17:27
tesqievery welcome im a noob to17:27
John_JohnAlright, great!17:27
ZigSphereIm no expert17:27
Catalysticim a wasnnabr17:28
Catalysticim a wannabe17:28
ThePendulumAlright, don't be silly, Nvidia driver :| https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25683105/Pictures/Unsorted/IMG_20130624_192748.jpg17:28
k1l_!details | John_John17:28
ubottuJohn_John: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:28
ehhhok i'm installing updates via the update manager, will this update it to 13.04? or will i have to take another process for that17:29
tesqielet me know if anything pops up on what i should do on terminal17:29
ZigSphereok.  Im looking.  Cant promise anything17:29
tesqietake your time thank you very much17:29
ZigSphereNo problem17:29
ZigSphereThank God for Google17:30
John_Johnubottu: inbuilt cleverbot?17:30
ubottuJohn_John: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:30
tesqiewant me to send you the pastebin of my boot.repair?17:30
ZigSphereI think I got it earlier17:30
ZigSpherebut sure17:30
usercheck_are programs(such as ls,grep,,etc,) =still in bytecode format ?17:30
ZigSphereyou have a lot of partitions haha17:32
tesqiethats the beauty of windows 8 uefi17:32
ZigSphereSo what exactly is Uefi?17:32
ZigSpheresorry - not familiar with that17:33
auronandace!uefi | ZigSphere17:33
ubottuZigSphere: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:33
tesqiea bios that mincrosoft invented17:33
auronandacetesqie: microsoft certainly did not invent it17:33
tesqiethat blocks any other operating system to be installed with windows 817:33
tesqieokay sorry on that fact17:33
tesqieit incorprated it17:33
tesqieinto windows 817:33
ZigSphereAnd that comes with all versions of Windows 8?17:34
wheatthinit's just a change in hardware17:34
tesqiei tihnk so17:34
ehhhok i found out i can upgrade via the update manager, will i have to upgrade to 12.10 first then 13.04 or? i'm still installing updates for 12.04 lts17:34
wheatthinmac osx also uses uefi17:34
ZigSphereWonder why I didnt have this problem17:34
ZigSpheredefinitely didnt see all these partitions with my Windows 817:35
tesqieare you on a desktop?17:35
tesqiei heard laptops with windows 8 have more problems with ubuntu17:35
ZigSphereI see17:35
ehhhZigSphere: lol i thought i had max 2, turns out i had 617:36
usercheck_sorry,wrong enter17:36
k1l_its actually uefi that makes more problems than the old bios17:36
tesqieyeah uefi17:36
ZigSphereThats crazy17:36
wheatthinno, it's the concept that make it difficult17:36
wheatthinfor people to grasp17:36
ZigSphereThat's why we use Linux..not Windows17:36
ZigSphereI'll even switch to a Mac17:37
wheatthinis this a support topic?17:37
tesqiefor me17:37
tesqieim trying to fix a problem17:37
wheatthingo to #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to complain17:37
tesqienot complaining17:38
tesqieim trying to boot ubuntu17:38
wheatthinalready installed? or from a dvd?17:38
wheatthinDid you set your ubuntu to boot first?17:38
wheatthindoes the boot partition have * bootable mark in fdisk?17:39
tesqieidk what that means, but i can boot into ubuntu from grub17:39
wheatthinthen how are you having problems booting?17:39
tesqiewhen i go into ubuntu17:39
tesqieit loads a bit then goes into a black screen with a blinking dash17:40
wheatthintesqie, try to use one line, so people don't have to piece your question/problem17:40
ehhhhow configurable is the sidebar?17:40
wheatthintesqie, have you tried switching terminals?17:41
wheatthindoes it come up with a login prompt?17:41
k1l_!nomodeset | tesqie17:41
ubottutesqie: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:41
=== rafael is now known as Guest43655
tesqieright after it asks for login, it goes to black screen with a dash17:42
tesqiei've tried nomode set and radeon.modeset=0 when installing. afterwards i installed my graphics drivers so its fine now17:42
wheatthintesqie, which video card are you using/17:42
tesqieradeon 7670m17:42
wheatthinusing xorg drivers? or proprietary?17:43
tesqieim not usre17:43
=== euan is now known as Guest46824
wheatthintesqie, sounds like something is misconfigured somewhere.. is this a fresh install?17:44
wheatthinwhich release?17:45
wheatthintesqie, You'll need to use the livedvd and chroot into your environment to try to fix it17:46
wheatthinI'm guessing xorg is misconfigured17:46
tesqiei can go into my recovery for ubuntu, can i get on chroot there?17:46
ThePendulumI installed and removed the Nvidia-driver, and now i.e. the shade below the bar on the top of the screen is gone, as well as the option to set the Unity bar size17:47
ThePendulumAny ideas what happened?17:47
wheatthintesqie, recovery for ubuntu?17:48
tesqierecovery mode i mean17:48
wheatthintesqie, if there's a problem with logging into the terminal/console, then I'd think it wouldn't work in recovery mode with the same installation17:48
tesqiei can get into terminal with recovery mode17:49
wheatthinthen do so.17:49
tesqieim already in17:49
wheatthintesqie, now look into your logs to see what didn't start17:50
wheatthinit should complain somewhere17:50
tesqiewhat do i type into my terminal17:50
wheatthincd /var/log17:50
wheatthinthere should be xorg logs there17:50
tesqieim in /var/log17:51
wheatthinsee xorg logs with ls?17:51
tesqie(sorry im a total beginner , i dont see any logs17:51
tesqieit just went to the location on terminal but never opened anything17:52
wheatthintype ls17:52
tesqieokay log came up17:52
wheatthinshould look something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796161/17:52
tesqiesome in white,blue and red and yes it does17:52
wheatthintesqie, cat Xorg.0.log | less and search for any errors that it's complaining about17:53
shankstaBytesis there a good graphical way to create and manage FTP accounts?17:54
shankstaBytesor another way?17:54
ikoniashankstaBytes: what did I tell you earlier ?17:54
tesqiefatal server error no screens found                server terminated with error17:55
wheatthinshankstaBytes, depending on your ftp server, you can use adduser in the console or use user accounts to create another account17:55
wheatthintesqie, okay, so now   X -configure17:56
shankstaBytesi tried pureadmin17:56
ikoniashankstaBytes: what did I tell you earlier ?17:56
shankstaBytesand it isn't allowing the user to login17:56
shankstaBytesreports authentication errors17:56
wheatthinsudo X -configure17:56
tesqieconfig faield server terminated with error17:57
sp00kyhow do I halt an installation with dpkg so apt doesn't try to resolve the dependencies?17:57
wheatthintesqie, what error was that? still no screens found?17:57
tesqienumber of created screens does not mach number of deected devices17:57
dack4617@sp00ky control+c?17:57
DanielHolthHas anyone gotten Unicode copy/paste to work out of a terminal?17:57
ikoniasp00ky: it has to resolve the deps to work, but you can of course issue nodeps at install time17:57
wheatthintesqie, cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:58
SemperAnyone know why RKhunter is forcing an install of postfix?17:58
wheatthintesqie, pipe it to pastebinit, if it's not installed, then install it17:58
ikoniaSemper: I would very strongly advise you not to use rkhunter17:58
SemperI know it is buggy and gives false warnings all the time.17:59
tesqieno such file or directory17:59
wheatthintesqie, sudo apt-get install fglrx17:59
Semperikonia, was it another reason?18:00
Ari-Yangtesqie, just so you know fglrx driver is kinda bad =/18:00
Ari-Yangyou're better off with the open source18:00
tesqiealready installed18:00
ikoniaSemper: that's one of many, it's a pointles application18:00
Ari-Yangbut go on ahead and try it, you can always switch back18:00
sp00kyikonia, well, I've already run dpkg -i so when do apt-get update I keep seeing that the package I tried to install via dpkg has unmet dependencies.18:00
Sempersnake oil18:00
wheatthinAri-Yang, why is it bad? just cause it's proprietary driver doesn't make it bad18:00
Semperunless you get something obvious I know18:00
ikoniasp00ky: ok so install the dependencies, and don't use dpkg -i in future18:01
Ari-Yangwheatthin, no it's not that because it's proprietary it's bad. It's bad cuz I tried using it myself, gave me nothing but tearing and glitches. I've also seen a lot of others talk about it being bad18:01
tesqieits already installed tho, is that bad?18:01
Ari-Yangtesqie, you have to activate it, if you're on 12.10 go to software sources and go to the additional drivers tab18:01
shankstaBytesssh is so easy to setup but ftp is a pain18:01
Ari-Yangyou should see it there18:01
wheatthinAri-Yang, you can enable stop tearing by using vsync18:01
Ari-Yangwheatthin, yeah, I tried that, like I said just gave me glitches18:02
wheatthintesqie, then use   aticonfig --initial -f18:02
InsaneGeneguys, I got both windows and ubuntu on my laptop and my wireless internet connection is slower on ubuntu  what could be the reason and how to get the same performance on ubuntu18:02
wheatthinAri-Yang, then it wasn't the driver.18:02
jbkc85looking for assistance in troubleshooting ldap.conf certificate issues: getting a TLS packet with unexpected length was received on PHP/ldapsearch utilities18:02
SemperInsaneGene, is it atheros or realtek?18:02
tesqieno supported adapters yet18:02
SemperAnswer in that case is crappy drivers for Ubunti18:02
Ari-Yangwheatthin, yes it was. If I get all of these glitches as soon as I switch to the driver and restart, and I get tearing and what not, it's the driver. All of it goes away when I switch back to the open source18:02
Ari-Yangamd/ati proprietary drivers are just bleck18:03
Ari-Yangnvidia I hear is fine ofc18:03
agliodbsthere seems to be no control panel to configure/disable notifications in 12.1018:03
wheatthinAri-Yang, no.. are you using compiz and all that other stuff?18:03
agliodbswhere is it hiding?18:03
Giwrgarasive got a file in /host/Python33/Lib/myfile.py and i want to copy it to /usr/lib/python3.2$18:03
Giwrgaraswhat do i type?18:03
Ari-Yangwheatthin, even without compiz. I know what I'm talking about lol18:03
wheatthinAri-Yang, I'm using fglrx right now with no tearing at all.18:04
Ari-Yangokay then, it works for you is all18:04
InsaneGeneSemper, it's realtek18:04
wheatthinso obviously something is wrong on your end18:04
Ari-Yangwheatthin, what card you got?18:04
SemperYou could attempt to use the ndis drivers18:04
wheatthinhd 577018:04
Semperwrapping the windows drivers18:04
Ari-Yangtesqie, http://gyazo.com/bbcb6b1dba1a4cb5a63ee30dcfb7b692 (screen shot photo)18:04
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin okay18:04
Semperbut I wouldn't suggest fiddling18:04
InsaneGeneSemper, how to do that ?18:04
Semperthat and you might already be on NDIS18:04
SemperThat I cannot remember, you'd need to google it.18:05
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin then maybe the driver for hd 5400 is just bad then18:05
wheatthinAri-Yang, same driver.18:05
tesqieim in terminal i cant screen shot my stuff18:05
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin I installed it from the site, then again, this is a laptop18:05
SemperBut there is little to no point unless you want to look at it academically.18:05
InsaneGeneSamper, Ok thanks man18:05
SemperActually improvements are unlikely.18:05
Catalysticwhy isnt ubuntu shiping with proprietary GFX drivers like for ex. pclinuxos18:05
SemperJust the way it is.18:05
wheatthinAri-Yang, that's the problem, you used the stuff from the site itself18:05
shankstaBytesi thought rssh isn't the recommend method now that OpenSSH gives you that ability18:05
SemperCatalystic, because ubuntu is opensource18:05
Ari-Yangwheatthin, where did you install yours from?18:05
shankstaBytesikonia: ^18:05
wheatthinubuntu repo18:05
Semperso you have to choose to use them.18:06
InsaneGeneSemper, I'll give it a shot18:06
dank101i have a really important question that is strange18:06
ikoniashankstaBytes: that has NOTHING to do with what I said earlier18:06
ikoniashankstaBytes: you asked about FTP accounts, I explained to you about them18:06
Ari-Yangwheatthin, link from launch pad? or what's the name of it from software center?18:06
wheatthinAri-Yang, from software center18:06
tesqieis there no solution for my case?18:06
andatchecan anyone point me in direction of a Canonical sysadmin? I have a network/DNS query/issue18:06
SemperInsaneGene, basically find your wifi chipset and see the available drivers and see if any are better.18:06
ikoniaandatche: just ask18:06
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin what's it called? and what's the diff between from software center and from the site?18:06
Catalystictriskel is opensource18:07
andatcheikonia: it's not something I want to disclose, need to speak to someone at Canonical18:07
ikoniaandatche: then email canonical18:07
wheatthinAri-Yang, the one from the site hasn't been reviewed for ubuntu specifically18:07
dank101can you use optimus drivers with a non-optimus graphics card18:07
wheatthinit's a general linux driver18:07
Ari-Yangwheatthin, you on 12.10?18:08
=== harshadura__ is now known as harshadura_
ActionParsnipAri-yang: packages from software centre will be updated when the repo is updated18:08
ThePendulumI installed and removed the Nvidia-driver, and now i.e. the shade below the bar on the top of the screen is gone, as well as the option to set the Unity bar size18:08
ThePendulumAny ideas?18:08
Ari-Yang@ ActionParsnip I know, I'm not looking to upgrade18:08
wheatthintesqie, which adapter are you using again?18:08
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin http://gyazo.com/e91ec7ce0425f62edec63bc5e6b13fa0 check that screen shot image, which one you get, first or bottom?18:08
Ari-Yang(first one in the list as low rating)18:09
ActionParsnipDark101: why would you want to?18:09
tesqiecharging adapter??18:09
l_ri'd like to know where is all my freespace on the disk /dev/sda1        11G  9,3G     16M 100% /         <--- total size is 11G, used is 9,3 , then why do i have only 16M free? where is the 11G-9,4 G?18:09
=== gustavo_ is now known as ghs
wheatthintesqie, no, graphics adapter18:09
tesqieradeon 7670 lol18:09
wheatthinAri-Yang, using apt-get install fglrx18:10
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin ah I see18:10
Ari-Yanggonna apt-cache search that18:10
ActionParsnipL_r: sudo apt-get clean , is a good start18:10
wheatthintesqie, your graphics card isn't supported yet18:11
Ari-Yangwheatthin, what version of fglrx do you have?18:11
tesqieis that the problem to everything?18:11
ActionParsnipL_r: do you have a separate /home partition?18:11
l_rActionParsnip, no18:11
wheatthintesqie, .. no but I'd advise looking up hardware support before you install an operating system18:11
tesqiecan i still install ubuntu?18:12
ActionParsnipL_r: check the size of folders in $HOME18:12
wheatthintesqie, you can use console, but not gui18:12
ActionParsnipL_r: do you use steam?18:12
wheatthintesqie, it'll be fine for server.. just not able to use it graphically18:13
ActionParsnipL_r: also check the size of ~/.xsession-errors18:13
theadmin...Wouldn't the open drivers work, or at worst, vesa?18:13
theadminI mean, if fglrx fails.18:13
l_rActionParsnip, no, it's a damn normal ubuntu installation. with a btrfs fs i'd like to know where is all the space18:13
tesqieno way i can use it graphically?18:13
wheatthintheadmin, no.. xorg's open drivers doesn't support it18:13
theadminwheatthin: Oh. That's a bad thing, then.18:13
tesqieokay thank you18:13
ActionParsnipL_r: you can use disk space analyser to see which folders are largest18:14
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin what is the version of fglrx you're currently using?18:14
l_rActionParsnip, i don't want to know which are the biggest dirs. i want to know where is all the claimed free space that the output of df gives me18:14
ActionParsnipL_r: you could install bleachbit and carefully clean temp data. Run it as root too and avoid settings which say they will take a long time18:15
Catalysticubuntu keeps filling up my HDD with god knows what!!!18:15
ActionParsnipL_r: also, remove old unused kernels18:15
sp00kyikonia, what should I use instead of dpkg?18:16
ActionParsnipL_r: should keep you busy a while :-)18:16
* ActionParsnip keeps browser cache in tempfs for speed as well as the data removal on reboot :-)18:18
l_rmy problem is not the used space18:19
l_rthe problem is in the math of df18:19
wheatthinAri-Yang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796228/18:19
Catalysticwhy do peopl,e keep using FB G+ TWITER ETC ETC when you got IRC!???!18:19
l_rit says Total 11 G, used 9,3G. Ok. Then why do i only have 16M free?18:19
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
wheatthinCatalystic, because web-browsers are more easily accessible.18:19
ActionParsnipL_r: your file system is jounalized. Probably the journal taking the space18:19
=== Koedh is now known as Ladon
Catalysticwheatthin: maybe you arent familiar with WEBIRC i pitty you18:20
ActionParsnipL_r: btrfs may use 10% for journal which adds up18:20
wheatthinCatalystic, no, you ask why others don't use it.18:20
l_rActionParsnip, 10%?18:21
l_rit seems huge18:21
Mage_DudeI have a public key on my laptop that's been generated by the correct user on my server. When I try to authenticate with the key through ssh, it asks for a passkey (which there is none), but then attempt to revert to password. How can I track down why the key isn't acceptable?18:21
wheatthinCatalystic, I wouldn't assume too much, cause it makes you look like a fool. now back to support topics plz18:21
ActionParsnipL_r: go see or ask your disk what the percent is...18:21
opalepatrickno updates today, rebooted and stuck at grub - all items listed but grey (I think) and not responding to keyboard - Can I fix from livecd?18:21
tesqiewindows 8 just sucks18:22
tesqiedont ever get it18:22
ActionParsnipTesqie: that is offtopic here18:22
wheatthinhe's gone now.18:22
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin yeah, that version matches my version in synaptic package manager. so lets say if I were to install it, I have to uinstall the one I got from the site first yes? with sudo aptitude purge fglrx** ?18:22
wheatthinAri-Yang, no, you'd have to use the .run installing with --uninstall18:23
Catalysticthey got rid of the start button after some hacker got in #windows and posted the simple reg hack that made win8 boot on to the desktop with a start button18:23
Catalystici guess balmer has shares in the companies like classic shell etc etc18:24
ActionParsnipL_r: any particular reason for using btrfs?18:24
br0I'm confused about something: what's the name of the filesystem I can see if I do 'ls /' ?18:25
l_rActionParsnip, i thought new = cool,fast18:25
auronandacel_r: btrfs is still under development18:25
ActionParsnipL_r: its just different.  You clearly don't know enough about file systems and should have taken the defaults which cater18:25
Ari-Yangwheatthin, this is th  command I used to install and test out the beta: sudo sh amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.2-beta7-linux-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/quantal18:26
jribbr0: you see a listing of files under /.  I'm not sure what your question is18:26
ActionParsnipKinda hoping it wasn't a "its newer so is better". So cliché18:26
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin to uinstall it would be sudo sh amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.2-beta7-linux-x86.x86_64.run --uinstall18:26
br0jrib: is it named the root filesystem ?18:26
wheatthinAri-Yang, then you'll use 'sudo ./amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.2-beta7-linux-x86.x86_64.run --uninstall18:27
br0because I learned that the kernel also mounts a tiny (sometimes empty) rootfs too18:27
br0so I'm confused about my understanding of the boot process and denominations18:27
jribbr0: / called "root" in the sense that it's the top-level of the hierarchy18:27
br0but it's abusive to say that it's the root filesystem ?18:28
Ari-Yangwheatthin, I don't have to activate the driver restart to uinstall it right? I can do it right now as I'm using the open source one?18:28
wheatthinAri-Yang, i'd suggest it18:28
jribbr0: some same discussion I just found here: http://www.linfo.org/root_filesystem.html18:29
Ari-Yangsuggest activating the driver? and then uninstalling it?18:29
wheatthinAri-Yang, no, I'd suggest uninstalling, then rebooting followed by installing fglrx-updates18:29
Mage_DudeIf you *have* to work with a Windows system, but you have git-bash available. Is it better to generate a public/private keypair on the Win machine and transfer to the other one?18:29
Ari-Yangwheatthin, right.18:30
br0alright so there's only the rootfs and there *might* be some other FS such as /var or smth if you decide they should be separated ?18:30
jribbr0: rootfs has special meaning related to the kernel I believe.  I don't know the details but here: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/ramfs-rootfs-initramfs.txt18:30
wheatthinAri-Yang, and if your lightdm or gdm has resolution problems I'd issue    aticonfig --initial -f   followed by sudo service gdm restart or lightdm whichever you're using18:31
br0jrib: this is the documentation that got me confused in the first place18:31
fhfhello all I have a problem with packaging: I need to copy icon to particular dir and I add "cp" to "rules" file but it gives me error no such file or dir and compilation hangs on that coping18:31
jribbr0: heh.  I don't know enough to unconfuse I am afraid18:31
wheatthinAri-Yang, I had to put the resolution in /etc/X11/xorg.conf before it would fix the login screen's resolution18:31
usercheck_i have cd-rw, how to check it  function is good?, i have try to burning cd, in software is success, but in cd i it is blank.18:31
wheatthinAri-Yang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5796265/18:32
usercheck_what tool can be used to chec cd-rw that error or not?18:32
jribbr0: maybe they are the same afterall, not sure...18:32
serrohow to get the bar on left to auto hide?18:33
Ari-Yangwheatthin, I can't edit a xorg.conf because I don't have it18:33
wheatthinAri-Yang, that's what   aticonfig --initial -f does for you.18:33
mnemonbr0: / is the root of the fs, rootfs(a ramdisk) is something used during the bootup of newer kernels.18:33
br0jrib: the first sentence of http://www.linfo.org/root_filesystem.html pretty much says that roots = root filesystem, therefore it's my understanding that naming all that is under / to be part of the root file system is abusive18:33
Ari-Yangtbh a lightdm weird resolution doesn't bother me *shrugs*18:33
serrohow to get the bar on left to auto hide?18:34
=== FiremanEd^ is now known as FiremanEd
br0mnemon: indeed, it's what I suspected, ty18:34
usercheck_what tool can be used to chec cd-rw that error or not?18:35
fionnanI can't seem to add or edit jobs in gnome-schedule, anyone know what might cause this?18:35
usercheck_i have cd-rw, how to check it  function is good?, i have try to burning cd, in software is success, but in cd i it is blank.18:35
wheatthinfionnan, are you root?18:35
shankstaBytesrssh sucks18:35
wheatthinshankstaBytes, please reframe from putting personal opinions that don't relate to support toics18:36
fionnanwheathin: no, I just opened the gui from applications > system tools18:36
wheatthinfionnan, try to use the run command gksu gnome-schedule18:37
robertbuhrenhi there, can i upgrade vim in 12.04 to the vim from 13.04? or do i have to recompile vim myself?18:37
jribrobertbuhren: see if a ppa is available or just upgrade to 13.0418:37
jribrobertbuhren: if neither of those options suit you, you can try backporting the package in 13.04 (/msg ubottu backport)18:38
fionnanwheatthin: thanks, still doesn't seem to accept any changes18:38
Ari-Yangwheatthin, let me re-phrase my previous question. It's okay to uninstall while using the open source driver, yes?18:38
stealthiiHi there.  I'm installing a new system running 13.04.  I'm creating a btrfs partition, but the textmode setup only lets you choose mount options from a pre-defined list.18:38
stealthiiWhere can I edit the mount options for that partition before setup continutes?18:39
wheatthinAri-Yang, of course.18:39
robertbuhrenjrib: thanks, uprading is not an option, it's a build server for a project, i'd  rather stay with the lts version18:39
robertbuhreni'll have a look at backporting18:39
Giwrgarascan you name san good lenses for ubuntu?18:40
Ari-Yangwheatthin, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7nZCTfSb that look right to you?18:40
wheatthincd to the directory that the run file is in18:41
wheatthinthe ./<filename> --uninstall18:41
wheatthinusing sudo tho.. sorry about that18:43
Mage_DudeIf the server has the public/private key pair, shouldn't I be able to transfer the public key to another computer and connect with that?18:43
goddardhow can i enable VNC in kde?18:43
nightdrevercan anyone get football manager 2013 to work on ubuntu 12.04?18:44
Ari-Yangwheatthin, I think I uninstalled the beta driver with sudo aptitude purge fglrx**18:44
Ari-Yangand I think that might have worked too18:44
wheatthinAri-Yang, reboot first18:44
Ari-Yangno, this was a while back18:45
Ari-YangI didn't do it now lol18:45
Ari-Yangfirst uninstall, then reboot18:45
Ari-Yang(for this driver I'm uninstalling now)18:45
wheatthinyup.. then  sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates18:45
Ari-Yangwheatthin, it said command not found18:46
wheatthinwhat do you mean command not found?18:46
wheatthinif you mean aptitude, it's not installed by default18:47
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=EiWcQ6y418:47
Ari-YangI didn't try aptitude purge yet...18:47
=== atrius_ is now known as atrius
wheatthinAri-Yang, is the .run file in ~/Downloads  ?18:47
Ari-YangI cd into the directory where the run file is, wheatthin18:48
wheatthinyou cd ~/Downloads18:48
wheatthinwhere run resides18:48
wilee-nileenightdrever, This might be good news, not sure as of now. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/05/football-manager-2014-linux-release18:48
Ari-Yangthe run file is in a folder called amd-driver-installer-catalyst-12.10-x86.x86_64 which is in the Downloads folder18:48
wheatthinAri-Yang, ls ~/Downloads | pastebinit18:49
=== FiremanEd^ is now known as FiremanEd
Ari-Yangwheatthin, why? I know where the .run file is18:49
wheatthinobviously it's not there.18:49
Ari-Yanglike I said it's in the folder specifcally called amd-driver-installer-catalyst-12.10-x86.x86_64 in the downloads folder...18:49
wilee-nileenightdrever, 2013 appears to run in wine. http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2697118:49
Ari-Yang* specifically18:49
MeeuwkeHi guys18:50
Ari-YangI'll try again18:50
MeeuwkeI have a short question, does anybody know if curlftpfs uses an ascii or binary transfermode?18:51
wheatthinMeeuwke, maybe check manpage for curlftpfs18:51
Meeuwkeoops Wheattin ur right, I've tried google with no success, sorry forgot all about the manpages18:52
Meeuwkethanks ;)18:52
ehhhdoes anyone know a way to format laptops without installing an os? since i can't install ubuntu on that old thing i'm gonna try android (it just booted from usb but i need to sort the partitions out. . )18:53
Ari-Yangwheatthin, if it isn't installed to begin with, maybe it will tell me the command doesn't exist?18:53
wilee-nileeehhh, Live gparted18:53
jribehhh: boot ubuntu from a cd or usb?18:53
wheatthinehhh, using fdisk usually works, if that comes with whatever you have18:53
DJonesehhh: Just boot up with a gparted/ubuntu cd and use gparted18:54
Ari-Yangwheatthin, I opened up the .deb file in software-center and it says "install" as if it isn't installed...18:54
wheatthinAri-Yang, no.. the uninstaller is part of the installer.18:54
wheatthinAri-Yang, it wouldn't be in software center.. it's not from the repo18:54
pschyskaHi! I have a minor but annoying problem: The short-cut ctrl-shift-w for closing a tab in gnome-terminal (by default) and kubuntu (set by me) does not work at all. Does anyone know this problem? Feeling stupid...18:54
Ari-Yangwell I'm not sure whay it says it doesn't exist :V18:54
wheatthinAri-Yang, If you had downloaded the run file into downloads, then that's why it's saying command not found18:55
=== Tovneb is now known as Tarqansasz
Ari-Yangwheatthin, I d/led the compressed file, then extracted it to a folder which is under the Downloads folder that shares the same name as the .run file18:55
Ari-Yangyou see?18:56
wheatthinAri-Yang, then you mispelled something18:56
Ari-Yangwheatthin, --uninstall that look mispelled to you?18:56
wheatthinAri-Yang, in the filename..18:57
Ari-Yangno way18:57
Ari-YangI copied the file name from the properities window18:57
Ari-Yang* properties18:57
Ari-YangI'll double check18:57
wheatthincopy it from "ls"18:57
ehhhhow do i use gparted/fdisk :P is it inside the live cd in the try part of it?18:57
wheatthinehhh, you use gparted and edit the hard drive, not the installer disk18:58
Ari-Yangyeah, that's not it, I dragged and dropped the folder into the terminal and erased the unnecessary stuff18:58
wilee-nileeehhh, gparted has its own live SO, ubuntu has it on board the live session18:58
MonkeyDustehhh  run gparted and delete all partitions18:58
wheatthinAri-Yang,  don't drag and drop, use tab completion18:58
=== mimi is now known as Guest64592
Ari-Yangwheatthin, used the ls command and I'll copy it from it19:00
=== angss is now known as angs
Meeuwkehmm man doesn't say anything 'bout transfermode, but I'll try to figure it out by trying. Thanks anyways!19:01
serrois there away to get gnome 2 look back ?19:02
Ari-Yangyeah, same thing :V19:02
wheatthinAri-Yang, then you're not changing into the right directory19:02
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Ej6XVBGW as you can see from that paste, I am in the right directory19:03
gfgvI have a back-up19:04
gfgvof clonezilla19:04
gfgvand I use ssh to restore it19:04
gfgvdoes not work19:04
gfgvdo not leave the option19:04
ehhhok i'm having a problem with my ubuntu. . i boot the pc up it gets to the purple screen then it stops sending a signal to the tv19:04
gfgvcan anyone help me19:04
FloodBot1gfgv: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:04
odraAnybody knows if you can remove a path from the dconf database?19:04
ehhhis it lacking drivers for the graphics card or something ? it worked just fine on 12.04 until i upgraded to 12.1019:05
wheatthinAri-Yang, did you install using the .deb files?19:05
Ari-Yangwheatthin, no, but I'm going to run sudo aptitude purge fglrx** (which will remove anything fglrx related in theory, yes?)19:06
adamk_ehhh: Do you have another monitor hooked up?19:06
wheatthinAri-Yang, then why are they in that directory?19:07
Ari-Yangbecause they're apart of the .zip file package from the official site?19:07
ehhhadamk_: no i can look for an old pc and try it if i can find the cables . . though i'm not sure where the power cord is19:07
Ari-Yangwheatthin, I wonder, lets say if I install the ones from ubuntu, if it sees that it's already installed, think it would replace it?19:07
adamk_ehhh: If you hit control+alt+f2, does it bring up a terminal console?19:08
wheatthinAri-Yang, nope.. you must use  sudo dpkg --deinstall <package name>19:08
Ari-Yangkk, gonna run aptitude purge fglrx in a bit19:08
wheatthinAri-Yang, or else you're going to break something19:08
ehhhadamk_: no i'm not getting any signal19:09
Ari-Yangwheatthin, if the --uninstall does in fact run dpkg --deinstall on those .deb files in the same directory, then I can manually do it myself19:09
=== erry is now known as tt_is_purple
adamk_ehhh: Do you have ssh already seutp on this box so that you can login remotely?19:09
=== tt_is_purple is now known as erry
wheatthinAri-Yang, umm whatever guru do whatever.19:10
ehhhadamk_: no. . i tried typing in my password and didn't get the login sound either . .19:10
Ari-Yang@ wheatthin no need for attitude ;/19:10
wheatthinAri-Yang, you don't listen, so there's no bother for me to help any further.19:11
adamk_ehhh: How is the TV hooked up to the video card?19:11
Kroachis it normal for a Core i5 to heat up to over 70°C while playing games?19:11
Ari-Yangwheatthin, so far I've been listening to you and nothing has worked lol19:11
ehhhadamk_: VGA cable19:11
Ari-YangKroach, it sounds normal to me, what drivers are you using?19:11
KroachAri-Yang: it's fine if that's normal, I'm using the stock intel driver from 12.04.219:12
=== georgelappies_ is now known as georgelappies
Ari-Yang@ Kroach *nod*19:13
KroachAri-Yang: ok, thanks19:13
James_EppHow do you increase the number of workspaces?19:13
* harshadura_ is reading an article about google's new cloud playground: http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/24/google-launches-cloud-playground-a-browser-based-environment-for-trying-its-cloud-platform/19:13
ThePendulumI installed Ubuntu and the graphics worked fine. Then I decided to install Nvidia drivers and that didn't work for [cursing]. I removed them, and now I have full resolution again etc., but no shading on the bar on the top and no option to change the Unity bar size, and probably more things I didn't notice yet. How can I fully restore the graphics?19:14
adamk_ehhh: It's probably worth trying another monitor, if you have one, but I'm doubtful it will make a difference..  Any chance you can try a live CD of 12.10 to see if it works?19:14
quidsupoh ehhh still haveing problems?19:14
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: removing the nvidia drivers should revert you back to nouveau19:14
James_EppThePendulum: I had drivers one time. I installed a different version of Ubuntu and everything went fine. Ubuntu 12.04.2 rock solid.19:14
James_Eppdriver issues*19:14
quidsupYeah 12.04 was a bit better on the drivers19:15
ThePendulum[Gentoo]: It more or less did, but I feel like something went wrong.19:15
ThePendulumJames_Epp: I reinstalled Ubuntu 3 times already :\19:15
James_EppThePendulum: Which version?19:15
James_EppIDK. Ask linus about nvidia drivers.19:16
ehhhi just tried out the other monitor but that thing's basically dead so no results there . . it shows the bootup screen and i'm having the same problem there19:16
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: ive installed mint and ubuntu a few times for people, graphics drivers always seemed to have weird issues for some reason (blank screen / weird solid bar at the top / wrong resolution / flickering)19:17
JEsaieI need help please19:18
ThePendulumWell it wasn't an issue upon install, but something, somewhere, went wrong when removing the Nvidia drivers, not sure what19:18
kostkon!ask | JEsaie19:18
ubottuJEsaie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:18
ThePendulumIsn't there a way to auto-configure xorg.conf?19:18
ehhhi guess there's nothing to do but . . start over again :/ i didn't install any nvidia software or drivers when it was running on 12.04 i went straight for the updates . .19:18
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: so you removed nvidia proprietary ones, now what19:18
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
[Gentoo]nouveau should be on and working as it was before :s19:19
JEsaieI run ubuntu live but i would like to save19:19
[Gentoo]JEsaie: its a read only environment19:19
MonkeyDustJEsaie  you mean install?19:19
mehworkhow can i add an existing user to an existing group?19:19
ThePendulum[Gentoo]: Which is exactly my issue :|19:19
ThePendulumWait what19:20
ThePendulumI removed nvidia-common19:20
ThePendulumAnd it's back19:20
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: remove all nvidia stuff19:20
ThePendulumIt's the only nvidia-thing on there19:20
JEsaieHow i can install ubuntu live19:20
[Gentoo]check if theres an xorg.conf19:20
MonkeyDustJEsaie  there should be an icon "install ubuntu" or something similar19:20
[Gentoo]if there is remove it19:20
JEsaieOn win virtual box19:21
wilee-nileeJEsaie, You need a usb and a  set up to save, however that persistent will fill up and is not a cleanable addition.19:21
keepguessingHi, I have set the proxy settings using the network proxy settings. i have also set it firfox and seleccted it to use across all protocols. Even after this the proxy settings do no work for many apps. I have had to individually set proxy for various applications. Is there a one short way of setting the proxy settings in ubuntu. Also can i manage ubuntu proxy settings as profiles? When I come home after work I have to turn off p19:21
keepguessingI am using ubuntu 12.04 desktop version19:21
ThePendulumOh fantastic, it removed Ubuntu Desktop19:21
wilee-nileeThePendulum, Nothing gets removed unless you say yes.19:21
[Gentoo]keepguessing: theres not a way to route every connection through proxy19:21
ThePendulumwilee-nilee: I said YES19:22
ThePendulumOr well, y~19:22
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: i dont think that package matters19:22
ThePendulumAlright, nvidia is gone19:22
ThePendulumBut the issue is not19:22
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: what was the issue again19:23
keepguessing[Gentoo]: What do you do usually to solve this issue?19:23
[Gentoo]keepguessing: what do you need proxied?19:23
[Gentoo]what program?19:23
ThePendulum[Gentoo]: The graphics seem incomplete. Unity looks different (less and more texture on random places), no shadows on windows and bars, no Unity resize option etc.19:23
keepguessing[Gentoo]: everything in my laptop that connects to the internet19:23
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: well nouveau is a slow slow driver for 99% of nvidia cards19:24
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: why dont you want the proper driver?19:24
[Gentoo]keepguessing: youll have to configure them per app19:24
keepguessing[Gentoo]: all right thanks ...19:24
[Gentoo]keepguessing: if theres a system proxy setting, only apps that obide to that will use the proxy of course19:25
[Gentoo]or it will be direct connection19:25
ThePendulum[Gentoo]: Because it didn't work. It set my desktop to 640x420 or something like that, and then said the driver isn't being used19:25
keepguessing[Gentoo]: probably then I will have to do a "NAT" solution :(19:25
[Gentoo]ThePendulum: i think ubuntu has 2 drivers, one stable one unstable19:25
[Gentoo]try the other one19:25
ThePendulumHow do I go about that?19:26
[Gentoo]im not sure what they are called19:26
cabbrick1243hi all19:27
[Gentoo]try apt-cache search nvidia19:27
mehworkhow can i add an existing user to an existing group?19:27
[Gentoo]mehwork: gpasswd -a user hgroup19:27
cabbrick1243I have an odd issue, as I can't get my system to boot on a clean install without using nomodset19:27
cabbrick1243the thing is it's just an Intel GMA 945 as the gpu19:28
mehworkGumby: thanks19:28
MonkeyDustmehwork  scroll down https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto19:28
mehworkMonkeyDust: well i've read like 20 diff ways to do it including usermod and useradd user group19:28
mehworkso i didn't know which to trust19:29
[Gentoo]mehwork: theres loads of ways to do it, they all work19:29
dario__i'm italian but i don't speak very well english anyone can anyway try to help me please?19:29
dario__anyone can help a poor italian boy please??19:30
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:30
* [Gentoo] gives dario__ $119:30
dario__i can try to speak english althought i don't know it .. today i have a bad suprpise an user said me my Ip when i was using xubuntu, how he did??19:31
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:32
[Gentoo]dario__: your ip is on show now19:32
cholbyI dated a guy named ubuntu once.  He used to "play the bongos" on my ass.19:32
[Gentoo]basically because your on irc19:32
dario__Gentoo i was only speaking in a forum chat with one user when he became hungry with me for a thing and i published in public way my ip adress but he was not a mod.. the he was banned in fact.. how he did? am i vulerabile??19:33
dario__no it was not irch chat but vbulletin chat19:34
dario__he said me my correct ip address i'm very scared19:34
[Gentoo]dario__: well he cant get your ip from there, but i wouldnt care either way. this is offtopic anyway :)19:34
dario__ok i'm sorry19:34
dizzylizzyI'd like to install Ubuntu 12.04 on a logical partition, but the installer does not seem to be able to see my volume group. Am I doing something wrong?19:37
MonkeyDustdizzylizzy  using LVM ?19:38
lordcirthSince 12.04 is LTS, this means that 12.10 is considered LTS also, right?19:38
MonkeyDustlordcirth no, every 2 years it's LTS, 10.04, 12.04, 14.04 etc19:39
ThePendulumlordcirth: If 12.10 would be LTS, then what wouldn't be?19:40
LongCatTHI cant startx with normal user19:40
LongCatTHbut it's seem work with 'sudo startx'19:40
LongCatTHhow I can reset setting for my user19:41
dizzylizzyMonkeyDust, what do you mean, using LVM? I'd have to be using lvm in order to work with that partition, wouldn't I?19:43
dizzylizzyhow can I work with lvm in the installer?19:43
dizzylizzyDo I need the alternate installer CD to do this?19:44
RJ45I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.4 at the moment (don't tell me to upgrade, just help me or go away.), recently it's been randomly logging me out ever-so-often, it never used-to do this, I think I might have a Virus, anythin' I should look out for in Processes?19:45
dizzylizzyI'll jigdo the 12.04 alternate install cd and point it to my normal desktop install cd, that should be okay19:45
gordonjcpRJ45: it doesn't have a virus19:45
gordonjcpthey just don't exist for Linux19:45
lordcirthMonkeyDust: well, I was wondering if 12.10 counted as the same release, since its a smaller update19:45
RJ45gordonjcp: they do19:45
gordonjcpRJ45: no, they don't19:45
RJ45gordonjcp: viruses are just RARE for Linux19:45
gordonjcpno, they are non-existent19:46
gordonjcpanyway, that's irrelevant19:46
RJ45gordonjcp: almost ALL OSs can get a virus19:46
MonkeyDustlordcirth  no, the non-LTS releases are supported for only 9 months19:46
gordonjcpcan you think of anything that happens around the time you get logged out?19:46
lordcirthgordonjcp: RJ45: They technically do exist, they're just really hard to get19:46
gordonjcpRJ45: no19:46
SolarisBoydizzylizzy: from the normal installer live cd if you have internet access and lvm packages are not present, you could always just install them to the live cd19:46
OerHeksdizzylizzy, alternate is discontinued, use the mini iso or server iso?19:46
gordonjcplordcirth: there's a proof-of-concept but it's a lot of effort to get it to work19:46
SolarisBoyvirus is not defined by what OS it can reside in also...19:46
RJ45gordonjcp: you should listen to me and lordcirth19:46
gordonjcpRJ45: uh, no19:46
gordonjcpRJ45: okay, you don't want help, that's fine19:46
dizzylizzyOerHeks, alternative still exists for 12.04 which I'm installing19:47
RJ45can someone please kick or mute gordonjcp?19:47
wilee-nilee10.04 desktop is not supported don't feed them.19:47
SolarisBoythey exist - its not about hard to get either - it's about Windows is the #1 desktop OS, folks want viruses to propograte, writing viruses for linux systems would be, somewhat pointless19:47
dizzylizzySolarisBoy, would they automatically work then within the installer? That seems odd to me19:47
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: I was working on the assumption that it was 10.04 server19:47
dizzylizzyit seems the 12.04 alternate cd supports lvm so I'll use that19:47
SolarisBoydizzylizzy: would what automaticallt work?19:47
RJ45SolarisBoy: Linux OSs are more popular than you think19:48
wilee-nileegordonjcp, Their attitude had them in ignore for me.19:48
gordonjcpSolarisBoy: and yet there are more Linux systems out there connected to the Internet than Windows systems19:48
gordonjcpSolarisBoy: *vastly* more19:48
SolarisBoyRJ45: on the server side yes on the desktop side no19:48
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: yeah, same here now19:48
lordcirthSolarisBoy: But with open source, vulnerabilities are found, then the virus writer starts, then it's patched and he gives up.19:48
RJ45SolarisBoy: both19:48
SolarisBoynegative afaik19:48
RJ45SolarisBoy: ur wrong19:48
SolarisBoythe internet - yes - the homes of folks who catch viruses - no19:48
lordcirthSolarisBoy: As opposed to Windows, where they start looking for the vulnerability when the virus comes out19:48
fragstonei have a question on btrfs and i hope you can clear my confusion :)19:49
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gordonjcp!ask | fragstone19:49
ubottufragstone: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:49
SolarisBoylordcirth: ofcourse -19:49
voozeI have a Intel HD 4000 graphics card and in BIOS I can set from 32-1024MB RAM. Is there somthing thats best for Ubuntu (gnome shell) ?19:49
SolarisBoythats how it should work atleast.19:49
reisiohistorically a fair amount of badware was written just to express hatred for Microsoft :p19:49
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Spec-Chumwell, RJ45 made me proud to be British :/19:50
Spec-Chumsorry from the rest of us Civil brits19:50
gordonjcpSolarisBoy: think of all those wifi routers and such like - do they run Windows?19:50
gordonjcpSpec-Chum: indeed19:50
fragstoneif i create a subvolume it will created on level >5 ... what are the levels?19:50
gordonjcpSpec-Chum: Your Sinclair reference?19:50
Spec-Chumgordonjcp: you star!19:50
SolarisBoygordonjcp: they often run various versions of linux based OS19:50
Spec-Chumyou're number 219:50
gordonjcpSpec-Chum: gissa sandwich19:51
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MonkeyDustSinclair ZX Spectrum?19:51
Spec-ChumI've had this nick for over 10 tears and you're the 2nd person to know what it is19:51
Spec-ChumMonkeyDust: oh yes19:51
lordcirthgordonjcp: I had a router that ran a BSD19:51
gordonjcpSpec-Chum: heh19:51
* SolarisBoy shrugs19:51
gordonjcplordcirth: commercial?19:51
gordonjcpMonkeyDust: yes19:51
dizzylizzyOkay, so I pointed the 12.04.2 alternative installer jigdo toward the 12.04.02 desktop ISO, and it found only 10 of over 1300 required files. What?19:51
Spec-Chumgordonjcp: I few people guess ZX Spectrum link but you're one of two to name the magazine19:51
gordonjcpSpec-Chum: I still have quite a few old back-issues in storage somewhere19:52
lordcirthgordonjcp: ya, a commercial version, but it gave credit to BSD and some other FOSS software in the license info.  It was cool19:52
neo2hello.  does replacing a MB requires a reinstallation?19:52
reisioneo2: a motherboard?19:52
lordcirthneo2: Motherboard?19:52
Dr_willisneo2,  ive moved linux installs  (the hd) to radically differnt mb/pcs befor without needing a reinstall19:52
reisiolordcirth: go team19:52
Dr_willisneo2,  watch out for video card driver issues however19:53
neo2Dr_willis, ok ty19:53
reisioneo2: not technically, no19:53
Spec-Chumgordonjcp: I'm ashamed to say I threw all mine away some years ago19:53
reisioneo2: any problems you should be able to fix from your install media ('try ubuntu')19:53
lordcirthneo2: generally not.  I did it with Kubuntu, when I booted, it asked me about my new sound card.  I use it as a Linux example actually :P19:53
Dr_willisif you have an older nvidia driver and move the hd to a newer nvidia card - it can be annoying19:53
neo2Dr_willis, I have grave experience with it, ty... fortunately the GPU is separate19:53
Dr_willisI do FULL installs to usb flash drives and move the flash around with very few issues19:54
Dr_willisi dont install the  nvidia/ati drivers however.19:54
SolarisBoythe only issues i have seen is hardcoded MACs from udev19:54
SolarisBoy@moving hdd's to new chassis/mobo19:54
lordcirthI had a Win7 / Kubuntu dual boot when I switched out the mobo, I still use it as a Win/Lin comparison lol19:54
SolarisBoynot really an issue though -19:54
sweetteafor some reason, on thunderbird, the alerts that show email are gone19:55
sweetteait used to show the number of new emails on the unity icon, and in mail icon would turn blue19:55
sweetteaany idea what needs to be added? I ugpraded from 12.04 to 13.0419:55
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ehhhok guys i have this problem with the screen not responding after the purple boot screen when ubuntu starts probably because of the drivers, now i'm in the terminal after recovery mode. . what do?19:57
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lenswipehey guys can someone help?19:58
=== DEFINITELYWILLdu is now known as WILLdo
lenswipeI'm gettin an error when I install samba4 saying "unable to parse dn string"19:58
Tippens i am trying to setup a ftp user on ubuntu server aws,  i have created the key and from the .pem file i have created the public key which i have placed in the home/[user]/.ssh folder but when i try and sftp in i get this message: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)  any1 have any ideas what i am doing wrong? any help is appreciated.19:58
lenswipewhat should I do?19:58
lenswipeI tried googling it but just got a bunch of articles that weren't in English19:58
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sweetteaTippens: you might need to enable sftp in ssh_config19:59
sweetteasee if simply sshing in works (with your key)19:59
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Pici!nickspam | WILLdude20:00
ubottuWILLdude: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »20:00
WILLdudeCouldn't decide on which nick to use. Feel free to ban me if it so pleases you,20:01
Tippenssweettea: SSH