smartboyhwJackYu, ypwong, maclin hey, do you guys want to participate in some Classroom QA sessions starting 1 hour later?13:31
ypwongsmartboyhw, participate as listener?13:31
JackYuthat's great.13:31
smartboyhwypwong, yep.13:31
ypwongJackYu, are you in hotel?13:31
ypwongsmartboyhw, which channel?13:32
smartboyhwGo to #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat.13:32
smartboyhwIt starts at 14:30 UTC.13:32
JackYuypwong, yes, after trying 3 hotels...13:32
smartboyhwJackYu, :O13:32
JackYusmartboyhw, thanks.13:32
ypwongJackYu, sorry to hear that.. so hard to book?13:32
JackYuypwong, might because this rain in Beijing.13:34
smartboyhwJackYu, we have not stopped rain here in HK during daytime.13:34
JackYusmartboyhw, really? seems everywhere in China.... Changsha was also.13:35
smartboyhwJackYu, heh13:35
ypwongsmartboyhw, yeah, the typhoon didn't go to HK?13:35
ypwongi heard no.1 hoisted last friday/saturday13:36
smartboyhwWe have that stupid tropical cyclone few days ago. ypwong we only got a No.3 signal.13:36
ypwongtoo bad there's no No.8 today otherwise a free day off13:36
smartboyhwypwong, heh heh heh13:37
smartboyhwypwong, I have to take that stupid TSA.13:37
smartboyhwToday and tmr.13:37
ypwongwhich subject?13:37
smartboyhwypwong, Chinese today, Maths and English tmr.13:38
ypwongI didn't have TSA for these subjects, I remember there were only TSA for chemistry or physics13:38
smartboyhwypwong, eh? We don't have these....13:39
ypwongI forget the full name of TSA13:39
smartboyhwTerritory-wide System assessment13:39
smartboyhwypwong, it's a new thing starting from 200613:39
ypwongdifferent thing13:39
ypwongI thought it was called  teacher something assessment in my time13:39
smartboyhwypwong, teacher assessment!? LO13:40
ypwongcan't recall what the 2nd word was13:40
* smartboyhw does have good results in science subjects, IIRC>13:40
ypwongsomething like doing experiments in laboratory and teachers marks the scores13:41
smartboyhwypwong, ...13:41
ypwongis the TSA a city-wide test?13:42
smartboyhwypwong, yes. Pri 3, Pri 6 and Sec 3.13:43
ypwongall students in HK take it at the same time?13:43
smartboyhwypwong, yeah.13:43
ypwongso that decides your fate of next year13:43
ypwongisn't it?13:43
smartboyhwypwong, no it doesn't. It doesn't affect anything (but for our school, it is a factor for next year's Chinese classwork)13:44
ypwongchinese was my worst subject, lol13:44
smartboyhwypwong, me too!13:45
maclinhey, smartboyhw, thanks for your information. I just see the chat,  the session begin?14:20
smartboyhwmaclin, within 10 min.14:21
maclinok, tks14:23

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