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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Midsummer Day! :)08:40
mungbeanhello, my "a file is no longer published" problem when publishing via nautilus/CLI happens on my home pc too - maybe an accoutn problem, t10:44
mungbeanboth running 12.0310:44
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dobeymungbean: did you submit your problem via the contact form on the web page?13:13
mungbeanlast week13:15
dobeyok. please add that information to your existing support ticket for the issue. you should have gotten an e-mail from this system that you should be able to reply to, i think13:16
mungbeanok, will do ta13:17
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pgrytdalHello... I have Ubuntu One installed on Windows XP. I synced my Music folder (c:\Documents and settings\pgrytdal\My Documents\My Music) and now I would like to sync it to my Linux Mint "Music" folder. The times I have tried, it made a /home/pgrytdal/My Documents/My Music folder, instead of syncing it to /home/pgrytdal/Music. Is there a way I can sync it to /home/pgrytdal/Music instead of /home/pgrytdal/my documents/my music?20:31
dobeypgrytdal: you can't reassign folder names, no21:04
dobeypgrytdal: you can change the configuration on your linux mint system so that "~/My Music/" is your "music" folder though, and/or change your music player to use it as the default library location21:04
pgrytdalThanks, Dobey. I'll check in with the Linux Mint IRC chat, and ask them how to do that.22:53
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