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Guest56139Can anyone tell me the defaul settings in Audacity for Noise Removal?  I altered them and its working like crap.  Its by Dominic Mazzoni01:03
Guest56139Id really appreciate it!!01:03
marco__I would like to know the default settings of Noise Removal in AUDACITY  - the one by Dominic Mazzoni01:21
holsteini mean... isnt it labeled "noise removal" ?01:39
artzraonei have to install asound card old model us122 tascam but i have a lot of problem !!12:04
artzraoneis there anybody here who can help me ?12:04
artzraonehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/TASCAM_US-122   i have made install with this link help but when i reboot the card is no detect12:07
SonikkuAmericaSomeone needs to fix the Downloads page on the Web site... both 13.04 torrent links point to the amd64 iso.14:40
smartboyhwSonikkuAmerica, what? Let me fix it immediately.14:40
SonikkuAmericasmartboyhw: Wait! False alarm!14:40
smartboyhwSonikkuAmerica, meh:P14:40
SonikkuAmericasmartboyhw: (Sorry... I need to watch what I'm looking at)14:40
Paladinehey guys who receives emails to the contact@ubuntustudio.org email address?15:40
holsteinPaladine: whats the question?15:40
Paladinethat was the question ;)15:40
Paladinejust curious who is reponsible for US and if they hang out in here, and if so, it would be nice to have a chat with them about the email I just sent15:41
holsteinPaladine: you can /j #ubuntustudio-devel15:42
holsteinPaladine: the community is reposible for ubuntustudio15:42
PaladineI understand that but I need to speak to the person who runs the project15:43
Paladinesomeone is reponsible for the domain and contact emails etc15:43
holsteinPaladine: its a community run project15:43
holsteinPaladine: zequence is the team lead15:43
holsteinPaladine: *anyone* in the channel i suggested can help you.. or the dev mailing list15:43
Paladineit is about a business partnership so I need to speak to the team lead15:43
holsteinPaladine: zequence is the team lead15:44
holsteinPaladine: /j #ubuntustudio-devel and ask what you like15:44
holsteinPaladine: we are not allowed, typically, any "buisness" partnerships.. but, it wont hurt to ask15:45
Paladinewhy not allowed? there is nothing in GNU License that states you can't make money?15:45
holsteinPaladine: because of the affiliation with cannonical, and the ubuntu branding15:46
holsteinPaladine: they pay the bills, and there are guidelines15:46
PaladineI wasn't aware SU had any official affiliation with Canonical, I don't see them on the list of official derivatives15:47
holsteinPaladine: if one were not comfortable with those guidelines, one could take the *exact* code.. the *exact* ubuntustudio (basically) and do what one wants with it.. though, not being able to call it ubuntustuddio15:47
holsteinPaladine: SO ?15:47
holsteinwhat is SU?15:47
Paladinesorry US15:48
Paladinehaving m,ultiple conversations at once15:48
PaladineUS - Ubuntu Studio15:48
holsteinubuntustudio *is* ubuntu15:48
holsteincanonnical "owns" the branding, and pays the bills.. and funds a lot of development, though, its a community project as well15:49
Paladineit is a derivative based on Ubuntu15:49
holsteinPaladine: no, its actually not15:49
Paladinesince when?15:49
holsteinPaladine: this is an *official* ubuntu derivitive15:49
holsteinPaladine: since always15:49
Paladinewhy is it not in the list?15:49
holsteinPaladine: same repos..15:49
holsteinPaladine: im not sure what list you are referring to, but im sure we were just forgotten15:49
Paladineoh it is in the list, I missed it15:49
Paladinemy bad :)15:49
DarkErano problem15:50
holsteinPaladine: list or no. .i assure you, we are an official derivitive15:50
PaladineI was looking for UbuntuStudio15:50
Paladinethe space caught me out15:50
Paladineholstein it is fine am not looking for a disagreement, I simply missed itin the list15:50
holsteinPaladine: still, this doesnt mean you cant /join the channel i mentioned, and ask zequence .. or ask in the dev mailing list.. or go to canonnical on your own15:51
PaladineI will talk to Mark instead15:51
Paladineyeah I will talk to Mark Shuttleworth, no problem, sorry for the misunderstanding15:51
holsteinPaladine: i am looking for someone to represent US to mark and/or jono.. can you please /join the dev channel and discuss this?15:52
PaladineI wouldn't really have time, I am really busy, I am a privacy advocate so the PRISM and Tempora stuff has me real busy at the moment15:53
holsteinPaladine: ?15:53
Paladineam trying to get a bunch of Linux build to switch their default search engine in their browser to a more privacy focused solution other than Google15:54
holsteinPaladine: you dont have time? to join the appropriate channel and have a discussion?15:54
PaladineI can join and have discussion sure but not sure what help i could be15:54
holsteinPaladine: *all* traffic is going through PRISM..15:54
holsteinanyways, that is for another channel.. and i assure you, anything you want to request in the appropriate channel, or on the mailing list will be looked at.. though, we are a small team15:55
PaladineI am in the other channel15:58
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elyi have disconnecting problems when i use pulse21:43
elyi'm obliged to reboot to have sound21:44
elyhave you a idea ? for refresh the sound card or fix the problem ?21:44
elywhen i use hydrogene i have sound but when i use after youtube or else i have nomore sound21:46
OvenWerksdo you start jack?21:55
elyjack is ok21:56
OvenWerksor do you just start hydrogen?21:56
elyits just for a simply use21:56
OvenWerkswhen you start hydrogen, it may start jack for you21:56
OvenWerksjack started that way will block pulse21:57
OvenWerksin a terminal type ps x21:57
elywhen iuse hydrogen without jackd its ok but after if i want just ear in a player a mp3 nomore sound21:57
OvenWerksif there is a jackd running kill it: killall -9 jackd21:58
OvenWerksthen see if mp3 works21:58
elyok yes i made a starter with this command  thks21:59
elygood job21:59
OvenWerksif you use qjackctl to start jack before you use hydrogen, then qjackctl can stop it to22:00
elyok but its great tks22:01
elythats i search22:01
elyits gone ty22:01
elywhat killall -9 jackd  (-9)22:02
elyovenwerks ?22:02
elyknow youtascam us122 install?22:03
elyi have  a lot probwith try to install this old card22:05

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