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xnoxslangasek: one 2 one mapping between "lsb Provides: " stanza and upstart job name, or between initscript name and upstart job name, or both?14:16
xnoxe.g. I see Required-Start: mountall & Provides: mountall in the initscripts on debian....14:18
xnoxnevermind me, it uses file names to build up dependencies.14:18
slangasekxnox: right - the provides are only used internally within insserv, but the generated dependencies are based on expanded real scripts15:58
xnoxslangasek: which is a shame =(15:59
xnoxslangasek: there would be no need for /etc/init/mountall.sh.conf /etc/init/hostname.sh.conf in debian if purely "Provides" names would be looked up.16:00
xnoxand used.16:00
slangasekxnox: yeah... except then there would be header parsing at boot time :)16:10
xnox=)))))))) which is like really fast, right?! =)))))16:11

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