bluesabreOvenWerks: that functionality is currently in development, hopefully I will finish it soon00:34
bkerensaXubuntu uses Ubuntu as Grub Entry?01:01
Unit193bkerensa: Everything uses Ubuntu, it's what lsb_release outputs.  Check /etc/default/grub to learn more.01:03
Unit193"Everything" being all flavors.01:03
micahgbkerensa: grub entries refer to the kernel, not the desktop env by default01:08
bkerensamicahg, do you know why xfdesktop might ignore deja dups .desktop file? 01:09
knomebkerensa, does it have OnlyShowIn or sth like that?01:10
bkerensaI dont see anything like that 01:10
knomeheh :)01:10
* bkerensa CTRL+W OnlyShowIn01:11
bkerensaI should have manually parsed 01:11
bkerensa\o/ now I have Deja Dup and all is good :) and it has Ubuntu One support so I don't have to make a script!01:12
OvenWerksbluesabre: I have found I can't get that functionality to work unless I move the line  <DefaultMergeDirs/>03:31
OvenWerksto the second last line of the applications.menu file in use03:31
OvenWerksin the case of xubuntu that file would be /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/menus/xfce-applications.menu03:34
OvenWerksThe only DE that does not have this problem is KDE... (well ubuntustudio is fixed now too)03:34
OvenWerksbluesabre: I would like to know if you find the same thing.03:37
knomeforestpiskie, you want to do alpha 1?11:19
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> Guys, our QA Classroom sessions starts 1 hour later. Make sure you join us through #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat!13:18
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy13:18
smartboyhws/1 hour /42 minutes.13:18
ochosirecently a few interesting appmenu alternatives have popped up (slingshot-launcher and whisker-menu)13:24
smartboyhwScrap that, it's 6.13:24
smartboyhwScrap that, it's 66...13:25
* smartboyhw gets confused with the time...13:25
bluesabreochosi: wanted to try whisker menu, was too lazy to build it for xfce-4.1015:08
ochosibluesabre: there's a debian package15:08
ochosion the project site15:08
bluesabreI tried that, it was incompatible15:08
bluesabrelibxfce4util4 mismatch15:08
bluesabrenow I am just using a super minimal setup15:09
bluesabre2 panels, one with a clock and transparent bg, sits over windows, other with my indicators, autohide15:10
ochosiweird that it didn't work15:10
ochosii'm also using 4.1015:10
ochosiin raring15:10
bluesabreyeah, beats me15:10
ochosione sec, i'll take another look15:11
ochosibluesabre: try that link: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/gottcode/xUbuntu_13.04/amd64/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin_1.0.0-1_amd64.deb15:12
bluesabreochosi, that worked, thanks!15:17
ochosiit's basically appfinder in a menu15:18
ochosicould be a replacement for our menu15:18
bluesabrenot such a bad thing though15:18
ochosibut i'd have to draw quite a few app-icons for that to be really sharp15:18
ochosilotsa 22/24px sizes missing15:18
ochosiand i've just gotten started on the 64px department lately (for alt-tab)15:18
bluesabrewouldn't want you to get bored :]15:21
ochosihmpf :)15:21
elfyknome: as far as Alpha1 goes - unless the desktop launcher gets sorted out they'll all be critical fails ;)17:15
elfyassuming it's ok by then - then I'd say yes, and I'd like to know if we want to do anything in cadence week 2 - afaik - the image stays up for a week17:17
bluesabrehi elfy!17:23
bluesabrere: autopilot, I'm a python guru :)17:23
bluesabrehaven't had a chance to really look at the autopilot stuff yet, though17:27
elfybluesabre: that's a bonus then - I'm still convinced it's voodoo :)17:34
elfyI think really that our best bet is to aim for using it during 14.04 cycle17:34
bluesabreyeah, you're probably right, but if we can possibly start using it with even a few apps this cycle, we can hit the ground running with 14.0417:41
elfybluesabre: agreed 17:58
bluesabreelfy: starting to play with it some, I've started creating basic tests for catfish :)19:11
bluesabreit's not too difficult, the worse part is figuring out exactly which widget you want to attach to19:16
bluesabreaha, should pay more attention, elfy already quit19:16
Unit193His backlog client is here.19:21
bluesabreah, good news :)19:21
bluesabrehows it going, Unit193?19:21
Unit193Hot and sticky. :/19:21
bluesabreSlowly, very very slowly19:22
knomeforestpiskie, desktop launcher?20:03
knomebluesabre, we definitely should start with preparing this cycle so we would unleash the full power of automated testing for 14.0420:04
skellatknome: You sound like an officer aboard The Death Star there... :-)20:11
knomeit's too hot here.20:11
skellatHow hot is it?20:12
knomearound 25C20:14
knomebut that's too hot20:14
skellatIt is 28.9C here in Ashtabula20:15
knomei know, i know, it's hotter there20:15
bluesabreknome, sure thing.  I'm going to start working with this more just for regression testing on all my apps :)20:15
skellatThen again, I used to live in Nevada where 39.4C was normal20:15
knomebluesabre, cool20:15
bluesabreits pretty awesome20:15
bluesabreelfy, we can probably tweak the gedit tests for use with mousepad20:18
Noskcajstop complaining about warmth! It's -5 outside ATM20:19
knomesounds like a good place to be in20:19
skellatNoskcaj: Which state are you enjoying such Australian winter conditions in?20:24
Noskcajskellat, New South Wales20:24
skellatChilly night for an antarctic blast20:25
Noskcajskellat, if that was directed at me, you might want to study geography a bit more20:30
skellatNoskcaj: I know.  The state of Victoria is closer and across the Tasman Straits is NZ which is the ultimate easy access besides Chile to Antarctica.  :-)22:34
Noskcajthat was a bit overkill, but yes22:35

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