hazmatbcsaller, pong00:26
hazmatbcsaller, qualified endpoints should work00:26
bcsallerahh, ok, thanks00:27
bcsallerI can emit the proper thing then00:27
hazmatbcsaller, cool, 'annotations'  as dict key under service bag, and environment/stack/bundle annotations as top level 'annotations' key.. sound good?.. also a format key00:30
bcsallerhazmat: all good, and then charm name can be cs: prefixed, right?00:31
hazmatbcsaller, how about just omitting the branch tag, cs: prefix optional00:33
hazmatbcsaller, check email for all the ways to spell relations currently00:34
bcsallerhazmat: so charm: wordpress, branch: cs:precise/wordpress ?00:34
bcsallerhazmat: thanks00:34
hazmatbcsaller, not quite.. charm: wordpress  spells cs:<default-series>/wordpress without the branch qualifier00:35
bcsallerahh, ok, didn't realize it would combine series automatically00:35
hazmatbcsaller, default series for resolution is already spelled above the service collection in the config00:36
bcsalleryeah, makes sense 00:37
hazmatbcsaller, are you exporting a whole env or subset?00:38
bcsallerhazmat: for now the whole, when we have a UI for selections I think allowing a subset will make sense 00:39
hatchmorning huwshimi00:41
huwshimihatch: Hello00:42
hatchhows your day going huwshimi?01:47
huwshimihatch: Not bad, yourself? Well, evening by now I guess :)01:49
hatchhaha yeah - I spent too much time today reviewing stuff so I am putting in some OT to try and get back on track01:49
MakyoSticking with this from now on: http://loremgibson.com/02:24
MakyoMaaay require prior obsessive rereadings of William Gibson to find funny..02:26
hatchI'm going to guess02:27
MakyoAh well :)02:28
hatchI'm working to an 8h Ferry Corsten set02:28
hatchsomehow I'm getting two services in the gui on deploy and it's irritating me02:29
hatchdogwalk, come back, solve in 30s heh03:26
bacteknico: if you look at fakebackend.js:756 you'll see the error message contains backquotes so my test is just matching what is there.12:37
bacteknico: do you find them so offensive that you want me to change the original?12:38
frankbangary_poster: started trunk CI tests in ec212:40
gary_posterthanks frankban :-)12:40
gary_posterhatch, if you have a quick second today to reply to ant's reply about your CSS/JS design guide concerns that would be great12:47
teknicobac: only mildly so, or I'd have noticed it earlier, so don't bother12:56
teknicobac: it looks out of place, like some kind of go-ism12:56
bacteknico: too late!  done.12:56
teknicobac: that's still good, thanks :-)12:57
Luca___bac: You sent me "The configuration and constraints in Juju still do not support units." can you expand on that?13:04
bacsorry Luca___, i meant numerical units, e.g. 4 Gb13:05
Luca___bac: so, what does it relate to?13:05
bacLuca___: the display of the constraints where you have 2.0 GHz and 8 GB13:07
bacwe'll have a 2 and an 8 but no idea of the units13:07
bachatch: ahoy?13:45
rick_hLuca___: ping, can I get a 48x48px of the default charm icon? I'm looking and not finding the .svg for that only the pngs for 64/96/etc13:46
rick_hsinzui: so setting a min-width on the whole thing is working. Please let me know when the deploy is looked at. I'll point things at staging for the moment.14:02
sinzuiI am already on it14:03
rick_hsinzui: thanks14:03
Makyohatch, howdy.  Quick question once you're settled in.14:15
hatchMakyo: shoot14:17
hatchmy damn coffee machine isn't working properly14:17
Makyohatch, boo, get that fixed ASAP!14:17
hatchyeah I might need to take a run to starbucks or something14:17
benjihatch: let me know when you have a minute to discuss your review of my branch14:18
hatchok Makyo your question?14:19
Makyohatch, I'm curious if I might be missing something.  I can't deploy a charm with trunk and /:flags:/serviceInspector because I don't get a configuration panel.14:20
MakyoSorry, haven't tested trunk directly, after merging with trunk, I mean..14:21
hatchhmm that's no good, checking trunk14:21
MakyoI am too.  If it works there, I can narrow it down to a conflict.14:22
hatchyeah it's working in trunk14:23
hatchwhen I merged trunk into my branch the code which handles the flag in app.js init got very munged up14:23
MakyoIt's not for me, but that might be a cache thing.14:23
hatchohhh wait my trunk is right messed up14:25
hatchi'll delete and pull it down again14:25
hatchMakyo: ok I see the same issue14:26
hatchone sec for a fix14:26
hatchMakyo: in my local branch I fixed this but for a temporary fix... comment out app.js:58414:27
hatchyou won't get a ghost but a service will show up after deploy14:27
sinzuirick_h, The revno 279 is now set  in production and the page I was watching is correct14:29
rick_hsinzui: looking14:30
Makyohatch, but your branch fixes that, yes?14:30
hatchMakyo: yeah I rewrote that whole section14:30
rick_hsinzui: awesome, thanks14:30
Makyohatch, okay.14:30
Makyohatch, Will land mine with the comment so that it works for others, then yours will uncomment.14:30
MakyoSound good?14:30
hatchsure thing14:30
hatchI have an odd relation line bug in my branch which I'll need a hand solving but first to get benji going14:31
hatchbenji: did you want to guichat?14:31
benjisounds good14:31
hatchoh looks busy14:32
benjihatch: it's occupied; I'll make a hangout14:32
hatchpost the link plz14:33
benjihatch: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/79da42ca1e152d6421fc0cdec80ba437a18b0253?hl=en14:34
rick_hwoo 370 test failures! go me!14:42
abentleyorangesquad: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/fix-update-charm-branch-call/+merge/171320 ?14:49
rick_habentley: r=me14:50
abentleyrick_h: Thanks!14:50
hatchrick_h: you're a pro!14:58
gary_posterjujugui, call about inspector wireframes with Luca___ in 33 minutes in guichat.  Please make sure you have reviewed them by then.  I will send out an email14:58
hatchMakyo: have a second to chat about that relation line bug I mentioned?14:58
rick_hhatch: what did I do now?14:59
BradCrittendenhatch: you have time to chat about starting inspector work?14:59
rick_hhatch: oh, my tests. 14:59
hatch370 test failures14:59
hatchBradCrittenden: sure I'd just like to show Makyo a bug which I'm hoping he can point me to solve15:00
gary_posterhatch could I ask you to also prep to talk about how to build this stuff?  Maybe you and I could talk beforehand soonish?15:00
BradCrittendenhatch: ok15:00
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
benjijujugui: wireframe at http://ubuntuone.com/1eafCNZEU70nFW6mtZBipQ15:01
Makyohatch, yep15:01
hatchMakyo: guichat15:02
hatchgary_poster: can do15:02
gary_posterthanks hatch.  ping me when you are free.  10 min or less should do it, I hope15:02
teknicobenji: thank you15:04
gary_posterhey sinzui.  I will be out on Monday next week so I want to move the browser sync to Tuesday at same time.  That conflicts with your call with jc.  do you mind trying to rearrange that?15:04
benjimy pleasure15:04
sinzuigary_poster, jcsackett and I can talk any time15:05
gary_posterthank you sinzui 15:05
sinzuihey jcsackett do you want to talk now?15:05
gary_poster(and jcsackett  ;-) )15:05
jcsackettsinzui: sure. we can decide when our new talk time should be. :-P15:05
jcsackettsinzui: sent you an invite, but it timed out.15:07
hatchgary_poster: so am I giving the "tutorial" to everyone or just bac?15:07
* sinzui tries again15:08
sinzuijcsackett, I found your invite15:08
* sinzui wonders why phone and browser didn't make a noise15:08
jcsackettsinzui: i think you went there just as i got your invite. :-p15:09
gary_posterhatch, at 11:30, we will have an inspector kickoff, touching on both the wireframes and the engineering.  Unless you think you can do the full tutorial in 10 minutes on the group call, I'd give the tutorial to bac, and give an overview to everyone else.15:09
gary_posterhatch, sorry, 1630 UTC :-P15:09
* jcsackett is astonished at how many ways this can go wrong.15:09
sinzuijcsackett, I have left all hangouts. You make/find one and I will join15:10
hatchisn't it 15:10 utc right now?15:11
hatchok bac join me in guichat?15:11
gary_posterhatch yes 1512, so I meant 1530.  Sorry, thought I was UTC+515:12
hatchok good - no coffee makes head not my work to goodly15:13
hatchanother processexecutionerror on CI15:13
bachatch: there15:15
gary_posterCI passed this time :-/15:18
gary_posterhatch do we need to talk before meeting or are you goon on goals for your side?15:20
gary_postergood :-)15:20
adeuringsinzui, abentley, jcsackett, rick_h, could one of you have a look at this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/charmworld/1192544-use-charm-class-1/+merge/171332 ?15:20
hatchgary_poster: nope alls good just chatting with bac15:20
gary_postercool thanks hatch15:20
sinzuithank you adeuring15:20
gary_posterjujgui, guichat in 115:29
gary_posterLuca___, you too if you can :-)15:29
Luca___gary_poster: cheers coming15:29
gary_posterbenji ping15:31
benjiit helps to hit "join"15:31
=== jcsackett_ is now known as jcsackett
gary_posterjujugui, could someone make another high prioriry card (maybe for today?) to create the skeleton of the left hand panel?16:45
* gary_poster has to go to lunch16:45
MakyoLeft hand panel? 16:46
* Makyo makes card, will fill in detail.16:46
rick_horangesquad hatch Makyo and company, can I get a pair of reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/10554044 please? Ignore the updated .json test data file. 16:52
Makyorick_h, sure16:52
rick_hthanks Makyo 16:52
hatchrick_h: on it16:59
hatchand you bet I'll ignore that file :P16:59
rick_hhatch: :P you have to go through it line by line!16:59
hatchI don't think I've typed a single line of code today16:59
hatchmeetings meetings meetings16:59
rick_hhatch: :P curse you reading the docs. I've always like expected, actual...but I suppose the docs do say it the other way around. 17:31
hatchrick_h: oh I agree - I wrote so many tests with expected, actual until I had a failing test and was like 'wtf?'17:31
hatchthenagain node.js also says you should put commas first.......................17:32
rick_hyea, I honestly don't read and look straight at the two bits of info. I just have my brain wired for the other way17:32
rick_hhah, I actually trained myself to do that when I did PHP17:32
rick_hI kind of did get around to liking it. 17:32
rick_hexcept in python where I much prefer just leaving a stinking trailing comman and carry on17:32
hatchI tried comma first but I found it just moves the problem17:34
rick_hat least the problem is at the front of the line and more visible though17:34
hatchtrue true17:34
hatchmaybe I don't really notice it anymore because I never leave a trailing comma, and use jshint17:34
hatchjust like adding a semi-colon it's muscle memory :_17:35
rick_hWe need a new metric for things. TimeToFubarIdentification-ness17:35
hatchI wanted to buy a book yesterday but it was only available on kindle....I don't have a kindle....since when did BOOKS get locked behind closed walls :/17:36
hatchoh you want to read.....NO!!!! buy our hardware!17:37
rick_hhah, get a kindle. The nook is shutting down :P17:37
* rick_h hates the idea in principal but loves his kindle too darn much to deal with anything else. 17:37
hatchI read books on dead trees17:37
hatchit's a clean renewable resource17:37
rick_hhah, e-ink doesn't need re-planting :P17:38
hatchbooks don't require lead circuit boards and lithium batteries  :P17:38
hatchlol I really have no idea which is worse17:39
rick_hyea, I just love the size/space of it all. The paperwhite is pretty darn awesome withthe light now as well. Camping best friend. 17:40
hatchyeah we use kobo here and it's actually really nice to read on17:40
hatchbut I don't think I'll ever truly switch away from the experience of a book17:41
rick_hheh, /me used to say that same thing17:41
hatchyeah but I might be more stubborn than you17:41
rick_hhah! you've met me17:41
rick_hhatch: Makyo thanks for the reviews!17:42
abentleysinzui: In CharmTestCase, what does {'options': {'mode': 'fast'}} mean?17:43
rick_hjcsackett: escapes!17:43
abentleysinzui: Normally, the value of 'mode' is a dict.17:44
sinzuiabentley, change {'mode': 'fast'} to {'foo': 'bar'}17:44
abentleysinzui: No, the problem is the contents.  I don't think a string is a valid type for 'fast' (or 'foo') to have as its value.17:45
sinzuiabentley, I used an ambiguous example of an "opinionated" charm that allows the user to state they want a fast or stable or cleaver or dumb, or fired17:45
sinzuiabentley, since I didn't know when you asked (fried/dumb) I think key: value might better text17:45
abentleysinzui: Can I change it to {'key': {'default': 'value', 'type': 'string'}} ?17:46
sinzuiabentley, +117:47
hatchMakyo: do you have a second to take a look at my branch? lp:~hatch/juju-gui/ghost-inspector17:48
Makyohatch, for anything in particular?17:48
hatchguessing that's where the issue is coming from....maybe?17:49
MakyoCan you take a step back and explain, please?17:49
hatchthis is the relationship thing17:49
MakyoOh, okay.17:49
hatchjust to see if you can see any obvious reason why this branch exposes that error17:49
hatchbut the original doesn't17:49
gary_posterhatch Makyo don't forget that "rip the menu out" might be a reasonable solution for now17:50
hatchyep for sure - I'm more concerned that I missed something 'else' which is causing this17:50
Makyohatch, this looks fine.17:51
hatchrick_h:  you didn't answer me about the charm-token widgets....I'm just wondering if there will be 100's of those tokens floating around eventually17:51
Makyohatch, will poke around in more relevant code, though.17:52
rick_hhatch: sorry, I removed them. 17:52
rick_hhatch: good catch since they weren't in a container that auto cleaned them as per usual17:52
hatchgreat - thanks :)17:52
hatchCI is down unable to deploy charm17:57
hatchwhat did you do now rick_h :P17:57
hatchI was jk rick_h another one is running :)17:59
rick_hhatch: ok, good then :P17:59
Makyohatch, I can reproduce this in trunk.  I think we should remove the menus for now (probably in a quick separate branch), and re-open the relevant bug in case we bring menus back.18:03
hatchohh ok I can't repro in trunk so that's a little comforting I suppose18:04
hatchok I'll clean up this branch and get it landed18:04
Makyohatch, sounds good.  I'll get to the bug/cards18:05
hatchthanks for putting in the time!18:05
hatchso the best way I have found to diff from trunk with bzr is to merge trunk in and then diff from trunk with trunk as old and the current branch as new18:17
hatchit doesn't appear to keep track of the revno it was branched at....at least that I can find18:18
hatchdidn't teknico land a branch which cached the charm meta data for tests?18:23
hatchI am still seeing a lot of GET requests in the console18:23
hatchit's entirely possible I was mistaken18:24
bacgary_poster: i'll reimburse the first round if you go and wear your bzr t-shirt: https://github.com/blog/1540-raleigh-nc-drinkup19:01
gary_posterbac, heh :-)19:02
bacoffer not good for bcsaller or hazmat19:02
bcsallersomething I said?19:03
bacbcsaller: nah, y'all would run up the tab!  :)19:04
hatchaww boo19:08
hatchno flights to get me there in time19:08
benjihatch: re. "The charm token instances should be destroyed and removed at the end of the tests": how does one do that?  I can't find an example of that in the other CharmToken tests.19:35
hatchbenji: create a top level var in your describe closure19:36
hatchassign the charm token to that19:36
hatchcall destroy() on that var in afterEach19:36
benjihatch: "destroy()" is what I was after, thanks.  What does the "and removed" part reference?19:37
hazmatbac but when else am i gonna wear my bzr t-shirt :-)19:37
hatchbenji: I think I was referring to the container content19:38
bacgood point hazmat19:40
bacjujugui: if you add your flight arrival and departure *times* it'll help with cab sharing.  https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtC9etoysSQldDZvazM5T3F2NmFOWUJYcHVfdUhnN1E#gid=819:46
Makyobac, Ah, good point.19:46
benjihatch: re. https://codereview.appspot.com/10500044/diff/5001/test/test_charm_token_drag_and_drop.js?column_width=80; specifically "Should not be required if you call render() as mentioned below.": The faux _makeDraggable is there to collect data for assertions, so I don't understand the "Should not be required" part.19:46
hatchI thought Gary was picking us all up in his van (assuming he has a van because kids) :D19:46
gary_posteryeah, we have a van :-)19:47
bacsoon minivans will be a thing of the past as each child will have a google-driven smart car.19:47
hatchbenji: ahh sorry I missread that code19:48
hatchmy bad19:48
hatchwhat's flight WN?19:48
hatchnever seen that one before19:49
benjiIt's Charlie Sheen's airline: "WINNING"19:49
gary_posterjujugui please two people review bcsaller's branch19:56
hatchI'll take one19:56
* benji takes one.19:56
hatchbcsaller:  is there a way to QA this?19:57
bcsallerhatch: the export hotkey 19:57
bcsalleror app.db.exportDeployer() for the raw object19:57
hatchwe are exporting in yaml now.....interesting....19:57
bcsallerthats the deployer format19:58
hatchyaml doesn't travel over the wire very well :)19:58
bcsallerhatch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hazmat/juju-deployer/refactor/view/head:/README19:58
bcsallerhatch: a blob is a blob on the wire19:58
bcsallerbut this isn't about that 19:58
hatchyeah I meant as a string19:59
hatchyaml seems like an odd format for this no? I can't see anyone ever typing this out20:01
bcsallerand with exports they don't have to ;)20:02
hatchat least I guess we don't have to write a yaml parser https://github.com/nodeca/js-yaml :)20:02
bcsalleralready in use20:03
hatchoh we use that here already?20:03
bcsallerwe used the parser for config options20:03
bcsallerthis uses the serializer20:03
hatchoh look at that20:04
hatchhaden't gotten there in the review yet20:04
hatchI still think whitespace significant configuration files are a bad idea everywhere :P20:05
hazmatbcsaller, fwiw, that's a stable branch atm, dev's on a different one20:05
bcsallerhazmat: I expect for what I can export its about the same20:06
bcsallerif not easy to fix20:06
hazmatbcsaller, yeah20:06
hazmatbcsaller, working on diff of env to config atm, might circle back to export within deployer as well, but gui export is still key20:07
hatchthe ghost config prototype is up for review20:24
hatchnow im going to grab some lunch20:25
gary_posterjujgui please review branch from Jeff above ^^^20:37
benjibcsaller: review sent20:37
bcsallerbenji: thanks20:37
baci will20:38
Makyogary_poster, hatch  on it.20:38
gary_posterthank you both20:38
hatchthanks guys20:40
hatchwho wants to pitch in to buy lgtm.com and write a code review tool? lol20:41
hatchoh c'mon we'd make thousands....:P20:43
benjiit's too bad all four letter domains were snapped up years ago, that would be a good one20:52
benjiwell, it looks like a domain squatter has it, so there is hope yet20:54
hatchyeah - I've bought some from squatters in the past - some hold out for the big money but some have taken $100020:55
benjinot bad20:56
hatchI can't remember what one was....it was some obscure acronym for a client and the squatter wanted $10k20:56
hatchjust kind of laughed that off20:57
baci used to work for a small consulting firm with a three letter domain name.  we joked (not inaccurately) that it was their most valuable asset.20:57
bacthey went from 25 to 2 and kept about the same revenue20:58
hatchbenji: so you couldn't just use container.one('a') ? I actually tested that locally and it was almost identical drag target20:58
benjihatch: nope, the charm icon image wouldn't participate in the dragging if I did it that way.20:58
hatchthat's interesting because it worked here....I suppose another difference between chrome and chromium20:59
benjiThis was on chromium.20:59
hatchyeah I'm on chrome in osx20:59
benjiThat might be it.  I made sure Firefox worked on the code as-is, but I didn't try it with just the container.one('a'), that would be interesting.  (but not interesting enough for me to actually try it)21:00
benjijujugui: I could use a second review on https://codereview.appspot.com/10500044; thanks!21:01
hatchhah yeah that's fine - was just looking at ways to improve that code because it's kind of ugly (not your fault)21:01
bacbenji: i'll do it21:01
gary_postersorry, benji, I would have advertised it if I saw, but very happy you did so :-)21:01
rick_hbenji: I can relook later tonight21:01
rick_hor bac can go then21:02
bacbenji: actually, i'd better not take it until i finish jeff's21:03
Makyohatch, code lgtm, QAing.21:03
gary_posterbcsaller, thank you for landing the deployer-format export.  awesome.  (A) is there anything arosales and jcastro should know in order to try it out?  In particular, do you know what deployer branch they should use to import what's exported?  Otherwise I guess we just need to tell them to use lp:juju-gui as juju-gui-source in the charm when they try it out.  (B) Before we make a release, should we disable import for21:05
gary_poster now (or did you already)?21:05
rick_hbenji: what does the passing of the container get us that passing a boundingBox node on init of the charm doesn't?21:06
gary_posterand look, deploying failed in canonistack again!  exciting.21:06
benjirick_h: ooh, that's a good point; that's much nicer21:06
benjiI didn't put the total plumbing picture together until you mentioned it21:06
rick_hbenji: content box is created inside of boundingBox which you should be able to pass in on new CharmToken({boundBox: ...})21:06
rick_hbenji: ah, ok cool21:07
rick_hbenji: but yea, that's why doing a .set(contentBox) failed. It's auto done based on boundingBox21:07
benjiI would still like to know why I couldn't .set('contentBox', xxx)21:07
rick_hbenji: ^^21:07
bcsallergary_poster: import of the JSON format is still supported, I left it on. Its currently bound to the old 'export hotkey' so nothing special is needed to test. The subset of the deployer format should work with recent versions 21:07
benjirick_h: that makes sense, but still, why couldn't I set it?21:08
benji(not that I should set it, I now realized)21:08
rick_hbenji: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/widget_js_Widget.js.html#l199 it's a writeOne ATTR21:09
hatchbenji: it's set as writeonce21:09
hatchannnnd rick_h beat me to it21:09
rick_hwith a link boom!21:09
hatchlol u powned me21:09
benjiand setting a write-once attribute doesn't raise an exception?  that seems like a sadness maker21:09
rick_hok, let me get the boy a snack and I'll try to finish the review. 21:09
gary_posterbcsaller, cool.  JSON format is not what we export anymore though, yeah?  so it is temporarily a feature that is unlikely to do anything but disappoint people?  "The subset of the deployer format should work with recent versions " even with charm store links?21:09
hatchbenji: nope it's designed to fail silently21:09
hatchimho I disagree with their implementation21:10
hatchbut it's not changing....ever :)21:10
bcsallergary_poster: no, not any more, though it still works for the DND case cross browser session in sandbox21:10
benjiI knew I was doomed to be sad forever.21:10
arosaleswoot export landing a day early :-)21:10
hatchit's ok, I may eventually convince everyone to switch to Dart at which point I think you'll be marginally happier21:10
arosalesthan you bcsaller :-)21:10
hatchthat was a joke, I'm not actually going to push Dart.....or am I...21:11
* benji switches to Dart.21:11
gary_posterbcsaller, ok.  I guess it is not discoverable so I am ok with it.  21:11
bcsallergary_poster: a one line comment around the importexport module would remove the UI for the other formats, but as you say not very discoverable21:12
bcsallerarosales: let me know if you hit any issues21:12
arosalesI mean,thank you bcsaller :-)21:12
gary_posterarosales, start gui charm and juju set juju-gui-source=lp:juju-gui and you will have trunk21:12
gary_posterit will take just a bit longer to start up that way21:13
arosalesgary_poster, you read my mind21:13
arosalesso do we still need deployer to import?21:13
arosalesor is both export and importing handled via the gui21:13
arosaleshazmat, I take it that yes is for the deployer to import21:14
hazmatwell.. gui could import, but i don't know that its going to ape the delays in the original deployer21:14
arosaleshazmat, no worries21:14
arosalesimport was completely out of scope for the gui atm21:14
arosalesjust getting export to work with deployer on a live environment was a super plus the gui team made happen :-)21:15
rick_hbenji: lgtm then with the boundingBox note and the additional note on the node.remove(true)21:15
gary_posterhazmat, arosales, we still plan to run the deployer as a library for import (and maybe export!), but not in time for July 1 :-)21:15
benjirick_h: thanks21:16
gary_posterugh, someone shoot canonistack21:16
arosalesgary_poster, ok, and thanks again for making the gui export work for live environments and with deployer by july 1st.21:16
arosalesbcsaller, I owe you a beer21:17
gary_posterwelcome arosales.  the last thing you'll want us to deliver this week is a GUI release, so your competitors get the new feature automatically.  after you and jcastro verify that everything is working, and work through any kinks if necessary, then we can make a release21:18
* benji fires an RPG at canonistack.21:18
hatchgary_poster: did luca say that we DID want the ghost inspector locked to the side or DID NOT? I thought he said to keep it floating?21:18
* benji watches as canonistack is unphased.21:18
hazmatbcsaller, so the old import works with the new export?21:18
hatch^ bcsaller re your comment21:18
jcastro gary_poster is it live on uistage?21:18
arosalesgary_poster, ok. we'll get on testing and report feedback21:19
* hazmat catches up with benji21:19
gary_posterhatch, locked21:19
* hazmat and gets swallowed up a dartvm exception21:19
hatchalright thanks21:19
gary_posterjcastro, quite possibly.  will ive it a whirl, 1 sec21:19
bcsallerhazmat: the old JSON format can still be imported via the fakebackend or the rapi python branches. I don't handle import here, though I could if we want to put more time into this. My understanding is that this isn't the long term solution so I didn't bother 21:20
hazmatbcsaller, understood, just wanted to understand your earlier comment re21:21
gary_posterjcastro, arosales, live on http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/21:21
jcastroman, I'm sorry, I'm just not used to things landing early21:22
jcastroI am completely flat footed right now21:22
arosalesjcastro, note the real nice thing here is to be able to export from a live environment not just from a sandbox21:22
arosaleshazmat, and deployer works with this file?21:23
hazmatarosales, not quite, either tomorrow or late tonight, i side-tracked on a feature21:23
hazmatnamely --diff option to see the delta between an env and the config file21:23
arosaleshazmat, ok and by Friday is ok too21:24
hazmattwas sitting around half-done in my working copy21:24
arosaleswe can get all the docs set less that bit21:24
jcastrodeployer working with it isn't as important to me as the workflow for people to submit the json21:24
jcastroI will have instructions, etc. by tomorrow EOD21:24
hatchgary_poster: if we lock the panel to the right does that mean that we only want a single inspector instance open at once?21:29
hatchso multiple ghosts but every time you click one it changes the open inspector?21:29
gary_posterhatch yes21:30
gary_posterhatch until we implement the Mark S special version :-)21:31
hatchok - I'd like to land this branch and then follow up with that restriction cc bcsaller Makyo21:32
bachatch: a third review21:33
gary_posterhatch good by me21:34
hatchbac: thanks I'll make those fixes and comment where necessary - as far as the interactions are concerned - yes those things need to be fixed - I'll be sure to document them to fix in the followup with the new single inspector restriction21:37
Makyohatch, sounds good.21:51
hatchMakyo: bcsaller bac changes made and re-proposed - will be following it up right after to implement the single inspector for multiple views functionality22:02
hatchthe github event was postponed....maybe until we are there? hah22:16
hatchbcsaller: bac mind checking out my branch again to see if you will lgtm so I can get it landed22:26
bcsallerhatch:  checking22:27
bcsallerhatch: I don't think you addressed my biggest concern which is that this more similar than different from the normal inspector panel wrt handling things like config, I'm not sure we need a new extension and separate code. It seems like we can conditionally assemble viewlets when the model is passed in and bound 22:29
hatchso you want to use the controller in views/service.js ?22:30
bcsallerhatch: I think they will share more code than not, the template might differ but the logic is mostly the same 22:33
hatchI disagree - I think that the service one will end up moving to be more like my version once we have to start adding in event handlers and various advanced functionality22:34
bcsallerhatch: that sounds like agreement to me22:35
bcsallerthats my point though, you've taken it further than the prototype but they both need that code in the end 22:36
hatchok so you want some type of a shared controller between the two....I agree with that22:37
hatchthe app extension is only the deploy method22:37
bcsalleryes, thats what I'm saying, both will need to update configs and constraints22:37
bcsallerand a deploy method on the existing controller makes sense to me as well, it would just check pending==true22:38
bcsallerhatch: ^22:39
* bcsaller goes to search for food22:41
hatchbcsaller: correct me if I"m wrong - you would instantiate a 'ServiceInspector' passing in a service and a complex config with all the events, viewlets, methods for the prototype etc etc etc22:46
hatchIMHO that's going to make that service inspector controller way to complex and huge trying to account for all the various methods each will need22:49
hatchthis needs modularity so that we can instantiate simpler objects for testing and reading22:49
bcsallerhatch: if the viewlets had the methods again they would be that, no?22:51
hatchthen they are views :)22:51
bcsallerwouldn't be the end of the world22:52
hatchthey then need reference to the db, env etc22:52
bcsalleror just to the controller 22:53
hatchthen the viewlet would need access to the controller22:53
bcsallerback, sorry, had to get the door22:55
hatchok how about this22:56
bcsallerI agree that we want more code sharing, I'm happy to talk about arrangements of code that get us there, if you'd rather chat about it we can do that too22:56
hatchyeah sure lets hop into guichat22:56
hatchI'm guessing we are close22:56
hatchmorning huwshimi23:24
hatchOSCON looks like a conference I'd like to go to but dayyyyymnnnn it's expensive23:28
arosalesexport env working on aws for a few different bundles (I think that is what we are calling them now).  I'll check hp cloud this evening23:31
hatchyeah I got way outvoted on that one23:35
arosaleslatest gui is looking good to btw23:36
hatchbcsaller: your details are missing from the travel spreadsheet23:37
bcsallerhatch: ha, I'll see about fixing that 23:38
hatchunless we can convince gary to drive us at 5am it's nice to know when others flights leave :D23:39

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