QuintasanI'm not a native speaker but Installing sounds kind of strange to me00:00
QuintasanRiddell: How does one access qa.kubuntu.co.uk?00:01
ahoneybunQuintasan: change Installing to Installation?00:14
manchickenSo... quiet...03:08
manchickenAnybody know anything about CUnit?03:33
manchickenI'm having a super-fun time with the test suite runner giving me error code 20 but error message saying "No error"03:34
ScottKmanchicken: Did you mail the Debian maintainer?03:34
manchickenNot yet.03:34
manchickenYou were totally right about the version.03:34
ScottKThat's better than it was doing yesterday, right?03:34
manchickenI was kinda banking on the off-chance that someone had pre-existing familiarity with the package :)03:34
manchickenYesterday it was segfaulting.03:35
manchickenTurns out that was a incompatibility in readlink in OS X and GNU/Linux :)03:35
manchickenMy fault on that one :)03:35
manchickenI guess I'll have to email the maintainer.03:36
jonohey ScottK03:38
jonoquick q: who is the Kubuntu project leader currently?03:38
jonois it Riddell?03:38
ScottKYes, although we don't really have a single leader.  It's the Kubuntu Council as a collective.03:39
ScottKFrom a "product manager" perspective he's it and I'm the assistant.03:39
jonoof course03:39
manchickenScottK: Oh, you've been promoted since last I was around?03:49
ScottKTenure eventually pays off.03:49
manchickenBig pay raise, too, I imagine? :)03:50
manchickenHot damn.03:50
ScottKTwo times nothing is still nothing ...03:50
manchickenQuick! What's the hotkey similar to alt-tab for activities?03:51
ScottKDon't use activities.  No idea.03:51
manchickenI know Meta+Tab cycles, but I want to be able to return to previous03:51
manchickenI'm going to complain and demand you get at least a 5% pay cut.03:51
ScottKHey, I just package this stuff.  Using it something else.03:52
manchickenYeah... there are a lot of packages.03:54
ScottKHave you seen the list lately?03:55
manchickenOne does not simply "see" the list of packages.03:56
ScottKNo, one has to have a diagram.03:56
manchickenQuassel is badass.03:56
manchickenAny IRC client which prefetches web pages for me is by definition badass. Just saying.03:56
manchickenPerlKDE? That sounds nice.03:57
ScottKI'll just caution you though that quassel uses QtWebKit which has a list of unfixed CVEs as long as your arm.03:57
ScottKSo I wouldn't use it for untrusted content.03:57
manchickenYeah, I just use it for things that people post into IRC, what could go wrong?03:58
manchickenThis is interesting. You know the tickbox to reverse scrolling in the mouse settings?03:58
manchickenIt doesn't seem to apply for horizontal scrolling.03:58
ScottKYou have been using a Mac.03:59
manchickenAfter giving a second thought to your metion of CVEs... I've disabled pre-loading of web pages in Quassel. Thanks a lot.03:59
manchickenYes, yes I have.04:00
ScottKActually, I think Firefox is the only web browser in the archive to be well enough maintained from a security POV to be usable.04:01
manchickenYeah... I use Chrome since I sync my stuff all over the place.04:03
debfxRiddell: yep, though it could be trivially ported to any other sql database04:05
manchickenScottK: I'm gonna try building the latest CUnit and see if that fixes this problem.04:14
ScottKOK.  Good luck.04:14
manchickenI was running the latest on my Mac, and it was working.04:14
manchickenI don't know why I'm telling you... I suppose I just thought you needed the closure :)04:14
ScottKIf it does, you can maybe send the Debian maintainer a diff.04:14
ScottKPeople always tell me shit I don't need to know.  At least you didn't tell me anything actively unpleasant or likely to interfere with my sleep.04:15
manchickenI can fix that if you want.04:16
manchickenI've got children, I'm sure I could come up with something gross enough to meet that threshold.04:16
manchickenHot... damn...04:17
manchickenThat worked.04:17
manchickenI had to ldconfig afterward... but that worked.04:17
manchickenLook at me, contributing to the problems04:17
manchickenNow let's see if I remember how to submit a bug in LP.04:18
manchickenThis is a Debian package, does that mean I need to go to Debian to report this?04:29
ScottKIt's better if you do.04:29
ScottKI have three kids, so my threshold is probably higher than you think.04:29
manchickenI also have three kids.04:30
manchickenWe should get a six pack and go rounds.04:30
ScottKTell you what, I'll give you my two in college along with the tuition payments.04:34
manchickenDon't worry, I've got a 5, 2, and 6mo old... I'll be punished soon enough.04:39
manchickenThis thing is breaking across the board, even with a very simple test.04:42
manchickenI like it when I feel like I'm submitting a very easily replicable bug.04:43
manchickenHopefully this works: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cunit/+bug/119435104:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194351 in cunit (Ubuntu) "CU_basic_show_failures() fails to properly run tests" [Undecided,New]04:54
tvoss_ScottK, ping05:32
ScottKtvoss_: pong05:32
ScottK(note I'm in -0400, so I won't be awake long)05:33
tvoss_ScottK, yeah :)05:33
tvoss_ScottK, so do you have an eta for kubuntu-desktop in saucy? would like to give it a spin on XMir05:33
ScottKThat depends on how the test build for kde4libs infinity is doing right now goes.05:34
ScottKIf it goes well and he uploads, about 24 hours or a little less.05:34
shadeslayerScottK: wasn't kde4libs forced from -proposed?05:39
ScottKIt was, but the rest of the stack won't migrate without also being forced.05:40
shadeslayeroh 05:40
ScottKEvery singe 4.10.80 package is out of date on armhf.05:40
ScottKLaney had the bright idea of building against gcc-4.7 on armhf for now and infinity is giving it a try.05:41
tvoss_ScottK, okay, I will poke infinity, too :) thx05:44
ScottKMost of that time is getting the rest of the stack to build.05:45
shadeslayerbah :(05:46
ScottKshadeslayer: kde4libs is uploaded.  I'm off to sleep as it's getting close to 2AM here and I have to be ~conherent for meetings tomorrow.  Please keep an eye on it and if it finishes that rdepends start building.06:00
shadeslayersure 06:00
shadeslayerI can't do alot though, no computer06:01
ScottKIf you have a web browser you can retry stuff if needed.06:02
shadeslayeryep 06:02
shadeslayeras long as that is all that is needed 06:08
soeegood morning06:10
ScottKshould be06:11
* ScottK --> sleep06:11
soeeyofel, i tried yesterday to upgrade my desktop to 4.10.80 and now my system is totally broken :)06:28
shadeslayersoee: saucy ?06:33
soeeno no, raring06:33
shadeslayerdefine broken 06:35
soeewell i think some parts of kubuntu desktop were not installed or removed (forgot to check complete raport after upgrade), so after reeboot i had no widnow decorations, effects etc. when i tried to install kubuntu-desktop it says that there are dependency problems with workspaces, kde-widnow-manager etc06:36
soeei used ppa-purge to revert changes06:37
soeeit failed at first time, after second it started to work, but something goes wrong and all my kde-* packages were removed06:37
soeenow i have only access to command line, but can't make my wifi to work06:38
soeeso i cant download and install kde again :<06:38
valoriesoee: do you have a LiveDVD/USB you can use?06:41
soeevalorie, well not but its not a problem, i cean create one on my laptop06:41
valoriefresh install might be easier than fixing a borked upgrade06:42
valoriequicker too06:42
soeeto easy06:42
valoriewell, if nothing else, you can use the live media to chroot in and fix06:43
soeei broke it so i have to fix it06:43
valoriethat's the spirit06:43
soeeill try later when i get home06:43
shadeslayerjust use wpa supplicant to connect ?06:55
soeeshadeslayer, can you explain ?07:20
soee"use wpa supplicant to"07:20
shadeslayersoee: wpa supplicant is a tool to connect to wireless wpa networks07:22
soeefrom command line ?07:22
shadeslayeryes 07:26
shadeslayerjust search for instructions on the internet07:26
soeeshadeslayer, can you look: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/WPA_supplicant this will work for me ?07:38
yofelsoee: that... shouldn't happen, but kubuntu-desktop is certainly installable here. When you get the system working again please pastebin your history.log08:18
yofelshadeslayer, Quintasan: any objections to me finally killing off the precise and quantal builds that are still running for neon? I'm getting too many build failures for those lately to still consider them consistent and usable09:02
RiddellQuintasan: ask me nicely09:12
soeeyofel, ok ill check it later09:20
shadeslayeryofel: sure go ahead09:24
smartboyhwkubotu: newversion simon 0.4.110:32
smartboyhwRiddell, you are the maintainer, and upstream complains about packaging:P10:32
Riddelluh oh10:34
AshishLRiddell: i have downloaded kubuntu torrent and dont know what to do next  10:35
Riddellsmartboyhw: what's he complaining about?10:35
RiddellAshishL: ask in #kubuntu10:35
smartboyhwRiddell, uh hum However, one small thing: Many packages (the ones for Ubuntu and10:37
smartboyhwOpenSUSE, for example) omitted some key data files from the final10:37
smartboyhwpackages (prompts files, general scenario, etc.) without which Simon10:37
smartboyhw0.4.0 "crashes" immediately after startup (i.e., shows a fatal error and10:37
Riddellsmartboyhw: so fancy packaging that?10:57
smartboyhwRiddell, nope;P (Since the maintainer is set to you:P)10:57
Riddellsmartboyhw: we have no maintainers in ubuntu11:02
smartboyhwRiddell, I thought you are (according to Launchpad)11:03
Riddellsmartboyhw: the field is there because of our debian heritage but it doesn't mean anything11:05
smartboyhwRiddell, oh.11:05
smartboyhwRiddell, I will try to...11:09
Riddellkde4libs compiled on arm, everyone hug infinity11:14
smartboyhwRiddell, :)11:14
apacheloggerqt really doesn't like me -.-11:48
Riddellwho wouldn't like you?11:49
shadeslayeryou're not qt enough11:53
manchickenRiddell: Howdy12:03
Riddellit's... manchicken!12:05
BluesKajHiyas all12:05
manchickenIt is :)12:05
Riddellmanchicken: what OS are you using these days?12:06
manchickenKubuntu again :)12:06
manchickenAnd Windows 7 & 8, and OS X.12:06
manchickenSo, all of 'em?12:06
manchickenAlso HP-UX and Solaris, but as sparingly as possible.12:06
Riddellwhich is the best?12:06
manchickenAnd I don't so much as use them but actively avoid them with intermittent failure to do so.12:07
manchickenNone of 'em!12:07
manchickenI hate computers.12:07
manchickenI'm trying to fix that, which is why I came back to Kubuntu.12:07
manchickenI'll have you know that Kubuntu and Ubuntu both worked out of the box with my sexy new touchscreen ASUS ultrabook.12:08
manchickenI haven't had to fight with a driver once since I set up the install.12:08
manchickenlibcunit, on the other had, I submitted a bug for that last night.12:09
manchickenI had to remember how to do things in LP. It was nice.12:09
manchickenI talk a lot.12:09
* shadeslayer hasn't seen manchicken before today12:10
manchickenshadeslayer: I haven't been around much since my first kid was born around 2008.12:11
* manchicken says around 2008 when he means exactly 2008.12:12
yofelthat would've been before my time as well ^^, nice to meet you12:12
manchickenRiddell: You know, I still get Adept bugs emailed to me?12:13
shadeslayeryep, before my time, welcome back and nice to meet you :)12:14
shadeslayerlol 12:14
* BluesKaj was around , but not in devel12:17
manchickenI mainly decided to come play in the sandbox again because I can't get no satisfaction between 9 and 5.12:19
manchickenI'm a programmer who mainly does data fixes. It's kinda sad.12:21
manchickenI have got to figure out how to tweak this touchpad so that my thumbs don't scroll while I type.12:21
smartboyhwmanchicken, why do you hate computers?12:22
smartboyhwNice to meet you BTW:)12:23
Riddellmanchicken: what does the touchscreen let you do?  gestures or just mouse pointer?12:23
manchickensmartboyhw: Because I am a wage slave, forced to do boring and terrible things with them at work.12:24
manchickenRiddell: Very application specific.12:24
manchickenRiddell: Surprisingly enough, Windows 8 makes shockingly good use of it. On Ubuntu for the most part it's a pointer device.12:24
manchickenRiddell: I keep on seeing whispers of more sophisticated gesture support, but I can't actually find it.12:25
smartboyhwRiddell, who should I set the new Maintainer: field in debian/control to? Kubuntu Developers <kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com> or ?12:25
Riddellsmartboyhw: yes12:26
manchickenRiddell: Do you have anything interesting going on that I could help with?12:28
manchickenI turned off edge scrolling, that should help.12:31
manchickenFor multi-touch trackpads that should probably be off by default.12:31
Riddellmanchicken: take your pick https://trello.com/kubuntu 12:36
manchickenDon't mind if I do.12:37
Riddellmanchicken: plenty of things in ubiquity if you're into python12:39
Riddelltesting that user manager would be good12:39
manchickenRiddell: I can get into python.12:39
manchickenIs there a TP already?12:40
Riddellmanchicken: a TP?12:40
manchickentest plan12:40
manchickenI love tasks like "systemsettings package is rubbish"12:40
Riddellmanchicken: nope, making one would be good12:40
RiddellI think that one was an apachelogger one, not sure what's wrong with it12:41
shadeslayerif you like python, plz write more autopilot tests 12:41
manchickenI'm not yet proficient in Python, though I would be happy to pick up Python.12:42
manchickenshadeslayer: Is this something you do a bit of?12:42
shadeslayeryes, I started writing some tests before my machine died 12:43
manchickenshadeslayer: Do you just chroot to run the tests, or do you have a separate machine for the tests?12:43
apacheloggerRiddell: reading the description helps12:43
shadeslayermanchicken: I just run those locally for now 12:43
shadeslayerits just ui testing, so its fine to run them locally12:44
manchickenI like automated testing.12:45
manchickenI submitted a bug against libcunit last night even.12:45
manchickenshadeslayer: When are you normally on?12:47
manchicken(incl tz)12:47
shadeslayerGMT +0530 12:47
Riddellnormal sleep patterns and shadeslayer do not really correlate12:47
shadeslayerand depends on my sleep cycle :p12:47
shadeslayerthese days its normal though, I get up by 9ish 12:48
shadeslayeryep 12:48
manchickenOkay, cool. That's the only country I was aware of with a 30 minute interval in timezone. I'm probably wrong in general, but it's the only one I was aware of.12:49
manchickenI'm american, you see, so I'm entitled to my ignorance :)12:49
shadeslayermanchicken: haha 12:50
manchickenSo I'm probably going to be on again around 2100 UTC-050012:50
manchickenI need to go to work and sell my soul a little bit more.12:50
manchickenLater all.12:51
ryanakcaNewfoundland Standard Time also has a 30 minute interval and is UTC-033012:54
QuintasanRiddell: Can I get access please? :)13:01
Quintasanyofel: None, kill them with fire13:01
yofelgood, disabled them. I'll wipe them from the ppa over the weekend after posting a status update.13:02
RiddellQuintasan: sure, what username and ssh key?13:02
Riddellyofel: what's this?13:03
yofelRiddell: talking about old neon builds13:03
yofel(precise and quantal were still there)13:03
Riddelloh aye, kill them13:03
ScottKDependency graph is now new and improved (even more complicated)13:03
QuintasanRiddell: check query13:03
yofelI left them running to get an idea on the backportability of 4.11.13:04
smartboyhwkubotu: newversion kscreen 1.0.013:08
smartboyhw^ That and simon 0.4.1 update to me;)13:09
yofelnew kscreen, yay13:11
smartboyhwkubotu: newversion libkscreen 1.0.013:11
smartboyhw^ Didn't realize that, that to me too:P13:11
smartboyhwyofel, how many guys have tested 4.10.4 in raring-proposed to let it through?13:12
yofelprobably... two? (scott and me). Still need to comment on the bug though.13:13
yofeland bug 1193631 is unreproducable :S13:14
ubottubug 1193631 in Kubuntu PPA "Konqueror is the default file manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119363113:14
Riddellmm goody, more bits of 4.10.80 arriving in saucy-release13:14
yofelhappens to Myriam and me on my work notebook here, but not in any VM I set up -_-13:15
smartboyhwW: simon: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libsimonactions0 libsimonactionsui0 libsimonappcore0 libsimoncontextadapter0 libsimoncontextcoreui0 libsimoncontextdetection0 libsimoncontextui0 libsimonddatabaseaccess0 libsimondialogengine0 libsimondialogengineconfui0 libsimondialogenginegraphicalview0 libsimondialogenginettsview0 libsimondstreamer0 libsimongraphemetophoneme0 libsimoninfo0 libsimonjsonconnector0 libsimonlogging0 libsimon13:19
smartboyhwmodelcompilation0 libsimonmodelmanagementui0 libsimonmodeltest0 libsimonprogresstracking0 libsimonrecognitioncontrol0 libsimonrecognitionresult0 libsimonrecognizer0 libsimonsampleshare4 libsimonscenariobase0 libsimonscenarios0 libsimonscenarioui0 libsimonsound0 libsimontts0 libsimonuicomponents0 libsimonutils0 libsimonvision0 libsimonwav0 libsimonxml0 libsscdaccess4 libsscobjects013:19
smartboyhwEm, am I supposed to do ALL these libraries!?13:20
smartboyhwThat takes a long time...13:20
yofelnot really13:20
smartboyhwyofel, ?13:20
* smartboyhw should have done kscreen first;P13:20
yofelonly libs that have headers shipped for them need seperate lib packages13:20
yofel(sure, using one-lib-per-package would be cleaner, but usually it's not worth the time)13:21
Riddellsmartboyhw: nah, nothing else links against those libraries so it's fine to put them all in together13:22
smartboyhwRiddell, ah.13:22
ScottKRiddell: For pykde4 it says: Ignoring block request by jriddell, due to unblock request by jriddell  - you can probably drop your hints now.13:24
Quintasansmartboyhw: Did you read mail from kde-packagers regarding Simon?13:25
smartboyhwQuintasan, I did.13:25
QuintasanGood then.13:25
smartboyhwOh my god..13:27
RiddellScottK: I have dropped my hints, but we still need the block for alpha 1 packages, and I manually unblock anything we want through13:27
smartboyhwThe --list-missing is HUGE.13:27
ScottKRiddell: Right. Forgot about that.13:27
ScottKI take it back then.13:27
smartboyhwTo give you guys an idea: http://paste.kde.org/782240/ (468 lines:O)13:28
* smartboyhw vomites13:28
ScottKNeed to push all of KDE through.13:28
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "vomits"13:28
Riddellsmartboyhw: usr/include/ and usr/lib/lib*so fine to ignore13:28
Riddellsmartboyhw: the stuff in /usr/share we probably want13:28
yofelfor lib*so just make sure all of that are actually symlinks13:29
smartboyhwyofel, some aren't it seems.13:30
yofelyou'll need those then (and complain to upstream about not using library versioning or something like /usr/lib/simon/)13:31
apacheloggerlibraries growing like fungus13:34
ScottKRiddell: I just added an unblock for all the sip4 related stuff, so you should just have to unblock KDE 4.10.80 stuff you want in.13:34
apacheloggersomeone should tell peter that making many tiny libraries is a terrible idea from a performance POV :S13:34
Quintasanapachelogger: You can do it :P13:37
apacheloggerI am building amarok!13:37
apacheloggerwhile downloading qt5 sources!13:37
ScottKIf only apachelogger hadn't been deficient in minion recruiting.13:37
Quintasanapachelogger: So while both those things are doing pls write a mail13:38
apacheloggerlast I checked both shadeslayer and Quintasan failed to get their own minions!13:38
ScottKRight, so it comes back to recruiting low quality minions on your part.13:38
RiddellScottK: lovely13:38
Quintasanapachelogger: Less typing on IRC would make you already done with the email13:39
ScottKI also rescored pimlibs/activities/nepomuk stuff to get it built so we can start our way up the stack.13:39
apacheloggerScottK: !13:39
apachelogger/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lQt4::QtWebKit :(13:39
smartboyhwyofel, actually wait, what lintian warning will it show if those libraries aren't symlinks?13:40
yofeluh, I don't know if there is one for that13:40
Riddellsmartboyhw: probably none13:40
yofeldpkg-shlibdeps will complain about not being able to extract the version from the file though13:41
smartboyhwI think I mistaken library-not-linked-against-libc for that.13:41
smartboyhwyofel, hmm no then. There is one complaining about not found ones.13:41
yofel(I think)13:41
yofelwell, that tells you too that you're missing soething :P13:41
smartboyhwpkgkde-symbolshelper: error: input symbol file template must have 'SymbolsHelper-Confirmed' header13:44
smartboyhw ?13:44
shadeslayerread a correct symbols file 13:45
shadeslayerthere's a certain format to be followed13:45
* apachelogger certainly formats shadeslayer13:45
shadeslayermmmm .. ext4 me baby 13:46
smartboyhwshadeslayer, huh? My symbols file IS correct...13:47
shadeslayerno its not 13:47
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I have that header.13:47
smartboyhwFor sure.13:47
shadeslayerthen why is pkgkde-symbolshelper whining ? :p13:48
smartboyhwshadeslayer, /me dunno,13:48
shadeslayermaybe you're looking at the wrong symbols file ?13:48
smartboyhwActually, I fresh-generated it using pkgkde-gensymbols.13:48
smartboyhwshadeslayer, :O13:48
shadeslayerthere are multiple symbols files 13:48
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no.13:48
* smartboyhw confirms.13:48
shadeslayerone for each library13:48
smartboyhwshadeslayer, that's for libkscreen1. And I'm sure I got it correct.13:49
shadeslayerpastebin it 13:49
smartboyhwActually, there are two lines before it.13:49
smartboyhwUse of uninitialized value $line in scalar chop at /usr/share/perl5/Debian/PkgKde/SymbolsHelper/SymbolFile.pm line 44.13:49
smartboyhwUse of uninitialized value $line in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/perl5/Debian/PkgKde/SymbolsHelper/SymbolFile.pm line 45.13:49
smartboyhwshadeslayer, the original symbols: http://paste.kde.org/782264/13:50
smartboyhwAh wait.13:50
Riddellsmartboyhw: simon-data.install looks wrong in the copy of simon I have13:51
smartboyhwRiddell, there IS no simon-data package.13:51
smartboyhwshadeslayer, http://paste.kde.org/782276/ (the patch)13:51
smartboyhwWeird thing though.13:51
Riddellsmartboyhw: right, so there should be no simon-data.install13:52
smartboyhwRiddell, yeah.13:53
smartboyhwMeh, tomorrow's dummy report sheet distribution.13:53
* smartboyhw hopes to stay in Top 6 to receive scholarship for the next year (Form 4).13:53
shadeslayernot sure if you need symbols for those libs ?13:54
smartboyhwshadeslayer, O.o13:54
* smartboyhw checks13:55
shadeslayerdo those .so's install some corresponding header files ?13:55
smartboyhwlibkscreen (0.0.92-0ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low13:55
smartboyhw  * Add a symbols file13:55
smartboyhw -- Rohan Garg <rohangarg@kubuntu.org>   Wed, 08 May 2013 15:38:03 +010013:55
yofelshadeslayer: doesn't matter whether you need them or not, as long as they're shipped in libkscreen1.install they'll show up in the symbol diff13:55
shadeslayeryofel: yeah but if we don't need them, we can ignore them ?13:56
smartboyhwshadeslayer, you added it yourself.13:56
yofelwell, you'll always have a symbol diff during build then13:56
smartboyhwAnd now you're telling me we don't actually need it:O13:56
* smartboyhw is perplexed.13:56
shadeslayersmartboyhw: no, check if there are new header files13:57
shadeslayersmartboyhw: and if they correspond to the new symbols13:57
smartboyhwshadeslayer, the patch: The files do exist.13:58
smartboyhwYou know, http://paste.kde.org/782276/13:58
shadeslayeryofel: yeah ofcourse13:58
shadeslayermaybe I am not explaining this properly13:59
shadeslayeralso, tiresome to type on a phone 13:59
smartboyhwshadeslayer, you're on phone!/13:59
shadeslayeryes 13:59
shadeslayerdon't have a computer13:59
yofelwhat you could do ofc. would be to make a libkscreen-bin or libkscreen-runtime and move those 2 SO's there14:00
yofelbut I would just add the symbols for those by hand to the file and hope they never change ^^14:01
HansImGlueckand greetings14:01
HansImGlueckHi @ll14:01
yofelhi HansImGlueck14:01
smartboyhwyofel, heh14:01
yofel(that's what I did for libkdegamesprivate)14:01
smartboyhwyofel, oh:P14:02
shadeslayermoar splitting ftw !!!14:04
shadeslayerfor that is the KDE way 14:04
yofelshadeslayer: hm?14:04
shadeslayerreference to how kdenetwork and friends were split 14:05
yofeljust be happy that we're now down to only kdewebdev being left14:05
yofelI don't see artwork moving out of svn anytime soon14:05
shadeslayerand your suggestion about having a libkscreen-runtime 14:05
shadeslayerheh 14:06
HansImGlueckI'll afk for a while14:08
HansImGlueckI am really happy to be a part of the community14:08
HansImGlueckin unity :)14:08
HansImGlueckthanks alot to all of you14:08
geniiYou guys probably already know, but... some breakage on latest saucy updates ... calligra/krita conflicts14:15
Riddellgenii: conflicts with what?14:15
Riddellokteta has symbols missing on arm that appear on other platforms but pkg-kde-symbols doesn't just do the right thing, wah14:16
smartboyhwReviewers: dget -x https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/2buntu/+files/libkscreen_1.0-0ubuntu1.dsc (that was after I discovered a critical and stupid mistake and fixed it:P)14:17
geniiRiddell: Give me a minute and I'll find and pastebin relevant parts of /var/log/apt/term.log14:18
BluesKajHansImGlueck, kubuntu is ubuntu with kde desktop , if your looking for unity devel , then perhaps #ubuntu-devel is where you should join14:19
Riddellsmartboyhw: remove libkscreen-dev.dirs ?14:20
Riddellsmartboyhw: remove symbols.amd6414:20
Riddellsmartboyhw: remove shlibs.local14:20
smartboyhwRiddell, hadn't I!?14:20
Riddellsmartboyhw: remove docs14:20
smartboyhwRiddell, OK.14:22
Riddellsmartboyhw: I get symbol changes, did you package this on saucy?14:22
smartboyhwRiddell, yes.14:22
* smartboyhw is ON saucy14:22
yofelgenii: you mean file conflicts?14:22
smartboyhwRiddell, yeah sure symbols changes.14:22
Riddellsmartboyhw: http://paste.kde.org/782318/14:23
RiddellI'm on i38614:23
smartboyhwRiddell, oops.14:23
* smartboyhw has no i386.;P14:23
* smartboyhw forgotten to run it on pbuilder.14:23
geniiRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798656/     ... then I did dpkg with --force-overwrite on calligra, said it breaks krita, so did both --force-overwrite and --force-breaks and then apt-get -f install after that to continue with the rest.14:24
Riddellsmartboyhw: chroots work, ec2 available on request too14:24
smartboyhwRiddell, no need. It's a small app.14:24
smartboyhwBig apps like calligra needed it.14:24
geniiAlthough on the bar I have no icon-only task switcher so using alt-tab, and show desktop also gone14:25
apacheloggeryofel: latested builder run still stripped .git though I am not sure why ^^14:25
apacheloggerI think ruby is too wildcard friendly14:26
Riddellgenii: that'll be other parts of kde which got removed, there's quite a lot in transition today14:26
smartboyhwRiddell, do you want simon to package? I'm a bit tired today, and I want to feed up for many ISO testing tomorrow.14:27
Riddellsmartboyhw: could do, where have you got to?14:28
smartboyhwRiddell, I forgotten. I can get to the changelogs though.14:28
smartboyhwRiddell, what I did (except incorporating new version) was just removing the patch and making Kubuntu Developers maintainer.14:29
Riddellsmartboyhw: will you finish libkscreen?14:29
yofelsmartboyhw: I don't know what libkscreen uses them for, but it does look for http://paste.kde.org/78233614:31
yofelplease add14:31
smartboyhwRiddell, yes I will, along with kscreen itself. I am test-building on a clean pbuilder-dist saucy i386 now (locally fixed version)14:31
yofeland hurray for amd64-only symbols -.-14:31
smartboyhwThat's a lot of XCB.14:32
geniiAlso, nepomuk seems to re-enabled itself automatically :-/14:32
yofelthat's what macro_optional_find_package(XCB) does to a package ^^14:33
skaetRiddell,  do you plan on testing out Kubuntu active for alpha 1?14:33
Riddellskaet: nah I don't think so, we'll be struggling enough to get kubuntu desktop working14:34
skaetRiddell,  ok.   Do you want to restrict down the set to a couple of architectures only for the desktop?14:36
Riddellskaet: yeah14:37
RiddellI'll pick i386 and amd6414:37
skaetRiddell, ok.14:37
smartboyhwyofel, wait, what amd64-only symbols!?14:39
yofelsmartboyhw: otherwise you wouldn't have MISSING ones on i38614:40
smartboyhwyofel, ah yeah:P14:40
smartboyhwTest-building at BOTH amd64 and i386 saucy pbuilder-dist :O14:46
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smartboyhwYes! Finally got all XCB libraries correct \o/15:11
smartboyhwReviewers: The fixed version https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ubuntu-accomplishments/+files/libkscreen_1.0-0ubuntu1.dsc 15:17
smartboyhwEr wait, those reviewing: I marked the wrong bug.15:18
smartboyhwLP: #1194495 should be it.15:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194495 in libkscreen (Ubuntu) "Please update libkscreen to 1.0.0" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119449515:18
smartboyhwVery sorry.... I used the simon bug.15:18
smartboyhwCan you guys spare another upload from me?:P15:19
* apachelogger falls over15:19
* yofel hands apachelogger a pillow15:19
Riddellsmartboyhw: still got symbol issues http://paste.kde.org/782438/15:20
apacheloggeryofel: https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/kf5/+build/474556615:20
apacheloggernew try15:20
apacheloggerwish me luck15:20
smartboyhwRiddell, I don't know why, I used pkgkde-symbolshelper and it's still not working...15:20
Riddellsmartboyhw: on i386?15:20
smartboyhwRiddell, on amd64. The symbols don't work on both archs.15:21
yofelyou need to feed symbolshelper both buildlogs15:21
smartboyhwI imported patches for both archs already but.15:21
smartboyhwyofel, um &15:21
smartboyhwI fed both.15:21
smartboyhwAnd it didn't work out.15:21
yofelweird, what's the error this time?15:21
smartboyhwyofel, it just wasn't added when I was told it was.15:22
smartboyhwNo error.15:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: ping15:22
apacheloggeroh, I should get dinner soon15:22
RiddellI agree with smartboyhw 15:23
Riddellpkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 1.0 ../*build doesn't add the symbols15:23
Riddelloh it's a new library15:23
Riddellmaybe that affects it15:23
Riddellsmartboyhw: just add it manually and test in amd64?15:24
* yofel has to run, bbl15:24
apacheloggerand of course qt failed again15:25
apacheloggerdpkg-source eats .git doesn't it15:25
smartboyhwRiddell, meh!? I need to sleep soon. One more build ONLY and that's it.15:25
apachelogger   Format: 3.0 (git)15:26
apacheloggerdpkg-soruce is fancy15:26
smartboyhwRiddell, I need to sleep now. The fixed build is uploading to https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/nexus-7 (I know the PPA sounds weird but) If there are still any stupid things then I really can't do. There's also a kscreen build in https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/archive/ppa15:29
Riddellthanks smartboyhw 15:32
Riddellsweet dreams15:32
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:36
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Riddellhmm, lots of build failures on arm, those arm builders not behaving themselves :(15:38
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manchickenI didn't even know that ubuntuonair had kiwi set up.17:07
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AshishLRiddell : i was installing the kubuntu iso and suddenly while downloading the  iso, it shows permision is denied. please help.17:29
soeeshadeslayer, wpa_supplicant wont work18:34
yofelsoee: how are you using itß18:37
soeeyofel, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/WPA_supplicant but i dont have dhcpcd18:37
soeeand can install it :)18:38
yofelyou probably mean dhclient18:38
yofelsoee: does 'sudo dhclient <interface>' work?18:38
yofel(after connecting with wpa_supplicant)18:38
soeei tried from rescue mode to run network18:39
soeei see now olny ieee80211 phy0: channel change: 2457 -> 2468 failed (2)18:39
soeei think i try to use live usb to work it out somehow18:40
yofelsoee: how I do it when I need it18:40
yofelI have a config file for my network: http://paste.kde.org/782600, then I run 18:41
yofelsudo wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -c ./w920.conf18:41
yofelthen I go to another shell and run18:41
yofelsudo dhclient wlan018:41
soeeanother shell ?18:41
yofelyou can add -B to wpa_supplicant to put it into the background18:42
yofelI run it so it stays open in the  shell18:42
soeewhat does -c do ?18:44
soeewhat is this: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCIDEEXR]: invalid argument18:49
yofelsoee: -c is config file18:50
yofelsoee: also, 'sudo service network-manager stop'18:50
yofelas it might be locking the device18:50
soeestop: Unknown instance:18:51
yofelindeed. ifconfig -a lists the device, yes?18:52
soeei see info abou0, lo, wlan0t eth18:55
soee* eth0, lo and wlan018:55
soeealso how can i change that my filesystem is only to read ?18:57
yofelsudo mount -o ro,remount /18:59
soeeyup just found it :)18:59
yofelhm, if network-manager isn't running then I don't get why wpa_suppicant would fail18:59
yofelwe're in the wrong channel btw.18:59
yofel-> #kubuntu19:00
yofelthough I'm off a bit for dinner now, bbl19:00
soeeyofel, ill do reinstall from usb20:09
yofelchrooting doesn't work?20:09
soeei can chroot but have no access to network20:09
yofeleven from the live disk o.O?20:09
soeei have on live disc, when i chroot i dont20:10
yofelweird, maybe resolv.conf needs to be adjusted20:10
yofelis that empty in the chroot?20:11
soeenot sure when i try wpa_supplicant it breaks totaly network connection making i cant login20:11
yofeler, you don't need that when you run the live disk20:12
yofelas the live session does the connecting already20:12
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soeeyofel, nepomuk-core and task-icons are going to be removed during upgrade20:33
soeeits ok ?20:33
yofelthat's fine20:34
soeeok upgrading lets hope this time ill end up without fresh installation :)20:34
shadeslayervHanda: its not technicall renaming I think :p20:36
yofelvHanda: *WE* didn't rename it...20:36
yofelI'll add a transitional package20:36
yofelthis is really going to confuse dozens of people20:37
yofelshadeslayer: considering the contents are almost the same it's not far off...20:37
shadeslayerno I meant, Debian never packaged the split nepomuk-core did it ?20:39
shadeslayeruntil recently20:39
yofelwell, no. In that sense it really isn't20:50
shadeslayeryeah so, it wasnt really a rename, just that debian came up with a better name ;)20:55
soeeyofel, this time upgrade went fine, after reboot i had only some popup at the top of the screen about power management or something20:55
soeehave you read this post on G+22:40
soee"on a fresh install of kubuntu 13.10- upon starting firefox for the first time, when I clicked new tab, there were 9 thumbnails of naked xxx teen girls!!!! WTF????"22:40
valoriegosh, I guess I should install ff!22:41
valorieoh, 13.1022:41
valorieI'm not that adventurous22:41
soeeok got t go, cu22:45

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