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jncThe new Smart Scopes (Applications) asks for confirmation before launching an application ;  this is frustrating for me and is there a way around it ?03:48
trismjnc: there is a gsettings key, but I don't remember which one off the top of my head, it is one of the unity ones though (double-click-activation or something)03:50
trismjnc: likewise you can just double click to activate immediately03:50
jnctrism: copy. thanks.04:00
BluesKajHiyas all12:06
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maxiaojunhi, i just note that Ubuntu's 'chmsee' package struck at version 1.3.0-2ubuntu214:20
maxiaojuncan we re-sync with Debian? Debian has latest upstream version in sid14:20
BluesKaj_muon seems to be mucked up , trying to edit software sources in settings>configure software sources , and it does an update , but won't open the software sources options window15:30
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FernandoMiguelgrrr zfs support is broken again18:53
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johnjohn101so far so good with 13.10.  as far as i can tell works equally as well as 13.04.20:22
SonikkuAmericaIn fact, better than well... at least with the Scopes Legion20:25
smallfoot-Why doesn't packages.ubuntu.com work with saucy?20:25
geniiBecause it's not in release yet.20:26
johnjohn101SonikkuAmerica: i'm going to have to educate my self on scopes. looks useful20:30
SonikkuAmericajohnjohn101: Tell me how useful the DeviantArt one is. :)20:32
johnjohn101i see it on scopes, what is it?20:34
IdleOneSonikkuAmerica: the devianart scope is useful for those users who use deviantart site20:44
IdleOneyou don't use the site, disable the scope20:44
SonikkuAmericaIdleOne: You told me that already, lol... but why on earth would anyone enable them by default? It seems backwards.20:45
IdleOneCanonical/Dev team has decided that it is more useful to enable the scopes and let users decide if they want to keep them on...I'll skip the whole OMG my privacy debate.20:46
wilee-nileegotta keep the man behind the screen hidden cause there's no place like home20:51
johnjohn101i'll have to say in concept i like the whole scopes thing.20:53
SonikkuAmericaIdleOne: I think they should make that idea a little more public.20:53
johnjohn101can you disable any of the scopes like on a per user basis?20:55
johnjohn101other than scopes, any other unity features being added for 13.10?  just seems like cannonical is full bore on phablet development20:59
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