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dholbachgood morning06:40
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)07:57
qwertzui11JamesTait: :) morning07:58
JamesTaitqwertzui11, o/07:59
dpmmorning JamesTait :)08:00
dpmand morning everyone08:00
JamesTaitdpm o/08:00
dholbachhey JamesTait08:10
A117i'm packaging my first library. "bzr builddeb -- -us -uc" complains "dh_install: ezcommon-dev missing files (usr/lib/pkgconfig/*), aborting"08:14
A117anyone can help please?08:14
JamesTaitHey dholbach, how's tricks?08:17
dholbachJamesTait, good good - how about yourself?08:17
JamesTaitdholbach, very well, thanks, more than can be said for my eldest son who's off school sick today.08:19
dholbachbah... :/ I hope he's going to be better very soon08:20
JamesTaitI don't think it's anything too serious, he just said he felt a bit weak in the knees at school yesterday, then developed a temperature last night.08:21
JamesTaitSo we'll be keeping an eye on him today.  Maybe I broke him at the weekend, getting him to pull his own golf trolley to the car! :-P08:22
mzanettiA117: seems your package depends on "ezcommon-dev" which at least I can't find the repository08:25
dholbachJamesTait, :)08:28
A117my pack is ezcommon-dev08:29
mzanettiA117: oh :D08:30
mzanettiA117: so there should be a file debian/ezcommon-dev.install08:31
mzanettiA117: make sure all the files listed in there can be found08:31
A117mzanetti: all its content is generated08:32
A117mzanetti: sth. like "usr/lib/lib*.so" "usr/lib/pkgconfig/*"08:32
A117mzanetti: just donno how is sth. generated in pkgconfig08:33
mzanettiA117: aside from that... looking into /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ on my machine, it doesn't seem to contain any .so files. So this line in the .install file seems wrong to me08:37
mzanettiA117: just run "debuild" in your source tree and check if all the files listed in the .install files are contained in debian/tmp/08:38
A117mzanetti: i changed a file. so "debuild" is complaining local changes detected08:42
seb128hey app writers08:42
seb128does anyone know if you can wrap text in a ListItem.Standard?08:42
mzanettiA117: there is something like debuild --commit  or the like... don't know it right now. your favorite search engine should be able to help you with that08:47
A117mzanetti: right. "debuild" does not generate anything under pkgconfig08:54
A117mzanetti: so, my question is still there. how is pkgconfig generated08:55
mzanettiA117: depends on the code... I think the files should just be there. So not generated at all. Are there any files ending with .pc in the source tree?08:55
A117mzanetti: no *.pc files08:56
mzanettiA117: well, thats the issue then...08:57
mzanettiA117: the file is missing, but the packages searches for it08:57
A117mzanetti: shouldn't packaging routines generate them? i just followed the "    Ubuntu Packaging Guide"08:58
mzanettiA117: I'm no pkgconfig expert. In fact I quite suck at that. but reading through some files in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ it doesn't seem they're generated but rather written by the developer08:59
mzanettiI could be wrong tho...09:00
mzanettiA117: note that pkgconfig has nothing to do with the .deb package itself...09:01
mzanettiA117: the .pc files seem more like for examle .desktop files etc09:01
A117mzanetti: that means i don't need pkgconfig at all?09:02
mzanettiA117: well, not necessarily for this package. however, compiling other source code that tries to find this one might cause issues then...09:03
A117mzanetti: brilliant. a .deb has been generated now. cannot thank you enough09:05
mzanettiA117: hehe... you're welcome... if you run into troubles with other packages depending on this one, keep in mind that it might be related to the missing pkgconfig files09:06
A117mzanetti: i will write a .pc now09:07
A117mzanetti: R U chinese?09:07
A117mzanetti: O. I thought "hehe" is chinese09:08
* mzanetti hope it doesn't have a meaning except laughing in chineese09:09
A117of course not09:10
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AskUbuntuError while executing standard Ubuntu Touch program | http://askubuntu.com/q/31250711:58
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dpmkalikiana, are you happy with Ant's script to reverse the breadcrumbs? Do you think we could add it to the docs HTML output?12:23
zsombimhall119: ping12:36
kalikianadpm, I'll tell you when I have it working on the real branch. I started looking how to inject the script13:01
dpmkalikiana, perfect, thanks!13:02
kalikianaif only qdoc was properly documented, oh the irony bites13:13
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mhall119zsombi: pong13:27
zsombimhall119: we are close to release the Responsive Layouts :)13:27
zsombimhall119: I thought you may want to know about that :)13:28
mhall119zsombi: what kind of docs will we have on them?13:29
guschballoons nerochiaro renato__ a MR for you https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-startup-log/+merge/17127813:29
guschom26er: ping13:29
zsombimhall119: ~8 step tutorial13:29
zsombimhall119: you can generate it from lp:~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/layouts13:30
zsombimhall119: qmake && make docs13:30
om26ergusch, was on a call13:34
om26ergusch, pong13:34
guschom26er: I need to start the gallery with a different cmd argument for one test13:35
guschom26er: how would you recommend to do that?13:35
om26ergusch, I like the way the browser app does that13:36
om26ergusch, where you put in a string as argument, if its empty i guess the app would run without, if the string got some value it will get pulled13:37
mhall119zsombi: this looks fantastic13:38
zsombimhall119: glad you like it :)13:39
guschom26er: ok - thx - I'll have a look at the browser13:39
renato__gusch, I will take it13:40
guschrenato__: thx13:41
renato__gusch, two small comments13:45
guschrenato__: answered, and pushed an update13:50
seb128timp, hey13:52
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om26erboiko, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/phone-app/fix_albums_tab_tests_on_phone/+merge/17098014:21
om26erand Hey! ;)14:21
boikoom26er: I just think the name of the branch is wrong, but the code looks good, let me give it a try14:23
om26erboiko, right, s/tab// here :D14:25
boikoom26er: well, the problem was actually album, cause phone-app has no albums, but nevermind, it doesn't matter much :)14:25
boikoom26er: so you need a way to accept calls via dbus, right? I'll work on that after lunch14:26
om26erboiko, wow what am I doing14:26
boikoom26er: :)14:27
om26erboiko, accepting calls via dbus, will the phone-app respond to it? like will it start numbers on the phone ?14:28
boikoom26er: so, if there is an incoming call and it gets accepted on the approver, the approver itself will take care of starting phone-app (if not already started)14:29
boikoand the app itself will react and show the live call view14:29
om26erboiko, yeah that'd be great14:29
boikoom26er: ok, I'll work on that in a couple hours14:30
om26erboiko, ack14:30
surgemcgeeIs autopilot working on saucy? I get this with the daily build -->   RuntimeError: Unable to find Autopilot interface.14:35
surgemcgeedpkg -l '*autopilot*' Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name                                            Version                      Architecture                 Description +++-===============================================-============================-============================14:36
surgemcgeeHmmm, that didn't work so well. Here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5798692/14:37
surgemcgeeAnd you are just now loosing your marbles?14:38
surgemcgeeI "gone fishing" a while ago.14:38
dpmballoons, ^^14:40
balloonssurgemcgee, I updated as of last night just fine :-)14:41
balloonssurgemcgee, what's autopilot --version say?14:41
balloonssurgemcgee, autopilot --version15:05
balloonsAutopilot Source Version: 1.3.1 Autopilot Package Version:15:05
balloonsso it looks like I'm slighty behind you.. but I was just helping someone on raring who JUST installed autopilot15:06
balloonstry updating everything was working for them15:06
kalikianadpm, pushed the scripted bread crumbs, taste them please and let me know if you like it :-D15:44
dpmkalikiana, with pleasure :)15:57
nerochiaroom26er: can you please have a look at this CI job and let me know if it's a problem with my app or if it's the job that is not setup correctly ? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-saucy/315/console16:18
om26ernerochiaro, looking16:18
om26ernerochiaro, ah, we need to depend on webbrowser-app16:22
nerochiaroom26er: it shouldn't be that way16:23
om26eror not ?16:23
nerochiaroom26er: no, because the tests for the app are in the webbrowser-app package, and we only tests the component16:23
nerochiaroom26er: we removed all app-specific tests16:23
nerochiaroom26er: i think16:23
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nerochiaroom26er: is it trying to launch the app ?16:24
nerochiaroom26er: if so there's a bug i need to fix in the autopilot __init__.py16:24
om26ernerochiaro, CalledProcessError: Command '['which', 'webbrowser-app']' returned non-zero exit status 116:25
om26erand I just removed webbrowser-app here and tests won't run16:26
nerochiaroom26er: ok, i'll fix that16:26
nerochiaroom26er: thanks16:26
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boikoom26er: hey, I have the dbus call for accepting/rejecting incoming calls ready for  review, want to review it? or should I give it to salem_ for reviewing?18:04
boikoom26er: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/phone-app/dbus_accept_call/+merge/17137718:04
om26erboiko, I'll let him review, I'll test it ;)18:05
om26erboiko, and that turned out to be quite a work for you :)18:05
salem_boiko, I can review it.18:05
om26erboiko, How to test it ?18:06
boikoom26er: once you get the snap decision showing, you can call:18:06
boikoom26er: qdbus com.canonical.PhoneAppApprover /com/canonical/PhoneAppApprover com.canonical.PhoneAppApprover.AcceptCall18:06
boikoom26er: or qdbus com.canonical.PhoneAppApprover /com/canonical/PhoneAppApprover com.canonical.PhoneAppApprover.RejectCall18:07
boikoom26er: not that much work, it is just that I realized that some parameters being passed to the functions already there were not really required/used, so I cleaned it up18:08
om26erboiko, cool, thanks18:09
boikosalem_: thanks, ping me if you need more info about the changes18:09
salem_boiko, ok, thanks18:10
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surgemcgeeSo, we need to get this into the canvas in Qt. Anyone think it is worth while --> context.font = '20pt Ubuntu'  It workd on this page :) --> http://www.html5canvastutorials.com/tutorials/html5-canvas-text-align/20:52
surgemcgeeFor now I guess I have to use crappy 'ol sans-serif, phsst, huf, whatever...20:58
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