cjohnstonI know I'm quite late to the conversation, but what I read was that if you enable nightlies and enable some other things, you can finally get to the point where FF has some of the features that other browsers have had for years... sounds awesome00:41
cjohnstonoddly enough, I just got a message in FF that 'Firefox sends data to Mozilla.' and a button to change my settings... oddly enough, all the check boxes for sending stuff to Mozilla are checked by default. Doesn't sound very private to me00:46
bkerensacjohnston: are you running nightly? FHR is enabled by default on nightly because its a dev release but telemetry is not.05:47
bkerensacjohnston: Indeed Chrome. Chromium and other browsers do enable such features by default on all their releases but thats because they lack privacy05:48
dholbachgood morning06:40
dakercjohnston: 13years to fix this bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5250010:44
ubot2Mozilla bug 52500 in Layout: Form Controls "Make regular CSS properties apply on <input type='file'>" [Minor,Resolved: fixed]10:44
dakercjohnston: there is more, 13years not yet fixed :) https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3365410:55
ubot2Mozilla bug 33654 in Layout: Form Controls "TEXTAREA incorrectly applying ROWS= and COLS=" [Normal,New]10:55
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* popey hugs jcastro 11:52
jcastrowhat up popey12:01
cjohnstonmhall119: what's the chance you could talk to the LP team ~today about BP subscribers so that we can get this ball rolling?13:42
mhall119I pinged wgrant after we talked last,but never got a reponse13:50
mhall119well, I got a response that they'd have to investigate, but then didn't tell me how to make sure it was on their task list13:51
cjohnstonfile a bug14:11
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jonodholbach, ready when you are15:00
jonodpm, mhall119 will be two mins16:01
dpmjono, no worries16:01
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dholbachjono, I'll update the social networks about the weekly update - are you going to kick off the hangout on air?16:34
jonodholbach, yep16:35
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dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you tomorrow :)17:49
jcastrojono: I didn't know you submitted for Ohio LF18:55
jcastroI also submitted a linux talk18:55
jcastroerrr, juju talk18:55
jonojcastro, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BqudwP9q0s19:26
jcastrojono: see the comment I just left you on G+19:27
jcastrojono: hey so aaron from berkley was driving through town so he stayed here for a night19:28
jcastroyou won't believe his hobby when not playing metal guitar19:28
jcastrotraditional flamenco guitar19:28
jonojcastro, hah, nice!19:28
jcastrojono: can you actually switch to spotify at some point so we can do collaborative playlists?19:29
jcastroI've got 165 songs in my bacon list already19:29
jonojcastro, lol19:29
jonoI tend to keep things simple and just use youtube :-)19:29
jonoI have already training a radio station on Pandora :-)19:29
jcastroyeah but you can't say "I want this song right now" on pandora19:29
jcastroit's nice for background stuff, don't get me wrong19:30
mhall119jono: one thing I meant ot ask during our one-on-one today, have you had a chance to talk to Pat about making a decision on the email client?19:57
jonomhall119, I haven't yet19:58
jonocan you ping him directly?19:58
popeycjohnston: does bug 1029443 still affect you?21:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1029443 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[gm45] False GPU lockup EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x79050004" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102944321:28
popeynvm, found an option to possibly fix in a dupe21:32
jcastrohey jono22:05
jcastrohey jono22:05
jonojcastro, hey22:05
jonojcastro, :-)22:05
jcastroso like these guy's riffs are monster22:05
jcastrowhy anthrax over these guys as the big 4?22:05
jonojcastro, Jeff Waters was a nutter I think22:08
jonoI used to be friends with him22:08
jonohe is the guitarist22:08
jonowell, I used to be very loose friends years ago22:08
jonoJim from Severed Fifth knows him well, he recorded a Defiance album with him22:09
bkerensajcastro: juju with lxc fixed? :)22:09
jonobut they never quite broke out of Canada22:09
jcastrobkerensa: no son, next month man22:09
bkerensajcastro: kk22:09
jcastrobkerensa: need containers to work for that to work, see my last blog post22:09
jcastrothose are almost done22:09
jcastromonth after is local22:09
jcastrothen ssh provider22:09
bkerensaI need to catch up on e-mail and blog reading :s22:09
jcastrothen I expect you and alan to never bother me again22:09
jcastrotldr, by the end of the summer you can run a full wordpress charm stack on a digital ocean $9 a month VPS22:10
jcastroor you get to flame me22:10
jcastrohey so any of you guys fire up some bison meat before?22:10
jcastroI found this service, door to door organics22:10
jcastroand they do bison meat22:11
jcastroso I ordered me some thunderbeast chuck to make some burgers22:11
bkerensaI have never grilled bison but it sounds like it might be greasy22:11
bkerensaI could be wrong22:11
jcastrobison is supposed to be real lean afaict22:11
bkerensaI still need to learn a protip on doing meat with lots of fat22:11
bkerensait tends to drip on my grill and cause fire22:12
bkerensa^ jono  whats the protip22:12
bkerensaPork and Ribs seem to cause epic grease fires22:12
jcastroclose the lid dude22:12
jcastroit can't flare without oxygen22:13
jcastroif you're grilling and not smoking just close the lid and regulate the oxygen22:13
jcastroMy stuff burns at like ~400 degrees with no flames, 4 minutes a side22:14
jcastrothat's what I do for pork, bison not sure, going to start at 3.5 minutes and see what happens22:14
jonobkerensa, what kind of meat?22:15
bkerensaPork and Ribs22:15
jonoyou grill ribs?22:15
bkerensaChops and Beef Ribs specifically22:15
bkerensajono: oh yes... they came out quite nice22:15
jonoI only ever smoke pork and ribs22:15
jonoand I have a water bowl between the fire and the meat22:16
jcastrojono: have you tried bison yet?22:16
jonobkerensa, if you don't want to smoke ribs, I recommend you pinwheel them and put them in a slowcooker22:16
jonoand use liquid smoke22:16
jonojcastro, yup22:16
jonobkerensa, you can also do them in foil containers22:17
jcastrojono: sitting in my fridge right now, but jill isn't home yet so I haven't opened it, lean or fatty?22:17
bkerensajono: Yeah I think next time I will slow cook them... I will probably try pork ribs next time... The beef ribs meat was not enough22:17
jcastroI was just going to make bison burgers22:17
bkerensaBurgers! :)22:17
jonobut speaking personally, I would never grill ribs or pork...pork needs to be cooked low and slow to help the collagen break down22:17
jonojcastro, generally pretty lean if it is good meat22:17
jononot as good for burgers as you need a higher fat content I think22:18
jonoalthough I am no bison expert22:18
jcastroI am experimenting22:18
jcastroI like bison because they scare the crap out of me22:18
jcastroso I want to eat one22:18
bkerensajono: 2014 CLS Party = Rent Mt. Tabor Park Picnic Area... Bring keg and grills and party22:18
bkerensajono: have you ever been up Mt. Tabor btw?22:19
jonothat would be fun22:19
jononot been there22:19
bkerensacheaper than the bar too :P22:19
bkerensawe had the debian release party there22:19
bkerensajcastro: you should go to Mt. Tabor if you get time in your oscon schedule22:20
jcastrowas that the one we went to during ODS?22:20
jcastrothat place was awesome22:20
bkerensaWasnt that Multnomah Falls?22:20
jcastrodunno, you planned it lol!22:20
bkerensaMt. Tabor is a dormant volcano22:20
bkerensaoh no that was a bar22:21
jcastroso like my travel drinking plan is pretty simple. People I like as close to where I sleep as possible.22:21
jcastrothat's my plan22:21
bkerensajcastro: dcamp it22:21
jcastrowhen I am portland I admit my social plan pretty much revolves around dcamp.22:21
bkerensaI will have to see about inviting him to one of the night parties22:22
jcastrohe's my OSS James Hetfield, what can I say22:22
bkerensajcastro: you are going to be at the Doubletree where jono stays right?22:23
jcastroback in the day when I got started in OSS, Dave Camp was the dude there to teach me how to do things and talk to the right people.22:23
jcastrohah speaking of legends22:23
jcastrojono: mako is in ann arbor for like a month to do some MIT/U-M thing22:24
jcastroprobably some hippie thing I don't get22:24
jcastrogoing to have him over for a while22:24
bkerensajcastro: http://themodernmanpdx.com/22:24
jcastrobkerensa: dude. For sure. count me in there.22:25
jcastrohey so ... how should I cook this bison22:34
jcastroI'm going to do it just like a lean burger I think22:35
dakerHTML5 apps :) https://plus.google.com/101694416703170881163/posts/QfcjPEjrB6F22:35
dakerbkerensa: ^22:38
bkerensadaker: where is the repo?22:43
bkerensaI want to peak22:43
dakerbkerensa: wait, i'll push the last version to the repos https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme22:46
jcastroheya daker22:57
jcastroso jono had me prototype this22:58
jcastroand marco improved it22:59
jcastroI was wondering if you could give it a once over?22:59
jcastromaybe let us know how to make it better?22:59
jcastrothe idea is to make it so any ubuntu app dev can just get a website in like 2 commands22:59
dakerjcastro: ya sure i'll take a look at it23:00
jonodaker, you rock23:01
jcastroI am pretty sure we can roll it out as a manual step for them asap23:03
jonojcastro, yup23:08
jcastrojono: suckfest, the bison is frozen, so I guess I'll figure it out tomorrow23:09
jonojcastro, wise23:17
jcastrojono: so TLDR, we had people over yesterday23:19
jcastroand someone finally put a knife mark in my Boos block23:20
jcastroI kind of was happy it was broken in23:20
jcastrobut I also wanted to kind of rip her intestines out23:20
dakerbkerensa: http://people.ubuntu.com/~daker/ubuntu-html5-theme/ambiance/23:21

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