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manchickenHey all, I've got a problem where libcunit1 builds and links, but when I run it gives me an error code 20 with error string "No Error." However, if I build a fresh copy of CUnit from SF directly, things work just fine. What is the best way to report this issue, keeping in mind that I'm willing to help if nobody is currently interested in maintaining that package?04:25
ScottKmanchicken: Did you build the new version as a debian package or from source directly?04:30
RAOFmanchicken: A bug on launchpad.net would be the most appropriate way to report the issue; I'd also check the bugs in Debian.04:30
manchickenScottK: Directly from source.04:31
manchickenScottK: That's how I built it on the Mac when I was testing this code there, too.04:31
ScottKNext thing I'd do then is update the package to build the new upstream and see if the .deb you get when you build it works or not.04:33
ScottKThat should tell you then if it's a packaging issue or a new upstream issue.04:33
manchickenWell, what I'm thinking of doing is just whipping up a quick test program, testing it with the source version to make sure it works, and then try it with the main package, and then include that source file in the bug report if it fails.04:34
ScottKA reduced test case is always good.04:34
manchickenYeah, and an automated test seems strangely appropriate as a way of demonstrating a bug in an automated test framework.04:35
ScottKIt's automated tests all the way down.04:36
manchickenI like automated tests.04:39
pittihallyn: hey04:59
pittigood morning04:59
dholbachgood morning06:40
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seb128doko_, hey, did you debug the gtk/gcc/arm issue further since yesterday? (don't want to dup work)08:33
m4n1shev: can you please have a look at #1192777 and  #1192778 when free09:08
zygaI'm trying to understand why python3-requests is not in saucy09:29
zygawas it removed for any reason?09:29
zygaand if so, is there a record of such removals?09:30
zygathis shows that python3-requests was in precise, quantal and raring09:30
zygaand up until recently I recall it was in saucy as well09:30
zygalooking at debian I can see the package is there09:30
cjwatsonIt's there09:31
cjwatsonDon't trust packages.ubuntu.com09:31
zygatoo bad09:31
zygabtw, debian has a more recent version09:31
zygaand we found that the version in saucy is broken when you are using a http proxy09:31
cjwatsonBTW, we're in Debian Import Freeze09:31
zygawill the package sync again?09:31
cjwatsonOr we were until that was due to be undone this morning :)09:32
cjwatsonI just haven't got round to preflight checks before turning auto-sync back on09:32
zygaso it should re-sync again?09:32
zygacjwatson: btw, is there anything I could do to make packages.ubuntu.com reliable again?09:32
zygaI really like that service09:32
cjwatsonDunno, it's community-maintained09:33
cjwatsonI think Rhonda runs it?09:33
cjwatsonMay be waiting for an IS deployment of some kind, I don't know; feel free to chase up09:33
zygaok, thanks09:35
evmpt: when you have a chance, can you help me understand how we calculate the "rate for matching machines" in "what's unusual about this problem?"09:42
evIn the case of evaluating whether the architecture is relevant, is it:09:42
evTake the reports for i386. Filter down to reports for the current day. Get the systems responsible for each of these reports. Divide the number of reports by the number of unique systems. Do the same for each other day, then average out across all days.09:42
evCompare the average value for i386 against the value for amd64 and armhf. If i386 is significantly greater, highlight it.09:42
evApologies, I know we discussed this before, but I'm struggling a bit understanding how we get the error rate for a subset of instances in the bucket.09:43
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cjwatsonDaviey,jamespage: copies of public source to archives owned by private teams should be fully safe now; the fix for /builders visibility is deployed10:01
tvosscjohnston, hey there. We are running into static ctor/dtor issues right now. Could you give us a hand?10:22
tvosscjwatson, ^ that was meant for you :)10:22
tvosscjohnston, sorry for the noise10:22
cjwatsondoko: ^- Could you help tvoss?  You're probably better at this than I am10:23
dokocjwatson, tvoss: vacation days today and tomorrow, so won't have much time10:25
Davieycjwatson: Super!  Thanks :)10:25
tvossdoko, ack, here is the issue in case you are bored during vacation :) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5798108/10:25
dokotvoss, has this something to do with the gmock build failure?10:26
tvossdoko, nope, mir carries its own in-tree version of gmock for historic reasons10:26
dokotvoss, just saucy, or raring as well?10:29
tvossdoko, just saucy as far as I can tell10:30
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jamespagecjwatson, great! - thanks for fixing that up10:48
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evpitti: if and when you have a minute, I've got a small change to our apport packaging. It enables core dumps of setuid processes, now that kees says it's okay: https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/apport/raring-suid_dumpable/+merge/17127011:00
pittihey ev11:13
pittiev: hm, doesn't that also affect normal core dumps?11:14
pittiev: (and I guess that's for saucy then)11:14
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evoh whoops11:15
evyes, I'll apply it to saucy as well :)11:15
evpitti: affect normal core dumps how? 0 is the default, as I understand it.11:15
pittiev: ah, =2 is only applied for pipes11:15
pittiev: so, I haven't checked whether a suid program actually ends up being owned by the target user, but if that happens, that looks fine to me11:16
pittinice, thanks!11:16
xnoxubiquity wrapper with pexec works: if .desktop specifies "Terminal=true", or if ubiquity wrapped with an extra shell script around it.11:17
cjwatsonjibel: libreoffice autopkgtest failures are "build slave doesn't have enough disk space", aren't they?11:20
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cjwatsonschedule amended to move DIF to week 13; mail sent to ubuntu-release@; auto-sync running11:26
cjwatson[Updating] requests (1.2.0-2 [Ubuntu] < 1.2.3-1 [Debian])11:34
cjwatsonzyga: ^-11:34
zygacjwatson: awesome, thanks!11:36
cjwatsonautomake1.11 binary is heading back into the archive, for whoever it was who was asking about that11:42
pitticjwatson: ISTR it was seb12811:45
seb128cjwatson, pitti: yeah, it was me, thanks11:46
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chrisccoulsonthis build failed earlier, any idea who restarted it? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa/+build/4742188#12:06
chrisccoulsoni hadn't had a chance to look at the old build log....12:06
cjwatsonI did, because it failed due to a broken builder12:07
jibelcjwatson, yes, I increased disk size already but it's clearly still not enough. I'll have to make a specific setup for LO to run it on a bigger partition.12:07
cjwatsonheka chrootwaited its next eight builds after that, and the end of the chromium-browser log was all invalid-character-in-source-file stuff12:07
chrisccoulsoncjwatson, ah, thanks12:07
cjwatsonjibel: Right, thanks.  I've forced proposed-migration to ignore (that version of) libreoffice for the time being12:08
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: Now, unfortunately it got retried on heka, albeit after it was nominally fixed ... hopefully it won't eat it again12:08
chrisccoulsoncjwatson, yeah, fingers crossed...12:08
xnoxjibel: adt keyword: needs-libreoffice-amounts-of-disk-space ?! =)12:11
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143317414/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-armhf.chromium-browser_28.0.1500.52-0ubuntu1.12.04.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz is still accessible if you have the URL, FWIW12:11
cjwatsonSo you can double-check me, but complaints about "WebGesttrdEvemt" are a pretty good sign of an insane builder12:12
tvossdoko, in case you are around: seems like saucy already has the binutils and gcc version you were mentioning: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5798341/12:14
tvossdoko, or do you want me to force the ppa version?12:14
smbinfinity, If you got not too much liquid related (or other issues), is there a possibility that you may get bored enough to look at the crash backports?12:16
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tkamppeterOdyX, hi12:45
OdyXtkamppeter: hoy12:46
evpitti: *nods* I'll confirm it does12:51
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hallynpitti: hey12:57
tkamppeterOdyX, I would like to change the pstops priority again so that PostScript jobs for PostScript printers go through pstops instead of pstopdf+pdftopdf+pdftops. Do you know why "make test" fails then? Do you have an idea why the test fails and how one could fix it? Or should I change the cost factors after "make test" and before "make install" in the package build?13:03
tkamppeterOdyX, see also https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=113813:06
ubottubugs.linuxfoundation.org bug 1138 in cups-filters "Filters should not specify artificially low costs" [Normal,New]13:06
OdyXtkamppeter: I'm all for re-enabling the ps-to-ps, but we have to find a sane way to have the tests working; and having them run in a setup which is not what we ship is not something I'd be happy with.13:07
jdstrandtyhicks: hey, so I uploaded my apparmor packages to the ppa13:12
* tyhicks looks13:12
jdstrandtyhicks: I'll be uploading another set to the archive in a few minutes (without dbus patches)13:13
jdstrandtyhicks: what is the timeframe for uploading dbus to saucy?13:13
dholbachcjwatson, thanks!13:13
jdstrand(and by 'to the archive', I of course meant to saucy)13:14
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tyhicksjdstrand: it is hard to say with the policy language still up in the air13:14
tyhicksjdstrand: there's not much left to do, but we do have to settle that first13:14
OdyXtkamppeter: see Debian #71223713:15
ubottuDebian bug 712237 in cups-server-common "cups-server-common: The cost factor for pstops" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/71223713:15
jdstrandtyhicks: right. I thought we said that it didn't need to be finalized. ie, when sbeattie gets back, we can finalize it but in the meantime, upload. or are you saying we are still waiting on jj for the ipc implications? (I am a bit behind on email right this second)13:15
tyhicksjdstrand: yes, waiting on jj's input on future ipc implications13:16
jdstrandtyhicks: I see. ok. my thoughts are that this is talking too long and we need to get the code out there-- the only ones that will be affected by the policy changes is us for the most part in the short term. when the language is finalized and uploaded, then we can blog13:17
pittihey hallyn13:17
jdstrandtyhicks: that came out wrong. the dbus syntax iterations are taking a long time, which conflicts with us getting things into the archive, on the images, etc13:17
jdstrandtyhicks: and the code exercised by others13:18
tyhicksjdstrand: so you're suggesting that we push what we have now into the archive something this week?13:18
jdstrandtyhicks: anyhoo-- this isn't anything against the good work you guys are doing, it is just taking longer than we planned13:19
* jdstrand checks something13:19
tyhicksjdstrand: should uploading the userspace changes to dbus and apparmor depend on the kernel changes being in place?13:20
hallynpitti: did you want to talk about something?13:21
pittihallyn: not from my side, but you said "hey" half an hour ago13:21
tyhicksjdstrand: to allow people to test the code, we'll need the aa3.0 patches in the saucy kernel13:21
jdstrandtyhicks: well, we have a monthly goal to have the syntax finalized. that won't be met unfortunately. I'd like for us to work through the ipc implications and then upload something based on that13:21
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jdstrandtyhicks: and that shouldn't be blocked on sbeattie's vacation13:22
jdstrandtyhicks: but, it probably doesn't matter, sbeattie is back next week13:22
jdstrandtyhicks: re kernel patches> jj sent out pull requests for the phablet kernels a few minutes ago13:23
hallynpitti: that was bc you'd said hey about 8 hours ago :)  probably bc I pinged you yesterday - ttyl :)13:24
jdstrandtyhicks: the desktop kernel we could keep waiting on13:24
tyhicksjdstrand: and sbeattie did respond to the thread - I don't think that we're blocked by his vacation at all13:24
jdstrandtyhicks: ok, it sounds like we just need to have the ipc implication discussion, then we can make the cahnges and upload?13:25
pittihallyn: heh, fun; so, enjoy your day :)13:25
jdstrandtyhicks: then refine as needed13:25
jdstrandtyhicks: is that accurate?13:25
tyhicksjdstrand: yes, exactly13:25
jdstrandtyhicks: ok. I think some testing I did yesterday showed this to be the case, but if there are dbus rules present in the policy and we boot into a non-v3 kernel, everything works like it does now (ie, the dbus rules are effectively ignored). correct?13:26
tyhicksjdstrand: yes, dbus-daemon detects that /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/features/dbus/ does not exist and does not try to enforce any apparmor mediation13:27
jdstrandtyhicks: ok, perfect. so, actually, have phablet kernels with v3 and desktop kernels without exercises different code paths nicely13:28
tyhicksjdstrand: yes, both paths will be exercised13:29
jdstrandtyhicks: are you comfortable with the path forward then?13:30
tyhicksjdstrand: yes, it is clear13:30
mptIs it possible for the PC/phone to know the battery charge level of a connected Bluetooth headset? (cyphermox?)13:32
jdstrandtyhicks: awesome, thanks! :)13:38
tkamppeterOdyX, perhaps we should somehow change the cost factors in the cups-filters package to get the desired workflows?13:40
cyphermoxmpt: in theory yes, I've seen it :)13:41
cyphermoxmpt: I'll look up the details13:42
OdyXtkamppeter: I don't oppose that, certainly. What I want is that the cups IPP tests run with the cost factors that are shipped in the packages.13:44
mptcyphermox, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power#Indicator13:50
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mptev, "average out across all days" will result in very-nearly-zero rates for every error that started less than a year ago. Probably you want to collect only the past week or something like that.14:02
evah yes, but generally does that look like the right algorithm?14:03
mptI'll rewrite it without looking and see if I get the same result...14:04
mptArchitecture is most important if absolute_value(rate(some_architecture) - rate(others)) > any_other_difference14:06
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mptev, i.e. for a given period, errors(architecture)/machines(architecture) - errors(all_other_architectures)/machines(all_other_architectures)14:08
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evmpt: was about to pastebin some code I already wrote to that effect, but immediately realised it looks like really bad Perl. :-/14:10
evthank you though14:10
mptDon't worry, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between really bad Perl and really good Perl14:10
ScottKNo one can, it's write only.14:11
mdeslaurthere's really good Perl?14:12
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mptThanks ScottK, I thought it would take at least two minutes for someone to take that and run with it. ;-)14:12
ScottKThere is actually.14:12
ScottKIt's just rare.14:12
mdeslaurhehe :P14:13
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maxiaojunhi, i just note that Ubuntu's 'chmsee' package struck at version 1.3.0-2ubuntu214:22
maxiaojuncan we re-sync with Debian? Debian has latest upstream version in sid14:22
cjwatsonIt's presumptively up to the last uploader (chrisccoulson) to either do it or delegate it14:23
seb128maxiaojun, we sure can, if you want to work on it please do and subscribe sponsors?14:23
maxiaojunseb128, what do you mean by "please do"?14:23
seb128maxiaojun, if you want to update the package/rebase it on the current debian version that would be welcome help14:24
maxiaojuni still don't understand what exactly should i do. file a bug? link a branch?14:25
mitya57maxiaojun: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/udd-merging.html14:26
jbichachmsee is a difficult package as it was patched to build with webkit instead of xulrunner14:27
maxiaojunare the patches still needed? as the upstream is keeping up with Firefox change (though i think they should set slight larger MaxVersion) while webkit branch seems unmaintained14:35
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pittiev: splendid, thanks!15:21
evpitti: sure thing. Tracking in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/apport/+bug/119454115:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194541 in apport (Ubuntu Quantal) "Create core dumps for setuid binaries" [Undecided,New]15:32
pittiev: ah, the saucy one didn't have that bug ref, closing manually15:37
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jdstrandjodh: hi! I can't remember, what was the eta for upstart/apparmor with mdeslaur's distro patch?15:43
jodhjdstrand: plan was "by tomorrow" as of last week, but we've had a nasty merge to perform which has slowed things rather I'm afraid. That merge is now done so once I've got an ack on a couple of other upstart branches we can get a new upstart release out.15:45
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jdstrandjodh: ack, thanks for the update and your work on this :)15:49
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ricotzmdeslaur, hi :), could take a look at http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0037 which would mean to get at least raptor2 2.0.7-1 into precise17:08
ubottuRedland Raptor (aka libraptor) before 2.0.7, as used by OpenOffice 3.3 and 3.4 Beta, LibreOffice before 3.4.6 and 3.5.x before 3.5.1, and other products, allows user-assisted remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a crafted XML external entity (XXE) declaration and reference in an RDF document. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0037)17:08
mdeslaurricotz: we fixed that already: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1480-1/17:10
ricotzmdeslaur, ok, this is about libraptor2-0 too17:11
ricotzwhich librdf0 uses17:12
mdeslaurricotz: ah! I see, ok, I'll reopen the CVE and add raptor2 to it. Thanks!17:12
ricotzmdeslaur, thanks17:13
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Spee_DerG'day folks....18:56
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barry@pilot in19:13
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 13.04 released | Archive: open | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of lucid -> raring | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: barry
jbichabarry: since you're piloting, you saw my 2 mp's for xdiagnose, right?19:50
barryjbicha: nope.  they don't show up on the sponsoring page, but send me the urls and i'll take a look19:51
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barryjbicha: i don't want to step on bryce's toes (his review claim is pending).  but maybe that was a few days ago19:54
barryand he's on to other things?19:54
jbichanever mind, I saw a B name and mixed you two up19:55
barryjbicha: np19:55
* barry will leave it to bryce then19:55
barryjbicha: but it looks like you do have a few other things in the queue, so maybe it's your luck day :)19:56
xnoxwhat was the story around GL and armhf? Or any pointers about fixing https://launchpadlibrarian.net/141550690/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.qtiplot_0.9.8.9-4ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:02
xnoxas far as I can tell glu.h does exist during build ...20:02
slangasekxnox: GL on armhf should be EGL, but that shouldn't matter; I don't see libglu1-mesa-dev being installed as part of that build log?20:06
slangasekyou need an additional -dev package for glu vs. gl20:06
xnoxok, thanks =)20:07
barryrobru, kenvandine okay, that was beautiful!  i was just using the friends app to post a new message.  i got as far as "say hell" and it crashed :)20:12
robrubarry, nuh uh!! nyanyanyanyanyanyanya i can't hear you!!!!20:12
slangasekbarry: you have the special version that's limited to 14 chars20:12
barryrobru: say hell!20:12
* barry has a new motto for today20:13
robrubarry, yeah, I'm getting lots of crasher bug reports for friends-app lately. I can't reproduce it, and i don't know much about Qml to fix it. I think kenvandine needs to step in here...20:13
kenvandinenot much going on there to cause it to crash20:14
kenvandinei've seen it crash on startup if you don't have an account enabled20:14
kenvandinebut while you're typing all it does it change the counter20:15
kenvandinebarry, got a crash file?20:15
robrukenvandine, also: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/friends-app/+bug/1176498 read the comments for two *different* crashes20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1176498 in friends-app (Ubuntu) "friends app crashes on start." [Undecided,Confirmed]20:16
barrykenvandine: i just ubuntu-bugged it20:17
* Laney wanted to congratulate barry in #debian-devel but he's not there so couldn't20:18
Laneywell done ;-)20:18
barryLaney: thanks!20:21
barrykenvandine: lp: #119463820:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194638 in friends (Ubuntu) "friends crashed when I typed "Say Hell"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119463820:23
slangaseksw33t, the Foundations team has K DDs and can launch its own GRs now \o/20:30
slangasekbarry: grats ;)20:30
barryslangasek: \o/20:31
xnoxslangasek: right, I did a build with libglu1-mesa-dev before, and armhf FTBFS with this now http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799672/ which in turn means one shouldn't include both GLES2 and GL =/20:31
kenvandinebarry, thx20:32
slangasekxnox: it's true that it should not... is glu GL-only?20:32
xnoxslangasek: not sure. but I'm now discovering bug 70779420:34
ubottubug 707794 in clementine (Ubuntu) "libqt4-opengl on armel should be compiled with OpenGL ES 2.x support" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70779420:34
* slangasek nods20:35
kenvandinebarry, you filed that against friends, is there a crash file for friends-app?20:35
barrykenvandine: oops, sec20:36
xnoxslangasek: looks like it was added for fit FTBFS with qt4.8 hmmm.....20:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925652 in qtiplot (Ubuntu) "please sync qtiplot (universe) from Debian main (unstable) (fix crasher and FTBFS)" [Medium,Fix released]20:38
barrykenvandine: oops, there was a crash reporter window buried.  i'll use that to report the bug on friends-app20:44
cjwatsonbarry: ah, excellent, good to see advocatees make it through :)20:45
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kenvandinebarry, thanks!20:49
tkamppeterOdyX, I have changed the cost factors of cups-filters, now setting the cost factor of pstops in CUPS is not necessary any more. See current BZR state of cups-filters, rev. 7072. https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=113820:49
ubottubugs.linuxfoundation.org bug 1138 in cups-filters "Filters should not specify artificially low costs" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]20:49
barrykenvandine: lp: #119464620:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194646 in friends-app (Ubuntu) "Crashed when I typed "say hell"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119464620:51
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* xnox finds https://code.google.com/p/glues/21:02
jcastrohey slangasek21:12
jcastroIf I wanted to file a bug like "we shouldn't break people's servers just because a distro is EOL" where should I file it?21:13
jcastroor is this something I can bring up on the devel list?21:13
slangasekjcastro: maybe -devel; it's not really a bug in the OS that we don't have infinite space to keep EOLed releases on the mirrors forever, and it's not clear to me we should actually be putting a lot of effort into making it a more pleasant experience to continue running a release with no security support21:18
jcastrosure, I understand that.21:19
jcastroI would think sharing slow bandwidth with all the other bad kids would be encouragement enough21:19
infinityjcastro: How do you propose we not break things?21:20
jcastroor perhaps spit out a warning via apt or something instead of just 404'ing people21:20
jcastroinfinity: I would say something like "this distro is EOL, we've moved you to slow mirrors no one cares about, but this is the least of your problems, please see this wiki page"21:20
jcastroright now we just 404 them21:21
infinityjcastro: Automatically editing people's sources.lists just because they start 404ing would be fraught with peril.21:21
jcastromaybe we can do a motd or something?21:21
infinityjcastro: In fact, automatically doing it at any point (even based on a more clever meta-release hint) seems bad.21:21
slangasekwe already motd about new upgrades available, right?21:22
infinityjcastro: We already do an motd telling them there are new releases to upgrade to... Which they ignored for two years.21:22
slangasekinfinity: sure, but admins are going to "if it ain't broke I'm not upgrading"21:22
slangasekwhich is reasonable21:22
jcastroyeah but there's a difference between "new version, I don't care, this server works" and "if you don't listen apt will break."21:22
slangasekand I think it would be a worthwhile improvement to have the motd have another check and announce "you're EOL"21:22
=== jelmer_ is now known as jelmer
infinityYeah, we could add an motd hook to yell at you if you're running an EOL release.21:23
infinityWell, it would be in the same upgrade-check hook.21:23
infinitySince the same info comes from the same place.21:23
jcastroright so I think it's probably better to not spend the cost on moving people to old-releases, but maybe instead being more in your face when you're EOL21:23
slangasekshould arguably be made part of the existing ubuntu-release-upgrader-core hook21:23
jcastroinfinity: ok so I can just do a wishlist on the motd package?21:23
infinityslangasek: I think I just said that. :)21:24
infinitySo, check-new-release would need to grow an option (or a sister binary) for check-eol.21:25
infinityAnd the rest is trivial.21:25
jcastroubuntu-release-upgrader-core is the package I want?21:25
infinityjcastro: Wishlist on ubuntu-release-upgrader with proposed tasks for some stables as well.21:25
slangasek/usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release, line 11621:26
jcastrothanks fellas21:26
slangasek  if m.no_longer_supported is not None:21:26
slangasek    url = "http://www.ubuntu.com/releaseendoflife"21:26
slangasek    print(_("Your Ubuntu release is not supported anymore."))21:26
slangasek    print(_("For upgrade information, please visit:\n"21:26
slangasek            "%(url)s\n") % { 'url' : url })21:26
infinityErr, oh.21:26
infinityjcastro: So, it already claims to do this. :P21:26
slangasekjcastro: already fixed; if these users were running a newer release they wouldn't have had this problem!21:27
slangasekthough actually, the changelog implies this code should've been in natty21:28
infinityAnd it may well be.  It could fail to trigger due to the stale lock bug.21:28
slangasekthe which?21:28
infinityThe bug wherein, once you've been informed of an upgrade, that snippet never runs again.  Ever.21:29
infinity(This is fixed in precise and onward in SRUs, I believe...)21:29
jcastrooh ok21:30
jcastroso tldr, it's fixed in newer releases21:30
jcastroit would then make sense why ben sees people complaining about natty, but not q21:30
infinityProbably.  Would be worth a bit of testing by artificially EOLing precise locally or something.21:30
infinityjcastro: Q isn't EOL, why would they complain about it?21:31
jcastroinfinity: because I suck at arithmetic21:31
jcastroinfinity: so theoretically, when Q EOLs, we shouldn't see this as much as with Natty21:31
infinityoneiric is EOL, but we've not removed it from the mirrors due to OEM SLAs.21:31
infinityjcastro: Well, even if the release-upgrader/motd bits are all working better now, I wouldn't bet we'd see people complain less. :P21:32
* cjwatson awards software-properties the title of "most frustrating autopkgtest failures"21:32
cjwatsonso ... close ...21:32
infinityjcastro: But I don't think forcefully mangling people's apt sources without warning is a particularly friendly thing to do either, so...21:32
infinityjcastro: We're going to get people whining about the 404s, and we always have had.21:33
jcastroyeah I get that21:33
infinity(Yeah, I'm a pessimist)21:33
infinityAnyhow, given that the lock bug wasn't actually about fixing THIS, I doubt anyone's tested the EOL case specifically.  Probably worth a poke to see if it works as expected for future releases.21:34
jcastroXP is 11 years old and it's mirrors don't 404. They gracefully just stop updating it21:34
infinityShame it's too late to SRU back to oneiric.21:34
jcastro"gracefully" is up to interpretation there.21:34
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
infinityjcastro: If I could think of a reliable way to auto-rewrite people to old-releases, that would get us the same "doesn't 404, but doesn't update" thing.21:35
jcastroI wonder if just a url rewrite would do the trick?21:35
slangasekthat only helps for mirrors we control21:36
sarnoldjcastro: despite appearances, MS says XP is supported for another 10 months or so..21:36
infinityjcastro: But given that we specifically allow (and even encourage) people to mangle sources.list to their heart's content, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do sanely.  release-upgrader tries (and when it fails, just gives up and writes a new one), but that's interactive, and it warns you.21:36
* jcastro nods21:36
jcastroI think the motd warning does the job21:37
jcastroI didn't know we had fixed that21:37
dobeyinfinity: make an apt archive with the release name "eol" that has empty Packages/Sources/etc… and use mod_rewrite to just send dead releases to that?21:37
infinitydobey: I'm not sure how that solves... Anything.21:37
infinitydobey: Other than "ugliness", empty Packages files and 404s are the same thing.  Can't install software anymore.21:38
jcastrowe should totally just turn the tty blood red with white text when something EOLs21:38
infinityjcastro: Then they'll just think they accidentally launched a NetWare installer.21:38
infinity(Okay, as if any kid in IT today remembers NetWare...)21:38
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
dobeywouldn't that be U+666?21:39
infinitydobey: Anyhow, if mod_rewrite tricks worked (as in, if we had control of the server side), we'd just rewrite people to old-releases.21:39
infinitydobey: Which we clearly can't, because mirrors.21:39
dobeywell. it's ok. they just all go on askubuntu and ask jcastro to fix it for them anyway :)21:40
jcastroonly 23k views on the question21:41
infinityI'm okay with that solution.21:41
jcastrowhich is neither a huge problem nor a trivial problem21:41
cjwatsonAuto-rewrite: be careful of people within corporate networks where they can't talk to old-releases.21:41
cjwatson(Just one reason forceful mangling would be scary.)21:42
jcastroinfinity: in better news, I've seen the "problem with MergeList" problems nearly disappear21:44
jcastrowrt. apt21:44
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
infinityjcastro: The one that was the hard limit on combined list sizes?21:44
jcastroi think part of it was when you connected to a guest wifi with like a disclaimer page apt would append that text to a file or something crazy like that21:45
jcastroso basically everyone who was in a hotel would hit the problem21:45
infinityDaviey: Say, weren't your minions meant to be attending to MIRs for all of puppets new deps?  That seems to have been not happening for... Months.21:46
infinityjcastro: Ahh, yeah, I think the captive portal case is mostly catered for, except for a few corner cases.21:46
infinityjcastro: It's still not completely fool proof.  We keep finding better fools.21:46
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
Davieyinfinity: err, yeah - we'll look at that this week.21:55
ScottKSo this autopackagetest block for britney blocks other packages too?22:01
ScottKI'm looking at pykde4 and it's apparently blocked by an apport autopackagetest.22:01
cjwatsonReverse dependencies are checked as well as the packages themselves22:02
cjwatsonHowever it's currently buggy and forgets about failures, so ...22:02
ScottKpykde4 in the release pocket is currently broken.22:02
cjwatsonYou know about force-autopkgtest, right? :P22:02
cjwatsonI put that there precisely so people wouldn't need to complain22:03
* ScottK tries.22:03
cjwatsonThat said, by the time you've done that the test might well have completed22:03
cjwatson(Note that the thing to force-autopkgtest is the tested package, not the triggering package)22:03
ScottKSo in this case pykde4?22:05
cjwatsonNo, the tested package is apport/2.10.2-0ubuntu2, the triggering package is pykde4/4:4.10.80-0ubuntu122:06
ScottKIt is slightly frustrating to set something up, have to go offline for ~8 hours for $work and then come back to find yet another roadblock.22:06
cjwatsonIOW the point is to test that the new pykde4 doesn't break apport22:06
cjwatsonBut it's possible to say "this autopkgtest is funted right now, ignore its failure"22:06
ScottKWhat's "I don't care, migrate it."22:07
ScottKI guarantee you it's broken in the release pocket right now.22:07
ScottK(due to a new sip4 I messed up in Debian and it autosynced)22:07
cjwatson"force-autopkgtest apport/2.10.2-0ubuntu2, the triggering package is pykde4/4:4.10.80-0ubuntu122:07
cjwatson"force-autopkgtest apport/2.10.2-0ubuntu2" will make it eligible.  But you really really need to let update_output look at things beyond that.22:08
cjwatsonSo how did sip4 get in and break it?22:08
ScottKIt should go if autopackagetest isn't stopping it.22:08
ScottKI missed an API version change when I packaged it in Debian.22:08
cjwatsonAh, it's been broken for a week then?22:09
xnoxplus added unfortunate timing in a rebuild from me to add autopkgtest.22:09
xnoxyeah, for quite a while now.22:09
ScottKNot to mention pykde4 from 4.10.80 hit the archive about one publisher cycle before it would have migrated.22:09
ScottKThen it was blocked on the kde4libs/armhf mess.22:10
cjwatsonI'm not wild about using maximum force to shove it in then.  Use minimum force so that it actually happens right this time.22:10
cjwatsonBut as you say it does look as though force-autopkgtest should be enough.22:11
ScottKOK.  Fixed.22:11
Laneyare there still bugs around tests being left at RUNNING?22:11
ScottKBTW, this particular issue is proving harder to fix in Ubuntu than Debian.22:12
cjwatsonI saw a bunch of armhf-only migrations while kde4libs/armhf was broken that went in suspiciously easily.  I'm still concerned that those will be left uninstallable even after the dust settled.22:12
cjwatsonLaney: I think that's fixed22:12
cjwatsonThe bug I know of at the moment is that failure states are forgotten after the run that initially collects them22:12
LaneyHmm, alright. I'm suspicious about glib2.0 -> bluez/firefox22:12
LaneyJenkins says they both ran at 17:20ish today22:13
cjwatsonadt-britney collected statuses for those six minutes ago that said running22:13
* ScottK needs to go retrieve a $CHILD from ballet lessons.22:14
cjwatsonhm, but22:14
LaneyMaybe jenkins is lying then22:14
cjwatson$ cat ../../autopkgtest/data/adt/saucy-proposed/amd64/archive/2013/06/25/saucy_amd64_bluez_20130625-172427.result22:15
ScottKProbably remove some autopackage tests when I get back.  Seems like more harm than good to me.22:15
cjwatsonsaucy amd64 bluez 4.101-0ubuntu8b1 PASS kmod 9-3ubuntu1 systemd 204-0ubuntu4 pcmciautils 018-8 lsb 4.1+Debian11ubuntu2 alsa-lib 1.0.25-4ubuntu4 dbus 1.6.12-0ubuntu1 glib2.0 2.37.3-1ubuntu1 gstreamer0.10 0.10.36-1.2ubuntu1 eglibc 2.17-0ubuntu5 bluez 4.101-0ubuntu8b1 gst-plugins-base0.10 0.10.36-1.1ubuntu1 dbus-python 1.2.0-2 readline6 6.2-9ubuntu1 libusb 2:0.1.12-23.2ubuntu1 cups 1.6.2-9 dpkg 1.16.10ubuntu222:15
cjwatsonScottK: Please let us sort out the infrastructure a bit before you do anything precipitate22:15
barrycjwatson: oops. sorry if i stepped on your toes with software-properties22:16
cjwatsonbarry: s'ok, just one upload more than strictly necessary, not a problem22:16
barrycjwatson: we can always make more version numbers22:17
cjwatsonAh, the above was an archived result I think22:17
cjwatson2013-06-25 17:12:08,498 INFO Checking status for: saucy bluez22:18
cjwatson2013-06-25 17:12:08,551 INFO == New version of dependency 'libglib2.0-0 2.37.3-1ubuntu1'.22:18
cjwatsonwhich is a bit odd given that that's the version number in the archived result22:18
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
LaneyIf that's what it says when it triggers a new run then the timestamps could be feasible22:20
* Laney bed22:20
cjwatsonI think adt-britney thinks it's still running on i38622:21
cjwatson$ cat ../../autopkgtest/data/adt/saucy-proposed/amd64/work/saucy-proposed_amd64_bluez.20130625-171230.state22:21
cjwatson{"status": {"i386": "RUNNING", "amd64": "PASS", "all": "RUNNING"}, "package": "bluez", "depends": {"libglib2.0-0": "2.37.3-1ubuntu1", "libbluetooth3": "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "pcmciautils": "018-8", "lsb-base": "4.1+Debian11ubuntu2", "libdbus-1-3": "1.6.12-0ubuntu1", "libudev1": "204-0ubuntu4", "udev": "204-0ubuntu4", "bluetooth": "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "bluez": "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "libasound2": "1.0.25-4ubuntu4", "cups": ...22:21
cjwatson... "1.6.2-9", "libusb-0.1-4": "2:0.1.12-23.2ubuntu1", "bluez-alsa": "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "python3-dbus": "1.2.0-2", "libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0": "0.10.36-1.1ubuntu1", "upstart": "1.8-0ubuntu7", "libgstreamer0.10-0": "0.10.36-1.2ubuntu1", "multiarch-support": "2.17-0ubuntu5", "libc6-dev": "2.17-0ubuntu5", "libc6": "2.17-0ubuntu5", "dpkg": "1.16.10ubuntu2", "dbus": "1.6.12-0ubuntu1", "libbluetooth3-dbg": ...22:21
cjwatson... "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "bluez-gstreamer": "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "libreadline6": "6.2-9ubuntu1", "module-init-tools": "9-3ubuntu1"}, "version": "4.101-0ubuntu8b1", "release": "saucy", "causes": {"glib2.0": "2.37.3-1ubuntu1"}}22:21
cjwatsonBut I run with -a amd64 ...22:21
cjwatsonOK, I've stopped it caring about i386 for now, I think22:23
cjwatsonScottK: BTW, I'm always happy to offer assistance with migrations that are proving difficult.22:24
cjwatsonJust ask.22:24
cjwatsonI: [Tue Jun 25 22:26:15 2013] - Collected autopkgtest status for bluez_4.101-0ubuntu8b1: PASS22:26
cjwatsonI: [Tue Jun 25 22:26:15 2013] - Collected autopkgtest status for firefox_22.0~b6+build1-0ubuntu1: FAIL22:26
cjwatsonScottK: Apparently not quite enough.  I'll look into the rest, until I need to sleep22:27
cjwatson    * i386: epigrass, pymca, python-acidobasic, python-guiqwt, python-qwt3d-qt4, python-qwt5-qt4, python-taurus, spykeviewer22:27
cjwatson    * amd64: pymca, python-guiqwt, python-qwt3d-qt4, python-qwt5-qt422:27
cjwatson    * armhf: pymca, python-guiqwt, python-qwt5-qt422:27
cjwatson    * powerpc: pymca, python-guiqwt, python-qwt3d-qt4, python-qwt5-qt422:27
* infinity watches another batch of acl2 builds fail.22:33
cjwatson python-sip : Breaks: python-qwt3d-qt4 (< 0.1.7~cvs20090625-11+) but 0.1.7~cvs20090625-11build1 is to be installed22:34
cjwatson              Breaks: python-qwt5-qt4 (< 5.2.1~cvs20091107+dfsg-6+b4) but 5.2.1~cvs20091107+dfsg-6+b3build2 is to be installed22:34
cjwatsonOverly-specific Breaks 'r' us.22:34
xnoxinfinity: I didn't think canadian television is that bad, that you prefer watching build logs instead..... =)))))))22:35
infinityxnox: Build logs are exciting.  It's like rubbernecking at car accidents and train wrecks.22:36
* cjwatson tweaks sip4's Breaks. This should work a bit better.22:38
cjwatsonAny release team member want to double-check that for me and unblock it?22:39
infinitycjwatson: The second one seems fine (and upstreamable), I'd probably just reupload pyqwt5 as +b4 to deal with the first, though.22:41
infinitySince +b3build2 is silly anyway. :P22:41
cjwatsonI was suspicious since it's rare for +b3 to make it into *source* version numbers.22:42
infinityIt was an attempt to fool the Debian breaks, I believe.22:42
cjwatsonBut apparently ... yes, it really was manually inserted.  Weird.22:42
infinitySo, if we're already on that path, may as well upload a +b422:42
cjwatsonUnfortunately I've already uploaded sip4.22:42
infinityOh, so much for the double-checking. :)22:43
cjwatsonSo might be better to stick with that change if it's at least minimally acceptable22:43
cjwatsonSorry, that was double-check before unblock rather than before upload.  Maybe I should have done the latter22:43
infinityBreaks against binNMU versions are amazingly broken and wrong anyway.  Someone needs to yell at the Debian maintainer.22:44
infinityCause any new port (for instance) will have to binNMU 4 times to make things installable, for no good reason. :P22:44
cjwatsonI don't know what that's there for.  I assumed there was some arcane apt-fooling reason, but it does seem odd.22:45
cjwatsonYour reasoning is indeed sound.22:45
cjwatsonpyqwt5 is just long enough that waiting for it to finish would push me past bedtime, so I think for the moment I'll not upload that22:46
infinitycjwatson: Sure, there's no need for us to unwind this mess, except that it's remarkably unpretty.22:47
infinitycjwatson: I'll unblock sip4 after I ingest some food.22:47
cjwatsonI need to do some laundry, but I'll come back to make sure this mess all works.22:48
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barry@pilot out22:59
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sarnoldbarry: freenode netsplit put the /topic back -- you may want to re-run @pilot out23:03
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barry@pilot out23:04
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barrysarnold: thanks ;)23:04
sarnoldbarry: woo :)23:04
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.23:05
ScottKinfinity: I can take care of the unblock.23:07
ScottKcjwatson: Don't worry, that's mostly just me being really frustrated at the moment.  I'll get over it.23:08
cjwatsonWell, the offer stands in any case; I know we don't require notification of transitions the way debian-release does, and of course you're on ubuntu-release anyway, but it can still help to have more eyes on things if only to nudge them along at appropriate times.23:08
infinityScottK: Okay, then I'll blissfully ignore it unless you poke me with an issue.23:21
ScottKJust finished, so we'll know in 40 minutes.23:21
TheMuso@pilot in23:30
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ScottKI love how things have improved (new rant):23:32
ScottK$ pbuilder-dist raring login23:32
ScottKraises the error "distro_info.DistroDataOutdated: Distribution data outdated." and quits.23:33
ScottKYes, it's been a while since that box got updated, but it's ridiculous to bail out of doing stuff about releases it knows about.23:33
* ScottK tries to remember where to file the bug.23:33
cjwatsondistro-info, probably either Debian or Ubuntu is fine23:36
cjwatsonOr post a love letter to bdrung :)23:37
ScottKYeah, just filed it in Ubuntu.23:37

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