darkxstjbicha, how long do packages in the new queue usually take? i.e. mozjs1700:46
jbichadarkxst: if it were a sync from Debian it would probably get approved in 1 business day, unfortunately Debian's new queue is even further backed up: http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html00:48
jbichaunless an archive admin sees it as important, they may not get to it for several more weeks (since there's plenty of time left this cycle)00:50
darkxstoh wow! just a little backlog00:51
jbichaI found a little regression around line 29, the screen auto-locks in the live cd because we don't ship gnome-screensaver any more01:53
jbichathere, that's better02:06
darkxstjbicha, there is a left over "|| panel_version="" in your patch02:16
darkxstprobably should be schemas_version02:17
jbichadarkxst: thanks, this is why I shouldn't rename stuff especially on something like casper that's a huge pain to test02:20
jbichabut it also felt wrong to keep it as panel_version02:20
darkxstyeh agreed02:25
jbichadid you know that usb-creator and ubiquity use the same icon in Ubuntu? I had no idea02:26
darkxstno hadnt noticed that02:27
jbichaI wonder if it would be ok to have ubiquity-frontend-gtk depend on usb-creator-gtk02:29
jbichaI see though that xubuntu doesn't ship usb-creator, hmm02:30
darkxstoh that is why ubiquity has no icon?02:30
jbichano, the icons were named separately02:31
jbichaI figured out the fix but I want to fix ubiquity's hicolor icons at the same time (to use the nicer Humanity ones)02:31
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jbichaI don't think the fix will make Alpha1 since it would be better to rearrange stuff later02:33
jbichaon second thought, maybe it doesn't need rearranging02:35
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roastedis anybody having lock up issues like described here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/118877403:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1188774 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[snb] 13.04 goes into hard lock mode randomly." [Undecided,Confirmed]03:02
darkxstroasted, no, I havent seen that, but doesnt look gnome related, you might get more help elsewhere, #ubuntu or perhaps #ubuntu-x03:30
roasteddarkxst: I don't believe it is gnome related. I'm just grasping for ideas because it's becoming increasingly difficult to use ubuntu-anything with having four daily lockups. just wanted to ask around to see if anybody else out there might be facing the same thing. thanks. :-)10:30
darkxstroasted, can you switch to a VT when the lockups occur?10:39
roasteddarkxst: no11:56
roasteddarkxst: when I lock up, it's a 100% lock up11:56
roastedmy sound stops and begins repeating the last .5 seconds continuously, keys don't work, no key combos take affect, there's absolutely zero functionality from the computer when it hard locks.11:56
roastedMy one and only alternative is to power it off by holding the power button, then restart.11:56
roastedI understand that vsync was enabled by default in the 3.8 kernel for sandy bridge processors. I'm unsure if this is it, but from what I've heard it's the only major change for these IGP's on 3.811:57
jbicharoasted: what version of gnome-shell are you using?12:03
roastedjbicha: 3.8.3. using gnome3 and gnome3-staging.12:04
roastedjbicha: it's not a Gnome Shell issue. It's just my distro of choice these days. I'm just trying to ask around and get ideas on what I can do, is all.12:04
roastedThe best chance I have of fixing this issue is to upgrade kernels, but by upgrading kernels, I lose broadcom sta support. And I cannot switch out the sta wifi card because lenovo is terrible and hardlocks due to unsigned hardware.12:08
camelinahatjbicha, darkxst any comments or edits before I send it out? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798383/12:36
jbichacamelinahat: that's not quite the right test page, you probably want to wait until later today12:39
jbichasee http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker there will be one for Saucy Alpha 112:39
camelinahatjbicha, Oh my bad, I thought we were looking to test the images prior to the Alpha 1 release.12:41
jbichano we do, but there will be a milestone just for Alpha 1 testing12:42
jbichapeople are free to test the daily image as they are the closest we have so far to the Alpha but if you're going to send an email today I figure you should use the more specific link when it's posted12:43
jbichait might have been done yesterday except it was a holiday in Quebec12:45
camelinahatNo holiday here in Nova Scotia :( But yeah if there's a milestone coming later today for Alpha 1 (I thought it wouldn't be until the 27th) then I'll wait for that one :)12:48
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camelinahatI see Alpha 1 linked but no builds in there yet ;)16:26
jbichacamelinahat: done16:35
jbichaI think I'm going to do a rebuild later today to get the latest version of libsignon-glib that doesn't depend on signond17:01
jbichahmm, it's shipped by most of the flavors though17:04
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qubit01bjsnider, want to hear a joke ?20:39
qubit01well, anyone20:39
qubit01bjsnider, I would tell you a UDP joke, but you probably wouldn't get it.20:45
bjsniderprobably not21:02
qubit01thats the joke, cause UDP is not a reliable transport protocol :P21:26
qubit01you wouldnt get it, because UDP has no guarantee it will show up21:26
Amini upgraded ubuntu 13.0421:47
Aminto raring that is and I installed gnome shell from the ubuntu software center but i somehow have a very messed up situation21:48
AminI cant control my online accounts i have three online accounts icons in my dash the systems messed up21:49
Aminwhat to do21:49
Aminno one here?21:50

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