airurandoebel: thanks for forwarding on the mail08:06
airurandomorning tdr11208:07
airurandoczajkowski: can we keep the approved status until 16 Jul 13 (the next LoCo council meeting).  Thrash it out then.08:09
airurandoebel are you around on the evening of 16 Jul 13 to represent the LoCo?08:10
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airurandozmoylan1 can I take the photo you took of Denis and me at the raring release party for inclusion in our pix.ie account to aid the approval application?09:49
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zmoylansure, not a problem09:49
tdr112airurando: I cant make it that night , I am running an event in the science gallery10:45
airurandotdr112 are you talking about 16 Jun 1310:46
tdr112july 16th10:49
tdr112i am still very much on to meet you in the pub10:49
airurandocool I was worried about the 6th10:55
airurandowant a few of us there to meet amber.10:55
airurandoI'm not too worried about the 16th of july.10:55
airurandowant to lay our cards on the table and see what happens.10:56
airurandoebel: ebel_: thanks for forwarding on the mail10:57
airurandoare you around on the evening of 16 Jul 13 to represent the LoCo?10:57
ebelhmmm, maybe10:58
* ebel is in the country10:58
ebelbut may have some relatives over... maybe10:59
ebelwhat's going on on 16th?10:59
czajkowskiairurando: don't worry I'll look into it11:01
czajkowskiwe cn also do reviews over the bug aso you dont have to attend the meeting either11:01
airurandoebel hope to go for team reapproval on the 16th11:02
ebelah ok11:02
ebelonline thing?11:02
airurandoczajkowski not a bother I can attend11:02
airurandoebel yip11:02
airurandoloco council meeting11:02
airurandoyou played a blinder last time11:03
ebelah, yes can prob come along11:04
airurandoright, first rough draft of 2013 reapproval application is up.11:47
airurandoI have a formatting issue with the first bit of text that I hope one of you whizz kids can fix.11:49
airurandoI've left the group photo from the 2011 application in as we have none better.11:49
airurandoplenty left to work on most notably the section 'Global Ubuntu Participation'11:50
airurandoczajkowski can we use you for that one?11:50
airurandoI also added a section entitled 'Focusing on the Future'11:51
airurandohere i want to put a short paragraph detailing our reduced activity over that last twelve months and our reboot efforts.  I want to think on that a bit.11:52
czajkowskiairurando: can you use what/12:41
airurandojust wondering if we can leach off your global contributions (your talks and participation at UDSs for the  'Global Ubuntu Participation' section in the application..  (checky request I know)12:43
czajkowskioh yeah fire away :)12:48
airurandoCheers,  I'll chat to you later.  Must head off to pick up the kids and do stuff.12:51
airurandojust sending a mail to the list re the reapproval.12:52
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