* apw yawns07:16
* RAOF pours in the bees.07:17
hyperairremind me never to piss RAOF off.07:19
RAOFhyperair: apw loves his steaming hot cup of bees in the morning!07:19
apwalways ... who wouldn't07:20
* apw has another07:21
* hyperair mentally substitutes bees with honey and gets back to work.07:21
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* smb looks worried at the backlog08:01
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apwheh ... you need another cup, all will be well08:09
smbapw, Not with bees08:19
apwsmb, no stamina08:23
ppisatisomething like this?08:29
ppisatiipmitool -U admin -P admin -I lanplus sol deactivate -H
ppisatiError: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP+ session08:29
ppisatiError: No response de-activating SOL payload08:29
ppisatiShard or Sauron's black tower?08:33
ppisatiif you search for sauron black tower, one of the result is this one:08:34
* ppisati -> out for lunch&c09:53
* cking reboots10:11
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rtg_apw, updated saucy master to Ubuntu-3.10.0-0.712:28
apwrtg_, thanks .. bad andy12:30
rtg_apw, noticed it when rebasing saucy LTS12:31
apwrtg_, it was all stuck in britney land, but as it is stuck there for the alpha, we figured it was worth re-uploading it anyhow12:31
apwrtg_, good point, not sure if we autopkgtest those or not12:31
rtg_apw, so far I'm just uploading saucy LTS to a PPA12:32
apwrtg_, yeah i shuld have done it ... got distracted trying to work out why my12:33
apwgpg password is not being forgotten12:33
rtg_no worries. are you at blue fin today ?12:34
apwrtg_, not today, i think i am going to be thurday12:35
rtg_apw, hmm, I thought the boss would be there by now12:35
apwi think late today, but i don't have the data now i think about it12:37
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rtg_apw, did you get a response from miklos on your overlayfs patch ?12:49
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apwi am going to be sending the other two up in a sec, i'll batch them up together and send 'em again12:50
apwwithout the prefix :)12:50
apwi find him completly non-responsive, often it ends up in his tree all attributed right12:50
apwbut without any sign of comment12:50
apwyeah he is not the best at responding12:51
apwi'll re-send a nice stack and see what he does12:51
apwi suspect his attitude is one reason it has not gotten in already12:52
rtg_does not play well with others :)12:53
* rtg_ relocates. back on in a bit.12:54
apwrtg_, i see jj has dropped his pull requests on the list ... are you or am i handling them13:19
rtg_apw, I can do it if you're working on something.13:20
apwrtg_, i am not overly busy, so you decide13:22
rtg_apw, split 'em. I'll do grouper/maguro. you do mako/manta ?13:22
apwrtg_, ACK13:23
apwrtg_, OMG have you seend the SIZE of these things13:26
rtg_apw, of the AA patch ? not yet.13:26
apwrtg_, one um-heap-big-patch representing some 70 patc13:27
apwpatches for mako ... 13:27
rtg_apw, yeah, well he did say he'd glommed them all into one patch.13:27
apwrtg_, oh i am sure it makes sense for this use case, but uggg it is massive13:28
rtg_its not like we have to worry about regression. it'll either work or it won't.13:28
apw 40 files changed, 5927 insertions(+), 1017 deletions(-)13:28
apwrtg_, oh i agree, and thank $god for that give the epic nature of the change13:28
rtg_apw, note that he said its completely untested, so buyer beware :)13:29
apwjjohansen, hey ... if i add this apparmor patch and upload it, whats the likelyhood it'll keep working :)13:29
apwrtg_, FYI jj has bust the UBUNTU SAUCE prefix (missing a :) in the one i have here13:30
rtg_apw, ack13:31
jdstrandapw: fyi, the mako one we both tested a lot. I am testing the 3.1 right now and will do 3.0 after that. jj tested all these a bunch (he is afk atm, so I'll let him respond when he gets back)13:31
rtg_apw, I finally got tired of fixing the changelog by hand, so I went and figured out why insertchanges wasn't working.13:32
apwrtg_, i assume they are all fixed, given it is working for me13:32
rtg_jdstrand, well, that sounds pretty good.13:32
apw(what was it)13:32
apwjdstrand, sounds above averagly checked, so we can build test it, perhaps do a dirty boot test on the devices and upload it13:33
rtg_apw, an insufficient regex and looking in the wrong changelog13:33
apwrtg_, nice ...13:33
jdstrandrtg_: the grouper kernel is 3.1. create_socket(socket.AF_BLUETOOTH, socket.SOCK_DGRAM, None) (in python) fails with 'socket.error: [Errno 93] Protocol not supported'. is that intended or should I file a bug?13:47
jdstrandrtg_: heh, I meant to say 'the grouper kernel is 3.1, right?'13:47
rtg_jdstrand, yep, it is 3.1.1013:48
jdstrandwell, that wasn't the actual python call (I can give it if you wish), but the question is the same13:49
rtg_jdstrand, heck if I know. is bluetooth even supported on the N7 ?13:49
* jdstrand shrugs13:49
jdstrandogra_: ^13:50
apwrtg_, thanks for fixing cross on these braches as well ... beam13:51
ogra_rtg_, jdstrand, yep n7 has BT13:52
jdstrandk, I'll file a bug then13:52
ogra_tell cyphermox about it 13:52
rtg_ogra_, what is the BT device then, BT_HCIUART ?13:52
ogra_i'm sure he'll like to know13:52
ogra_rtg_, iirc ttyHS2 13:53
jdstrandrtg_: oh, if you are just going to fix it now, do you need a bug?13:53
rtg_jdstrand, yep, lest I forget :)13:53
ogra_note that it needs to be initialized by android with some broadcom tool iirc13:53
cyphermoxmako or maguro?13:55
cyphermoxahh yeah I just saw13:55
jdstrandjjohansen: fyi, 3.1 tested fine (except for the above 'network bluetooth' failure due to the kernel config)13:55
cyphermoxI expect it's BT_HCIUART yes, with ttyHS213:55
rtg_cyphermox, CONFIG_BT_HCIUART=y for grouper13:56
rtg_jdstrand, so this may not be a kernel problem13:56
cyphermoxso do you mean you still don't have bluetooth after running brcm_patchram_plus?13:56
rtg_jdstrand, ^^13:57
jdstrandthis was what failed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798585/13:59
cyphermoxjdstrand: you can install brcm-patchram-plus-nexus7 to get the right binary and config, it should start with upstart13:59
cyphermoxwithout running that firmware patching utility, you won't have a bluetooth device13:59
jdstrandI see13:59
ogra_well, the android contaianer should do that13:59
jdstrandogra_: it may. I was actually testing said kernel and config compiled for amd6414:00
jdstrandso like rtg_, sounds like there is no bug\14:01
ogra_you were what ?!?14:02
ogra_you built the grouper kernel for amd64 ?14:02
jdstrandogra_: fun huh? I didn't, jj did so we could test his apparmor backport for said kernels so that we didn't have to rebuild phablet images to test the kernel14:02
jdstrandhis bits weren't hardware specific14:03
ogra_you can just use abootimg to put the zImage in place14:03
jdstrandjjohansen: ^14:03
ogra_no need to rebuild anything 14:03
jdstrandogra_: but, that doesn't help when we don't have maguro or manta hardware14:03
jdstrandanyway-- it was just a way to test the non-hardware specific code14:04
jdstrandrtg_, ogra_, cyphermox: thanks14:07
rtg_apw, you know the -d trick for dpkg-buildpackage, right ? 'dpkg-buildpackage -d -B -aarmhf -us -uc' in an amd64 chroot.14:08
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apwrtg_, yep i do pretty much the eqivalent, but it only works so easy now you have fixed the CROSS_COMPILE bits14:11
apwrtg_, do we have 4.6 crosscompilers ?14:12
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rtg_apw, thank infinity for that little pearl. I'm building grouper under precise since that is the last release of the gcc-4.6 arm cross compiler14:12
apwrtg_, oh ick :)14:13
rtg_or maybe it was slangasek, I forget.14:13
* apw notes that the two 3.4 based bracnhes use different compilers14:14
apwthat seems, unexpected14:15
rtg_well, rsalveti figured it out by regressing the compiler until it produced a bootable kernel.14:15
apwrtg_, yeah i am more expecting them both to have had to be 4.614:17
apwi am not supprised tis the compiler at all14:17
apwrtg_, now mako == N4, and manta == N10 yes ...14:18
rtg_apw, well, grouper builds so I think I'll just upload it. phablet.ubuntu.com is my decoder14:18
apwi am sooo scared of dumping them on the wrong devices14:18
rtg_apw, oh, you're actually gonna boot test ?14:19
apwrtg_, i am not convinced it is necessary, but i have the device right here14:19
rtg_apw, so do I. *sigh*, I guess I ought to DTRT.14:20
apwrtg_, as much as anytrhing i am doing it to make sure this laptop has the requisite bits to do the do14:20
rtg_oh, I've flashed mine a bunch of time14:21
apwrtg_, yeah so have i using the other laptop, but i lost a battery and am on a differnt one14:22
rtg_apw, it always takes 30 min or so to download a new image. I'm not lucky enough to have fiber to my front door like you Brits. I still live in a 3rd world country (Inet wise)14:22
apwheh ... it does for me now we have ipv6 at cdimage ... sigh14:23
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apwrtg_, ok both of mine boot just fine on those new kernels14:47
rtg_apw, just now test booting grouper14:47
rtg_seems happy enough14:47
rtg_apw, does AA print a banner in dmesg ?14:49
apwrtg_, there is toooo much vomit on mine to know, i h14:50
apwi have init crap in my whole dmesg14:50
rtg_as do I14:50
* apw will blame jj if its not enabled :)14:51
rtg_I'll go with that.14:51
apwrtg_, see if you have /sys/module/apparmor14:53
apwrtg_, right ... pushed to the repo14:54
apwrtg_, uploading next 14:54
jsalisbury** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting15:00
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jdstrandrtg_: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1191197/comments/7 a kernel thing of an image thing?15:27
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1191197 in touch-preview-images "kernel config does not support ufw firewall" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:27
jdstrands/of an/or an/15:27
rtg_jdstrand, likely an image thing since all ufw support is module based.15:28
ogra_yeah, we have no way to ship modules 15:29
ogra_well, we probably do under /vendor ... but our tools would have to learn about that15:29
jdstrandogra_: even on a flipped image?15:29
ogra_we imply dont have a kernel package installed15:29
jdstrandogra_: what would be the right package to file this against?15:30
ogra_jdstrand, can you file a bug ? we might be able to do some linking or so15:30
ogra_assign it to me15:31
jdstrandogra_: I was thinking of adding a task to that bug, since it is all related15:31
jdstrandhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1191197 (has a touch-preview-images task)15:31
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1191197 in touch-preview-images "kernel config does not support ufw firewall" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:31
ogra_well, putting the modules into place has to happen on the android side during android image build15:32
ogra_not sure how we can reflect that in a task :)15:32
jdstrandogra_: so, different bug?15:32
jdstrandok, new bug15:32
apwogra_, do we not have a project or package for the android side we can use15:33
ogra_not atm, xnox works on packaging the android bits then we'll have a package 15:33
apwogra_, if he has ever put that in a PPA we have a package we could use :)15:33
ogra_until then, just a toplevel bug on touch-preview-images must do15:34
ogra_we dont even have the toolchain in the archive i doubt there is a PPA :)15:34
xnoxogra_: well, atm i'm pretty certain that our cross-toolchain doesn't build anything useful, whilst linaro-4.8 cross-toolchain does. trying to figure out how the two are different.15:34
ogra_isnt our cross toolchain based on the linaro 4.8 one ?15:35
xnoxthere is a toolchain in ~ubuntu-toolchain-r/test15:35
ogra_yes, the one doko did 15:35
ogra_i thought that was the right one 15:36
xnoxogra_: it is, but busybox build with linaro-4.8 prebuild -> runs in a adb shell, with doko's it segfaults =)15:36
xnox(where linaro gcc-4.8 prebuild, is the one I downloaded /imported locally into phablet tree same way linaro-4.7 was)15:36
ogra_you indeed test that in recovery mode not in a flipped image :)15:37
xnoxogra_: good point. i think it was adb normal boot of an unflipped image.15:38
ogra_dont try on flipped :) 15:38
ogra_no android accessible there 15:38
xnoxat the moment, i'd like to rebuild toolchain from scratch and see busybox not segfault.15:39
xnoxotherwise there isn't much to do really.15:39
jdstrandogra_: fyi, bug #1194549. adjust summary/description as necessary as I may not have captured it in the best way15:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 1194549 in touch-preview-images "netfilter module support is missing on phablet images" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119454915:42
ogra_i made the title a bit more generic15:43
rtg_apw, do you remember which TRACE config option ureadahead needs ? Is it CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER=y ?16:17
apwrtg_, gawd i would think so, but i ahve never had to be sure16:17
* rtg_ wonders why CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER=n for armhf16:18
rtg_apw, hmm, needs PATH_DEBUGFS "/tracing" for sure16:19
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apwb sconklin 16:32
ppisatirtg_: performance hit? wild guess16:38
rtg_ppisati, dunno16:38
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jsalisbury## Kernel team meeting in 5 minutes16:56
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=== jsalisbury changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues June 25th, 2013 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
=== jsalisbury changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues July 2nd, 2013 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
* rtg_ -> lunch17:26
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* ppisati -> gym18:00
ppisatiback later18:00
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