dholbachgood morning06:40
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ABDULyour son???16:19
Risk_4u@Nara hi16:44
Risk_4uwr u frm16:44
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emankcinhi people16:47
Risk_4uhi pal @eman16:47
emankcinso the stream will start in 12min? there is still an old hangout...16:49
jonorefresh the page, the new hangout is there16:49
jonowill start live in 11mins16:49
dholbachare we live? :)17:01
sergiusensdholbach: not yet17:01
sergiusensdholbach: you are now :-)17:01
dholbachjono, ^ here we are :)17:01
Mobile_Domindeed you are17:01
netcurliyes, we can see you now17:02
emankcinyes you are17:02
dscasselYou're on!17:02
JarekJ83what is it about this time?17:02
emankcinrandom handegg photograph17:05
patbuntuUbuntu rocks!17:06
emankcinha, der deutsche akzent :>17:07
NikThUnity Drunk :P17:09
naguCan I run this build in VM ?17:09
cristhianola k ase17:09
nagu#QUESTION : Can I run this build in VM?17:11
uditQUESTION: What is CAG?17:11
uditOh already discussing. Nevermind17:11
Mobile_Dom#QUESTION : Google contacts import?17:11
anatoniahello im from argentina17:18
NikTh#QUESTION: SSO can now be created only via Ubuntu One ? (not via lauchpad?)17:18
anatoniaiwant to know ist there a software the same of ccleaner for windows,in linux for ubuntu17:19
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nagu#question : Is there anything like trystack.org available for juju ???17:21
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popey\o/ tt-rss17:22
* popey coughs up http://popey.com/blog/2013/06/24/trying-out-tiny-tiny-rss-on-hp-microserver-via-juju/17:22
NikThanatonia: Check out Ubuntu-Tweak (Janitor) http://ubuntu-tweak.com/17:24
anatoniathank you NikTh17:27
jonofolks, get your questions in17:35
jonostart them with 'QUESTION', e.g:17:35
jonoQUESTION: what is happening with foo?17:36
Frontside180Question: When can we expect a working "alpha" of Ubuntu Mobile?17:36
naguQUESTION : Can i run the touch build in VM?17:36
naguQUESTION : Is there anything like trystack.org (packstack version) for juju ?17:37
ahayzenQUESTION: In the transition to Mir/Unity8 for the desktop will all the features be same as in Unity7. Such as Workspaces, Always on top etc, or will these initially be delayed due to developer time constraints?17:39
Frontside180QUESTION: When can we expect a working "alpha" of Ubuntu Mobile?  (forgot the capitals)17:41
benkaiser_QUESTION: Who is the Australian Carrier that joined the Ubuntu CAG?17:42
dholbachemankcin, was it so bad? :)17:43
naguThanks for your clarification on my questions :) keep rocking..17:44
jonoany more questions, folks?17:45
Frontside180Thanks guys! I guess I'll need to reinstall it soon :)17:45
dholbachit will definitely be here: http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/carrier-advisory-group17:47
dholbach(hum, or if it's going to be listed anywhere, it'll be on that page :-))17:47
benkaiser_dholbach, thanks, I looked there before, but couldn't find it anywhere17:48
* dholbach nods17:48
udit#QUESTION: Will mir support switching opengl full screen applications/games?17:48
snwhQUESTION: how much influence does the carrier advisory group have to the development of Ubuntu, etc.?17:49
dholem#QUESTION : I'm still trying to wrap my head around xmir. Is xmir a temporary implementation that will eventually be replaced or a permanent part of mir?17:49
bregmaudit, that's one of the requirements for Mir on the desktop, yes17:50
kgunnahayzen: just following up on your question....in terms of timing....remember we're on a journey17:50
kgunnfor unity8 we are really focusing on making a product for phone....with an eye17:51
uditoh that's wonderful news17:51
ahayzenkgunn, thanks :) ... what is expected or the 14.04LTS Desktop?17:51
kgunnon eventually converging that into the desktop experience17:51
Frontside180QUESTION: Again on mobile, is there an official place to download the latest release?17:51
Frontside180or the press release was kept up-to date?17:51
kgunnahayzen: might be a bit early for me to make too many comments wrt unity8 in the 14.04lts context17:52
jcastrohas the latest images17:52
jcastrohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install for instructions17:52
jcastroyou don't really need to manually DL if you use phablet-flash17:52
kgunndholem: xmir...will be a "long" temporary step i think17:52
ahayzenkgunn, thts fine i understand, thanks for ur help17:53
dholemGot it. Thanks!17:53
Frontside180Okay, so the installer was updated, I should have retryed.. I head jono saying he was using it for the past 2 weeks, I take it as basic functions works?17:53
kgunndholem: altho we do plan for an eventual "rootless x" for all those legacy apps17:53
jcastroFrontside180: it makes and recieves calls and texts.17:54
kgunndholem:for the unity8/mir config17:54
kgunndholem: hope that helps17:54
dholemIt does thanks17:54
Frontside180jcastro: Is there a way to add contacts and/or delete the example ones?17:54
jonojcastro, can you post www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiACHBktsA0 to /r/Ubuntu17:55
Frontside180thanks jcastro!17:56
dholemThat was great guys. Thanks for the updates!17:56
jcastrojono: yep17:57
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