Noskcajphillw, for my classroom session, i would assume it's best practice to link the wiki page and my previous session then ask for questions or should i try and run through what to do like i did last time00:03
Noskcajand i need someone to get the screenshots00:03
phillwNoskcaj: I used a lot of one of my previous sessions in the intro to bugs, updated with some stuff I'd learned since. As you'd lost your notes just before your session, use the last one as a template and ensure it is up to date and includes any questions you were asked then and have seen asked since.00:07
Noskcajok. now if only howard had time to code and the two testdrive devs would run a hackfest...00:08
phillwpeople can read faster than we can type, so having it all prepped up and just copying the lines in from a pre-prepared document is fine.00:08
phillwwell, you have the newer Vbox available, along with various other bug-fixes.00:10
phillwcatch you later, I'm tired this morning! (01:13 AM)00:14
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pittiGood morning04:59
pittiballoons: are you aware of any autopilot-gtk issues which block test case writing or make it unnecessarily hard, but haven't been reported at https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot-gtk/+bugs ?08:27
smartboyhwHey Noskcaj08:36
Noskcajgood evening smartboyhw08:36
pittismartboyhw, Noskcaj: hey -- I seem to remember that one of you talked to me about autopilot-gtk the other day?08:37
Noskcajwouldn't have been me. I'm terrible at coding08:37
smartboyhwpitti, maybe me, but I thought I contacted popey and balloons instead.08:38
pittismartboyhw: ah, ok; I'm mostly interested in what I asked a handful of lines up about ap-gtk blockers08:38
pittiI'm currently triaging bugs, and starting to fix some08:38
pittiand I now have a testsuite to reproduce bugs, etc.08:39
popeynews to me08:39
smartboyhwpitti, but I'm sure I'm not talking about autopilot-gtk, I am focusing on autopilot-qml...08:39
pittismartboyhw: ah, ok; nevermind then08:39
* Noskcaj resumes applying $100 worth of fabric to his computer08:40
smartboyhwNoskcaj, heh08:49
Noskcaji'd explain, but people would get angry08:50
smartboyhwNoskcaj, ?09:30
Noskcaj i'm sleeving all the cable sin my power supply.09:36
smartboyhwI think chilicuil has to update his slides, it still has #ubuntu-testing :O10:01
DanChapmanGood Morning :-)10:48
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jibelpitti, in a container dev/uinput is not created by udev, should I do it manually or is there a better way?12:17
pittijibel: hm, TBH I don't know what creates it in the first place; I guess some kernel driver, but its properties don't really tell which12:21
pittijibel: mknod ought to work for now, indeed12:21
jibelpitti, okay, that's the workaround I used. The second problem is that python-autopilot changes ownership and mode of this device with another udev rule which is not executed either. I changed it in the test setup for now.12:25
jibelpitti, thanks12:25
pittijibel: oh, it might actually be /lib/udev/rules.d/61-autopilot-uinput.rules which creates this12:26
pittijibel: that one is invalid, NAME="..." hasn't been supported in ages12:26
pittiah no, it doesn't create it12:27
jibelthis rule just changes group and mode isn't it?12:27
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smartboyhwpopey, balloons I want to call off the autopilot tutorial session till one week later. Next Tuesday, same time, is that OK?12:56
DanChapmanhey smartboyhw, how's it going?12:56
smartboyhwDanChapman, hey12:57
DanChapmanso your gonna get into some autopilot smartboyhw12:57
smartboyhwDanChapman, yes.12:57
DanChapmannice one :-)12:57
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asacgema: doanac: pgraner: so can you confirm that the test suites we have been given will be added to daily phablet tests this week?13:19
asacplars: ^^13:20
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gemaasac: do you mean the qrt tests?13:22
asacgema: ^^13:23
gemaasac: you and pgraner agreed that we would be adding the three test cases from the qrt one (security) and we are also adding whilst at it the one test case in the sdk one, yes13:24
gemaasac: with the big warning that they are not testing much13:24
asacgema: thast ok13:24
asacgema: just add them ... and would like QA team then to report about how crappy our tests are :)13:24
asacand yes, i know they dont test much, but its the first step :)13:24
gemaasac: they are not testing much, do you want me to raise a bug?13:24
asacgema: i dont read bugs. I think the most effective way would be to send a newsletter or something about "mohthly review of daily team tests suites"13:25
gemaasac: go back to holidays, things will be up and running when you are back, I will point you to the tests for you to be able to identify them13:25
gemaasac: as soon as they are there13:25
asacgema: ok ... this week :)13:25
gemaasac: np!13:26
asacgema: oh ... so one line in the dashboard for each line in the spreadsheet is what we want :)13:26
asacbut guess that wasnt clear13:26
gemaasac: if you are going to control QA, you are going to have to start reading bugs13:26
gemaasac: we will link them in the dashboard so taht it is easy to keep track of them13:26
asacgema: oh ... tvoss promissed to give us the platform api and the mir testsuite as well.. so pull from him13:26
gemaasac: ok, will query those13:27
asacgema: ok... thats fine. as i said i am happy to monitor for test errors :)13:27
asacand do the dispatching...13:27
asacif you feel the ttestsuites have a general bug feel free to link them there as well ... i will see them13:27
gemaasac: yep, the thing is, we work with bugs, developers fix bugs and that's how we track problems to completion13:27
gemaso you tell me what's the best way for you to be able to deal with them13:27
gemaasac: but I think the dash makes it easy nowadays13:28
asacgema: right. but nothing is more powerful than a good revew report send to lazy managers :)13:28
asacbut its ok13:28
asaclets get started and get from there13:28
asacgema: thanks a bunch!!! I certainly owe you a beer (if you like that)13:28
gemaI am being told that pgraner and you agreed we were going to add them to the desktop13:29
gemaand take it from there13:29
plarsasac: I'm ready to add them, they've been wrapped into our test runner, just sent a merge proposal last night to get an ack to add them to the daily desktop smoke test runs13:29
asacgema: desktop?13:29
gemaasac: yep13:29
asacgema: i want them on phablet and desktop :)13:29
gemaplars: what's the problem with the phablet image and those tests?13:29
plarsasac: they will be on desktop x86 runs for now, at some point the packages they require will be added to touch images, and they bugs that prevent them from working on touch will be fixed and we can just as easily add them to the runlist for touch13:29
asacplars: test first13:30
asacdont try to be too smart13:30
asacplease add them to phablet13:30
asacand desktop13:30
gemaasac: you want the phablet images to be red every day and to test for packages that are not there?13:30
asacdiscussed it with jamie13:30
plarsgema, asac: there are a few known problems. 1. the touch images lack the dependencies to run them, so the very first thing that just uses apt to check if the packages are there will fail13:30
asacplars: we didnt add any apt checks13:31
plarssecond, there are a couple of open bugs that would prevent them from passing anyway13:31
asacplars: also note that phablet images have no packages13:31
asacin the near term13:31
asacjust run them13:31
plarsasac: yes, they're in the tests13:31
plarsasac: I beg to differ13:31
asacif they are red, we track them and once it lands its going green13:31
asacwell, you will never agree on all things.13:32
gemaasac: neither will you13:32
gemayou seem to be refusing to see how much of a waste is to add tests that check for dependancies that are not there13:32
gemait is paul and psivaa who need to look at those failures every day13:32
gemaand make sure it is nothing new13:32
gemaasac: if things are in the image and failing, I am all for it13:33
gemaasac: if things are not even there, not so sure13:33
asacit is a CRITICAL BUG that those things are not in image13:33
asacat least from Jul 1 it will be13:33
asacso i want this to be red13:33
plarsasac: the very first test in this uses apt-cache to check for packages13:33
gemaasac: ok, that's not so bad then13:33
gemaplars: let's add them and make sure that bug becomes critical13:34
gemapester developers13:34
plarswhich, yes, will surely fail all the time on the flipped images13:34
gemaplars: we've got green light from asac13:34
asacbtw, i will track and push folks13:34
plarsbut even on the non-flipped ones will fail because the packages aren't there13:34
asacas i said, if the security tests are not succeeding we have a problem for our big July goals13:35
asacthe big July goal is to have a working, confined click package story13:36
asacand demo it in Isle of Man13:36
asacthanks a bunch!13:38
asaclets chat later the week and see13:38
* asac goes to beach!!13:38
asacand tells tvoss that you guys will pull for his tests suites13:38
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senan<senan> hello17:16
senan<senan> I am trying to write autopilot test cases for empathy.http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799099/. but its showing ran 0 tests.I'm a beginner in autopilot. so I am just trying to launch the app17:16
senancan someone help me17:16
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DanChapmanhey senan17:21
senanhi Dan17:21
DanChapman2 secs i'll have a quick look at your paste17:21
DanChapmansenan, you have your setup method looking good. So now you need to create a test method. a test method needs to start with test_ for example....17:23
DanChapmandef test_empathy_window_title()17:23
DanChapmanautopilot runs all tests beginning with test_17:24
senanbut it is not launching the app17:24
DanChapmanim just gonna test see if we can launch it with launc_test_application17:25
hggdhchilicui1: hey -- so that it will be public -- thank you for your work on bug 108813117:28
ubot5bug 1088131 in coreutils (Ubuntu) "ls --color doesn't recognize an arc archive as an archive" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108813117:28
hggdhchilicui1: but we do not need to patch it for 8.20, it is really a minor issue.17:29
chilicui1hggdh: that's what I though, alright =)17:29
DanChapmansenan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799166/ this launches the application. You need to use autopilot vis to find empathys properties but you need to have a test_ method there for it to launch17:36
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senanyes It worked17:37
senanI just added an empty test method17:38
senanand it worked17:38
senanDan :  Do we use http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1415/info for automating test ?17:40
senanfor empathy ?17:40
DanChapmanYou can certainly try to follow the manual test as much as possible, but you can also add what you think the test could do.17:45
senanI'm looking for some assignments so that I can automate some tests17:47
senanthanks Dan17:50
DanChapmanif you do 'autopilot launch empathy' then in another terminal window do autopilot vis you can view all the properties of empathy and find stuff to test17:50
senanthanks Dan17:50
senanI'll take a look at it17:50
DanChapmanno problem. GIve me a shout if you get stuck17:50
senanI'm new to QA. But have experience in coding17:51
senanso learning the qa stuffs now17:52
DanChapmanCool senan, nice to have you hacking at some tests. Autopilot-gtk can get a bit tricky at times so just fire your questions here and someone will try and help.17:54
DanChapmanballoons hey :-) did you give ubiquity test a whirl yesterday?17:55
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balloonsHey DanChapman18:31
balloonsHey senan :-)18:31
DanChapmanhey balloons, quiet round here today18:32
balloonsI was out for a bit heh :-)18:32
balloonsok, so I'm preparing a post about the ubiquity stuff now actually18:33
balloonsDanChapman, are you on g+?18:33
DanChapmanoh right cool... errr yeah I think so let me see if I can remember my login18:34
balloonshehe.. I'll mention you directly one way or another :-)18:35
DanChapmanRemembered my login :-) cool sounds good. I totally forgot about the QA g+ page.18:39
balloonsyea, trying to give more updates to that page that might not merit a full post to the ml18:41
DanChapmancool, i'll keep an eye on it from now on :-)18:46
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balloonsNoskcaj, you about mate?20:43
Noskcajballoons, yeah20:43
balloonsI was wondering if you could review and merge https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/XFCEKbd_setti/+merge/17029320:43
balloonsI didn't want it to sit out there forever20:44
Noskcaji have no idea how to merge stuff20:44
balloonsohh, well got a sec for me to walk you through it? something good to learn20:44
balloonsit's just using bzr merge command :-)20:44
knome(and commit/push)20:45
balloonsso first pull the upstream source tree20:45
balloonsbzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests20:45
balloonsthen merge the change proposed20:46
knomewhat about reviewing? :P20:46
balloonsbzr merge lp:~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/XFCEKbd_setti20:46
balloonsknome, you have to merge it first.. you don't have to commit it :-)20:46
balloonsafter the change is merged review everything20:46
knomewell you can review at the MP page, it has a diff too20:46
knomei always review before merging even locally20:46
knomebut yeah, either way works20:47
balloonsknome, true20:47
balloonsanyways, once your happy with everything issue a commit20:47
knome(unless i need to test some code, but then i just pull the proposed branch20:47
balloonsbzr commit20:47
balloonsmind you when you do the review, check for spelling errors too20:47
balloonsand also make sure it passes the testcase format script20:47
balloonsthose 2 always need to happen.. the other part of the review is reading and making sense of the testcase, which you already know how to do20:48
knomeballoons, on a different note, should we work on a better guide to writing testcasese?20:48
balloonsanyways, once committed, you bzr push and it goes into the trunk of the source tree20:48
balloonsknome, improvements are always welcome. what did you have in mind?20:49
Noskcajknome, Please add a part on the format of the info at the very start of each test. every person writes it differently so far20:50
knomeballoons, well atm we're telling "this is the format you need to use", but with the proposed changes, people need to care less and less about that and more about "if you a user needs to run a command, use <code>command</code> to denote the command" or sth20:51
knomeballoons, so basically dig deeper on how to mark up the actual testcase instructions20:51
Noskcajknome, +1 to that idea20:51
balloonsoh right .. yea a refresh once we make those changes is a great idea20:52
balloonsit continues to get easier for folks to write them20:52
balloonsnot sure if you remember knome's first cleanup from the ul, li nonsense20:52
knomethere are things we could add already20:52
balloonsnow THOSE were some crazy tests20:52
knomelike the <code> stuff and the information format as Noskcaj suggested20:53
knomei'm wondering what the best way to format that information would be though20:53
knomei'm thinking something like <h2>Test name <span>test-number-001</span></h2>20:54
knomethen with some css, align the test-number-span to the right hand side of the testcase20:54
Noskcajknome, remember to include the positioning in relation to the <dl> tags as sometime this stuff is put inside them20:54
knomeyes, i agree, it would need to be outside the dl list20:55
knomethat way it would be semantic, which is probably something you've heard me say before20:55
knomealso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseFormat still lists both normal and smoke testcases, while i think we could simply adjoin them20:56
knomesomehow, somewhere along the line, somebody has made this look much more complicated than it is20:57
Noskcajespecially since there are some many pages linked21:00
balloonsknome, Noskcaj :-) I like where this is going21:01
balloonsthis is the iterative process happening is all.. see something, improve it21:01
NoskcajIs there a benefit to allowing translations?21:03
balloonsback in a few guys21:05
knomehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseFormat/NewGuide too21:05
Noskcajknome, the contents box looks a bit strange21:06
Noskcajand do we now use the <h2> and <p> tags?21:06
knomei'm proposing that21:07
knomeit's not "official" yet21:07
knomebut wrapping certain recurring parts inside specific elements is a good thing21:07
Noskcajmakes sense, ypu could possibly automate the test number that way rather than manually writing -001 -002 -00321:07
knomein that case the tracker should be aware of the prefic21:08
Noskcajballoons, how do i get the testcase number for XFCE$ keyboard21:08
knomeNoskcaj, just come up with one if you want to21:08
knomeNoskcaj, or leave it out21:08
balloonsNoskcaj, I'll have to do that piece. or you can do it manually by adding the test yourself to the admin page on the tracker21:10
Noskcajballoons, i'll leave the trcker end for you. i've made the number 1571 as that seems to be the next one21:10
knomeballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseFormat/NewGuide21:11
balloonsNoskcaj, ty :-)21:11
Noskcajknome, what is the tag for either something you click on or something in a menu e.g. "Click <tag1>Help</tag1>" and "Click <tag2>Menu --> Help</tag2>21:13
Noskcajthose might not be necessary though21:13
knomethere is no obvious html tag for that21:13
NoskcajAnd your contents box still says 1.  1.21:14
Noskcajnever mind, fixed21:15
knomeif we want menu items to stand out, we can use <u> (underline) for example21:16
knomewe can even style that a bit so it doesn't look as bad as the <u> tag normally looks21:16
knome(eg. soften the underline and make it dashed instead of solid)21:17
knomeand by soften, i mean making the underline color brighter21:17
Noskcaji'll update the shotwell test as it is used as an example in the wiki but it's out of date21:19
balloonswhew, sorry Noskcaj and knome21:45
balloonsknome, so my comments.. I'm not sure the test-case-number is a good idea anymore21:46
balloonswe were just commenting on that :-) not all of them have it.. it's something that used to exist before we had a proper db with test ids :-)21:47
knomei was wondering about it as well21:47
balloonsI like the simplification of the page.21:47
knomeno problem to drop it21:47
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