AskUbuntuWhere is the unofficial toro (most recent) version? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31232200:30
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TetraFlashtrying manual install of ubuntu touch since I have a windows PC (and not enough room for a ubuntu partition right now)01:41
TetraFlashnot going well01:41
TetraFlashwhen I have my device in recovery mode I cannot use the push command01:42
TetraFlashit gives me "error: closed"01:42
TetraFlashI can push no problem when booted into android with debug on... but following the steps for manual install in that mode doesnt do anything at all01:43
TetraFlashanyone able to help?01:43
wilee-nileeTetraFlash, You could use a ubuntu live cd to load it.01:43
TetraFlashhaha thought of that too... cant find a damn blank to save my life01:44
TetraFlashtried installing ubuntu in virtualbox... that went just as poor... not my day haha01:44
wilee-nileeno usb's?01:45
sergiusensTetraFlash: there's adb for Windows as well...01:45
TetraFlashsergiusens: I am using adb for windows and when my device is recovery mode and I attempt "adb push...." it says "error: closed"01:46
sergiusensTetraFlash: oh, can't help with that, but it's sometimes solve by just restarting adb01:46
TetraFlashwilee-nilee: none... I was really hoping the manual method would work for me01:47
TetraFlashsergiusens: I did try that... perhaps a system restart could help01:47
TetraFlashim going to try a system reboot for the adb driver I installed... perhaps that will help01:48
AskUbuntuwhen is the consumer ubuntu touch image set to release | http://askubuntu.com/q/31234701:56
kalakjhellO EVERYONE02:09
kalakjI AM HAVING A modem02:09
kalakjwhich is working properly but i am unable to send USSD02:09
kalakjand check my balance02:09
kalakjhow to do that02:09
awekalakj, you can't...  USSD functions have not been implemented yet.02:12
kalakjahhh, this should be there for prepaid customers02:13
kalakjwhen there is meter on your internet usage02:13
aweyes, I know02:13
aweit will be in the final product02:13
awebut probably won't be available in our images till sometime later this Summer02:14
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cdesaisergiusens: thanks02:39
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dholbachgood morning06:49
usmanhow to install ubuntu in galaxy s3 T- Mobile07:11
usmananyone plz tell me. how to install ubuntu in galaxy s3 T- Mobile?07:12
RAOFI'm not sure if that's been ported?07:13
RAOFusman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices is the wiki page you're looking for.07:14
popeyHmm, flipped image 20130624 on mako has no network on first boot... works on second boot07:52
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)07:57
phixI think ubuntu touch is what I am after, or do I want ubuntu arm?08:42
phixZTE V9 is the device08:42
RAOFphix: Depends on what you're after. Do you want a phone operating system?08:43
phixI want Ubuntu on my tablet, I want it to work :)  Don't really care if it is the full blown Ubuntu or a stripped down version, aslong as it works :)08:45
phixI don't really want to make phone calls on it if that is the question, I want to use it more as a desktop08:47
RAOFThen you want the arm builds of regular desktop Ubuntu.08:47
RAOFUntil we've got more of the phone-tablet-desktop convergency bit happening :)08:47
phixah ok, is that in the mix?08:48
phixRAOF: Which version will run better on a lower powered / resourced tablet?08:49
RAOFWell, Ubuntu Touch is not like a desktop at all.08:50
RAOFSo it's difficult to really make any comparisons :)08:50
phix512Mb ROM, 512Mb RAM, 2Gb SD, ARMv6 rev 5 (399 bogomips lol) 7" TFT Resistive touch screen08:53
phixRAOF: I supose my question was more of which verison will run faster on a crappier tablet08:54
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popeythats not a spectacular set of specs phix08:55
RAOFarmv6? I'm not sure we actually support that architecture.08:55
phixpopey: IKnow08:55
phixah ok, so it is arm 7 and above?08:55
phixok, that's all I really wanted to know :)08:55
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popeyphix: thanks for dropping by09:00
phixAny time popey09:03
m-b-ohey, I have a QML question:09:03
m-b-oAre there any signal available when "ToolbarItems.back" is triggered? For ToolbarActions.back  there was onTriggered()09:03
phixpopey: I am considering getting a nexus 10 and assist in testing and development if possible09:03
popeyphix: that would be awesome, I don't think as many people test on the Nexus 10 as the Nexus 4 and nexus 7.. so that would be very helpful09:04
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ogra_popey, do you happen to run a flipped image on your N4 ?10:11
* ogra_ is looking for /var/log/udev and /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules from such an install10:11
popeyogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798095/ & http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798096/10:12
ogra_thx !10:12
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nik90mehow: ping11:31
AskUbuntuError while executing standard Ubuntu Touch program | http://askubuntu.com/q/31250711:58
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AskUbuntuIs a nook reader app for ubuntu touch being developed? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31252212:36
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nik90popey: are you in the mood for some testing :) ?13:09
nik90or mhall119?13:11
popeynik90: always!13:12
nik90popey: Awesome :D13:13
nik90popey: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/new-timer-design13:13
nik90popey: please check if the bug you reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1186396 is fixed13:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1186396 in Ubuntu Clock App "[Clock app] Timer setting inaccurate when spun at speed" [Medium,In progress]13:13
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popeyhmm, well this is sub-optimal. _all_ of the icons in the apps lens are blank13:14
popeyand no text under them13:14
* popey updates and upgrades and reboots13:15
* nik90 waits eagerly for good news13:20
popeyyeah, icons are back ☻13:21
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* popey adds bzr to his post-install script13:22
popeynik90: so, i rotate to start a time, and then hit the middle to start the timer?13:26
popeyyou might want to prevent people changing the time while the timer is running ☻13:27
nik90popey: yes, I removed that code and still need to add that bit13:28
popeynik90: it's supposed to clock up hours when rotating?13:28
nik90popey: not yet atleast.13:28
popeyit only clocks hours, not minutes or seconds13:29
nik90popey: I am not sure if that is still required with the new visual designs13:29
popeylet me get a video13:29
nik90popey: do you mean that if you set a timer for 04:30 it does not change the minutes but only the seconds?13:30
davidcalleHello ubuntu-touch, I think I've done some bad things to my amd64 Saucy install and I would need a hand. It doesn't boot : it's now apparently trying to mount an android FS and (obviously) fails with "No root device found. Spawning adbd ..."13:30
popeynik90: easier to show you, uploading video now13:31
ogra_davidcalle, sounds like you installed initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch13:31
ogra_davidcalle, remove it in recovery mode, rebuild your initrd and you should be fine13:32
cdesaiogra_: where do you guys switch ramdisks in the android boot image (if that's what you do to the ones generated by the android build system) ?13:32
ogra_we dont switch ramdisks :)13:33
FunkyPenguinrsalveti: you're such a lier - the missing icons are still there after flashing just now ;-p13:33
ogra_the ubuntu initrd is  used to normally boot the ubuntu rootfs13:33
ogra_with only minor difference to a laptop or desktop install ...13:33
popeyFunkyPenguin: i just had missing image, so I "adb shell" and then "apt-get update" then "apt-get upgrade" and "reboot" and it's all good again13:33
ogra_then ubuntu fires up an pxc container on boot which contains the whole android system (including the initrd)13:34
davidcalleogra_, recovery mode fails to go to the point where it would give me a cli, but I have another partition here. /me chroots and tries13:34
cdesaiokay, so let me rephrase it - where is the boot image assembled? (android kernel + ubuntu initrd = boot.img ?)13:34
popeynik90: http://youtu.be/LZspoyLsuqc it'll be there in ~3 mins or so13:35
nik90popey: okay. will take a look13:35
ogra_cdesai, during image build13:35
popeynik90: will do a video on the nexus 7 too in a moment13:35
ogra_cdesai, and yes, bootimg is exactly that13:35
ogra_cdesai, i'm working on a package containing a prebuilt generic initrd that can be used by porters13:36
cdesaiogra_: are the tools used to build the image open source? (I guess, if so, can you provide me with a launchpad link?)13:36
cdesaiogra_: yea that's what I wanted it for, porting :)13:36
ogra_and that will be integrated into the android boot.img creation process of phablet.ubuntu.com13:37
ogra_cdesai, the image creation infrastructure of ubuntu is quite complex (it builds all images of all possible supported ubuntu variants) ... essentially the touch images are built by live-build with configs that live in the livecd-rootfs package ... the whole thing is managed by cdimage (look it up on LP, there is a bzr branch for it)13:39
ogra_the former two are packaged, you can just apt-get source them13:39
ogra_to just roll an initrd you can just use a chroot though13:40
popeynik90: http://youtu.be/7x6g5tRtNBw is the video for the nexus 7, again will take some minutes to upload13:40
ogra_or just wait til tomottow, then i should have the initrd packaged13:40
cdesaiI'll wait then, don't have ubuntu installed currently13:41
nik90popey: just saw your nexus 4 video. What I observed is that while trying to grab the hour hand, the upward animation steals it sometimes13:42
morphisawe: ping13:42
nik90popey: that can be fixed easily13:42
popeyhard to grab the hand too13:43
nik90popey: however I do agree that the hand itself is small13:43
nik90imagine trying to grab the seconds hand13:43
popeyi want a timer to measure picoseconds!13:43
popeymake an appropriately sized hand please! :D13:43
nik90I have already informed the designers about this. Let see what solution we can come up with this thursday meeting13:44
awemorphis, hey... can we chat a little later?  I have ~1hr  or so before our stand-up and I need to get some stuff done.  Can I ping you when I'm done?13:44
cdesaithanks ogra_13:45
morphisawe: yes, but have a meeting around one hour from now myself so lets say in 2-3 hours?13:45
popeyok nik9013:45
awemorphis, sure13:45
nik90popey: something is wrong with the nexus 7 video13:46
nik90cannot play it ... video length is 0 seconds13:46
popeystill processing nik9013:47
popeynik90: works now13:48
dobeyis there a way to change the area of a Page in QML to having a text entry box or such?13:49
dholbachsergiusens: what do I do in this case? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798586/ :)13:59
dholbachunfortunately it now tells me "error: device not found" - but I didn't change anything13:59
sergiusensdholbach: what's currectly installed?14:03
davidcalleogra_, just managed to work things out, I had other issues on top of the android initramfs, thanks for the pointer :)14:06
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dholbachsergiusens: saucy-2314:08
sergiusensdholbach: do an adb kill-server14:09
sergiusensI thought I was catching that exception though... I'll double check later14:10
dholbachaha! trying that14:10
dholbachsergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798620/14:10
FunkyPenguinpopey: two things, apt-get upgrade results in no new packages; and i called ricardo out as he said it would be fixed in the new image ;)14:11
popeyFunkyPenguin: worked for me ☻14:11
FunkyPenguinpopey: well whoopdeedoo for you :)14:12
sergiusensdholbach: dumb question, but did your device get unplugegd? :-P14:13
dholbachsergiusens: no, it also has enough battery, it just blanked screen in the meantime14:13
popeyFunkyPenguin: ☻14:14
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sergiusensdholbach: what if you adb kill-server; sudo adb start-server ?14:16
dholbachsergiusens: same14:17
sergiusensdholbach: reboot the device?14:17
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dholbachsergiusens: same :-/14:19
ogra_jdstrand, so i finally got around to do a fresh install on my maguro ... /etc/apparmor.d/cache is still empty after a few reboots14:19
jdstrandmako was fine. let me try grouper14:20
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sergiusensdholbach: is your cable working at all?14:20
dholbachsergiusens: it worked fine when I flashed the device this morning - it's maybe 2-3 weeks old :)14:21
ogra_syslog show the partser running for NM when it brings up an interface and i see some relepathy related lines too14:21
ogra_(god, my typing ...)14:21
jdstrandogra_: yeah, that sounds right if the cache files don't exist14:22
jdstrandogra_: is this supposed to work: phablet-flash -d grouper --flipped14:22
jdstrandI'm getting a 40414:22
jdstrandok, tried again, and it is working (weird)14:22
ogra_well, it should try to pull from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/14:23
jdstrandhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com//ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip was what failed, but tried again and it worked14:23
ogra_might just have been replaced that moment14:24
ogra_the build just finished14:24
jdstrandogra_: I don't have a maguro. on the device, can you do: /etc/init.d/apparmor reload and then see if cache files exist in /etc/apparmor.d/cache?14:25
ogra_jdstrand, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798667/14:26
ogra_there we go14:26
* ogra_ kind of knew it was a kernel issue :)14:27
jdstrandogra_: ok, pull requests went out earlier today which once applied will fix that14:27
jdstrandogra_: I guess the mako kernel sans compat patches had just enough for caching to work, but the 3.0 kernel didn't14:28
ogra_that should make booting a lot more pleasant :)14:29
ogra_i.e. you wont have to burn your hand anymore :)14:29
jdstrandok, good, mystery solved then. if this is slowing down your work-- you can just remove the apparmor package14:30
jdstrandhehe, yes! :)14:30
ogra_nah, my work is to stabilize that crack :)14:30
jdstrand(please only remove apparmor in your local system, not the image :)14:30
ogra_i want to see it start working :)14:30
AskUbuntuhow to transfer files from galaxy nexus running ubuntu? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31256614:38
heytherehey folks14:49
heytherewehere ca i get a virtual machine with ubuntu mobile?14:49
heytheresomehow lost14:50
ogra_you cant yet14:50
heythereso how to develop apps?14:50
heytherea bit weird since theyre site ist cluttered with the phone os14:51
pmcgowanheythere, you can develop apps on the desktop to some good extent using the sdk14:52
heytherehm, ok14:52
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nik90popey: I have increased the grab area for the clock hand. So they remain the same size (for now) but have increased their grab area. So it should be much better now.15:05
nik90popey: http://ubuntuone.com/3oZj9gkYOi99yJSyVPHtjz15:05
nik90popey: I havent pushed it yet. I will think about it more. In the screenshot, the lightgreen spots represents the area you can grab on for each clock hand15:06
popeynik90: nice one15:06
popeynik90: let me know what you want me to test ☻15:06
nik90popey: definitely :)15:07
ogra_rtg_, did the latest maguro upload have a fix for ureadahead ?15:25
rtg_ogra_, nope, forgot. I just started looking at it a few minutes ago.15:25
rtg_ogra_, which one is maguro? Samsung or LG ?15:26
ogra_samsun omap :)15:26
ogra_the frankenphone :)15:27
rtg_ogra_, I got this phone from Ivanka, so it is likely the 3G image from Android ?15:28
rtg_its toast right now.15:28
ogra_toast ? how ?15:28
rtg_tried flashing, but wouldn't boot the touch image. I'm back to fastboot15:29
rtg_that was a few weeks ago and I never got back to it15:29
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sil2100didrocks: on apps stack the check job failed with one failure on one machine, looks like a flacky test - I would opt for a publish anyway if you don't mind, the usual thing15:57
sil2100didrocks: since oSoMoN is not around today it seems15:57
didrockssil2100: fine with me, please note it down so that we can poke him :)15:57
jdstrandmhall119: hi! so I have a work item: ubuntu-calculator-app runs under application isolation using aa-exec in the .desktop file via Debian packaging16:01
jdstrandmhall119: I have a modest change to its packaging to achieve that, but wasn't sure how to go about it16:02
jdstrandmhall119: like, how to get it into right ppa, etc16:02
mhall119jdstrand: not sure how to change it, or how to submit the change?16:02
jdstrandmhall119: I can produce a debdiff/merge fine, but not sure to where and then how to get it into the necessary ppa to have it show up on the image16:03
mhall119jdstrand: if you can submit an MP to the bzr branch that would be better: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app16:03
mhall119it has inline packaging16:03
jdstrandmhall119: assuming the MP is accepted, what is the next step to get it onto an image?16:04
jdstrandmhall119: well, all the images :)16:05
mhall119jdstrand: once the MP is approved, everything else is automatic16:05
jdstrandmhall119: awesome. was I right in coming to you?16:05
mhall119jenkins will land it in trunk and build it in the PPA, and the daily device image script will pull the latest package on the next run16:06
mhall119jdstrand: yup, me or popey for the core apps16:06
jdstrandmhall119: great, thanks!16:06
jdstrandmhall119: my MP is saucy specific, is that a problem?16:11
jdstrand(currently using a versioned Build-Depends-- I could relax that and just wait for the right version to end up in saucy if that makes things easier)16:12
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popeynik90: do you have a branch in progress for bug 1188800 ?16:20
ubot5bug 1188800 in Ubuntu Clock App "Autopilot Testcase needed: Add timer preset" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118880016:20
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morphisawe: I have time now16:28
awemorphis, I'll ping you in a few...  I just started another IRC conv with someone.  ;)-16:29
glukosiohello, what's the password of root in terminal?16:38
nik90popey: I had a local branch for that bug, however due to the new visual design changes made, I did not plan on pushing my local branch for review.16:42
nik90popey: I guess I need to mark it Triaged until I get my other branches reviewed and merged in16:43
marianneanyone have ubuntu running on a Galaxy tab?16:43
popeynik90: i was oing to take a look at it16:44
nik90popey: its not going be easy since the toolbar API has also changed. So any autopilot test you write which uses them will become invalid very soon.16:45
nik90popey: That's why I have been postponing that particular bug for almost 2 weeks now.16:45
popeyyeah. will look at another app.. ☻16:45
nik90popey: :-)16:45
aweogra_, ping16:47
awehey.. I pushed my socket MR, however I'm seeing odd behavior16:48
awewas just discussing with jodh16:48
aweofono starts, gets a socket failure, and exits16:48
aweis respawned once... gets a socket failure and exits again16:49
aweand then is never respawned a third time16:49
ogra_and on and on ?16:49
awehowever upstart thinks it's running16:49
ogra_http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#expect probably16:50
aweogra_, in theory, on and on, and on... although we could craft a respawn limit which terminates after some point16:50
aweogra_, don't think so16:50
awein the good case, upstart has the correct PID for ofono16:50
awewhich means expect is correct16:50
ogra_no forsk or anything ?16:50
aweofono just calls daemon(), which AFAIK, does a single fork on Linux16:51
aweand the job has "expect fork" not "expect daemon"16:51
ogra_yeah, sounds okayish16:51
aweso was wondering how I go about starting upstart with --debug so that we can track this down?16:52
ogra_like that ?16:53
aweogra_, according to jodh --debug and --verbose both work, but you get more output with --debug16:56
ogra_abootimg -u /part/to/boot/partition -c "cmdline=--verbose"16:56
ogra_(or --debug)16:56
ogra_that sets the option on kernel cmdline16:57
ogra_note that on grouper the boot partition is called LNX16:57
jodhogra_: does that blank the rest of the options or just add --verbose to the existing options?16:57
ogra_(in case you test on one)16:57
aweogra_, just testing on maguro16:57
aweso i run that command, then reboot?16:57
ogra_jodh, it gets sled in between the hardcoded bootloader and kernel default options16:57
awewhat's the boot partition on maguro16:58
ogra_jodh, by default our boot.img cmdline is empty16:58
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# find /dev -name *boot*16:58
ogra_awe, ^^ pick one :)16:58
aweso 'abootimg -u /dev/disk/by-name/boot -c "cmdline=--debug"17:00
xnoxogra_: I shake fist at http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=5722117:01
ubot5gcc.gnu.org bug 57221 in libgcc "[4.8/4.9 regression] libgcc symbol visibility changes break Android blobs" [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:01
aweogra_, works!  And to clear, I just re-run the command with -c ""?17:02
ogra_with -c "cmdline="17:02
aweogra_, ack17:02
ogra_xnox, so we need that backported i guess17:04
xnoxogra_: i started to eliminate libraries which work/don't work when replaced from linaro-4.8 build. and hit up libc and then quickly found that.17:04
rtg_ogra_, think I figured out maguro ureadahead problem, what are the magic runes for flashing a maguro kernel ?17:05
xnoxogra_: i'll try rebuilding linaro toolchain with that patch included, and hopefully get to fully booting gcc-4.8 based build.17:05
xnoxogra_: then it should be ready to be packaged....17:05
ogra_rtg_, abootimg -u /dev/disk/by-name/boot -k /path/to/zImage17:06
rtg_ogra_, thanks17:06
ogra_xnox, yay17:06
iBelieveI've been working on an updated UI using a page stack for the File Manager, and am about to submit it to be reviewed. Is there anyone I should I request it to be reviewed by in the Reviewer field?17:07
awemorphis, ping17:08
morphisawe: pong17:08
awethanks for adding the analysis to the SMS bug.17:08
morphisno problem17:08
aweany ideas on the double-free?17:08
aweit works fine for me, and the existing code works as well17:09
aweI'd rather understand the crash first before trying to work around it17:09
morphisawe: still hadn't time to reproduce it after we talked last time17:10
rtg_ogra_, are you sure ? there is no /dev/disk in my image (in either android or ubuntu)17:10
morphisbut I would say I should do that and try to play with the contraints17:10
morphislike --enable-optimizations/disable-optimizations configure switch17:11
ogra_rtg_, oh, are you still on unflipped ?17:11
morphisawe: which image are you using?17:11
morphissaucy based?17:11
rtg_likely. should I reflash ?17:11
ogra_rtg_, find /dev -name *boot*17:11
awemostly flipped17:11
aweas we're trying to switch this week17:11
ogra_rtg_, its puried deeper in android17:11
morphisawe: ok, I am here on unflipped17:12
rtg_ogra_, block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc.0/by-name/boot ?17:12
awemorphis, I'm also building in a pbuilder chroot as well...17:12
morphisso you're doing package builds?17:13
morphisI am currently compiling on the device17:13
morphisawe: btw. you saw the Mer people already have SIM PIN/PUK functionality?17:14
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ogra_rtg_, i would recommend to go to flipped soon though, its a lot more convenient to have a plainn ubuntu to work with17:14
awemorphis, no I didn't17:15
awethat said, it's next on my plate17:15
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awejust to get done via command-line17:16
awefor now17:16
awethe UI won't land till mid-to-late July17:16
morphisshould be enough to either implement it or take the work from the Mer people17:16
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awemorphis, are the Mer people using RILD?17:20
morphisawe: yes17:20
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awefrom us, or separately developed?17:21
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Stskeepswe rebase on your branch once in a while, though we're in git instead, you're free to cherry-pick - all legal/open source17:21
morphisawe: https://github.com/nemomobile-packages/ofono/tree/master/ofono17:22
mhall119jdstrand: jenkins will build for quantal, raring and saucy17:22
mhall119jdstrand: is your change only applicable to saucy?17:22
jdstrandmhall119: yes, it is17:23
jdstrandI forgot there is one other bit that needs to be done that I can't relax the deps on17:23
jdstrandwhere relaxing the deps doesn't help17:23
* jdstrand has to adjust the desktop file17:24
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jdstrandmhall119: I guess I could do a conditional adjustment of the desktop file17:26
jdstrandthis will go away once we have application lifecycle all together (ie, upstart jobs to launch apps)17:26
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awersalveti, minor comments on your IMEI MR: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/phablet-extras/ofono-imei-revision/+merge/17122118:25
rsalvetiawe: awesome, thanks18:26
jdstrandmhall119: ok, I figured out what to do18:27
mhall119jdstrand: cool, will this be something we can start applying to other core apps and collection apps too?18:30
rsalvetiawe: just pushed the update18:31
jdstrandmhall119: yes. I am going to blog about it once it is merged. I'll give the 'normal' way for uploads to the archive and then how to do it for daily builds with earlier Ubuntu releases18:31
jdstrandmhall119: the more we get profiled, the more we can fine-tune18:32
awersalveti, k18:33
mhall119jdstrand: we'll probably need extra help and guidance with things like the terminal and file manager apps18:46
jdstrandmhall119: if we choose to confine those at all, they will likely need to be hand-confined for the forseeable future18:47
mhall119hmmm, I guess if we leave them as "developer mode" installs, confinement isn't necessary18:55
popeygood learning exercise for everyone if they are18:57
ryanleeHello, got a Nexus 7 that I can't get to boot past bootloader, this following an attempted install of Ubuntu Touch.  Any ideas on what I can do?  Tried booting to recovery mode and that didn't help either.18:57
popeywe tend to find holes in the SDK / foundations when we try things like this which are outside the box18:57
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nfgfghello. im trying the manual install for nexus 7. i followed all of the steps and i did a final reboot....so im still on the google logo...how long does it normally take?19:00
awersalveti, happroved19:01
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rsalvetiawe: thanks19:03
AskUbuntuimporting C++/Qt module in QML | http://askubuntu.com/q/31267219:16
baebbehello! Can anyone tell me, with which samsung galaxy ubuntu phone will work? I am not very familiar with hardware, just read that ubuntu phone was presented on a samsung galaxy cellphone.19:20
iBelieveI'm new to autopilot and am trying to run it for the File Manager app. After about 12 seconds, I get RuntimeError: Unable to find Autopilot interface. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing any packages?19:21
popeyiBelieve: do you have autopilot from ppa:autopilot/ppa installed?19:21
popey(if not that's probably it, right balloons ? )19:21
popeybaebbe: see the devices link at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch19:21
popeynfgfg: doesn't normally take that long19:22
eexerupsetting :/ its fully unlocked.......ideas?19:22
iBelievepopey, I originally installed it without the PPA, then I added the PPA, and ran apt-get update && dist-upgrade.19:23
popeyiBelieve: apt-cache policy python-autopilot, does it show 1.3 or so?19:23
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popey  Installed: 1.3.1daily13.06.25bzr249raring019:23
balloonsiBelieve, yes you need the ppa19:24
balloonsiBelieve, are you on raring?19:24
iBelievepopey, Shows exact same thing19:24
iBelieveballoons, Yep, I'm using raring19:24
balloonsiBelieve, ok hmm.. one sec19:24
balloonspopey, does it still work for you on raring?19:25
popeywell done, you have exhausted my knowledge on the subject:)19:25
balloonsI think there might be an issue..19:25
* popey looks19:25
popeylist shows one test for filemanager19:25
balloonsright.. try runing int19:26
balloons*running it19:26
popeyTests running...19:26
balloonsand working fine? no autopilot error?19:26
popeyballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799479/19:26
popeyyou have a strange defintion of success19:27
iBelieveThat's the error I'm getting.19:27
balloonssorry... you've confirmed it as an issue19:27
balloonslet me grab you an older version to install and work around it19:28
balloonsI'll get bugs filed and figure out why they pushed a broken build19:28
balloonsfor QA that's success, lol.. confirming it's broken!19:28
nfgfgso android is gone and im stuck with only recovery.....could i install ubuntu like this? im using clockwork recovery btw19:32
popeynfgfg: does the manual adb push not work?19:32
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation like that?19:32
nfgfgpopey: i did all the steps but i got nothing.............19:33
nfgfgi did this as root btw19:33
popeyand the file is /sdcard/autodeploy.zip ?19:33
nfgfgfor me it was adb push /home/user1/Downloads/saucy-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip /sdcard/autodeplu.zip19:34
popeyHmm, never seen that, sorry19:35
nfgfgupsetting :/19:35
pmcgowandeplu or deploy?19:36
nfgfgcould it be because im running 13.04 on the desktop?19:36
pmcgowan13.04 is fine19:37
nfgfgi mean it says it has been written to the device19:37
nfgfgsaucy-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip  and saucy-presinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip right?19:38
balloonspopey, iBelieve try this: https://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa/+files/python-autopilot_1.3.1daily13.06.15bzr248raring0_all.deb19:38
pmcgowannfgfg, and you went back into recovery and did the second step?19:38
nfgfgnexus 7 32 gig wifi19:38
iBelieve balloons, will try it.19:38
nfgfgim redoing it as we speak19:38
ryanleenfgfg, I'm having similar issues.19:39
nfgfgsimilar how?19:39
ryanleeWith the the same model of Nexus 7.19:40
nfgfgwell damn. that is depressing. i was hoping it was my failing....19:40
ryanleeFor me it says install was complete and successful.  But upon actually trying to boot the Nexus it either (1) Acts as though there is no OS installed (after which I reflash Android) or (2) It just reboots to Android.19:41
nfgfgit just boots like it has no OS for me....19:41
iBelieveballoons, doesn't work, same error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799522/19:41
balloonsiBelieve, ok, can you try the next one :-)19:42
ryanleenfgfg, Yeah, this is my third go around with it.  I've successfully flashed Ubuntu Touch to other devices.19:42
balloonswe'll see when it broke19:42
nfgfgis this a bug that is well known? i mean im sure people have been putting ubntu touch on this model before19:42
ryanleeI'm going to try it again and see what happens.19:42
nfgfgthis is my second time trying it as well19:42
balloonsiBelieve, https://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa/+files/python-autopilot_1.3.1daily13.06.15bzr247raring0_all.deb19:42
balloonsIt that's broke I'm going to assume the 6/14 build was the last good one19:43
popeysame balloons19:44
iBelieveballoons, yeah, it works!19:44
balloonsiBelieve, ok great.. So we know when the error was introduced :-)19:44
pmcgowannfgfg, had you tried using the flash tool before, is that why you used the manual method?19:44
balloonsso don't upgrade for a bit.. I'll file the bug19:44
nfgfgyeah i did but adb always has been bitchy to me19:45
popeystill fails for me balloons19:45
ryanleepmcgowan, For me the flash tool is what kills the OS guaranteed so far.19:45
rsalvetipopey: can you check if latest is working for nexus 7?19:45
nfgfgthe tablet wouldnt ask for the rsa key to be accepted19:45
popey  Installed: 1.3.1daily13.06.15bzr247raring019:45
balloonshttps://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa/+files/python-autopilot_1.3.1daily13.06.15bzr246raring0_all.deb is the 6/14 build.. I can't imagine it's the last good one19:45
popeyrsalveti: sure, running now19:45
balloonsbut you can try that one19:45
rsalvetiryanlee: also, which image are you using, normal or flipped?19:45
iBelievenow time to fix the errors caused by my local changes to the file manager :)19:46
ryanleersalveti, I believe I'm using the normal.  Following guide found here for both manual and flash install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install19:46
balloonspopey, potentially the issue is in a library, but I didn't think that was the case given the infro you presented19:47
rsalvetiryanlee: right, and trying to manually install both zips?19:47
* jppiiroinen has nexus 7 (grouper) and has flashed flipped and non-flipped images to it today several times19:47
nfgfgjppiiroinen: any special steps you needed to take?19:47
popeyballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799549/19:48
ryanleersalveti, One issue I've run into when trying the manual install is it won't boot into the recovery mode.  I'm actually reflashing Android now to try manual install again.19:48
nfgfgryanlee: for me i at least still have recovery19:48
jppiiroinenjust with phablet-flash19:48
balloonspopey, so bzr246 didn't work for you either?19:48
rsalvetinfgfg: which recovery are you using?19:49
rsalvetiyou could try flashing our recovery as well19:49
rsalvetiand then manually installing the zip files19:49
popeyballoons: correct, just installed the one you told me to19:49
nfgfgclockwork mod v
* jppiiroinen have experienced weird issues with bad usb-cables too when flashing19:49
balloonspopey, so I wonder if it's a library issue for you then.. so bizarre19:49
rsalvetiyeah, clockworkmod should in theory work fine as well19:49
nfgfgubuntu touch has its own recovery?19:50
nfgfgjppiiroinen: well that is a pain because if so i have no other cable that work19:50
popeyclockwork mod here19:51
rsalvetinfgfg: a custom version based on the original clockwork mod19:51
jppiiroinennfgfg: i have flashed today my n7 about 4 times and the images works with qtc19:51
rsalvetialso available in the same download path where you got the image19:51
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jppiiroinennfgfg: so the images should boot, the qtc does not (yet) have the flipped image support in the ppa, as i was working on that one19:52
jppiiroinennfgfg: qt creator19:53
netcurlipopey: did you get the 0.3 version of my akari puzzle game into the collection ppa yet?19:55
popeynetcurli: nope, it's on my to-do list though19:55
popeynfgfg: rsalveti my n7 just finished flashing, booted up and I am getting tweets and stuff19:59
iBelieveI don't understand why an autopilot test for File Manager (with my changes) is failing, where is the best place to ask for help?20:01
nik90popey: if you are free, you can test the new timer again. I have fixed the upward animation issue, small grab area and also 60 second value bug.20:01
popeysure thing nik9020:01
popeygot a branch?20:01
nik90popey: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/new-timer-design20:01
* popey hugs debuild -uc -us20:02
popeynik90: 1000% better!20:04
popeymuch easier to grab and it didn't flip the screen up at all20:04
nik90popey: awesome :)20:05
popeynice work nik90 !20:05
nik90popey: it was important to get this right since it will also be used for the alarm implementation20:05
nik90popey: thanks for the feedback. I will look to clean and then merge this when it is ready20:05
popeynik90: great, still concerned that the time shows 00:00 before I set the timer, and as I spin it, it goes from that to 01:00:00 to 59:00:00...20:08
nik90popey: will try to reproduce and fix20:09
nfgfgit worked with the touch recovery!20:11
nfgfgthanks guys :) appreciate the help greatly20:11
nik90popey: going from 00:00 to 01:00:00 is fine as long as you spin the hour hand. Does it go from 01:00:00 to 59:00:00 when you go backwards?20:11
pmcgowannfgfg, nice20:12
nik90popey: the hour is shown only when hours > 0. It was a design decision20:12
popeyoh hah!20:12
popeydidnt realise I could spin the other hand ☻20:12
sergiusensnfgfg: not sure people mentioned this, but check the md5sums when copying20:12
popeyignore me ☻20:12
nik90popey: :D20:12
sergiusensnfgfg: it _should_ work with a standard recovery though20:12
mterryracarr, the instructions for Mir on devices says not to use the mesa in the PPA.  Is there a reason we don't just delete the packages from the PPA?20:13
racarrmterry: I'm not sure ;) I dont know why we would need the arm packages, no...20:15
ryanleeJust started over and everything worked upon flashing it this time.20:16
mterryracarr, but they are useful on other arches?20:16
racarrmterry: Required on desktop yes20:17
racarrcontains the mir EGL platform20:17
mterryracarr, hmm, do you know why they are broken on arm?  Seems like a bug that would be nice to fix20:17
racarrWell I don't know they aren't20:18
racarruseful on arm20:18
racarrbecause we get the EGL from the20:18
racarrwell the android drivers20:18
racarrso it's just the headers20:18
racarrare used to build things20:18
racarrI don't know why the mesa from the ppa doesnt work to build packages on the phone right now (or apparently does not)20:19
ChickenCutlassracarr, mterry the package libhybris provides the EGL and GL drivers for touch20:21
mterryChickenCutlass, OK.  I'm just troubled that the PPA mesa breaks the phone.  It's a pain to keep the mesa packages at saucy versions20:23
thomiiBelieve: either in #ubuntu-quality, or in #ubuntu-autopilot probably20:25
racarrChickenCutlass: It seems like a bunch of things depend on mesa for the headers?20:27
racarri.e. qtubuntu builds against the mesa EGL headers and defines MESA_EGL_NO_X11 or whatever20:27
racarrI have never quite understood why but assumed it was something annoying about hybris20:27
iBelievethomi, Even though the problem is in a Ubuntu Touch app?20:30
thomiiBelieve: I guess it depends if it's a problem in the app, or a problem in autopilot or the test. If it's the app, I guess this is the correct place to ask20:31
rafaelementhi people.20:31
popeyiBelieve: also, thomi and balloons lurk here anyway, so .. ㋛20:32
ChickenCutlassracarr, right, we use the headers from MESA but link against the libGL and libEGL provided by libhybris20:32
rafaelementi m new to qml, and i want to stack 3 sliders, value selectors and text areas in some kind of list, so when the valueselector is expanded, no elements will overlap20:32
nfgfghey i though wifi worked for ubuntu touch20:32
popeynfgfg: works here20:32
popeynfgfg: although i did have to reboot my nexus 4 earlier to make it work20:33
nfgfghell cant even get the soft keyboard  to work. does it support wpa2?20:33
nfgfgill use a usbotg cable and type in the pass20:33
nfgfgalways says its empty though20:33
pmcgowannfgfg, use the phablet-network-setup tool20:33
pmcgowannot sure about wpa220:34
nfgfgpmcgowan: in the tablet's terminal app or desktop?20:34
pmcgowanit will copy the config over20:34
iBelieveI've been working on converting File Manager to use a page stack (https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/page-stack/+merge/171368), but autopilot is giving errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799683/. I'm not sure what is wrong, since I don't think I've changed anything related the ActionSelectionPopover. Could someone take a look at it and explain what I'm doing wrong?20:35
thomiiBelieve: from the error, it looks like there used to be a single  ActionSelectionPopover in the introspection tree, but now there are several20:37
thomiiBelieve: if you use select_single("ActionSelectionPopover"), and you get multiple returns, that's an error20:37
thomiiBelieve: so, either specify a more restrictive filter ( like: select_single("ActionSelectionPopover", objectName="foobar") ) or use select_many (like: select_many("ActionSelectionPopover"))20:38
balloons^^ what thomi said :-)20:38
iBelievethomi, printing the results from select_single show 3 objects all with the same objectName.20:38
iBelievethomi, ^^ select_many20:38
nfgfg_do i need to be in recovery to write this file?20:39
thomiiBelieve: so there's two possible reasons for that - either they're all the same object (which is possible, thanks Qt), or the developers (i.e.: you) used the same object name in several places20:39
nfgfg_do i need to be in recovery to write this file?20:40
nfgfg_for wifi20:40
balloonsiBelieve, do you have a branch on lp? I can have a closer look20:40
pmcgowannfgfg_, no it goes over adb20:41
balloonsmy guess is the duplicate objectname.. we can fix the qml file20:41
iBelievethomi, there is only one object - print when it becomes visible and invisible only show one.20:41
nfgfg_pmcgowan: Network connection file "uuid=d8191f7d-12e0-4498-ae7c-716db0fe36bc" cannot be read gives me this error20:41
iBelieveballoons, nope, first the three returned objects show empty names, because I didn't have an objectName, then I set it, and all three showed the new name.20:42
iBelieveballoons, here is the branch: lp:~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/page-stack20:42
balloonsperfect, let me grab and i'll help more directy ;-)20:42
iBelieveballoons, and here is the merge request showing the diff from the main version (which passes all tests): https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/page-stack/+merge/17136820:43
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mhall119hmm, I seem to have lost rotation support in the latest n7 image20:47
pmcgowanmhall119, it broke a while ago20:48
nfgfg_wont work :/ anyway i  could manually put it in?20:48
popeynfgfg_: all it does is copy a file from your own network manager config, you can read /usr/bin/phablet-network-setup and see what it does, and manually do that?20:49
balloonsiBelieve, ok so your still doing a select single on ActionSelectionPopover20:55
iBelieveballoons, yes, though I had some local changes to print what select_many return after getting that error. I don't really understand how autopilot works - shouldn't I be using a select single there? I haven't changed anything related the the ActionSelectionPopover at all.20:57
fgfgwstill not working. im using a desktop....i tried putting in a wifi usb adapter20:58
thomiiBelieve: unfortnately, something is exporting that object several times in the introspection tree, so autopilot sees it several times20:58
balloonsiBelieve, it's fine. You don't have objectName's set however20:58
balloonsso inside the qml you can add the objectName property20:58
balloonsthis allows you to get a specific object at runtime20:59
balloonsso I'm looking in FolderListView.qml20:59
balloonsis that the proper ActionSelectionPopover you want?20:59
iBelieveballoons, sorry, I had it set in a local version but scrapped that change along with printing the select_many results.20:59
balloons    ActionSelectionPopover {21:00
balloons        id: actionSelectionPopover21:00
balloonsobjectName: folderViewPopver21:00
iBelieveballoons, yes, it's returning the right object, but I think it is returning it three times21:00
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iBelievethomi, so it isn't a problem in my code? Will just using the 1st result from select_many work?21:01
thomiiBelieve: if they really are all the same object - check their ids21:01
thomithat is: print [obj.id for obj in foo.selectmany("ObjectName") ]21:02
thomior simlar :)21:02
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UnderSampledanyone here built cm for an unofficially supported device?21:04
UnderSampledI'm trying to get build one before I try learning how ubuntu-touch works and how to port it21:05
UnderSampledbut both #android-root and #cyanogenmod-dev are super quite21:05
iBelievethomi, same objectName but three different ids. Weird.21:05
UnderSampledspecifically, i'm having trouble getting the proprietary stuff. I thought device/samsung/infuse4g/extract-files.sh would have gotten me my vendor/samsung/infuse4g/proprietary/modem.bin, but it's not there21:07
iBelieveballoons, thomi, I just figured out that I think it is returning one instance for each page on the page stack, though why I don't know.21:08
popeyUnderSampled: if you get no answer here, you can try on the mailing list?21:08
UnderSampledpopey: I'll try on xda-developers next21:09
UnderSampledit's rather not related to ubuntu development21:09
UnderSampledbut I need it before I can start, if you understand21:09
rsalvetistgraber: were you able to find out which kernel patches are needed to get lxc tty to work with touch?21:11
balloonsiBelieve, sorry caught up here for a few mins, I'll look back at this in a min21:13
stgraberrsalveti: sorry, been busy with alpha1 stuff, it's on my todo for today/tomorrow (most likely tomorrow at this point)21:13
rsalvetistgraber: sure, np21:13
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=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
nolinuxnopartyI don't understand the guide you people have written on Porting21:40
nolinuxnopartyIts confusing :|21:40
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
balloonsiBelieve, ok back mate :-) Where did you end up?21:45
iBelieveballoons, I figured out that select_many is returning one for every page, but the currently active one is first, so I'm using the first result from select_many.21:47
iBelieveballoons, that works and the test passes.21:48
balloonsiBelieve, ok great. Have you seen the sdk emulator I started? I'd encourage you to adopt it for the testcases21:48
balloonsit makes things easier and it helps standardize and do best practices for all the apps21:49
iBelieveballoons, no, what is it? All I've seen is a directory in the test dir for the filemanager app called emulator21:49
iBelieveand where can I find it?21:49
balloonsat the moment, it's in my personal branch, but it's going to get a proper home :-)21:50
balloonsthere's just ubuntusdk.py in that branch21:51
balloonsadd it to your emulators folder and feel free to use it21:51
netcurliballoons: did you get my email regarding an issue in the sdk emulator?21:51
iBelieveballoons, cool, I'll take a look at it.21:51
balloonsnetcurli, which issue? I've got to round up the changes I want to make and make them :-)21:52
iBelieveSo about my merge request - now that I've fixed the autopilot test, is there anything I need to do to have it reviewed again?21:52
balloonsI know some people suggested enhancements and I remember seeing a bug.. I'm guessing it was yours :-)21:52
balloonsiBelieve, simply commit the changes to your branch and the merge request will update with them21:53
netcurliwith stopY not being an integer in open_toolbar21:53
balloonsa comment saying it's ready to be reviewed again is a good idea :-)21:53
balloonsohh right! the toolbar issue, I do remember21:53
balloonscan we fix it?21:53
iBelieveballoons, okay, will add a comment, thanks for all the help!21:54
balloonsyour welcome.. thanks for writing the test!21:55
balloonsnetcurli, so hmm.. we could force return integers.. it's funny it got a no-integer value. I guess gu units can be non ints21:55
netcurliwell it gets multiplied by 0.9521:56
balloonsnetcurli, indeed :-)21:56
balloonslet's wrap those into ints to keep sanity21:57
balloonsnetcurli, which app had the issue?22:00
netcurliit was my own app https://launchpad.net/catchpodder, I have changed the height to a value where it works for the moment22:02
iBelieveDid I accidentally mark my merge request as approved? https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/page-stack/+merge/17136822:02
balloonsnetcurli, ok I just wrapped all the calls with int to return a non-floating number22:03
iBelieveIf so, what do I do to undo it?22:03
balloonsit's ok :-) Arto still has to review and approve22:04
balloonsnetcurli, would you like to try the new version and see if it fixes things?22:04
iBelieveballoons, oh thanks. Oops :)22:05
balloonsnetcurli, k let me push it up for you22:05
balloonsone moment22:05
balloonsk, lp:~nskaggs/+junk/ubuntusdk_autopilot_emulator22:06
balloonsnetcurli, ^^.. It worked for my tests (so did the old version, heh) See if that fixes things for you22:10
netcurliworks now for me, even if my app has a height of units.gu(71)22:11
balloonshurray.. good catch, thanks for letting me know22:11
balloonsshouldn't have been sending floating point numbers anyway22:11
kgunnits been a while for me, but i just tried "phablet-network-setup" and it's complaining "no wifi"...which is definitely working on my device22:14
kgunnany ideas ? or is that an "old thing" ?22:14
netcurliballoons: btw, the toolbar button should with the current sdk version be easier to select, shouldn't it?22:15
kgunnsergiusens: ricmm ^22:15
sergiusenskgunn: it doesn't work on flipped if that's what you are using22:15
kgunnsergiusens: supposing flipped is what you get if you do phablet-flash?22:16
sergiusenskgunn: I will fix it once me make the official move to flipped by default22:16
sergiusenskgunn: nah, phablet-flash --flipped is required22:16
kgunnsergiusens: thanks...hmmm, i didn't opt-in for flipped22:16
balloonsnetcurli, what is difficult about it now?22:17
balloonsI'm not understanding the question :-)22:17
sergiusenskgunn: so the no wifi may be because you are not connected with the workstation you are using22:17
sergiusensconnected over wifi22:17
kgunnsergiusens: oh, ok...yeah, i'm on cable22:17
netcurlithe get_toolbar_button function seems complicated22:18
kgunnsergiusens: ta ...will unplug and try22:18
sergiusenseasily workedaround by either connecting or using the -n option with the path to a network file22:18
netcurliballoons: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg02441.html22:19
pmcgowansergiusens, we really need a sergiusens faq22:19
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sergiusenspmcgowan: lol, I really did add a good deal of helpful --help -h messages :-)22:20
pmcgowansergiusens, hah ok maybe its one q long then22:20
balloonsnetcurli, nice, I hadn't seen that yet!22:21
balloonsI'll add that to the list of improvements to make ;-)22:21
nik90fginther: can you check if the daily build core apps bot is down? It seems to be not merging stuff.22:21
nik90balloons: is the jenkins bot only merging sutff if the autopilot tests pass?22:23
nik90balloons: not sure if jenkins bot is down or if it is only allowing stuff if the tests pass22:24
fginthernik90, I'll check22:24
fginthernik90, do you have a merge proposal?22:24
nik90fginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/new-stopwatch-design/+merge/17092322:25
nik90fginther: normally I get a message saying that the code is alrite without any conflicts from the jenkins bot, but I havent got that yet22:26
fginthernik90, I found the problem, should have results shortly22:28
nik90fginther: grt22:31
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bjvis there a diagram of the Ubuntu Touch application technology stack?23:09
bjvI see it runs atop CM10 kernel, with a chroot, and supports qt5 and not x1123:10
bjvbut how is qmlscene rendered?23:12
bjvoh wait, there it is .. /system/bin/surfaceflinger23:13
bjvso mir is not being used on this 24June daily23:13

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