daftykinsAzelphur: you really don't want to do the minimum disk RAID 500:01
Azelphuryea, I'm just using them as normal drives for now00:03
Azelphurmaybe if I get a couple more 3TB's I'll do it00:03
daftykinsmy 6 x 1TB RAID 5 is so old school now00:04
daftykinsput that one together late 200700:04
daftykinsrecently finished a building-to-building network cable to provide a spot for backup drives 'off-site' for a client00:05
daftykinstook his partners backup drive down there, just a simple 2 x 1TB mirrored WD My Book World Edition II setup00:06
daftykinsone of the disks died in turning it off and moving it there >_< had to replace it today00:06
daftykinsover 750 reallocated sectors!00:06
daftykins2TB and greater disks just take far too long to sort out00:08
daftykinsroll on being able to get everything flash :D00:08
Azelphurmoving 2TB of data off a drive over USB... #thingsthatareslow00:08
AzelphurUSB 2, as well.00:08
daftykinshow come they're not both hooked up internally?00:09
Azelphurdaftykins: originally, because I had a case that only had one drive bay00:10
Azelphurnow, because the USB controller messes with the sector size so this is the only way to get the data off00:10
daftykinsalright i'm out nn \o00:27
TheOpenSourcererMorning all.07:07
TheOpenSourcererpopey: You all set for tomorrow evening?07:07
popeyyeah, whats the plan?07:10
popeyor is it too early for a "plan"07:10
TheOpenSourcererProbably too early. We are trying to clarify times for a prospect meeting in town tomorrow afternoon. So not sure what time the pub will beckon ;-)07:11
dogmatic69Installed xbuntu-desktop last night and multi monitors work fine now. idk why unity does not just work07:53
diploMorning all07:54
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)07:56
* DJones waits with baited breath to see what "happy .... day today is"07:58
popeyJamesTait: slacker!07:59
DJonespopey: It'll probably turn out to be happy slackware day07:59
BigRedSdogmatic69: multi monitors works for you in xfce but not unity? Peculiar, I didn't think XFCE did multi-monitor07:59
dogmatic69BigRedS: ye, pretty much out the box07:59
MartijnVdSDJones: Sweetmorn, Confusion 30, Year of Our Lady of Discord 317908:00
popeypick your own ☻  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/June_2508:00
DJonesMartijnVdS: I'll go with with that one08:00
dogmatic69BigRedS: not with 3+ monitors anyway08:01
BigRedSdogmatic69: I've only ever tried it with two08:01
dogmatic69BigRedS: http://askubuntu.com/a/145501/1230608:01
MartijnVdSDJones: also, 7 Messidor CCXXI08:01
TheOpenSourcererGosh - I didn't know Farrah Fawcet had died.08:01
dogmatic69ye, 2 works fine.08:01
dogmatic69xfce is pretty cool and much easier on the ram / cpu08:02
BigRedSHah, I don't think I ever even found the right dialogue box to do it with08:02
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: http://deathlist.net/ :)08:02
BigRedSdogmatic69: it is also very very 1997 :)08:02
BigRedS(which, yes, might be a plus side :) )08:02
MartijnVdSBigRedS: what's wrong with 1997? :)08:02
BigRedSBah. Trust the perl guy to come out with that ;)_08:02
JamesTaitToday is apparently "Please take my kids to work day", but I have my kids at work with me every day, so it didn't seem noteworthy. ;)08:02
MartijnVdShaha :)08:02
dogmatic69BigRedS: only thing I am missing is the unity hud thing08:02
BigRedSAh, I always disabled that 'cause I'm too retarded to use both that *and* terminator's alt+arrow-key control08:03
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: another plus!08:03
dogmatic69but just installed synapse which seems to be quite good and similar08:03
dogmatic69also sudo apt-get install xbuntu-desktop and you can still have unity. That is quite nice08:04
MooDoomorning all08:04
dogmatic69switch between them.08:04
BigRedSdogmatic69: how else would you do it?08:04
dogmatic69install xbuntu from scratch...08:05
BigRedSLots of people seem to find installing from scratch a hugely less jarring experience than I do08:05
dogmatic69I had downloaded the install for a few other distros but then just thought I would give a new wm a go08:06
BigRedSyeah, I had another go through most of the *-desktops a few weeks ago. Since I really like Gnome but they seem intent on changing that08:14
diploI've not tried another DE for yonks08:20
BigRedSI tried "all of them" back when the end of Gnome 2.x was first mooted08:21
popeyi tried GNOME Shell for a day last week08:22
BigRedSI tried KDE for two days last week08:22
* AlanBell is using unity in Saucy and it is OK08:22
diploI've got used to unity, I can't remember when i clicked an icon on the side bar though08:23
dogmatic69ha, the xfce lock screen is very windows 9508:23
SuperMattxfce is very windows 9508:23
SuperMatteven MS have realised that the 95 interface isn't right anymore. I wish people would just let go08:24
Laneywhy do you care if people want to use it?08:24
BigRedSYeah, if we go down the route of banning theoretically bad UIs we end up with, uh, no Linux desktop08:25
dogmatic69terminal is so 1980's... people still use that08:25
BigRedSmine's transparent08:25
BigRedSthat's very 200808:25
awilkinsMine has a background image of tiled BBC Micro Owls08:27
awilkinsThat's 80s with an 80s twist08:27
awilkinsTerminal is actually the interface of the future - today08:29
awilkinsWindowed UIs are such a step back in terms of re-use and interoperability between programs08:29
awilkinsActually, there's an idea that's popped into my head again for the second time this week - input and output streams for windowed apps08:30
awilkinsOr does dbus fill this niche?08:31
awilkinsAnyway, maybe add a desktop manager feature that lets you draw stream connectors between windows08:31
BigRedSthat sounds like more work than I could be arsed with08:32
BigRedSI am, generally, quite lazy though08:32
awilkinsWell, for us guys familiar with the CLI shell, it would be a PITA08:33
awilkinsDoesn't apple have something like that though - some kind of CLI pipeline GUI08:33
awilkinsYou could maybe have a task switcher kind of thing that showed you a processing pipeline and the windows it was made of and let you switch left and right along the stream08:35
Paladinehey popey, if you are here, do me a favour and don't respond to my stalker, he harasses everyone I tweet, if you respond he gets worse08:39
mungbeandoes he have a name?08:40
popeyhe doesn't seem like a stalker08:41
mungbeanis it ....is it.. MooDoo ?08:41
MooDooI don't stalk people....much08:41
popeyalso, your freelancer project seems like massive overkill08:41
mungbean(nothing personal, random name)08:41
MooDoomungbean: i know :D08:41
Paladinepopey, yeah he is, he has been stalking me for years, check his time-line it is a one stop attack shop against me and my work, and full of lies and quotes completely out of context08:44
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:46
popeyyeah, i read most of it last night08:46
popeywas entertaining bed time reading08:46
diploGuys, printing from a linux server to a windows machine 7 or 8 with permissions on the printer set to everyone still requires authing08:47
diploAnyone know a quick way round that before I get googling again.. looked a week or so ago but the issue has arisen again08:47
diploWorked fine on XP machines, so I'm sure it's a permissions thing but haven't found a good answer yet08:48
diploQuick outlay of our system, we have a text based system that normally lp prints to dedicated printers at branches, our customer VPN's in and wants to print at home over here USB printer, we have a fixed  IP on the machine and a share on the printer which can be seen from the server but not accessed properly08:50
Paladinehe has an issue because I left NoDPI and joined Privacy International08:51
Paladinehe cost me a job about a month ago as director of a software company who were going to develop a bunch of privacy solutions I had designed, because he started harassing -all- their directors08:51
Paladineand fabricating stuff about their company08:52
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
awilkinsSounds like a giant asshat08:55
Paladineyeah he is08:55
PaladineI have had to put up with his crap since early 200908:55
PaladineI try to ignore him but he has a habit of harassing my the people I talk to on Twitter08:56
awilkinsSend his details to Anonymous (muahahahahah)08:56
popeyi dont feel harrassed fwiw08:56
Paladineand now his partner in crime has chirped up too08:58
popeyAre they like Starsky and Hutch?08:58
PaladineKenturtleglue is even worse08:58
popeyOr more like Cagney and Lacey?08:58
PaladineI banned him from NoDPI in the early days back in 2008 because he was posting porn and attacking everyone because he didn't get his own way08:58
Paladinemore like tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee08:59
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:03
Paladinealso popey, why is the freelancer post overkill?  I need a custom build of chromium and firefox and I don't have the time to familiarise myself with the codebases09:04
popeywhy custom build at all, why not just fiddle the config so it doesn't do the things you don't want it to do09:05
popeyI didn't think it needed a whole rebuild just for that09:05
Paladinebecause I want to make the build publicly available under the brand Private Browser09:06
PaladineI need it to turn on a bunch of settings by default, change startpage and search providers, include a couple of addons09:06
PaladineI want to offer both chromium core and firefox core to people so they don't have to choose between their favourite browsers09:07
popeyhow will you keep them updated?09:07
mungbeani wouldn't trust a "private browser" from a 3rd party09:08
Paladinethe project will be maintained once it is up and running I will be able to secure enough funding to keep it running09:08
mungbeanfirefox + extensions is sufficient, and mozilla have my trust09:08
mungbeanrandom person on internet != trustworthy with my browser source code09:09
Paladinethat is entirely up to you mungbean but a: I am not "random person" I am a very well known privacy advocate (you just don't know me) and b: lots of people have told me they would like the solution I am trying to offer09:09
popeyindeed, i trust the people who manage the ubuntu archive, and the upstream developers09:09
popeyin the context of mozilla and chromium, you are random person on the internet09:10
popeyyou don't have commit rights to either project09:10
popeyso you're the same class as everyone else09:10
awilkinsAnd that trust is enforced by the signatures on the package archives09:10
PaladineI don't need commit rights, I can branch them perfectly legally09:10
popeyno matter what your linkedin profile says09:10
popeyI didn't say anything about legality09:10
popeyI'm talking involvement, reputation and community standing for either project (firefox and chromium)09:11
Paladineas I said, I am not forcing this on anyone, you are welcome to not use the build, but a lot of people do want it, people's opinions are valid on all sides09:11
popeyMind you that said people download all kinds of random binaries and install them, have done for years09:11
PaladineI know a lot of people in my field who are unhappy with the Mozilla/Google relationship09:12
mungbeanthe sort of people who want "private browser" might have a heightened awareness of trusted authors09:12
mungbeanPaladine: have you found any code to suggest any wrong doing?09:12
Paladineit isn't about wrong doing09:13
PaladineI never suggested for one second there was any wrong doing09:13
mungbean< Paladine> I know a lot of people in my field who are unhappy with the Mozilla/Google relationship09:13
PaladineI have a close relationship with Mozilla09:13
Paladinenot being happy with a relationship is not the same as saying there is wqrong doing09:13
mungbeanthere is a suggestion of wrongdoing there09:13
Paladinea lot of people simply do not like google09:13
Paladinegoogle are disliked in privacy circles because they keep breaking the law09:14
BigRedSThat freelancer page doesn't exist apparently09:14
Paladineand running havoc on people's privacy09:14
Paladineyeah the stupid system is autodeleting them for some reason09:14
davmor2Morning all09:52
bigcalmMorning davmor209:57
bigcalmBit early for you isn't it?09:57
davmor2bigcalm: 9 minutes09:57
ali1234800000 files processed10:05
BigRedSthat's a suspiciously round number10:06
ali1234Paladine: how does startpage conduct google searches on behalf of their users without getting every single one of their servers banned?10:07
ali1234BigRedS: well, i rounded it10:08
ali1234bottom line is it's done 50%10:09
popeywhat are you "processing"?10:09
popeyout of interest10:09
ali1234my old files10:09
ali1234from yesterday, remember?10:09
popeyno ☻10:09
ali1234oh maybe you weren't here10:10
popeyi may or may not have been paying attention10:10
mungbeanwhen we were discussing ncdu10:10
ali1234you know when you make a new homedirectory and rename the old one "old" and put it inside the old "old" and then after several years you have "old/old/old/old/old"10:10
popeyyes ☻10:10
ali1234well my "old" directory is now 150GB/1.5M files10:10
ali1234so i am building a database with md5sum and mimetype and keywords from libextract10:11
popeyto dedupe?10:11
mungbeansure there's an app for that10:12
Paladineali - they have a license from Google10:12
ali1234popey: to dedupe and also search it10:13
ali1234Paladine: i see thanks10:13
mungbeanif a service section in nagios object config file doesn't have a contact stated, (but is stated for services elsewhere in teh file), who does it used for notifications?10:14
BigRedSdoes the host have a contact?10:14
BigRedSactually, this probably varies by version and shamefully I'm still on 1.x10:15
mungbeanah, inherits "linux-server" template...will check10:15
mungbeanwhich doesn't seem to exist10:16
diplomungbean: linux-server is a default 110:16
diplo1= one :)10:16
diploBigRedS: 1 ?!??!!?!?10:16
BigRedSdiplo: yeah10:18
diplomungbean: You can still use them, or you can copy and call it something else if you prefer, I used the default ones quite a bit10:19
BigRedSdiplo: it's a really scary thing to migrate10:19
mungbeani have 2 groups of servers10:19
mungbeangroup1 -> email admins10:19
mungbeangroup2 -> email otheradmins10:19
diploBigRedS: I bet it is, I started on 3 I think so never had the joy10:21
diploSo in your template you create linux-servers1 and 2 and in the template define the contact you want, then in the hosts add them to the particular group10:22
mungbeanthats what i just did :D10:22
mungbean$previousadmin had not done it10:22
mungbeaninstead every service had a contact_groups line10:23
mungbeanexcept only half of them did actually10:23
mungbeanone of these days i'm gonna set up some proper performance monitoring10:25
andylockransilly question; if I can't traceroute an IP, does that mean I don't have a route to it?10:33
bigcalmNot really, the end point might have ping blocked. How far can you get?10:35
* bigcalm hugs mtr10:35
* popey also hugs mtr10:35
bigcalmI'm not seeing any packet loss10:35
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
bigcalmLooking at mtr, I have a route to that IP address. But it isn't responding to pings10:36
popeyit fails at the last hop for me10:39
mungbeanregular traceroute is udp10:40
andylockranthe endpoint probably has ping blocked10:42
BigRedSyeah, traceroute traffic is always the first dropped when a switch is busy, too10:43
andylockranthanks guys for your help10:44
mungbeani *hate* that when you click refresh on a nagios page, it kicks you back to the home screen10:54
directhexi hate nagios10:58
andylockranI like opsview11:00
directhexi like big butts and i cannot lie11:07
dwatkinsI like munin.11:10
bigcalmFruit flies like a banana11:11
diplomungbean: You a chrome/chromium user ?11:12
diploIf so you can right click and Reload Frame11:12
BigRedSfirefox does same12:00
BigRedSbut I always remember once I've already f5ed12:00
diploHmm, didn't see it last time.12:02
BigRedSah, thinking about it, it might not...12:27
BigRedSI use a Firefox plugin which links us straight to that frame12:28
BigRedSGood Morning!13:09
mungbeanhmmm generic_service seems to overwrite contact settings for the host template13:11
davmor2czajkowski: prodington prod with a prodity prod13:16
MooDoohello davmor213:21
davmor2MooDoo: 'ow am ya mukka13:21
davmor2MooDoo: that bad13:23
MooDooit's not too bad13:24
* czajkowski tickles davmor2 13:28
* davmor2 hugs czajkowski as he knows how much it annoys her 13:29
MooDoodavmor2: you know czajkowski prefers being stabbed.13:30
davmor2MooDoo: you'll be on #naughtystep faster than your head can spin13:41
dwatkins[ you are now leaving #ubuntu-uk and being forcibly redirected to #naughtystep due to your being naughty] - like this? ;)13:47
MooDooi'm in/on #naughtystep14:03
mungbeanany recommendations on how i can examine if a mutlithreaded process is working efficiently?14:09
mungbeantop and pressing 1 is about as far as i've got14:09
directhexmungbean, you'd need a decent profiler for that14:09
dwatkinsstrace might help, mungbean - you can have it follow separate processes, iirc14:09
mungbeanits a large application14:09
mungbeanuser is complaining its running slower than the old server14:10
mungbeanfrequently seeing lots of cores getting used though14:10
dwatkinsthere's also 'sar' (system activity reporter) although that's more about the general server health - install 'sysstat' for that14:10
dwatkinsanother option is to install 'munin' and look at the graphs, note that it has two parts, munin-node (for clients) and munin (for the server), or you can install both on a single machine and have it report to itself\14:12
mungbeanthanks, i may consider that14:13
mungbeanits on a server thought so hmmmm14:13
dwatkinsI have munin on my server as well as sysstat reporting the kernel's stats14:14
mgdmhtop can be a little more enlightening than top14:14
mungbeanare you watching my screen :P14:14
mungbeanjust installed it14:14
mungbeanit certainly is nicer14:14
mungbeanhad to use EPEL..14:14
mgdmlast time I moved an app between servers it turned out that rverse DNS wasn't set up right and that made a bunch of network calls take ages14:15
mungbeani'm using stata MP14:16
dwatkinshttp://edinburgh.piku.org.uk/munin/ for an example of munin14:17
dwatkinsI should probably connect my other hard drives back up again.14:18
* bigcalm kicks Spotify14:31
bigcalmIs it working for anybody?14:32
Laneyjohn lewis gave me a delivery window of 2pm-9pm14:32
diploMigght have to try munin myself14:32
Laneyspotify> yes, using it via the web player atm14:32
Laneythe client has been borked on saucy for me since the start14:32
bigcalmThe client is fine for me, I meant the service with the client14:33
mgdmbigcalm: it's working for me14:33
bigcalmNope, not working for me. Says I'm offline14:34
bigcalmTime for some sound cloud14:35
bigcalmPleasing that my sound cloud set downloader still works. PHP 'n all. I shall go to hell I know14:36
* dwatkins notes that people are still looking at his munin installation15:00
mungbeanmy desktop PC feels slower when i can hear the disk15:30
awilkins_Do you remember the times of Windows 3.11 when the disks were really noisy15:38
awilkins_This is one reason you'd associate disk noise with sloth15:38
awilkins_Those old systems use to page to disk all the time15:38
mgdmI associate disk noise with slow machiens because disks are slow :-)15:39
* mgdm pats his SSDs15:39
mungbeanbut my machine is actually running slothfully15:39
mungbeanfew seconds to scroll etc15:39
mungbeanabout:memory always shags ff15:40
awilkins_Probably has to page all that RAM back off the disk to examine it15:41
mungbean30+ tabs15:41
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LaneyThe delivery still hasn't come17:57
daftykinsbeen lurking at home waiting for something?17:58
Laneywell I work from home but I'd probably have gone out at 6 otherwise17:58
Laneythe window is up to 9pm ...17:59
popeyleave a note on the door "Deliver to popey"18:02
daftykinsi'm awaiting LCD attempt 2 for a friends sisters laptop that got sat on / similar18:05
daftykinsthe first one had all the funky colours, so the ebay seller believes a 'firmware updated' model will work18:05
daftykinsi'm not holding my breath18:05
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
=== GentileBen is now known as GENTILEBEN
Laneycoming in 30 minutes ...19:03
daftykinsis it something exciting?19:08
Laneya sexy pink armchair19:09
pr0ph3t1hi all19:13
pr0ph3t1has anyone else got the cryptswap problem? It is not found at startup and it asks if I want to mount it manually19:15
popeyi have had that in the past, yes19:15
pr0ph3t1I still have it on Saucy though19:16
pr0ph3t1I'm reporting it on launchpad Bug #798086 as it seems it has not been solved completely yet19:17
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 798086 in linux (Ubuntu) "Occasional "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present" on system startup" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79808619:17
pr0ph3t1I always forget how to use grep though19:19
pr0ph3t1It doesn't give errors in dmesg, is that normal?19:20
daftykinsLaney: interesting19:21
pr0ph3t1re all19:34
mungbeanhmmm https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightread/+bug/1155251/comments/719:51
lubotu3`Ubuntu bug 1155251 in Lightread "Google Reader close" [Critical,Confirmed]19:51
Laneydaftykins: http://ubuntuone.com/3lIEEKDe2CsYtFpjw374RL20:04
Laneyohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh20:04
brobostigonit does seems somewhat obvious, that some of the children they are showing on "child genius" on itv1, are definatly aspies.20:19
=== G4MBY is now known as PaulW2U
popeyLaney: that has almost exactly 100% too many cushions20:19
popeyNo, wait. Exactly 100%20:20
Laneyyou are incorrect20:20
popeyWell that's never happened before.20:20
Laneys'alright, you'll recover20:21
Laney(but the internet never forgets)20:21
brobostigonch4, sorry.20:21
jacobw_I asked the internet, and it said popey's never been wrong before20:22
Laneyquick, add it to his wikipedia page20:22
popeywait, what, I have a wikipedia page?20:22
brobostigonnobodies perfect20:23
jacobw_Nobody's perfect20:24
brobostigonthats it.20:24
LaneyMy body's perfect20:24
* Laney schwing20:24
mungbeanthats filmed outside my room at work20:27
mungbeanim probably on it , twatting them as i run for the train20:27
popeyis it whiskey O'clock?20:27
mungbean"you can memorise a whole pack of cards. congrats, your best friend will live inside minecraft20:29
mungbeanand you might become a brilliant programmer20:29
mungbeanand live in a basement20:30
popeyjcm was a child prodigy if I recall. and despite being a bit odd, he's got a pretty normal social life ☻20:31
popey(I am sure he doesn't mind being described as a bit odd)20:31
MartijnVdSmungbean: memorising a pack of cards is useful.. read cryptonomicon ;)20:31
mgdmpopey: it's whisky o'clock here20:31
mgdmMartijnVdS: rom what I remember of that book memorising the deck wasn't a requirement20:32
popeyfather in law gave me a bottle at the weekend20:32
mungbeanmy son has memorised the whole gruffalo book and others word for word, its worrying but hopefully normal20:32
MartijnVdSmgdm: it helps though20:33
MartijnVdSmungbean: geek parents -> geek kid20:33
mungbeanmy wife is the geek in disguise20:34
mungbeani'm normal  ... honest20:34
MartijnVdSmungbean: Suuuure :)20:34
mungbeansays the guy who is irc'ing while paiting a spitfire20:34
popeyhmm. i appear to not own a single whiskey glass20:35
* popey puts one on his wishlist20:35
mgdmI got two as blaggage from a conference I ran20:35
mgdm(called Whisky Web, oddly enough)20:35
mungbeanpopey: eat a jar of nutella20:35
mungbeanwash the jar20:35
mungbeanperfect  size20:35
MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.nutella.nl/nl/producten/200g20:35
MartijnVdSI was just about to link that :)20:35
mungbeandiscovered by accident20:36
* mgdm remembers that for the future, but will hand the Nutella for his gf to dispose of20:36
mgdmcan't stand the stuff20:36
mungbeanwashed in the dishwasher , found a  nice glass20:36
popey"(Pack of 15)"20:36
MartijnVdSpack of 15, but no "Subscription" option?20:36
brobostigonbeer number one of the day and the last, wow.20:37
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: recovering alcoholic? :)20:37
brobostigonMartijnVdS: nah, just being careful, having a total break up and breakdown, caustiousness is the best.20:38
mungbeanhavent had beer in 201320:39
MartijnVdSmungbean: but you had a kid instead20:39
mungbeani had baileys and port20:39
brobostigonthere you go, alchohol.20:39
mungbeanbut i like beer in very small quantities now as it makes me ill20:40
* MartijnVdS points at http://www.vandestreek-bier.nl/ ;)20:40
popeywhen in Spain I discovered Pedro Ximénez20:40
popeybecause they don't drink port20:40
mungbeanwhen you have a 100ml glass you look at it very differently20:40
brobostigonMartijnVdS: maybe we could ship some, for us to try it ?20:40
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: I think it's hard to ship alcohol20:41
brobostigonMartijnVdS: is it ?20:41
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: it's expensive at least20:41
brobostigonMartijnVdS: oh dear. :(20:41
mungbeandental hygeinist appt tomorrow :(20:42
brobostigonMartijnVdS: maybe you could have another england trip, and bring over a few barrels?20:42
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: bottles would be easier, barrel connectors aren't really standard20:43
brobostigonMartijnVdS: good point,20:43
* brobostigon might have to visit the netherlands then.20:44
brobostigonhow about a meetup nederlandishe beere.20:48
MartijnVdSI might know a place that has a few kinds of beer to trey20:49
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: https://plus.google.com/105345267335170512506/about?gl=NL&hl=en-NL20:49
brobostigonMartijnVdS: intersting opening times.20:51
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: it's a store, not a pub20:51
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: that's next door ;)20:51
daftykinsLaney: how rather bright!20:51
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ah, i see, :)20:51
MartijnVdSthat's the pub20:52
MartijnVdSthey say it's Irish20:52
Azelphursigh, phone lines gone down :(20:54
Azelphurwish I could make dd-wrt tether to my android phone20:54
MartijnVdSAzelphur: openwrt could do it20:56
Azelphurinteresting :)20:56
Azelphurmy routers apparently supported by openwrt too now20:56
MartijnVdSyou might need a daemon to "fix" bridging (wifi clients use packets with too few mac address fields, or something)20:57
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/relayclient20:57
brobostigonbeer and crinkly crisps, what more can you ask for.20:59
brobostigonmargerhita with gpats cheese, yes, yummy,21:00
daftykinsa magic cure to automatically teleport all woodworm in my house to another country would be very welcome21:00
awilkinsWhisky and a lapful of warm sunite arker21:00
brobostigonQI bbc2, :)21:01
MartijnVdSnew or old?21:01
MartijnVdSold :(21:02
brobostigonjust looking.21:02
popeyAzelphur: i have setup openwrt to work with a 3g dongle, much the same as tethering to a phone21:02
brobostigonoh well, might be th best thing on.21:02
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: the Route Masters program that just finished looks interesting though21:02
popeyworks well21:02
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i missed that.21:02
daftykinsAzelphur: does it go as in no dial tone at all? seems a bit major21:03
Azelphurdaftykins: yup, seems like no power is being sent down the line, everything is totally dead.21:03
Azelphurpopey: cool, doesn't that require wxdial or something with username/password info?21:03
brobostigonhislop, bbc4, :)21:03
Azelphurandroid phone tethering is plug n play21:03
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: already seen that one too :)21:03
MartijnVdSZzz time here21:03
daftykinsnn sir o/21:04
popeyAzelphur: there's a bit of config, not hard, its well documented21:04
brobostigonMartijnVdS: me also, i am cluthing straws.21:04
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: you could view some photos ;) https://plus.google.com/photos/100189567362844794281/albums/589351344323156856121:04
Azelphurmaybe I'll go down that route sometime, for now I wouldn't mind some way of getting my server on the LAN so I can watch some movies while I wait this out :P21:04
=== GENTILEBEN is now known as GentileBen
AzelphurI got my phone plugged in on USB for internet, as soon as I plug the ethernet in, everything tries to use the ethernet for internet. :(21:05
brobostigonMartijnVdS: thats a god picture of the river, with the overhanging trees.21:06
daftykinsAzelphur: as in for an option besides going to use the TV?21:06
daftykins(on the media front)21:06
Azelphurdaftykins: haha, yea, mainly after trying to get access to my NAS21:06
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: tnx :)21:07
brobostigonMartijnVdS: :) youre welcome.21:07
Azelphurshame I only have one USB wifi adapter, or I'd just put everything on wifi for a bit, problem solved.21:07
^2fCEvenings :)21:07
^2fCHas anyone done the CCNA exam ?21:08
MartijnVdSAzelphur: hence my OpenWRT suggestion ;)21:08
Azelphuryea :)21:08
daftykinsAzelphur: if you dropped gateway and DNS config from your wired interface, would programs stop messing up (i assumed your programs stop taking to the tethered phone when you connect network is what you were saying)21:10
Azelphurdaftykins: sounds about right, how would I do that? :P21:10
daftykinshrmm, is your deskie acting as a DHCP client?21:11
daftykinskilling whatever network manager you have and setting the interface statically with IP + netmask alone might work21:11
daftykinssudo ifconfig eth0 <IP> netmask <mask>21:12
daftykinsthat should be enough to give IP based network connectivity to media whilst still preferring the tether21:12
daftykinsalthough maybe the network manager is handling the tether intelligence, heh :(21:12
Azelphurwhat mask should I set,
daftykinsyip for a standard class C21:13
Azelphurwill give it a shot :)21:13
ali12341"as soon as I plug the ethernet in, everything tries to use the ethernet for internet" <- that's network manager for you21:13
ali12341oh wow they added mcpixel to the latest HiB21:14
ali12341what did i say the other day?21:14
Azelphurnope, that didn't work21:14
Azelphurat least, not just setting the netmask21:14
ali12341what are you trying to do?21:15
daftykinsyou set IP and netmask right?21:15
daftykinsali12341: he wants to gain access to his NAS at the same time as remain tethered over his phone21:15
daftykinsi thought that setting a static IP with no route and no DNS might work21:15
ali12341no, network manager will ifdown/ifup on cable connect even if it is configured static21:16
ali12341this will wipe out any default route etc21:16
Azelphurnope, did sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask
ali12341there is a way to do it21:16
Azelphurand still routes through the ethernet21:16
ali12341what you must do is think like network manager designer21:17
ali12341they are designing it for people who have no idea what they are doing so pretend that's you21:17
Azelphurdon't have to pretend \m/21:17
ali12341what you need to do is do connection sharing and share the mobile connection to the LAN connection21:17
daftykinsdoes the tether stop working as soon as network manager is stopped?21:18
ali12341then it will allow you to be connected to both at once (obviously, or else it wouldn't work)21:18
Azelphurdaftykins: will give that a go and see :)21:18
Azelphurali12341: how would that work though, then I'd have no "busted internet" connection21:18
ali12341you go to the mobile connection in network manager and select "shared to other computers"21:19
ali12341that's it21:19
ali12341oh and put a switch in between your computer and the nas so that you don't get spurious cable interrupts when power cycling21:20
Azelphurdaftykins: nope, kill network manager = disconnect :P21:22
ali12341what are you doing this for anyway?21:22
daftykins1) his ISP service is down 2) he wants to stay online and network with his media21:23
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ali12341your ISP is down?21:23
ali12341like, the whole thing?21:23
daftykinskey word.21:23
Azelphurali12341: phone line is down, dead phone line, the works. :(21:24
ali12341well, do the connection sharing thing21:24
Azelphuryea I'm working on that now, just pulled my switch out of a box :)21:25
ali12341if you're not reseting the NAS you don't need the switch21:25
Azelphuronly got one port on my laptop, 3 devices to connect21:25
ali12341well how do you connect them normally?21:26
Azelphurethernet into the router21:26
daftykinsin my new place i need more than my 8 port gigabit switch :(21:26
ali12341so do that?21:26
Azelphurali12341: the router has no connection...because the phone line is down?21:26
ali12341you should not rewire anything21:26
daftykinsAzelphur: silly me, i wonder if statically configuring *with* network manager would stop it21:27
ali12341it doesn't matter, ethernet switches don't work like that21:27
Azelphuryou're not even making any sense lol21:27
ali12341there is no reason at all to reconfigure anything21:27
daftykinshis over-enthusiasm gets the better of him :(21:27
Azelphurindeed :P21:27
ali12341when you select connection sharing ont he mobile connection it will automatically ignore the default route on eth021:27
ali12341in fact it will ignore the dhcp completely21:28
Azelphurali12341: where's connection sharing at?21:30
Azelphurah, method: shared to other computers.21:30
daftykinstechnically that's reconfiguring ;)21:31
ali12341i hope everything on your network is configured for dhcp and avahi21:33
daftykinsit's all about static21:34
Azelphuryea it is :)21:35
AzelphurI allocate the static IPs from my router21:35
popeyooh, ali12341 is the wrong colour21:35
popeyoh, extra 121:35
ali12341everything is going to change ip then21:35
Azelphurali12341: what do I have to set in here on the two connections? I set USB to Shared to other computers21:35
Azelphurbut what about the ethernet?21:35
ali12341just leave it21:36
Azelphurif I leave it, when I connect it, I loose connection with everything else as normal21:36
ali12341turn off dhcp on the router21:36
ali12341power cycle everything21:36
daftykinsor just use the switch so you don't have to reconfigure21:37
daftykinsi love how much reconfiguring ali's no-config necessary method involves :(21:37
ali12341well, you don't have to change any ip addresses, or try to fight network manager21:37
ali12341and you don't have to mess about with any cables21:38
daftykinsi'll give you that the use-case is rare21:39
Azelphurali12341: seems like the htpc isn't getting an IP assigned by DHCP, you sure I don't need to do anything with eth1 on my PC for this?21:43
=== ali12341 is now known as ali1234
ali1234why is it eth1?21:43
ali1234you don't need to do anything, no21:44
ali1234unless it is broken21:44
ali1234if it is broken, you are screwed21:44
Azelphurali1234: well, I have USB set to shared to other computers, ethernet is currently set to the default, which is automatic (dhcp)21:44
Azelphurand my fileserver is connected to eth0 on my PC21:44
Azelphurand not getting given an IP21:44
ali1234what, directly?21:45
Azelphurali1234: via a switch21:45
ali1234oh hang on, you're supposed to set the eth0 to shared, and the USB you just leave alone21:47
* Azelphur sets usb back to automatic (dhcp)21:47
Azelphurali1234: works \o/21:51
TheProphet[S]anyone uses text based irc clients anymore?21:54
Azelphurnow to set my laptop up to nudge me when the normal connection comes up, and hopefully good to go :)21:55
brobostigonyes, irssi21:55
TheProphet[S]brobostigon have you heard someone is working on fixing BitchX?21:56
TheProphet[S]I'm using it now although it takes some time getting used to I guess21:57
brobostigonohwell, he left.21:59
brobostigonno, is the answer to your question, TheProphet[S]22:00
TheProphet[S]brobostigon you kind of lost me there, I'm trying to get used to this text based client22:03
TheProphet[S]and the chat log only gets to 21:03 hours :-S22:04
brobostigonTheProphet[S]: a text based client, takes no getting used to, other than using your keyboard, and understanding terminal windows than gui ones.22:07
ali1234and memorizing all the silly commands like /432981722:08
brobostigon /win 1/2/3 etc.22:08
TheProphet[S]brobostigon sure but I needed to configure SASL auto connection and now the client connects to freenode automatically at startup and joins ubuntu-uk, at least it should do. Oh and identifies my nick as well22:09
brobostigonTheProphet[S]: yes, you can tell irssi to do all those inthings, or not.22:09
TheProphet[S]I tend to log on to irc just to chat with you guys, regarding ubuntu22:11
TheProphet[S]so to set it all up so that it connects straight here is quite useful22:11
TheProphet[S]now I'm working out (reading) what all these symbols mean here22:13
TheProphet[S]from lynx!22:13
Azelphurthere we go, set my laptop up with a cron job to ping me if my internet comes back up22:14
TheProphet[S]so to run text based programs on ubuntu is easy if you do it using Terminal, but without X you would have to run lynx on one tty and bitchx on another or you wouldn't be able to do two things at once, split windows etc22:19
hamitronscreen is nice22:19
TheProphet[S]hamitron thanks!22:23
TheProphet[S]and mutt as well! You can do a lot without X, I didn't realise22:28
dogmatic69is it correct that I can not name a folder and file the same?22:28
hamitronyeh, because everything is a file22:29
dogmatic69ah ok22:29
dogmatic69dumb torrent download22:29
dogmatic69foo.iso is in foo.iso22:29
dogmatic69cant even over write it22:29
hamitronerm, a file inside a folder of the same name should be ok22:30
dogmatic69nope, it would not allow. Had to remove the .iso on the folder22:31
dogmatic69hamitron: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/124578309822:32
dogmatic69I guess its assuming I mean move file xyz into folder abc22:33
daftykinswhen does this situation ever come up :(22:33
dogmatic69obviously some check like if (is folder) {into} else {overwrite}22:33
hamitrondaftykins, haha, whenever someone is looking for a problem22:34
dogmatic69daftykins: when you download a torrent that is in a folder for some reason that should have just been a file22:34
dogmatic69openSuse torrent...22:34
hamitronI still can't see why a torrent would tbh22:34
hamitronunless you are wanting to move the download location22:35
dogmatic69ye, idk why its in a folder. All the others were plain .iso files22:35
dogmatic69I could understand if the torrent is 50 files or something22:35
hamitronI just wish i could give up email and web browsers22:37
dogmatic69hamitron: maybe just HTML?22:37
hamitronwell, plain HTML webpages would be ok I suppose22:37
hamitronbut heck, firefox is taking nearly 4GB memory atm22:38
hamitronplus 2 cores of my cpu22:38
dogmatic69I got chrome at around 4GB also22:39
daftykinsi don't understand why it sucks so hard on Linux, yet i've never had issues with it on Windows22:39
hamitrondidn't update to a quad core cpu, to have firefox taking the 2 extra cores ;)22:39
dogmatic69how you see what cpu an app is using?22:40
hamitronI should maybe just run firefox remotely on a single core machine, that will stop it22:40
hamitronprobably in a gui somewhere, but dunno where22:41
daftykinsused to be gnome-system-monitor22:42
daftykinsso maybe it's still called the system monitor for the GUI one22:42
daftykinsalthough amusingly the GUI one actually caused more loads by itself :(22:42
dogmatic69ye, how you see 'two of my cores'22:42
dogmatic69or is that a guesstimate22:42
dogmatic69chrome sitting at only 5% cpu. like 40 tabs open :D22:43
hamitronfirefox is fine till it breaks22:44
dogmatic69I cant handle the 25 minute delay for firebug to open22:44
hamitronand chrome is fine until you open loads of tabs, and each tab takes x resources22:44
hamitronmy favourite browser is IE, but no linux support22:45
dogmatic69wait no more http://www.modern.ie/en-US/virtualization-tools22:45
hamitronI'd open that, if firefox was working22:46
dogmatic69just download links for free VM's of all IE versions22:46
hamitrongonna be moving to windows 8 soon anyway22:47
hamitronwanna test how it handles multi-display setups22:47
dogmatic69its not to bad imo, limited usage.22:48
hamitronfrom reading, it looks better than windows 722:48
dogmatic69probably better than linux :/22:48
hamitronlinux handles them perfect tbh22:48
dogmatic69that is funny after I have spend around 3 days trying to make it work22:48
hamitronwell, I'm on AMD gpu....22:49
dogmatic69I got 3x monitors on 2x GTX 550 Ti's22:49
dogmatic69not fun22:49
hamitron3 monitors works well on AMD stuff22:49
dogmatic69best I have so far is atp-get install xbunut-desktop which fixed most errors22:50
dogmatic69but now looks like I am running windows 9522:50
hamitronI liked windows 9522:51
daftykinsit had a Weezer music video on the disc22:52
daftykinsyou could install, then rock out ;x22:52
hamitronand a free game22:53
hamitronbut I always have felt win95 was the sweet spot for computing22:54
hamitronusable for most people, yet reasonable on resources22:54
TheProphet[S]hamitron try lynx and mutt23:03
hamitronlynx is not great for..... images23:04
hamitronanyways, I got 8GB memory.... it should handle a web browser imo23:04
ali1234i just found a neat python script in my old files23:09

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