snap-lgreg-g: At least it isn't an infographic.00:08
snap-lI always wonder if I'll come up with enough tracks for a show00:47
snap-land invariably I find more than I can fit in one show00:48
snap-lDammit, Blackhawks have the cup03:45
snap-lnixternal will be insufferable for a year now. :)03:45
snap-lGood morning12:19
rick_h just morning12:19
brouschrick_h: If it makes you feel better, I was woken up at 5:45 by dogs afraid of the thunder12:20
brouschWe have 2 dogs. One sleeps in a crate and the other sleeps next to it. When thunder starts, the non-crate dog hides in the hallway, leaving the crate dog lonely. She starts yipping and whining until I let her out and sleep downstairs12:22
snap-lrick_h: I see you got hit by the TWiT smoke detector. ;)12:23
rick_hdude! I pulled chairs across the house checking all of my detectors!12:23
snap-lHahahahhaha. :)12:24
snap-lYea, they mentioned it about 20 minutes in12:24
rick_hof course I'm pulling my tablet along with me and keep listening to the podcast as I chase it down12:25
rick_hthinking that I can listen as I work...12:25
rick_hI'm standing up on a chair checking one for the 3rd time when they mention it12:25
brouschI thought you guys didn't listen to twit12:29
rick_hI do once in a while. I'm between audio books atm12:29
rick_hand figured I'd see what the snowden commentary was12:29
snap-lI listen from time to time whenever I'm doing dishes12:30
snap-lThere's few podcasts that are "OMG, must listen"12:30
snap-lhttp://www.kenandrobintalkaboutstuff.com/ is one of them12:30
snap-lmostly because it's got a severe history bent.12:30
rick_hyea, it's really my only podcast other than PTI these days. I just do more books than podcasts any more. Doing 2-4 books a month instead12:30
snap-lPTI == ?12:31
rick_hpardon the interruption (a sportsball show)12:31
snap-lAh, ok12:31
rick_hespn show I can't watch since I don't have cable so I podcast it12:31
snap-lI listen to security now on occasion12:31
snap-land TWiG from time to time12:32
rick_hI can't listen to that. Gibson just seems to go on rambling and I can't get into it at all12:32
snap-lMeh, he makes great background noise.12:32
rick_hTWiG needs to be blown up and restarted12:32
brouschNo Radio Free Python?12:32
snap-lYeah, I don't find myself finishing too many episodes of TWiG12:32
snap-lMostly because the latter half of the show is pretty much fodder for the first part of the next show12:33
brouschFor non-geek, I listen to Reasonable Doubts12:34
snap-lbrousch: I'm 1:00 into the latest episode12:35
snap-land I want to quit it now12:35
brouschIt's entertaining12:35
snap-lI'm sure he got clearance for all of the clips on the show. ;)12:36
brouschHm, clips?12:36
snap-lThe Monty Python clips12:36
brouschOH, Radio Free Python12:37
brouschHe is kind of pompous, but knows Python deeply12:37
snap-lI find most tech podcasts are a bit wanting if there's not two people on the show12:38
snap-land sometimes panel shows can be too much12:39
brouschHe usually has interviews12:39
snap-lThere's only one amateur tech podcast that I listen to all the way through, and that's lococast.net. ;)12:41
snap-lSometimes I listen to it several times just to make sure I got everything12:42
brouschIf only they would release more often12:46
brouschI assume they are working on an 8 hour long mega-show12:46
brouschNew RSS Reader http://reader.aol.com/12:50
snap-lOh hell no12:50
snap-lbrousch: http://spawnfromdeceit1.bandcamp.com/12:54
snap-lRight up your alley.12:54
brouschDuck grind?12:54
brouschThat's all i listen to now12:55
brouschDuck Grind and Ass Blasters12:55
snap-lAnd they let you have children12:56
brouschAs many as I want!13:00
brouschsnap-l: I am enjoying Spawn of Deceit13:16
snap-lbrousch: I thought you might.13:16
brouschWith this standing desk the whole office can see me headbanging13:24
snap-lhah. :)13:27
brouschsnap-l: I think I like Spawn of Deceit's older album even more13:39
snap-lbrousch: Ah, I'll have to check that one out13:43
snap-lI got into checking out a band's recommendations, and fortunately they had a lot of CC-music13:44
snap-lWhich is why there's a lot of punk and hardcore in this latest episode13:44
jrwren_why do people keep dogs in the house when they are so much trouble. I'll never understand it.13:49
rick_hbecause good dogs aren't so much trouble :)13:50
jrwren_about the second night some dog yaps and wakes me up. I'd get rid of it.13:50
jrwren_By get rid of it, I mean it would no longer be welcome in my house. It can sleep outdoors.13:51
jrwren_and if I hear barking, it dies.13:51
jrwren_unless it is barking at a person. intruder detection is nice.13:51
snap-lI think jrwren_ is a cat person13:52
jrwren_the funny thing is, i prefer dogs to cats. I just have no tollerance for yappy dogs.13:52
snap-lSo don't get a yappy dog13:53
snap-lI think yappy dogs are also like misbehaving kids13:54
snap-lif they're not destroying something valuable, they get a pass after a while13:54
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snap-lWell fuck16:02
AaronThulI wonder how much they lost on the Nook16:33
rick_hso their answer is " Nook apps will come pre-loaded on kids-focused Fuhu nabi tablets and also on E FUN Nextbook tablets." w...t...f16:34
rick_hweren't the closing up the B&N stores and were going to split the nook as the only 'good' part of their business?16:35
snap-lWell, I think part of it was the nook app store sucked balls16:55
snap-lSo the new tablets couldn't compete with the newer Google offerings16:56
snap-lwhich is why they added Google Play to 'em16:56
snap-lThen they dropped the price by a LOT16:56
greg-gsome days I wish I smoked so I could go out for a cigarette break and walk around16:58
snap-lgreg-g: Just hang out with the smokers.16:59
snap-lHonestly, they're like little informal decision meetings anyway16:59
greg-gthen I'd end up smoking (or at least smelling like smoke, which is just about as bad, for Carrie/Rowan)16:59
greg-g'tis true16:59
snap-lat least that was what happened at Ford16:59
rick_hgreg-g: I just get up and go for a walk and 'take a break' :P16:59
snap-lwas 10x more productive meetings16:59
greg-gless so here, honestly16:59
greg-galright, going for a walk. I'll get enough second hand smoke from being downtown anyways :)17:00
greg-g"contact high" here I come!17:00
jrwren_greg-g: just go for a walk. what is the big deal?17:00
snap-lOh wait, this is SF, right?17:00
snap-lSo they're going out for a "smoke break"17:00
snap-l"It's 4:20 somewhere, maaaan"17:01
greg-gjrwren_: mostly, a person who stands there/sits there by themselves not doing anything but sitting/standing looks weird. The cigarette gives you a purpose17:01
snap-lgreg-g: You could always oogle people.17:01
snap-lGives you a purpose, and a creepy factor as well17:02
greg-gno comment17:02
* greg-g goes17:02
jrwren_get a camera, take photo breaks.17:03
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snap-lAaronThul: BTW: Don't think you can just sneak in here and not say Hello. :)17:15
snap-lWe've missed you!17:15
AaronThulI been hiding out in Canada LOL17:16
snap-lSo I've heard17:16
snap-lHgoping for a SCOTUS ruling that can help with that17:16
rick_hAaronThul: hah, I just made an appt to go to canada to have my car worked on17:16
snap-lnot holding my breath though17:16
rick_hAaronThul: where at?17:16
AaronThulyes its a nice city but sure rains a lot17:20
AaronThulhmm where the heck is drivedb.h on Ununtu locate is failing me17:20
rick_hAaronThul: http://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=drivedb.h&mode=path&suite=stable&arch=any17:22
AaronThulapthul@mara:/var/log$ ls /usr/share/smartmontools/drivedb.h17:23
AaronThulls: cannot access /usr/share/smartmontools/drivedb.h: No such file or directory17:23
rick_hAaronThul: dpkg -l | grep smartmontools ?17:24
AaronThulii  smartmontools                             5.38-3ubuntu3                                   control and monitor storage systems using S.17:24
AaronThulmaybe my old version does not have a drive db17:24
rick_hah, maybe. what version is it?17:24
rick_hhttp://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=drivedb.h&mode=path&suite=stable&arch=any yea, not in squeeze (pre wheezy)17:25
AaronThulmaybe someone has a PPA17:25
AaronThulI want to keep an eye on m shinny new SSDs17:25
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brouschrick_h: Did you break your car already?18:08
rick_hbrousch: no, but it's a complicated tow behicle. I need to have the hitch reinforced before I can use a WD hitch.18:11
rick_hbrousch: so for optimal safety going to take it to CA and get it reinforced and balanced out.18:11
greg-gyou're coming to CA?18:12
brouschWhy is nothing easy with you?18:12
rick_hgreg-g: CA Canada :P18:13
rick_hbrousch: yea, it's a mess. towing is different in EU where they make this thing18:14
greg-gI thought it was in prep to come out here to visit me, oh well18:14
rick_hso it's odd doing it right here int he US18:14
AaronThulwow just learned something about pg_restore I really wish I knew a few days ago18:15
snap-lAaronThul: Something happen to your DB?19:12
AaronThulyes bad things19:12
snap-lThat's the opposite of good things19:12
AaronThullast few days been no fun19:12
jcastrohey AaronThul !19:25
jcastrolong time!19:25
AaronThuljcastro: for sure19:26
AaronThulI been hiding out in Canada19:26
jrwren_how to profile a python daemon?19:52
snap-lProfile or just see what it's doing?20:01
snap-lif it's the latter, i resort to strace20:01
snap-lIf it's the former, then I'd check out: http://docs.python.org/2/library/profile.html20:01
greg-gugh, we're getting DOS'd by amazon AWS on our search cluster (making lots of bogus search queries)20:28
greg-gby users of AWS, that is20:28
brouschWho did you piss off this time?20:29
greg-gusually everyone20:29
snap-lTake that Wikipedia for [citation needed]20:30
brouschIf you would just block the controversial posts and allow all of the posts through you wouldn't have these problems20:33
greg-gbrousch: yep, 'zactly20:34
brouschGlad I could help20:37
snap-lbrousch: DO you happen to have that list of controversial posts in a .csv format?20:38
brouschI assume it's part of the Wikimedia API20:39
greg-gso, there was this optional, opt-in feature to hide images tagged with nsfw or something. The "community" wouldn't let it go through on the grounds of CENSORSHIP!20:40
jrwren_python -m cProfile worked very well. I'm just dumb.20:40
greg-gcommunity in scarequotes because like many things, I think it was a vocal minority20:40
brouschWho decides what gets the tag?20:40
snap-lExactly. How am I to get my daily fix of NSFW Wikiporn?20:40
brouschsnap-l: That tag would make it easier to find the wikipr0n20:41
greg-gtheres plenty of porn on wikimedia commons20:42
snap-lwho runs wikimedia commons?20:45
brouschgreg-g does20:45
snap-land how long are the logs kept? :)20:45
greg-gwe scrub IPs as soon as possible, but we have stats on number of views per media/page20:46
greg-gwe have probably the best TOS in the industry, *especially* for a top 5 website20:46
widoxrick_h: that api conference that came up in CHC, http://api-craft.org/20:53
rick_hwidox: cool, thanks.20:53
rick_hcurses, right after pyohio20:54
rick_hugh, weekday conference.20:54
brouschWeekday are the best. Get a day off work and the boss pays20:57
brouschBut yeah, d00d, right after PyOhio20:57
jrwren_TIL: plotting 5000 points onto a world map with d3js and refreshing every second is SLOW20:57
brousch3 days long?20:58
widoxthe first day is really only a party at night20:58
jrwren_TIL: pickle is huge orders of magnitude faster than json. cpickle is a few more orders of magnitude faster than pickle20:59
rick_hjrwren_: yea, just no portability to other langs and you can get some strange object behavior on occassion.21:00
jrwren_its *really good* for what I'm doing :)21:02
jrwren_well, shared memory and real threads would be better, but python fucking sucks, ya know :)21:12
jrwren_i considered using *not python*21:12
rick_hwidox: oh, it's an unconference. Interesting21:17
jcastrosnap-l: not in #ubuntu-community-team anymore?22:26
snap-ljcastro: Nah, I don't hang out in there much23:19
snap-lAnything I missed, jcastro ?23:19
jcastroI was going to whine about metal23:19
snap-lwhine away. :)23:22
jrwren_jcastro: learn something tomorrow!23:24
snap-ljcastro: Picked up Supercollider?23:25
jcastronot very good.23:26
snap-lSeems to be the general consensus23:26
snap-lThough I remember you hating Endgame as well23:26
jcastroensgame has at least 3 good soongs23:28
jcastrothing one .. man, nothing23:28
jcastroit's just not good23:28
jcastrowhich makes me sad23:28
snap-lSo they finally shit out a Death Magnetic. ;)23:31
snap-l(That's not fair, at lease Death Magnetic had Judas Kiss)23:32
snap-lI don't think I could have picked a better muse23:42

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