Unit193I used to.00:04
jrgiffordthafreak: i might do it for one of my throw-away domains.00:08
jrgiffordyano: so you run the ##weather-us*00:36
jrgiffordstuff right?00:36
Unit193Yes he does.01:01
jenni[ myano/jenni · GitHub ] - http://j.mp/efOomq01:01
jrgiffordUnit193: oh, cool!01:03
jrgiffordyano: OHMYWAT. you created lmddgtfy?01:04
Unit193But we don't have a storm, wxbot is mean!01:24
yanojrgifford: yes01:26
yanojrgifford: i didn't create it, but i run it01:26
yanoi forked it from mikejs01:26
yanoon github01:26
yanohe lost lmddgtfy.com01:26
yanoso i bought lmddgtfy.net01:26
yanoand just started running his code01:29
jrgiffordi'll need to find some bitcoin for oyu01:30
jrgiffordbecause i use that a lot.01:30
yanohehe \o/01:30
jrgifford(well, i send it to people)01:31
yanodid you know there is a !lmddgtfy bang?01:31
yano.ddg !lmddgtfy this is an example01:31
jenniyano: http://lmddgtfy.net/?q=this%20is%20an%20example01:31
jrgiffordnow that is fantastic.01:31
yanothat's what i love about jenni, i can generate lmddgtfy URLs for people01:31
yanoand i don't have to bother with the URL encoding01:31
* Unit193 uses google. :P01:31
jrgiffordi use the !b and !g a lot01:32
jrgiffordbut most of the time ddg just finds it.01:32
jrgifford(!b more than !g)01:32
Unit193Yeah, I won't use Bing, and ddg never can find anything I'm looking for.01:32
yanoyou aren't paranoid enough :-P01:33
jrgiffordyou have to learn to think like the duck01:33
yanoI use http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/01:33
yanowhich is DuckDuckGo01:33
yanoand if i can't find something there i then go to https://startpage.com/01:33
Unit193I'm randomly paraniod about things. :P01:33
jenni[ Startpage Web Search ] - http://j.mp/1cga0bE01:33
jrgiffordDax really is a nice guy, once you get to know him.01:33
jrgifford(dax = the mascot)01:33
yanooh drats, i thought you meant the IRC nick dax01:34
yanoi know dax on freenode01:34
jrgiffordoh, i don't know dax on freenode.01:34
jrgiffordI do know the duck though.01:34
jrgiffordi ask him all sorts of questions.01:34
jrgiffordyou should be able to go to duckduckgo.com/programming01:34
jrgiffordand you can talk to him01:34
jenni[ Rubber duck debugging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - http://j.mp/OEhl8P01:35
jrgiffordi mean, http://www.rubberduckdebugging.com/ is nice, but yeah.01:35
jenni[ Rubber Duck Debugging ] - http://j.mp/1cgakav01:35
jrgiffordanyone want a dozen rubber duckies? $13.50 on amazon!01:36
jrgiffordi might buy those for the office.01:36
jenni[ Amazon.com: One Dozen (12) Rubber Duck Ducky Duckie Baby Shower Birthday Party Favors: Toys & Games ] - http://j.mp/1cgauyr01:36
jrgiffordah, ninjas! http://www.amazon.com/One-Dozen-Ninja-Rubber-Duckys/dp/B000VQBQ1K/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1372124157&sr=8-16&keywords=rubber+duck01:36
jenni[ Amazon.com: One Dozen (12) ~ Ninja Rubber Duckys: Toys & Games ] - http://j.mp/1cgav5J01:36
yanoalso, is it evil if I use Linux Mint? :301:37
yanoit's ubuntu-like01:37
jrgifforddebian edition or otherwise?01:37
yanothe straight up Linux Mint01:37
yanonot the debian Linux Mint01:37
jrgiffordbecause if its debian edition, i'm ok with it. if it's the ubuntu based version, well, we've got some problems... ;)01:37
yanoi switched to it from Debian stable on my work machine, so I could easily install/play Steam games after hours01:38
yanosince Lint Mint had multi-arch before Debian testing did01:38
jrgiffordcool. :)01:38
yanoand at the time i wanted to avoid ubuntu because it was still too main stream, lol01:38
* yano takes off the hipster glasses01:38
jrgiffordit's funny, at work we're almost a 50/50 split between mac and windows01:39
jrgiffordand the only reason it isn't straight cut & dry is because of the 4 linux users.01:39
jrgifford3 of which are on my team. :P01:39
jrgiffordand out of that, we have a 50/50 split between ubuntu and fedora01:40
jrgifford(ok, i know rhel isn't fedora, but close enough)01:40
Unit193Go Suse, annoy all! :D01:41
jrgiffordugh, ew.01:41
Unit193See?  It works!01:41
jrgiffordi tried, couldn't get my postgresql to work.01:41
jrgiffordlike, i wanted to, but nope.01:41
yanomy boss and i use linux at work01:41
jrgiffordif i have to spend more than 15 minutes tinkering with postgres to be as insecure as i need it to be for easy development, then i'm out of there.01:41
yanobut everyone else (sales, and support) all use Windows01:41
yanothen again we are a non-computer company01:42
jrgiffordwe're a byod shop. :(01:42
jrgiffordcauses so many problems.01:42
yanooh wow01:42
yanodo they compensate you for your equipment?01:42
yanoand how to they handle sensitive user information on your machine, legal-wise?01:42
jenni[ LaunchHouse | Seed Capital Fund & Business Accelerator ] - http://j.mp/1cgb6Em01:42
jrgiffordit's a coworking space.01:42
jrgiffordso we supply internet access and printers.01:43
jrgiffordthat's it. fairly nice.01:43
jrgiffordbut also a pain, because you've got everything from XP to tiger (10.4) to rhel501:43
jrgiffordand you have to have stuff that works on all of htose.01:43
jrgiffordIts fun.01:45
jrgiffordYou get to tinker with all sorts of systems.01:45
jrgiffordAnd you have to justify every change that you want to make.01:46
jrgiffordWell, almost every change.01:46
jrgiffordIts actually nice. Means that we do things once in production after extensive testing.01:48
jrgiffordWe make use of VMs (a lot).01:48
jrgiffordAnyway, that's the fun environment we've got. But seriously, SUSE?01:51
jrgiffordUnit193: ^01:51
Unit193jrgifford: That's the point, actually.01:52
Unit193Make all the linux users agree, annoy all of them. :D01:52
Unit193No, I've never used OpenSuse, nor do I plan on it any time soon.  Debian based is quite nice, and Arch does have appeal as well.01:53
jrgiffordSo. Fedora is interesting though01:55
skellatopenSUSE was nice once upon a time before they geared up to being the best KDE-based distro ever01:55
jrgiffordI could see myself becoming a fedora user when I no longer use 99% gnome stuff and could move to KDE.01:55
jrgiffordLike, Debian and Ubuntu are gnomes are heart.01:56
Unit193I don't use Gnome, I don't like it either, Xfce is my way to fly it.  Yum isn't my favorite, so I don't really see myself likeing Fedora that much, but I don't exactly dislike it.01:57
jrgiffordI just need something that has keyboard shortcuts, a little bit of eye candy and no small amount of documentation.01:59
jrgiffordI don't want to learn Linux and X11 internals to install my OS.01:59
Unit193Not as hard as some make it out to be.02:01
yanoI use AwesomeWM02:02
yanoi love the tiling02:03
Unit193What about conky?  My setup may not look nice, but it's quite functional for me.02:05
yanohehe, want to know what my background image is?02:06
jenni[ dot_files/vi_cheat_sheet.gif at master · myano/dot_files · GitHub ] - http://j.mp/1cgefUB02:06
yanodamn you, jenni!02:07
skellatyano: jenni doesn't play nice when I paste links to stuff on Launchpad02:07
yanoskellat: hm, do you have a quick example?02:08
skellatGimme a sec to get LP open02:08
skellatTry this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~skellat/+junk/slapshot/view/head:/bp.conf02:09
yanooh fascinating02:10
jenni(HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found)02:10
yano.title http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~skellat/+junk/slapshot/view/head:/bp.conf02:10
jenniAttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'sender' (file "/home/jenni/jenni/modules/url.py", line 358, in get_results)02:10
Unit193yano: You like mine on the one computer http://unit193.tk/images/index.php?cmd=image&sfpg=V2FsbHBhcGVyLypEYXZyb3MuanBnKmM2ZGNlZWE3MmE0NmU5NWE3NDc4ZWRiNWI3YjZjZTBk ? :D02:10
yanoUnit193: lol nice02:11
skellatyano: And then there's this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~skellat/ubuntu-seeds/xubuntu.saucy-aptoffline-addition02:11
Unit193Netbook got http://unit193.tk/images/index.php?cmd=image&sfpg=V2FsbHBhcGVyLypEb2N0b3IgU3VucmlzZS5qcGcqNmIwNjIwNjA4ZWU4ODgyMDRhMjlmNjhmZDI1ZTljZGE02:12
yanojenni is getting 404's for those launchpad links02:14
jenniyano: Yes. That's extremely strange.02:14
yanoi wonder if launchpad.net blocks access from Google App Engine02:22
jrgiffordyano: possible. I'd ask in #launchpad just to be sure.02:25
jrgifford(I think its #launchpad.)02:26
yanoit must be doing something funky. because using the exact same user agent and python calls, it works when not proxied through app engine02:34
yanoer wait02:34
yanoit doesn't02:34
yanoso maybe it just doesn't like the user agent >_>02:34
yanoi can curl that link but i can't grab it in python at all now02:45
yanolaunchpad is a PITA02:45
yanoand their pastebin is shit02:45
Unit193paste.ubuntu?  Worst I've seen, I hate it.02:46
yanofrom what i can tell it somehow *knows* when i am spoofing the user agent02:46
yanohm, maybe not.02:48
yanoit works locally if i spoof the user agent, maybe they don't like german IPs?02:48
yanoman this is really a huge PITA03:00
yanolaunchpad is so annoying03:00
skellatIt's okay.  I just had to migrate my BeagleBoard over to Debian Testing from Xubuntu since the upgrade failed miserably.03:03
skellatThe needs of Canonical's business are changing rapidly and are going in interesting directions.03:04
skellatI've been stressing LP out over the past week or so too.03:04
yanookay, now i'm pissed at jenni03:05
yanoapparently it works in ipython from the jenni user on my box03:05
yanobut not as in the bot03:05
yanoooh, hm!03:09
jenni[ ~skellat/+junk/slapshot : contents of bp.conf at revision 634 ] - http://j.mp/1cgp8pE03:15
yanonow it works03:15
yanoi'm not even sure what is different now03:15
yanoi think i copied the URL from somewhere wrong and i kept testing the a broken URL D:03:22
skellatBlah: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2795183472.png04:22
jrgiffordskellat: that ping isn't bad...11:55
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skellatBiosElement, yano, jrgifford: See what I mean when I complain about my local service through Time Warner Cable?  I get told that that is normal...for ENGLAND...14:52
Guest98593skellat: ...16:05
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skellatJeepers the NOAA Weather Radio keeps going off with Emergency Alert System data blasts20:08
skellatAnd now one EAS blast just overrode another one!20:10
skellat.weather 4413520:10
jenniOvercast ☁, 78.8°F (26°C), 29.93in (1010mb), Thunderstorm, Squalls, Near gale 28kt (↑) - KCLE, 19:59Z20:10
skellat.weather 4400520:10
jenniCloudy, 87.8°F (31°C), 29.93in (1010mb), Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - KYNG 19:51Z20:10
Unit193Temp: 89 F (32 C) ~ Scattered Clouds ~ Heat index: 92 F (33 C) ~ Humidity: 48% ~ Alert: Severe Thunderstorm Watch20:11
skellat.weather KERI20:13
jenniCover Unknown, 21°C, 1015mb, Shallow Fog, N SC, Light air 2kt (↑) - EETN, 19:50Z20:13
skellatBoom.  That's the third EAS data blast in the past five minutes20:13
yanoyou should see ##weather-us-oh20:14
yanoit's going crazy20:14
yanooh you're alrady there20:14
skellatNWR audio says I've got one inbound that's about 15 minutes out20:14
Unit193...Anyone else have problems trying not to read ##weather-us-oh messages with the voice on the radio?20:18
* skellat notes power is out in Ashtabula and his 3G connection isn't too hot. Laptop power is draining and the alarm on the UPS is still going off. See y'all once we get things restored...20:34
Unit193Wooo! Upgraded to a warning!20:37

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