mfischAnyone here run the popcon site? I'm working on updating the popcon package and debian has added support for encrypted reports, so I need to know if we can also do this03:27
newz2000mfisch: the person who runs that isn't here but mhall119 may be able to get you in touch. He's probably asleep now though.03:44
mfischnewz2000: thanks, I know mhall119 and so I'll ping him tomorrow03:47
mhall119mfisch: popcon.u.c has been broken for a while now, I've sent multiple requests to IS about it but it's so low on their priority list I don't know when it'll get fixed04:34
mfischmhall119: ok04:34
mfischmhall119: I take it theres no gpg support either?04:35
mhall119I'm not even sure what gpg support would mean in terms of popcon04:35
mhall119also, hey newz2000, haven't heard from you in a while04:36
mfischmhall119: okay, sounds like updating this package is not going to be very useful04:37
mfischmhall119: debian added support to encrypt the popcon reports that get uploaded, I guess so the NSA can't see them?04:37
mhall119I can see maybe signing them for verification, but encrypting seems....overkill04:39
mhall119even signing seems like overkill, really04:39
mfischmhall119: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48086004:43
ubottuDebian bug 480860 in popularity-contest "popularity-contest should encrypt contents" [Wishlist,Fixed]04:43
mfischmhall119: anyway, I'm off to bed, and this sounds low prior, talk to you later04:47
newz2000mhall119: yeah, at my new job we do all pair programming which is not conductive to being on IRC. I still lurke but usually by the tiem I'm online the excitement is done.12:17
cjohnstonwho's this newz2000 guy? ;-)13:29
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