usercheck_mnemon: its not work. but if i remove s from https, its work.00:00
mnemonusercheck_: what is the error message?00:00
usercheck_mnemon: its not work. but if i remove s from https, its work. https->http00:00
langhunand  my mother tongue is not english00:00
mnemonlanghun: explain more ... didn't really understand what you're asking for.00:01
usercheck_mnemon:Firefox can't find the server at encrypted.google.com00:01
mnemonusercheck_: do you have a firewall or something that could block https?00:01
langhun"rm `ls | grep 1`  equal  ls | grep 1   ?   rm  "  what  can instead the ?00:02
usercheck_OerHeks:thx, no problem you link can be use to learn about knowing it.thx sir00:02
tyroglanghun: Ask with whatever you feel more comfortable00:02
tyroglanghun: what's your language?00:02
usercheck_i'm using ufw, but its status is disable00:03
usercheck_mnemon:i'm using ufw, but its status is disable00:03
tyrog!cn | langhun00:03
ubottulanghun: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw00:03
usercheck_mnemon:how to find " something that could block https"00:04
lhxcan someone chat me with my nick at the front? testing my irc client's highlighting00:04
langhunno people can speak in #ubuntu-cn or #ubuntu-tw00:04
benbloomis there a simple way to run a command in bash that accesses numbers logically? say play track 05-19 in a list? if I do 'mpg321 [01][5-9]* ' it ignores 10-14.00:04
mnemonusercheck_: does iptables -L display any rules?00:04
usercheck_mnemon: i will try it,wait00:05
langhunrm `ls | grep 1`  equal  ls | grep 1   >  rm00:05
langhunthe >  is right00:05
langhuni feel isn`t right00:06
mnemonlanghun: it will pipe the output to a file called rm00:06
mnemonmaybe | ?00:06
usercheck_mnemon: yes, i have run it, what must i do ?00:06
langhuni know00:06
mnemonusercheck_: are there any rules there?00:07
lhxCoburn: can you do it one more time?00:07
langhunbut  now  i want delet the  grep result00:07
benbloomlanghun: you probably want to use the 'find' command rather than ls | grep00:07
mnemonusercheck_: could paste the output to http://pastie.org/ or something if you want me to confirm if there's any rules ..00:07
langhuni only want to konw what sigle is used at there00:09
usercheck_mnemon: all lines?00:09
mnemonusercheck_: yes00:09
benbloomlanghun: "|" is the pipe sign it is what you're wanting I think00:10
benbloomlanghun: ">" will send output to a file named rm00:11
Coburnlhx: testing highlight00:11
langhuni know  the "|" mean00:12
Coburnthink of it like a sewer pipe00:12
langhunrm `ls | grep 1`00:12
langhuni want to use the form "ls | grep 1   ?   rm  " to delet the file00:13
usercheck_mnemon: error   :  Error 503 backend write error00:13
usercheck_backend write error00:13
usercheck_Guru Meditation:00:13
usercheck_XID: 383216830200:13
usercheck_Varnish cache server00:13
FloodBot1usercheck_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
usercheck_mnemon: when i'm try pastie00:14
mnemontry the one floodbot1 suggested00:15
lhxCoburn: ty00:15
Coburnclever FloodBot100:15
harrisso i have 3 dvds how can i convert them to a file that is readable by android00:16
lordcirthWhy does fuse give Permission denied when I'm logged in as a Guest account, and how can I fix this?00:16
tyrogCoburn: He is the OP here, he should be smart00:16
Coburnharris: look up mencoder00:16
Coburnor avconvert00:16
harriswhich one00:16
harrisis free00:16
Coburnif it's a legit dvd (not torrented) then you'll need to rip it00:16
harriswhich is faster/better00:17
Coburnand sadly there's no linux tools that will take off the DRM on the DVD00:17
harriscan we pm00:17
Coburnharris: it's all up to your hardware00:17
CoburnI don't do PM support, I'm ill and have enough tabs open as it is00:17
CoburnI can give you advice and tips tough00:18
OerHeksa 90 minut dvd takes 6 hours work :-D00:18
CoburnOerHeks: yeah, because of damn DRM00:18
CoburnSecuROM / Disney Anti-Copy / etc00:18
harriswould it be easier in windows?00:18
Coburnyou could use DVDFab00:18
Dr_willisCoburn,  dvdfab works in wine and can remove a lot of them  ;)00:18
usercheck_mnemon: yes sir00:19
Coburnheard about that actually00:19
funjonhandbrake is your friend.00:19
Dr_willisseemed to work very well the little i used it.,00:19
Dr_willishandbreak will NOT remove drm/protection/encryption00:19
Dr_willisthen theres the new generation of extra protection on top of that normal decss encryption00:20
fabiolucianoAnybody here uses xfce instead unity?00:20
OerHeks"#1 DVD Player for Android: MoboPlayer"  you have not searched for android apps, have you ?00:20
Dr_willisive had legally bought DVD movies that will not play in legal DVD players due to their extra protection00:20
funjonDr_willis: really? I rip direct from DVD to mp4 with handbrake.  It uses libdvdcss.00:20
harrisDr_willis, or Coburn or OerHeks anyone have a youtube guiode00:20
xangua!anyone | fabioluciano00:20
ubottufabioluciano: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:20
Coburnthe thing is00:20
Coburnthe DRM guys are one step ahead00:21
Coburnof the devs00:21
harrisi have 3 dvd from library00:21
harriswant to put them on my tablet00:21
Coburnyou mihgt be better off to use DVDFab00:21
CoburnActually, do this00:22
harriswhat will that do?00:22
CoburnRemoves protection, resulting in files like *.vobs00:22
CoburnRip the DVD to HDD, then use mencoder/avconvert to transcode it into tablet format ;)00:22
harriswhat type of file do i need mp4?00:22
Dr_willisfunjon,   that wont work for the new protection. and handbreak dosent include that decss stuff.  i definatly seen in their help/docs where they dont support it (they could giving a wink and blind eye to how easy it is to add.. but they cant get sued for that)00:23
Coburnmake and model of your tablet?00:23
CoburnDr_willis: you're right00:23
OerHeksharris, or www.videolan.org/vlc/download-android.html‎00:23
Coburnlibcss hasn't been updated in yonks i think00:23
harrissamsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 gtp511300:23
Coburnmp4 would be fine00:23
CoburnI had a Galaxy Tab 200:23
CoburnIt ran 720p MP4s fine00:24
erekjrib: im forced to format :(00:24
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harrisOerHeks, 404 error: page not found00:24
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erekharris: i'm forced to format my setup :'(00:25
harriswhat does that mean00:25
harrisformat what setup00:25
erekthe hard disk00:27
erekcan't recover from an error involving 'klauncher'00:27
harristhat sucks00:28
Coburnyou could roll back00:29
Coburngoogle "ubuntu roll back packages"00:29
Dr_willis dvdfab can rip straight to an video file.. or you can make a de-protected disk image00:29
Coburnbasically, you just say "Ubuntu, I want this package at this version, nothing more, nothing less"00:29
Coburnthe free trial of dvdfab will put a watermark on it00:30
Coburnbut it's see through00:30
Dr_willisactually the demo period wont. :) and when it expires.. you delete your .wine directory and reinstall it...00:30
Dr_willisfor another 30 days00:30
Dr_willisor so i hear.... :P00:30
Dr_willisthey also have a free  deprotect on the fly feature that lets other rippers  get past the annoying new protection. but im not sure how well that woirks with wine00:31
Dr_willisbut its not as up to date as the paid stuff00:31
Dr_willisI basically have given up on buying dvd/blueray due to the annoying protection. wife got sick of fighting with it.00:31
erekharris: jerk00:34
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Guest86663erek hola00:35
Guest86663alguien sabe como instalar el driver00:36
Guest86663de la targeta de video00:36
Guest86663buske en internet u noc encontre nada00:36
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:36
usercheck_mnemon:but from my iptable result, is it have hole in my system?00:40
lordcirthWhy isn't a guest allowed to use any setuid execs, even FUSE, and how can I fix / work around this?00:41
mnemonusercheck_: i didn't check the input chains that well ... looks like it's accepting most things at the moment00:41
mnemonprobably not a problem unless you're running something strange/misconfigured.00:42
usercheck_mnemon:thx sir00:43
usercheck_so if we just use irc and web browser?,in allow option, what port we setting ?00:44
usercheck_in gufw00:45
usercheck_mnemon:thx for solutions00:46
mnemonusercheck_: np00:48
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harrisOerHeks, is handbrake a good software00:51
Snypehandbrake is awesome00:52
wilee-nileeso are the channels rules00:53
Snypeyes they are :D00:53
Guest85517Hey guys, suck here - super easy question with no answer I've found online.....Can anyone tell me the defaul settings in Audacity for Noise Removal?  I altered them and its working like crap.  Its by Dominic Mazzoni....I'd appreciate it SO MUCH!  Trying to record before its too late here and without this right eveything is not going so well... Super annoyed.  THANKS GUYS!  :)00:53
harrisbecause i am thinking about making a digital copy of some dvds00:53
harrisanyone got some good guides00:53
Snypeturn them into compressed images00:54
Dr_willisharris,  with newer disks - they Can contain protection that you will need to use tools like 'dvdfab' to get around00:54
Dr_willisharris,  with older disks.  ive used k9copy and handbreak or other tools to make DVD -> video files00:54
lordcirthIs there a practical way to reset a user's home dir each login, other than Guest-session?  Because guest-session doesn't work very well00:56
Snypethe zip the home folders00:57
Snypeand make a script to delete every folder00:57
Snypethen unzip the zip00:57
craigbass1976Anyone had the experience where firefox won't go to web pages anymore, then after a restart is fine?  How about where it takes the whole network down with it?  I was pinging in a terminal once things went awry, kept getting "host unreachable" (this didn't matter if I pinged google or something on 192.168.x.x) shut FF off, turned it back on, and things were fine.  I still got the unreachable until FF starts again.00:57
Snypethere are so many ways to do it lordcirth00:57
Snypecraigbass1976, sounds more like your router00:58
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PissedoffUserI'm just here to say that Ubuntu sucks for all that it was made for. I can't even fucking change my permissions, even in recovery mode or with the Live CD because "users" don't exist when the CD is inserted.... I can't change permissions on shit and the fact that ubuntu sets up one user as root is great but WHAT IF YOU DELETE THAT USER. then you have no fucking permissions and can't get them back. Its pathetic that people woul00:58
PissedoffUserThen they insult the persons intelligence when they're asking for help.00:58
wilee-nilee!language | PissedoffUser00:58
ubottuPissedoffUser: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:58
Guest85517Hey guys, suck here - super easy question with no answer I've found online.....Can anyone tell me the defaul settings in Audacity for Noise Removal?  I altered them and its working like crap.  Its by Dominic Mazzoni.....00:58
SnypePissedoffUser, just boot using the live cd, copy your files and do a fresh install00:58
PissedoffUserI'm switching to Debian forsure. I can't even get my files back from this shitty computer. Let alone get help from you assholes. And also all you guys do is undermine me not help me. and tell me no to sware.00:59
PissedoffUseri'm going somewhere else.00:59
Snypesee ya PissedoffUser00:59
PissedoffUserfuck that00:59
craigbass1976Snype, but my own laptop (the other is my wife's) is fine.  The machine dropped connection when someone else owned it, but I wan't able to test well as they were an hour away.  They gave up and gave me the laptop.00:59
Snypecraigbass1976, i feel you but it can be so many things01:00
Snypeand frankly i wouldnt bet on firefox01:00
lordcirthSnype: Yes, but what's a safe way to trigger the script?  If it's on logout, it won't run if the machine loses power.  If on login, it's going to overwrite stuff while it's starting.01:01
Snypelordcirth, on startup01:01
Snypeoverwrite what stuff?01:01
lordcirthSnype: On boot?  But then if they log out, and log back in, it will not have wiped01:01
Snypeon login then my friend :)01:01
lordcirthSnype: Overwriting the home directory while they're logging in?  Does Ubuntu do login in parallel, or could it wait until cp finishes?01:02
wilee-nileecraigbass1976, Any details missing here like proxies?01:02
Snypecp will happen after login01:02
lordcirthSnype: Then settings will be loaded from before, won't they?01:03
Snypeoh you even want to wipe the . folders?01:03
Snypeyou basically want a fresh login everytime right?01:03
Snypetwo recommendations a modded guest session or a live session like one from a live cd or usb01:04
Flannellordcirth: Do it on logout normally.  Also do it on power-up.01:05
Snypeyou can always set ubuntu to run on live mode after installation01:05
craigbass1976wilee-nilee, not that I know of.  Straight up connection to ISP01:05
dabber_chrisIs there a easyway to setup a sound card? My card shows up in lspci just no where else.01:05
craigbass1976wilee-nilee, I've got cable, that last folks had dsl01:05
wilee-nileecraigbass1976, Cool, just wondering.01:05
pyasiguys, internet doesn't work in live cd(live session) though the laptop is connected to the internet, the router's homepage loads but the other site's doesn't load also, plz help me guys, plz01:06
lordcirthSnype: Yes, full reset like guest, but without the wacky restrictions on guests.01:06
lordcirthFlannel: Good idea, that would cover both situations.01:07
Snypelogin would cover both situations01:07
Snypeprogramming on both situations will cause problems01:07
Flannellordcirth: right.  It'd also allow you to have a clean computer at rest.01:07
craigbass1976pyasi, can you ping ?01:07
Snype8.8.8.8 is google dns01:07
lordcirthpyasi: If the router's homepage loads, but not the internet, it is quite likely a router or DSL problem01:08
Snypeno way you cannot ping that craigbass197601:08
FlannelSnype: are you just rambling nonsense now?01:08
craigbass1976Snype, eh?01:08
Snype8.8.8.8 is google's dns server01:08
pyasino , i can't ping google.com(says unknown host)01:08
Snype8.8.4.4 too01:08
lordcirthSnype: Yes, we know, and they're good ones to ping01:08
Snypeexactly there is no way its down01:09
zykotick9pystar89: dns != ip...01:09
pyasiguys, the router is fine,cause i can run the internet in windows system (pre-installed)01:09
craigbass1976pyasi, ping and tell me if you get a response01:09
craigbass1976and what's in /etc/resolv.conf ?01:10
pyasicraigbass1976: i i captain, so i am gonna restart.01:10
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xubuntu890Have blank (black) screen after installing 13.04, sometimes the cursor will show, but nothing else. Any ideas????01:14
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:14
Snypexubuntu890, what graphics card you got?01:15
xubuntu890ok, it never happened with other ubuntu versions. I'll have a look at the forum post.01:15
xubuntu890many tnx.01:15
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raedovhello guys01:15
raedovI want to install ubuntu 13.04 64bit but i can't , I've Nvidia 440 GT ?01:16
raedovthere is a black screen01:16
Timidhey, with kali linux you can setup to choose desktop environment on login.  Can you setup cinnamon, kde, and gnome as choices at login for ubuntu?01:16
wilee-nileeraedov, On the live session?01:16
tkinghello does anyone know of a software to send emails to clients once in a week? i have a database of customers which i like to send campaign to01:16
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:16
raedovyup on the live session01:16
Snypetking, a php script run server side is best01:17
wilee-nileeraedov, Check the nomodeset bot message above01:17
Snypei have a question01:17
raedovi tru : install ubuntu + try ubuntu same problem01:17
Snypeopengl does not work on my nvidia 520mx01:17
Peyamask your question01:17
OerHeksTimid yes01:17
Snypeits nvidia optimus card01:17
Peyamraedov: what is the issue?01:17
Snypei am using bumblebee01:17
raedovwilee how can i use nomodeset01:18
tkingSnype, i want to use an smtp which i already have... something like bulk mailing softwares01:18
Peyamraedov: I dont know01:18
wilee-nileeraedov, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313201:18
Snypei dont think there is any free ones i know of01:18
Snypebut there are tones of services that do that01:18
Snypeweb services01:18
Snypejust google bulk mail01:18
wilee-nileeraedov, There instructions there for a live cd.01:18
OerHeksraedov at the point try ubuntu/install ubuntu, press F6 to set nomodeset01:18
nbubuntuhi , normally when you transfer file via network or to an external hard disk , do you guys check for hashing ?01:19
raedovthank you wilee I'll try it , also when i try the intel 3000hd same problem ? black screen01:19
wilee-nileeraedov, Generally we start with nomodeset to see if this gets you in with graphics.01:19
raedovok I;ll try it , what is the best way to burn ubuntu iso on usb ? i use dd command before01:20
tkingplease how can i browse with my nokia phone using Nokia Pc Suite? any alternative?01:21
Peyamraedov: burn ubuntu on usb? u mean make a startup usb?01:21
wilee-nileeraedov, That works fine, I use the multisystem milti ISO loader, there is unetbootin as well, and a handful of others.01:21
Peyamraedov: there is good documentation on ubuntu.com01:21
nbubuntuhi , normally when you transfer file via network or to an external hard disk , do you guys check for hashing ?01:21
raedovyes make a startup usb01:21
Peyamraedov:  google " usb stick ubuntu"01:22
Peyamthe first one will give you the solution01:22
wilee-nileenbubuntu, I don't, I think its a matter of personal choice really.01:22
Peyamnbubuntu: No. Im pretty sure about what I do . I never check01:22
nbubuntuwilee-nilee Peya: what's the choice for crc32 , sha , md5 ?01:23
nbubuntuwilee-nilee Peya: i mean , for normal picture files , which one is suitable ?01:23
raedovthank you wilee , Peyam01:23
wilee-nileenbubuntu, I believe sha is better them md5, not sure of the other01:23
PeyamI dunno.01:23
benccI'm trying to output avconv to stdout but it saves the result and output it only when I'm stopping the stream01:23
benccany way to make it output in real time?01:23
nbubuntuwilee-nilee :for picture files ?01:24
wilee-nileenbubuntu, No idea really.01:25
wilee-nileeI rarely use any hash, I have just not had problems with the basic stuff I do.01:25
lordcirthnbubuntu: sha256 is more secure than md5, but md5 is faster.  If you're not checking for security, just for bad downloads, use md5.  It's fast and standard01:25
nbubuntuwilee-nilee : ok , i am actually finding a hash checker for a list of picture after transfer.01:25
PeyamDoes any one know how I can get rid on " blbalabl left the room" etc in Pidgin?01:25
nbubuntulordcirth : nah , not security , just some picture and recorded mpeg01:26
lordcirthnbubuntu: ya, so just use MD501:26
hanasakiwould someone please paste the output of "ls -al /var/log/syslog" please / looking for the id/group01:26
Peyamit makes me crazy01:28
PeyamHow do I get rid of all these?01:28
Dr_willisPeyam,  i think thats a pidgin FAQ. :) theres a plugin to get rid of them01:29
syntroPiis it possible to get rid of that apport madness? its always popping up and crashed my whole gnome-shell : program xy crashed, apport-gtk crashed, apport-gtk crashed and so on01:29
Dr_willisI find using a app designed for IRC works better then an IM app that can also do irc01:29
syntroPii always have to KILL -9 that stupid apport01:29
hanasakiwhat id/group owns your /var/log/syslog file?01:29
Flannelhanasaki: syslog adm01:30
Dr_willissyntax,  clear out the apport logs and it will only report on newly crashed apps..or just disable it totally..  askubuntu.com has info on how to disable it01:30
PeyamDr_willis: do you possibly know the name of the plugin or what ever they call it? Clearing plugin? so I know what I should google01:30
Dr_willisPeyam,  its in the default plugins last i looked.. allready installed. check your settings01:30
Dr_willisjust not enabled01:30
hanasakiFlannel:  thanks.. hmm mine is Debian-exim   thoughts?01:30
th0rPeyam: it is join/part I think01:31
Flannelhanasaki: What version of Ubuntu are you running?01:31
hanasakiFlannel:  Ubuntu 13.0401:31
Peyamno it is enable.01:31
Peyamshould I restart this thing?01:31
hadifarnoudI'm getting constant high traffic. I contacted Linode and they confirmed its DoS attack. how can I see what type of requests I'm getting? it's like 5MB/s all the time.01:31
hanasakiFlannel:  what controls what rsyslogd sets the owner too?01:31
Flannelhanasaki: Wait, is Debian-exim the owner, or group?01:32
hanasakiFlannel: owner01:32
Flannelhanasaki: Whats the group?01:32
ShippDhello everyone just a question just did a upgrade to 13.10 and now when i launch chrome i get two icons one normall the other is a icon with a question mark on it any ideas would be great01:32
Flannelhanasaki: And, what makes you think something is awry?01:32
hanasakiFlannel:  does it match what you have?01:33
Peyamworked. thanks Dr_willis th0r01:33
Flannelhanasaki: yes, "syslog adm" is owner/group, but on a different version of Ubuntu.  What makes you think yours is wrong?01:33
hanasakiFlannel:  counterintuitive for the mail id to own syslog01:34
chaz68Anyone good at LAMP Setup on debian / ubuntu here?  Have a security error with ajaxplorer I can't seem to figure out.01:34
Peyamåhh many years ago..01:35
[jys]does anyone know why apt-get claims php 5.3.6 is the latest version, even though i've added ppa:ondrej/php5 , which has 5.4.17?01:35
Peyamis it the right ppa01:36
Flannel[jys]: did you apt-get update after adding it?01:36
[jys]yes i did Flannel, and I believe so, Peyam01:36
hanasakiFlannel: ?01:36
partounianDoes anyone know how to install some nice GUI onto 10.04 or is it not possible? It would be awesome for it look more like 12.04 or any newer Unity/Gnome.01:36
Peyambut does the ppa give the latest?01:36
[jys]not sure exactly what you mean, Peyam.. the ppa i added says 5.4.17, which is later (probably not latest) than the version i have, which is 5.3.601:37
Flannelhanasaki: I agree that's a little strange.01:38
Peyamwhen you do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. dont you get any error?01:38
Peyampartounian: you can see gnome-look.org01:38
[jys]no errors, Peyam01:38
Flannelpartounian: We're talking about the "php5" package, correct?01:38
[jys]oh... that's weird. it seems that the ondrej ppa isn't in the update list, even though its in my software sources01:39
partounianFlannel: I'm pretty sure you meant to type [jys] correct?01:39
[jys]and if so, Flannel, then yes, the php5 package01:40
hadifarnoudI'm getting constant high traffic. I contacted Linode and they confirmed its DoS attack. how can I see what type of requests I'm getting? it's like 5MB/s all the time.01:40
Flannelpartounian: I did.01:40
[jys]i'm not sure why that source isn't being recognized by apt-get, though01:40
lhxhadifarnoud:  put a packet sniffer on the server and capture the network traffic01:40
Flannel[jys]: pastebin `apt-cache policy php5` but if that PPA isn't being recognized, I think I know that that command will tell us that it's not there.01:40
hadifarnoudlhx tcpdump? then what?01:40
lhxhadifarnoud: you can also shut down all of your services other than maybe SSH and see which one stops the DDOS01:41
lhxhadifarnoud: or rather, shut down your services one by one and see what happens01:41
[jys]yes it seems you're right, Flannel - http://pastebin.com/4P687heH01:41
Flannel[jys]: alright, please pastebin your sources.list, plus any files in sources.list.d/01:42
hadifarnoudlhx: how can I monitor traffic in real time?01:42
partounianPeyam: Thank you!01:43
lhxhadifarnoud: any ideas 'why' you're being ddosd01:43
[jys]Flannel - sources.list contents http://pastebin.com/jf2hAgDV01:43
[jys]and sources.list.d contents http://pastebin.com/Fzfpm3qb01:43
lhxhadifarnoud: you can probably use wireshark01:44
[jys]i forgot to mention i'm using mint, but that wouldn't be a problem since it's based on Ubuntu, i'm assuming01:44
hadifarnoudlhx: spammers got into my server. I blocked them. then ddos started01:44
lhxhadifarnoud: any idea on 'how' they got in?01:44
Ari-YangI have a question, what does it mean when  conflict is in italics? http://gyazo.com/e925ff753237892781e3183b1476ebf401:44
hadifarnoudlhx: I have no idea. I wasn't even relay01:44
Ari-Yang(that's a screen shot image)01:44
hadifarnoudI disabled SSH access and postfix. then it all stopped01:44
Flannel[jys]: uhm, sorry, the contents of the stuff in the folder sources.list.d/ (cat sources.list.d/*)  Also, this is godawfully ugly, and no, we don't support linux mint.  So we should make this quick.01:45
lhxhadifarnoud: in the future, move your SSH to a different port than 2201:45
hadifarnoudlhx: it's now just PKI and IP01:45
lhxthat cuts down so many attempted security threats01:45
Flannelhadifarnoud, lhx: it's easier/better to just install something like denyhosts01:46
lhxhadifarnoud: that too...01:46
hadifarnoudFlannel: so I should remove denyhosts now? after changing port01:46
Flannelhadifarnoud: What?  No.  Using both is fine.01:46
Ari-Yanganybody know what it means when a dependency that causes confliction is in italics of synaptic package manager?01:47
hadifarnoudI enabled mod_security and mod_evasive too. most attacks come from port 8001:47
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hadifarnoudlhx: how can I disable IP access to port 80? if you enter my IP it goes to my site as well. cloudflare doesn't work if they can access my site via IP01:48
[jys]Flannel: http://pastebin.com/f6JNWGrJ01:48
Flannel[jys]: and can you please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update`01:49
[jys]Flannel: http://pastebin.com/D9wC6gVj01:51
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see http://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.01:51
Ari-YangI ran apt-cache search fglrx-updates and noticed fglrx-updates-dev. Should I get the dev too?01:51
Flannel[jys]: aha.01:53
Flannel[jys]: that PPA has no packages in it currently for oneiric.01:53
aLLStaR [ U y a r ý ]  :  Flannel  : Lütfen Seviyeyi Düþürmeyiniz Aksi Taktirde Kanaldan Uzaklaþtýrýlýcaksýnýz !.iyi sohbetler dilerim...01:54
FlannelaLLStaR: Excuse me?01:54
aLLStaRdont care pls01:54
lordcirthIt appears that .bash_logout isn't run for graphical logouts in 13.04.  Where do I set things to happen on logout?01:54
aLLStaR [ U y a r ý ]  :  lordcirth  : Lütfen Seviyeyi Düþürmeyiniz Aksi Taktirde Kanaldan Uzaklaþtýrýlýcaksýnýz !.iyi sohbetler dilerim...01:54
FlannelaLLStaR: If that's a script or something, please turn it off.01:54
[jys]Flannel: ah i see, thank you for your help then :)01:54
OerHeksaLLStaR, stop that script01:54
aLLStaROk ~01:54
lhxlhx: you could just disable your webserve... that's usually on port 80. Apache maybe? /etc/init.d/apache stop ?01:54
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.01:55
aLLStaRit is a stupid script01:55
Flannel[jys]: The packages file is zero bytes.  And looking at his list of packages, I don't see any for oneiric.01:55
FlannelaLLStaR: That's fine, please turn it off, thanks.01:55
aLLStaRI did01:56
[jys]okay thanks Flannel01:56
FloodBot1TUNAHAN: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:56
syntroPiapport seems totally broken here, itself makes my ubuntu freeze multiple times. can i just replace the binary with a dummy somehow?01:57
wilee-nilee!tr > TUNAHAN01:57
ubottuTUNAHAN, please see my private message01:57
RndmGoihello everyone01:58
RndmGoinobody in here would happen to know anything about drivers for 687001:58
wilee-nilee!ask > RndmGoi01:59
ubottuRndmGoi, please see my private message01:59
ehhhrunning 12.04 now and it's awesome, slight lag, does anyone else have problems with .mkv files? i tried a fairly light one (311mb) in vlc and it just skimmed through randomly and didn't work. . does anyone know if this is related to the hardware or the os?01:59
OerHeksehhh or the .mkv, who knows?02:00
syntroPiehhh, tried mplayer or totem yet?02:00
thecodeischaosim pretty sure i have played mkvs well enough02:00
thecodeischaosprobably your hardware?02:00
ehhhnah the file is fine, i've watched it on this laptop, sntro no i haven't gotten that far yet :P02:00
PeyamRndmGoi: AMD? yes I have one of them I gues02:00
syntroPiwell mkv is just a container right? so it would mean there can be any codes and any number of weird streams ans headers inside02:01
ehhhreally old stationary computer, been having a fit over trying to install the os itself all day :P02:01
syntroPimeaning mkv != mkv02:01
RndmGoii'm having problems finding drivers for a radeon hd 6870 that are compatible with ubuntu 13.04, the last drivers i downloaded from AMD wouldn't allow me to make administrative changes to my display settings02:01
ehhhyeah it's not that important for me to if .mkv working but i will try mplayer and totem to see if it can be done on this computer. most my vids are in .avi or .mp4 anyway02:02
sasha-O hai02:03
syntroPiehhh, you also can try to enable libva and hw backend (like vdpau for nvidia) if your cpu is less powerfull than your gpu02:03
sasha-can someone tell me how I can filter in Wireshark so that I only see http requests that end with a *.m3u802:03
deepucan any one help me02:04
ehhhsyntroPi: what's the easiest way to check my specs on ubuntu? i haven't used this for years02:04
syntroPiehhh, not sure what you mean by that02:04
syntroPiehhh, you can open a terminal and incoke "top" to see how its performing02:05
ehhhlike in windows you just click preferences on my computer to get up processor speed, ram, etc02:05
syntroPiehhh, cat /proc/cpuinfo02:05
syntroPiehhh, cat /proc/meminfo02:05
sasha-so, um anyone?02:05
deepuiam from india , iam using reliance broadband i need to know how to login to my account automatically can any one help02:05
syntroPiand lsusb lspci02:05
deepuiam from india , iam using reliance broadband i need to know how to login to my account automatically can any one help02:06
SonikkuAmericadeepu: What kind of login does it use?02:06
wilee-nileedeepu, wireless?02:06
deepuwhen we need internet we have to login with a user name and password02:07
syntroPiehhh, "sudo lshw"02:07
deepuno wired connection02:07
syntroPiand such02:07
kalakjhello everyone, how to check balance via USSD in UBUNTU02:07
wilee-nileedeepu, Is the login from a browser?02:07
SonikkuAmericakalakj: Ubuntu Touch? Head for #ubuntu-touch02:08
kalakjSonikkuAmerica: THANKS02:08
SonikkuAmericakalakj: You're welcome02:08
Peyamdeepu: no its not possible!02:08
wilee-nileedeepu, Browsers can save that info, however not all websites allow a autolog.02:08
Peyamit is not everna ubuntu issue02:08
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syntroPideepu, maybe you can watch the http request and rebuild it with a curl, or wget script?02:09
deepuin windows their wasa java script which allows the automatic logon when i bootup my system any thing like that in ubuntu ]02:09
syntroPideepu, look for nodejs stuff mabye?02:09
deeputheir is a option in the edit connection02:10
deepucan i use it for auto login02:10
wilee-nileedeepu, If you are using firefox with no flash blocking it will ask you if you want to save the info, a double click next time loads it.02:10
Peyamit will not work untill he opens the webbroser02:11
deepudude wilee i know that iam asking any other way so that i dont want to login everytime it automaticvally connectd\]02:11
Peyamyou can save it but it will not automaticly connect. you must press on "log in" button anyway02:11
somsipdeepu: This isn't really a support issue. There are lots of conversations here that might help you though http://is.gd/ekmKk002:11
syntroPithere is so many programs and scripts that can speak http, almost difficult to choose one02:12
wilee-nileedeepu, Cool, best of luck. ;)02:12
ehhhdo i have to use the sidebar / dash search to launch apps? (not counting terminal launch) like in older ubuntu they used to be sorted in folders on the menu02:13
PeyamThat's why I dont use ubuntu anymore becouse of unity02:14
Peyamxubuntu is the best02:14
ehhhxfce is the greatest no doubt, can i put app icons on the desktop though?02:15
Peyamin xubuntu?02:16
wilee-nilee!tmi | Peyam ;)02:17
ubottuPeyam ;): Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...02:17
ehhhi'm running gnome, i'm trying out this old computer to see how it performs02:17
nubcakeI'm trying to install ubuntu on my sunblade 1500 (sparc) and its telling me that i need a cd-rom driver (even though it booted from that drive before) and installation won't continue, any ideas or hints ?02:17
deepuhow to install times new roman font in the libre office02:19
ehhhi'm a bit out of date, i can't run gnome apps on xubuntu can i?02:19
ehhhor rather, how is app support on xubuntu?02:19
sweetteadeepu: i think theres a font library/package you can install02:19
deepuwhere i can find it02:20
deepuAND how to install it02:20
Peyamehhh: never had problems02:21
Peyamdeepu: google!02:21
devishdeepu: did you tried google02:21
ehhhgood stuff . . btw concerning .mkv, i just tried it in mplayer and this is REALLY something else compared to vlc02:22
pyasiguys, no ping...02:22
crazyhorseI did an apt-get update/upgrade and now my resolution has a max res of some crappy 1024*768 for both my monitors.. any idea what the fix for this is?02:22
ehhhi thought my computer was being slow, turns out it was vlc :P02:23
Peyamehhh: is it better?02:23
Peyamthe first thing I did with my dist was removing mplayer02:24
ehhhPeyam: yes it runs way smoother, i won't say for the xfce version i'm using smplayer and it's an extreme improvement, it was skipping frames in vlc and now it's smooth as . . i'd give it a try02:25
devishcrazyhorse: how you got this name02:25
PeyamDo you have a stone-age computer?02:26
ehhhyup, i think it's about02:26
Ari-Yangehhh, I recommend using mpv02:26
ehhh7 years :P02:26
Ari-Yanga fork of mplayer/mplayer2 that's up-to-date and active02:27
Peyamwhat's wrong with vlc?02:27
Ari-Yang(you can install it with mplayer/mplayer2 being installed cuz the bin is in a diff place)02:27
crazyhorsedevish: this is crazy horse one-eight, have individuals with weaopons02:27
PeyamI ve used it since.. I dunno ever02:27
Ari-Yangvlc.... yeah that player is horrible for me on linux and on windows lol02:27
ehhhAri-Yang: i'll give it a shot :)02:27
Peyamwhy is it horrible?02:28
Ari-Yang@ ehhh http://mpv.io/02:28
Ari-Yanggood luck02:28
Ari-Yang@ Peyam tried playing 10-bit stuff and VLC couldn't play it properly.02:28
Ari-YangI use mpc-hc on windows and mpv on ubuntu02:28
Ari-Yanganyway, not sure if this is the right chan to talk about this stuff, should be discussed on #ubuntu-offtopic02:28
Peyamdoes it read all formats (or many of them)?02:28
crazyhorsedevish: http://www.collateralmurder.com/en/transcript.html02:29
Ari-YangPeyam, I guess? mplayer/mplyaer2/mpv plays mostly all formats just fine02:29
Ari-YangPeyam, are you looking to install mplayer/2/mpv or vlc?02:29
Peyamhmmm and is it light weighter than vlc02:29
pyasiguys, no ping...02:29
Peyamwel I do have vlc02:30
Peyambut im just a little bit chocked that people think there is something better :D02:30
wilee-nileenubcake, This from the live session?02:30
Ari-Yangif you are, I recommend mpv (keep in mind that all mplayer media player family is run under terminal, except you can get front-end gui for mplayer and mplayer2 like smplayer/smplayer2 or gnome-mplayer)02:30
Peyamhmm I should remember that! that VLC loads after 5 sec when I wana see a movie02:31
Peyammaybe I should say good bye to it as I did to irssi02:31
ehhhAri-Yang: so mpv is basically a mplayer build and smplayer for example will use mpv as *kernel*? (if i used that word correctly)02:32
thecodeischaosvlc plays 1080p movies the instant i click them02:32
thecodeischaosi mean 720p actually.. not tried 1080p yet02:32
Ari-Yangehhh, current front end gui do not work with mpv, only mplayer.... Like smplayer2 is a gui for mplayer2, smplayer is a front end for mplayer02:32
Peyamso what is the best media player now?02:32
crazyhorsehey guys.. both my monitors used to work but since an update they are now only loading in low-resolution .. i've resintalled ubuntu desktop and rebooted but that didn't work02:32
Ari-Yangto use mpv you run it in terminal, for e.g. mpv path-to-vid-file-here then it will play02:33
=== ryang__ is now known as ryang_
PeyamI like to right click and press Play02:33
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:33
Peyamso many terminals is a issue for me since I have a small screen02:34
Ari-YangPeyam, I made a .desktop file where I can just double click on the file and it will automatically run mpv for me02:34
Ari-Yanghttps://github.com/mpv-player/mpv-build there are instructions to install mpv02:34
Ari-Yangafk, dinner02:34
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ehhhthx, i'll def check it out02:34
pyasiguys, no ping...02:35
ehhhalso there's a ubuntu channel filled with bots?02:36
PeyamAri-Yang: yes having a .dekstop file is something but when you clicking on the file is something else. it automaticly opens the player when you double click on it?02:36
=== roasted_ is now known as roasted
Ari-YangPeyam, yes it does, that's the point of me making that .desktop file, is so that when I double click it will open up mpv on its own lol (afk dinner)02:36
somsip!details | pyasi02:37
ubottupyasi: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:37
Peyamyes the .desktop file opens the player. but if I double click on a .avi file. wil that automatily open the player?02:37
=== a-adie is now known as AdieChrist
pyasimy internet doesn't work in live cd, it gets connected to the router, can load router's homepage, but can't run other sites, please help me ,plz02:38
Peyampyasi: use a wired connection02:39
Peyamohhh now I know sorry02:40
pyasipeyam, sorry, but can't i run wireless??02:40
Peyamit should be possible02:41
Peyamcheck if firefox in not in offline mode02:41
pyasii get ping from router , but not other02:41
Peyamis it really your router? and not neighbeurs?02:41
Peyamwell what can I say02:44
L3topHi all... what would make my ssh "man in the middle" attack warning NOT fire when I ssh into different systems at the same address with the same un?02:44
Peyampyasi: it should be possible but use ur wire for now!02:46
pyasiPeyam: man i don't have wire(ethernet cabale)02:46
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
Peyamyou have one inside your router.02:47
pyasiPeyam: sorry, i don't have that02:48
sweetteaL3top: what?02:48
pyasiPeyam: so need to configure it, why its not working...??02:48
Peyamis your webbrowser in offline mode?02:48
sweetteamaybe dns02:48
ehhhpyasi: if you connect with cable you can diagnose whether it's the pc or the router that's at fault. . do you have more computers that you can try out? alternatively try unplugging the router briefly and plugging it back in and try again02:49
pyasiPeyam: no not in offline02:49
ehhhoh wait, i'm a genius aren't i02:49
L3topsweettea: when you instantiate an ssh session a key is stored, and then on each reconnect it is checked. If the key does not check, then it should warn you that you may be the victim of a man-in-the-middle attack. It is somewhat annoying usually... however its lack of appearance would lead me to believe that ssh is no longer checking keys. I am wondering how, for obvious reasons, this could occur, and perhaps some direction to02:50
pyasiehhh: man, its working in my laptop in which its windows(pre-installed)02:50
ehhhpyasi: yeah i realised you must have some way to communicate with us now :P02:50
pyasiehhh: it used to work in this same laptop when installed, but doesn't work in the live cd02:50
Peyamdoes the status bar say that you are connected?02:51
pyasisweettea: not working ping...02:51
ekajTryin to set a static IP in ubuntu server 12.04.2 LTS, I have the lines: iface eth0 inet static | address | gateway | netmask but it doesn't work. On my other computers <windows> it works if I specify Google DNs, but adding the "nameserver
ekajline doesn't work02:51
somsipL3top: possible you have actually logged in to that IP previously? I (sadly) have loads of old auth'd IPs that relate to cloud servers and I do sometimes get a match. Long shot I know...02:51
ekajNor does adding it to /etc/resolv.conf02:51
pyasiPeyam: yes, it is connected to the router, gives the homepage of router too02:52
sweetteaL3top: you can do verbose ssh to see exactly what its doing02:52
sweetteamy guess is, once the key is stored, and the compare makes out, no warn is necessary02:52
Peyamyes. but being conneted to router is not the same as connected to internet02:52
L3topsomsip: they are duplicate systems with different keys. It always blows warnings when I swap back and forth between production and dev02:52
L3topthank you sweettea.02:52
pyasiPeyam: yes, i know ...02:53
sweetteaekaj: did you use /etc/network/interfaces02:53
ekajthat's where that stuff was02:53
pyasiPeyam: man, my router is connected to the internet, but laptop isn't02:53
Peyampyasi: do this02:53
Peyamturn of the router for 20 sec02:53
Peyamand plug it in again02:53
sweetteaim not sure what "does not work" means02:53
sweetteacan you pinmg the gw?02:54
Peyamwhat is your router?02:54
sweetteawhat happens when you do ifup02:54
ekajNo, can't ping anything02:54
pyasiPeyam: 2wire54702:54
ekajit says already configured02:54
sweetteaifconfig shows it is?02:54
ekajifup does02:54
pyasiPeyam: man , it is not the fault of router02:54
sweetteawhat does ifconfig02:54
ekajshows inter addr, mask as I set it, Bcast as
sweetteado you have ethtool installed?02:55
ekajcould ipv6 be interfering?02:55
sweetteado ethtool eth002:55
pyasiPeyam: are u there??02:56
ekajit's not installed02:56
Peyampyasi: just turn it off and on02:56
sweetteais your cable legit/connected02:56
sweetteatrace it02:56
sweetteamaybe you have more than 1 nic02:56
fbdystangHi, I have a USB-microsd card adapter that shows up with lsusb, but does not give a blkid. Please advise02:56
pyasiPeyam: i did it 100 times man, didn't work02:56
ekajIt's a VM, it works when I have DHCP on02:56
Peyampyasi: u waited for 10-20 secs?02:56
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:56
sweetteaare you sure its eth002:56
pyasiPeyam: if the router isn't working, how would i connect to the internet and freenode??02:56
sweetteado a dmesg | grep eth002:56
sweetteawhen you have dhcp enabled, what IP does it pull02:57
Peyampyasi: we just update the connections02:57
sweetteaperhaps the vm is supposed to be on a diff network02:57
somsip!who | sweettea02:57
ubottusweettea: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:57
ekaja random one in my dhcp range02:57
ekajit's on the right network, the other 5 computers worked with these settings02:57
pyasiyes, did that also man02:58
pyasiPeyam: it doesn't work, i think there's dNS problem....how to fix it??02:58
ekajsweettea: It doesn't say anything about ipv4, it says ipv6 isn't ready02:58
Peyampyasi: my suggestions : 1) read your router homepage if something is wrong there! 2) restart it  3) if you have other wifi devices change the wifi channel of your router! More than than I dont know02:59
pyasiPeyam: ok thanks for your help and try...02:59
Peyamsorry I coulndt help. it happend me once I dont remember how I solved it03:00
pyasiPeyam: ok man03:00
sweetteaekaj: what network are your vms supposed to be on? Did you enable a bridge or nat?03:00
ekajNAT.. they're on the right network03:02
fbdystangHi, I have a USB-microsd card adapter that shows up with lsusb, but does not give a blkid. Please advise03:02
wilee-nileefbdystang, Is there a card in it?03:03
partounianHey guys I installed a theme pack, but how do I use it?03:03
fbdystangwilee-nilee: yes, i just used a dd command to dd an image over03:03
pyasipartounian: use gnome tweak tool03:03
wilee-nileefbdystang, A dd does not make a partition if you dd to the sdX, not sure if a blkd shoes it really.03:04
sweetteaekaj: well something isup, check iptables maybe blocking icmp03:04
wilee-nilee*blkid shows*03:04
sweetteaor do like i suggested03:04
fbdystangwilee-nilee: I pulled the usb out and plugged back in and now it can't see it03:04
sweetteaekaj: compare why dhcp works and static does not03:04
partounianpyasi: I'm on 10.0403:04
pyasipartounian: download gnome tweak tool and install it03:05
wilee-nileefbdystang, Take a look from gparted or the disks app, run a fdisk -l and see if it is shown.03:05
AdieChristmy sister is my partner in crime.03:06
sweetteacan anyone tell me why my stupid thunderbird unity alerts no longer work on 13.04?03:06
wilee-nileefbdystang, Does it have a partition?03:06
fbdystangwilee-nilee: It should, I downloaded the image and it is supposed to have 3 ready made partitions. fdisk -l shows nothing. Gparted can't see it. What am I missing?03:07
wilee-nileefbdystang, Did you dd to a partition or to just the card?03:08
prootyhello. i'm working on appindicators in ubuntu, and i notice that other appindicators change their icons when the theme changes. is there documentation on how to do it?03:08
fbdystangwilii-nilee: sudo dd if=ArchLinuxARM-olinuxino-latest.img of=/dev/sdc103:09
fbdystangwilii-nilee: Did I "of" to the wrong place?03:10
dragsu/win 2403:10
wilee-nileesweettea, Here is some general info.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/287525/thunderbird-missing-from-messaging-menu-dash03:10
wilee-nileefbdystang, Not sure I never dd, I just wondered if you dd to the card and wiped the partitions03:11
fbdystangwilee-nilee: if so, how do I mount it again to reformat?03:11
wilee-nileefbdystang, Try sudo mount /dev/sdc /mnt03:12
Tux_1Can you set up Ubuntu 12.04 desktop so it will boot to command prompt03:12
somsip!text | Tux_103:12
ubottuTux_1: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode03:12
partounianOn Grub2 how can I remove my old kernel boot option and leave the new ones.03:13
wilee-nileefbdystang, I'm assuming it will still be seen as sdc03:13
holsteinpartounian: autoremove will remove the old ones, but i would keep one or a few old ones around03:13
fbdystangdesktop:/$ sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt03:13
fbdystangmount: you must specify the filesystem type03:13
partounianholstein: thanks.03:14
somsippartounian: or if you want the longer approach, this looks decent http://is.gd/T7YIK103:14
Tux_1somsip: thanks03:14
sweetteawilee-nilee: did you just google that, or did you do that to fix it?03:15
wilee-nileefbdystang, I googled it, I have not had the problem, nor use unity.03:15
wilee-nileesweettea, ^^^^ sory fbdystang03:16
fbdystangwilee-nilee: basically how can I still mount it if it doesn't show up in the blkid?03:17
wilee-nileefbdystang, Not sure really.03:18
wilee-nileefbdystang, Might be the computer I have a acer d250 that is really problematic with a mini flash card.03:19
numbertoHi guys, unity does not work. I believe it just does not start (I believe it is some problem with nvidia).03:19
wilee-nilee!details > numberto03:20
ubottunumberto, please see my private message03:20
holsteinnumberto: what makes you think its nvidia?03:20
sweetteawell the reinstall got 1 of the alerts working03:22
numbertoholstein: I have ubuntu 13.04 and graphic card nvidia optimus gt 520m.  I did something and when I booted I had black screen. With nomodeset I was able to get into ubuntu but screen resolution is 1024x728, while it should be larger. I just don't know how to debug it.03:22
numbertoI do have bumblebee installed03:22
numbertoand I don't have unity working. I could start browser and pidgin via terminal03:23
holsteinnumberto: was it working before bumblebee?03:24
numbertoholstein: I had it working with bumblebee before. Now I just reinstalled it.03:24
holsteinnumberto: what broke it?03:25
numbertoI have no clue. I did messed up with grub while trying to install arch on other partition. That is it. I fixed grub now. But have issues with my screen resolution.03:26
numbertoholstein: it might be that there were some setting in grub, which I messed.03:27
holsteinnumberto: all i can do is suggest troubleshooting by removing variables.. remove the xorg.conf.. remove the nvida driver.. etc03:27
partounianSo installed ubuntu tweak, but I still can't use my downloaded theme.03:29
wilee-nileepartounian, You have a link to the theme?03:29
partounianThe highest rated on gnome-look.org, and I installed it via apt-get.03:30
wilee-nileepartounian, Is it gtk 303:30
partounianwilee-nilee, gtk? I'm on 10.04 with gnome 2.03:31
wilee-nileepartounian, Ah, and that is not supported...end of life, the server is, not the desktop.03:32
mizo_96Hi has anyone been able to kickstart ubuntu from the LAN fully as in not refer to an online apt repo OR download 50 gigs useing apt-mirror, anyone done a full automated kickstart ubuntu install from the DVD??03:32
partounianwilee-nilee, I03:32
wilee-nileepartounian, Not an area I'm real up on, someone might be though.03:32
partounianwilee-niee, I'm only using it to compile Android which is best supported on 10.0403:32
wilee-nileepartounian, I'm just giving you a heads up on support is all. ;)03:33
partounianwilee-nilee: Okay I understand.03:33
partounianSo anyone here know how to set a theme on Gnome 2(10.04)?03:36
holsteinpartounian: i always just downloaded them back then.. i remember it being pretty easy.. are you sure you are getting themes that are made for gnome2?03:37
partounianholstein: "Just downloaded"?03:38
holsteinpartounian: correct.. from the internet.. nothing special03:38
holsteinpartounian: whats the issue? do you have one that is makde for gnome2 that is not working?03:39
holsteinpartounian: im assuming you are talking about adding one you downloaded.. setting the themes would happen in the theme manager.. i think you just right click and go to "look and feel" or something similar03:40
zz0plymouth ask. Anybody knows how to implement custom tty's screens using plymouth03:40
zz0like the old bootsplash03:41
holalist #03:42
partounianholstein: It just says Gnome icon theme pack.03:42
holsteinpartounian: it?03:42
holsteinpartounian: i have no idea what you have downloaded or what you are looking at, or why you are not running 12.04, or 13.04.. so, please share as many releavant details as possible03:42
NaOHthe useradd man page tells me not to use the --password flag because the password will be visible to users listing the processes. can i avoid this problem by using chpasswd which takes the username/password via stdin?03:43
NaOHin other words, is chpasswd safer?03:44
partounianholstein: I am running 10.04 because that is the best version to develop Android OS on, but the file was the highest rated file on gnome-look.org03:44
holsteinpartounian: i would talk to the developer, or try another download.. sounds like it doesnt support the desktop you are using.. android can be developed on any ubuntu.. i wouldnt stay back at 10.04 for that03:45
kostkon_partounian: 10.04 desktop is eol and is not supported here anymore03:45
kostkon_partounian: both 10.04 and gnome 2 are dead03:46
holsteinthats right.. the server version is still supported partounian , but the desktop is over.. even gnome doesnt support gnome2, and there is nothing you need to do with android that you cant do in 12.04 or 13.0403:46
OerHeksthose gnome-look themes should have a readme03:46
d4rkn30Im getting a gpg error while doing apt-get update on server 12.0403:51
holsteind4rkn30: what error?03:52
d4rkn30holstein, hold on ill ssh in and pastebin the output03:52
d4rkn30holstein, http://pastebin.com/humUXU7f03:55
holsteind4rkn30: this looks like it would do the trick03:57
zz0all /part03:58
d4rkn30holstein, Crap,03:59
d4rkn30holstein, http://pastebin.com/LF7j2psF04:01
holsteind4rkn30: thats a different error04:02
holsteinare you able to ping 80 ?04:02
Zeroedoutmizo_96: I have installed Ubuntu purely from the LAN04:03
ZeroedoutYou use tftp boot and NFS to boot the livedvd/cd over the network04:03
ZeroedoutI use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallMultiDistro as my guide04:03
mizo_96I use cobbler atm04:03
mizo_96to distribute centos machines04:03
mizo_96Nice I am going to do it from centos04:03
mizo_96so I am going to mount a ubuntu iso04:04
mizo_96use apt tools to install apt programs on centos04:04
d4rkn30holstein, thats what it gave me back after i did what that topic suggested04:04
mizo_96create an aptrepo from cd04:04
mizo_96then publish it in apache04:04
holsteind4rkn30: i understand that.. can you ping the address?04:04
mizo_96so it can be installed of the lan04:04
d4rkn30holstein, yeah i can ping it04:05
d4rkn30holstein, it comes back as per normal ping04:05
holsteind4rkn30: then, i would just try it again.. sudo apt-get update04:05
=== aaron is now known as Guest66113
d4rkn30same thing, is there a way i can have it auto detect which server is best for my location04:06
mizo_96nice guide Zeroedout04:06
holsteind4rkn30: if you can ping it, thats not the issue04:06
NickGarveyhi, I'm trying to insert my own script into the initramfs and it doesn't appear to be working, which wouldn't be that big of a problem but I can't for the life of me get boot debugging messages04:06
Zeroedoutmizo_96: Just be sure that if you do use it, copy over the .disk file from the Ubuntu ISO as it won't do it with the commands provided04:07
d4rkn30holstein, isnt there a timeout ?04:07
ZeroedoutI've wanted to update the section for years, but keep forgetting, i'll do it now04:07
NickGarveyhow do you enable boot debugging messages? I have put a Yes in /etc/defaults/bootlogd and nothing has changed - which seems to be the case for more recent versions of ubuntu04:07
holsteind4rkn30: if you can ping it, you can ping it.. i mean, spend time troubleshooting your connection to the server if you want, but you *can* ping it04:08
d4rkn30well i know that, the thing is i can  update the desktop no problem on the same connection,04:09
holsteind4rkn30: what did you do before it broke?04:09
d4rkn30Nothing its a fresh install04:09
holsteind4rkn30: so, you finished installing.. booted, got the error you showed me, then ran the command i linked, then got this error? nothing esle?04:10
d4rkn30holstein, Nope Nothing at all04:10
holsteind4rkn30: im the kind of guy who would compare the sources from the machine that works04:11
d4rkn30holstein, i never thought of that seeings as i thought it would be the same as both are recent installes04:11
holsteind4rkn30: confirm if they are....04:12
d4rkn30ones 12.04 ( server) and the other is 13.0404:12
holsteind4rkn30: then, they will be different.. and it wont do you any good04:12
holsteind4rkn30: also, it irrelevant that one is connecting, since its connecting to a different place04:12
d4rkn30holstein, well no one will say precise and the other raring04:12
holsteind4rkn30: could be the mirrors are down04:13
d4rkn30holstein, its the main ubuntu mirrors04:13
holsteind4rkn30: that can be down04:14
holsteind4rkn30: im not saying they are... since you can ping them.. im just offering possible solutions04:14
d4rkn30holstein, the only two diffrences between the sources.list is the release name04:14
d4rkn30holstein, same set of mirrors04:14
holsteind4rkn30: yet, one is working and the other is not04:15
d4rkn30holstein, yeah ikr odd.04:15
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ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:34
pzhnathanielhello everyone04:36
pzhnathanielanyone here?04:37
cfhowlettpzhnathaniel, yes.04:37
pzhnathanielWho can tell me how could I find a theme of empathy04:38
pzhnathanielthank you but I also like looking theme file but find difficult to fully apply my system is ubuntu 13.0404:42
holsteinpzhnathaniel: what theme?04:43
pzhnathanielOne Click Install Of Adium Themes In Empathy04:43
holsteinpzhnathaniel: where did you get the theme? do they provide support?04:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:44
pzhnathanielno, without any help04:44
pzhnathanielI appreciate your help to express my sincere gratitude04:44
holsteinpzhnathaniel: where did you get it?04:44
Dr_willisLinux/ubuntu/X  in general does themes in a very radical way compared to windows ;)04:45
Dr_willisI dident even know empathy was themeable04:45
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw04:46
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ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:47
holsteinpzhnathaniel: did you download the theme from a site? where did you get it?04:48
=== Guest36460 is now known as CyclicFlux
pzhnathanielI forget address04:48
jetolehey guys. I'm running dnsmasq and resolvconf and have them both pretty much the way I want them except my final /etc/resolv.conf has a dns search domain added from dhcp from my ISP and I don't want that. Does anyone know how I would exclude that?04:50
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:51
=== acerimmer is now known as cfhowlett
ZigSphereCant you edit your resolv.conf?04:51
jetoleZigSphere: yes but when resolvconf reruns then it's reverted. I edited /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base to have the domain search I want but the ISP added domain is being added prepending the other ones04:52
ZigSphereI see04:53
ZigSphereSo you want to set it without being changed.  I would totally write a script04:53
jetoleZigSphere: I can write a script if I want but I shouldn't need to. There has to be a way. I want dnsmasq to keep using the dhcp based dns servers and just not the domain search but not sure where to edit04:54
holsteinpzhnathaniel: i, nor anyone else, will likely be able to help.. ir you are having issues, assume its that the theme you have is bad, and stop trying to use it04:55
ZigSphereyeah.  Makes sense04:55
jetolednsmasq? resolvconf? /etc/network/interfaces? /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf?04:55
somsipjetole: add 'dns-nameservers' to /etc/network/interfaces ?04:55
somsipjetole: eg: dns-nameservers
jetolesomsip: I want to disable the domain search path. Not the dns nameservers04:55
somsipjetole: ok - point missed04:55
Sazpaimon__does the minimal CD allow for full disk encryption or only home folder encryption?04:55
ZigSpherearent nameserver set in resolv.conf?  not interfaces04:56
ZigSphereunless you can set them in both04:56
jetolesomsip: the line that starts with search in /etc/resolv.conf04:56
jetoleZigSphere: you can but it's not the name servers themselves I want to change04:56
ZigSpheresearch domain.local04:56
somsipjetole: resolv conf get s overwritten. You or someone else already said that04:56
jetolebut on ubuntu 12.04 if you use dhcp and you edit resolv.conf instead of /etc/network/interfaces then you will lose it04:57
jetolesomsip: yes04:57
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
jetoleso I want to know which program I would change and how I would change it to not accept search from eth004:57
ZigSphereAh - so setting DNS in interfaces will stick then04:57
ZigSphereI see04:57
jetoleZigSphere: yes but again, dns servers isn't what I want to change04:57
varunendrajetole, are you using Network Manager?04:57
jetolevarunendra: uh. it's running04:58
jetolevarunendra: though I have mostly edited by hand interfaces, dnsmasq and resolvconf04:59
varunendrajetole, have you tried "Automatic (DHCP) address only" in NM ?04:59
somsipjetole: man dhclient.conf and look up supersede. Looks like the way to go04:59
varunendraI believe this is where dnsmasq picks up settings.04:59
jetolesomsip: vaguely familiar with it but don't know what to supercede with to leave it null04:59
jetolevarunendra: don't want to lose dns servers though04:59
varunendrayou will have to put them in NM then.05:00
varunendraThat should stick05:00
jetolejust the domain it adds to search, i.e. if I type http://support/ into the browser then it searches http://support.my-isp.com/ then http://support.my-vpn-to-company.com/05:00
somsipjetole: well look it up then. I found one example on the first search result https://calomel.org/dhclient.html05:00
jetolevarunendra: but they are variable05:00
varunendrajetole, where does it get the DNS. From the DHCP server I guess?05:01
jetolevarunendra: yes and thats fine05:01
jetolethe dns servers are fine05:01
pzhnathanielholstein: thank you05:01
jetoleit's telling me that it wants to search my-isp.com if the hostname I use doesn't resolve / isn't an fqdn05:02
varunendraUnless your dhcp server is supplying that info, you can use the dhcp server's address in DNS field in nm.05:02
Kowupon further inspection, quassel-client is built on QT, quassel-client-kde4 is built using the KDE libs. which is awesome if you are not a KDE user :)05:02
jetoleyes it is supplying that info via dhcp and that's what I am trying to disable05:02
Kowcompletely wrong channel, oops05:03
Kowbut for the #ubuntu record, quassel is awesome05:03
gRAVIty2system shuts down randomly. Ubuntu 12.04 on lenovo x200 tablet. The logfile is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5794346/. The shutdown happened at 8:39. can you explain what is happening?05:03
Ben64gRAVIty2: that log doesn't have anything for the time when it shut down05:07
* cfhowlett ... ain't nobody got time to read all that!05:08
gRAVIty2Ben64: 8:39:04 ?05:09
NickGarveygRAVIty2: that's during the boot, not the shutdown05:09
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: how do I find what happened when it shutdown?05:10
NickGarveygRAVIty2: when it shuts down, does it go through the shutdown process or does it just turn off?05:11
NickGarveygRAVIty2: and does it turn off or reboot?05:11
gRAVIty2Nickgarvey: It displays some message with white text on black screen. let me get you pics of that.05:12
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: you can find the pictures when it shut down here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=215487605:13
gRAVIty2looks something like dmesg05:13
NickGarveygRAVIty2: that right there is a kernel panic05:14
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: what is it and what can i do to prevent that from happening?05:14
NickGarveygRAVIty2: so a kernel panic is when your kernel detects that something is in a bad state and it doesn't want to continue at risk of doing damage05:15
NickGarveygRAVIty2: this can only happen in 'kernel mode', the kernel itself and device drivers all run in kernel mode as they need access to hardware05:15
NickGarveygRAVIty2: in this situation, it is almost certainly a device driver as you are on non-standard hardware05:15
NickGarveygRAVIty2: the easiest and most likely way to fix this is to simply upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu05:16
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: it was working fine for a while. I had 10.04 also on this same laptop.05:16
NickGarveygRAVIty2: newer versions have newer kernels05:16
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: thanks for that. could this be a hardware issue? I went to the service centre who ran diagnostics and said it is fine. Once in a while reboot happens even in windows05:16
NickGarveygRAVIty2: yes, it certainly could. the 'BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request' /might/ be a memory problem, but based on the address in memory I tend to think otherwise05:17
cfhowlettgRAVIty2, the fact that it happens in windows as well pretty much rules out a linux only problem, yes?  I'd say hardware05:17
NickGarveygRAVIty2: oh I didn't notice the windows part, yeah that more or less spells it out then05:18
NickGarveygRAVIty2: check your wifi card and your memory would be my guesses05:18
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: Did memtest and it went through 5 passes without a hitch05:18
NickGarveygRAVIty2: does this ever happen when your wireless card is off?05:19
cfhowlettgRAVIty2, memtest only tests mem ... whatever your fail trigger is seems not to be mem related...05:19
robertjdohnertgRAVIty2:  What type of notebook?05:19
gRAVIty2NickGarvey: I never used without wifi card recently. Now that you mention it - i started using wifi and the restarts seem to start at the same time. Wifi occasionally stops and i have to restart to start it05:20
gRAVIty2robertdohnert: lenovo x200 tablet05:20
gRAVIty2cfhowlett: is there a way to find the trigger05:20
cfhowlettgRAVIty2, over my head I'm afraid.  I'd hope that there's specific guidance in one of your logs, but I wouldn't know where to look.  Suggest you carefully document the fail mode and triggers.  When you can reproduce the fail, share that info with repair techs, forums, irc until someone points you to a fix.05:22
gRAVIty2cfhowlett: how do i document the failmode and triggers? can u help with that?05:23
crazyhorsei can't change the resolution on my monitors after an apt-get update05:23
crazyhorsewhat do i do?05:23
cfhowlettgRAVIty2, whenever it fails, immediately write down what you were doing, what apps were running, any error messages noted.  Once you see repeats of "first this >>> then that happened" you05:24
cfhowlettyou've got an identifiable pattern and that will aid diagnosis.  Or so the engineers tell me.05:24
vlad205crazyhorse: what type of video do you have on what processor05:24
crazyhorseintel i5, Intel HD05:25
gRAVIty2cfhowlett: that helps!05:25
jetolegot it! For those curious, the search was being set based on the domain name I was being assigned from the ISP which was visible via /run/resolvconf/interface/eth0.dhclient. I edited /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and in the request section I removed domain-search (which had no effect) and after realizing the domain was where resolvconf was setting it I removed domain-name05:25
crazyhorsevlad205: using P8 Z77-V05:25
jetoleand that caused the ISP set domain from being removed from search in /etc/resolv.conf05:25
cfhowlettgRAVIty2, best of luck05:25
vlad205crazyhorse: the only thing I could think to do is reconfigure xserver and the driver with dpkg-reconfigure05:26
crazyhorsevlad205: SOrry its's a Asus P8 Z77-V LE PLUS motherboard which uses the Z77 chipset with on-board Intel HD graphics.. Everything worked perfectly until i did an apt-get update/upgrade and now both monitors are locked in some really low crappy resolution05:26
crazyhorsevlad205: what does that command do?05:26
NickGarvey!resolution > crazyhorse05:26
ubottucrazyhorse, please see my private message05:26
vlad205check /etc/X11 and your xorg.conf file05:27
vlad205crazyhorse: I'd just purge what I installed and re-install and place the proper files in their proper places like xorg.conf05:28
crazyhorseNickGarvey: checking05:28
crazyhorseubottu: I haven't installed any graphical restarted stuff05:29
ubottucrazyhorse: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:29
NickGarveycrazyhorse: ubottu should have sent you a PM that contained a lot of useful information for your problem05:29
crazyhorsehey nick.. thanks i did05:30
vlad205there is a command to reconfigure the xserver google it05:30
crazyhorsegoing through it05:30
vlad205"dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"05:32
snuffthey guys05:33
snufftstupid question: is it possible to own a folder, but not own its contents? and if so, will you be able to delete the folder when you don't own its content?05:33
vlad205check for an existing xorg.conf in etc/X11 move it to a *.backup and let the xorg regenerate it05:33
NickGarveysnufft: sounds like a good time for an experiment :)05:34
vlad205snufft yes, then no05:34
snufftNickGarvey, i actually have the situation at the moment and was trying to work out if i can't fix it because i'm doing something stupid :P05:34
snufftvlad205, that confirms that I can't fix the problem then :P thanks :)05:35
crazyhorsexrandr --addmode VGA1 1920x1080 :/05:35
NickGarveyI was under the impression that you could delete a folder with content you didn't own05:35
crazyhorsefixed it05:36
NickGarveyvlad205: why do you think otherwise? and snufft what error are you having?05:36
crazyhorsethanks.. erm that was weird though :D05:36
vlad205try it05:37
NickGarveyI did05:37
snufftNickGarvey, i have a shared host account where a few files are being generated by php, but they're assigned to nobody:nobody. I need to delete them but because I don't have su, I can't do anything to fix the problem05:37
NickGarveythe folder is gone with the 755 files owned by root gone as well05:37
snufftif i try and chown/chmod/chgrp i get the usual operation not permitted because i don't have privileges05:37
somsipsnufft: write a php script to delete them. Called from a browser05:37
snufftsomsip, i was going to try that next, but it's a bit of a strange situation. they're lock files for magento...05:38
snufftnot sure if they're still in use and if i can stop that05:38
snuffti'll give it a shot though :)05:39
crazyhorseNickGarvey: thanks for that page05:39
somsipsnufft: I neverused it. There should be a cleanup script if there is a file-drop script though. Easy enough to mangle one surely?05:39
snufftsomsip, yeah, it should be ok :)05:39
NickGarveycrazyhorse: yup, ubottu is the best05:39
krakkenso i recently installed kubuntu-full 13.04. i had lubuntu 13.04 and in the ldx terminal typed sudo apt-get install kubuntu-full. there r traces or lubuntu all over. is there any way to get rid of lubuntu and only run kubuntu?05:41
NickGarvey!purge | krakken05:41
ubottukrakken: To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P05:41
vlad205you got me there NickGarvey....I wasn't aware ownership of the directory changed previliges on the files in it05:42
NickGarveyvlad205: me either :P hence the experiment05:42
jaaltoHow do you check from bash script if OS is Ubuntu?05:43
NickGarveyjaalto: lsb_release -a05:44
NickGarveyjaalto: or lsb_release -i to save some parsing05:44
krakkenwell i havent removed anything05:44
jaaltoNickGarvey: Thank you.05:45
NickGarveyjaalto: ah, better might even be sourcing /etc/lsb-release05:45
krakkenmy lubuntu desktop icons r on my kubuntu desktop... i have lubuntu software center mixed in and all kinds of stuff... feels like both running at same time kinda05:46
NickGarveyjaalto: . /etc/lsb-release; if [ "$DISTRIB_ID" = "Ubuntu" ]; etc05:46
krakkeni want my lubuntu to be pure lubuntu and kubuntu to be pure kubuntu05:46
krakkenactually i wanna get rid of all lubuntu05:46
cfhowlettsamy_, greetings05:47
samy_how i can to remove or stop ssh?05:47
krakkenmebbe i should of installed from alt f1 instead of lubuntu05:47
samy_many people know my root pswd05:47
vlad205krakken you might find this site useful. http://http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/tag/pure-ubuntu/05:47
aeon-ltdsamy_: then it'd make more sense to change the pw05:48
krakkencant find05:48
krakkengot it05:49
krakkentoo many http05:49
cfhowlettkrakken, and this is why you don't install FULL until you know that's what you want05:49
susundbergsamy_: sudo service sshd stop05:49
cfhowlettkrakken, test with install of the DE only, imho05:49
susundbergsamy_: but better is just to unplug the ethernet/wireless connection05:50
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »05:51
krakkenthat link seems to be working thank u05:51
Dr_willisI install all the differnt desktops. :) wife perfers one, kids like another..05:51
krakkenuh oh... couple of the last lines.05:54
krakkenRemoving guvcview ... Removing hardinfo ... Removing indicator-application-gtk2 ... Removing k3b ... Removing kubuntu-full ... Removing kdemultimedia ... Removing kdenetwork ... Removing kget ... Removing konq-plugins ...05:54
Dr_williscould be those packages are obsolete05:55
Dr_willisk3b is a kde burning app.05:55
Dr_willisif you want all of lubuntu back, try reinstalling 'lubuntu-desktop' it should pull back in anything it needs05:55
Dr_willisor 'depends' on05:55
Dr_willispeople worry way to much about whats installed. ;)05:55
vlad205krakken: I had to manually remove two packages when I dropped kde05:56
NickGarveyDr_willis: shame there is no apt-get install * :P05:56
krakkenjust want it to pe clean05:56
mikodoThis computer does not have a usb boot option in BIOS. Any way to make it able to do so?  http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/ho/WF06b/12132708-12133156-12133158-12133158-12133158-80626463-81225089.html?dnr=105:57
cfhowlett!pxe|mikodo, pxe boot is one option05:58
mikodocfhowlett, I look into it Thanks05:58
NickGarvey!pxe | mikodo05:59
wilee-nileemikodo, Are you sure, anyway I have used this to boot a usb. http://www.plop.at/06:00
vlad205supergrub boot usb? anyone know06:00
wilee-nileevlad205, Download it and load it to a usb.06:00
mikodoNickGarvey,  OK !pxe I'll look into it guys.06:00
NickGarveymikodo: ah sorry I was trying to trigger the bot (who doesn't seem to know about pxe booting) search for "PXE Boot"06:01
NickGarveymikodo: didn't mean to spam exclamation points :)06:01
mikodowilee-nilee, Yes. I'll check it out06:01
* cfhowlett .. thinks the bot is getting senile. It USED to know about PXE!06:02
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:08
wilee-nileethe netinstall is a alternative install now06:10
vlad205anyone know of any live ubuntu sessions coming up on irc in the next few days06:10
krakkenhmmm... looks like im gonna have to just wipe it all out and boot from disk for a pure copy06:10
wilee-nileevlad205, live ubuntu sessions?06:11
mikodowilee-nilee, Cfhowlett: Thank you.    (PXE Boot and http://www.plop.at/) Why the Apple audio?06:11
bakhtiyorhi everyone06:11
Dr_williskrakken,  i think you are worrying about way too much.06:11
cfhowlettmikodo, apple audio?   doh!06:12
Dr_willisI find other desktops often have better tools for differnt tasks. so i always mixx up the differrent desktops.06:12
vlad205held by canonical06:12
mikodo http://www.plop.at/ == audio of a Mac conference06:12
krakkenidk... in all honesty im missing windows06:13
* Dr_willis envisions chanting monks repeating over and over 'macs are still innovative.....' ;)06:13
Dr_williskrakken,  huh?06:13
krakkenubuntu has been a nightmare06:13
* Dr_willis spent most of the day fighting windows.. Windows is a nightmare.06:13
mikodoDr_willis, I had hit the top button on the page (home)06:13
krakkenwhat about linux mint?06:13
wilee-nileekrakken, Did you try removing lubuntu before trying the kde only?06:14
Dr_williskrakken,  i dont see the point in Mint really.. its not supported here either.06:14
krakkenanyone toy with it06:14
OerHeksmint has its own issues06:14
Dr_willisI have no issues installing lubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-desktop and the gnome-shell desktop all on my single machine.06:14
vlad205krakken , mint is like ubuntu suse....I hate it though06:14
wilee-nileemint is ubuntu in drag06:14
vlad205ubuntu has better support06:15
krakkenno i didnt i just opened terminal and started removing06:15
cfhowlettvlad205, no question about that06:15
krakkenthere r way too many rules06:15
wilee-nileekrakken, started removing?06:15
Dr_willisrules? this channel is for official ubuntu variants.. Mint has its own channels..06:15
krakkenyeah but now im adding 433 mb06:15
Dr_willis433mb - egads. :) thats like the size of my..err.. printer drivers install on my windows box. ;P06:16
krakkenno i mean rules in ubuntu06:16
=== MJCD_ is now known as GDFGD
Dr_williskrakken,  we dont know what rules you mean.06:16
Dr_willisor which 'ubuntu' you mean really. ;P06:16
JohannKrausshello #ubuntu06:16
=== GDFGD is now known as MJCD
cfhowlettJohannKrauss, greetings06:16
Dr_willissadly im not over stateing it.. had a HP printer (well scanner also) and its driver install package was like 400+MB in size.06:17
JohannKrausscan someone help me define OOP in layman's term?06:17
krakkenits all so knowledge intensive06:17
wilee-nileekrakken, I have used those removal lists and had it error with packages not found. I then remove that package from the removal list till I get a clean finish.06:17
krakkenit is by no means user friendly. at least not to a casual user06:17
cfhowlettkrakken, if you want an "idiot proof" OS, please see OSX ... good luck with that.06:17
Dr_williskrakken,  i had to read/google a lot today to fix this windows box for the grandkids.. so computers can be  problem free.. or very problematic  - it just depends on the problems.06:18
krakkenu need a degree to use it06:18
Dr_willisOS-X is definatly not idiot proof. :) had it crash and burn also.06:18
cfhowlettkrakken, "degree"?  you06:18
Dr_willisthe 3rd degree!06:18
cfhowlettkrakken, you're exaggerating.  You need to use the protocols and do a bit of research - as is the case with any/all tech.06:19
NickGarveyJohannKrauss: this isn't really the right channel for that.. but OOP is programming where code is grouped into 'objects' that contain both data and functions relating to that data06:19
wilee-nileeI learned ubuntu while getting a degree, not associated with computers though06:19
krakkeni guess06:19
krakkenjust seems like the honeymoon is over06:19
mikodoHonest to god, I am not spamming. I hit http://www.plop.at/ and opened this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxe_0-rttIw  doh is right.06:19
JohannKraussNickGarvey: yeah, sorry for asking in this channel. for unknown reason. I can't send a chat on others channel :(06:20
krakkeni think theres a reason only 1% of the world uses linux06:20
Dr_williskrakken,  i think its MUCH higher then 1%06:20
krakkenthats what i read06:20
Dr_willisgiven how all android phones/tablets could be considered to be 'using linux'06:20
cfhowlettkrakken, and yet ... here you are?06:20
xanguakrakken: and half the world have linux in their pocket :)06:20
andrewSCcan someone tell me what I need to do to get the tun module to work? I've tried to modprobe and it doesn't exist, I think I need to enable it in the kernel but idk06:21
Dr_willis!find tun.ko06:21
izxI am getting ubuntu is running on low graphics mode.. How do i fix it??06:21
ubottuFile tun.ko found in user-mode-linux06:21
krakkenyeah desperatly trying to make this work. when i pick a losing cause i really commit06:21
NickGarveyandrewSC: can you pastebin /boot/config-$(uname -r) ?06:21
Dr_willishmm. not even sure what user-mode-linux is. ;P06:21
Dr_willis!info user-mode-linux06:22
wilee-nileeizx, Are you updated and upgraded, have you checked additional drivers?06:22
ubottuuser-mode-linux (source: user-mode-linux): User-mode Linux (kernel). In component universe, is extra. Version 3.8.0-1um-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 7232 kB, installed size 17380 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)06:22
vlad205low graphics mode???? do you mean resolution?06:22
andrewSCNickGarvey: http://pastebin.com/k3mzMQFK06:22
NickGarveyandrewSC: ah my mistake, could you paste the contents of that file?06:23
vlad205izx: Look under system settings /Display and change there.06:23
Dr_willisizx,  whats your video chipset and what driver are you using for it?06:23
andrewSCNickGarvey: that file is nonexistent and my /boot is empty06:23
izxwilee-nilee: No i have not done any recent changes.. I am stuck in the terminal..06:23
andrewSCthis is a VPS06:23
Dr_willisandrewSC,  a vps can do things in very nonstandard ways  - from what ive seen.06:24
andrewSCVPS Image*06:24
andrewSCyeahhh :(06:24
Dr_williswell may be standard for a 'vps' :) but not for a normal ubuntu install06:24
izxDr_willis: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller06:24
NickGarveyandrewSC: ah sorry that's entirely out of my knowledge set then06:24
andrewSCkk no worries06:24
cfhowlettpenos, greetings06:25
cfhowlettvlad205, greetings06:30
vlad205cfhowlett, hey06:30
Sazpaimon__does the minimal CD allow for full disk encryption or only home folder encryption?06:32
cfhowlettSazpaimon__, you can install full encryption although I don't know that that's actually ON the mini.  It can easily be added post initial install.06:34
Sazpaimon__cfhowlett, I assume when I install via mini I'll need to explicitly put /boot/ on another partition06:35
Sazpaimon__which I dont think the installer will do for me06:35
NickGarveySazpaimon__: yes you do, and yes it will06:35
NickGarveySazpaimon__: encrypting your main partition uses LVM which the installer handles intelligently06:35
NickGarveySazpaimon__: however I can't speak for the minimal CD but I expect it is the same as the full minus a lot of packages06:36
Sazpaimon__do I need to use LVM? Can I just use LUKS without a mapper?06:36
Sazpaimon__I'd like to be able to mount the disk in windows using FreeOTFE06:36
=== stonie_ is now known as steinchen
NickGarveySazpaimon__: you need a mapper, without one where in software would the decryption happen?06:37
Sazpaimon__i dont know, how does freeotfe manage to mount encrypted volumes on windows?06:38
NickGarveySazpaimon__: same idea different implementation06:39
NickGarveySazpaimon__: it looks like it is compatible with dm-crypt06:39
Sazpaimon__im asking because lvm isn't supported by any driver on windows06:39
Sazpaimon__ah, dm-crypt06:39
Sazpaimon__I guess this is going to be less straightforward than I thought06:40
NickGarveySazpaimon__: I would try the installer, it might help you more than you think06:40
Sazpaimon__also, I just checked the mini-iso, it only allows me to encrypt my home directory06:40
NickGarveySazpaimon__: or maybe not :)06:40
Sazpaimon__I'll have to do it after the fact, then06:40
Sazpaimon__no biggie06:40
Sazpaimon__also, is it possible to have all of the grub, kernel, and initramfs files on the EFI system partition?06:41
Sazpaimon__my ESP is about 300MB, so it can fit all that06:42
Sazpaimon__i know ubuntu will prefer to have /boot be its own isolated partition, but I don't see why I can't use ESP for that06:42
cfhowlettSazpaimon__, ubuntu prefers it's own partition?  Not my experience ...06:43
cfhowlett"/boot" partition that is ...06:43
Sazpaimon__if I'm using full disk encryption, it will06:43
Sazpaimon__otherwise, yeah, it will be part of /06:44
Sazpaimon__that being said, why not use the ESP for all that stuff?06:44
hewthanhey there06:44
Sazpaimon__so what's the procedure on getting an encrypted rootfs post-install? Anyone have a wiki link?06:45
pzhnathanielhello  ~~~06:47
cfhowlettpzhnathaniel, greetings06:48
=== ryang_ is now known as ryang
=== frath is now known as arquebus
benbloomis there a difference between running rsync from a local drive to a sshfs thats mounted locally using fuse and running rsync using the traditional LAN method?06:55
JohannKraussbased on this script https://github.com/iye/lightsOn/blob/master/lightsOn.sh. I got an error saying lightsOn.sh: line 52: syntax error near unexpected token `<'. can someone point me how to configure this?06:59
JohannKraussI had zero experience with bash07:00
=== fizk_ is now known as Guest45888
varunendraJohannKrauss, it seems that you should have only one "<" (the first one) in line 52.07:03
Veneraxhm, is the issue that script tries to solve still present in 13.04?07:04
JohannKraussvarunendra: okay. I'll give em a try. thanks07:05
JohannKraussvarunendra: I got this error line 52: syntax error near unexpected token `('07:06
varunendraJohannKrauss, just FYI, it is an instance of the "while" loop reading input from the command after "done" in the end, one line at a time and looping while there is a line to read.07:06
penoshow much is ubuntu professional edition07:06
cfhowlettpenos, no such thing07:06
varunendraJohannKrauss, usually that is a file that is read by while loop that way. So I guess the second "<" in that line may actually be "$"07:07
JohannKraussvarunendra: I'm sorry. I just copy the script to prevent my screen from blanking when I'm watching movies etc, I know nothing about bash/programming07:07
varunendraJohannKrauss, what program do you use to watch movies? Usually some of them have settings to prevent the screen from going to sleep. I know that about only vlc though.07:08
king_slayerGood morning people07:08
cfhowlettking_slayer, greetings ... and it's afternoon here in China07:09
Veneraxit used to be a problem for youtube as well, at least as i remember07:09
Veneraxbut i haven't had any problems since i updated a little while ago :/07:09
JohannKraussvarunendra: okay. just sorted thats out. but another error came out line 240: syntax error: unexpected end of file07:09
king_slayerI'm going to create a wiki with all the info related to the network I'm starting to admin... besides backup, services running, server description network map, common problems and solutions, what else should I add?07:10
penosking gaming07:10
cfhowlett!english|penos, ????07:11
ubottupenos, ????: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList07:11
dual_king_slayer: server base line stats07:11
king_slayermmm what does that mean?07:11
king_slayerlike stats?07:11
dual_get a baseline of the network, normal day to day loads and traffic07:12
king_slayernormal usage performance and things like that=?07:12
varunendraJohannKrauss, that script doesn't have a line 240. Was that the only error?07:13
=== lidemingzxc is now known as lideming
mikodowilee-nilee, Just to be sure,   http://www.plop.at/  can be used to boot from usb (Win7 .iso) without BIOS supporting booting from USB?07:13
wilee-nileemikodo, HOw are you loading the W7 to the usb?07:14
JohannKraussvarunendra: yup07:14
mikodowilee-nilee, I thought using the guide did that07:14
varunendraJohannKrauss, how do you run mplayer? Via command line or do you have a gui for it?07:15
mikodowilee-nilee, Oh, cp?07:15
varunendraI can see an option to disable screensaver in Smplayer.07:15
wilee-nileemikodo, I have only used plop a few times years ago it booted a usb on a computer that was to old, so I assume it does the same, with whatever ISO is correctly loaded. What guide are you meaning?07:16
prootyhello. i am developing a qt app through pyqt4 that uses an appindicator.07:16
mikodowilee-nilee, Using the plop one you suggested07:17
prootyhow can i change the icon of the appindicator based on the current theme?07:17
wilee-nileemikodo,  I'm not familiar with that part of the web site, can you give me a link.07:17
JohannKraussvarunendra: gui. I also want to disable screen blanking while watching videos on youtube and such07:19
=== kriss_ is now known as Kriss3d
mikodowilee-nilee, "Copy the files from /mnt/iso/ to the root directory of the USB drive". I am just referring to this one:  http://www.plop.at/07:19
icerootmikodo: wilee-nilee you can not copy the content from an iso with cp to get a bootable device07:21
wilee-nileemikodo, Not sure really if you have a windows setup you can use their usb loader. In ubuntu you can extract it to a usb formatted with a NTFS and a boot flag. you extract with the archive manager on a right click of the iso.07:22
mikodoiceroot, I guess that is why wilee-nilee asked07:22
wilee-nileeiceroot, I never said you could.07:22
wilee-nileeI don't even know what cp is, lol07:23
icerootwilee-nilee: the command for copy07:23
mikodowilee-nilee, I just have buntus07:23
wilee-nileeiceroot, I never said that, above I just posted the ways I have used to extract a W7 ISO to a usb to boot.07:24
mikodowilee-nilee, So after extracting it to the usb, I should be able to follow plop to boot it?07:25
wilee-nileemikodo, I would think so it would boot normally all plop does is enable it on computers that don't stock.07:25
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
mikodowilee-nilee, Yah! We win again. thanks.07:26
wilee-nileemikodo, Is the disc reader broken?07:26
mikodowilee-nilee, no works fine, I just have no option to boot from usb in Bios07:27
wilee-nileemikodo, Ah, I would make a disc of the ISO at some point just for ease of access to repair...etc.07:28
mikodowilee-nilee, OK07:28
cristian_cI've installed qt4-qtconfig07:30
cristian_cIf I open the tool and I edit the font settings, clicking on File->Save, this string appears in the statusbar: 'Saved changes.'07:30
cristian_cbut if I close and reopen the tool, there are not the new settings anymore07:30
cristian_cHow can I solve it?07:30
cristian_cAny ideas?07:30
varunendraJohannKrauss, I just tested the script myself, and it seems that line 52 is correct as it is in the original script. (that is "done < <(...")07:31
varunendraalthough I'm not getting any errors with the change either. JohannKrauss07:32
LucidDreamZzZzykotick9, hehe i gave up a while ago...07:36
moes12.04lts...I downloaded a program Moneydance.deb and installed using gdebi...I then e-mailed a file from another Pc and installed...the program is located at /opt/Moneydance/moneydance...I can open from a terminal or from file system..but the icon it insert in dash board will not open the program07:36
LucidDreamZzZwhat version of ubuntu could i have if i have the bar thing on the left?07:37
LucidDreamZzZits after version 10...07:37
cfhowlettLucidDreamZzZ, open a terminal and run lsb_release -a07:38
LucidDreamZzZcfhowlett, ok about all i can do is use terminal one sec07:38
mith_any one help me07:39
LucidDreamZzZX broken, im sure deleting xorg.conf would help07:39
mith_how to connect to any server using ftp07:39
LucidDreamZzZmith where to?07:40
LucidDreamZzZyour system what program?07:40
mith_like google07:40
LucidDreamZzZff will??07:40
ddsschow do I search file contents in ubuntu ? (aka windows 'search file contents' )07:40
mith_hey i configured ft-p07:41
mith_now what all can i do07:41
LucidDreamZzZok it say this system is precise, is that first release with dash (the bar thing)07:42
cfhowlettLucidDreamZzZ, so 13.04 ... latest release07:42
SalaHello, I'm looking for some assistance. Trying to get a computer to boot up, trying to install Ubuntu for the first time, however, the previous owner seems to have bricked it, and am unable to get any of the boot devices to work. Any advice?07:42
cfhowlettSala, you should be able to set the bios to boot your ubuntu usb07:43
mith_hey anyone help07:43
LucidDreamZzZi am trying to install nvidia 96, i know i had dash so i dunno what i did to make this work before07:43
ubottumith_,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/07:43
SalaI've tried booting from both usb and cd (got an ubuntu install on both).07:43
ubottuSala,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:44
SalaIt's a Toshiba laptop, HDD partially wiped, formerly running windows 8. Can't even get the option to finish wiping the hard drive.07:45
ubottuSala,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:46
SalaThe bios recognises the boot devices, however when I attempt to actually boot them, it fails to read the media.07:46
mith_how to use sftp07:46
mith_i have setup of ftp07:46
ubottumith_,: FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd07:47
SalaThank you for the link, checking it out now.07:47
Noskcajwhere can i download all the default icons for ubuntu?07:48
bowsneikohello dear user. i have some logfiles with got the line "Wallclock runtime in mainloop: 154.0 seconds" in it. in that line i want to grep the 154.0 which is a random number. how can i do this with grep or sed?07:49
Shiju_Need help with internet07:52
histo!details | Shiju_07:52
ubottuShiju_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:52
moes12.04lts...I downloaded a program Moneydance.deb and installed using gdebi...I then e-mailed a file from another Pc and installed...the program is located at /opt/Moneydance/moneydance...I can open from a terminal or from file system..but the icon it insert in dash board will not open the program07:52
Shiju_I am running 12.10...my internet connects and disconnects every few seconds07:53
Shiju_I have  a wired connection07:53
histomoes: take a looksee at the .desktop file and see what it's trying to do that it's not opening.07:53
LucidDreamZzZis dash the newest thing?07:53
Shiju_it disconnects though it shows connected07:54
histoShiju_: do other devices on the network stay connected? when it disconnects can you ping another host on your internal network?07:54
Shiju_I have to reconnect every few seconds07:54
LucidDreamZzZtrying to figure this out how i did it before07:54
Shiju_I am not very sure of technical things07:54
histo!unity | LucidDreamZzZ07:54
ubottuLucidDreamZzZ: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity07:54
Shiju_a newbie07:54
histoShiju_: well next time it goes down try pinging your router07:55
LucidDreamZzZwhat problems Shiju_07:55
LucidDreamZzZok histo thanks!07:55
SalaThe ubuntu I burned to a DVD can be used as a boot disc, correct?07:55
DJonesSala: Yes, it should boot into a try or install screen07:56
DJonesAssuming its the desktop image07:56
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.07:56
SalaWhat if there is no OS on the computer I'm trying to install it on? Is there a different version I need?07:56
DJonesSala: No, as long as you've got the desktop iso, you can partition the drive on on the computer as you need and install directly from the disc07:57
SalaAlright. Thank you.07:57
histoShiju_: ip route  should show you your gateway ip so you can try ping thatip  when it goes down next time to troubleshoot07:57
moeshisto, It is trying to open a file instead of the program...I can drag and drop the program icon onto the dash board ..but when I open it also opens the file icon07:58
histoShiju_: or ip neigh07:59
histomoes: did you create the icon?07:59
Babinguide me how to setup apt chace server08:00
moeshisto, No the program icon was in dash for the program...the icon for the file is created when the program opens08:01
=== mote is now known as Guest19631
Guest19631Hi. I need to test this packages "“unity” 7.0.0daily13.06.19~13.04-0ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu". But i cannot find it in Raring Proposed.08:02
Babinguide me how to setup apt chace server08:02
=== gareth__ is now known as KHF
histo!repeat | Babin08:03
ubottuBabin: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:03
histomoes: I'm confused by what you mean do you mind rephrasing your question.08:03
Babinok Sure08:04
KHFwhen I install cnijfilter-common08:05
KHFand cnijfilter-630series I get dependency errors08:06
KHFI am attempting to install drivers for a canon printer08:06
KHFon lucid08:07
moeshisto, I downloaded a program Moneydance...added the backup file from another computer..When I open the program it adds an icon to the dashboard which tried to open the file and not the program..I moved the program icon from dash to the board..it open the program but also open an icon for the file08:08
Guest19631Hi. I need to test this packages "“unity” 7.0.0daily13.06.19~13.04-0ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu". But i cannot find it in Raring Proposed. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/7.0.0daily13.06.19~13.04-0ubuntu108:08
histomoes: can you paste a screenshot of the issue08:09
histo!paste | moes08:09
ubottumoes: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:09
histoGuest19631: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuUpdates  read the proposed section08:10
Guest19631histo: Think i already did it right. could it be that the package are not there yet?08:12
Guest19631histo: enabled proposed, updated. but the unity package i can se in synaptic, are an older version.08:12
Darkyyyi need support08:13
susundbergDarkyyy: !ask08:13
susundbergmh, sorry, i ment08:13
susundberg!ask > Darkyyy08:13
ubottuDarkyyy, please see my private message08:13
Darkyyyi started installing ubuntu 12.04 thru wubi08:13
histoGuest19631: could be not there. You could download it from the page you see it on there are download links.08:14
Darkyyyjust after the installtion on windows finished my pc rebooted and got stuck on boot:08:14
Guest19631How long time does it take after a package to be available in the repoes after publishing08:15
Darkyyyplease help me i'm stuck on "boot:" after installing using wubi08:16
Darkyyywhat "no wubildr" means ?08:18
k1lDarkyyy: dont use wubi08:19
k1lwubi is hard to support and is not compatible with newer windows and uefi releases08:19
Darkyyysomehow it's running now lol08:20
moeshisto, http://imagebin.org/26243708:21
Darkyyyno ubuntu 12 for eeepc ?08:22
moeshisto, The icon just below update manager is the Moneydance program..The green M is the file icon08:23
histomoes: So what is the issue if you click the one icon the program opens? if you click the other it tries to open a file?08:24
histo!info moneydance08:24
ubottuPackage moneydance does not exist in raring08:24
Darkyyy12.04 is heavy for 4 years old eeepc ?08:27
k1lDarkyyy: if you want performance, dont use wubi08:28
[Gentoo]Darkyyy: use another desktop08:29
Darkyyyany recommendation ?>08:29
MonkeyDustDarkyyy  wubi will give you headaches and you'll think the system is no good08:29
k1lDarkyyy: wubi runs inside a container on the windows partition. that slows it down08:29
[Gentoo]Darkyyy: they all basically scale from prettiness > performance08:30
moeshisto,  Is it normal that it make an addition icon08:30
histomoes: No but you are using a third party application so you'd have to contact the author to figure out why it did that.08:31
histomoes: you can right click and undock the unwanted icon.08:31
moeshisto, Yes I can undock the unwanted one ..Thanks for the help will contact the author !!!08:33
ActionParsnipDarkyyy: I'd go for Xubuntu, its light and LTS too (Lubuntu is not LTS)08:34
Darkyyythere used to be a netbook remix08:34
[Gentoo]do people actually care about lts on a desktop08:35
=== atrius_ is now known as atrius
ehhhhow much more stability / speed can i expect from xubuntu compared to ubuntu08:36
phixhey, I am looking Ubuntu for Android tablet at the Ubuntu site, just wondering how I actually download and install it08:36
histoehhh: not necessarily more stability but definately more speed as you are not compositing every part of your desktop08:37
[Gentoo]ehhh: xfce is a lot faster than gnome / kde08:37
histoehhh: why not try it and find out for yourself it's all free08:37
testinglubuntu is beter08:37
histo!touch | phix08:37
popeyphix: #ubuntu-touch is probably the best channel for that, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install may help, as well as https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch08:37
ubottuphix: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:37
phix[Gentoo]: That is true, however I have gotten used to Unity now08:37
phixpopey: thank you08:37
k1lphix: its still in development state. #ubuntu-touch for the ubuntu-touch or #ubuntu-arm for the desktop ubuntu08:37
[Gentoo]anything below xfce (openbox, window managers etc) are all pretty similar08:37
ehhhyeah i think im gonna try later when i can get some dvds running, on 12.04 some applications lag and the pc nearly crashed when i tried clementine lol08:38
ehhhopened the visuals and boom08:38
histoehhh: you are heavily dependent on a 3d card while running unity08:38
phixk1l: ummm what's the difference?08:39
phixpopey, k1l: Any ideas when a stable release is due?08:39
popeyphix: october08:39
k1lphix: i think you are looking for the ubuntu touch channel08:39
ehhhso you'd recommend i run xfce over gnome? i've been familiar with xfce so it shouldn't be a problem . . can i get audacious working in xubuntu? i need one or three music players that i can browse with my phone08:40
tokhiCan some one help me with DansGuardian configuration: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2157369 ?08:40
=== multiply is now known as Multiply
[Gentoo]ehhh: why wouldnt audacious work?08:40
ehhh[Gentoo]: dunno, isn't it like some apps are designed for xfce and some for gnome? or do they cross platform?08:41
[Gentoo]they all work08:41
ehhhgood stuff08:41
phixk1l: ok08:41
ActionParsnipehhh: the DE is irrelevant, you can run KDE apps in GGnome if you wish08:41
[Gentoo]ehhh: if you want to be minimal you can avoid a lot of deps08:41
[Gentoo]i use i3 which uses 3mb of ram08:42
[Gentoo]i dont want an app to pull in half of kde08:42
[Gentoo]but you can do what you like08:42
ehhhyeah i tried amarok on ubuntu but it is wayyyyyyyy too blattered lol though i get your point08:42
[Gentoo]ehhh: command line music players like ncmpcpp, cmus etc are really good and easy to use08:43
[Gentoo]and theyre fast08:43
[Gentoo]i taught my gf to use ncmpcpp couple days ago and she likes it08:43
nyuszika7hcvlc/nvlc is nice too08:43
CIDRIs there a way to make the ubuntu console not time out?08:44
ehhh[Gentoo]: yeah i looked at music on console and something, looks pretty good though i'm setting up media center pc and i want to browse the music library and launch songs from an android phone i dunno if i can do that with the command line players08:44
CIDRno gui, just console08:44
CIDRehhh: have you looked into plex?08:44
[Gentoo]ehhh: ncmpcpp is a frontend to mpd which can be controlled remotely, i have no exp with android or phones though08:44
nyuszika7hCIDR: what console?08:44
CIDRnyuszika7h: just plane on console, no gui08:45
Nick119119Hey guys! I knwo this isn't realy the place but I'm not having the issue with Mint or Windows, But when I use firefox on a chatting site like Chatango, every message I send it asks me if It can use more space, but doesn't allow me to click on anything, so I have to reload the page every message I send and recieve08:45
CIDRJust logged in as a user running a command I want to stay up on a monitor and not go into standby or blank the monitor after 10 minuters or whatever08:45
Nick119119Is there a quick fix for this? Goggle was less then helpful08:45
ehhhCIDR: i remember coming across it yes, i tried xbmc on ubuntu 12.04 though and it ran horribly08:45
[Gentoo]CIDR: ah disable the screen blanking?08:46
[Gentoo]on the console?08:46
ehhh[Gentoo]: I'll look into ncmpcppp see what i can find out08:46
[Gentoo]i think thats a setterm command08:46
CIDR[Gentoo]: I tried that and it still blanks it08:46
[Gentoo]CIDR: what command did you try?08:46
CIDRehhh: I run XBMC have for a long time, performance is great, what card are you using?08:46
CIDR[Gentoo]: lemme look08:46
CIDRsetterm -powersave off08:47
CIDRsetterm -blank 008:47
histoCIDR: consoleblank=0  at boot should do it08:47
histoCIDR: http://askubuntu.com/questions/138918/how-do-i-disable-the-blank-console-screensaver-on-ubuntu-server08:47
CIDRtrying that, thanks08:48
ehhhCIDR: some nvidia standard chipset, i think around 2ghz single core cpu. . it's about 7 years old stationary, when i tried xbmc it lagged way too much so i'm considering sticking with mplayer08:49
ehhhvlc has the proper file browser i can't seem to find it in smplayer, though i haven't looked too hard08:51
CIDRehhh: it's all about the video card when it comes to xbmc08:52
ehhhCIDR: yeah i'm not even running hdmi, just standard vga lol08:52
CIDRI have it on my 106" so 1080p is basically a must08:53
CIDRbut with a cheap 50 dollar card you can offload full blu ray and audio to the video card08:53
ehhhman can i have yoor tv 47" i can't fucking read the text08:53
ehhhi can run videos fine though but you think a cheap graphics card would be a viable upgrade?08:54
k1lplease stick to a proper language :)08:54
ehhhawesome man08:55
CIDRI mean I run mine on an older core 2 duo, lower ghz, 2 gb of ram, and there's 0 lag08:55
ehhhit looks really great man, what speakers are you using?08:55
CIDRThe fronts are JBL L890's08:55
CIDRsub is a JBL L8400, center a LC208:56
CIDRcenter isn't in that picture, didn't have the shelf there yet08:56
ehhhlol i'm considering getting the JBL studio 580 / 590 though sticking to stereo + a fat sub08:56
ehhhor two subs08:56
CIDRyou miss a lot without a center channel08:57
ehhhyeah it's the main channel for voices08:57
smoke_anyone using dvdstyler successfully with 13.04?08:58
ehhhbut i'm more 70-80% music guy and then games and then i watch series/films that's my priorities so i think i can get a lot out of stereo speakers alone but i'm still  a bit unsure whether i should go for horn tweeter speakers or normal dome/ribbon tweeter speakers, i need to demo some more lol08:59
doebii killed my GRUB on my dualboot system, how can i fix it? (reinstall it)09:01
somsip!fixgrub | doebi09:01
ubottudoebi: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:01
doebisomsip: ty09:02
SlartibartAnyone here using Remmina? I purged it with apt-get and reinstalled it. Package name mentioned during install is remmina_1.0.0-4ubuntu2_amd64.deb. But when I start the program and select Help->About it says =(. I don't see any broken packages. There were soome bugfixes in 1.0, I can't use 0.9..09:02
somsip!info remmina | Slartibart09:02
ubottuSlartibart: remmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.0-4ubuntu2 (raring), package size 130 kB, installed size 366 kB09:02
somsipSlartibart: you nistall the deb or from the repo?09:03
Slartibartsomsip: From the repo, apt-get install remmina remmina-common09:03
Ben64Slartibart: what version of ubuntu09:03
SlartibartBen64: 13.0409:04
somsipSlartibart: All I could suggest is to check for unpurged settings in ~/ or ~/.config09:04
Slartibartsomsip: Better than nothing :). Good point, will do that.09:05
Ben64Slartibart: http://askubuntu.com/questions/153804/is-the-latest-remmina-1-0-in-the-official-12-04-repositories09:06
somsipSlartibart: might as well check /etc too but purge should cover that unless Remmina has installed user settings there, which would be strange09:06
marzI can't seem to find .bash_profile under my home directory. Where can I find it?09:09
marzTried ls -a09:10
SlartibartBen64: Ahh. Sneaky. Still weird though, clipboard is mentioned in the bugfixes, but it still doesn't seem to work for me. Explains the versions though. Thanks.09:10
ehhhjust wondering, on the volume button/bar it lists all the audio players, some of them show the *back play next* buttons, does this mean they are running in the background? i know amarok let me quit because i quit from the icon in the right corner09:11
Slartibartsomsip: There were some leftovers in ~. Thanks.09:11
ActionParsnipmarz: its a hidden file09:11
ActionParsnipmarz: I dont have one here in Precise09:12
somsipSlartibart: np09:12
ehhhor are they simply there for convenience?09:12
marzActioniParsnip: Yeah, that's why I used the 'ls -a' command. The only files I see is baschrc and bash_history09:12
SlartibartI dont have ~/.bash_profile either09:12
marzSlartibart: Where are we supposed to add environment variables like java09:13
histomarz: feel free to create one09:13
marzSlartibart: Is the file removed or is it not included with Ubuntu package?09:13
stavaHolding in the keys on my keyboard no longer repeats that key. What happened, and how do I fix it?09:13
Slartibartmarz: Like histo said :)..09:13
marzhisto: So basically, Ubuntu does not come with the file?09:14
somsipmarz: it's just .profile I believe. You can put aliases anywhere but suggested approaches include http://is.gd/xtcNyL09:14
histomarz: you can look in /etc/skel/  to see09:14
SlartibartCat from .profile though: "This file is not read by bash(1), if ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_login exists."09:15
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marzhisto: I see a .profile file in /etc/skel/09:16
histomarz: take a look at your .profile09:16
marzWell anyway, I was just wondering where the file is since I'm currently following some kind of tutorial on youtube. Hehehehe, anyway thanks guys09:16
histomarz: http://stefaanlippens.net/bashrc_and_others09:17
marzhisto: Thanks, this will come in handy09:18
Lorra`Hi everybody! I was writing this little bash function definition which I would include at the end of my ~/.bashrc, this function calls google-chrome "http://myaddress/". If I run this command in a plain bash shell I get what I want, that is a new tab in my current chrome session, while when this command is run within the function I get I new chrome window. Does anybody have a clue on how I can get around this?09:23
webmindOla, I've got a crashing gnu-cfdisk with no error when there is an i/o read error when committing the changes09:25
Lorra`sounds like this happens when I substitute a variable in the address google-chrome opens09:25
webmindgnu-fdisk gives an I/O error and suggests retry09:25
Ben64Lorra`: you should try asking #bash09:25
Lorra`in fact I open "http://localhost:${somePort}"09:25
webmindit's in raring09:26
Ben64webmind: io errors are bad, sounds like you have a bad device?09:27
gordonjcpwebmind: knackered disk09:27
webminduhm, segfault to be precises09:28
webmindBen64, neh, it's a faulty usb bus09:28
webmindBen64, problem I want to report is gnu-cfdisk not being able to deal with it09:29
doebisomsip: it didn't work09:29
somsipdoebi: what didn't?09:30
doebisomsip: Boot-Repair09:30
somsipdoebi: ah09:30
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marzWhat should I learn first? VI/VIM or BASH?09:30
doebimarz: those are completely different things09:31
marzdoebi: oh, I thought bash was like the language while vi/vim is the compiler or something09:31
ActionParsnipmarz: depends what you need, 2 are text editors, bash is a shell and can be coded09:31
ActionParsnipmarz: its like, "which should I learn first notepad, write or C++"09:31
marzActionParsnip: so what scripting language or programming language do you use on vi/vim?09:32
doebimarz: you can you use anything in vim09:32
ActionParsnipmarz: vi and vim are ot languages09:32
ActionParsnipmarz: they are text editors, like notepad in WIndows09:32
ActionParsnipmarz: I code some basic bash stuff using vi09:32
marzdoebi: Oh, so you can use anything in vim. That a relief09:32
doebivim is simply an editor09:33
ActionParsnipmarz: yes, its a text editor, you can write any text in a text editor, it doesn't care what language it is09:33
marzActionParsnip: I was just wondering if there was a specific language needing in vim. I do  know that it is a text editor though. Hehehe, sorry for the confusion09:33
iamtonyHi, I mounted a remote drive using File -> Connect to Server in the GUI... but how do I get to the mounted dir in the terminal? It doesn't seem to me showing in /media or /mnt?09:33
ActionParsnipmarz: I suggest you research a little in future, then ask09:33
riplymarz, the bash is normally in English ;)09:34
doebimarz: you better read up in google and get back once you have a basic knowledge what ya talking about09:34
marzSorry guys, just wanted a fast answer. But I will do that next time09:34
doebimarz: we cant give a fast answer cause there is none09:34
doebimarz: only one thing i can tell ya: vim > vi09:35
marzdoebi: Oh, okay. I think I'll read a book about vi first before bash. Hehehe09:36
effbiaihi, how can i get grub to use "fallback mode" all the time? when it uses high resolution it almost all the time freezes. when i reboot, it seems to go into a follback mode with low graphics. how can i force grub to use this mode all the time?09:36
doebimarz: do whatever you feel like09:36
riply@marz, if you're totally new to bash, I'd advice using an easier editor like nano or vim, vi is complex09:39
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histomarz: vimtutor can help you learn vim09:45
=== Renaissance is now known as oye
webminderror reported :)09:46
Darkyyyhow come ubuntu 12.04 dosent understand the "deb" command09:48
k1lDarkyyy: what deb command? what do you want to do?09:48
DJonesDarkyyy: There is no deb command09:49
Darkyyytrying to add kali repos09:49
k1lDarkyyy: that is not a command. and kali is not supported here. its a debian fork anyway09:49
Darkyyyhow can i use backtrack/kali tools on ubuntu ?09:50
k1lDarkyyy: ask in the kali/backtrack channels09:50
k1l!backtrack | Darkyyy09:50
ubottuDarkyyy: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:50
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smoke_anyone using dvdstyler with any success?09:53
MonkeyDustsmoke_  technically, your question is for this channel, too, but better ask in #ubuntu-studio, i guess09:56
smoke_MonkeyDust, k thanks :)09:58
BabinHow to assign a Static IP for eth0 in ubuntu 12.04 please guide me buddied Quti its urgent10:01
pv_can anyone guide me on how to setup xmonad on my ubuntu system plz? xmonad-conky-dzen2 configuration10:02
riplyBabin, are you talking about the server or desktop?10:03
mumpitze1Babin: man interfaces. or in network-manager10:03
MonkeyDustBabin  http://www.howtoforge.com/linux-basics-set-a-static-ip-on-ubuntu10:04
Babinins\\\\instaled ubuntu in virtualmachine Proxmox10:04
riplythere we go =]10:04
ddsscany way to make xinput remember my device id ? it keeps changing ids every time I restart10:05
FourFireHello, does anyone know of a Linux program which has similar features to Notepad++ ?10:05
MonkeyDustddssc  plenty tutorials, here's one : http://www.howtogeek.com/114728/how-to-use-xmonad-a-tiling-window-manager-for-linux/10:06
MonkeyDustFourFire  gedit maybe10:07
DarkyyyHow can i empty the sources list10:09
FourFirethat's the default I have now10:09
ddsscMonkeyDust: that's not in any way shape or form related to my question.10:09
MonkeyDustddssc  i addressed the wrong person, it was for pv_ , my mistake, apologies10:11
MonkeyDustpv_   plenty tutorials, here's one : http://www.howtogeek.com/114728/how-to-use-xmonad-a-tiling-window-manager-for-linux/10:11
Alternatehmm these people joining and leaving , how do you turn that off?10:13
ActionParsnipAlternate: which client are you using?10:14
DarkyyyHow can i empty the sources list10:15
ActionParsnipDarkyyy: why would you want to10:15
DarkyyyI Added wrong sources by mistake10:16
ActionParsnipAlternate: http://i.clintecker.com/disable-irc-msgs.html10:16
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=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ActionParsnipDarkyyy: there is already a file there, but you can empty it with:  cat /dev/null > /etc/apt/sources.list    I suggest you make a backup of the standing file first10:17
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Alternateim using xchat on ubuntu10:18
Alternatenow it works10:19
Alternatehad to use /SET irc_conf_mode 110:19
FourFiremeh I'll just Wine Notepad+++10:19
ActionParsnipFourFire: why not use gedit...10:19
MonkeyDustFourFire  what feature(s) are you referreing to?10:20
ActionParsnipFourDollars: or smuxi10:20
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:20
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definityHow do I go about formatting Terminals output?10:25
definityare their any programs?10:25
MonkeyDustdefinity  configure what in terminal, exactly?10:27
ActionParsnipdefinity: in what way?10:27
definityLike tput.10:28
MonkeyDustdefinity  man tput, to start10:29
ubottuNikename: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:40
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Francis-I would like to route all requests on port 80 of a ubuntu box to port 300010:43
Francis-My first thought is to do this ssh -L 80:localhost:3000 - is this the correct train of thought?10:44
hellrazor_hi there10:45
cfhowletthellrazor_, greetings10:45
Francis-It appears that there is this thing called iptables which is what I want10:45
luaahow do I compile cups from sources?10:46
ubottuluaa,: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall10:46
Gilligan94hmmm steam seems to have stopped working for me, the icon just pulses then does nothing, any ideas?10:47
KriSHanSinoh man, anyone know why i cant get my user name to show on panel even after installing dconf editor and checking the box and restarting unity several times? is this a sign that someone may be hacking me?10:48
hellrazor_i wanna configure my xorg server properly, my mouse needs some special settings :) how can i do this?10:48
dffgfsdgfhWhat is the mouse, the mouse eat it? ?10:50
KriSHanSinhold on , let me try to install the indictor session package again and see if that is it. if not then i am in trouble.10:51
cfhowlettKriSHanSin, more likely it's a sign that you've modified a display setting somewhere ...10:52
MonkeyDustKriSHanSin  use unity-tweak-tool > Panel > Show my name10:52
TakumoKatekariQuestion about logrotate : Where is the execution of logrotate configured?10:53
Gilligan94why do so many people end their nicks with an _10:54
cfhowlettGilligan94, to be "different"10:54
Gilligan94silly hipsters10:55
Gilligan94anyone here know how to connect to the twitch.tv irc servers?10:55
KriSHanSincfhowlett: MonkeyDust hold on i gotta get the freyja repo first10:55
DanChapmanHey guys, trying to generate an pgp key on saucy and getting invalid crypto engine? and need to create a new key for my launchpad account10:58
MonkeyDust!saucy | DanChapman10:58
ubottuDanChapman: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:58
dylancl<Hello. After updating to Xubuntu 12.10, I just get a black screen after the Xubuntu 12.10 startup, with the blue screen and all. IS there a fix to this?10:59
ubottudylancl,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:00
zmaroticould someone please help me with Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS precise, init script problem ?11:00
ss_hazeI installed lubuntu - desktop (LXDE) on my ubuntu, and I have problem with system try11:01
ss_hazeit's expanded for no reason11:01
ss_hazeand is buggy, gives redraw on right click11:01
zmarotiI have exact symptom describedhere: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/440179 which is stated as fixed, is there anyway to checck the fix, and whether it was ported back to precise or not?11:02
ss_hazehow to fix that?11:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 440179 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "service fails to start/stop/restart networking daemon" [Medium,Fix released]11:02
hellrazor_Gilligan94, thats from autoreconnect :)11:02
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puriI was trying to set up my usb data card and while running 'wvdialconf', it shows the following error...can anybody help me???Bus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub11:06
puriBus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub11:06
puriBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub11:06
puriBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub11:06
puriBus 001 Device 003: ID 0a5c:21d7 Broadcom Corp.11:06
FloodBot1puri: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:06
puriBus 001 Device 004: ID 0c45:6473 Microdia11:06
Fahdsowned noob11:06
Fahdsowned noob11:07
DJonesFahds: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?11:07
gordonjcp!pastebin | puri11:07
ubottupuri: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:07
Gilligan94Fahds: shhhhh11:07
cfhowlettFahds, if you're not here to provide or request support ... you're in the wrong place11:07
FloodBot1Fahds: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:08
ubottuFahds,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!11:08
KriSHanSincant fetch certain packages on the freyja repo right now let me check if it changed or something11:09
ActionParsnipKriSHanSin: does it support your release11:10
KriSHanSinok i am on 12.04 lts so i can not install from repo but there is another way it seems yes?11:10
dffgfsdgfhyao chi fan le11:10
ActionParsnipKriSHanSin: https://launchpad.net/~freyja-dev/+archive/unity-tweak-tool-daily only suppots quantal, raring and saucy. Is that the one you have?11:11
elkydffgfsdgfh, english here please11:11
KriSHanSinActionParsnip: yeah i guess quantal is 12.04 right11:11
Gilligan94someone ban Fahds11:11
ActionParsnipKriSHanSin: no, quantal is 12.1011:11
KriSHanSinoh snap11:11
ActionParsnipKriSHanSin: 12.04 is Precise11:11
auronandaceKriSHanSin: 12.04 is precise11:11
KriSHanSinoh yeah pangolin duh i got too many distros11:11
MonkeyDustKriSHanSin  i guess 12.04 had MyUnity, try that11:11
helmiHello everybody. I updated my Ubuntu to 12.04 LTS but I noticed that my CGI apache module still search in the path of old version of perl (5.12). Anyone has an idea about how to fix that ?11:11
ActionParsnipKriSHanSin: not all repos support all releases, you need to check stuff before adding random PPAs11:12
dylanclHmm, is it possible to download 12.04 on 12.10? :P11:12
Fahdsomg no11:12
Fahdswtf u crazyy11:12
auronandacedylancl: download it yes11:13
cfhowlettdylancl, download the iso but do NOT mix distros11:13
dylanclThe .iso is a rar file, right?11:13
cfhowlettdylancl, no it's an ISO file ...11:13
auronandacedylancl: no, it is an iso11:13
dylanclIt's just a rar file with a bunch of files in it for me11:13
cfhowlettdylancl, whatever you're looking at; if it's in .rar it is NOT the ISO11:14
random777_winRaR can open .iso files, Go into the file properties to see the file extenstion. dylancl11:14
dylanclWinRAR archive (.iso)11:15
auronandace!rar | dylancl11:15
ubottudylancl: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free11:15
KriSHanSinok i am downloading lubuntu 13.04 -desktop right now. is that the same thing as installing 13.04 and then running apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ? or is it different? and is it ok to install just the lubuntu 13.04 from live usb?11:15
random777_So that file is a .iso file then.11:15
dylanclSo, i just put it on my stick, go into the boot options when starting up, and select the stick?11:16
KriSHanSinrandom777_: oh yeah11:16
MonkeyDustKriSHanSin  are you in 12.04 now?11:16
KriSHanSinMonkeyDust: yeah man11:16
MonkeyDustKriSHanSin  then you download 13.04, backup you personal files and fresh install 13.0411:17
ActionParsnipKriSHanSin: yes, its the same. YOu can get a minimal LXDE session by just installing lxde once installed, the lubuntu-desktop will pull in duplicate functionality (e.g leafpad when gedit will already be installed) and so forth11:17
random777_dylancl, i'd read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick11:17
hadifarnoudmy ubuntu server is under DDoS attack. I managed to block most of it but I'm getting a strange http GET requests. https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/c761a50fa53b90befbf111:17
MonkeyDusthadifarnoud  #ubuntu-server11:17
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server11:18
KriSHanSinActionParsnip: ok i think i understand thanks. what im gonna do now is , create a live usb with this lubuntu-13.04-desktop iso, and then do a clean install from that. see if that works out better for me and then i will get the unity tweak straight away and bbl11:18
dffgfsdgfhSomeone with mint do? Can not adjust the brightness, how to do?11:19
MonkeyDust!mint | dffgfsdgfh11:19
ubottudffgfsdgfh: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:19
dffgfsdgfhlenovo e43011:19
cfhowlettdffgfsdgfh, mint is not supported here.11:20
dffgfsdgfhmint is not based on ubuntu do?11:21
SKYLAKE-10nmhi grawity11:21
cfhowlettdffgfsdgfh, mint has its own support channel.  for help, go there11:21
DJonesdffgfsdgfh: Mint is based on Ubuntu, buts its not an official Ubuntu release, this channel only supports the official Ubuntu releases11:21
hellrazorhow con i change my grub configuration to protectthe bootentries with a password??11:22
compdocI thought Skylake will use a 14 nm process11:22
ubottuhellrazor,: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:22
RajeevKI have a folder for image and inside there are so many images...all are showing in lock condition...how to remove lock ?11:22
hellrazorcfhowlett, jeah ok then in grub211:22
RajeevKI know chmod, but it's for one file....and I want to do it for all file inside the image folder11:23
cfhowlettRajeevK, image?  like photographs?11:23
jribRajeevK: what is the output of « ls -l /path/to/image »?11:23
Gilligan94anyone know if bumblebee/nvidia drivers are working with the current kernel? mine dont work11:23
Ephexeve_laptophey guys, is apt-fast for ubuntu only?11:23
RajeevKjrib: Let me get that11:23
jribRajeevK: chmod can operate on multiple files.  For example, « chmod PERM FILE1 FILE2 ... » (use a glob to list the files)11:23
MonkeyDust!find apt-fast | Ephexeve_laptop11:24
ubottuEphexeve_laptop: Package/file apt-fast does not exist in raring11:24
RajeevKjrib: Its -rw-rw-r-- for all file in there11:24
jribRajeevK: please give full output11:24
RajeevKjrib: -rw-rw-r-- 1 www-data www-data   9563 Jun 25 16:31 Zoya-Factor.jpg11:25
Ephexeve_laptopubottu: what?11:25
ubottuEphexeve_laptop: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:25
RajeevKjrib: This is how coming for all file11:25
Ephexeve_laptopAh I see11:25
RajeevKcfhowlett: Yes photograph11:25
jribRajeevK: and do you need www-data to be able to write to these files?11:25
hellrazorwhoever wrote the grub configuration in ubuntu should be damned to hell for this xml looks....11:25
RajeevKjrib: Yes11:25
ss_hazenobod helps me at lubuntu irc, so question here, how to fix LXDE system tray expanding11:26
RajeevKjrib: It's being copied from some other source when I run the program11:26
jribRajeevK: and you also need another user to be able to write?  Are you sure www-data needs to *write* to the files and not just read them?11:26
purican anybody help configure my usb data card " http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798217/plain/ " ??11:26
ss_hazereally, nobody on internet knows why lxde is so buggy11:26
RajeevKjrib: Yes...I want open permission for this folder11:26
ss_hazeand how to fix the panel?11:26
jribRajeevK: I asked you two questions, answering, "yes" is confusing11:26
aladdinanyone uses spotify?11:27
ss_hazeno, what is spotifyt11:27
RajeevKjrib: I am creating product from feed & it's copying from some other source and putting in this folder11:27
aladdinss_haze: music streaming app11:27
purimusic app11:28
RajeevKjrib: Now when I am trying to view the product from browser, nothing comes. I checked the permission and it was like that11:28
jribRajeevK: what username needs to be able to write to the images?11:28
ss_hazenow help and tell me why lxde system tray keeps expanding after login, starting new things in system tray11:28
ss_hazeand etc11:28
aladdinif you do, how to install it, followed the instructions on the site, but ...11:28
RajeevKjrib: it's being done by Drupal UI...so I can't exactly say the username11:29
hellrazorthis is like hell11:29
jribRajeevK: so what is the issue with the files...?11:29
MonkeyDustss_haze  try #lubuntu11:29
jribRajeevK: drupal likely runs as www-data and www-data can write to the thifels11:29
RajeevKjrib: Its not being displayed at the browser11:30
ss_hazeMonkeyDust I am there for like 15 mins11:30
ss_hazeand nobody is writing anything11:30
jribRajeevK: you're being too vague.  Can you say exactly what it is that you want to do, how you are trying to do it, and what is happening instead?11:30
cfhowlettss_haze, ask forum.lxde.org11:30
ss_hazegoogle doesn't display any fixes of the bug11:30
ss_hazehow can ubuntu sytes give lubuntu as alternative if you get crucial bugs like that11:31
ss_hazeon LTS11:31
RajeevKjrib: Ok. I have configured product import system in drupal by excel sheet. Where I give path of the image & the program copy that image from that path and paste in this folder11:31
cfhowlettss_haze, may or may not be a bug.  may or may not be an ubuntu issue.11:31
RajeevKjrib: I have given open permission to the folder where it's pasting.  But the images which it's pasting is not being displayed in browser11:32
dylanclSo, guys, I read a lot of tutorials about how to boot from a USB disk, but my laptop won't find the USB when pressing F9 to select where it should boot from11:32
dylanclAny help?11:32
RajeevKjrib: I checked the image file permission and it show locked11:32
cfhowlettdylancl, do you get the bios menu ?11:32
jribRajeevK: what do you mean by "given open permission to the folder where it's pasting"?  I don't know what that means.11:32
dylanclNo, I was in the Boot Device Options11:33
dylanclBut I can go to BIOS setup11:33
RajeevKjrib: I have folder inside drupal instance for these images, which I have set READ & WRITE to everyone11:33
cfhowlettdylancl, I'd suggest you do the bios setup option. you'll need to reset it to HDD boot after installation though11:33
jribRajeevK: ok.  Show the ls -ld output for the directory in question11:33
dylanclcfhowlett: any tutorials on that? ::P11:34
RajeevKjrib: drwxrwxrwx 2 rajeev rajeev 61440 Jun 25 16:31 bookImage11:34
MonkeyDustss_haze  try installing ubuntu and then lxde as etra desktop -- if you did that, try installing the lubuntu.iso11:34
dylanclShould I enable Floppy boot and Internal Network Adapter boot?11:34
jribRajeevK: "But the images which it's pasting is not being displayed in browser".  What does this mean?  What is pasting where?  What browser are you talking about?  Web browser or file browser?11:35
cfhowlettdylancl, somewhere but the menu is pretty intuitive.  make your bios changes to prioritize usb boot.  save and reboot.  after install, go back to bios and prioritize HDD boot.  save and reboot11:35
RajeevKjrib: Web browser11:35
ss_hazeinstalling whole OS because of one lxde desktop11:35
dylanclYeah, I think I found it. Boot type Order, and then I an select USB Floppy11:35
ss_hazeseriously, best fix?11:35
jribRajeevK: and the rest of my questions?11:35
cfhowlettdylancl, last time, I turned off every boot option except usb11:35
MonkeyDustss_haze  other solutions do not seem to work11:36
RajeevKjrib: My program can copy a image from any web url or any local path and paste in this folder "bookImage"11:36
dylancloh god11:36
dylanclso I launched from the usb11:36
dylancland now it gives me something with the menu11:37
cfhowlettdylancl, "it" being ?11:37
cfhowlett!details|dylancl, "something" ....11:37
ubottudylancl, "something" ....: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:37
dylanclGRUB4DOS 0.4.4 2009-06-20, Memory:628 / 2933M, MenuEnd:0x48C8411:37
jribRajeevK: "is not being displayed in browser".  What does this mean?  How are you trying to access or display them?  Are you just opening the bookImage directory locally in the browser?  Or are you going through your webserver?  Through drupal?  What exactly do you do to display them, what exactly do you expect, and what exactly is happening instead?11:38
dylanclI launched from the USB, and it took me straight to a screen with 4 commands. find/menu.lst, /boot/grub/menu.lst, /grub/menu.lst, commandline, reboot and halt11:38
dylanclDid I do something wrong? Because I used the tutorial to put my iso on my usb that somebody gave me11:39
cfhowlettdylancl, don't know how you made this boot USB.  I've used the ubuntu startup-disk-creator tool.  Pretty sure grub4dos ain't there but ... you either had a bad ISO to start with or a flaky usb.  "put" the iso on usb?  How did you do that?11:39
ss_hazeit's just so sad11:39
ss_hazethat lubuntu is so s***11:39
dylanclLinux Live Usb Creator11:39
ss_hazehow can you actually use something with no system tray11:39
jribss_haze: stop please.  Feel free to ask your support question every 5-10 minutes depending on traffic, but there's no need for the other chit chat11:39
cfhowlettss_haze, please vent in #ubuntu-offtopic.11:39
RajeevKjrib: I am creating product in drupal by importing CSV. Where other fields I fill for DB & image I copy from some location given in the CSV. System create product with my data and copy image from my given path and paste in the folder which I am talking about. So all product are created but when I am going to product page, image is not being displayed but all fields are coming11:40
cfhowlettdylancl, ok.  let's problem solve.  Did you md5sum the ISO before you burned it to usb?11:40
dylanclmd5sum? Please, don't use diffucult words that only you guys understand11:41
jribRajeevK: so displaying the image in your browser is something being done by drupal?11:41
RajeevKjrib: Yes11:41
jribRajeevK: does drupal set the right path to the images?  (check one example)11:41
cfhowlett!md5sum|dylancl, is a quality/integrity tool to verify that you downloaded what you were supposed to download.  For that matter DOWNLOADING the iso frequently fails, thus the recommended tool is torrent.11:42
ubottudylancl, is a quality/integrity tool to verify that you downloaded what you were supposed to download.  For that matter DOWNLOADING the iso frequently fails, thus the recommended tool is torrent.: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:42
ss_hazewhy the hell lubuntu even exists if nobody talks on lubuntu irc channel11:44
jribss_haze: didn't we ask you to stick to support?11:44
JRicketts_Anyone have a nice guide for song up a static IP through a router. I can access my server in network but from outside I get a bad gateway 502 error. I have looked everywhere.11:44
JRicketts_For setting up11:44
ss_hazewhat support11:44
ubottuss_haze,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:45
luaahow do I compile cups from sources?11:45
Vec_Hey, i am trying to install unbuntu server 12.04 on my server which does not have a monitor, i have a keyboard however. How can i successfully install ubuntuserver on this machine? Some sort of configurable ISO that would do a 100% automatic installation would be nice. I imagine installing then logging on with webmin or whatever to start configuring it.11:45
sw!source | luaa11:45
ubottuluaa: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html11:45
jribss_haze: if no one right now knows the answer to your question, we can't help.  Try other support venues or just wait and try again later.  Ranting here only makes it harder to help people11:45
DJones!webmin | Vec_11:45
cfhowlettss_haze, few people talking means 1 of 2 things: few people using it (false) or few problems with it (likely)11:45
ubottuVec_: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.11:45
jribluaa: why do you want to?11:45
dylanclgreat. The tutorial for windows appearently fails for my windows11:45
ss_hazethat is ubuntu related question, I can't see so big community, having problems fixing one damn panel bug11:45
luaaubottu: I did11:45
cfhowlettdylancl, you still with us?11:46
luaajrib: I am using an old linux distribition11:46
dylanclcfhowlett: it returns that the system can't find the file or something. don't know how to translate it from dutch :/11:46
luaajrib: cups isnt working on this system11:46
dylanclSystem can't find the given (something)11:46
jribss_haze: like I said: if no one knows the answer to your question, ranting will not magically grant us knowledge.  You're just making it harder to help other people.  So please stop.  Try the other support venues or wait patiently for new traffic and ask (your actual support question) later11:46
cfhowlettdylancl, that ... should not happen11:46
jribluaa: what linux distribution?11:47
DJonesVec_: Its not something I've ever needed, but this may help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetworkConsole11:47
luaaubuntu 10.0411:47
jribluaa: on the desktop?11:47
jribluaa: how isn't cups working exactly?11:47
jrib!support | ss_haze11:47
ubottuss_haze: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com11:47
cfhowlettdylancl, ok, forget the md5sum check for now.  make a boot usb with a different stick.  they do get funky fairly often.11:47
Vec_DJones: Im currently looking at the link, thanks.11:47
dylanclusing the same tool?11:48
DJonesVec_: I picked that up from http://askubuntu.com/questions/13106/how-can-i-install-ubuntu-on-a-headless-machine11:48
cfhowlettss_haze, support options include the forums.  You should look/post there as well.11:48
luaaits an old version of cups my postscript doesnt work in 1.4.3 but works in 1.5.611:48
cfhowlettdylancl, I'd suggest unetbootin or startup-disk-creator11:48
ss_hazeI googled this problem, right now, no answers from anything11:48
luaa@ jrib11:48
DJonesVec_: It might also be worth joining #ubuntu-server and asking the question in there, they may point you at the same documents, but could have another method11:49
ActionPa1snipluaa: considered an upgrade to Precise?11:49
luaaActionPa1snip: I want to compile cups 1.5.4 from source11:50
MonkeyDustss_haze  repeat your initial question every 10-15 minutes and wait until someone enters who can help you11:50
luaaapt get installs 1.4.311:50
Vec_Djones: well this seems up my ally, considering it seems like i only need to configurate a .iso image to do work, then i can logon through SSH and get hands on11:50
ActionPa1snipluaa: no PPA for it?11:51
ss_hazeonly solution removing system try11:51
DJonesVec_: Good luck then, have fun11:51
jrib!info cups precise11:51
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5.3-0ubuntu8 (precise), package size 1251 kB, installed size 4144 kB11:51
ss_hazebut is there alternative system tray for lxde11:51
ss_hazedon't know11:51
Vec_DJones: thanks11:51
jribluaa: as ActionPa1snip suggested, upgrading to precise is probably the easiest thing for you to do11:52
ss_hazeI am waiting half an hour in lubuntu irc11:52
cfhowlettjrib, tyvm11:52
caleb_Any idea how I could be chatting on IRC and surfing the web without being able to ping anything successfully?11:52
cfhowlettcaleb_, no idea but I'll certainly watch this thread!11:53
luaajrib: upgrading to precise? what is that11:54
jribluaa: precise is 12.04 (the next LTS version after 10.04)11:54
luaaow I get11:55
jribluaa: it comes with cups 1.5.311:55
jrib!upgrade | luaa11:55
ubottuluaa: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:55
jribluaa: on 10.04, you should be able to just make sure /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades allows for lts upgrades, then run "sudo do-release-upgrade".  Then your system will upgrade to 12.04.  Make sure you have backups of course in the unlikely event a meteor destroys the earth, etc.11:56
dylanclcfhowlett: sorry, I'm back11:57
dylanclJust put the iso on a new stick using unetbootin?11:58
cfhowlettdylancl, or startup-disk-creator11:58
dylanclWhat do/did you use?11:58
cfhowlettdylancl, startup-disk-creator has always done it for me11:59
dylanclI'l download that then11:59
cfhowlettdylancl, it's part of ubuntu.  unetbootin will also run in windows11:59
ezra-sstartup-disk-creator has always failed for me :(11:59
dylanclumm cfhowlett I think the sourcefourge page of unetbootin is down...12:01
random_hi all, Running into some problems trying to install fglrx-updates.  i get http://pastebin.com/g934JqD2 , Anyone able to help me out.12:01
=== tvoss|quick_lunc is now known as tvoss
disPlaydylancl here the unetbootin sourceforge page is up12:02
dylanclNot for me...12:03
dylanclCan you link the page you're on?12:03
cfhowlettdylancl, I can't comment.  EVERYTHING is weird on Chinese internet ...12:04
arminhm, seems like there indeed is a bug with NetworkManager in ubuntu 13.04 when using PEAP and wpa2 enterprise as system-ca-certs in the system-connections file is being set to true, leading to NetworkManager being unable to connect.12:05
dylanclguess I'll go back to the program I previously in staled12:05
BluesKajHiyas all12:05
gordonjcpdylancl: what are you trying to do?12:06
gordonjcpBluesKaj: hello12:06
ezra-sarmin, not only that, vpnc also fails with default config also fails12:06
BluesKajHi gordonjcp12:06
dylancltrying to put an iso on an usb12:06
ezra-sarmin, the bug was reported as soon as 13.04 was released, and still fails, it also fails the same way in LTS12:06
cfhowlettgordonjcp, usb creation12:06
arminezra-s: sounds bad12:07
ezra-sarmin, you bet, resort to wpa-supplicant and manual configuration, network manager is not to be trusted12:07
dylanclI'm going to use LiLi usb creator12:07
cfhowlettdylancl, never heard of it.  good luck12:08
gordonjcpdylancl: why OS are you using?12:08
arminezra-s: oh i already wrote a wrapper bash script around wpa-supplicant as well12:08
arminezra-s: networking under linux is a mess with NM, wicd and the like.12:08
dylanclgordonjcp: Windows, but on my other laptop (isn't working) running ubuntu12:08
dylanclcfhowlett: it's the one listed in the ubuntu help wiki page thingy12:08
cfhowlettdylancl, good enough.  run with it.12:09
ezra-sarmin, nice, I had to do something like that, got me by surprise when I had to connect to work from home after the upgrade... not nice12:09
dylancloh cfhowlett12:09
gordonjcpdylancl: oh, well go with whatever is on the Ubuntu wiki then ;-)  Sorry, can't help with Windows12:09
dylanclthe program automaticly does a md5 check12:09
cfhowlettdylancl, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet12:09
dylanclit does a bunch actually12:09
ezra-sarmin, I don't know what they did, 12.10 worked perfectly12:09
arminezra-s: at those points i really considering going into a fucking store and buying a macbook.12:09
cfhowlett!language|armin,   please12:10
ubottuarmin,   please: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:10
arminezra-s: yes, no issues here with 12.10 at all. and i'm speaking about a lot of machines.12:10
ezra-sarmin, lol, pretty expensive workaround don't you think? ;)12:10
optiwhat does one have to do to make grub2 pick up freebsd and add it to the boot menu with everything else?12:10
arminezra-s: sure, but i could afford it and need a machine that just works. considering those .DS_Store nightmares and imagining my life in a golden cage still keeps me from doing it.12:11
ezra-sarmin, for office work sometimes is best to stick to a more stable distro, since LTS does fail in this too, maybe go back to debian12:11
cfhowlettopti, good question for freebsd forums ...12:11
dylanclautoreport, md5, recognition, cleaning, full cleaning, copy, moving_renaming, hiding, keyboard_detection, boot_text, persistence, bootector, vbox cleaning, autorun, feedback for beta, finalhelp, netbook warning, force 3rdparty format, fore iso mode, graphical safe mode12:11
dylanclShould I disable any of those?12:11
opticonsidering i'm running update-grub from ubuntu, i fail to see how12:11
cfhowlettdylancl, I'd say ... no12:11
arminezra-s: yes 2 of my co-workers use debian testing on their desktops, and one even uses debian stable.12:11
dylanclAlright. It's creating a Live USB12:11
ezra-sarmin, don't give up on Linux, it just a matter of finding the distro that works for you and stay with it, upgrading to non LTS/stable releases bring this...12:12
dylanclOn my laptop with ubuntu, I did boot in the command thing12:12
dylancland it said: Error 8: Kernel must be loaded before booting12:12
ikoniadylancl: that's grub - you've not booted12:13
ezra-sarmin, you never run short of options when using Linux really12:13
arminezra-s: i mean seriously, i've tried a lot. i've done the systemd migration on arch linux, some f*ck*p*s on ubuntu, the gnome3 mess with fedora, tried to find my way through cinnamon and mate with mint, ran into several bugs with unity/kde/xfce and still suffer from tearing with non-opengl-desktops in general. i'm sick of working ON my system rather than working WITH it.12:13
ezra-sarmin, I recommend openbox or anything that  does not need compositing12:14
arminezra-s: i've been a die-hard fluxbox user for years as well and am even hacking on i3 occasionally.12:15
ezra-sarmin, I'm with kde now in 13.04, all effects disabled, quite liking it for the first time...12:15
arminezra-s: i just use kde here right now on an arch linux box and it mostly does the job for me, but kde has flickering and weird side-effects-bugs on my work-notebook (dell latitude e6230)12:15
arminezra-s: the latter one using ubuntu 13.0412:16
arminezra-s: it just seems impossible to use a unique way on all distributions.12:16
arminezra-s: you just seek for the way that has the smallest amount of pain and try to get around with that.12:16
arminezra-s: and really, it annoys me pretty much.12:16
arminezra-s: and i usually configure my environments to the bone.12:17
ezra-sarmin, have you tried disabling desktop effects in configuration?12:18
ss_hazeI don't know what should I do with lubuntu irc chat, where nobody answers anything12:18
Quix86what's the easiest way to sync files locally, i.e., copy doccuments in a folder to an external drive every time the drive is attached, and/or when files are modified?12:18
caz1121Please help.... Since an overnight update from 12.04 to 12.10 i am stuck at the command prompt with no screens found error, i am a ubuntu virgin before yesterday, love it but i am pulling my har out.. again very NOOB, but assume it is driver related as the screen is able to show the command line12:18
Quix86caz1121 have you tried 'startx'?12:18
ikoniacaz1121: why did you install 12.04 and update if this is your first day12:18
ikoniacaz1121: why not just install the version you want to use12:18
cfhowlettcaz1121, 12.04 is supported for 5 years.  12.10 is ... NOT, but you just HAD to upgrade?12:19
ikoniacaz1121: as this is only a 1 day old install, simpley download the version you want and install it cleanly12:19
arminezra-s: i've really been playing around with all that for years.12:19
caz1121startx gives the error in question12:19
ss_hazecanonical should cut support for such projects as lubuntu, if they can't fix such thing as system tray in long term release,12:19
ikoniacaz1121: just re-install with the correct version12:19
ubottuss_haze,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:19
arminezra-s: tried different rendering backends, different graphics cards, compositing and not, modified effects, changed the code of them, etc.12:19
caz1121A friend installed 12.04, when he left he advised updating to the newer versions.. I started the update last night, rebooted today to find the issue at hand? Help is greatly appreciated12:20
ikoniacaz1121: ok - download version you want, install it12:21
DylanClUgh when this isn't going to work, I'll be stuck with a broken laptop forever12:21
ikoniacaz1121: I would suggest downloading either 12.04 for long term support or 13.04 for the current version12:21
ikoniacaz1121: then install that and you're done12:21
caz1121many thanks... Image burn the ISO and boot from disk?12:21
JMarshall832Greetings! I have moved (and had to give some downtime) to a laptop come server running ubuntu studio. The HDD is encrypted and I forgot the original password for login, let alone the pass phrase. I have reset the password for login, but get stuck in a login screen loop. is there any way to get the data off the hard drive?12:21
ikoniacaz1121: it's that simple, yes12:21
cfhowlettJMarshall832, pretty much the point of encryption ... I'd say no.12:22
caz1121ikonia:much appreciated, ill do that now12:22
Cosminociao ;)12:22
ikoniaJMarshall832: maybe worth not encypted things in future unless there is a real need12:22
ubottuCosmino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:22
Antarhi everybody12:23
cfhowlettAntar, greetings12:23
jpmhi have a script that I need to execute when the system comes up - what is the simplest way to cause this?12:23
foofoobarHi. I have ubuntu 13.04 and universe activated. But "gnomebaker" is not found with apt-get - why?12:23
ikonia!info gnomebaker12:23
foofoobarjpmh: upstart12:23
ubottuPackage gnomebaker does not exist in raring12:24
ikoniafoofoobar: because that package is not in the repo, check the package name12:24
Antari want to merge tow partitions using ubuntu i am using live usb12:24
foofoobarikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnomeBaker12:24
ubottuAntar,: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php12:24
Antarwithout losing my data ??12:24
ikoniafoofoobar: yes and ?12:24
cfhowlettAntar, um yes, but you WILL backup essential data first.  Right?12:25
foofoobarikonia: they called it "gnomebaker" in the ubuntu docs..12:25
foofoobarHow else should I find it12:25
ikoniafoofoobar doesn't mean it's in the version you are using12:25
Antarwhat about my data12:25
foofoobarikonia: ah, okay12:25
foofoobarSo what can I do now?12:25
ikoniafoofoobar: in terms of what ?12:25
foofoobarikonia: I need a tool to burn some music12:25
cfhowlettAntar, *ideally* it's safe.12:25
Antarcfhowlett if i installed windows after that12:26
Antardo i have problems ?12:26
cfhowlettAntar, see now, details matter.  install windows FIRST12:26
ikoniafoofoobar: https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/ubuntu-help/index.html overview on how to do things in ubuntu 13.0412:27
ezra-sAntar, microsoft windows does not care a bit about other OS's installed in the same machine and won't hesitate to erase the boot record to install its boot manager without considering any linux distro or whatever you have in there, Ubuntu will consider the windows installation and will let you keep booting windows, that's why people suggest installing windows first, so you avoid extra work and hassle.12:30
jpmhfoobArrr: i pulled the man page - can you give me a quick way to use upstart to start my script12:31
DylanClcfhowlett: Sorry, it's going to take a bit longer. My sister has claimed the computer I was using so I had to re-download the iso12:31
cfhowlettDylanCl, um about that ... you ARE using a torrent?12:32
DylanClNo, I just downloaded it fromhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop12:32
smoke_i just ran a wine app that changed my screen resolution all wierd in xwindows is it possible to revert the changes so my res looks normal again without rebooting?12:32
cfhowlettDylanCl, downloads frequently get corrupted.  the recommended practice is to torrent as hash checking is built in ...12:33
smoke_i killed all the wine processes but it left my screen all zoomed in12:33
DylanClPlease don't tell me that I have to re-download it because the download just finished :P12:33
DylanClUgh, alright. Where can I find the torrent?12:33
cfhowlettDylanCl, md5sum check to verify12:33
DylanClThe program I have auto does that12:33
cfhowlettDylanCl, goot enought12:34
chunkyheadguys little help, i was installing oracle java 7 but i quit it was stuck. now whenever i try to install anything it gives me thing warning http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798382/12:34
DylanClcfhowlett: how many memory should I give?12:35
DylanClHow many MB's12:35
cfhowlettDylanCl, 3 gigs?12:35
susundbergchunkyhead: you are running some other package manger12:35
ikoniachunkyhead: quickest way - just reboot to make sure nothing has a lock on a file12:35
chunkyheadjust dpkg12:35
ikoniachunkyhead: you can kill processes etc, but just reboot then you know it's clean12:35
DylanClIt's going12:35
chunkyheadlet me reboot hold on ikonia  brb12:35
chunkyheadwon't logging off serve the problem? ikonia12:35
ikoniachunkyhead: just reboot12:36
chunkyheadall user process initiated wil die12:36
* cfhowlett ... and all your base are belong to us.12:36
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DylanClspam of people joining and leaving12:54
DylanClanyways, cfhowlett the iso is on the usb12:54
cfhowlettDylanCl, OK then12:54
DylanClI'm going to give this another try :)12:54
Aussie_mattHi all. I live in australia. the Dell XPS13 developer edition is not available here. I understand by getting a local xps13 with windows on it, I can create my own sputnik version. are there any problems with doing this?12:54
DylanClIt returned boot enter12:55
cfhowlettAussie_matt, none.12:55
DylanClI mean12:55
DylanClBoot error12:55
DylanClI pressed enter and now it's on the Ubuntu launch screen12:55
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|afk
DylanClwhere you have the advanced options and such12:55
Aussie_mattcfhowlett: when you say none: I can buy any xps13 regardless of cpu and hard drive and it will be ok?12:55
robertsHi. when I type a string in Nautilus it auto selects the first matching file/folder, but why it doesn't let me scroll with the mouse wheel all the other matches?12:55
ezra-sAussie_matt, what kind of problems are you expecting?12:56
cfhowlettAussie_matt, the downloaded sputnik iso should run without issue ...12:56
mick27what is the command in raring with upstart to enable or disable a daemon at boot ?12:56
cfhowlettDylanCl, so ... ?12:56
Aussie_mattezra-s: plenty given the device ships with win8 lol.   seriously though, is the new safe boot causing install issues?12:56
DylanClcfhowlett: it didn't work. :P12:56
DylanClcfhowlett: want me to give you the md5sum log?12:57
cfhowlettDylanCl, no need.  if it passed md5sum successfully12:57
ezra-smick27, afaik it is update-rc.d12:57
DylanClWhat do I do now? :/12:57
cfhowlettDylanCl, make/model of your computer and what version of ubuntu are you using12:58
=== akshay__ is now known as akshay_r
Aussie_mattcfhowlett: I understand most of the sputnik changes were mainlined in 13.04 anyways?12:58
mick27ezra-s:  wasn't it changed with upstart ? i read initctl but I cannot seem to have this work12:58
=== maxx is now known as Guest24894
cfhowlettAussie_matt, I dont' know those details, but see http://hwe.ubuntu.com/uds-q/dellxps/12:59
ezra-sAussie_matt, UEFI is causing a lot of problems yes, there is a guide in the ubuntu website for installing along with UEFI, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:59
robertsWhen typing a string in Nautilus it auto selects the first matching file, but why  doesn't it let me scroll with the mouse wheel all the other matches the way it worked in the past?12:59
ezra-smick27, why don't you try?12:59
=== me is now known as Guest26207
mick27ezra-s:  I will, but I am looking for the 'official' way12:59
cfhowlettAussie_matt, also http://mattspitz.me/post/44202150125/a-month-with-dells-project-sputnik12:59
DylanClHP G62 Notebook PC, BIOS version: F.32, Processor Type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M35° @2.72GHz, Processor Speed: 2266 MHz13:00
DylanClTotal memory: 3072 MB13:01
jribmick27: there is no command.  You have to modify files in /etc/init to your liking.  Read about "manual override" in the upstart cookbook13:01
=== cyan0hack_ is now known as cyan0hack
columbHalp. After long time googling my sound is now "works". At least it's sizzle when it's should play sound. A bit better then nothing. :(13:01
mick27jrib: thx13:01
columb12.04 LTS, CA106 audio card.13:02
cfhowlettDylanCl, did you get the 32 or 64 bit buntu?13:02
DylanCl32 bit13:03
cfhowlettDylanCl, and no other error messages or guidance?13:03
DylanClJust 'Boot Error'13:03
ezra-sDylanCl, is that thing using UEFI?13:03
DylanClWhere can I see if it's using UEFI?13:03
ccdetailslooking for credit card expert13:04
ezra-sDylanCl, BIOS setup I guess, I haven't touched a machine with UEFI yet13:04
cfhowlettccdetails, you are in the wrong room13:04
DylanCllet me see13:04
Aussie_mattcfhowlett: I have seen the sputnik iso yes. Have you used sputnik?13:04
TheLordOfTimeccdetails:  this is probably the wrong channel...13:04
ccdetailscan you give me a channel13:04
ezra-sccdetails, try #visa13:04
ccdetailsok thanks13:05
cfhowlettAussie_matt, once.  I'm not a developer so I know only the most general details13:05
DylanClNothing in the Bios Setup that says anything about EUFI13:05
ezra-sccdetails, you can also try #security13:05
knIOOI just picked up a netbook with a cracked screen - is there any way to install Linux without any intervention - ie just a completely headless install that just sets itself up for SSH13:05
cfhowlettDylanCl, and you loaded 13.04, right?13:05
Aussie_mattcfhowlett: was it as good as they say?13:05
DylanClNo, I loaded 12.0413:05
cfhowlettAussie_matt, I don't have enough of a background to speak knowledgeably.  The integration of software/hardware is reported to be very smooth though13:06
=== away is now known as twss
cfhowlettDylanCl, same usb as last time?13:07
DylanClNope, a different one13:07
=== Fellipe is now known as FfoO
DylanClOh I didn't tell you what ubuntu I was running13:07
DylanClXubuntu 12.1013:07
Aussie_mattcfhowlett: no speed problems? Im running an old e2200 these days and compared to my g2020 workstation it's making me grumpy :(13:07
cfhowlettDylanCl, good enough.13:07
DylanClWell, first I was running ubuntu 12.04, then I decided to update13:07
mick27ezra-s:  http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#disabling-a-job-from-automatically-starting13:07
DylanClbut I just get a blackscreen when I launch13:07
cfhowlettDylanCl, so you DID install, right?13:08
DylanClInstall as in?13:08
cfhowlettAussie_matt, I only tested it once then switched to ubuntustudio13:08
cfhowlettDylanCl, put in on the hard drive13:08
ubottuDylanCl,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:08
DylanClI think so..I did the update in the terminal13:08
Aussie_mattcfhowlett: ok thanks13:08
cfhowlettDylanCl, I think it's a nomodeset error13:08
DylanClI tried the nomodeset thing13:08
DylanClbut it didn't do anything13:08
DylanClstill gave me a black screen13:09
DylanClA black screen with a '-' in the top left corner13:09
cfhowlettDylanCl, yeah that's the terminal and generally means you failed at boot.  It's a grub menu13:09
ezra-smick27, thank you13:09
DylanClSo, what should I do?13:09
cfhowlettDylanCl, assuming good ISO, and good USB, and NOT a nomodeset issue ... I officially don't know what to do next.  ask in the channel, give details13:10
DylanClIs the tutorial outdated?13:10
cfhowlettDylanCl, tutorial?13:10
DylanCl>That tutorial about nomodeset13:10
cfhowlettDylanCl, no, it should be pretty darn current13:10
DylanClthen there's something different on my side13:11
DylanClafter quiet splash\13:12
DylanClthere's also $vt_handoff13:12
ehhhstarts with a $ right13:12
cfhowlettDylanCl, turn off quite splash and see if you get some error messages to work with13:12
ehhhi tried nomodeset myself yesterday i couldn't get back to the os or anything after updating to 12.10 so i decided to just run 12.04 for now13:13
vladnosferatuhello, i change the boot to text mode, how i start x ? now ?13:13
DylanClIt just launched a console13:13
DylanClwhere I need to login13:13
ehhhsince i couldn't get usb to boot properly on that computer13:13
DylanClAnd redo the thing?13:14
ehhhdid you click ctrl+x after editing the grub boot sequence13:14
DylanClYeahRight: h13:14
DylanCloh I quoted somebody13:14
DylanClI mean yeah13:14
DylanClso just delete quiet splash13:14
DylanCland nothing else?13:15
DylanClor quiet splash\13:15
ehhhtake away quiet splash and i'm pretty sure you had to add something or put between13:15
ehhhoh yeah, yeah13:15
DylanCland do I remove $vt_handoff?13:16
ehhhjust leave it there13:16
cfhowlettDylanCl, COULD be that the extra options whacked you.  make a new usb, ISO only standard options no extras13:16
DylanClCan I try unetboot? or should I stick with the old program13:17
napsterMy wifi adapter looks out of order. It gets connected for a while and then disconnects after some time, say 2-3 minutes. How can I troubleshoot this issue?13:17
cfhowlettDylanCl, my preference is familiarity is with unetbootin but that's just me ...13:18
ehhhi tried all of them yesterday to no avail, what is your basic problem ? the os won't load after update?13:18
DylanClfor me the sourcefourge site of unetbootin is down13:18
DylanClare you talking to me ehhh ?13:18
ehhhyeah i'm slinging stuff everywhere13:18
DylanClhaha no problems13:18
DylanClbut yeah13:18
DylanClI updated in the terminal from ubuntu 12.04 to xubuntu 12.1013:18
DylanClAfter seeing the blue Xubuntu 12.10 screen where it's loading13:19
DylanClit just stops, goes to a black screen13:19
DylanClwith a '-' at the top left corner13:19
ehhhyeah I had the same problem yesterday except i just tried to upgrade to 12.10 from 12.0413:19
DylanClthat's downgrade13:19
DylanCland I heard downgrading is near impossible on ubuntu13:19
ehhhno you need to read that line again and interpret it properly :P13:20
DylanClnoooo not cfhowlett13:20
DylanClI'm going to try to update from 12.10 to 13.0413:21
DylanClMaybe that will work13:21
ehhhbasically what i ended up with was running 12.04 because i could install it from a cd-rom, i've had this problem before when upgrading earlier basically every time13:21
ehhhthen i'll try a clean install of xubuntu 13.04 when i can get the dvds13:21
=== mmrazik|afk is now known as mmrazik
DylanClI'd pay $100 to get my 12.04 back lol13:22
ehhhlol, do you have a cd/dvd with 12.04 ?13:22
DylanClOnly an usb13:22
ccdetails looking for a credit card details expert13:22
arminand another nice one: mouse cursor suddenly completely hidden, only way to fix it killing X.13:22
DylanClback to the black screen13:23
DylanClseriously fuck xubuntu :/13:23
FloodBot1DylanCl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:23
DylanCltime to download ubuntu 13.0413:23
BluesKajccdetails, . you won't find one here13:23
ehhhi don't think it's X that's the problem  . . what i found out was that after updating and upgrading 12.10 had removed some important files that it wasn't supposed to. .13:23
BluesKaj!legal | ccdetails13:24
DylanClwell what should I do?13:24
ehhhso it wouldn't work. . hence i need to do a clean 13.04 install13:24
DylanClI'm just testing out stuff right now13:24
BluesKajor illegal  , ccdetails13:25
acerimmerDylanCl, for testing, install virtualbox in windows.  install ubuntu's to virtualbox.13:25
DylanClI'm currently installing 13.04 since it only takes a few minutes13:25
DylanClah that's a good idea13:25
ehhhit's worth a try13:25
BluesKajIdleOne, are you around ?13:26
columbSizzle instead of sound on ubuntu 12.4 LTS with audio card CA106. Alsamixer screenshot - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27770548/t/alsamixer.png13:28
FfoOGreetings, everyone; I have a little question here: I have my hidden network here, to which I connect by '$ sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid [NameOfNetwork]'. I would like to save it so I wouldn't need to type that every time I log in.13:31
th0rFfoO, I used network mangler to log into my network when I had it hidden...no problem13:32
reisioFfoO: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup13:32
reisioMinecraftRocks: hi13:33
BluesKajcolumb, which audio feed are using , spdif ot analog ?13:34
BluesKajare you using , rather13:34
columb<BluesKaj>, no idea. How do I know it?13:35
BluesKajcolumb, do you have speakers connected to the soundcard ? that would be analog13:36
ubuntu1mex vs par 10 a.m13:37
columbNo. It's 5.1 speakers. They are connected to subwoofer.13:37
FfoOYet about the hidden network: is it possible to create a text file with the '$ sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid [NameOfNetwork]' and save it with somewhere so it would be part of the system files?13:39
BluesKajcolumb, then how is the subwoofer connected ?13:39
ubuntu1mex vs par 10 a.m13:39
FfoOI use ubuntu 12.04, by the way.13:40
columbBluesKaj. Oh. I just switched from Digital to Analot output. Now it's work. But only stereo.13:41
Dylanclehhh: guess what13:41
DylanclI launched the installation of 13.0413:41
Dylanclit worked :D13:41
Dylanclomg I'm so happy right now13:41
acerimmerso it13:42
reisioFfoO: yes13:42
columbBluesKaj, found a way to make it work. Thanks!13:42
reisioto make what work?13:42
columb5.1 speakers.13:42
BluesKajcolumb, ok ghood13:42
DylanclI got ubuntu 13.04 to work13:42
DylanclI had Xubuntu 12.10 but it returned a black screen13:43
=== baordog is now known as solijohn
FfoOOkay. Thank you reisio and th0r.13:44
BluesKajcolumb, does your subwoofer input have a digital option?13:44
columbBluesKaj, no idea.13:45
yayoI have a local java app which I run as a regular user that wants to use tcp port 90. how do I make it available without making it available for external connections? I also have firestarter firewall installed13:45
robertsWhen typing a string in Nautilus it auto selects the first matching file, but why  doesn't it let me scroll with the mouse wheel all the other matches the way it worked in the past?13:45
gordonjcpyayo: are you behind a NAT router?13:45
mumpitze1yayo: listening on port 90?13:46
mumpitze1yayo: and normally you configure the program to listen on localhost aka only13:46
BluesKajcolumb, look in your instructions that came with the speaker system13:46
yayogordonjcp: mumpitze1 the app is a server tomcat style, so it will go to localhost..... I am not under a router, I am directly plugged in to internet connection13:47
columbBluesKaj I installed them like 3 years ago. Or so. No instructions left.13:47
BluesKajcolumb,  ok13:47
DylanclWhat have I learned about ubuntu today: never give up13:49
kurthybela_Hi all13:51
yayoI have a local java app which I run as a regular user that wants to use tcp port 90. how do I make it available without making it available for external connections? I also have firestarter firewall installed13:51
acerimmerDylancl, wisdom you have gained ...13:51
acerimmerDylancl, more to learn you have13:51
acerimmerptge, greetings13:51
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
kurthybela_I want to ask You about GPL licence in software development13:52
acerimmer!ot|kurthybela_, not the best channel for that ...13:53
ubottukurthybela_, not the best channel for that ...: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:53
quantickais there a channel for jquery, or java/js in general?13:53
kurthybela_ubottu, okey, sorry :)13:53
ubottukurthybela_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:53
dotcomHi there. Lately my cpu is running too slow. What can be the reason? Have a look at this "sensors" output, http://i.imgur.com/jXRXFym.png13:55
dotcomAnd this is from "dmesg" log, http://i.imgur.com/jXRXFym.png13:56
raphinouanyone willing to help me debug a udev rule?13:56
wheatthinlooks like they are running hot dotcom13:56
raphinouHere's the rule: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", ATTRS{serial}="N204B34306621", RUN+='/usr/local/bin/test.sh'13:57
raphinoudoes this seem correct?13:57
dotcomwheatthin: Is it normal? Can this temperature damage my cpu?13:57
dotcomWhat does "Alarm" mean?13:57
wheatthindotcom, it can indeed.. normal operating temps are near 70c13:57
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wheatthindotcom, try cleaning out heatsyncs and use new thermal paste to see if that helps13:58
dotcomBy the way, what does "Alarm" mean in that line, "Core 0:      +92.0°C  (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)  ALARM  "  ?14:00
SamEEEi'd wager if you're running that hot it is a thermal paste issue14:01
vlad22remember bye bye at 9914:01
mumpitze1dotcom: it's above the "high" threshold14:02
SamEEEi dont let my cpu run hotter than 50 degrees14:02
mumpitze1SamEEE: he might have a laptop14:02
vlad22I max at 5614:02
TakumoKatekariSamEEE: I wish I could keep mine that cool, I keep it ad under 65 until I get a new case14:02
SamEEEmumpitze1: hadn't thought of that14:02
TakumoKatekariHopefully this summer the hot weather will make me get a better case and liquid cooling.14:03
dotcomvlad22: "Core 0:      +98.0°C  (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)  ALARM"     close enough14:03
SamEEENoctua Coolers work really well.  Have an old E8400 which i've overclocked to 4.0GHz and it runs really cool14:03
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dotcomOne constraint is that i have to put this pc in scorching heat of 38 degree celcius surrounding temperature.14:06
munzxhi guys! ..... what is the best ultrabook for ubuntu! !!!! ???14:06
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:06
acerimmermunzx, obviously opinions differ.  That said, see http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/os-applications/f/4613.aspx14:07
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
SamEEEI like the 430s Lenovo14:08
vlad22I'm using a E2 gateway14:08
munzxacerimmer : yea i know but i want an opinion of some1 using the ultrabook!14:08
somsipmunzx: "If you insist on getting  people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:10
munzxok .. so oth of 430s Lenovo and E2 gateway  has an SSD and intel 4000 ! right?14:10
vlad22ssd here but apu sorry14:10
munzxsomsip: thanks but i really dont know how to do that :-(14:11
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:11
munzxok thanks guys14:12
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:31
vlad24bithow do you compile custom sdl libraries in a make command14:32
ActionPa1snipvlad24bit: I'd ask in #c++14:36
Ari-Yanghey, if I run aptitude purge fglrx (it said that fglrx{p} will be removed, which I confirmed and removed), does that mean that if I try selecting fglrx from Software Sources in the Additional Drivers tab, won't work?14:43
Ari-Yangthis is 12.1014:43
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zwovhello :)14:47
reisiozwov: hi14:48
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zwovi just tsarted with ubuntu and already figured out many things, but still...what is the most important things i need to know?14:49
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reisiozwov: the most important thing you need to know with any OS is how to update and maintain an installation14:50
reisiozwov: namely, how to utilize the package manager14:50
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reisioalas, without another installation (though it can be in a VM), you can't really learn this naturally without the passage of time14:51
Ari-Yanghey, if I run aptitude purge fglrx (it said that fglrx{p} will be removed, which I confirmed and removed), does that mean that if I try selecting fglrx from Software Sources in the Additional Drivers tab, it will fail to activate and I have to install it again? This is ubuntu 12.1014:51
yakebHi chatroom. I am running Ubuntu 12.04.2. I have an issue in which, when I wake my desktop computer from hibernation, it seems that the keyboard does not work and the screen stays asleep. Could this be caused by something very obvious and easy to resolve?14:51
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zwovreisio i recon the software center pretty much handles everytinhg aroud here14:53
reisiozwov: I reckon not, but that is your privilege :p14:54
bob__How do I install my laptop's built in webcam?14:54
reisiobob__: you might see if it 'just works' first14:54
reisioinstall cheese14:54
zwovreisio I'm new to ubuntu so maybe in time I'll know more but for now, software center and "sudo" have done pretty much anything i needed :D14:55
reisiozwov: sit back and enjoy it, then :)14:55
bob__reisio: how?!? there are no cam apps as I searched in  dash home14:55
reisiobob__: install cheese14:56
reisioor luvcview14:56
reisioor guvcview14:56
reisioor mplayer14:56
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ActionPa1snipbob__: cheese is a decent cam tester14:58
rypervencheAnyone have any idea why my claws-mail wouldn't be able to find a public key when I try to send an GPG-encrypted message? I have imported the key properly, however it doesn't seem to be able to find the key when I try to encrypt the message.14:59
reisiobob__: in case you needed to hear it a third time :p14:59
zwovand i found out how much freedom this Ubuntu offers...in windows its all accept terms of use and you have to buy this and that and there goes NSA from the backdoor and there you need to upgrade this and all sorst of shit that just dont happen on linux... :D15:00
vijuHi, how to hibernate computer?15:00
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reisiozwov: indeed15:00
reisioviju: laptop?15:00
vijuYes reisio .15:00
reisioviju: there should be hibernation options in the menu somewhere, in that case15:01
reisiolikely it will hibernate on its own if you close the lid and remove the power cable and leave it long enough15:01
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zwovonly bad thing i see is that i wont develop on .NET platform anymore, but in time i can rewrite all my codes in java and that would solve about anything15:01
vijureisio: There's an option in settings for hibernate, but it's greyed.15:03
reisiozwov: you can develop .NET on Unix systems, actually15:03
reisioprobably more effectively15:03
reisiobut I'm not sure you'd want to, knowing .NET is reliant more than anything on Microsoft15:03
reisioviju: check your BIOS options first15:03
tresipunt_hellow people15:03
zwovi heard about the Mono but i dont feel like moving a finger over MS systems anymore...15:04
vijureisio: How?15:04
reisiozwov: that is the right feeling :)15:04
tresipunt_can anyone help me with this error:15:04
tresipunt_Couldn't load file:/home/tresipunt/Escriptori/TideSDK-Developer-1.4.2-linux-x86/runtime/1.3.1-beta/libtide.so, error: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found (required by /home/tresipunt/Escriptori/TideSDK-Developer-1.4.2-linux-x86/runtime/1.3.1-beta/libtide.so)15:04
reisiothe idea of moving my coworkers' systems that use ASP on Windows Server, however, to mono based Unix, makes me so happy :p15:04
reisiountil they can learn a real language15:04
zwovalways hated MS but sticked to it because i was goot at .NEt programing...but the PRISM was the last drop and i said to myself...do i need this shit?15:06
SolarisBoytresipunt_: seems that whatever your trying to do requires a specific glibc version -15:07
reisiozwov: and that's not even the best reason to avoid Microsoft stuff :)15:07
tresipunt_SolarisBoy,  I hae up to version 3.14 but not 3.1515:08
reisiothe best reason is that it's massively inferior :D15:08
tresipunt_I dont know how to install it15:08
SolarisBoytresipunt_: hmmm15:09
tresipunt_ok it was as easy as to do sudo apt-get install libstdc++615:09
reisionow you have six incremented STDs in your library15:09
SolarisBoytresipunt_: cool - i was just typing 'apt-cache search..' and you replied back =)15:09
SolarisBoyi get scared of playing with glibc =(15:10
zwovi know... i would say the best thing is that, hen you have a problem with MS stuff, you write on support and answer comes like in year..here oyu just pop into IRC and find always someone capable and willing to help and even some day, it can be you15:10
kajeMy /boot partition filled up and now apt is choking. I've cleared some space, but I'm getting this error when I try to install anything: http://pastebin.com/bGtWrA1F15:10
kajeWhat should I do to fix this problem?15:10
SolarisBoyzwov: also to add the answer from MS when it comes back generally is extremely lame15:10
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zwovSolarisBoy: well, hard to tell, never got any...15:14
blzHello, I'm getting the following error when I try apt-get update:  "Reading package lists... Error!15:14
blzE: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list (dist parse).  E: The list of sources could not be read. E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list has one line which reads "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ raring partner".  What gives?15:14
SolarisBoyanyone happen to be using anything for placing windows (like devils2 pie or whatever)& using a standard ubuntu 12.04 install?15:14
SolarisBoyblz: do you have some typo or problematic characters in that file on the referenced line?15:15
blzSolarisBoy, I don't see any =/15:15
blzSolarisBoy, unless I've missed something15:15
SolarisBoyblz: post your file to pastebin maybe someone can help.15:15
blzSolarisBoy, I just posted the entire contents of the file15:15
goblinhi, I tried to install a custom terminal application to the panel via a .desktop file in .local/share/applications, but while it is found and displayed correctly in the HUD, if I execute it, another empty element is created on the sidebar15:15
* SolarisBoy lastlogging15:15
reisioSolarisBoy: I use wmctrl in scripts every now and again15:15
goblinthis is the file: http://pastebin.com/RcEjs4SQ15:16
Ari-Yanghey, if I run aptitude purge fglrx (it said that fglrx{p} will be removed, which I confirmed and removed), does that mean that if I try selecting fglrx from Software Sources in the Additional Drivers tab, it will fail to activate and I have to install it again? This is ubuntu 12.1015:16
SolarisBoyreisio: does it work for you with workspaces or "viewports" or whatever? when i list my workspaces i get one huge workspace15:16
blzSolarisBoy, the file only contains:  deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ raring partner15:16
reisioSolarisBoy: I only use one monitor typically :)15:17
bob__I downloaded cheese, but it isn't working. My built in camers seems to be not installed15:17
SolarisBoyreisio: =( I got two lol15:17
reisiotwo at work, but at work I have bigger fish15:17
reisiobob__: what does lsusb say?15:17
SolarisBoyreisio: @ work right now =)15:17
whoeverhi all, i have 12.10 on a notebook,  and when i select shutdown , the lappy restarts, but if i hold the power button on the laptop it will shut down. can someone asist15:17
bob__reisio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798802/15:18
goblinok, some clarification, its not a terminal application, its a terminal emulator application, and I'm using ubuntu 13.0415:18
SolarisBoyreisio: yea - so i found only way which is painstaking, it's the viewport way which seems broken in devilspie2 - its basically calculating the size of the desktop and splitting it into "view ports" and then it uses those coords to place things properly - which really sounds painful =)15:19
blzOkay, so removing the line "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ raring partner" gets rid of the errors.  Does anybody see what's wrong with that line?15:19
blzBecause I'll be damned if I can find anything wrong with it =/15:19
SolarisBoyi do like that devilspie2 went lua for configs and i *should* be able to use some sort of exec command to run wmcntrl from devilspie2 hopefully15:19
SolarisBoyblz: possible the trailing backslash?15:20
SolarisBoyi always like open files in vim and run :set list and see any hidden chars if they exist - like from winblows editing15:21
blzSolarisBoy, good thought, but no... what you see is literally the entire line (the entire file, actually...)15:21
blzSolarisBoy, hmm that's a very good thought.  I'll try that15:21
SolarisBoyhttp://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ vs. http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu15:21
blzSolarisBoy, also a good thought15:22
blzalright let me try that out15:22
SolarisBoyis how you understood trailing slash?15:22
michagogoHow can I automatically mount a filesystem on boot? I run 12.04 off of an external drive occasionally, with my primary OS being Windows. I have my IRC client from Windows installed using Wine, and I have the logs directory symlinked to /media/FEB07213B071D31F/Users/Micha/AppData/Roaming/....., pointing to the logs folder on Windows.15:22
blzSolarisBoy, I thought you said backslash, but I suppose that's also worth a try15:22
SolarisBoyoh yea - thats a forward slash haha =)15:22
* SolarisBoy facepalm15:22
SolarisBoydont worry i actually say things like this to my co workers and it drives them bat shi* - "YOU SAID BACKSLASH DUDE"...15:23
michagogoHowever, each time I boot, that path doesn't exist until I click "727 GB Filesystem" in the file browser15:23
SolarisBoymichagogo: configuring the mount point  in fstab should work15:23
SolarisBoymichagogo: /etc/fstab will persist your mounts -15:24
michagogoWhat is that?15:24
SolarisBoya file that persists mounts.15:24
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions15:24
michagogoWhat do I need to do?15:24
michagogoAh, okay15:24
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap15:24
blzSolarisBoy, so this seems to have gotten us somewhere.  Now it's complaining about duplicate entries, but it's not throwing any critical errors.15:24
michagogoI'll take a look15:24
SolarisBoymichagogo: start by reading up on that one ^15:24
SolarisBoyblz: that should be cool - im anal i would look for the dupe =)15:24
SolarisBoyi hate warnings!15:25
blzSolarisBoy, yeah I'm like you!  There's still only the one line in that file, though =/15:25
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SolarisBoymichagogo: well im not sure you are so concerned with partitioning as much as mounting something that sounds like an existing filesystem, in which case, you probably dont want to partition - so just to be clear - read the link on fstab -15:25
SolarisBoyblz: oh you may want to expand your search area - 'grep -r <dup_string> /etc/apt' recursively search there.15:26
blzActually this doesn't make much sense to me at all... what's this business in /var/lib?  W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ raring/partner amd64 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_partner_binary-amd64_Packages)  W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ raring/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_r15:26
blzaring_partner_binary-i386_Packages)  W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems15:26
SolarisBoyoh maybe you want to run apt-get update15:27
blzSolarisBoy, I did15:27
blza few times15:27
blzI know, right?15:27
SolarisBoyoh wait15:27
SolarisBoydo the clean up commands15:27
hadifarnoudis anyone here also on #ubuntu-server?15:28
SolarisBoyactually - first remove the entry - run like apt-get clean or whatever - then apt-get update15:28
SolarisBoythen put it back and apt-get udpate its just a stale entry in the caching areas i think15:28
blzSolarisBoy, I'm not sure which entry to clean up15:28
blzmaybe I should just remove the entire i386 file?15:28
SolarisBoyapt-get clean doesn't take args15:28
ActionPa1snipblz: lsb_release -a; grep -R partner /etc/apt/*    what is output (please use a pastebin like http://pastie.org)15:28
blzActionPa1snip, do you want that with sudo?15:29
SolarisBoyshouldn't need it15:29
ActionPa1snipblz: no, or I would have added sudo15:29
blzJust checking ;-)15:29
ActionPa1snipblz: no bad thing :)15:29
blzActionPa1snip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798837/15:29
whoeveri have installed laptop-mode-tools and the  issue persists15:29
ripthejackerAre there unity equivalent of KDE widgets?15:30
blzThat last line seems to be in there twice15:30
ActionPa1snipripthejacker: gdesklets, the DE is still gnome15:30
ripthejackerOr any way to have desktop widgets15:30
SolarisBoyits in the mail file and in a additional file15:30
ActionPa1snipblz: can you pastebin the text please15:30
SolarisBoy/etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list15:30
ripthejackerActionPa1snip: ok thanks , i'll have a look at it15:30
ActionPa1snipblz: sorry, missed the link15:30
blzActionPa1snip, no worries. It's always busy in here15:31
michagogoSolarisBoy: It looks to me like udisks would be much simpler. Can I just do that?15:31
kajeAny thoughts on how to fix this apt problem?: http://pastebin.com/bGtWrA1F15:31
ActionPa1snipblz: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list; sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.save15:31
SolarisBoymichagogo: udisks simpler than fstab - sure im sure you can im not familiar with udisks though =(15:31
michagogoI'm currently looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions15:31
ActionPa1snipkaje: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove15:31
blzActionPa1snip, that seems to have done it.  Any idea how this might have happened?15:32
ActionPa1snipblz: you enabled the partner repo, it added an extra file when the repo was already defined in sources.list15:32
whoeverneed some assistance with http://askubuntu.com/questions/130160/ubuntu-12-04-does-a-restart-instead-of-a-shutdown15:32
MonkeyDustkaje  what's the output of      cat /etc/issue;sudo apt-get update   ?15:32
blzActionPa1snip, I see. That's what I get for doing several things at once.  Thanks for your help!15:33
whoeveri don't think that the path contains * so what should i put in its place15:33
blzSolarisBoy, thanks for your help as well!15:33
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btorchis there no option to not use this unity crap when installing ubuntu  ?15:33
blzbtorch, what do you want to use?15:33
btorchjust classic gnome15:33
MonkeyDustbtorch  install some other DE, logout, change, login15:33
Ari-Yangor WM15:33
swwhoever: So you've come here for support, and expect someone to open their browser, go to that link, read your problem and then provide a solution back in here? Just ask your question here and if someone knows the answer they'll answer ;-)15:33
blzbtorch, have you tried google?15:34
ActionPa1snipbtorch: you can install gnome-panel and get the old school session, I believe cinnammon is in the repos now15:34
ActionPa1snipbtorch: or install Xubuntu which is equally supported as Ubuntu and does not ship with Unity15:34
blzbtorch, because there are a __lot__ of people who prefer gnome classic, and afaik it's just a matter of enabling a ppa and installing gnome classic15:34
ActionPa1snipblz: no need for any ppa, gnome-panel is in the repos15:34
kajeActionPa1snip, MonkeyDust: Here's the output: http://pastebin.com/Xzgc5fGJ15:34
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MonkeyDustkaje  i see a mix of i386 and amd64 sources15:35
MonkeyDustkaje  maybe that conflicts15:35
kingbeastIn 12.04 you still have to add the repos15:36
whoeversw: the solution says write on into /sys/bus/*/devices/*/power/control . but i do not think the pathe contains * so what am i to put in its place15:36
ActionPa1snip!info gnome-panel precise15:37
swwhoever: That will work as it is.15:37
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1.1 (precise), package size 473 kB, installed size 1386 kB15:37
kingbeastfor cinnamon15:37
kajeThis all started because my /boot was full. I cleared out the space and ran upgrade, but I'm still getting this dependency error message.15:38
ActionPa1snip!info cinnamon precise15:38
ubottuPackage cinnamon does not exist in precise15:38
ActionPa1snip!info cinnamon quantal15:38
ubottuPackage cinnamon does not exist in quantal15:38
ActionPa1snip!info cinnamon raring15:38
ubottucinnamon (source: cinnamon): Innovative and comfortable desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4-1 (raring), package size 607 kB, installed size 2460 kB15:38
whoeversw: ok, so i am not understanding how to apply this scrip then15:38
swwhoever: What script?15:39
kajeI don't get why it isn't installing linux-server to match the other packages...15:39
kingbeastActionPa1snip, I only know that because I use cinnamon on 12.0415:39
holsteinkaje: how customized is your system? why do you have a seperate /boot ?15:39
kajeI'm not sure. But, the boot space issue has been resolved. I just have this package dependency error now.15:40
geniikaje: It's suggesting to use sudo apt-get autoremove  to clear out the kernel cruft in /boot , did you try that yet?15:40
michagogoSolarisBoy: Looks like the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions did the trick. Thanks for your help!15:41
zztr1i'm having issues with a new install of ubuntu-gnome detecting my old monitor. i've been quacking (ddg.gg) for a few hours and I can't find much help regarding gdm (or other) for getting this to work. my monitor ( http://kiq.me/JEX ) has windows drivers only, but my previous install of fedora 17 was working with it. pointers please?15:41
whoeversw http://askubuntu.com/questions/130160/ubuntu-12-04-does-a-restart-instead-of-a-shutdown15:41
holsteinkaje: sure, but if you have customized other parts of the system/install, that might be responsibe for the issues you are seeing.. might be worth looking into what else you have dont.. PPAs?15:41
ActionPa1snipkingbeast: gotcha, I think DEs are a waste of resources, a WM on it's own does me :)15:41
mn2010lightdm zztr115:41
ActionPa1snipzztr1: monitors dont need drivers, even in windows15:41
holsteinzztr1: i would remove gnome from the equation.. see that is has nothing to do with gnome15:41
kingbeastActionPa1snip, I used to run fluxbox, just have gotten lazy in elder days...lol15:42
ActionPa1snipzztr1: what video chip are you using?15:42
ActionPa1snipkingbeast: openbox here :)15:42
michagogoWhy +r *and* +q $~a?15:42
ActionPa1snipkingbeast: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/24thJune2013.png     openbox + tint2 + pcmanfm15:42
kajegenii: Yes, I did that and it made a lot of space in /boot. Now these dependency errors remain15:43
mn2010-_- drivers for monitors are pointless, if it doesnt support EDID or DDC, manually specify the Resolutions and its hz in xorg.conf15:43
zztr1holstein: mn2010: [ $(which lightdm; echo $?; ) = 0 ]15:43
zztr1ActionPa1snip: i don't know... (looks inside)15:44
kajegenii: Can I force it to upgrade the linux-server package to
zztr1ActionPa1snip: geoforce gt22015:45
kajeOr downgrade the other two dependencies and then run a normal upgrade?15:46
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Vec_I have just installed ubuntu server 12.04 on my home server. I want this server to share files and a printer. I am 99% new to linux and as such not familiar with the terminal. What do you guys recommend me doing to administer/configurate this home server? I've been looking at webmin (i know its discontiniued for ubuntu) and Zentyal but i'm not 100% sure what i really need here.15:47
Vec_I have just installed ubuntu server 12.04 on my home server. I want this server to share files and a printer. I am 99% new to linux and as such not familiar with the terminal. What do you guys recommend me doing to administer/configurate this home server? I've been looking at webmin (i know its discontiniued for ubuntu) and Zentyal but i'm not 100% sure what i really need here.15:47
blzVec_, CUPS should be able to manage printer sharing with samba15:47
blzVec_, are you sharing with windows machines?15:47
ActionPa1snipVec_: install samba and the printer will share15:48
holsteinVec_: i would install a desktop OS, something light-ish, such as lubuntu or xubuntu, and serve the shares from there, with a desktop environment on the server that you might be more comfortable interfacing with15:48
ActionPa1snipVec_: you can share folders by defining shares in /etc/samba/smb.conf15:48
Vec_Sharing with windows machines yes15:48
ActionPa1snipVec_: or for secure file sharing, use sftp which is activated when you installed openssh-server15:48
blzVec_, then samba is the way to go15:48
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blzVec_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba15:48
gene__anyone alive here?15:49
blzgene__, nope15:49
gene__:( okay15:49
blzgene__, you missed the monthly sepukku party15:50
ZengerHi guys, I've made a few tests on my VPS with ubuntu, and I have been uninstalling and installing nginx a few times. Now I have a big issue, I've installed nginx but it doesn't exist anywhere. Ubuntu says it exists, it even runs the dameon, but no files of nginx exist anywhere. What could be the problem ?15:50
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tgunrI need to use a Macintosh Disk Utility to create a USB stick from the ISO, it's going onto a Supermicro X7DCA-L for installation, my question is what format should I use on the stick? is MSDOS FAT good enough? (lowest common denominator?)15:50
Coreytgunr: No.15:51
Coreytgunr: Use the disk utility to restore the ISO to the drive; google is your friend.15:51
ActionPa1sniptgunr: FAT is fine15:51
holsteinZenger: configuration, likely ..i would ask in a server or nginx support channel..15:51
blzI have a service running via a file in /etc/init.d  I can start/stop it with "sudo service ..." but I would like it to __not__ start when my system boots.  How can I achieve this?15:51
CoreyActionPa1snip: ISOs contain their own filesystem already.15:51
tgunrhuh? what drive? I'm creating a USB stick15:51
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Zengerholstein: hm, thx, will try that too15:52
ActionPa1snipCorey: yes but the USB stick needs to be writable for tyhe files to be spat out to it15:52
Coreyblz: update-rc.d disable :-)15:52
CoreyActionPa1snip: Writeable, not formatted.15:52
blzCorey, well that's much simpler than expected!  And I'll still be able to start it with service <servicename> start ?15:52
Coreyblz: Correct. I forget the exactly update-rc.d syntax.15:53
CoreyI can't type today.15:53
* tgunr does some more googling15:53
ActionPa1snipCorey: loads of guies say to format it, so I follow suit.15:53
blzCorey, cool, thanks!15:53
CoreyActionPa1snip: Cargo cult support. :-p15:53
ActionPa1snipCorey: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/#requirements   states: If your USB drive doesn't show up, reformat it as FAT32.15:54
XATRIXHi guys, i'm currently using 'brcmsmac' driver for my "Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)" , but it doesn't support ad-hoc mode. Is it possible to use propietary driver for ?15:54
tgunrI could try them all but the guy doing the install is an hour from the computer, would like to get it right the first time15:54
blzCorey, it works!  sudo update-rc.d <servicename> disable15:54
Coreyblz: Hooray. Sweet.15:55
holsteintgunr: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx is this what you are looking for? not sure why you preface with "i need to use mac disk utiliy" ... you need to make a bootable stick, correct?15:55
ActionPa1snipXATRIX: what is teh output of: cat /etc/issue15:55
ActionPa1snipCorey: what say you now?15:55
XATRIXActionPa1snip: Ubuntu 13.0415:55
tgunrcorrect, but it is going to be installed onto a supermicro, not a mac15:55
holsteintgunr: they are both intel, correct?15:55
tgunrhave to check the mac, but i think so15:56
holsteintgunr: feel free and refer to the link above.. its how to make a bootable usb from osx..15:56
tgunryeah, its a mac so no endian problem15:56
ActionPa1snipXATRIX: thats not the output15:57
gene__I'm getting a "The system is running in low-graphics mode" error oon VirtualBox ubuntu installation. Anyone have any idea?15:57
ActionPa1snipXATRIX: copy and paste the text outputted please15:57
holsteingene__: the "guest" os is ubuntu? and is reporting that?15:57
kajeAnyone else know how I can fix this apt dependency problem? http://pastebin.com/fvczXPZZ15:57
ActionPa1snipgene__: ask in #vbox too15:57
XATRIXxatrix@Acer-D255E:~$ cat /etc/issue15:58
XATRIXUbuntu 13.04 \n \l15:58
gene__ActionPa1snip, the host is windows 715:58
holsteinkaje: i would try downgrading.. do you have PPA's? did you do anything else custom to the system?15:58
ActionPa1snipgene__: I know of an xorg.conf file that sets it to 1024x76815:58
=== npope_ is now known as npope
whoeveris laptop-mode-tools needed in 12.10 ? i don't see any added feature or power managment15:58
kajeholstein: no. How do I downgrade?15:58
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
=== gene__ is now known as dude
ActionPa1snipXATRIX: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=15575215:59
Ari-Yangwhoever, system settings->power15:59
holsteinkaje: i would just try some things.. i would try different package managers.. i would look at what i have added or changed from the default install15:59
Ari-Yangthe icon for it is a battery15:59
=== dude is now known as Guest96195
tgunrholstein: ynx, will cross my fingers, my initial thought was to restore the flash drive from the iso, which would then make the flash drive same as the iso15:59
kajeholstein: is it safe to remove linux-server or is that going to screw up my system?16:00
ActionPa1snipkaje: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77775916:00
kajeI am 4000 miles away from this server and it would be very bad if it became inoperable...16:00
=== CalimeroTeknik_ is now known as CalimeroTeknik
blzI often reinstall ubuntu (usually with every release) and it's becoming a pain to re-add all my PPAs, packages and custom settings.  Is there a way to automate this?16:01
kajeActionPa1snip: was that meant for someone else?16:01
whoeverAri-Yang: nope nothing newer there, after installing laptop-mode-tool8s16:01
XATRIXActionPa1snip: yes, but as long as i know, broadcom-wl (the one my Ubuntu's propitary driver dialog) offers me, need some kernel patches or something like this.16:02
tgunrkaje: I'm only 2000 miles away16:03
pqangelhi :)16:03
kajeHmm, I think I found a solution: http://askubuntu.com/questions/252704/i-cannot-install-any-package-linux-image-server-linux-server-dependencies-erro16:04
ActionPa1snipkaje: sorry, seem so16:04
holsteinkaje: safe? i would say, if you are comfortable doing a custom installation, you should be comfortable manipluation pacakges.. i would try removing if i were comfortable putting it back16:04
pqangeli'm building an streaming server but i'm not sure how many users can my server stand.. anyone could help me out?16:05
holsteinpqangel: i would say, the network could be the bottleneck.. give more details, and consider a server or networking channels.. thanks16:05
cortexmani'm having trouble installing VMWare Tools on Ubuntu Raring. it can't find the kernel headers even when they are definitely installed16:06
kajeThat askubuntu solution fixed it.16:06
holsteintgunr: i wouldnt do anything other than what i know works.. which is in that guide i linked.. no need to "restore".. just make the stick as the guide suggests16:06
hadifarnouddoes anyone know why Linode recommend private IP to be set for a VPS? https://library.linode.com/networking/configuring-static-ip-interfaces16:07
hadifarnoudI mean in what scenario I'll use a private IP?16:07
holsteinhadifarnoud: i would ask linode support16:07
hadifarnoudholstein: It was quicker to ask here. it's a general question.16:08
tgunrall of the guides presume your going to install onto the same kind of machine, i didn;t see anything about making install media on mac for installation on windows for example. I presume if the usb stick looks like an ISO it will work16:08
holsteinhadifarnoud: maybe you can have ssh running on the private, and accessible from only the private.. /join the #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss16:08
holsteintgunr: do you have an intel mac? do you have the non ppc iso?16:09
tgunrit's intel mac running 10.616:09
holsteintgunr: then, you get the target (normal, non ppc) iso, and make the stick for the target (normal, non ppc) system16:10
holsteintgunr: they *are* the same kind of machine16:10
tgunryeah, thanks, just wanted to confirm to save a 2 hour trip16:11
VictorCL2does anyone have experience with tideSDK on ubuntu?16:11
publicaffairsanyone have experience with x11vnc, mine crashes every time i disconnect16:12
holsteintgunr: take a CD.. burn a CD.. make several sticks.. take the isos and equipment with you to make different scenarios .. i have an app for my android phone that allows me to boot different isos from it via USB16:12
holstein!vnc | publicaffairs16:12
ubottupublicaffairs: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX16:12
gordonjcphadifarnoud: that only makes sense if you have more than one Linode machine, on the same network segment16:12
gordonjcphadifarnoud: you can safely ignore that16:13
hadifarnoudgordonjcp: ah! got it.16:13
publicaffairsholstein: that doesn't say anything about my issue16:13
tgunrthe target doesn't have a CD, only USB is possible, he has only one USB stick, or I would have :)16:13
Picihadifarnoud: btw, linode's support channel on OFTC is great :)16:13
shah0516Hello, I'm new to ubuntu. My question is, when I connect to my WiFi router from ubuntu, all other devices are unable to connect to the same WiFi. However, when I boot into Windows 7,(in same laptop) other devices are able to connect WiFi. Can anyone please let me know how to fix this? Thanks for your time :)16:14
holsteinpublicaffairs: share details about your "issue", and maybe one of the voluntees can help16:14
publicaffairsi connect, the server closes16:14
hadifarnoudPici: what is OFTC?16:14
=== monika_ is now known as Guest40679
Picihadifarnoud: irc.oftc.net another irc network16:14
publicaffairssays 'viewer exited' which is not very telling16:15
holsteinpublicaffairs: are you up to date with upgrades? server and client side? what is the server? what is the client? are other servers or clients presenting the same "issue" ?16:15
publicaffairsx11vnc, os x screen sharing, i don't have other clients and servers16:15
=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
VictorCL2when I read : install to ~/.tidesdk folder16:16
VictorCL2do I have to create a folder name d   .tidesdk ??16:16
VictorCL2or just tidesdk ?16:16
holsteinpublicaffairs: could be the OSX server causing the issue, correct? i would try another viewer.. another server16:16
publicaffairsos x client16:16
PiciVictorCL2: include the dot.16:16
publicaffairsi never had this issue before16:16
holsteinpublicaffairs: what happened before the issue started happening? a system upgrade?16:17
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
d4rkn30is there a 32bit 13.04 server iso anywhere ? or is it just a 64 bit release?16:17
publicaffairshaven't connected in a while16:17
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest15165
=== erry_ is now known as erry
holsteinpublicaffairs: i would try other software.. even the proprietary teamviewer.. other than that, it will be a process of troubleshooting and checking logs16:19
publicaffairscan team viewer be installed without being logged into the DM?16:19
publicaffairsi didn't think it could =/16:19
holsteinpublicaffairs: i dont understand the question16:19
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:19
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
subz3r0netsplit yooohoohohohoho :D16:20
mbnoimiwhat's best package manger I can use it remotely?16:20
publicaffairsi was under the impression that team viewer couldn't be installed/ran through terminal16:20
anoopWindows 8 + Ubuntu 12.04 problem?16:20
holsteinmbnoimi: "best" is a matter of opinion ... what are you trying to do?16:20
holsteinanoop: is that a question?16:20
mbnoimiholstein: I use ssh usually but I want to use GUI package manager remotely16:21
holsteinpublicaffairs: you dont need to forward a desktop to connect to a terminal.. you can use ssh from/to linux/osx16:21
anoopholstein: No grub shown after installing ubuntu. Directly booting into Windows?16:22
goblinhas anyone an idea where I might find more answers to my .desktop-file problem?16:22
SixtyFoldanyone know how to make a color scheme file to use in something like gedit for example?16:22
holsteinmbnoimi: depends on how you want to access that GUI pacakge manager.. aptitude has a curses GUI.. forwarding x or vnc will let you access anything.. what are you trying to do?16:22
holstein!grub | anoop16:22
ubottuanoop: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:22
holsteinanoop: ^^ check the part about recovering ... or using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:23
=== Tribaal_ is now known as Tribaal
anoopholstein: I need to know whether grub is compatible with Windows 8( UEFI)?16:23
mbnoimiholstein: I want to use synaptic or any GUI alternative for package management remotely16:23
=== ziyadb_ is now known as ziyadb
holstein!uefi | anoop16:24
ubottuanoop: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:24
mbnoimiholstein: I tried apt-dater but it's tet mode16:24
mbnoimiholstein: I tried apt-dater but it's text mode16:24
shah0516Hello, I'm new to ubuntu. My question is, when I connect to my WiFi router from ubuntu, all other devices are unable to connect to the same WiFi. However, when I boot into Windows 7,(in same laptop) other devices are able to connect WiFi. Can anyone please let me know how to fix this? Thanks for your time :)16:24
=== Aww_ is now known as EvilAww
holsteinmbnoimi: as i said, *anything* can be use via VNC connection or forwarding X.. such as synaptic.. or the curses GUI in the terminal via ssh.. depends on what you want to do, really16:24
anoopholstein: Can I use a live usb containing ubuntu for reinstalling the grub?16:25
holsteinshah0516: i would isolate that for certain.. run some tests.. i would disable encryption, try a different access point.. try different drivers.. etc16:25
mbnoimiholstein: I told you I want to use synaptic remotely16:25
holsteinanoop: the links i gave give explanations on how that is donw16:25
d4rkn30is 13.04 - Server 64 bit release only?16:26
holsteinmbnoimi: then, you can forward X over ssh, or vnc connection to the desktop.. among other solututions im sure..16:26
Picid4rkn30: no.16:26
DJonesd4rkn30: No, you get the option to choose on http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server16:26
mbnoimiholstein: how can I use forward x?16:26
Picid4rkn30: You can download it from http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ if for some reason Ubuntu.com is only showing you the 64 bit release16:26
d4rkn30Pici, Thanks and it was only showing 6416:27
holsteinmbnoimi: i would just use apt-get in the terminal.. or aptitude.. that is more appropriate, though, not GUI..16:27
holsteind4rkn30: you can see the server x86 version here http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/16:28
mbnoimiholstein: but both of them can't manage packages.... I want real alternative to synaptic16:28
shah0516thanks holstein I will try disabling encryption16:28
holsteinmbnoimi: both of those *do* and *are* package mangers.. though, you may not prefer them..16:29
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cortexmancan I tell the Raring desktop installer to use a proxy?16:32
holsteincortexman: i would just install, and not do any networking at that point.. do the proxy after the install16:33
cortexmanit tries to download files etc during installation16:33
cortexmanand I have been unable to do things like install vmware tools after. this is the only thing I can think of16:33
cortexmaneven if you tell it not to download updates, it tries to download other files.16:33
holsteincortexman: dont get online from the installation16:34
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_npiv_18:34 zonetti ~zonetti@ has quit ("Ping timeout: 248 seconds");16:34
_npiv_18:34 vpbonev_ ~smuxi@wlan-198167.nbw.tue.nl has joined #ubuntu_�16:34
cortexmanholstein, what do you mean?16:34
anoopholstein: The link you gave explains the method to reinstall the grub. I need to know whether reinstalling grub will be successful in the case of Win 8?16:34
_npiv_18:34 SixtyFold ~Absinthe@ has left #ubuntu_%% ("");16:34
_npiv_18:34 binaryplease ~binary@xdsl-87-78-13-154.netcologne.de has quit ("Ping timeout: 246 seconds");16:34
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FloodBot1_npiv_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:34
hellrazorhello there16:36
hellrazorhow can i see which packages are installed on my current system? i want to have the exact same packages installed on my other machine here16:36
hellrazorwith ppa i use and so on16:37
hellrazoris there a way do this with apt-get?16:37
holsteinhellrazor: i would use synaptic.. there is a command in the menu do generate scripts etc16:38
hellrazori wanna do it on the console16:39
hellrazori generally do not use synaptic16:39
holsteinanoop: the link i gave explains it in detail.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:39
hellrazorapt-get is to powerfull16:39
holsteinhellrazor: then, i would just search. i too find apt-get powerful, but not very easily intuitive for such tasks. so, when i wanted what you are wanting, i used the menu item in synaptic.. it took less than a minute.. otherwise, im sure you can search for apt commands for something similar16:40
motaka2hello I have forgotten my username but I rember my password in ubuntu. what should I do ?16:41
holsteinmotaka2: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howtorecover-your-username-and-passwordfix-grub-21-error-in-ubuntu.html16:42
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords16:42
holsteinmotaka2: i might even just look at the disk from a live CD16:42
=== joelwallis_ is now known as joelwallis
gazarsgowhere do core dumps go? i tried to enable them in /etc/security/limits.conf with `* soft core 0` but i'm not getting a core dump in my CWD16:43
gazarsgoi'm on precise fwiw16:43
djonohello is there a file transfer program out there? every time i transfer a file to say usb drive. the status goes fast and says 100 but when inserted into another medium the file is corrupted and incomplete16:43
gazarsgooops i need non zero don't i ...16:44
gazarsgowoohoo that did it16:44
holsteindjono: grsync is easy-ish to use.. though, if the drive is broken, software wont "fix" it16:44
usr13djono: Are you un-mounting before removing the device?16:44
djonousr13 yes I am16:45
usr13djono: What tool are you using now to transfer files?  (What file manager?)16:45
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest90602
djonothe one thats in ubuntu lts16:46
=== solijohn is now known as HunterGreen
usr13djono: Are you using Unity?16:46
=== HunterGreen is now known as baordog
usr13djono: Ok, I don't think it is a problem with the file manager.16:46
oblioi have a new install of raring and would prefer to use alsa instead of pulse, i've removed pulse but i cant get audio output from alsa despite it apparently detecting my sound card16:46
usr13oblio: alsamixer16:47
djonoits a new system. ive had this problem with every system ive had that is ubuntu based16:47
shh-----I want to run multiple instances of Skype like I do on Windows. Is this possible?16:47
obliousr13: yes, that's installed, volumes are up16:47
holsteinoblio: consider just installing lubuntu, and adding whatever desktop you want, if not LXDE.. lubuntu is pluse only16:47
shh-----typing Skype in terminal just opens the same window again16:47
oblioholstein: im confused - lubuntu is pulse only16:48
Slartshh-----: check if there is a switch to make it start a new instance..16:48
obliobut i specifically don't want pulse16:48
holsteinoblio: sorry.. alsa only.. lubuntu is alsa only16:48
usr13djono: You are using Nautilus. Right?16:48
shh-----anyone know the command to do that16:48
shh-----the switch16:48
holsteinshh-----: i found this quickly in search.. have you read it? http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2012/08/run-multiple-instances-of-skype-40.html16:48
djonousr13 yes16:48
oblioinstall an entirely different distribution to fix a sound problem?16:48
shh-----thanks holstein16:49
usr13djono: You could install thunar and try it, but I doubt that the file manager is the problem.  You can see though....16:49
oblioholstein: does ubuntu do dirty things to my sound configuration?16:49
holsteinoblio: you havent mentioned a problem.. you stated a preference that lubuntu matches more closely.. its just a suggestion..16:49
zephyr28If I have a 64-bit processor, should I ALWAYS install the 64-bit version?  Isn't 32-bit more stable?16:49
oblioholstein: oh, well - i have mentioned a problem. alsamixer has volumes up, ive tested using just mplayer to play a wav, it detects alsa and i get no sound output.16:49
oblioholstein: this was previously running wheezy but i decided to attempt ubuntu, sound was working fine.16:50
holsteinoblio: do you have pavucontol installed?16:50
usr13!info thunar | djono16:50
ubottudjono: thunar (source: thunar): File Manager for Xfce. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 320 kB, installed size 899 kB16:50
usr13!thunar | djono16:50
ubottudjono: thunar is a file manager for !Xfce. It is a lightweight alternative to !Nautilus and is quite similar. More info at: http://thunar.xfce.org/index.html - Want to Replace Nautilus with Thunar? See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/nonautilusplease16:50
holsteinoblio: try installing that, and get the application running the audio.. there is some "routing" options in pavucontrol16:50
usr13djono: See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/nonautilusplease16:51
djonoi have the same problem in ubuntu with pcman16:51
holsteinoblio: otherwise, you should search for how to purge pulse.. i havent done it since before 10.0416:51
usr13djono: Try thunar16:51
holsteindjono: how did grsync work?16:51
oblioholstein: yeah thanks for asking, i realized that was a pulse package and then noticed there were a few lingering pulse packages16:51
obliodpkg -P'ing them now16:51
usr13djono: But, again, I think you are barking up the wrong tree.16:51
djonoholstein trying it now16:52
Vec_How do i delete partitions during ubuntu server install?16:58
tkingform data are not getting to my email how do i fix this in ubuntu files are uploaded in /var/www/16:58
usr13Vec_: There is a partitioning tool, gparted, and using it is part of the process.16:59
usr13Vec_: But if you are passed that point, you should wait untill after the install is finished.17:00
smallfoot-Please put Firefox 22 in Ubuntu!17:01
usr13Vec_: If you have gone on passed the partitioning phase of the process and the actual software install process is underway, do not attempt to alter partitions at this time.17:01
usr13smallfoot-: Why?17:01
usr13smallfoot-: Are you using it now?  Is there something radically different, cool, or advantageous about it?17:03
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wilee-nileesmallfoot-, Takes about a day or two for the releases to reach ubuntu.17:03
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
usr13smallfoot-: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment17:04
Vec_usr13: Gotcha. ended up configuring them and installing as it were17:05
smallfoot-usr13, it has flexbox, which i need for developmenent17:05
smallfoot-wilee-nilee, windows get it same day ,they dun have to wait17:05
usr13smallfoot-: Ok.  Well, you have it isnstalled.  Right?17:06
macwolf74that's because windows don't have distributed repositories17:06
gordonjcpsmallfoot-: you can use the firefox "official packages"17:06
macwolf74if you want you can download it from the website if you need it badly17:06
smallfoot-usr13, only from nightly17:06
wilee-nileesmallfoot-, Windows does not provide it FF does, ubuntu modifies it for the OS.17:06
macwolf74just extract the tarball and run firefox17:06
smallfoot-wilee-nilee, well maybe ubuntu should stop modify it17:06
macwolf74the modifications integrates stuff like web apps in firefox17:07
wilee-nilee!ot | smallfoot-17:07
ubottusmallfoot-: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:07
usr13macwolf74: I think he already has it.17:07
smallfoot-fuck web apps and unity integration and that shit17:07
=== owner is now known as Guest36302
Vec_usr13: The installer asks me if i want to install stuff, like OpenSSH, LAMP, Samba, Print server ect. I want this server to share files and a printer. Is there any reason for me to install "Print server" as i understand i can use SAMBA for printer sharing aswell17:07
usr13!language | smallfoot-17:07
ubottusmallfoot-: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:07
wilee-nileeFF has a addon that can turn of the ubuntu modification.17:07
* harshadura found a nice demo on Git branching: http://pcottle.github.io/learnGitBranching/17:07
usr13Vec_: Yes, install the Print server17:08
Vec_usr13: wont that be redundant with sambas printsharing thingie?17:08
usr13Vec_: no17:08
Vec_usr13: ok, thanks17:08
gordonjcpsmallfoot-: in Windows you probably have to download the firefox installer from the firefox website, instead of just installing it from the Windows repositories?17:08
usr13!cups | Vec_17:09
ubottuVec_: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu17:09
gordonjcpsmallfoot-: at least, if you want the latest and greatest17:09
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
gordonjcpsmallfoot-: well, it's the same with Ubuntu; just download the latest firefox from mozilla and install that, and don't expect much support with it ;-)17:09
* wilee-nilee thinks smallfoot-=small frontal lobes17:10
=== JonathanS is now known as JonathanD
ptcekDo anyone know how to redirect stdout after pipe? (i.e. make this work: top -b | grep systemd > /tmp/stats.log)17:12
trismptcek: that should work fine, are you sure there is any grep output?17:17
raulsh_there used to be some utility which allowed one to use ftp / telnet / ssh , i think it was under 'places'. what option do i have in ubuntu 12. 04?17:17
usr13ptcek: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO-3.html17:17
trismraulsh_: open up nautilus/the file browser and go to File/Conect to Server17:18
ptcektrism: grep is fine and yields 4 rows every time17:19
=== erry_ is now known as erry
usr13ptcek: if  top -b | grep systemd  does indeed yield an output, it should be written to  /tmp/stats.log  (your syntax is correct)17:20
=== mhall119_ is now known as mhall119
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit17:21
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=== winegoddess_ is now known as winegoddess
=== yokel_ is now known as yokel
usr13ptcek: It may take some time, so...17:22
ptcekusr13: however, it is not working in bash, nor zsh17:22
=== dropdriv1 is now known as dropdrive
usr13top -b may not be the way you want to do it.17:23
trismptcek: yeah seems like there must be some buffering somewhere, I don't get any output through the redirect until enough lines build up17:23
usr13... because it may never stop outputing same lines...17:24
ptcekusr13: this is what I am trying to achieve... processing continuously from pipe and redirecting...17:24
trismptcek: if I instead do: top -b | grep username > /tmp/stats.log; I get output immediately, but for something else it takes a bit17:24
SolarisB1ytop in other mode than batch and redirection is likely not going to work properly17:25
=== Aww_ is now known as EvilAww
usr13ptcek: But it is not going to contiunously write, it will only do it when done, (I think).17:26
djonohey holstein thanks for the grsync rec17:27
luke_hi, i have an acer aspire v3 running ubuntu 12.04. does anyone know how to change the default brightness settings for the screen, currently at startup the screen will be at 0 brightness as in a black screen, i have to use FN keys to get brightness up in order to see anything. ive checked the internet but only seem to find answers for getting the FN keys working however they already work.17:27
luke_sorry for the essay as well17:27
ptcektrism: I can see know it somehow buffers the output. Do you know how to change the buffer size?17:28
shah0516holstien: as suggested, I tried different approaches. 1) Enabled Wireless isolation 2) tried different encryption techniques 3) disabled encryption. using the third approach, I could connect to my WiFi from both laptop and mobile phone. However, I have noticed that I'm unable to access internet from both devices at a time. Any pointers please?17:28
wilee-nileeluke_, Startup is exactly where in the process, and does it resolve itself if you wait?17:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit17:29
msh210Hi, all. I followed these directions - http://askubuntu.com/a/137946 - for moving my mysql data to new location, and then tried "sudo start mysql" and "sudo service mysql start" and got "start: Job failed to start". (Raring.) Any idea what might be going on, please?17:29
usr13ptcek: You might try: top -b | grep system &> file.txt17:29
=== phill is now known as Guest18005
=== erry_ is now known as erry
jribmsh210: umm, was it starting before?17:30
luke_ok so i get the ubuntu purple background loading screen, (theres no promp to login as i havent set this)  then when it should jump to desktop the brightness drops.17:30
prometheus199hey guys, anyone able to help me out with an installation question right quick?17:30
shah0516For others i'm posting my query again,  [Hello, I'm new to ubuntu. My question is, when I connect to my WiFi router from ubuntu, all other devices are unable to connect to the same WiFi. However, when I boot into Windows 7,(in same laptop) other devices are able to connect WiFi. Can anyone please let me know how to fix this? Thanks for your time :)]17:30
msh210jrib yes.17:30
wilee-nileeluke_, So at the desktop you can see it but the brightness is at the lowest?17:31
geniiluke_: Might try adding into /etc/default/grub the line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_backlight=vendor"       and then sudo update-grub17:31
jribmsh210: did you get any output from your commands other than what you pasted here?17:31
jribmsh210: I mean any commands, not just the commands to start mysql17:31
luke_i will try this genii,17:31
Ontological I have added "xterm*savelines: 10240" to my ~/.Xresources (which is a symbolic17:31
Ontological                     link of ~/.Xdefaults"  and ran $(xrdb .Xresources), but my scrollback buffer17:31
trismptcek: in expect-dev there is a program unbuffer...this seems to get me faster output: top -b | unbuffer -p grep pattern > /tmp/stats.log;17:32
msh210jirb: $ restart mysql17:32
msh210restart: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.13" (uid=1001 pid=5083 comm="restart mysql ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Restart" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init")17:32
luke_wilee-nilee - it should display desktop but brightness is at lowest, which on this laptop is a black screen with brightness at lowest17:32
prometheus199basically, ubuntu wont stay installed to my HDD, so everytime I restart I have to boot from my USB, and right now I can't install anything to it. I've tried installing ubuntu, but it wont work :(17:32
OntologicalSorry about that.  Copy broke badly:17:32
Ontological I have added "xterm*savelines: 10240" to my ~/.Xresources (which is a symbolic link of ~/.Xdefaults"  and ran $(xrdb .Xresources), but my scrollback buffer is still very tiny.  Any suggestions?17:32
SolarisBoywow trism nice one..17:32
* SolarisBoy looking for unbuffer17:32
=== daftykin1 is now known as daftykins
wilee-nileeluke_, Cool, thanks for the more detailed info, it is helpful.17:33
msh210jrib: $ restart mysql --> restart: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.13" (uid=1001 pid=5083 comm="restart mysql ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Restart" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init") <-- and almost the same (different pid & sender) for 'start mysql'17:34
subz3r0genii: that does not work. Ubuntu will change the brightness to full after reboot17:34
=== michael_ is now known as sm0x
jribmsh210: if there was no output from your commands that you used to move the location of the db, then pastebin your /etc/mysql/my.cnf and /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld17:34
subz3r0luke_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/152356/why-does-ubuntu-reset-brightness-settings-at-the-loading-screen17:34
ptcektrism: exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!17:34
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Sounds like grub s being put on the usb's mbr not the computers. Has the computer ever had W8, I'm ruling out a uefi setup17:35
luke_genii - will restart and see if this works17:35
luke_subx3r0 - will try this one, thanks17:35
geniiluke_: Might want to visit the link by subz3r0 as well17:35
msh210jrib the command to move the db was cp, so there was no output. I editd those 2 fils appropriately (I think). Will pastebin; stand by please.17:35
prometheus199wilee-nilee:  no, it had windows 7.17:36
luke_i will restart first then do subz3r0 soltion17:36
subz3r0im pretty sure it wont work ;)17:36
jribmsh210: throw in the .conf file for mysql in /etc/init/... that will be our next step if nothing obvious comes up from your pastebin17:36
wilee-nileeprometheus199, are you on the live cd right now or in the ubuntu install?17:36
subz3r0you can edit grub if there are some issues about the backlight. But if its working correctly ubuntu will change the backlight to maximum after every reboot17:37
prometheus199but when i was trying to reinstall windows, it said it couldn't recognize my HDD because both of the partitions were formatted as NTFS or some shit17:37
prometheus199wilee-nilee, I'm live booted from usb atm17:37
jribmsh210: also look for interesting things in /var/log/mysql (especially mysql.err) and maybe /var/log/syslog17:37
prometheus199installing to system atm17:37
wilee-nileeprometheus199, run sudo fdisk-l and pastebin the text, and please don't swear. ;)17:37
luke_genii - your help appreciated, brightness issue now fixed thanks17:38
SeboHi, Can you tell me which do I need to have installed to let sFTP transfers for users who already have ssh access to the /bin/bash shell.17:38
jribmsh210: erm, actually there is both /var/log/mysql/error.log and /var/log/mysql.err that may be worth looking at17:38
prometheus199oh, sorry.17:38
daftykinsSebo: if they can SSH, they can SCP/SFTP.17:38
prometheus199and wilee-nilee I honestly (as a windows guy trying to get into this) have no idea how to run that17:38
geniiluke_: You're welcome17:38
subz3r0luke_: but that cant be. or i understand you wrong :) because ubuntu will set the brightness to maximum after reboot ;)17:38
subz3r0see here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/151651/brightness-is-reset-to-maximum-on-every-restart17:38
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Are you familiar with the limitations of partition amount on a single HD?17:39
=== tux is now known as Guest40716
Sebodaftykins: ...it seems at least one can't ;]17:39
subz3r0luke_: but glat to hear that you fixed your problem17:39
daftykinsSebo: using what client? sounds like user error17:39
prometheus199wilee-nilee, no I am not17:40
luke_subz3r0 - for some reason mine was being reset to minimum after restart which was rather anoying, its now resetting to max which is fine17:40
=== doebi_ is now known as doebi
reisiodieke: bye17:40
msh210jrib http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799176/17:40
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Ah, I suspect that is your problem, you can only have 4 primary partitions on a single HD or 3 primaries and a extended, which can have many logical type partitions. In order to help you we need to see what is there, the caommand in a terminal sudo fdisk -l will tel us.17:40
subz3r0luke_: sorry, so i understand you wrong. Thought you just dont want to have it on maximum after reboot. I think its really annoying that ubuntu does not save the actual state and set it back to that state after reboot17:41
=== akshay__ is now known as akshay_r
Sebodaftykins: File Manager v1.15.10 @ Android JB17:41
gxxKeep trying to make a live usb, and just got some new usb sticks, and everytime I mount it/format it, it keeps formating the volume as sdc1 and not sdc, and unetbootin wont use sdc 1, only sdc, but the drive/volume wont mount as that17:41
subz3r0"understood".... damn gettin late here and my english gets.................... :D17:41
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
daftykinsSebo: confirm their account with a known working client like WinSCP then maybe contact that developer, obviously the fault is more than likely with the clients' use of the program or the program itself17:42
gxxdon't really understand why it wont work17:42
prometheus199well i only have two primary partitions, but I don't know where/how to run that17:42
gordonjcpgxx: which OS are you currently on, and what are you trying to put on the USB stick?17:42
wilee-nileeprometheus199, ctrl-alt-t brings up the terminal.17:42
subz3r0!backtrack > gxx17:43
ubottugxx, please see my private message17:43
gxxis what I'm putting it on, and ubuntu is the system17:43
gxxthat i'm current on17:43
subz3r0!backtrack | gxx17:43
ubottugxx: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)17:43
msh210jrib /etc/init/mysql.conf : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799188/17:43
gordonjcpgxx: if it's Ubuntu-based then the chances are it's a hybrid image so you can just unmount the USB stick and use dd to put the image on directly17:43
Sebodaftykins: ...I've got only Ubuntus or Androids here ... so I can not try WinSCP... anyway I thought sFTP != SCP ;]17:43
prometheus199wilee-nilee ^ and I finished the installation (for the second time)... not going to restart until I get your advice :p last time I installed and restarted it started @ the HP screen then just went blue with a "Not Support"17:44
aRieL_UStudioalguien me puede recomendar algun mircscript o algo asi ?17:44
wilee-nileeprometheus199, You probably have more than two, in windows it does not show the boot partition.17:44
gxxI have a feeling its these pny usb sticks causing the problems, never had this problem with me sony & sandisk usb sticks17:44
Sebodaftykins: and standard shell `scp ` from ubuntu to that ubuntu serwer works fine :)17:45
daftykinsSebo: it's a client that lets you use either protocol. it was just an example, i'm sure you can test it whichever way is more convenient for you.17:45
gxxguess its time to learn dd then to get the image loaded on it17:45
DJones!es | aRieL_UStudio17:45
ubottuaRieL_UStudio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:45
daftykinsSebo: sounds like your user/client needs some education then17:45
msh210jrid last few lines in /var/lg/syslog ar:17:45
msh210Jun 25 13:23:05 HCG-Linux-01 kernel: [ 7174.879410] type=1400 audit(1372180985.099:53): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" name="/usr/sbin/mysqld" pid=5477 comm="apparmor_parser"17:45
msh210Jun 25 13:23:06 HCG-Linux-01 kernel: [ 7176.505663] type=1400 audit(1372180986.731:54): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=1 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" name="/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid" pid=5481 comm="mysqld" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=106 ouid=10617:45
FloodBot1msh210: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:45
wilee-nileeprometheus199, I would reboot if it does not show a grub menu boot the live session, and we need to see the HD info, so we can get orientated as to what is actually on the HD.17:45
gxxnevermind, I just used ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator, and it decided to work17:47
wilee-nileeprometheus199, If you can get to the installed ubuntu from the usb with a grub menu do that this cam be fixed from the installed ubuntu. This may seem confusing I know.17:47
jribmsh210: ah you may need to do something for apparmor profiles to be reread?  not sure.17:48
prometheus199j[10:46] <wilee-nilee> prometheus199, I would reboot if it does not show a grub menu boot the live session, and we need to see the HD info, so we can get orientated as to what is actually on the HD.17:48
ufomanon my laptop (lenovo Y500), backlight can be controllled only thru xrandr, but ubuntu only uses /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video017:49
=== julian_ is now known as Avon
prometheus199hm, hold on ima scroll up and do that command earlier17:49
ufomanhow can I reconfigure ubuntu backlight hotkeys to issue commands to xrandr?17:49
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Cool, this is an unusaul place to run it but lets see what it sats.17:49
prometheus199why is it an unusual placE?17:50
wilee-nileeprometheus199, you have just installed, I assume in tis state t will read that info, ubuntu is set to reboot to the install is all.17:50
msh210jrib also http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799207/ if it helps17:51
wilee-nileeprometheus199, We can't necessarily fix it from this state a reboot or live sesson again is needed.17:51
prometheus199alright, i'll restart and see what happens. be back in ~1017:51
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Cool.17:52
jribmsh210: I guess line 41 is significant17:52
jribmsh210: you sure everything was copied ok?  And it's mounted correctly?17:52
gxxdoes ubuntu support usb 3.0 out of the box?17:53
skorasaurus3hi, I am transferring files over from my internal SATA 5400rpm hd to my usb2.0 7200RPM external drive, both are formatted ext3 but I'm receiving very slow speeds, about 300mb/hour.17:53
msh210jrib, I guessed as much myself  :-)  but don't know what to do about it. Yes, the disk is mounted and.. I didn't check everything was copied, by cp didn't complain.17:53
skorasaurus3both hard drives are less than 70% full.17:53
skorasaurus3the specific command that i'm using is  cp -n -r -p -v ~/Pictures /path/to/my/external/subfolder17:54
gxxskorasaurus3, I believe its just usb 2.0 being slow?17:54
skorasaurus3gxx: that seems quite abnormally slwo though.17:54
gxxcut that, nevermind17:54
babinlonstonhi all , how can i chat from pidgin to this freenode , how to setup the pidgin pls help17:55
gxxI'm getting about 3GB in about 1.5hours17:55
gxxwith usb sticks17:55
skorasaurus3yeah, usually it's not that slow.17:55
gxxyea, I really wish everything was usb 3.0 by now17:55
jribmsh210: one sec (juggling a few things here and don't know enough about mysql to help without some research)17:56
skorasaurus3specifically I've moved about 10gb in 25 hours.17:56
skorasaurus3gxx: i wish it too.17:57
prometheus199wilee-nilee -- yeah, didn't work lol17:57
gxxbetter to just have a storage server w/ GB switches/cards17:57
wilee-nileeskorasaurus3, Have you tried a copy and paste to see if the speed is different?17:57
skorasaurus3wilee-nilee: in nautilus ? will do.17:57
babinlonston hi all , how can i chat from pidgin to this freenode , how to setup the pidgin pls help17:58
prometheus199k wilee-nilee, how do i do the sudo fdisk-l?17:58
wilee-nileeprometheus199, So in the ubuntu live session hit the windows key and type gparted, the prtsc key wll take a screen shot and put it in pictures or home imagebin that image and post it17:58
wilee-nilee!imagebin | prometheus19917:59
ubottuprometheus199: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.17:59
skorasaurus3weird, says my destination is read-only :/17:59
msh210jrib - now that (with your help, thanks!) I got to that error line, I'm asking in #mysql -- thanks again17:59
gxxtake a gun and shoot it a few times17:59
gxxthats what I did with my last router that wouldn't play nice17:59
wilee-nileeprometheus199, I want to see a picture of gparted looking at thew hd.18:00
gordonjcpgxx: that's not very constructive18:00
prometheus199uploadin now18:00
gxxhowever once I pulled out my 7mm rem mag, the router went byebye :P18:00
skorasaurus3hmm, looking at dmesg, got a usb 2-2: device descriptor read/64, error -71 from the device.18:00
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prometheus199wilee-nilee:  ^18:00
raducu7890anybody on xda?18:01
Sebodaftykins: You are wrong saying that 'when the user can SSH then SFTP is enabled as well' I've just checked this 'Android File Manager' client with another server (Ubuntu Precise LTS - same as the previous one) and now it connects.18:01
gxxgordonjcp, its how we do it in the USA, just shoot it :P18:01
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Were you trying to dualboot windows?18:01
daftykinsSebo: i fully disagree with your claim, being based off one example18:01
prometheus199nope, was trying to replace windows with linux18:02
=== qos|away is now known as qos
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Cool, it is gone just making sure. Do you want ubuntu on the whole HD?18:02
Sebodaftykins: at least there exists such example... but now I still do not know which is wrong... cause all the client settings was the same except the given server ip address.18:03
wilee-nileeprometheus199,  Cool so in gparted right click sda7 and then unmount.18:03
daftykinsSebo: you're on your own then ^_^18:03
coolackhello all18:04
coolackI'm having trouble booting fedora 18 with ubuntu bootloader18:04
coolackI added them the bootmenu,   but it doesn't load up with the new kernel18:05
coolackonly the old one18:05
ikoniacoolack: then you've setup the boot option wrong18:05
prometheus199wilee-nilee, when i right click it it doesn't give me the option to unmount18:05
coolackikonia do i need to edit it?18:05
ikoniacoolack: if it's wrong....yes18:05
prometheus199only available options are swapoff, manage flags, & information18:06
coolackikonia:  hmm I'm not sure what to put.   should i ask in fedora channel?18:06
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Sorry swap off is what you want.18:06
prometheus199& how what will that do? lol18:07
ikoniacoolack: first question, is the grub install you are using from ubuntu or fedora18:07
=== jmmy is now known as tp43_
coolackits the ubuntu one18:07
ikoniacoolack: ok, next question, how did you add Fedora's option to it18:07
coolackikonia:  it worked till i updated the kernel in fedora.  I can still lload old one but now new one18:07
prometheus199did it, nothing looks different18:07
wilee-nileeprometheus199, If you look at gparted you see key next to sda7 the swap and sda4 the extended, thw swap off will remove those keys so we can work with the HD.18:08
coolackikonia: from ubuntu.  i mounted drives and did sudo update-grub18:08
coolackikonia: i made sure they are not lvm partitions18:08
prometheus199yeah.. what's the next step?18:08
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Are the keys gone now?18:08
prometheus199by the way, thank you for the help18:08
ikoniacoolack: yes, this is a problem with grub2 and dual boot, the config files are held in /etc/grub on ubuntu - so if Fedora makes an update there is no way for Fedora to update grub, as it can't modify /etc in the ubuntu install18:08
ikoniacoolack: you'll need to update it manually, which is a poor design.18:08
prometheus199still the red ! by sda5 though18:08
SnypeMyrtti, whatcha smoking?18:08
coolackikonia: hmm I'm not sure how to do that18:09
ikoniacoolack: ok, the settings are in /etc/grub - look at them, find the fedora entry and you'll see the old kernel settings, update them and then run update-grub18:09
coolackikonia: do you mean editing the text from the ubuntu grub menu?18:09
wilee-nileeprometheus199, No problem I think we are best here to just delate all the partitions and let ubuntu auto install, so delete all partitions leaving the sda4 as the last one. Right clicks on each wll have a delete option.18:09
coolackikonia: ok lemme try that tks18:09
prometheus199there's no sda418:10
wilee-nileeprometheus199, YOU have to click the grenn check at the top of gparted to run the delete after you see the process showng in the bottom of gparted.18:10
iskywalkerI have a strange problem, after suspend to ram, the game civilization 4 is really slow, but before the supsend to ram it works fine, I have ubuntu 13.04, radeon and mesa18:10
=== legion is now known as Guest96692
prometheus199wilee-nilee - there's no sda4, but sda1 is my primary (430GB)18:11
wilee-nileeprometheus199, In your image sda4 is the extended partition, it is a container for all the partitions but sda118:11
Guest96692Lo all,...does anyone have any info on bluetooth for 13.04, mainly trying to get a headset working for skype18:11
prometheus199ah, sda2 is the extended one18:12
coolackikonia: I see a folder called grub.d     which file in there do I need to edit?18:12
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Sorry my mistake I meant sda2, my bad18:12
ikoniacoolack: look in there and find the one with the fedora entry in it18:12
prometheus199ah, so delete everything but sda1.18:12
wilee-nileeDoh in the word of homer simpson. prometheus19918:13
legion59Lo all18:13
wilee-nileeprometheus199, I would delete all of them including sda1, unless you want to try to see if can be fixed. I would just remove all and run a autoinstall if it were me.18:14
legion59by chance ,...does anyone have any info on Bluetooth18:14
coolackikonia:  hmm i'm opening all files in the text editor i don't see any mention of fedora?18:14
prometheus199autoinstall wilee-nilee ?18:14
legion59im lookin gfor info for using a bluetooth headset for skype18:14
ikoniacoolack: it won't say "fedora" directly, it should have a reference to scan for additional operating systems18:14
wilee-nileeprometheus199, The install has a install gu with several choices the top one is just install to the HD.18:15
coolackikonia: I see files 00_header, 05_debian_theme, 10_linux, 10_linux_xen  10_memtest86+,  30_os-prober,  30_uefi-firmware, 40_custom, 41_custom18:15
prometheus199so the same installer (the one below the Dash Home on the left task bar) that wasn't working before18:15
prometheus199so... delete sda1 then run that again?18:15
ikoniacoolack: ok, so 10_linux, 30_os-prober and the two custom ones would be the ones to check, are you using uefi ?18:16
coolackikonia: i opened them with gedit and searched for fedora18:16
coolackikonia: i'm new to linux lol18:16
ikoniacoolack: did you just read what I said ?? it will not say "fedora"18:16
ikoniacoolack: why is that funny "lol" ?18:16
prometheus199mk wilee-nilee; deleted them all - now which installation option should I choose?18:16
coolackikonia:  so what am I lookin for?18:17
ikoniacoolack: I've just told you ]18:17
wilee-nileeprometheus199, I would, make sure the HD shows no partitions in gparted. What may have happened here is that when booting from a usb, sometimes the usb and HD get reversed, and the grub bootloader gets put on the usb's mbr rather then the HD's18:17
ikoniacoolack: why are you dual booting a complex system if you are new to linux ?18:17
coolackikonia: i check those 2 files and look for what?18:17
ikoniacoolack: why are you not using a linux system to grasp the basics ?18:17
prometheus199well now it's showing everything as unallocated18:17
coolackyou know why pc gaming and linux is unpopular.  not because of any learning curves.  Since there are many programs and sports in real life with 1000x the learning curves.    but because of rotten arrogant communities noone wants to associate with.18:18
prometheus199installation time!18:18
wilee-nileeprometheus199, The install 4th or so screen is the install options, it has a install to HD, something like that, I do this without thinking generally as I always manually install as I have 4 OS on my HD18:18
ikoniacoolack: I suggest you re-access where the problem is,18:19
ikoniacoolack: you're running before walking, and unable to follow basic instructions due to the learning curve18:19
ikoniacoolack: nothing rotten or arrogant about people advising you of that18:19
wilee-nileeprometheus199, If you don't get the ubuntu boot on the install, don't try any fix just boot the live session, and we will go from there. However I think you will be set.18:19
coolackikonai: again i ask i'm looking in those two files for what exactly?18:19
caius_hi all. i18:20
legion59looks like time to reinstall!18:20
ikoniacoolack: after you're little rant about how arrogant and rotten the community is I'm going to leave this problem alone now, and next time I suggest you consider if calling people and the community helping you names is a good way to get help.18:20
coolackikonia:  i guess that means you don't know18:20
coolackikonia: bye18:20
ikoniacoolack: I know quite well, hence why I'm able to dual boot, but as you said "bye"18:20
coolackikonia: it becomes a selfulfilling prophecy when you drive away newbies18:21
legion59Ikonia,..is there any info on bluetooth for skype or am i beeting a dead hourse on that subject18:21
prometheus199alright wilee-nilee starting it now18:21
ikoniacoolack: no-one is driving you away, you've making a problem calling people names and telling me I don't know the answer, when clearly I do because I've just explained the design flaw, so "you" drive help away.18:21
ikonialegion59: skype has nothing to do with bluetooth, what's up ?18:21
coolack ikonia: this is normal in the linux community.  You insulted me first and i give it right back18:22
legion59jsut trying to get bluetooth to connect to skype18:22
legion59skype dosent see the bluetooth18:22
ikoniacoolack: no-one has insulted you, and if you feel you have been insulted the way to respond is not with insults.18:22
coolackikonia:  its selfishness and the need to feel superior to other human beings18:22
ikoniacoolack: and again, you've just taken another dig at the linux community helping you18:22
coolackikonia: is why linux is unpopular lol18:22
prometheus199wilee-nilee: "ubi-partman failed with exit code 2"18:22
ikoniacoolack: it's not "lol" hence why you are trying to use it,18:22
coolackikonia: i can do without the insults18:22
ikonialegion59: ahh ok,18:22
gxxcoolack, gtfo18:22
prometheus199does the USB need to stay in?18:22
ikoniacoolack: no-one is instulting you18:23
caius_hi all. i have a small problem with my wifi. it connect and after 5 min disconnect again. it is nothing wrong with my router or the wireless connection because i have tried  the connection on 2 other pc`s  and it works fine. any idea of a solution?18:23
coolackikonia: if u can't help me just say so18:23
legion59Coolack,..linux is for people with smarts,...Are you smart?18:23
ikoniagxx: that is not a welcome response18:23
gxxi'll insult him18:23
ikoniagxx: no - you won't18:23
Picilegion59: thats not helping either.18:23
ikoniagxx: it's not funny, don't do it18:23
coolackand this is supposeldy the nicest linux community?18:23
holstein!volunteers | coolack18:23
ubottucoolack: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:23
ikoniacoolack: as I explained, I can help you as I understand the problem,18:23
gxxcoolack, go back to windows18:23
coolackno wonder everyone would rather use cellphones lol18:23
holsteincoolack: i would be glad to hear your issue18:23
ikonialegion59: lets look at you're issue a bit more18:23
coolackhello holstein18:24
ikonialegion59: I'd suggest initially seperating skype from the issue.18:24
coolackholstein: i'm trying to triple boot18:24
legion59so far ive got the bluetooth working and paired18:24
ikonialegion59: look at pairing bluetooth with your install first, then moving onto skype once you know that's working18:24
legion59it is seen in the OS18:24
legion59works good there18:24
coolackholstein:  everythign worked until i updated kernel in fedora 18.   it doens't load right now18:24
ikonialegion59: ok - so how have you verified it's paired and working18:24
legion59im just able to get the bluetooth headset to be seen in skype18:24
legion59Iko: yes18:24
legion59it works18:24
ikonialegion59: "how" have you verified it's paired and working in ubuntu18:25
coolackholstein: it shows up in the boot menu goes through the process...but gets stuck on a black screen.  the old kernel still loads18:25
legion59AND as a matter of fact18:25
legion59ive ahd it working several time other under 13.0418:25
holsteincoolack: the older fedora kernel?18:25
legion59i ended up reinstalling18:25
legion59just this morning18:25
FloodBot1legion59: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:25
coolackholstein: yes the older fedora kernel loads,  but not the new one18:25
prometheus199wilee-nilee: http://i.imgur.com/amueXdY.jpg18:25
legion59i knew that the headset would be an issue18:25
ikonialegion59: I'll ask one more time18:25
ikonialegion59: "how" have you verified it's paired and working in ubuntu18:25
holsteincoolack: i would ask a fedora support channel about the kernel.. kernel upgrades break things sometimes.. doesnt matter what OS it is18:26
ikoniait's not a fedora issue18:26
legion59I varified,..it thru the Pulse audio,...tested it with the test sound18:26
ikoniait's a grub issue with ubuntu18:26
holsteincoolack: do you need help finding a fedora support channel?18:26
coolackholstein: no its the ubuntu grub issue ikonia is right18:26
coolackholstein: the new kernel works with their grub not ubuntus18:26
holsteincoolack: have you restored grub? i would just fresh install a grub then18:26
coolackholstein: yes18:26
ikonia"restore grub"???18:26
moesWhich jre for 12.0418:27
wilee-nileeprometheus199, Can you give me a picture of gparted again. Is this an apple computer perchance, or has it had gpt partitioning?18:27
coolackikonai:  I lol again18:27
holsteincoolack: please lol in the OT channel..18:27
coolackat he is trying to help me18:27
ikoniacoolack: I don't know why you keep saying "lol"18:27
coolack*at least18:27
prometheus199_nah it's an HP18:27
coolacklike most linux users are you opposed to happiness?18:27
holsteinif "restored" is not the proper term, appoligies.. but, you have reinstalled grub, correct coolack ?18:27
ikoniacoolack: please stop with the random attempts at insulting people.18:28
ikoniaholstein: there is no need to re-install grub - it won't do anything18:28
coolackikonia: you just told me not to lol,  what is wrong with you?18:28
coolackholstein: yes i have done that18:28
prometheus199_wilee-nilee: http://i.imgur.com/eMYRuG1.jpg18:28
legion59Ill see you all later,..GTG18:28
ikonialegion59: ok - so what happens when you try to use it with skpe18:28
brijithmachi all, I am not able to connect to yahoo using pidgin18:29
holsteinso, fedora grub would deal with the three OS's then ikonia ?18:29
nightdrevermy hard drive looks like this...... http://imgbin.me/view/HVUUYDOR       is it possible to extend linux partion without distroying windows and my current linux install??18:29
ikoniaholstein: ubuntu grub will deal with 3 os's18:29
coolackholstain,  ubuntu is better,  because the fedora grub is a whole long complicated process to add it to boot menu18:29
=== MartinS is now known as Guest2321
holsteinikonia: thats what i was thinking.. so, what is the plan? a custom grub line for the fedora install?18:29
coolackwith ubuntu i just usually mount drive sudo update-grub very simple18:29
ikoniacoolack: it's the same grub version the process is the same but fedora's design doesn't have the design flaw.18:29
coolackI believe i have to edit the lines in the grub menu for new kernel not sure what to put there18:30
coolackif I ask in fedora channel they are even more hostile then ikonia,  telling me not to bother18:30
wilee-nileeprometheus199_ I'm not familiar with that error, Try in gparted with everything else closed click devise and create partition table, then close gparted and try install again.18:30
brijithmachi all, I am not able to connect to yahoo using pidgin. can any one help me18:30
smallfoot-Jun 25 20:21:43 anonymous kernel: [ 5442.944009] nouveau E[    2188] failed to idle channel 0xcccc000018:30
smallfoot-Jun 25 20:21:46 anonymous kernel: [ 5445.964010] nouveau E[    3539] failed to idle channel 0xcccc000018:30
smallfoot-this is gay, my computer crashed18:30
FloodBot1smallfoot-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:30
nightdrevermy hard drive looks like this...... http://imgbin.me/view/HVUUYDOR       is it possible to extend linux partion without distroying windows and my current linux install??18:30
prometheus199_wilee-nilee: "Warning: This will erase all data on the entire disk /dev/sda"18:31
moesWhich jre for 12.0418:31
wilee-nileeprometheus199_, That is what we want.18:31
usr13coolack: If you make flawed assumptions and present them as facts, people get hostile, it's just human nature.18:31
MonkeyDustnightdrever  don't repeat too quickly, be patient and wait until someone can help18:31
nightdreversorry MonkeyDust18:31
wilee-nileeprometheus199_, Choose the msdos type when asked18:32
prometheus199_says to update installer but when i click it it just goes away and doesn't18:32
prometheus199_still giving me exit code 218:32
gazarsgoi have my /etc/security/limits.conf set to 1B for core but my core dump is getting truncated still at 23M18:33
wilee-nileeprometheus199_, Hmm I'm not sure here, I wonder if the the ISO you downloaded is corrupt, I see a bug report with that error but different #, that is assocated with Other OS's being on the hd however you are clean.18:34
prometheus199_might be corrupt... downloaded it straight from ubuntu's website though18:34
usr13prometheus199_: md5sum it and google results18:35
prometheus199_the heck is md5sum18:35
usr13!md5sum | prometheus199_18:35
ubottuprometheus199_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:35
wilee-nileeprometheus199_, For me all I can do is knock out variables, if it were me I would do another download of the ISO, you can also run a md5sum on it if you like and try it.18:36
usr13prometheus199_: Just do    md5sum ubuntu-file-name.iso18:36
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:36
prometheus199sorry, FF crashed again.18:36
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:36
usr13are we going to go over md5sum factoid over and over again?  ?18:37
moesWhich jre for 12.0418:38
ikoniamoes: up to you, there are multiple options18:38
ikonia!java |moes18:38
ubottumoes: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.18:38
wilee-nileeusr13, When you start posting whch is good, and have not been it is easy to miss your post if one is a slow typer trying to get a post on.18:38
prometheus199__i hate my computer.18:38
usr13wilee-nilee: Oh, that's ok... just seemed a but redundant there...18:39
usr13prometheus199__: whasamatter?18:40
usr13prometheus199__: A computer is only as good as it's OS and the software that YOU install.18:40
prometheus199__well i'm on live boot from USB, installer keeps giving me exit code 2, and I used unetbootin to put the ISO on my flashdrive so I don't even think i can use md5sum on it18:41
tangledunetbootin is iffy18:41
prometheus199__and yeah usr13 ik, this computer's a few years old and it's dyin18:41
roastedQuestion - I installed kernel 3.9.4 on Ubuntu 13.04 in an effort to see if 3.9 fixed an issue I was having in 3.8. Problem is, when I install my Broadcom STA driver through additional drivers menu, it doesn't work. I just have no wireless entry in network manager. How can I get my Broadcom STA driver working when using Ubuntu 13.04 + kernel 3.9.4?18:42
wilee-nileeprometheus199__, You can run the smartdisc check on the HD from disks in the menu brought up by the windows key.18:42
wilee-nileeprometheus199__, I wonder if gthe HD is the problem.18:43
usr13prometheus199__: What OS is on it?18:43
holsteinroasted: does it happen to be one of the chipsets that can use the open driver?18:43
prometheus199__12.04.2 LTS18:43
wilee-nileeusr13, It is empty we have removed all partitions and  made a new partition table,\.18:44
usr13wilee-nilee: On prometheus199__'s PC?18:44
wilee-nileeusr13, yes18:44
nightdrevermy partions are set up like this http://imgbin.me/view/HVUUYDOR   is it possible to extend ubuntu partion and shrink windows without corrupting things on my PC?18:44
wilee-nileeprometheus199__, I would do the disk check18:45
usr13wilee-nilee: Oh, ok.  Thanks for the info.18:45
prometheus199__yeah... how do i do the disk check?18:45
wilee-nileeusr13, No problem, helps to have some info.18:45
roastedholstein: does "what" happen to be one of the chipsets?18:46
Crosant_hi any things to look for when installing ubuntu on a uefi system?18:46
wilee-nileeprometheus199__, There is an app called disk in the menu you brought up with the windows key, it has a dropdown top right corner that will tell you the HD state.18:46
prometheus199234oh my lordy18:46
wilee-nilee!uefi | Crosant_18:47
ubottuCrosant_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:47
prometheus199234i open a new tab in FF and it crashes. but yeah, how do i do the disk check? lol18:47
dank101can someone help me18:47
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, There is an app called disk in the menu you brought up with the windows key, it has a dropdown top right corner that will tell you the HD state.18:47
dank101Pulse audio for me is glitching out badly, randomly switching to headphones when i have none plugged ij18:47
wilee-nilee!patience > dank10118:48
ubottudank101, please see my private message18:48
prometheus199234when i hit th ewindows key there's no app called disk18:48
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest62851
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, YOU bring up a menu type disk18:48
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, That menu is like the search option in w7.18:49
babinlonstonHow to assign Static IP  in ubuntu12.04 , I want to set my IP as , Subnetmask, gateway and nameservers are , Please Guide me .. and i want to do this only in command line ...18:49
Crosant_babinlonston: nano /etc/network/interfaces18:50
prometheus199234only four apps when i type disk are "disk utility", "disk usage analyzer", "startup disk creator", and "install" -- sorry if i'm not seeing what you're talking about lol18:51
babinlonstonWill u please Give explain it .. alreay i have tried but cant yet :(18:51
geniibabinlonston: man interfaces  ... for how to make entries there. As for the nameservers the file is /etc/resolv.conf  and the manpage is same name18:51
finbarmight sound like a stupid question but is there a way to install ubuntu for android onto a pc?18:51
babinlonstonAny Idea About Assigning the Static IP for Ubuntu Which have installed in Proxmox Virtualization18:52
=== Guest62851 is now known as vall
geniibabinlonston: Once you understand how to make entries in those files from reading the manpages: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces     or: sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf   ...to edit them18:52
babinlonstonSure @ genii18:52
popeyfinbar: not yet, it's not released yet18:53
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, Should be named disks, looks like this. http://imagebin.org/26248218:53
Avdeshcan anyone tell me how to remove guest login from ubuntu 12.1018:53
babinlonstonwill be back after testing bye for now good night guys18:54
prometheus199234nothin like that here18:54
compdocAvdesh, I know how on 12.04. maybe its the same18:55
wilee-nilee!info disks18:55
ubottuPackage disks does not exist in raring18:55
prometheus199234ima reboot tho. prob just gonna keep it like this (cuz it's a PITA atm) and just buy a laptop or summn18:55
finbarwell it uses unity right18:55
Avdeshcompdoc: tell me please.18:55
finbarcan i use unity on any distro18:56
compdocAvdesh, sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf     add at the end:  allow-guest=false        then reboot18:56
__kluh__why is adobe flash failing to install on ubuntu?18:56
compdocAvdesh, or use gedit18:56
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, I am in raring the smartdisk checker is in all releases, not sure if you may need to open those you see in that menu till you see what I posted an image of, it may have a different name in 12.04.18:56
Avdeshcompdoc: thanx man. Let me try.18:56
gordonjcp__kluh__: no idea18:56
genii__kluh__: PErhaps try installing ubuntu-restricted-extras18:56
gordonjcp__kluh__: is there maybe some sort of error message?18:56
geniigordonjcp: Also, we don't know if they're trying to install it straight from adobe, etc18:57
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, I am assuming it is on the live cd it should be I would think, kind of an important app.18:57
gordonjcpgenii: well yeah18:57
wilee-nileeprometheus199234, And by the way you are doing good here, a new OS is not easy, especially when it has unusual error problems. ;)18:58
prometheus55dont think so man. just had the comp turn off randomly lol19:00
wilee-nileeprometheus55, I saw you disappear, you mentioned the computer as dying earlier, what gives you this idea?19:01
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darrennnnhi #ubuntu. does 13.04 or 12.04 have better live cd tools for diagnosing computer problems? in particular: memory and/or hard drive tests?19:01
roastedIs there a road map for when Ubuntu will adopt newer kernel versions? Like is there a way to find out when 3.9 will come down to 13.04?19:01
shah0516Hello, When I connect to my Wifi from ubuntu laptop, other devices are not able to connect to wifi router. When I boot from Windows 7 and connect to Wifi, other devices are able to connect. Can anyone please help in fixing this issue? I tried different encryption modes, nothing worked. I noticed my machine always gets as IP address, is this anyway related to the issue? Do I need to make Wifi router as DHCP server?  my wireless card info: produc19:01
shah0516t: BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller driver=wl0 driverversion= (r326264)19:01
holsteindarrennnn: both have those tools.. neither are specifically designed for that.. i would use a live CD made for that19:01
darrennnnholstein: can you rec one? i am a windows guy so i don't know how complex i need to delve. i just want to fire up something and run some basic tests.19:02
prometheus55well i went to create a new partition, it was doing it then thr screen went blue19:03
darrennnnholstein: i know that the ubuntu live cd has a memory test so i thought i would start there19:03
prometheus55might be wk19:03
prometheus55working now though, booted the installer and it said no detected OS and is installing now19:04
holsteindarrennnn: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ is what i use.. the one that is going to be "best" for you will be the one you can easily use.. if that is a live ubuntu cd, then that is fine.. use the one you have used before if choosing between 12.04 or 13.0419:04
prometheus55lets see how that goes lom19:04
shah0516holstein: I have used the approaches suggested by you except installing new drivers, can you please recommend alternate driver for BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller driver=wl0 driverversion= (r326264)19:04
eq-hi, does anyone know the exact steps one needs to achieve an exact equivalent of Ubuntu's default font rendering/hinting when starting from a minimal Ubuntu installation? (short of installing the `ubuntu-desktop' package itself)19:04
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
eq-i.e. is a precise fontconfig enough (I've tried a few), or do I need to install additional packages, or something else?19:04
wilee-nileeroasted, Never worried personally, however this wiki may help. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds19:05
roastedwilee-nilee: I'm having issues getting my broadcom driver installed in 3.9, but I want to use 3.9 as I think I'm facing a 3.8 specific bug. Part of me is wondering if I should give up and wait until 3.9 becomes official in 13.04, but I'm not sure how long out that would be.19:05
wilee-nileeprometheus55, Got my fingers crossed. ;)19:06
prometheus55im with ya man. spent the better part of 3 days trying to get my computer fixed lol19:06
wilee-nileeroasted, Not sure here, I'm not up on broadcom or any specific bugs.19:06
roastedwilee-nilee: by cahnce do you have a sandy bridge powered laptop?19:07
wilee-nileeprometheus55, HP has some funky built in firmware, just a hypothesis, but one never knows.19:07
darrennnnholstein: hmmm okay thanks. i feel like i''ve tried the ubcd before and several of the utilities didn't run. i am probably just an idiot though.19:08
wilee-nileeroasted, Nah I have a toshiba a205 s5812 laptop about 5 years old.19:08
roasted:(, rather19:08
prometheus55o true19:08
wilee-nileeRuns great at 64 bit 3 gigs ram and a SSD.19:08
wilee-nileenever had better so it seems fine, lol19:09
LucidDreamZzZcfhowlett, i think i got itworking19:09
LucidDreamZzZhey what happen to glxgears19:09
wilee-nileeLucidDreamZzZ, glxgears is added in compiz right?19:10
LucidDreamZzZi realize its old 3d benchmark maybe irrelevant..19:10
LucidDreamZzZtrying to test 3d19:10
holsteindarrennnn: nah, its not "beginner" friendly.. using a live CD from ubuntu is a great way to start19:11
LucidDreamZzZwilee-nilee, yeah i dunno...?19:11
Jordan_Uroasted: How did you install 3.9, and are you trying to use b43 or the proprietary broadcom driver? If the former, it should "Just Work™" since what's needed is only the firmware, the driver itself is included in the mainline kernel.19:11
wilee-nileeLucidDreamZzZ,  Have not run unity for awhile I like it but use the shell, I remember though that to add the gears t is a plugin in compiz I believe.19:12
wilee-nileeLucidDreamZzZ, As I remember though the gears were inside the cube, which is not sop easy to make now I beleve.19:13
darrennnnallright well thanks again holstein, i'll probably make a couple CDs and give them both a try.19:14
mmercerwhats the proper way of determining if there are updates available (via a monitoring tool)... ie, I just want to know a number, i dont need the list.19:14
darrennnntake care.19:14
seulHi! Can you view ext3/ext4 formated hard drives nativlly on a Mac, and Windows? =)19:15
usr13mmercer: sudo apt-get upgrade19:15
Marcosfrancaolá galera19:16
Marcosfrancacomo vai..19:16
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:16
mmercerusr13: which of course will hang as it waits for a prompt. to wether or not i want to upgrade.. so I have to do an echo "n" | apt-get upgrade and then grep out the package count ?19:16
Marcosfrancaestou precisando de uma ajuda19:16
shah0516bye guys I'll try to fix on my own. will get back if I could not do it..  good night! :)19:16
mmercersound about right ?19:16
wilee-nileeMarcosfranca, ^^^^19:17
Jordan_Useul: With third party software, yes (without third party software, no).19:17
Marcosfrancaestou querendo recura o win7 pelo terminal19:17
Marcosfrancamais não sei qual ferramenta usar.19:17
Marcosfrancao mesmo não liga19:17
wilee-nileeMarcosfranca, THis is an english channel, what is your natve language19:17
llutz_mmercer: aptitude search "~U"|wc -l     should give you the number19:18
Jordan_U!pt | Marcosfranca19:18
ubottuMarcosfranca: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.19:18
mmercerllutz_: cool, ty19:18
seulJordan_U:  Ok, but it's not a hassle? Another question, if you're up for it. Will windows/mac be able to read/write the drive correctly through the local network? (with help from Samba)19:18
wilee-nileeJordan_U, THanks had to look at google translate to get that.19:18
Marcosfrancatank you19:19
Marcosfrancabye bye19:19
baebbehello! Can anyone tell me, with which samsung galaxy ubuntu phone will work? I am not very familiar with hardware, just read that ubuntu phone was presented on a samsung galaxy cellphone.19:19
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:19
baebbeok, thank you19:20
Jordan_Useul: I haven't tried in a long time so I don't know how much hassle it is to work with ext4 in Windows/OSX. Yes, both Windows and OSX should be able to work with Samba shares with no issues.19:20
=== fernando is now known as Guest5374
wilee-nileeCrosant_ You asked about UEFI earlier here is a form link as well. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729519:20
seulJordan_U:  Cool, thx19:21
voozeHow do I make the font on 13.04 @ 40" TV look the best? I've tried tweaking with it alot but can't seem to find a good setting :(19:21
vooze1080p also19:22
compdoceq-, you see a bad font in terminal, for example?19:22
jlebrechi don't get this, ubuntu live cd lets me resize the partitions yet I can't copy files from one partition to another wtf is that all about?19:24
wilee-nileejlebrech, don't swear and give details19:25
jlebrechok gksudo nautilus lets you copy19:26
ehhh**** ************ *** **** ************ ****19:26
jlebrechgparted chowns everything as root19:26
jlebrechi get it now19:26
jlebrechis ubuntu ok with ndis nowadays?19:27
Jordan_Useul: You're welcome.19:28
ehhhdoes anyone know does ssd's connect the same way as a 2.5"? i think i can only connect 3.5" to my media pc19:28
llutz_ehhh: its s-ata connector, same 2.5 as 3.5"19:29
eq-compdoc: yes19:29
tkingcan i get a job if i know the commandline and no programming language?19:29
prometheus55wilee-nilee - didnt work19:29
tkingcan i get a job if i know the commandline and no programming language? if so as what? and where can one work with such knowledge19:29
eq-by default (after installing, say, a window manager and a single graphical program) the fonts are quite bad19:29
ehhhllutz_: so i wouldn't have  a problem using an ssd on that computer running ubuntu? it's a really old stationary lol19:30
prometheus55i give up, bout to smash my comp19:30
tangledtking good question19:30
llutz_ehhh: you shouldn't, just make sure your pc has s-ata interfaces (not p-ata)19:30
eq-you can alleviate the problem somewhat by tuning the fonts.conf, but I haven't been able to find the settings that produce the exact equivalent of the default Ubuntu install19:30
wilee-nileeprometheus55, Any errors on the install or just no grub boot menu?19:30
wilee-nileeprometheus55, Or just a black screen when you boot?19:31
marianne_tking: i have 4 programming languages and 12 years as a systems analyst and all i could find was a support position.19:31
ehhhllutz_: i'm better off sticking with two 3.5" ? i think memory will be my first upgrade on that computer as i've got 250 gb main drive 500gb secondary19:31
prometheus55wepl when i boot it dtill showd the hp screen with boot options, setup, ect. if i do nothi.g it goes to a blue screen with "not support!"19:32
ehhhseagate and western digital battling in my computers to see which one dies first19:32
prometheus55if i hit boot and boot from hdd, same tjing. gotta boot from usb still19:32
jlebrechtking: tech support analyst19:32
wilee-nileeprometheus55, Try holding down the shift key as soon as you power on to see if you get grub the boot menu.19:33
prometheus55and my graphics card is dunzo i think. keeps flashing the screen and stuff19:33
wilee-nileeprometheus55, remove the usb as well19:33
prometheus55shift key.... mk19:33
jlebrechi have an ssd and a 750bg ssd in my macbook, but maybe i should have gotten two hdd in raid 019:34
ehhhwait 750gb ssd? for real?19:34
ToddMandon't know how to use irc how to a get into sound/ audio recording channel?19:34
prometheus55shift key did notjing19:34
holsteinToddMan: #opensourcemusicians is a great community19:34
jlebrechehh i meant hdd19:35
jlebrechehhh 750gb hdd, and 120gb ssd19:35
wilee-nileeprometheus55, You might try ##hardware  However we have not checked the ISO of that download, however it seems to be a hardware issue maybe.19:35
ToddManhotstein: great thanks.  Sorry I'm a noob how do I connect with them19:35
holsteinToddMan: try /join #opensourcemusicians19:35
=== matthew is now known as Guest72029
ehhhlol, what do you think would be would be the best option on this old media computer i'm messing for hdds? i can only fit two in there (i think, only two available cables for hdd's)19:36
gordonjcpehhh: when you say "old media computer" what do you plan on using it for?19:37
Guest72029Ubuntu  is my GOD19:37
ehhhi need a lot of space on atleast one of the drives for music and video library19:37
jlebrechehhh are you going to play one file at a time and not be bother about copying files to it fast?19:37
ehhhi can fit half of my music on the 250gb that's installed in it right now19:37
gordonjcpehhh: so a media playback machine?19:37
gordonjcpehhh: no hard disks at all19:38
=== tayl is now known as Guest25435
jlebrechehhh you can get 1tb cheap19:38
gordonjcpehhh: stick the OS and front-end onto a USB stick19:38
gordonjcpehhh: put all the media onto hard disks on a server somewhere out of the way where you can't hear it19:38
jlebrechehhh are you not storing?19:38
ehhhjlebrech: yes basically a music player / video player19:38
ehhhgordonjcp: yes i considered if i should get nas drives then i wouldn't be limited at all, though i'm trying out just running everything inside of the computer19:39
ehhhi keep stuff i want to keep so it piles up19:39
ehhhjlebrech: i am storing i'm constantly running out of space on all my computers and externals lol :P19:40
gordonjcpehhh: well stick with the 250G for now19:40
gordonjcpehhh: that ought to be enough to test ;-)19:40
gordonjcpehhh: minimise your variables19:40
LucidDreamZzZwhat version xorg is on the 12.04 right now?19:40
jlebrechehhh so you have a machine to play and one to store? put a 1tb drive in the server19:40
ehhhi dunno how i'm not running out of space on this laptop right now, i've got 5 gb's left of space and have beeen like that for months even though there's always something new19:41
gordonjcpehhh: you know the machine works in its current configuration19:41
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf19:41
genii!info xserver-xorg precise19:41
ehhhgordonjcp: yes i think the 250 will do the job nicely right now i'm considering if i should just put as much music on it as possible to get stuff going19:41
ubottuxserver-xorg (source: xorg): X.Org X server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.6+12ubuntu2 (precise), package size 74 kB, installed size 360 kB19:41
jlebrechis ndiswrapper all ready to install a driver on ubuntu?19:41
LucidDreamZzZty genii !!19:41
ehhhthe second 500 is full of old stuff19:42
geniiLucidDreamZzZ: Yer welcome19:42
abnevhey, i'm trying to mount an SD card which is connected via a usb reader but it's failing to mount19:43
seronisQ:  what is a good SIMPLE image editor?  i have gimp already which is great for real work but sometimes i just want to quickly open an image to do basic tasks and its annoying waiting for GIMPs load time19:43
abnevanyone have any suggestions?19:43
LucidDreamZzZ!info xserver-org oneiric19:43
ubottu'oneiric' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, unstable19:43
ehhhi can always get a huge external drive for storing video and just keep it connected to my computer but i imagine i'd have better results if i get a huge internal hdd, i'm only planning ahead right now lol19:44
display1Is it possible to install different version of firefox?  I am trying to use the navigator.onLine method and it doesn't work in firefox 1619:45
display1ehhh, the external are just as fast really19:45
ehhhdisplay1: even for watching videos off it directly?19:45
wilee-nileedisplay1, What OS and release are you running?19:46
zdennisI'm having issues enabling user jobs in upstart.  I have used Bradley Ayers dbus upstart.conf ( https://gist.github.com/bradleyayers/1660182 ) but "start somejob" always ends up in "Unknown job: some job"19:46
tkingmarianne_, why is it so? because, i don't know if system analyst require linux knowledge || programmer or both19:46
display1wilee-nilee, ubuntu, I think 1219:46
zdennisdoes anyone know how to properly enable them?19:46
display1wilee-nilee, 3.5.0-17-generic19:47
ehhhnice, i might just try to clean my 1tb drive but then i need another 1tb to store all the other junk i've got going on there LOL. it's ridiculous19:47
LucidDreamZzZnvidia 96 works now...  idk why19:47
wilee-nileedisplay1, what does this show. lsb_release -a19:47
jlebrechanyone have tape backup at home?19:47
ehhhdisplay1: are you thinking about usb2 or usb3?19:47
LucidDreamZzZuninstalled X and setup preferences file which was ignored...19:48
display1wilee-nilee, 12.1019:48
LucidDreamZzZreinstall xorg and now its fine19:48
marianne_tking: I missed my window to be a programmer... all the jobs went offshore. So I did support and kinda worked my way into a niche position. I do support, if you want the simple term, but mostly I work with the business units doing application inprovements and integration19:48
gazarsgoonly the crap jobs went offshore ^_^19:49
LucidDreamZzZhow to reproduce thi19:49
mrdavidI need to cause a system hang to test out some monitoring software. I've tried "echo e > /proc/sysrq" but the server is still pingable when it completes. Any ideas?19:49
display1ehhh, not sure, my neighbor does what you mentioned, he has like ten harddrives, and some kind of plugin device so you can just swap em19:49
wilee-nileedisplay1, WE only support FF fromm the repos in general 12.10 should have FF21 as of now, you can extract a download of FF and use it, but it is not supported basically a heads up here.19:49
display1wilee-nilee, oh, I don't know why I have 16 then, how can I correct this issue, I would like the firefox from the repos19:51
LucidDreamZzZwondering waht the nvidia installer broke that reinstalling X fixed well it works19:51
display1wilee-nilee, maybe I need to do a system update or something, how do I do that19:51
tkingmarianne_, are you in america?19:51
=== thomi_ is now known as thomi
marianne_tking: yup19:51
tigrangCan anyone tell from my xorg log if opensource radeon drivers are working with acceleration? http://pastebin.com/XsEVtqJZ I have an HD7770 card.19:52
wilee-nileedisplay1, You would of had to removed the one in the repos, a regular update upgrade in the terminal or the gui updater would have you at ff21, what is your history here.19:52
display1wilee-nilee, when I do apt-get install firefox, it says I already have the newest one19:52
tkingmarianne_,  thats great, programming i think is a way of life. U can still please yourself and write web apps or programs as freelance programmer to open your window19:53
wilee-nileedisplay1, If you open that firefox and click help what version does it say?19:53
display1wilee-nilee, 1619:53
gordonjcp20:49 < marianne_> tking: I missed my window to be a programmer... all the jobs went offshore. So I did19:53
gordonjcpmarianne_: rubbish19:53
wilee-nileedisplay1, Have you installed another FF?19:53
g0thI have a folder that I somehow just can't remove19:53
g0thhow do I remove a folder?19:53
display1wilee-nilee, no but I had updates off for a while19:54
g0thI thought rm -rf folder as root was enough19:54
gordonjcpmarianne_: you can be a programmer anywhere.  The whole "offshore coder" thing seems to be largely restricted to American companies, though19:54
g0thbut apparently it doesn't work even though nothing is using the folder19:54
display1wilee-nilee, maybe if I do a full system update?19:54
g0ththe only solution I see now is to backup all other folders and reformat the whole partition19:54
wilee-nileedisplay1, Not sure why it is not correct you might pastebin your software sources.list .19:55
display1How do I update my systems, Software Sources?19:55
marianne_gordonjcp: yeah it pretty much is... but I like where I live and I work from home, so I'm ok not being a programmer... right now I'm working on my Linux cert19:55
g0thbut that will take me a week (the system is around 5TB)19:55
g0thhow do I delete a folder? :)19:55
tigrangvia terminal g0th ?19:55
g0thtigrang: yes, how?=19:55
tigrangrm -R folder19:55
g0thtigrang: I tried rm -rf folder/ as root19:55
display1wilee-nilee, Everything was commented out for a while, cause I turned everything off, cause this system was in kiosk mode and we didn't want those to pop up19:55
g0thtigrang: it doesn't work19:56
LucidDreamZzZdont do that19:56
marianne_gordonjcp: I do very well with the skills I've developed and my programming background make me an assett to the actual development group19:56
g0thsomehow there are some strange links in the folder structure19:56
g0thmaybe it gets confused19:56
wilee-nileedisplay1, POst the list as it is now in a pastebin.19:56
tigrangg0th: you get an error?19:56
g0thit just doesn't work19:56
g0thI let it work for 20 hours, then I canceled it19:56
display1wilee-nilee, http://pastebin.com/3sgq9QGN19:57
gordonjcpmarianne_: cool19:58
gordonjcpmarianne_: it's a mindset that you get into19:58
roastedJordan_U: sorry, was afk for super long. I installed kernel 3.9.4 stable via a google search online. It basically downloaded the necessary .deb's and dpkg -i'd the packages and now I have 3.9.4. I notice if you get new kernels via software update, it auto compiles the drivers in use on old kernel to new kernel. When you manually install new kernels, ti does not, which is what's burning me.19:58
gordonjcpmarianne_: it's also kind of fun ;-)19:58
tigrangCan anyone tell from my xorg log if opensource radeon drivers are working with acceleration? http://pastebin.com/XsEVtqJZ I have an HD7770 card.19:58
marianne_gordonjcp: I do play a little with it here and there... to me it's like a big puzzle that you create and when it compiles... it's ALMOST as good as s3x19:59
wilee-nileedisplay1, YOU are missing repos, here is a list generator. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/19:59
gordonjcpmarianne_: well now, that's going a bit far!19:59
gordonjcpmarianne_: Making Cool Stuff Happen is always fun, and programming is a good way to achieve that20:00
marianne_gordonjcp: sorry... but I really do like when it compiles and the errors are all resolved and it does stuff that it's supposed to20:00
gordonjcpmarianne_: hah, you should try compiling with -Wall -Werror20:01
gordonjcpmarianne_: and getting it building clean20:01
gordonjcpmarianne_: you'll be tripping balls off that for days20:01
display1wilee-nilee, oh I check them all except for 3rd party20:01
Ari-Yangquestion, the fglrx & fglrx-updates drivers under Additional Drivers of Software Sources (in 12.10), is that already installed? or is it installing fglrx from apt?20:02
display1wilee-nilee, so I will empty my sources file and replace with this newly generated on20:02
gQuigson fresh reboot, sunrpc debug flags are 020:02
gQuigsbut I have them specified in sysctl.conf and when I run sysctl -p they get set correctly20:02
gQuigswhat am I doing wrong?20:02
wilee-nileeHere is the stock quantal sources list http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/generate.php20:04
display1wilee-nilee, ok, should I just do apt-get install firefox now, or should I do apt-get purge firefox first to remove the 16 version I have installed, and then when I do install firefox it will install 21?20:04
display1wilee-nilee, I just did apt-get install firefox, and it says firefox will be updated20:05
wilee-nileedisplay1, I would run in the terminal sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   copy and paste the whole command20:05
wilee-nileedisplay1, Cool run the other command as well to be sure you are all updated.20:06
display1wilee-nilee, I did update and then I installed firefox.  but I'll do dist-upgrade next20:06
zykotick9display1: fyi, "apt-get update" does NOT install NEW versions of packages, which firefox would be... but dist-upgrade does...20:07
display1wilee-nilee, alright...woohooo, I am running firefox 21 now.  Thanks man.  Much appreciated20:07
marianne_gordonjcp: going to have to try that.... probably a trip20:07
display1zykotick9, thx20:07
wilee-nileedisplay1, No problem.20:08
gordonjcpmarianne_: it'll blow your tiny wee mind20:08
gordonjcpmarianne_: in six months, the default settings for gcc will change and you'll have all new warnings to play with20:08
display1frig man dist-upgrade is installing tons of packages20:08
gordonjcpmarianne_: it's a blast20:08
wilee-nileedisplay1, enjoy the flying text in the terminal.20:08
display1lol, on my other computer I have firefox 3.520:09
Ari-Yangwell, I've been told that fglrx and fglrx-updates comes from apt, to be honest, I think it's true. Can I get anymore thoughts on this?20:09
saiarcot895Ari-Yang: you mean AMD?20:11
Ari-Yangsaiarcot895, yes.20:11
gQuigsAri-Yang: yes there are fglrx and fglrx-updates packages in apt....20:11
Ari-Yangno, I'm asking is the ones from the Additional Drivers tab from software sources gets it from apt or not20:12
Ari-Yanghttp://gyazo.com/bbcb6b1dba1a4cb5a63ee30dcfb7b692 <--- here's a screen shot20:12
Ari-Yangthis is 12.1020:12
gQuigsAri-Yang: yes, that is from apt20:13
gQuigsAri-Yang: everything in there is from apt20:13
tigrangCan anyone tell from my xorg log if opensource radeon drivers are working with acceleration? http://pastebin.com/XsEVtqJZ I have an HD7770 card.20:13
Ari-YanggQuigs, thanks for confirming ^^20:13
__kluh__what is a good way to learn linux with ubuntu? what can i learn about security for example?20:14
reisiotigrang: install mesa-utils and glxinfo | grep -i direct20:14
tigrangreisio: direct rendering: Yes20:14
reisiotigrang: should do :)20:15
Ari-Yangtigrang, but it may not be 3D acceleration20:15
Ari-Yangcorrect me if I'm wrong, reisio20:15
reisio__kluh__: security for a desktop system?20:15
reisiohe didn't say 3d, and I'm not sure it matters20:16
tigrangI installed gnome-shell and it's using 80% cpu, I think its because its using software rendering so I want to make sure the video driver is working properly first20:16
reisiotigrang: one process is?20:16
Ari-Yangif one process is 80% cpu....something is up....20:17
LucidDreamZzZahh glxgears20:17
tigrangreisio: one of gnome-shell processes? Yea20:17
__kluh__what flash player should i use for ubuntu?20:17
reisiotigrang: which one?20:17
reisio__kluh__: whichever https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash20:17
tigrangreisio: command says "gnome-shell"20:17
tigrangusng top20:17
LucidDreamZzZty resio20:17
reisiotigrang: that does sound not right :)20:18
reisioyou can infer proper support based on the fps glxgears gives you,s ure20:18
reisiophinal: you quit!20:18
tigrangreisio: I'm getting ~350-380 with HD777020:19
reisiothe human eye can perceive well into the thirties :p20:19
reisioso it's probably working just fine20:20
tigrangreisio: on my laptop with a worse GPU gnome-shell is at 0 to 0.3% cpu20:20
reisiotigrang: yeah, sounds like something is amiss20:20
tigrangis there a specific gnome-shell channel?20:20
reisiotigrang: there's a whole GNOME irc server20:21
reisiobut you might start at #gnome here20:21
tigrangOr do you know if HD7770 is supported by the FOSS drivers?20:21
eziois it possible to use putty to create a port 80 tunnel through another ssh server(only one hop)20:21
Ari-Yangtigrang, you could try fglrx....20:21
reisiotigrang: I have trouble imagining 300+ fps isn't working properly, but it's not really my area20:21
reisioezio: wrong channel20:21
eziosure what channel20:21
LucidDreamZzZi was getting only 20020:22
tigrangreisio: well visually its not really lagging, i7 920 cpu so there's enough cores not to feel the 50-100% cpu on a core. But its a lot of wasted energy you know20:22
=== administrator is now known as Guest13929
tigrangwhen it should be below 1%20:23
Ari-Yangtigrang, but something is up if it's that high for one process....20:23
=== Guest13929 is now known as No_CQRT
reisiotigrang: already agreed a few times it sounds amiss :)20:23
tigrangAri-Yang: it could be because of it falling back to software rendering and thus putting the load on the CPU. Im going to ask in #gnome to check if thats the case20:24
Ari-Yangokay, good luck20:24
tigrangthank Ari-Yang, reisio20:24
g0thhi again20:25
g0thI still have my problem that I cannot remove a directory20:25
reisiohi for the first time20:25
g0thI now managed to get an error message where it seems to fail:20:26
g0thit says that there is no file or directory for some files20:26
g0thI just want to remove the folder, so I don't care about what is there and what is not, I want to remove all20:26
g0thrm -r doesn't work as root20:27
=== caleb__ is now known as clegs
ThePendulumDoes anyone know of a video tool that lets me strip a certain audio channel of a batch of videos?20:27
reisioThePendulum: ffmpeg20:28
abnevThePendulum: i think ffmpeg or mplayer should od the trick20:28
g0thyou mean extract the audio channel or remove the audio channel?20:28
reisioThePendulum: but, what format videos? :)20:28
wilee-nileewinff might as well20:28
reisiowinff is a frontend to ffmpeg20:28
Ari-Yangtry mkvmergegui20:28
usr13ThePendulum: I know how to stip one at a time.20:28
Ari-Yangor mkvtoolnix20:28
wilee-nileereisio, I know20:28
reisiodo you? :p20:29
ThePendulumusr13: If it's a matter of seconds per video, sure20:29
ThePendulumreisio: avi in this case20:29
reisioThePendulum: probably stick with ffmpeg then20:29
ThePendulumI'm not sure what command to use to strip specifically a certain channel20:29
wilee-nileeffmpeg has cli it can be run diferently, winnff has it n a gui is all.20:29
saiarcot895g0th: what about typing in "rm -r" and dragging the folder name from Nautilus into Terminal?20:30
reisioThePendulum: what you do is copy what you want and not what you don't20:30
ActionParsnipg0th: rm -r foldername ,will delete folders20:30
usr13ThePendulum: I only know how to strip the audio.20:30
=== MrGarlic_ is now known as MrGarlic
usr13ThePendulum: I've made mp3 files using  ffmpeg -i video.flv sound.wav && lame sound.wav sound.mp3 && rm video.flv sound.wav20:31
reisioThePendulum: convenient explanation: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114824320:31
ActionParsnipthependulum: if you have downloaded the vudeo from youtube and want the audio there are websites for that, saves you a job20:32
ThePendulumI want the video without the Russians blaring over it, rotfl20:32
reisioyeah, saves you ffmpeg -i input -vn -acodec copy output :p20:32
ThePendulumI have episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus and they have 2 audio tracks, Russian and English :P20:32
g0thActionParsnip: it doesn't in my case20:32
ThePendulumLet's see20:32
reisioThePendulum: and you want to gain back the space that audio data takes up?20:32
g0thActionParsnip: the folder is really strange20:32
usr13ThePendulum: Oh, you want to get rid of the audio?  (Why not just mute?)20:32
g0ththe problematic one is from .wine/dosdevice/something20:33
g0thI see the whole filesystem in that folder somehow20:33
ThePendulumusr13: No, I want to get rid of the Russian channel, but keep the English channel20:33
ActionParsnipg0th: can you give a pastebin of the command and output please20:33
reisioThePendulum: to save space on your hard drive?20:33
ThePendulumreisio: Not necessarily, but the Russian channel is the default and first one, and I don't want to have to switch every time I watch an episode20:33
usr13ThePendulum: Oh, I don't know about that.  Sorry.20:33
saiarcot895ThePendulum: you could try HandBrake20:33
reisioThePendulum: use mplayer -fs -sid 2 foo/*.avi or something20:33
Ari-YangI recommend mpv over mplayer...20:34
damianusreisio: :))20:34
Ari-Yang(fork of mplayer2)20:34
reisiohandbrake another frontend to ffmpeg20:34
ThePendulumsaiarcot895: Well the thing is, there are 4 series of each 10-15 episodes... Doing them all individually without an easy command line will take a long while20:34
=== Guest25435 is now known as Taylz
reisioand mplayer2 is a fork of mplayer20:34
reisio...by a dev the other mplayer devs kicked out20:34
ThePendulumreisio: Let's see20:34
ubottulory: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:34
Ari-Yangmpv is a fork of mplayer2 that has active dev20:34
g0thpastebin seems to be down *g*20:34
Ari-Yangimo mpv is better than the 2... getting a little off topic here lol20:34
reisioThePendulum: it's worth it to strip the stream if you want the space back, but not just to watch them with the right audio id20:34
reisioThePendulum: oh it'd be -aid, not -sid :p20:35
reisioThePendulum: man mplayer, /-aid20:35
reisio(I usually do it for subtitles, not audio :p)20:35
saiarcot895g0th: paste.ubuntu.com20:35
reisioAri-Yang: how much is that saying if I consider mplayer2 to be nonsense? :)20:35
saiarcot895g0th: pastebin.ubuntu.com20:35
ThePendulumreisio: I have plenty of space, but the Russian channel will just get annoying while lifelessly watching them on a row20:35
ActionParsnipg0th: try http://pastie.org20:35
ActionParsnipg0th: there is more than one pastebin site20:35
Vec_I just installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS over a previous identical installation. I formated the partitions the first install created and choose one for root (/). I then installed the GRUB thingie as i was asked in the next step of the install. Now that i boot my computer up it says "error: fd0 read error." and "error: file not found." "grub rescue>"20:35
reisioThePendulum: yes :)20:35
reisioThePendulum: mplayer -fs -aid 2 (or whatever) path/to/dem/files/*.avi20:36
g0ththe error messages go on20:36
ThePendulumreisio: I'll try that in a minute, thanks20:36
g0ththere are tons of the same messages for different files20:36
ThePendulumreisio: Will it replace the existing files or create new ones or something?20:36
reisioThePendulum: as the man page says, you can determine the actual aid # too20:36
ActionParsnipg0th: how do you figure "pastebin is down"?20:36
ActionParsnipg0th: they cant ALL be down20:36
g0ththe strange thing is /c/backup is from the root file system20:36
reisioThePendulum: it'll just play the existing ones... with a different default audio stream20:36
reisioThePendulum: the mplayer command, that is20:36
g0thActionParsnip: well the page didn't load for me20:36
reisioThePendulum: -aid 2 means roughly 'force audio stream 2, ignore others'20:37
Ari-Yangg0th, pastebin is working for me20:37
ThePendulumreisio: Ah20:37
reisioThePendulum: it might actually be 1 or some other number, however, read the man page, /-aid20:37
ActionParsnipg0th: there are tonnes of pastebins. you dont have to use the ubuntu one to paste in here20:37
ActionParsnipg0th: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue20:37
wilee-nileeVec_, Where did you install the grub thingie?20:38
Vec_not sure, i basically clicked NEXT20:38
reisiodamianus: mplayer love? :)20:38
ThePendulumreisio: But all it does is playing it, not actually converting it or something?20:39
wilee-nileeVec_, It would go in the mbr sdX20:39
reisioThePendulum: correct20:39
damianusreisio: yes20:39
g0thReadyNASOS 6.0.820:39
reisioThePendulum: which is better :)20:39
Vec_wilee-nilee: I have no immediate clue what that means.20:39
ThePendulumreisio: Well that doesn't really solve my issue, unfortunately. I have no trouble selecting another channel, it's just that I want to save the time and annoyance.20:39
ActionParsnipg0th: i suggest you ask in their channel then20:39
reisiodamianus: sometimes, when I think about mplayer, I get all teared up with love20:39
g0thit is a common linux problem, not distribution specific20:39
reisioThePendulum: this does save the time and annoyance20:39
reisioThePendulum: you understand that it would play them all with that audio stream20:40
MonkeyDustg0th  then ask in #linux20:40
ActionParsnipg0th: yes but this channel IS distribution specific20:40
wilee-nileeVec_, A HD has partitions like sda1, also known a sdXX the HD's mbr would be sda also known a sdX  the X's are for what yours actually are.20:40
ActionParsnipg0th: what is supported here and what isnt is incredibly simple20:40
MonkeyDustg0th  it's ##linux20:40
g0thlet me try to reproduce it on ubuntu20:41
g0ththen I can ask here :)20:41
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:41
wilee-nileeVec_, In other words you can run sudo fdisk -l and confirm the HD and put grub in the mbr no partition number.20:42
reisioservices bot, nice20:42
ThePendulumreisio: Well, yes, once, on my own machine. The thing is, these files should are accessible to multiple mediaplayers in the house and they should just all play the English audio by default20:42
usr13ThePendulum: You might try Cinelerra.  the audio tracks will be20:42
usr13separated out.20:42
reisioThePendulum: okay20:42
ThePendulumreisio: I appreciate your concern20:43
reisioThePendulum: no, cinelerra is for professional video editing :p20:43
ActionParsnipreisio: the bot is awesome20:43
reisioThePendulum: use ffmpeg, then, if you can't use mplayer :p20:43
Vec_wilee-nilee: How can i access the terminal at this point though?20:43
reisioActionParsnip: I can't wait till I'm a battery20:43
display1Frig, I upgraded but still navigator.onLine doesn't work20:43
Vec_wilee-nilee: i got the two errors, then my "console" is "grub rescue>"20:43
ThePendulumreisio: Might as well try Cinelerra then :P I've been looking for a professional non-Windows video editor20:43
Vec_wilee-nilee: it does not recognise normal commands like echo20:44
ActionParsnipthependulum: there is one which has been used in oscar winning movies20:44
wilee-nileeVec_, Not sure on a server install, you could probably use supergrub to get in to the cli and reload grub to the mbr from there, or manually boot, or use a live cd to load grub.20:44
ThePendulumActionParsnip: Do you happen to recall which one?20:44
reisioThePendulum: it's for like _professional_ editing20:44
reisioThePendulum: check it out by all means, but use ffmpeg for this problem :p20:44
ThePendulumreisio: Mind you, I am a semi-professional editor20:44
ActionParsnipthependulum: lightworks20:45
reisioThePendulum: just saying20:45
ThePendulumreisio: I guess20:45
ThePendulumIf I find the correct commands20:45
reisioThePendulum: I already linked them to you20:45
ActionParsnipthependulum: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/05/oscar-winning-lightworks-open-source-video-editor-%E2%80%93is-coming-to-linux20:45
wilee-nileeVec_, You might just reinstall and make sure grub goes to the mbr.20:45
reisioThePendulum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1148243 exactly what you're after20:45
wilee-nileeVec_, Just one HD?20:46
ThePendulumreisio: Heh, thanks20:46
Vec_I cant remember seeing an option where i could place it in an MBR partition tho, the only showing partitions are the main one (ext4) and swap20:46
Vec_wilee-nilee: 2 hds in a raid, so kinda 1 hd20:46
wilee-nileeVec_, Ah, now you sat raid, I am no help there.20:46
wilee-nileeVec_, Details are important, however I should of asked.20:47
Vec_wilee-nilee: but that shouldnt really matter should it tho? considering the install should regard the raid as 1 disk?20:47
jluc'im using screencloud and like it except it takes allways about 10%CPU20:47
Vec_since the raid is set up in bios20:47
jluc and sometime that's too much20:47
wilee-nileeVec_, No idea never used raid.20:47
jlucidont use upload options nor check for updates20:48
Vec_ok well ill try reinstalling and use my friggin eyes this time20:48
ActionParsnipjluc: what cpu grunt do you have?20:48
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto20:48
jluci have a intel core 2 duo 2Ghz20:48
wilee-nileeVec_, Not sure but the bots info might help.20:48
jlucpavilion dv6 1330sf20:48
Vec_ill take a look see20:49
ActionParsnipjluc: 10% is pretty reasonable, is it full screen?20:49
Jordan_UVec_: FakeRAID, hardware RAID, or Sofware (MD) RAID?20:49
jlucno it does nothing : just waits for hotkey to call him for a screen capture20:50
jlucit should be 0% ActionParsnip20:50
jluc(or about)20:50
ActionParsnipjluc: never going to happen, its high data to capture the screen in real tine and spit it to a file. Think about what is happening and the data size etc. Think about what is happening20:51
ActionParsnipjluc: its a seriously data intensive action20:51
jlucyes i understand this during the capture20:51
jlucbut the 10% is even when no capture is done20:51
reisiomop_: ohio20:51
ActionParsnipjluc: do you mean standard system load?20:52
jluci look with htop20:52
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
jlucits 10% , sometime 20% sometime even 30% when doing nothing except waiting for a hotkey to call it20:52
ActionParsnipjluc: id use htop to check stuff. you could use a light desktop like LXDE to reduce load.20:53
thebananafishhey friends, I am trying to block an IP via iptables.  I have done this many times before but now when I add the range I need blocked it comes up as network-addr/24 in iptables20:54
ThePendulumHow do I list the individual channels with avconv/ffmpeh?20:54
daftykinsThePendulum: that's application support, not ubuntu support20:54
ActionParsnipthebananafish: you could use firestarter as a GUI to iptables20:55
reisioThePendulum: it says in the post I linked :p20:55
thebananafishthis is a headless server20:55
thebananafishI cant use a gui20:55
ActionParsnipthebananafish: gotcha, just checkin20:55
ThePendulumreisio: -1 doesn't work :(20:55
thebananafishIve done this a bunch of times before I dont understand why iptables is showing this20:55
reisioThePendulum: bah, that's a typo20:55
reisioThePendulum: it's -i20:55
reisiosilly newbs with their typos20:55
reisioif you only give it input (-i) and no output, it just outputs information20:56
ActionParsnipthebananafish: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-security-4/block-whole-ip-range-with-iptables-469432/20:56
reisioThePendulum: are the russian and english channels different somehow?20:57
reisioThePendulum: according to ffmpeg -i output, I mean20:57
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gordonjcpcan someone explain how shotwell is supposed to work to me, or point me in the direction of a more suitable channel to ask in?20:59
ThePendulumreisio: I just used the command from your link, and now the audio is sped up to insane speeds :P20:59
LulzFTW_-_-_-_-_-_-_-|   /\_/\20:59
LulzFTW-_-_-_-_-_-_-~|__( ^ .^) #Nyan20:59
LulzFTW_-_-_-_-_-_-_-""  ""20:59
FloodBot1LulzFTW: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:59
duelleHi, I would like to set up a local gateway to have some kind of subnet (@see: http://pastebin.com/U3eNUn2U ). My problem is, that the resolv.conf of the "gateway" is always reset and I cant find the other network members in my subnet. Can you give me a hint how to set up routing correctly?21:00
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: put images in ~/Pictures and then tell shotwell to scan for new images21:00
PwnyCode_is this like a gay chnnel21:00
PwnyCode_im looking for horny guys21:00
smallfoot-PwnyCode_, no this is ubuntu channel but am gay21:00
ActionParsniplooks like the idiot cage is open again21:00
gordonjcpActionParsnip: so although shotwell insists on opening when I plug in my camera, it's actually no use at all for dealing with the camera?21:01
k1l_dont mind the trolls. lets help people with ubuntu issues :)21:01
smallfoot-I'm having GPU lock ups on nouvoue since latest Mesa update :(21:01
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: you probably have it set in automatic running options21:01
gordonjcpActionParsnip: left to itself it will - after about ten minutes - triumphantly announce that it has imported one image from the camera21:02
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ActionParsnipgordonjcp: set the default action to open nautilus :-)21:03
gordonjcpActionParsnip: no, I set it to do nothingh21:03
gordonjcpActionParsnip: I'd still like to figure out of shotwell is actually useful for something21:03
gordonjcpActionParsnip: like many things in Ubuntu at the moment it seems to be broken and pointless21:04
ThePendulumreisio: Nevermind, got it working, thanks!21:04
reisioThePendulum: what made the difference?21:05
ThePendulumreisio: Using ffmpeg instead of avconv :P I thought they were the same21:05
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: i let it organise photos for viewing. thats all really. nothing fancy21:05
ThePendulumreisio: Since using ffmpeg recommends me to use avconv21:05
reisioyeah, 'cause your ffmpeg is really a "legacy" executable provided by libav21:06
reisiowhich is a silly fork of ffmpeg21:06
duelleHi, I would like to set up a local gateway to have some kind of subnet (@see: http://pastebin.com/U3eNUn2U ). My problem is, that the resolv.conf of the "gateway" is always reset and I cant find the other network members in my subnet if I use their domain name. Can I change the way resolvconf updates the resolv.conf?21:06
MonkeyDustreisio  ThePendulum winFF is a nice front-end for avconv21:06
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: Well a front-end will probably take me too much time21:06
display1can I make chromium auto start and full screen on login?21:07
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: We're talking about 45 episodes here :P21:07
reisiothe 'ff' in 'winff' actually stands for ffmpeg, not libav :p21:07
saiarcot895display1: Yes; open up Startup Applications and add a new entry21:07
reisiodisplay1: yes21:07
ThePendulumdisplay1: You can make it auto start by adding it to the Startup Applications, which in i.e. Ubuntu 12.04 can be found under the little gear in the top right21:07
display1saiarcot895, reisio ThePendulum thx21:08
display1But what about full screen?21:08
reisiodisplay1: do you need to keep people from exiting full screen?21:08
ThePendulumdisplay1: What is your specific purpose?21:09
display1reisio, not necessarily, just need it to be full screen on its own, and stay that way as long as no user input21:09
display1ThePendulum, kiosk mode21:09
reisiowell, kiosk is a term used more for fullscreen that users aren't allowed to escape from21:09
reisionot that the two can't overlap21:09
saiarcot895display1: What about chromeless mode?21:09
saiarcot895display1: It's not true fullscreen, though21:09
johnjohn101can mortals make ubuntu into kiosk mode?21:09
ThePendulumdisplay1: I'd recommend installing compizconfig-settings-manager and look under Window Management if you can find anything. Please be careful, don't just fiddle around if you don't know what it is.21:10
reisiokiosk mode is equivalent to an OS that has had its legs cut out from under it21:10
reisiodisplay1: you're saying --kiosk isn't enough?21:10
ThePendulumThere is such thing as --kiosk?21:10
display1reisio, never new of it, let me try, 1 sec21:10
mrtAkdenizis there any mint channel on freenode?21:11
xangua!mint | mrtAkdeniz21: