ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN03:15
cubAnyone know if there is an archive of all the previous discussions on the different ubuntu mailing lists?10:07
smartboyhwcub, yes ofc10:08
smartboyhwGo to lists.ubuntu.com10:08
smartboyhwSelect the mailing list you want.10:08
smartboyhwThere should be an archive section.10:08
cubaaah there was a link on the page. I was looking through it several times before but just didn't see it10:09
cubThanks, I was curious about Paladines email to the ubuntu-devel-discuss list yesterday about the search engine10:13
zequenceOne result of that discussion was: ubuntu-defaults-builder10:19
zequenceI had never heard of it, but it sounds like something we should take a look at10:20
smartboyhwzequence, I did heard of it:P10:21
smartboyhwIt is rather used to make your own flavour.10:21
* smartboyhw wonders should we use it to make Kubuntu Studio or Lubuntu Studio or GNOME Studio or:P10:21
smartboyhwMake it unofficial of course:)10:22
* smartboyhw is busy making slides for his classroom session next Monday.10:22
smartboyhwDarkEra, how are the sessions yesterday?10:22
cubzequence, what's ubuntu-defaults-builder? a new mail list?10:23
smartboyhwcub, nah, some application used to build a -default-settings package.10:24
smartboyhwAnd you can make your own distro!10:24
cubfinally, a cub distro!10:24
smartboyhwcub, ....:P10:24
astraljavaSo that's what Apple is going to use when they run out of large feline names.10:52
smartboyhwastraljava, ?10:53
astraljavaAdd a 'cub' prefix.10:56
astraljava...and voilá, all previously used names available again.10:56
micahgOvenWerks: I've got a bunch of lintian warnings on the binary package, care to look at them?13:31
micahgOvenWerks: at your leisure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798537/13:32
micahgOvenWerks: oh, ignore the first one, that's lintian on precise not being happy (bad-distribution-in-changes-file)13:32
micahgOvenWerks: also, ignore this one: ubuntustudio-menu: unknown-field-in-control original-maintainer13:33
OvenWerksmicahg: my version of lintian obviously doesn't check near as much. Thank you, I have copied your comments and the paste so I can look at it later.14:05
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cubzequence, are you around?19:08
zequencecub: yep19:13
cubyou usually are. :D19:13
zequenceI try to be available to my fellow earthlings19:13
cubabout workflows (again) * for each use case, include only one application (there may be reasons19:14
cub to make exceptions in some cases)19:14
cub * don't include applications of your personal preference, when given a19:14
cub choice. Choose the one that is most popular (if most users use A, they19:14
cub won't be used to the B interface)19:14
cubHow do you document the use case? I19:14
cubhaven't used launchpad much before19:14
zequencecub: I would start a wiki page for that19:17
cubdo we have any examples?19:17
zequencelet sort it a bit19:18
cubI was thinking if it was done in earlier releases I could check them out19:19
zequenceno one has really done this before. the closes anybody came was listing applications19:21
zequencethe idea of focusing on workflows per se did not always exist either19:21
cubok, an open field then. I start out and we'll change as we go along19:23
cubwhen you wrote wiki, you meant wiki.ubuntu.com?19:23
zequencecub: this is the workflow area in the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Workflows19:23
zequenceyou can find "audio" in the sidebar https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Workflows/Audio19:24
zequencethere's nothing there19:24
zequenceI would suggest to start by making a list of all existing audio applications for Ubuntu19:24
zequencethis should be done using apt magic19:25
zequencemaybe sort applications by their category19:26
cubI was thinking I might start out with  * desktop (generic tools for standard desktop use) as it is (sadly) what I use mostly nowadays19:26
zequencesynaptic might be helpful in that19:26
zequenceas for use cases..19:26
zequenceI think going into too much detail might get confusing19:27
zequencebut there are a few clear ones19:27
zequencelike, multi track recording, mixing, mastering19:27
zequenceaudio file editing19:27
zequencedj software19:27
zequencesmaller fields like audio programming19:27
zequence(..like supercollider and puredata)19:28
zequencelive processing (using effect, - jackrack, calf, etc)19:28
zequencepuredata and supercollider may both fall into that category as well19:29
zequenceso, if you can A. list applications, B. list use cases19:29
zequencethe last bit would be to sort applications after use cases. Many apps fill many use cases19:30
cubthere was quite some information under audio after all19:30
zequenceyeah, that..19:30
zequenceI just put that there19:31
zequencea few people described some workdlows19:31
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:31
holstein^^ unrelated.. getting it for another channel..19:31
* cub thought he was about to be told off..19:32
zequencecub: you may use anything under workflows as inspiration if you like, but I feel there's really not much to use for what we are talking about right now19:32
cubsure I'll take a look at what's there and start out with listing apps19:33
zequencethere was talk about creating workflow applications, and such might already exist in the form of session managers19:33
zequenceand that's really where you'd want to go into detail with workflows19:33
zequenceso that you could set up templates for different stuff, like mixing or mastering19:34
cubah that would be cool19:34
cubI have been thinking about that for my own use19:34
zequenceI guess it would be possible to do right now, using ladish, but only to some degree (haven't tried it for a while now)19:34
cubI was looking at using xmonad and what one could do with their configs19:36
cubwhich is not a session manager but might work to do what I had in mind19:36
cubanyway, thanks for the chat. I'm going to set up my test machine now.19:38
OvenWerksmicahg: I am not sure what to do about lintian's idea that a desktop file shoulonly call a binary that a package contains. xdg-open (from the package in depends) is the standard tool for telling the system what application to use to open various urls. It therefore makes sense that this binary might be part of another package. How do I make lintian accept that?21:11
OvenWerksI am not calling that program for itself, but to get the system to open a url.21:12
micahgyeah, that's weird21:16
micahgOvenWerks: I'd suggest adding an override for that warning about xdg-open21:17
OvenWerksHow would I do that?21:17
OvenWerksmicahg: also is xfce proper or Xfce? Same with KDE Kde kde...21:19
micahgXfce and KDE AIUI21:19
micahgOvenWerks: keep in mind the severity/certainty, lintian is a tool, but can be wrong at times21:20
micahgif it were perfect, we'd probably just do it at the archive level21:21
OvenWerksmicahg: it appears that instead of xdg-open URL, I should be setting Type to Link and supplying a URL. I'll have to see what it does with an IRC:// type url.22:16
OvenWerkshttp:// stuff works fine (at least in xfce)22:17
micahgright, well, the example in the man page is URI:// or /path/to/file22:18
OvenWerksIRC works as well. Even asks what app to use. Well it gave it to the browser and the browser asked.22:33
OvenWerksmicahg: what I find odd is that I can't find any overrides in settings, yet that is where I got that files from.22:36
OvenWerksmicahg: pushed new version. Everything should be fixed.23:10
OvenWerksHmm, debcommit pulled in an extra comment. From a change before the merge23:15
OvenWerksOh, because I fixed the spelling on that line.23:16

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