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MdI am trying to debug an ubuntu 10.04 system which hangs at boot. If look at what upstart is doing in a different console I see that it started a few processes but I am left with only plymouth running15:15
Mdwhat can I do to find out what's wrong?15:15
jodhMd: take a look at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#debugging.15:25
jodhMd: first, I'd try booting with --debug on the kernel command-line and capturing the log output to see if anything looks suspicious.15:25
jodhMd: have you installed any new jobs recently or changed any default jobs maybe?15:25
Mdjodh: this is a customer server and I have no idea if and how they broke it15:25
Mdthe problem does not appear to be a job hanging, unless it's plymouth itself15:26
MdI already checked the log with --verbose15:26
jodhMd: do you know if this server has ever booted successfully?15:26
Mdjodh: yes, it was working until it was rebooted (or crashed, who knows)15:27
MdI can see that the only jobs started are plymouth, hwclock, ureadahead and hostname15:28
Mdthe only possibly suspicious message is two "ignored event 40 (1) for process ..." messages15:28
Mdwhere the process is plymouth15:29
jodhMd: this will list missing standard jobs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798845/15:35
jodhMd: this will list modified jobs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5798853/15:35
jodhMd: look at the newest files in /etc/init/ and try to identify any new jobs which might be causing problems.15:36
whgIs there any sort of "best practice" around managing Python processes inside a virtualenv?15:37
Mdthere are no new files15:44
whgCan I source scripts in shell script I'm running under upstart?15:45
Mdno missing files, no modified files15:45
jodhwhg: I suggest you read the Cookbook: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#sourcing-files15:46
whgI swear I searched the cookbook for that15:46
whgThanks for the link.15:46
jodhwhg: np.15:46
jodhMd: any new jobs? If not, has /etc/fstab been modified? are all expected disks mounted?15:47
Mdno new jobs, only one disk15:47
jodhMd: I think we'll need to see the output from --verbose/--debug then.15:49
Mdjodh: http://www.bofh.it/~md/u/15:57
jodhMd: looks like mountall might be the problem. Look for any odd lines/options in /etc/fstab.16:13
Mdthere is nothing unusual, the file is trivial16:15
Mdif I run "initctl start upstart" it mounts / rw16:15
MdI mean "initctl start udev"16:16
jodhMd: well, from the files you've provided, it doesn't appear that mountall gets as far as spawning.16:16
jodhMd: mountall is supposed to do that16:16
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Mdyes, so what should start mountall?16:22
Mdif I try to start it manually I get a "Job failed to start" error16:22
Mdgot it16:24
Mdthe problema was a syntax error in /etc/default/locale, which was over one year old16:24
Mdcan you make sure that a || true is added to mountall in the next release? :-)16:36
JanCMd: you mean when sourcing /etc/default/locale ?16:45
MdJanC: yes16:46
Mdthere are still some issues BTW, only some services have been started16:46
MdI can start them manually, but I have no clue why upstart is not starting them16:47
JanCconsidering that that file might get changed on many systems, and admins are humans, so make errors, maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea  :)16:48
Mdnevermind, this one looks like a fuckup by a coworker16:48
slangasekMd: ah, that bug was just recently reported, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/119251416:58
slangasekwonder why everyone has invalid /etc/default/locale all of a sudden :P16:58
Mdthere was no error message either at boot time or when starting mountall manuall BTW16:59
slangasekyes; job output handling only became sensible much later (13.04, I think?)17:02
JanCmaybe upstart needs a library of functions that provides "best practice" methods for common tasks in upstart jobs...18:03
JanC(that also means they can be fixed centrally if they aren't really best practice ;) )18:05
xnoxJanC: nah, ideally daemons/software is capable of running with just a single exec line.18:05
xnoxJanC: without need of any scripts at all.18:05
xnoxJanC: plus we have http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/ already.18:06
xnoxJanC: problem with "helper" libraries is that they quickly gain feature creep trying to accommodate every use case.18:07
JanCxnox: ideally, all programs would be bugless  :p18:07
xnoxJanC: please no, otherwise I'd be out of work :P18:07
JanCyou can always write new bug-free software  :)18:08
JanCand to avoid too much feature creep, you just need a good gatekeeper  ;)18:13

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