bkerensais it normal for a Xubuntu shutdown to just log me out? :)04:34
bkerensaNoskcaj: hmm? :)04:47
Unit193You may have confused #xubuntu-devel with #xubuntu, thus, you didn't get a real answer.05:14
forestpiskiebkerensa: if it's a dev version it might be https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/117837306:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1178373 in xfce4-session (Ubuntu) "Restart spawns a password box" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:36
bkerensaforestpiskie: it appears so :)06:36
bkerensaforestpiskie: thx06:36
forestpiskieme too it :)06:40
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skellatelfy/forestpiskie: Did we turn in an answer for A1 participation?14:57
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forestpiskieskellat: not sure - knome asked me - I said guess so16:19
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knomeelfy, ping16:45
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knomeelfy, i just opted us in for the A1, the installer bug is fixed16:47
elfyknome: ok - thanks16:54
elfyhow do you opt in or out?16:54
knomeelfy, being in touch with the release team17:01
knomeelfy, (#ubuntu-release is a useful channel)17:01
elfymmm 17:03
elfythat doesn't help much - what did you do ? just tell them? 17:03
knomeheh, yeah17:04
knomeso yeah, you should subscribe the ubuntu-release mailing list and join #ubuntu-release :)17:06
* elfy hates m/l's 17:06
knomesince you are now a member of the xubuntu release team, you can make these decisions too ;)17:06
knome(in cooperation with others if they are around)17:07
elfyie you :p17:07
knomeand the closer we get to final release, the better it is to have broader consensus of decisions17:07
knomeyes, atm me ;)17:07
elfyyep - agreed17:07
knomebut i would've been okay if you opted-in for A117:08
knomebecause it's you who mostly organize the testing anyway17:08
elfytbh I'm more interested in cadence week2 - as far as I'm aware the image stays the same for those things17:08
elfyunless it's changed17:08
knomeyou should ask the release team for that17:09
elfyknome: I'll check the image again tomorrow re the launcher - doesn't appear to have landed yet - or if it did then it's not fixed17:28
skellatI didn't see queuebot say in -release that the new build was done yet17:29
elfyI'm going to mail the list re a117:29
knomeelfy, or just ask #ubuntu-release, people are around now :)17:30
elfywe need to decide also if we're going to do anything in cadence week2 17:30
elfyskellat: so there's a bot reporting in there is there? 17:31
skellatelfy: Yep17:31
elfywait for that then17:31
skellatThat and stgraber just did a paste showing him starting up the back-end to do the spins17:32
skellatOr at least a first set: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799101/17:32
elfythanks 17:32
knomebug 119352617:32
ubottubug 1193526 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Clicking "Install Xubuntu 13.10" in live session doesn't work." [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119352617:32
elfyyea I know it says fix released :)17:33
knomei'm off - see you later17:50
elfycya tomorrow17:51
pleia2GridCube: think you can work with folks on list to see if you can get things rolling with the weekly screenshots idea?23:51
pleia2you said you had the deviantart thing, can other people get access, or what needs to be done?23:52
GridCubethey need a dA account 23:52
GridCubei just have to OP them, or make them admins23:52
pleia2ok, can you send a note to the list saying so?23:52
pleia2Rich Dennis (amerigena) is asking what we do now that we have the rules written up :)23:53
GridCube:) yes i say23:54

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