fabiolucianoI'm having problems with maximized windows + compiz, someone have this too?00:24
nagevyes i have an issue with that00:24
nagevthe close/max/min buttons don't work on some maximised windows00:25
fabiolucianonagev, exacly that!00:26
fabiolucianoYou resolved that or the problem continues?00:27
fabiolucianoI searched for solutions for this issue and i can't find nothing. =(00:27
nagevyeh, i have issues with minimised windows too.  sometimes clicking on them in the panel doesn't take me to the correct workspace.  yes, i found a workaround for the maximised windows.00:28
fabiolucianoCan you share?00:28
nagevyes sure just a sec00:28
nagevare you finding it happens for certain types of windows, or all windows?  for me it was mainly image file viewers.00:29
fabiolucianoTo me are for all... I forgot the issue e suddenly i close the firefox window, eg.00:30
nagevi added force placement windows in the "enable place windows" plugin.00:30
fabiolucianoWhat rule you use?00:31
nagevclass=Ristretto | class=Gthumb00:32
nagevthat worked for me but you can find more info here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/115826700:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1158267 in Compiz "Regression: Broken (click-through) window decoration on some maximized windows" [Critical,Confirmed]00:32
fabiolucianoare you using xfce 4.10 or 4.12?00:33
fabiolucianoWell, i will use this and test if this fix that problem! Thanks naveg00:34
fabiolucianoand sorry for my poor english =D00:34
tyrogfabioluciano: nada mau00:35
nagevcool, no problem. there are some more work arounds in the comments of that bug report if u need to try anything else.00:35
fabiolucianoYeah! I'm reading the report right now... anyway, thank you!00:36
fabiolucianotyrog, brazlian too?00:36
tyrogfabioluciano: portuguese :)00:37
fabiolucianotyrog, \o00:38
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xubuntu569ayuda en español ??05:16
Unit193!es | xubuntu56905:16
ubottuxubuntu569: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.05:16
samy_how i can to remove ssh?05:23
Unit193SSH?  Server doesn't come preinstalled, but package name is openssh-server.05:25
cfhowlettsamy_, remove ssh?  no need.  just don't use it.05:25
samy_how to stop05:40
samy_this service?05:40
xubuntu145hello. are there ones who installed xubuntu on Asus n-series laptops?05:47
xubuntu145i ve got some questions05:48
ubottuxubuntu145,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:48
xubuntu145okay, im running xubuntu 1204, it works pretty good, but 3d games looks awful, i used to use ubuntu, and there was "Additional drivers" option. i do not see any in xubuntu05:51
samy_I have to put drivers for integrated video card?05:57
bkerensaWhy does shutdown result in logout on Xubuntu? :)06:10
pleia2bkerensa: sounds like a bug, can you search to see if there is an existing one, and if not submit one?06:11
bkerensapleia2: yeah seems elfy already filed it... Why I asked on -devel is because I figured it was a bug ;) I will try and debug it06:16
kovexhey guys, for several months I've switched to linux from a windows system and want to stay working only with linux, but with all systems I've tested, I have always the following problem. After the login the window focus always stuck to one window. When I logout and login again this behavior appears more rarely.07:01
cfhowlettkovex, you can adust behavior at Settings > Windows Manager Tweaks07:02
cfhowlett"focus" is the option you should look at07:02
kovexI'm working on a dual monitor system, configured with xrand. The mouse itself is connected via usb (model : logitech, mx518)07:03
kovexok I will check07:03
kovexchhowlett, I don't see any crucial settings!.... Now I have connected a n old PS2 mouse and the problem seems to be solved but. This is not a good solution because most of the device are usb devices07:06
cfhowlettkovex, usb/bluetooth is always a throw of the dice07:07
Sysikovex: what if you replug the usb mouse?07:08
kovexI will try07:08
kovexright now I have connected the usb mouse (in parakllel to the ps2 mouse) and the problem appears  immediately. only the last window has the focus. I unpluged the usb mouse and everythink works good07:11
Sysiwhat xubuntu version?07:12
kovexI think the last one but do you have a cmd to find it out?07:14
cfhowlettkovex, lsb_release -a07:14
kovexXFCE 4.1007:15
kovexDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 13.04 Release:13.04 Codename:raring07:15
kovexcfhowlett, are there maybe any recomendations for device (like mouse) which are working good on a ubuntu system07:18
Sysicopy the output of »cat ~/.xsession-errors« to http://paste.ubuntu.com07:18
Sysisame for »cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log«07:19
ubottukovex,: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:20
cfhowlettkovex, I've had excellent luck with HP bluetooth mice ...07:20
kovexhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5797745/ , http://paste.ubuntu.com/5797746/07:20
SysiI've yet never heard of such problem and can't find one with google either07:21
kovexsysi i have found a lot of posts redarding to this problem without a solution07:21
kovexnow my last try is this chat07:22
kovexi've already tried ubuntu 10, 11, 12, and now xubuntu07:22
kovexubottu thank you for the links07:23
ubottukovex: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:23
kovexcfhowlett, I prefer cabled devices07:24
xubuntu430Hi guys. I'm trying to install Xubuntu 12.04 64-bit from a USB, which I've created using Linux Live USB Creator. However, when I get to "Select and Install" I just get an "Installation step failed" error, but get no options to solve the issue?07:26
cfhowlettxubuntu430, your system is confirmed to run 64 bit?07:27
cfhowlettxubuntu430, and you DID md5sum check your iso?  right?07:27
xubuntu430cfhowlett: I didn't run a checksum, but I guess that's an option. Confirmed in which way?07:28
xubuntu430I've had 64 bit installations on the laptop before07:28
cfhowlettxubuntu430, are you sure your system can run 64 bit?07:28
xubuntu430A Dell 630 btw.07:28
xubuntu430I've had XUbuntu 64-bit Desktop running on it07:28
cfhowlett!md5sum|and you really should always check the iso.  30 seconds on the terminal vs. 30 minutes of hairpulling ...07:28
ubottuand you really should always check the iso.  30 seconds on the terminal vs. 30 minutes of hairpulling ...: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:28
cfhowlettxubuntu430, safe to assume then ...07:29
Sysiif you downloaded via torrent the checksum isn't needed07:30
cfhowlettSysi, not true.  torrents can fail ... but they USUALLY don't ...07:31
Sysicfhowlett: they have built-in checksum07:31
Sysiformat the drive and try making the stick again, maybe try opening live session first and launching installer from there07:32
cfhowlettSysi, I know this ... and I've STILL had bad torrents.07:32
Sysiwell, checking the sum won't hurt of course07:32
kovexguys, have you seen something in the log and error outputs?07:34
Sysikovex: it seems the driver for that device is bad, if the device works with windows07:35
Sysikovex: you tried with clean installation always?07:35
kovexyes I do07:35
kovexthis device is working well with windows07:36
kovexcan you give me the line number whre you see the problem07:36
xubuntu430I'm actually not sure whether I used torrent or browser for this image, seeing I've downloaded a handful the last couple of days. I did remove the partition and created a root, tmp and swap for this installation specifically.07:37
xubuntu430ubottu: It's not 30 seconds in a terminal i Windows - you need third party software :P07:37
ubottuxubuntu430: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:37
Sysikovex: nothing strucks out really07:37
xubuntu430cfhowlett: It's not 30 seconds in a terminal i Windows - you need third party software :P*07:37
cfhowlettxubuntu430, noted.07:38
Sysixubuntu430: maybe try without separate tmp07:39
cfhowlettxubuntu430, you're dual booting?07:39
xubuntu430I'm dual booting with Windows 7, yes.07:39
xubuntu430Unsure about whether that's 32 or 64-bit though07:39
xubuntu430Sysi: Any reason why?07:40
cfhowlettxubuntu430, proceed carefully.  you probably have a win7 restore partition, so with the win7 partition, that's 2.  MBR only handles 4 primary partitions ...07:40
kovexhmm ... my idea was also that the mainboard chipset is maybe not compatible, but for 6 moth my old mainboar was defect, now I have a new one (different companies , brands  5years difference ). The problem is exactly the same as with the old board07:40
xubuntu430cfhowlett: I've got two primary partitions, both are NTFS. A 100 MB one (unsure about what's actually on that?) and a 100 GB for Windows. Then there's my swap partition which is logical, and my two ext4 logicals for tmp and root.07:42
cfhowlettxubuntu430, sounds legit ...07:46
xubuntu430Glad to hear it07:50
xubuntu430Weird though07:50
xubuntu430Could it be my USB installation?07:51
kovexok, sysi, you mean the driver for this hardware is bad, and I should try it with an other usb device?07:51
cfhowlettxubuntu430, try a different USB if you can.  They do get funky.  if07:52
xubuntu430That might be a good point actually07:54
xubuntu430It might be crap what I'm using07:54
xubuntu430I'll try using usb-creator-gtk on my other Ubuntu installation and a different USB key07:55
Sysikovex: if you really want to use ubuntu, you might need to get a new mouse07:56
Sysikovex: you can try with vanilla ubuntu 12.04 or 13.04 and ask #ubuntu still07:56
cfhowlettxubuntu430, fingers crossed07:57
kovexwhats vanilla ubuntu? You think with an other linux derrivat there is a chance that the mouse will work?07:57
xubuntu430Thanks cfhowlett. Awesome support you've got in here btw.07:58
Sysikovex: "the ubuntu", main ubuntu with unity07:58
cfhowlettxubuntu430, best of luck.  I've had a usb failure.  new usb fixed it right up.07:59
Sysino idea about other distros07:59
kovexahh kk:)07:59
kovexok i will by an other usb mouse, and if it doesn't work I will try an other distro07:59
xubuntu430I think you've might be right actually. I'll try one I've had success with earlier.08:02
kovexok guys thank you, awesome support.08:03
doebiis fixing GRUB the same in xubuntu as in standard ubuntu?09:36
ochosidoebi: yes09:36
doebicause i ran Boot-Repair and it said 'Success' but i cant boot into GRUP09:36
doebithe url i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5797985/09:41
doebiwell i reinstalled whole xubntu10:17
doebithought i dont think it's the recommended way to fix it10:17
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samy_my office libre is crashed10:59
samy_cannot open again10:59
Sysiopen task manager and see of there is some office process stuck10:59
cfhowlettsamy_, open an terminal and run libreoffice.  note the error message.  ask in the libreoffice forums10:59
samy_i dont know where is my manager11:00
samy_im newbieee11:00
Sysiin the menu11:00
samy_in system11:00
samy_i find11:00
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:01
samy_kill and stop dont work in terminal11:02
cfhowlettsamy_, kill -9 process ID number ...11:03
samy_I can handle11:04
samy_i go reboot11:04
Sysipkill -9 rtofnam is really easy even if a bit hasardous, but I don't know what process names LO uses11:07
SKYLAKE-10nmhi grawity11:21
SKYLAKE-10nmwrong chan11:24
qwertz_are there any reasons not to use nautilus with xfce?11:47
qwertz_some program i recently installed (shotwell?) pulled in nautilus and i seem to like it11:47
baizonqwertz_: you can use it :)11:49
baizonif you like it11:49
cfhowlettqwertz_, ubuntustudio has both.  they appear to co-exist peacefully11:49
qwertz_cool, is ubuntu studio still around?11:50
cfhowlettqwertz_, of COURSE!!!11:50
* qwertz_ is eager to see bitwig released... 11:50
ubottuqwertz_,: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org11:50
qwertz_cfhowlett, i have been trying to use that productively back in 2010 or 200911:51
qwertz_cfhowlett, i was trying hard to run FLStudio in wine11:51
cfhowlettqwertz_, audacity and ardour are the opensource alternatives.  also rosengarten?11:53
qwertz_cfhowlett, no, none of those are actual alternatives. or at least have been that back in the days11:55
cfhowlett!wine|qwertz_, just sayin'.  I've no idea about flstudio11:57
ubottuqwertz_, just sayin'.  I've no idea about flstudio: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:57
xubuntu115hi ubuntu xperts, I'm a rookie who just installed xubuntu 13.04 on my HP Pavilion G7 laptop.14:30
xubuntu115after installing xubuntu everything worked perfect but now I can't connect to my wireless connection14:31
xubuntu115I keep being asked for a wifi password but it never accepts what I type in14:31
xubuntu115I've been scouring the internet all morning but haven't seen much promising information14:32
DistrotHello. I changed my swap size in GParted since I don't have much memory, but now it won't start automatically. Any suggestions?14:55
Distrot(I have to turn it on manually with "swapon" in GParted)14:55
koegsDistrot: "swapon -a" and add it to "/etc/fstab"14:57
Distrotkoegs: Sorry for my newbiness, but I'm not really sure how to phrase the code in terminal.15:00
krytarikDistrot: Have you deleted and recreated the swap partition, instead of just resizing it, resulting in a change of its UUID?15:04
DistrotActually, yes. It wasn't letting me enlarge the size, so I deleted it and created a larger one.15:05
krytarik!fstab ! Distrot15:05
ubottukrytarik: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:05
krytarikDamn it. :D15:05
bsk"sudo blkid" and update it on fstab15:06
krytarikDistrot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab15:06
DistrotLol, sorry.15:06
skaetknome, is Xubuntu participating in Alpha 1?15:07
krytarikWoops, put a "!" there instead of a "|". :D15:09
Distrotkrytarik: I understand fstab a little better now, but I still don't know how to automatically mount it... lol.15:11
Distrotkrytarik: it = the swap partition15:11
krytarikDistrot: Just follow bsk's advice.15:12
Distrotkrystarik: Oh, I didn't even see that, lol.15:13
Distrotkrytarik: Should I delete the "none" after the UUID or leave it?15:19
krytarikDistrot: Just leave everything else as it is, only change the UUID.15:20
DistrotOk! Thanks guys. Will probably be back for something else later, lol.15:21
krytarikHehe, welcome.15:21
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nasirfirst time using xubuntu16:21
nasirgreat o.s16:21
nasirthanks guys16:21
AienaDoes anyone know if Wacom Bamboo  fun pen and touch wirks with xubuntu 12.04 or 13.04?16:22
PiciI've used my older wacom tablet in releases prior to 12.0416:22
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AienaPici did that have touch support?16:23
AienaDO you think touch versions are supported in lnux?16:23
holsteinAiena: try it live, and see ..16:23
AienaholsteinI have to order it from abroad so I cant try it sorry (:16:24
Aienaholstein I have to order it from abroad so I cant try it sorry (:16:24
holsteinAiena: you can download the iso for the operating system free of charge, actually16:28
TheSheepholstein: I think he means the tablet16:29
Piciholstein: I think they meant the tablet needs to be ordered16:30
* Aiena nods16:30
AienaI cant test the tablet live16:30
holsteini personally want to see the hardware running first hand.. or i want the vendor to say "linux support".. otherwise, any kernel upgrade can break support anytime16:30
holsteinOR, the device can work happily for years and years... but, there is no guarantee..16:31
TheSheepholstein: it would be great, but it's not currently possible, especially in smaller cities and/or countries16:31
holsteinTheSheep: im just saying, *nothing* i would read on a wiki page, or IRC would make me say "this will certainly work with ubuntu"16:32
holsteinunless it says it on the box from the vendor... and even then, it can be tricky with kernel versions16:32
TheSheepholstein: well, the people who make stuff work in the kernel usually do it for the devices they own themselves16:33
TheSheepholstein: and they keep on maintaining it, so it's not really that likely to stop working, especially with things like graphic tablets that you don't really replace so often16:33
holsteinyup.. and im not "complaining" about the support.. im just saying, things can become "unsupportable"16:33
TheSheepholstein: I recently got a scanner for free, because there are no drivers for it for Vista, but it works perfectly fine on linux16:34
holsteini have seen that with printers as well. i have also seen folks buy the "best supported" firewise device for ubuntustudio, and an update breaks the support16:35
TheSheepI think you are more likely to have your hardware go out of support for windows than for linux16:35
holsteinno one can "fix" it, since its not broken.. its ust situationally not supportable16:35
holsteini can also agree with that statement.. that is it more "likely".. still, i save my reciepts16:36
TheSheepthat closed, patented Apple protocol?16:36
TheSheepagreed that investing in closed protocols is risky16:36
holsteinthere is also the factor of me being able to get the device working16:36
holsteinTheSheep: ffado is the linux firewire stack, and its arguable that anything else is capable of handling pro audio16:37
holsteinanything that is easily supportable, and able to be used on laptops and desktops.. going between the 216:37
TheSheepusb 3 perhaps?16:37
holsteinthe firewire was just an example.. hardware support *does* leave the kernel16:37
TheSheepand why do you need pro audio for your printer?16:37
Aienaholstein http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index_old.php/main gives me hope...16:40
TheSheepAiena: actually you want http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/linuxwacom/index.php?title=Main_Page16:41
TheSheepAiena: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/linuxwacom/index.php?title=USB_Tablets_with_Touch16:42
Aienaoh cool sounds supported from the looks of it I think then I don't have to worry. :)16:43
TheSheepAiena: by the way, have you considered tablets by other companies?16:44
TheSheepAiena: wacom is popular and well known, but rather expensive16:45
AienaTheSheep I have a tablet by another cmpany which I cannot use linux seems to have best support for wacom over others16:45
TheSheep(then again, other tablets are probably not well supported on linux)16:45
TheSheepyeah, which is a shame16:45
AienaNo Digimend supports only some16:45
TheSheepwacom is an ugly monopolist :(16:45
Aienaand I think wacom tablets are the most used tablets16:45
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Aienaeven krita use only wacom for testing16:46
TheSheepthey are16:46
Aienaso that sort of says something...16:46
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DistrotI'm back! Anybody know what this means: http://pastebin.com/HH8YRnvP17:33
DistrotOops: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5799171/17:37
Sysiis pithos installed from repositories?17:38
DistrotUbuntu Software Center so, yes(?)17:38
Sysiyup, so I guess you're missing gstreamer plugins17:39
DistrotI tried to install them though and it said it was up to date, so it didn't do anything.17:40
DistrotI tried saying: sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-alsa17:40
doebihow to join a wpa2 secured wireless network with AES encryption?17:42
doebii cant get it to work on our institute17:42
doebiit did work in the past, and sysadmin says only AES encryption is working anymore17:43
flux242doebi: are you using network-manager?17:46
DistrotI ran: sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-alsa but have the same issue.17:52
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doebiflux242: well, i think so17:55
flux242it should work then17:55
doebiit doesn't :/17:56
doebiand i cant adjst brightness either17:56
doebithe 13.04 release was a pure disappointment17:57
doebieven my duplicate bluetooth icon isn't fixed yet17:57
mikubuntucan anyone please tell me how to fix my screensaver in lubuntu -- it doesn't activate, even tho the settings are set for it to17:57
DistrotAnybody can help with pithos and gstreamer? Sorry for bumping.17:58
SonikkuAmericamikubuntu: Head for #lubuntu with that..18:01
SonikkuAmericamikubuntu: (This is #xubuntu)18:01
DistrotYou talking to me? lol18:01
mikubuntuty sonik, i din't know they had a channel18:02
DistrotAnybody know anything about gstreamer?18:04
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AienaTheSheepseems to be suppDistrot what is the issue?18:05
AienaDistrot what is the issue?18:05
Aienayou cant play media files wit it?18:06
DistrotAiena: I am trying to get Pithos to work in Xubuntu 13.04, but it won't grab the songs despite accessing the stations.18:06
DistrotAiena: I ran pithos -v and got the following:18:06
DistrotAiena: Then I tried to update gstreamer, as that seemed to be the issue: sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-alsa18:07
Aienacan gstreamer on your pc play normal mmedia files?18:07
DistrotAiena: But I still don't get anything working.18:07
DistrotAiena: Well, I don't really know. I thought it was just a plugin.18:08
AienaDistrot try using synaptic to purge gstreamer18:08
Aienaand then use install again18:08
Aienaalso sometimes the issue is missing codecs etc.18:08
Aienamp3 is not installed by default.18:08
Aienaand most online radio is in mp3 or aac18:09
DistrotYou think that might be the issue?18:09
DistrotAhh... the mp3 codec, that makes sense...18:09
Aienayes probably18:09
Aienaif that does not work then looking into something else18:09
AienaDistrot is the gstreamer fluendo plugin installed 0 check in synaptic18:10
DistrotAiena: One sec, por favor18:11
AienaDistrot also you can try installing the python-gst0.10-rtsp package18:12
AienaDistrot sure :)18:12
DistrotAiena: Well, I just installed the restricted packages and tried Pithos again to no avail18:14
AienaDistrot also you can try installing the python-gst0.10-rtsp package18:14
Aienaassuming your using 12.0418:14
Aienaotherwise you might have a newer rtsp package18:14
DistrotAiena: I'm using 13.0418:14
flux242well 13.04 works quite good for me. Double bluetooth icon appears because 2 apps are started at start up. Just disactivate one of them. Leave blueman18:14
Aienaok then youll have a higher version18:15
Aienabut same package18:15
DistrotAiena: It seems to be working anyway18:15
Aienahmm it ok now?18:15
DistrotAiena: nope, same situation18:15
DistrotAiena: Dumb question, how do I use synaptic on 13.04?18:16
Aienaits not there18:17
Aienaok press alt+F218:17
Aienaand type synaptic18:17
Aienayou should find it that way too18:18
DistrotRed circle with white bar inside? lol18:18
Aienaabd on the top18:18
Aienasorry for the caps18:18
Aienathere is a search box18:19
Aienatype python gstreamer there18:19
DistrotIn synaptic or application finder?18:19
Aienathe package manager18:19
Aienaone sec18:19
DistrotI'm familiar with it, but, does it go under the name "Software & Updates" in 13.04?18:20
DistrotForgive me, I am slightly stupid.18:20
AienaDistrot I am not following you also I am using the LTS version so not sure about changes in 13.0418:21
Aiena13.04 is a year newer than my distro18:21
Aienagive me a sec to boot it up in live mode and Ill brb18:22
DistrotRight, Pangolin, but I dunno which one... ok.18:22
AienaDistrot Ill rejoin irc from xubuntu 13.04 so I can attempt to help you better.18:22
AienaDistrot, I think you need to install synaptic first in 13.0418:34
AienaI ma on 13.04 live boot18:34
DistrotOh... ok. Doing it now.18:35
DistrotOk. I gots it.18:37
AienaDistrot, which software were you trying to use again?18:38
Aienaand can you repost the link to the error message18:39
AienaI lost the earlier info when I rebooted into 13.0418:39
DistrotAiena: I am trying to get Pithos to work in Xubuntu 13.04, but it won't grab the songs despite accessing the stations.18:39
DistrotAiena: I ran pithos -v and got the following:18:40
DistrotAiena: Then I tried to update gstreamer, as that seemed to be the issue: sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-alsa18:40
AienaDistrot, you need to remove 0.10 in that case18:40
DistrotAiena: I'm using 13.0418:40
Aienaif you want to use 1.018:41
AienaDistrot, still o.10 is installed by default not 1.018:41
DistrotI have 0.10 fluendo as well18:41
Aienathen dont update to gstreamer 1.018:41
DistrotShould I just remove 1.018:41
DistrotI'll just remove it then18:41
Aienaremove everythin 1.0 please18:41
Aienathey must be conflicting18:41
AienaI am installing piyhos myself on my live distro to see18:42
Unit1931.0 and 0.10 work fine to have both.18:42
AienaUnit193, Ok18:42
Aienabut pithos is downloading gstremer 0.10 libs so I dont see the need for 1.018:42
Aienawhen I am installing18:42
DistrotThat's the error I get now18:43
DistrotSame as before18:43
AienaDistrot, installing pithos18:43
DistrotOkee doke.18:44
Aienathen I can try to replicate the error here and fix it and then tell you what to do..18:44
Aienarather than beat around the bush.18:44
DistrotOk. Sorry if I seem annoying. I appreciate what you're doing.18:44
Aienano your not annoying18:44
Aienaiys just that I've never used pithos before.18:44
Aienaand I use vlc for all my media needs18:44
DistrotReally? Oh.18:45
DistrotI use Minitube as well...18:45
Aienaoops pandora is restricted in my country18:45
AienaDistrot, does pandora not start at all for you?18:46
Aienaor it allows you to login?18:46
DistrotIt does in the browser.18:46
DistrotPithos starts as well.18:46
DistrotIt works fine in the browser.18:46
DistrotPithos will grab the stations but not the songs.18:46
Aienaone sec18:47
AienaDistrot, open synpatic18:48
Aienaand type playbin18:48
Aienatry installing the rygel-playbin plugin and restarting pithos18:49
Aienamight fix the issue18:49
DistrotAnd the rygel-gst-renderer?18:49
AienaDistrot, dunno try both18:50
Aienabut the second one is listed as a dummy package18:51
Distrotsame situation18:51
Aienaso its wont make a difference18:51
AienaDistrot, sorry I am at a loss remove playbin18:52
AienaI can't login to pandora either18:52
Aienabecuase it is restricted18:52
Aienaperhaps someone else here can help.18:53
DistrotWell, I appreciate the help.18:53
DistrotI can survive without it, lol.18:53
Aienayou can keep fluendo it will help with general mp3 playback18:53
DistrotOk. Will do.18:53
DistrotI'm staying on anyways.18:53
DistrotBut I really do appreciate your help.18:53
Aienaand yeah keep synaptic would be handy for package search if you dont like the terminal...18:55
AienaIf I do find something Ill let you know.18:56
dunpealIs it possible to unbind F1 in xfce-terminal?19:02
dunpealI have a bunch of console programs that map useful functionality on F1, so I don't want xfce-terminal to capture it.19:03
knomedunpeal, which xubuntu version are you using?19:03
dunpealknome: 13.0419:03
knomedunpeal, open the help menu and hover over the "contents" item19:04
knomedunpeal, then press eg. ctrl+esc to change the shortcut19:04
knomedunpeal, the menu item should reflect the change19:05
knomedunpeal, did that work for you?19:06
dunpealknome: no, nothing happens when I hover over it.19:06
knomedunpeal, go to settings manager -> appearance -> tab settings and see if "enable editable accelerators" is checked19:07
dunpealknome: omg praise the XFCE19:08
dunpealthis is great, thanks so much.19:08
knomeno problem, enjoy19:08
bkerensaIt appears that for some reason network manager on Xubuntu is not listing SSIDs that are available on other devices? If go through connect to a hidden it works fine but the SSID is not hidden20:59
xubuntu313hi, can I just write the xubuntu 12.04 media to a thumb dribe using dd to get a liveusb?21:54
David-Axubuntu313: I believe you can, but it will behave as a live cd (sessions are not saved between runs)21:55
xubuntu313David-A: thanks, I plan on tweaking it out to create persistence21:56

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