roastedI think I might try the alpha to see if this ridiculous kernel bug I'm facing in 13.04 is fixed02:50
roastedsick of rebooting five times a day02:50
bjsniderwhat's the kernel bug?02:56
bjsnideryou know you can just grab a newer kernel from the kernel team's ppa and test it right?02:57
bjsniderroasted, is that a kernel lockup or xorg?03:02
darkxstroasted, please help out with image testing if you try the alpha !03:47
darkxstroasted, https://plus.google.com/108356762331170101188/posts/ETqWa3gfcQV?cfem=103:48
darkxstjbicha, did you ever look into the messed up syslinux theme?07:30
darkxsti.e it starts in text mode and with language selector (F2) popped up07:30
matanyadarkxst: what is needed to be tested?08:33
darkxstmatanya, see the testcases on the iso tracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/297/builds08:43
darkxst(under ubuntu GNOME)08:43
matanyathanks, will load it on the machine08:43
roastedbjsnider: the problem is my laptop is locked to a broad com card. if I change it it locks on boot. this Lenovo requires signed hardware beeeeecause Lenovo is clearly making face palm decisions these days. likewise, I cannot seem to get my driver working in any other kernel I install besides the one that comes from Ubuntu in my update manager. it'll say its activated, but I'll have no wireless entry in network manager.12:31
tommie-lieroasted: what Lenovo model do you have?12:35
tommie-liethanks, will avoid that :-) I hope they won't do the same decisions for future Thinkpad branded laptops :-/12:37
roastedthey lost a substantial purchase from us due to their recent decisions... nearly anointing to 800k. don't think I'll do business with them again12:43
Kinkzhi, is there documentation for installing Ubuntu Gnome on a second HDD with W8 running on the first?12:58
jbichadarkxst: I believe we have syslinux do that because we didn't have art to replace https://pricklytech.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ubuntu-boot-01.png13:34
jbichaonce you've got the art, I'm sure the guys in #ubuntu-release would help you integrate it13:35
jbichadarkxst: are you still around? we'll have to request that casper be unblocked if we want it to migrate out of proposed before tomorrow13:49
bjsniderroasted, oh, it's the broadcom chip? the bug you linked to is against the intel graphics driver. can you disable the bcm chip in the bios?14:01
bjsnidergotta love broadcom14:01
* snwh is away: Away14:41
* snwh is back (gone 00:00:13)14:41
roastedbjsnider: two different issues here.16:45
roastedbjsnider: Ubuntu/Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 is on kernel 3.8. Since I've been on 13.04 I've had random freezes. As rare as once every 3-4 days, as common as 5 times a day. When tha thappens, it locks up, hard, Can't do anything at all. Nothing to do but force it to shut down and restart. Awesome for productivity.16:46
roastedbjsnider: but in the bug report, they say that vsync was enabled in 3.8 for sandy bridge procs. I have a sandy bridge proc... so that COULD be related. It was advised that I install 3.9 or 3.10 RC to see if that fixes the issue.16:46
roastedbjsnider: thing is, I cannot for the life of me get my Broadcom STA driver installed on this laptop on any other kernel besides that comes from Ubuntu's software updater. I have no explanation for it. No idea.16:47
roastedbjsnider: but, since Lenovo sucks hard, they locked down this unit, so I can't even remove the Broadcom chip and put in an Intel - it locks up on boot and says unsigned hardware detected. Please remove to proceed.16:47
roastedbjsnider: I'd be on Fedora if it wasn't for the fact I cannot utilize the Windows 2012 boot parameter in grub to get my brightness keys to work. The space between Windows and 2012 renders as x20, so grub sees Windowsx202012, not Windows 2012 like it needs, so Ihave no brightness on Fedora.16:48
roastedNo matter how you slice it, this laptop is such a bummer when working with Linux in general. Good job, Lenovo.16:48
roastedhere's a thought. what about the gnome 3 repo on precise? how far would I get? 3.8 by chance?17:13
atrusroasted: what broadcam chip? several chips that used to require the sta driver now work with the standard b43 driver, as long as the b43-fwcutter tool can do its job17:47
roastedI was not aware. 4322817:47
atrusgnome 3 precise would only get you to 3.6.17:47
roasteddo you have a source offhand for which chips can use b43?17:48
atrusno, but googling should find it.17:48
roastedof course. figured I'd ask.17:48
atrushttp://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#Supported_devices seems to say "nope".17:49
atrusare you using broadcom-sta-source to get the sta-based driver?17:50
atrusthat + appropriate kernel headers + dkms should "work"17:50
roastedI'm just getting item through additional drivers.17:52
roastedgosh I cannot put into words how disgusted I am with broad com and Lenovo.17:52
roastedvery disappointing companied.17:53
roastedthe darn 43225 is supported, go figure.17:53
jbichaok, we respun the Alpha1 candidates for this bugfix: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/1.335 (the live environment shouldn't autolock) and the new images are ready now18:08
roastedwould that come down in s regular update?18:10
jbichayes, it would have been in Friday's daily build; but no, the change doesn't affect the installed environment18:11
jbichawe could also have release-noted the issue; if you would have got the lock screen just press enter to unlock the screen (it looks pretty confusing though)18:12
roastedAhh live environment. apologies. :-)18:20
jbichadarkxst: before you go to bed, can you log in to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ and mark the Ubuntu GNOME images as Ready22:58
darkxstjbicha, I just woke up!22:58
jbichasilly time zones23:00
darkxsthow do I mark the images as ready?23:01
darkxstoh nm, I see23:02
darkxstjbicha, did reboot after install, work for you?23:06
darkxstseems to get blocked waiting for some process to terminate23:07
jbichadarkxst: you're using VBox right? yeah I think I just hit Reset23:07
darkxstbug 119489523:10
ubot5bug 1194895 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Live CD fails to reboot after installation" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119489523:10
jbichagnome-weather got rejected from the Debian new queue today basically because of https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70315023:11
ubot5Gnome bug 703150 in general "Please relicense art to CC-BY-SA 3.0" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:11
jbichaapparently we can relicense to 3.0 in debian/copyright but it would be nicer to have GNOME do it instead23:12
darkxstI can't access bugzilla today ;(23:12
jbichaI usually use Firefox and had the same problem, but it worked in Chromium; I cleared my bugzilla cookies in firefox and after restarting firefox it seems to work again23:14
darkxstoh they upgraded bugzilla?23:18
jbichamaybe restarting firefox is enough23:19
jbichaum, today's Ubuntu GNOME still auto-locks during the live session23:23
jbichanever mind, it didn't actually lock23:24
jbichai386 rebooted fine after install here with VBox23:25

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