racarrWell, just I am trying to get all the focus policy in to one object00:00
racarrthis object, basically, makes the assosciation, this surface is the focused one (only above this, does "focus" really exist)00:00
racarrand, ties up the bits to implement focus00:01
kdubracarr, sounds useful (although hard to say for sure...)00:02
racarri.e. raises the surface when it receives focus and targets it for keyboard events. (this could be a seperate mechanism object still, not sure how helpful it really is)00:02
racarrmm. still hard to say XD00:02
kdubi'm just trying to detangle the surface ownerships00:02
racarrso the problem is00:02
racarrsome surface is focused00:02
racarrand it's destroyed00:02
racarrhow does this object know to choose a new mechanism for focus00:02
racarra new surface00:03
racarrI don't want to00:03
racarrpass this object down through the session manager and session like before, and have the those bits contain the logic00:03
kdublike, just floating up the factories and untangling the objects ownerships, i'm starting to see how it'll happen00:04
racarr"when surface is destroyed, focus the last surface", etc00:04
kdubstill too early to say though00:04
racarrso I am wondering about00:04
racarrsome sorst of change_callback system00:04
kdubit kinda feels like those zelda levels, where if you go in the wrong door, you have start the maze over at this point in time00:04
racarrto mirror what we have on the graphics side...00:04
racarrHaha. yeah ....00:05
kdubracarr, that makes sense00:05
kdubthe callback for input00:05
racarrI guess I am just brought it up because it kind of ties in to the EventSink bits...how do various portions of msh:: notify eachother00:05
racarron shell side state changes00:05
racarrI just had a crazy idea00:07
racarrthe FocusArbitrator/Setter/Whatever00:07
racarrcould hand out like...00:08
racarrand the destructor knows what to do00:08
kdubwell, what if you want to get that token back though00:11
kdublike, a manual reassignment of focus00:11
racarrkdub: std::move XD00:11
racarrI'm not sure...00:12
racarrI find a certain appeal to this but may jjust have C++ addiction00:14
RAOFNot *every* problem needs to be modelled in the type system :)00:20
RAOFBut it does have a certain charm. Also parallels desrt's focus-stealing-prevention idea.00:20
racarrit's a nice way to be explicit about the signalling needed (surface destroyed)00:21
racarrI think without clogging up other listener interfaces, or using generic change callbacks00:21
racarrwhich will end up with more coupling00:21
racarrbut im still not sure00:21
racarrI think ill let it stew until tomorrow00:21
RAOFSo, how close are we to having a "focus-gained" and "focus-lost" signal on our surfaces?00:22
racarrthe session_listener has00:22
racarrfocused and unfocused00:22
racarrand the EventSink will probably give them eventually00:22
racarrI dunon that's the thing though, we don't really want signals so to speak00:23
racarri.e. this same problem could be solved by having the focus bit do00:23
RAOFLet me rephrase: at what point will XMir be able to tell when it's not focused, and give up input?00:23
racarrI made that up00:23
RAOFWoo! How!00:23
RAOFOh ☹00:23
racarrno I made that up ignore me00:23
racarrif xmir needs that00:23
racarrI can finish it soon00:23
racarrxmir does need that00:24
RAOFOnly if you'd like to be able to switch sessions without all sessions getting all input :)00:24
racarrRAOF: *shrug* I'm not too picky00:27
thomihey guys, what's required to run openarena on mir?00:45
thomiis there a custom build somewhere?00:45
RAOFDoes that just need SDL?00:53
RAOFOr do you want to run it in XMir?00:53
bschaeferthomi, it should work on Mir with the SDL package in the ppa (I haven't tried yet though)00:54
bschaefertried openarena that is00:54
thomiok, I'll give that a go00:56
thomiRAOF: I'll tackle xmir soon00:56
thomijust mir right now00:56
RAOFduflu: I don't think I can drop the varargs annoyance in the open() wrapper. Or, at least, I don't think I want to.01:57
dufluRAOF: Oh? Why not?01:57
RAOFIf I drop it, it no longer interposes.01:58
dufluRAOF: In C/C++, the caller determines how many parameters to pass. It can be any number. So to assume it is 2 or 3 is pretty simple and safe01:58
RAOFI suspect it's because it no longer matches the prototype in the libc header, so doesn't get the symbol version applied, so the linker doesn't consider it.01:58
dufluRAOF: That's weird. I suggest it's maybe because it's got C++ linkage and needs C. Look at "nm"01:58
dufluRAOF: Yeah just do an 'extern "C"', or put it in a C file01:59
RAOFI'm pretty sure I checked.02:00
RAOFOh, except that I may have had the ‘please demangle my symbols’ option enabled...02:01
RAOFWhich would somewhat defeat the purpose of that check :)02:01
dufluRAOF: Yeah don't use the -C option. Just nm -D02:18
RAOFWhy do we make it so hard to set an environment variable in a CMake test?02:28
dufluAhhhh why can't we keep trunk stable enough to build any more?02:28
dufluIt's a new FTBFS every day02:28
robert_ancellduflu, why are you still consuming mir on raring?02:39
duflurobert_ancell, because that's my desktop. Hence much faster to do some jobs02:40
duflu... than the suacy laptops02:40
robert_ancellduflu, well, it's just wasting time fixing bugs in raring02:40
duflurobert_ancell, It's not a waste if other distros get the same errors, and they are real errors in our code02:41
dufluIt would be nice to catch them before they land, is all02:41
robert_ancellduflu, just require those other distros to use gcc 4.8. It's not a difficult dependency02:41
duflurobert_ancell, I think that would be arrogant of us. If the fix to support existing compilers is simple02:41
robert_ancellduflu, that's not arrogant - all dependencies have minimum versions. It's not a problem to apply patches if someone else takes the time to find them but we have no need to02:42
dufluSupporting multiple platforms/archs/environments is the single easiest way to build code quality, because each new one will show you errors you previously missed02:42
dufluI know this from experience. Supporting up to 15 platform combos at once02:43
dufluBah, we can argue about "easiest" forever02:45
robert_ancellCan I get a review on https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/lightdm/unity-sys-comp-release-vt2/+merge/171190?02:46
* duflu fears the number of code reviews he's now got involved in and needs to chase up today02:47
robert_ancellduflu, :)02:49
RAOFUm, why do we have a hunk of parsing code to emit CTest test files?02:55
RAOFRather than just using add_test?02:55
robert_ancellduflu, in that fix you made for plymouth you call 'plymouth deactivate' every time in the loop - was that intentional?03:11
duflurobert_ancell: Yes but now you mention it, it could probably only happen once03:12
dufluThere's no reason to repeat it03:12
robert_ancellok, cool03:12
duflurobert_ancell: That's the result of many iterations. You get leftovers of previous algorithms03:12
dufluRAOF: Was it feasible to resolve the libdrm_radeon issue? (https://launchpad.net/~mir-team/+archive/staging/+build/4741584)03:15
RAOFEh, screw it. I'll just copy saucy's libdrm into the PPA for you :)03:16
robert_ancellduflu, I'm looking at the plymouth source and it does appear to block on deactivate correctly03:26
robert_ancellduflu, are you sure that was causing the problem?03:26
duflurobert_ancell: Yes, absolutely. The lightdm log shows it has to try twice before success03:26
dufluAnd inserting a sleep works also :)03:27
robert_ancellduflu, hmm, I think it only works because of the sleep - the termination condition is !plymouth_has_active_vt() - but that only contacts Plymouth once03:34
robert_ancellSo effectively all the patch has done is add a sleep(1)03:34
duflurobert_ancell, I also clear the cache to force it to contact each time03:34
robert_ancellduflu, ah, missed that03:35
dufluSo that part is working03:35
dufluAnd I get two attempts logged in my lightdm.log03:35
dufluSo it takes somewhere inside a second to complete03:35
duflurobert_ancell: We could enhance plymouth to honour --wait with deactivate, or just not crash. But I figured we in too much hurry to corrdinate fixes across multiple projects and add new ones to the PPA03:37
duflu-"not crash" +"not spin"03:37
robert_ancellduflu, yeah, I'm just trying to merge it into master, so need to work out the correct fix03:37
dufluWell, see previous comment :)03:37
robert_ancellduflu, I suspect it's the drm plugin that's not working correctly03:37
duflurobert_ancell: Yes, I think I mentioned that. It's about DRM mastership... stuff03:38
robert_ancellRAOF, do you know - does drmDropMaster() work immediately?03:38
dufluIf Mir jumps in too soon it confuses plymouth's drm plugin03:38
RAOFrobert_ancell: I think it waits before returning. Let me check.03:39
RAOFARGH. How do you specify an environment variable for a cmake test?03:39
RAOFHint: Setting CTEST_ENVIRONMENT does *not* do what you want. Or, as far as I can tell, anything.03:40
dufluRAOF: setenv in code?03:44
RAOFToo late for LD_PRELOAD!03:44
dufluRAOF: I'm not sure the universe wants us to achieve that goal. It's a bit wrong :)03:46
RAOFWhy are all build systems so ridiculously broken?03:52
RAOFWhy is there always something that should be trivial but ends up being a huge pain in the arse?03:55
dufluRAOF: Well if you mean CMake then yeah... so many things Make can do that CMake prevents you from doing03:58
thomidid we stop shipping binaries in the mir-demos package at some point? i.e.- mir_demo_server?04:20
thomior am I going stupid04:20
thomiWTF? why are the demo binaries now in /usr/lib/x86-linux-gnu/mir/examples ?04:22
robert_ancellthomi, ask didrocks. It seems stupid to me04:31
thomime too04:33
robert_ancellDid someone just update mir in the system-compositor PPA? u-s-c has a broken dep now04:57
robert_ancellIt looks like a RAOF to me04:57
RAOFI did indeed.04:58
robert_ancellthomi, ^04:58
thomiRAOF: any chance you could push the matching libmirserver0 please?04:58
thomiotherwise it's uninstallable04:58
thomithanks robert_ancell04:58
RAOFthomi: I was waiting for the mir to publish. I've just copied u-s-c; once it's rebuilt, all will be well.04:58
RAOFthomi: Are you pulling from system-compositor-testing?04:59
thomiRAOF: yes04:59
RAOFShould I be bouncing through *another* PPA to ensure atomic updates of system-compositor-testing?04:59
thomiRAOF: I don't think the words "atomic" and "PPA" can ever appear within a mile of each other05:00
thomibut I might be wrong. I certainly don't know how to push several packages in an atomic fashion05:01
robert_ancellRAOF, if you copied u-s-c  0.0.1bzr29saucy0.87  at the same time it should work without rebuilding right05:01
robert_ancellthen we'd just have a break if the copies are out of sync (assuming they will be)05:02
RAOFrobert_ancell: That's true. I just don't trust the staging PPA to be in a consistent state at an arbitrary time.05:02
robert_ancellthomi, any chance we can get the mir revision number in the u-s-c build so it's easier to tell which ones match05:02
thomirobert_ancell: you want the lp:mir revno in the u-s-c package version?05:03
robert_ancellthomi, yeah, then you could tell exactly which version of mir u-s-c was compiled against05:03
thomirobert_ancell: don't we already do that with the Depends line?05:04
robert_ancellthomi, yes, I guess so - though that is harder to read from the list of packages in the PPA05:04
robert_ancell(I'm guessing the answer is too hard)05:04
robert_ancellThis will all get solved by didrocks in the next week or so as it hits universe05:05
thomirobert_ancell: I don't know the answer, I'll fire off an email to people who will know though05:05
thomiyeah, it's all crazy distro stuff05:05
robert_ancellthomi, I don't think it will be worth it in time05:05
RAOFthomi, robert_ancell: Either of you know how to wrangle an environment variable into our unit-tests?05:06
robert_ancellRAOF, no05:06
thomiRAOF: how do you mean?05:06
RAOFthomi: I want to LD_PRELOAD a library for running the unit-tests (as I'm interposing a libc symbol).05:07
RAOFthomi: This is https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/prober-drm-device-probe/+merge/170765 by the way, which passes the tests *just fine* locally.05:07
tvossgood morning all :)05:08
thomiRAOF: that's some crazy stuff right there O.005:08
thomihi tvoss05:08
robert_ancelltvoss, welcome05:08
RAOFOr maybe a wild tvoss knows!05:08
tvossthomi, hey, welcome back :)05:08
thomitvoss: thank05:08
tvossRAOF, how can I help?05:08
RAOFthomi: We're already interposing libdrm and libgbm symbols, it's no more weird than that :P05:08
RAOFtvoss: Do you know how to get an environment variable set in our unit-test's environment.05:09
RAOFtvoss: Specifically, to set LD_PRELOAD=lib/lib-mir-test-double-platform.so05:09
tvossRAOF, why not alter the env with cmake?05:09
RAOFHm, will that work?05:10
* RAOF investigates.05:10
tvossRAOF, mind giving me some background?05:10
robert_ancellRAOF, Any thoughts on the ARM builds failing due to that broken dep (https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1194002). I did some investigation, but the sticking plaster of just explicitly adding the dependency would solve the immediate problem - can you make that change in your git branch05:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1194002 in Mir "Mesa armhf builds don't depend on libmirclient" [High,Triaged]05:10
RAOFrobert_ancell: I thought I already had made that change?05:10
robert_ancellRAOF, it doesn't appear so05:11
robert_ancellRAOF, ok, I see it in git...05:11
tvossRAOF, is that still about the prober-mp?05:12
RAOFtvoss: Context is https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/prober-drm-device-probe/+merge/170765 - I've worked around the double-ctor problem, but can't get the open() wrapper to interpose in CI.05:12
thomiRAOF: so I guess the problem is the environment in the package build05:13
tvossRAOF, okay :) did my mail help?05:13
thomiyou're setting it locally when you run the test yourself?05:13
RAOFthomi: Actually, I don't *need* to set it locally. Which is another oddity.05:14
thomiRAOF: !??05:14
RAOFBut that's fragile, as it depends on the linker loading the right symbol first.05:14
thomithat's a bit strange, isn't it?05:14
RAOFBut not totally outlandish; trying to interpose a libc symbol is fairly niche :)05:16
veeberstvoss, racarr: hello, have you had the chance to follow up on the input stack issue I queried about?05:17
tvossveebers, could you remind me real quick, only had one coffee so far :)05:17
veeberstvoss: heh :-) This is regarding keyboard mapping entering characters like '$' etc. using uinput on the devices. I can fwd the previous email if that helps05:18
tvossveebers, ah, no that helps. So the question becomes, if we want to do it for the official phone images right now05:19
veeberstvoss: ah ok. I might mention that fixing this will fix the bug in autopilot that is blocking gemas work on the memory/power usage tests05:20
tvossveebers, that's only for the browser, right?05:21
veeberstvoss: at this stage I believe so (anything that needs to type 'shifted' characters)05:21
tvossveebers, okay, couldn't we add bookmarks for the pages we want to access and then open the bookmarks?05:21
veeberstvoss: if the intention of the test is to ensure loading a page works (and measuring usage while that happens) as opposed to testing entering a url and hitting enter etc.05:23
thomitvoss: veebers: that would still leave us without test coverage for a very large part of the app (and other apps too).05:24
veebersthomi: agreed05:24
tvossthomi, sure, but: fixing it in the current official images right now would mean touching the ubuntuappmanager, which is going away with Mir05:24
thomitvoss: I see05:25
tvossthomi, trying to find out what we lose by not doing it right now05:25
thomitvoss: what's the timeline for introducing mir?05:25
tvossthomi, asap,we have an alternate image running it05:26
thomiveebers: perhaps you could try the alternate image then?05:27
tvossthomi, not recommended right now for quality stuff05:27
thomitvoss: that's with --flipped, right?05:27
veebersthomi, tvoss: It would be interesting to run it and ensure the issue we were experiencing are solved05:27
tvossthomi, not only, it's flipped + mir. an alternate alternate image, if you want so05:27
tvossveebers, hold on, let's focus on unblocking gema here: if you really can't workaround the keymap issue, I will work with racarr to fix it in the ubuntuappmanager, but: we might try to be create to unblock gema05:28
thomitvoss: if the flipped & mir image is the way of the future, surely gema can/should be testing that anyway? and if it "just works", wouldn't that be the path of least resistance?05:30
tvossthomi, I'm pretty sure it won't just work, and our timelines on resource measurement are tight.05:32
tvossveebers, do you have a bug open somewhere about the keymapping behavior?05:33
veebersveebers: yep, one moment05:33
veeberstvoss: https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/118121605:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1181216 in Autopilot "Autopilot does not type : (colon) on devices" [Critical,In progress]05:33
thomitvoss: ack05:34
tvossveebers, for the bug: why do you need a : to open a webpage?05:40
tvosswww.cnn.com should work, too05:40
veeberstvoss: I suspect the test is typing http: . . .05:40
veeberstvoss: that is a good point05:41
tvossveebers, well, the short term workaround might be to get rid of the http:05:41
veeberstvoss: I'll look into getting those tests update w/ the workaround05:41
thomiRAOF: got a sec? the u-s-c package you pushed seems a little broken to me05:41
tvossveebers, thx a lot05:41
RAOFthomi: Boo. In what way?05:41
veeberstvoss: thanks for pointing that out :-)05:42
thomiRAOF: it depends on bzr773 libmirserver0, but 774 is the latest version, and the one that's built in the PPA05:42
thomiso I'm not sure how that is possible05:42
tvossveebers, yw05:42
tvossthomi, staging?05:42
thomiRAOF: shouldn't it take the package version number from whatever it built against?05:42
thomitvoss: no, the compositor test ppa05:43
tvossthomi, hmmm05:43
thomialthough I note that the package version is the same in both PPAs,except staging has a newer mir05:43
tvossveebers, I will add a comment to the bug report05:44
veeberstvoss: awesome, thanks05:44
RAOFthomi: amd64 certainly depends on 774.05:44
* RAOF checks i38605:44
tvossveebers, done05:45
RAOFthomi: As does i386.05:45
RAOFthomi: You're installing the wrong u-s-c.05:45
thomiRAOF: WTF? why does my laptop insist it's 773?05:45
thomimaybe I just missed the update or something?05:45
RAOFYou have both system-compositor-testing and staging PPAs enabled?05:45
thomiRAOF: nope05:45
thomiRAOF: should I?05:46
RAOFNo, but that could cause this sort of problem :)05:46
thomihmmm: W: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ppa.launchpad.net_mir-team_staging_ubuntu_dists_saucy_main_binary-amd64_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch05:46
thomi\o/ works now :)05:47
RAOFThe plot thickens!05:47
thomiit seems I must have apt-get update'd a few minutes too early05:47
robert_ancellthat hash sum mismatch makes me really wary about our infrastructure  - I see that too often05:50
thomiI think I may have broken lightdm05:51
thomiafter changing lightdm.conf to enable u-s-c I seem to be stuck at boot on the 'ubuntu' spinning dots screen05:51
tvossthomi, do we have autopilot integration for udevmock?05:53
thomitvoss: I'm not sure what udevmock is. so probably not :)05:54
RAOFthomi: You may have double-enabled it - /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d should have a snippet automatically enabling u-s-c05:54
RAOFtvoss: Ooooh, good idea!05:54
thomiRAOF: no, it turns out lightdm is not installed because it relies on a newer glib than I have available... FFS05:55
thominothing seems to be working for me today05:55
tvossRAOF, trying to address the testing issue05:55
robert_ancellthomi, really? That's odd05:55
RAOFAre you trying this on saucy?05:55
thomiRAOF: yes05:55
thomidid a dist upgrade this morning, and I have no pending updates05:55
robert_ancellRAOF, duflu, racarr, kdub, tvoss, hikiko meeting reminder05:57
tvossrobert_ancell, yup, I'm on a broadband connection, sitting in the tax office :) Mind if I participate via irc?05:57
robert_ancelltvoss, np05:57
duflutvoss: Sounds like fun05:58
tvossduflu, totally _not_05:58
thomican someone please link me the hangout link?05:58
robert_ancelltvoss, is audio-only not fast enought?05:58
thomifor some reason my calendar does not show it05:58
tvossduflu, building a display server is the one thing, german tax is the other :)05:58
robert_ancelltvoss, zing!05:58
alfthomi: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/a9abbc8e84f85360faaab30196768ca2d9129d0905:58
tvossrobert_ancell, let me try to find a quiet spot05:58
robert_ancellkgunn, if you're actually here (I hope not) ^05:59
RAOFTime for another exciting round of "how crap is my internet today?!05:59
tvossrobert_ancell, sorry, quiet spot found but only edge :/06:03
robert_ancelltvoss, :(06:03
robert_ancelltvoss, we're discussing multi-monitor at the moment06:03
tvossrobert_ancell, argh ...06:04
=== sg is now known as Guest63927
thomiugh, internet issues, you all sound like chipmunks every 10 seconds or so06:15
veebersthomi: issue or feature :-)06:17
didrocksrobert_ancell: hey, what happens when someone runs manually unity-system-compsitor?06:54
robert_ancelldidrocks, it complains you didn't set up the pipes to talk to it06:54
didrocksrobert_ancell: should it be in libexec rather?06:54
robert_ancelldidrocks, no06:55
didrocksas lightdm and others will only be able to run it?06:55
robert_ancelllibexec is stupid06:55
didrockswell, shipping in /usr/bin when most people can't run it is stupid :)06:55
robert_ancellthere's loads of stuff in /usr/bin06:55
didrocksmost of them, people can run them and see a result06:56
didrocksbut fine, not my project06:56
robert_ancellit should be in sbin though06:57
didrocksrobert_ancell: I'm more ok with this06:58
robert_ancelldidrocks, it's the same as lightdm06:58
didrocksyeah, sbin makes sense06:58
didrocksrobert_ancell: I'll move it while proposing my fixes06:58
robert_ancelldidrocks, ok06:59
didrocksrobert_ancell: do you want me to make MP for lightdm and unity-greeter for daily release as well?06:59
robert_ancelldidrocks, yes, as long as we have the integration tests to confirm they work together07:00
didrocksrobert_ancell: do you have them? I think it's like xmir, qtmir and unity-system-compositor, there isn't any?07:00
didrocksrobert_ancell: I can prepare the package for a ppa then, daily releasing there until you have them07:00
robert_ancelldidrocks, I sent an email about it07:01
didrocksrobert_ancell: I answered I guess ;)07:01
didrocksI should use https://code.launchpad.net/~lightdm-team/lightdm/mir-packaging I guess07:02
didrocksrobert_ancell: one part of daily release is to have the packaging inlined, it's not the case for lightdm and unity-greeter I think?07:03
robert_ancelldidrocks, we're using ~lightdm-team/lightdm/trunk-packaging for the CI07:04
robert_ancelldidrocks, u-g has inline packaging now07:04
robert_ancelldidrocks, I'm trying to work out what we can do for lightdm inline packaging that makes sense07:05
robert_ancelldidrocks, sorry, I have to go - please email me any other questions. I'm here late tomorrow so we'll have overlap then too07:05
didrocksrobert_ancell: ok, have a good night!07:07
hikikoRAOF, and alf sorry:) I thought we are still in the hangout07:11
tvossRAOF, did the vt-fix propagate to the ppa, yet?07:11
tvosscannot switch to vt after an upgrade07:11
didrocksalf: hey! do you have time this morning?07:12
RAOFtvoss: Should have.07:13
tvossRAOF, so whre do I find the VT? ctrl+alt+?07:14
alfhikiko: You were welcome to stay :)07:14
tvossRAOF, hmmm, that leaves me with the desktop on screen and no login prompt07:15
alfdidrocks: sure, I will work on top of your branch if that's ok07:15
RAOFHm. So we may have one additional VT bug.07:15
didrocksalf: perfect! thanks :)07:15
mlankhorstRAOF: will the mir system compositor replace kmscon? :P07:15
RAOFmlankhorst: Absolutely@!07:16
RAOFSorry, in joke.07:16
mlankhorstI find your failed attempt at humor amusing. :)07:16
tvossRAOF, mind repinging me the udev mock thingy on google?07:18
RAOFhttps://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=248824 ?07:18
alfmlankhorst: I think I found a race in the radeon driver cs thread. In particular, if trying to flush from two contexts sometimes one of them may hang.07:19
alfmlankhorst: (in Mesa/Gallium)07:19
alfmlankhorst: are you the right person to talk to?07:19
mlankhorstI don't think I've ever tried flushing from 2 threads though07:23
mlankhorstbut what is it hanging on?07:24
tvossRAOF, thx07:26
didrocksalf: should the source be name qtmir or qmir?07:28
didrocksalso, do you have any packaging somewhere? :)07:28
didrockshey RAOF, do you have a minute to discuss about xmir?07:30
RAOFdidrocks: Sure.07:30
alfmlankhorst: In radeon_drm_cs_flush() the code is waiting for the cs_queue to become empty pipe_condvar_wait(cs->ws->cs_queue_empty,...). In the case that we flush from two different (but shared) contexts sometimes it gets stuck there.07:30
RAOFdidrocks: Probably not more than 5 minutes, though (I'll be available later, too, if necessary)07:31
didrocksRAOF: ok, let's try to be short: how do you want that we treat xmir?07:31
didrocksas if it was a canonical upstream for us? with dailies?07:31
mlankhorstalf: hm what I thought, change pipe_condvar_signal to pipe_condvar_broadcast in radeon_drm_cs_emit_ioctl ?07:31
didrocksor you keep everything in git?07:31
RAOFdidrocks: I guess as a patch on top of the regular X package?07:31
didrocksRAOF: ok, so X source + patch for having an additional binary package07:32
alfmlankhorst: I tried that, but it didn't work, although I didn't investigate more07:32
didrocksnot a separate source, nothing…07:32
RAOFdidrocks: No extra binary package, although I could create one if we wanted.07:32
didrocksRAOF: oh, I don't really, as long as it's part of the same X source, I'm fine (so no dailies for it)07:32
didrocksRAOF: the only question is how would you treat mir ABI then?07:33
didrocksand it's not stable AFAIK07:33
RAOFmirclient ABI *is* stable.07:33
alfmlankhorst: I will investigate more and let you now07:33
alfmlankhorst: know07:33
didrocksRAOF: ah ok, so no biggie I guess :)07:33
dufluRAOF: ABI yes, not API ;)07:33
RAOFAt least, it's stable enough that I bumped the SONAME recently.07:33
didrocksRAOF: so, for mesa + xmir, I have nothing to do, nothing to daily release, right?07:34
RAOFdidrocks: Right.07:34
didrocksthanks RAOF :)07:34
alfdidrocks: tvoss: Didn'd we abandon qmir/qtmir in favor of qtubuntu with a mir backend?07:34
tvossalf, I would think so for the time being. We should keep it around, though07:35
didrockstvoss: so qtubuntu binary package contains the mir backend?07:35
didrocksand that's what Saviq's team is using?07:35
tvossdidrocks, exactly07:35
mlankhorstalf: afaict glisse reworked the whole thread code, no wonder it looked a lot more complicated than before ;P07:36
mlankhorstI don't see why the ncs member is atomic either, considering it's always protected by cs_stack_lock07:38
dufluOut of curiosity, has anyone tried a native GL (not ES) client in Mir? I can't remember seeing anyone having done so07:38
alfduflu: yes, glmark2-mir works07:39
duflualf: Cool. I thought that was a port of "-es" ?07:39
alfduflu: Not really a port, the glmark2 code can produce binaries for both GL and GLES2.0, depending on the --with-flavors= you pass07:41
duflualf: So you tested both?07:41
dufluWhich is in the PPA?07:41
* duflu looks07:41
mlankhorstalf: but the whole thread code looks messy to me :/07:42
alfmlankhorst: I will try to come up with a minimal example that hangs, so we can investigate (and prove the problem upstream) easier07:43
* duflu realizes no glmark2 is in the testing PPA :/07:43
mlankhorstif you have one I'll fix it07:43
alfmlankhorst: great, thanks07:43
tvossveebers, mind pinging me the bug number again?07:52
mlankhorstalf: but that code looks like a mess, needs more locking :P07:52
mlankhorstradeon_drm_cs_flush looks like it could deadlock if called from 2 threads simultaneously, might be by design though..07:53
alfmlankhorst: that would be a strange design... :)07:55
mlankhorstalf: I'm not sure it's legal to flush the same cs twice, but I'll know more with the reduced testcase07:56
veeberstvoss: sure: https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/118121607:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1181216 in Autopilot "Autopilot does not type : (colon) on devices" [Critical,In progress]07:56
tvossveebers, thx07:56
veeberstvoss: nw07:57
alfmlankhorst: is the cs per process or per context?07:57
mlankhorstper context07:57
alfmlankhorst: and shared contexts also share the cs?07:58
mlankhorstI'll wait for the testcase first I guess, then I know if what you're doing is ok or not :p08:00
alfmlankhorst: ok08:00
* tvoss is impressed by the brain to totally ignore the second cursor after some time of painful practice08:05
* duflu thinks it's still handy to have a "watermark"08:10
dufluBecause it tells me which display server I'm really using08:11
dufluBut then so does the absence of VT switching :(08:11
ckingthomi, ping08:13
tvossduflu, RAOF I thought the vt switching was solved08:15
duflutvoss: Nope. Just retested. Asked Robert if he thinks I'm missing any packages08:16
duflutvoss: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/119242908:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1192429 in Unity System Compositor "unity-system-compositor is on multiple simultaneous (and random) VTs" [High,New]08:16
tvossduflu, ack, thx for the bug08:17
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* tvoss off to kubuntu-desktop world08:34
RAOFOf course!08:36
RAOFI'm not mocking out enough.08:37
RAOFtvoss: Argh! I I realised why the device-probing branch isn't passing CI. There are no devices to probe under CI!08:54
thomicking: hey, I'm kind of here, if it's quick.08:55
ckingthomi, oh, I sent an email, it may be quick for you, not for me08:56
RAOFtvoss: Sending a mock through the GBMPlatform it is :)08:56
* thomi looks08:56
tvossRAOF, :)08:57
RAOFBut tomorrow; I'm not going to have time to get that all ready before I need to sleep, so it can wait to tomorrow.08:57
tvossRAOF, ack, I will see if I can get the powerful google udev stuff pulled out in a sane way somehow08:59
alfdidrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/move-lttng-libs/+merge/17149209:22
alfduflu: @SnapshotStrategy, I tried to avoid verbified nouns, but in essence it is a Snapshotter or SnapshotTaker. Perhaps SnapshotTakingStrategy?09:25
alfduflu: oops that's nounified verbs09:26
duflualf: I find *Strategy confusing. If you can communicate better with my feeble brain then I'm sure others might benefit similarly09:26
alfduflu: I am open to suggestions, but I couldn't find anything better without going to noun-ified verbs.09:28
duflualf: Not sure about suggestions until I can understand what it is09:28
alfduflu: It's an interface (a role) that provides the functionality to take snapshots of surfaces09:30
duflualf: A "camera" takes snapshots. I wonder if there's a good simile of "camera"09:31
alfduflu: I thought of "camera", but I found e.g. SessionCamera more confusing in terms of what it really is09:32
duflualf: Yeah agreed it's not a good word. I think we're still in the realm of naming things according to what they do instead of what they are09:33
dufluWhich sometimes suggests the functionality should not be in that class, but the class that uses it09:33
dufluBut that might be over-generalizing09:34
duflualf: What varies between different SnapshotStrategies?09:34
alfduflu: Many classes, however, are just helper classes that have a very specific role to play (also for TDD). It's hard to describe these in terms of a noun/object.09:35
duflualf: Being more concrete doesn't eliminate TDD. Just makes it harder to think of the right words :)09:36
dufluBut once you do, many people will benefit09:36
alfalf: Right now nothing, since we have only one production SnapshotStrategy. Potentially, everyything. You tell it to take a snapshot, and it can do it any way it likes.09:37
alfduflu: ^^09:37
didrocksalf: src/shared/lttng/tracepoint_provider.cpp is pre-processed?09:38
didrocks({MIR_TRACEPOINT_LIB_INSTALL_PATH} is replace?)09:38
alfdidrocks: it's a preprocessor definition (see src/shared/lttng/CMakeLists.txt)09:39
didrocksalf: interesting, didn't know that cmake had that! better than manually processing a config.h09:40
didrocksalf: approving then, thanks!09:40
duflualf: Abstained. If neither of us can think of better names yet then it's not worth blocking on09:40
alfduflu: thanks, perhaps the US has some more suggestions09:41
katietvoss_, time for a catch up in 3 mins?09:57
tvoss_katie, yup, let me grab coffee :)09:57
katietvoss_, mpt is joining too10:00
alfdidrocks: typo in MP, fixing10:00
didrocksok :)10:01
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dholbachCould anyone brainstorm with me which information we have which could go into fixing these docs bugs? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bugs?field.tag=docs12:44
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didrocksmichi___: small question on unity-api, from what I see, the .pc files won't be different per archs, right?13:12
didrocksah, you -L the multiarch path in it (shouldn't be needed)13:13
=== mmrazik|afk is now known as mmrazik
mterryracarr, you might want to merge platform-api/mir-with-packaging with trunk for that `ua_ui_session_properties_set_remote_pid' issue I ran into yesterday13:24
didrocksmterry: speaking of platform-api, mind having a quick look at https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/platform-api/changelog-cleanup/+merge/171476?13:54
mterrydidrocks, what do you mean you detect the arches we can't build for?14:09
mterrydidrocks, but we don't change the control file, so we are still uploading to archive and causing dep-wait packages, right?14:10
didrocksmterry: detect the arch -> yeah, we don't live in stone age! :)14:11
didrocksmterry: basically I'm checking if we build-dep for an unimportant arch in distro14:11
didrocks(from last uploda)14:11
didrocksif so, I'm ignoring the arch state in daily release14:11
didrocks(right now, "important archs" are i386, amd64, armhf)14:12
kdubmorning all14:53
alfkdub: Hi! Long time no see :P14:57
alfstatus: [spike] Investigating how our components (mainly the compositor and friends) react to display configuration changes, and how we can solve the problems that come up.15:05
* kdub is trying to drain the msh::Surface/ms::Surface swamp a bit :) also investigating how to hook the shell up to a signal to turn the screen off 15:06
kdubwe should have a moratorium on classes with 'surface' in them for a while :)16:14
mterrygreyback_, racarr : in compiling unity8-integrate-mir, I get:16:15
mterry/usr/include/mirserver/mir/default_server_configuration.h:21:28: fatal error: mir/cached_ptr.h: No such file or directory16:15
mterrywhich looks more like just a mir bug actually, since it's from a mir include16:16
greyback_mterry: that should be in /usr/include/mircommon, is that installed?16:17
mterryhmm, mirserver.pc requires mircommon.pc which has the right includes16:17
mterrygreyback_, yes16:17
greyback_mterry: I'm not sure so. What's the compiler line "VERBOSE=1 make"16:19
mterrygreyback_, oh weird.  main.cpp uses "#include <mirserver/mir/run_mir.h>" but I would expect it to use "#include <mir/run_mir.h>" with the appropriate -I cflags16:21
mterryand CMakeLists.txt doesn't seem to use the pc files16:22
mterrygreyback_, but since this is a team branch I can fix myself16:22
greyback_mterry: it was hacked together to work, nothing more :)16:22
greyback_mterry: please do16:23
mterryracarr, it might be convenient if your other mir-packaging branches were team based too16:23
mterrygreyback_, let's say I get unity8-integrate-mir built and installed on my phone.  How do I use it?  Like, how do I stop surfaceflinger from starting?16:28
mterryoh, he's gone16:29
mterrygreyback_, let's say I get unity8-integrate-mir built and installed on my phone.  How do I use it?  Like, how do I stop surfaceflinger from starting?  Or do I just have to use the ./run -m -i script?16:29
greyback_mterry: the script works when you execute it from your PC16:30
greyback_mterry: else manually, adb root, "stop" to stop SurfaceFlinger16:31
greyback_mterry: make sure unity8 is not running16:31
greyback_then in the ubuntu chroot, run "QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirserver unity8"16:32
mterrygreyback_, hmm...  I bet there's a way to install it and modify the upstart jobs to not run surfaceflinger and to use that QT_QPA_PLATFORM variable.  I'll look into that in a bit (I'm trying to actually test final on-phone integration)16:33
greyback_mterry: the android side runs surface flinger, it's not upstart16:33
mterryguh, hm16:33
mterrygreyback_, is this where flipped mode comes in?16:34
greyback_mterry: ultimately, it will help a lot, yes16:34
kdubmterry, i'd advise a stronger, 'make sure that surfaceflinger has never ran'16:39
mterrykdub, you mean "never ran this boot", not that surfaceflinger makes some permanent filesystem changes that are bad, right?16:40
mterryk..  I guess I need flip mode for that, and to modify how we start the android side...16:40
* mterry is in unfamiliar territory16:40
kdubits just that sometimes, surfaceflinger hands out resources to the clients that persist after sf's actual death16:41
kduband causes mir problems16:41
greyback_yep, I've noticed that. I make sure all UI apps are killed after stopping SF, before I run Mir16:46
mterryracarr, heyo.  So I realized that my goals with testing Mir are a little different than yours with that sketchpad.  I'm looking to have a fully installed Mir, rather than the ability to run a branch from your pc on the phone.  So rather than have two sets of instructions on the sketchpad, I started a new in-progress wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing/Mir18:49
racarrmterry: Yay. Thanks.19:15
gotwighello world19:21
gotwigis there a PPA for Unity + Mir ?19:23
gotwigoh I found this http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM5Mzc19:24
racarrkdub: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM5NTg19:27
racarrcongratulations, you've won the official phoronix most revisions award19:27
racarrI'll be picking up your trophy at the engraver19:27
kdubhaha :)19:28
gotwigguys have you seen this?19:39
gotwigracarr, nice19:40
kgunnmhall119: ping19:41
mhall119kgunn: pong19:44
kgunnmhall119: do you happen know why on this automagic site http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/installing_prebuilt_on_pc.html19:44
kgunnthat the numbering stays on one ?19:44
kgunnwhen the *.md file source that populates it, is clearly 1,2,3,4, etc19:45
kgunn(i'm considering just removing the #s....will that be easier?)19:45
mhall119is that doxygen generated?19:45
kgunnmhall119: from *.md to wiki...i dunno (i thot you had helped us with this? i'm wrong?)19:47
mhall119no, I can publish docs, but I'm not the one who gets them put together19:48
mhall119it might have been thomi ?19:48
gotwigwhy havent you talked to the wayland devs, in "the secret development process" of mir?19:51
thomimorning guys19:55
thomi(and girls)19:55
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gotwigyou should read the "Mir Development Stats Dominated By Canonical comments http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?81653-Mir-Development-Stats-Dominated-By-Canonical&p=338644#post338644 20:00
gotwigor this http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?81653-Mir-Development-Stats-Dominated-By-Canonical&p=338687#post33868720:02
gotwigit would be nice if someone could answer me20:05
gotwigmhall119, ?20:05
racarrgotwig: I'm not sure what you are asking :)20:09
gotwigracarr, well, have you read the posts?20:09
racarrWe have talked to Wayland devs, and the development process, isn't particular secret20:09
gotwigI mean right at the beginning of the development20:10
gotwigI know what commit logs are..20:10
gotwigracarr, have you read the last post I linked?20:12
gotwighe basicly says that in wayland apps can run without a compositor, and can directly talk to GPU20:12
gotwigin Mir, however, he states that the concept is similar to Xorg20:12
racarr:) I think it's pretty normal to develop some confidence in your ideas before going public with them, espescially when you are a large organization under a lot of scrutinity and with a lot of responsibility to your users.20:13
racarrdon't really understand the post sorry20:13
racarrit seems to be quibbling about the fact that 'wayland' is just a specification20:13
racarron the other hand, I think anyone can talk about "wayland"20:14
racarrand it's understood what they mean ;)20:14
gotwigracarr, you really dont understand it?20:14
racarrMir applications can access the frame buffer20:14
racarrno, I don't. I don't think it makes sense20:14
racarrit's setting up a false dichotomy, i.e.20:15
gotwigwell, I am not such a die hard core level dev, so I just want to find something intressting to read, so I can understand it better20:15
racarrMir is a server, whereas wayland is a specification, therefore mir applications can't access the framebuffer directly20:15
gotwigand I found these answers20:15
racarrthat's not true20:15
gotwigwhy would apps want to access the framebuffer directly20:16
racarrImagine you have made a video fullscreen, it seems pretty wasteful to wake up the compositor every time20:16
racarrthe video changes right?20:16
gotwigwhy do you go with this "server" way? Because you want to have something more practical than in theory?20:16
gotwiggreyback_, howdy =)20:17
racarrgotwig: It's not so different, a weston compositor is a 'server' too20:17
gotwigracarr, but wayland apps dont have to use a compositor20:17
greyback_gotwig: hi there20:17
racarrgotwig: Well, yes, if you want to run one at a time from a virtual terminal20:17
racarrin any real use cases though, it doesn't make a difference, because you either need to composite, or sometimes you can let apps skip composition (like fullscreen videos)20:18
gotwigracarr, he says that its better with the "wayland" way for fullscreen games, which dont need any overload from any system compositor stuff ;X20:18
racarrand it's something both wayland, X11, and mir all support pretty easily.20:18
racarrgotwig: There's no overhead :)20:18
racarrthat's why I don't understand the post20:19
mhall119gotwig: Weston is the Wayland compositor, IIRC20:19
gotwigbut as of today compositing can also be disabled on Xorg20:19
gotwigwhat is different here?20:19
gotwigas of today I think is the wrong phrase ;D20:19
gotwigmhall119, I know =)20:20
mhall119gotwig:  I think whomever wrote this doesn't have a clear understanding of what is what20:20
racarrin non composited Xorg, rather than having offscreen memory buffers (in GPU of course) for window regions20:20
mhall119or at least they didn't do a good job of communicating it20:20
racarrthe applications all share the framebuffer20:20
racarrthis is why, in non composited, when you drag a window off from another one, sometimes you can see20:21
racarrit takes a while to update.20:21
racarrMir and Wayland only support uncomposited in the case of a single fullscreen surface20:21
gotwigare there any major things which are going to be faster/slower in Mir/Wayland?20:22
gotwigflaws, from the concept20:22
kgunngotwig: can you make a proposal what might be faster/slower in terms of a concept ?20:23
kgunnthomi: just checking...do we have stress as part of CI ?20:23
gotwigkgunn, no, that is because I ask this question...20:23
kgunngotwig: surely you could propose something you might consider a potential ?20:23
gotwigMir is going to be the always wanted "System Compositor" for Ubuntu, as far as I understand it20:24
mhall119gotwig: both Mir and Wayland are likely to be much faster than X11 because of their design20:24
mhall119they will probably be comparable in terms of speed between them20:25
kgunngotwig: keep in mind regardless of a name, any compositor can be "bypassed", this is industry standard practice20:25
mhall119so the poster seems more familiar with Wayland, and I think is trying to address inaccurate descriptions of Wayland's features20:26
mhall119I don't think he's saying there's anything wrong with Mir20:26
kgunnmhall119: sure...just trying to help....because statements like "apps can run without a compositor, and can directly talk to GPU"20:27
kgunnjust aren't sensible20:27
mhall119it seems he's saying that technically you could run a single Wayland client, which wouldn't require a compositor like Weston (or Gnome Shell)20:29
kgunngotta go20:29
mhall119but in reality nobody's gonna do that, they're going to have a session compositor and multiple windows20:30
mhall119and only bypass the compositor for things like fullscreen games20:30
mhall119which is the same in X.org, Mir and Wayland20:30
racarrplus you can use libmirserver to run without  compositor ;)20:30
racarrlike unity does20:30
racarrit's compositors all the way up and down20:31
mhall119gotwig: so tl;dr, there's not that much conceptual difference between Wayland and Mir20:31
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gotwigyou may want to read this http://www.phoronix.com/vr.php?view=MTM5NDU20:47
gotwigXserver integration in the linux kernel for a performance boost20:47
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kdubracarr, starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with msh::Surface :)21:04
racarrkdub: Yay21:08
racarrI am trying to pass the socket credentials up through the frontend...it's pretty mundane :p21:09
thomikgunn: not yet, hoping to get that done this week21:10
racarrclass that receives (pid, app-id) (desktop file)21:12
racarrand says hey you can connect or hey go away21:12
racarrSessionAuthorizer, Approver?21:13
robert_ancellHmm, has olli actually gone sailing or is that his standard quit message?21:15
robert_ancellkgunn, ^21:15
racarrrobert_ancell: I think I have seen that before21:22
racarrolli went sailing 2/3 times he quit today XD21:23
robert_ancellolli, that was a quick sail :)21:27
robert_ancellkgunn, https://code.launchpad.net/~kgunn72/mir/instructional_updates/+merge/171654 updated22:06
kgunnrobert_ancell: ta!22:07
thomirobert_ancell: I finally got all the u-s-c stuff installed, now when I reboot I get the "low graphics mode" dialog box, and my mouse doesn't work. Any ideas?22:08
robert_ancellthomi, look at lightdm.log22:08
robert_ancellit failed to start X it seems22:08
kgunnrobert_ancell: approved https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/mir/instructional_updates/+merge/17167722:09
robert_ancellkgunn, you'll have to manually merge it, see the "to merge this branch" line at the top. Then push it to your branch to update your MP22:09
olliRAOF, ping22:10
kgunnrobert_ancell: so "bzr merge lp:~robert-ancell/mir/instructional_updates" merges it locally(on my box) ? or remote as well ?....e.g. then do i have to do a subsequent push ?22:12
robert_ancellkgunn, just locally, then bzr commit it, the bzr push it to LP22:12
kgunnrobert_ancell: thanks again for your patience :)22:13
robert_ancellkgunn, I thought it would be a good example of bzr so I did it this way :)22:13
thomirobert_ancell: the log looks fine to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5803018/22:14
robert_ancellthomi, [+16.12s] DEBUG: Process 1423 terminated with signal 6 - that's u-s-c crapping out. Look at unity-system-compositor.log22:14
robert_ancellreadable error that followed: [+16.12s] DEBUG: Stopping Unity seat, compositor terminated22:15
robert_ancellthomi, what hardware btw?22:15
thomirobert_ancell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5803023/22:15
thomirobert_ancell: I believe it's a radeon something something22:16
robert_ancellterminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> >'22:16
robert_ancell  what():  Failed to schedule page flip22:16
robert_ancellRAOF, any idea?22:16
robert_ancellthomi, that's the problem..22:16
thomirobert_ancell: no, I tella  lie, it's an intel i91522:17
robert_ancelland it looks like X locked up, because it didn't respond to signal 15, or die when u-s-c died22:17
robert_ancellthomi, can you check versions of lightdm, u-s-c, x to confirm?22:18
thomilightdm is 1.7.3bzr1628saucy0.71u-s-c is 0.0.1bzr29saucy0.8722:18
thomiwhat package should Ibe looking at for x? 'xorg'?22:19
robert_ancellthomi, xserver-xorg-core22:21
thomixserver-xorg-core is 2:1.13.3+xmir1-022:21
robert_ancellthomi, I have an older u-s-c, I'll update and see if I get the problem22:22
thomiok, thanks22:22
robert_ancellthomi, I'm 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 18) for the record22:23
mterrykdub, hello!  So let's say I have a unity8 binary that I think should work.  Do I need to start a system compositor first, or will just running that binary autostart all the necessary mir bits?22:26
ollirobert_ancell, one quick q22:27
kdubmterry, i think it should work just like that22:28
olliwhy do we need to pin mir22:28
ollito make sure the ppa has always a higher prio?22:28
robert_ancellolli, otherwise an update in main might drop the additional features, e.g. lightdm22:28
robert_ancellyou would be safe, but you'd stop using Mir every time it would happen22:28
mterrykdub, hmm, ok.  It seems to be running, but nothing shows on device screen.  Will dig deeper22:29
thomirobert_ancell: any luck upgrading u-s-c?22:43
robert_ancellthomi, just in the middle of a mir build, will try once that's complete22:44
thomiok, I'll try and be a bit more patient :)22:44
kgunnthomi: so i see above you had issues....22:45
kgunni was about to wade into the deep....were you building22:45
kgunnor using staging or using sys-comp-testing22:45
kgunn ?22:45
thomikgunn: I'm running the sys-comp-testing PPA22:45
kgunnthomi: eeeewwww, giving me second thots22:46
thomikgunn: heh22:46
thomikgunn: if robert_ancell can reproduce, then I guess we have a problem22:46
kgunnthomi: hmmm, think i'll hold off....go do my personal errands and check IRC a bit later :)22:46
thomiBTW, why the need for a second PPA?22:46
robert_ancellthomi, for the sys-comp-testing ppa over the staging PPA?22:56
thomirobert_ancell: the sys-comp-testing ppa22:56
thomiI don't have the staging PPA enabled22:56
RAOFolli: Pong.22:56
robert_ancellthomi, were you asking why we have both PPAs?22:56
RAOFrobert_ancell, thomi: That would be what it says on the box - Mir failed to schedule a pageflip (ie: to actually display something), which probably means the GPU hung.23:00
robert_ancellRAOF, did we do the correct behaviour in this case, i.e. give up?23:01
RAOFI think give up is a perfectly reasonable response.23:01
thomiRAOF: why would that be though? the mir_demo_server always works on this machine23:02
thomiI don't understand why it would fail now?23:02
RAOFthomi: Does dmesg have anything radeonish?23:03
thomiRAOF: I was mistakedn about it being radeon, it's an intel i91523:03
thomi...and I would tell you, but I just tried rebooting it, and now it hangs somewhere in the boot phase with a blank screen23:04
robert_ancellthomi, you might want to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/mir/mir-demos-install-path/+merge/171685. In particular I'm not sure how your lttng libs are supposed to work, thought that might be related to bug 1194555?23:05
ubot5bug 1194555 in Mir "needs to move the lttng in <libdir>/mir/tools/" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119455523:05
kgunnthomi: this is weird...but have you tried hitting keys to inject noise/slow down...and see if it boots23:05
robert_ancellok, trying new u-s-c now..23:05
thomiugh. black kscreen hang, no response to any keys, cannot ssh in :-/23:06
kgunni had same boot to hung screen (black)23:06
kgunnright....start hitting as soon as its booting....23:06
kgunnfrighteningly...i have to do this currently to get into my machine on boot now :)23:07
thomikgunn: nope, no difference23:07
kgunnthomi: eeewww....now i'm really not gonna try the latest23:07
thomiI guess it's time to start downloading a new raring image then23:07
thomigood thing it's my testing laptop, not my main23:07
robert_ancellthomi, from cold-boot to session with new u-s-c, no problems23:10
thomirobert_ancell: I'll reinstall the machine. Kind of worrying that it's possible to brick a laptop with this PPA though :-/23:12
thominot "brick", but make unrecoverable23:12
robert_ancellthomi, couldn't you uninstall u-s-c from low graphics mode?23:12
thomirobert_ancell: I have no keyboard or mouse in low graphics mode. The machine is basically frozen23:13
robert_ancellwe really should have some support to detect if you made it to a shell, but a bit harder to add23:13
thomiCtrl+Alt+F1 does nothing either23:13
RAOFIf you wave your mouse around in low graphics mode you should eventually get a cursor.23:15
RAOFThe cursor doesn't show up until it's over the dialog box.23:15
RAOFWhich is silly, yes.23:15
thomiwell, while I'm downloading the new image I might head into town to run some errands. BBL23:16
robert_ancellthomi, bye23:18
robert_ancellRAOF, do we have enough info to debug what thomi is seeing? Is there anything else we could add?23:22
RAOFrobert_ancell: Not really enough info. *Some* sort of log would be handy!23:24
robert_ancellRAOF,  from mir?23:24
RAOFFrom anything - mir, dmesg, lightdm. But mir would be an obvious candidate.23:24
RAOFEven booting without splash and seeing where it hangs would be good.23:25
ollirobert_ancell, I was looking at the VT bugs... trying to find one that describes how my password (when entered in Xmir/u7) ends up on console23:31
olliis that reported yet?23:31
robert_ancellolli, I'll get you the bug23:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1192429 in Unity System Compositor "unity-system-compositor is on multiple simultaneous (and random) VTs" [High,New]23:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1193207 in Light Display Manager "Issues when swiching sessions when using Unity system compositor" [High,Triaged]23:32
olliit's neither of these imho23:32
robert_ancellolli, bug 110275623:33
ubot5bug 1102756 in Mir "System compositor input events passed to console" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110275623:33
robert_ancellbug #4 on the list :)23:33
ubot5bug 4 in Launchpad itself "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/423:33
ollirobert_ancell, thx23:34
* olli adds a "don't try at home" disclaimer23:34

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